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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chaudhry junior tipped to assume FLP leadership

Sachida Sharma (middle) with Chaudhry.
Lavinia Padarath
The new Fiji Labour Party appointments are expected to pave the way for the son of longtime leader Mahendra Chaudhry to assume leadership if his father is found guilty of failing to surrender $1.5 million Australian dollars.

Chaudhry is accused of three breaches under the Foreign Exchange Act: failing to surrender foreign currency without the consent of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, delaying the payment of the $1.5 million to Fiji and re-investing and collecting interest without the Bank’s consent.

At the weekend, the party elected Lavinia Padarath, a staunch Chaundhry supporter, president and Kini Marawai, a lawyer with Gordon and Chaudhry, assistant secretary general.

Padarath was a former Minister in the People's Coalition Government of 1999-2000 and held the post of Minister for Women and Social Welfare in the Chaudhry government, replacing the late and veteran party member, Jokapeci Koroi, who died last year.

Also elected as vice-presidents were David Eyre, Sachida Sharma and Monica Raghwan.

Insiders say FTUC union leader Felix Anthony wants the party leadership but Rajendra Chaudhry has the numbers. 

Sources say Anthony had a good chance but with the weekend elections, the party leadership will eventually play out in Chaudhry junior's favour thanks to Mahendra Chaudhry loyalists, Sachina Sharma, Marawai and Padarath coming on board.

Coupfourpointfive understands Felix Anthony and Rajendra Chaudhry had a heated argument at the start of the conference with Anthony complaining the party leadership lacks transparency saying its accounts should be published in newspapers and Chaudhry retorting it is not about 'I', but the party.

Anthony reportedly left the meeting in a hush when others joined in the argument. Apparently he had been expecting the post of president and was to bring back to the party members who had been  sacked due to the conflict with Mahendra Chaudhry.

Sources say fellow trade unionist Daniel Urai also had hopes of being elected president but is an ally of Anthony's and will support him, paving the way for Rajendra Chaudhry to have a clear run.

Sources also say the newly-elected and well-connected Kini Marawai is expected to help bring in the Fijian vote for FLP, the country's biggest party after SDL.

Chaudhry touted a coalition deal after the weekend conference telling media FLP would be happy to work with former rivals SDL, National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party.

“Why can’t three parties sit down and talk together?" he asked. "You know we were together in government one time and it’s not a question of whether we are friends or not. We have a problem on our hands and the whole nation wants to go back to democracy and if parties are cooperating to take us to that goal, I don’t see anything wrong with that.”


FP circus said...

As predicted, chor chaudhry khandan retains control of party. It was a calculated move with nepotistic appointment of 'toilet cleaner' and chaudhry in-law, Sachida Sharma to senate. Sachida will always support chaudhry due to family ties and senate job. Now we see beta rajen groomed to take over the dynasty.

Party stinks of corruption and nepotism, with old farts in executive too scared to talk. Can only talanoa during grog session with canecutters and act like big men and boast 'i am FLP executive'. In FLP meeting, quite like mouse, or moosmama as they say in hindi. just say yes to everything mahen says in the meeting.

party is is essence a one-man show run MPC, the bhagwan for gawar FLP supporters.

Workers of Fiji are the losers.

Anonymous said...

Really is that the best they can come up with. More pathetic than his father and twice as greasy.

Josaia said...

SDL should not merge with FLP because this party is a law breaker because they support the coup.

Josaia said...

The FLP is hungry for power and they will hold on to it hook or by crook so I dont see any reason why people are still talking about them.

We dont want coup supporters on the new Government and we need law abiding citizens to lead us in the next election and I can only see SDL as the party who kept its integrity

$1 million salary for kaiyum said...

It seems people are obssessed with Chaudhry and his lawyer son. Common man give them a break. What other alternative is there? give me names of indian leaders that can stand up to bainimrama and khaiyum. is there any? Chaudhry junior has proven himself. As as lawyer he is fearless not like others hiding behind their offices pretending that all is well.is it?
Chaudhy succession plan is a brilliant move. NFP/FLP/SDL and UGP will make a formidable opponent for gay khaiyum. go RPC.

Atma Maharaj said...

Rajen has all the qualities to take up the leadership,critics can get fucked.

Santa Chor said...

Rajen Chaudhry nz&aus/flp support is coming all the way to your leadership.

Anwar Ali said...

Raju Anna don't leave Kat2 and form 4 failed cassava patch sulu high runner.

Cassave Patch Coward said...

We need brave and smart persons like Rajendra to tackle corrupt khaiyum, bano nur and shameem sisters. We cant rely on spineless people like krishna katna dar dutt, biman one day leader, and chor agni deo trust fraudster or kamlesh lui uri high commissioner.
Rajendra is brave and willing to put his life in line. we must put our faith in him.

Santa Chor-NZ said...

Rajendra is the only courageous lawyer in fiji to speak on issues directly to the cassava patch form 4 failure self appointed maichood prime minister.

Anonymous said...

If the people who run Fiji can't agree on who won Miss Hibiscus, how can they agree on who will win the elections?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Whe he says "I made a mistake' or "I shouldn't have done it" then I will listen. Until then Rabuka is just trotting out platitudes.

The man responsible for Fiji's first two military coups says the series of coups in the country has been a serious setback for democracy.

Major General Sitiveni Rabuka staged two coups in Fiji in 1987 in an attempt to reassert ethnic Fijian supremacy.

He is due to be a keynote speaker at a conference on democracy at University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

"Democracy has suffered it has been wounded. It's up to us to recover from the wounds and move forward," he told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat.

Anonymous said...

Why is this surprising? Crook one and crook two. These two are behaving like the kremlin or something. Father and Son. What a joke. They call this DEMOCRACY! Bullshit

Anonymous said...

Frankly, there is nothing left of Labour Party. its demise is imminent. FLP is now Chaudhary's family affair. if FTUC leaves the party then that's the end. And think of Rajendra chaudhary becoming a party leader. its a joke. the man who womanizes, rapes his client and has extra marital affairs wants to become a leader of FLP. i am sick of these bastards playing games with poor people. how long Chaudhary's will take the gullible supporters of Labour Party on a ride.

Chor Chaudhry Khandhan said...

Chor chaudhry khandan's so-called fearlessness is being used to legitimise their misappropriation of 3million in poor's name.

we did not elect boxers to parlt.

we elect honest people who will better our lives, not line their pockets and feather their nests, you chaudhry chutar chatos!

Anonymous said...

So the Chor dhary dynasty will continue.Farmers will leave the party in droves if Junior takes over--the bugger cant even speak in Hindi.!!--

Anonymous said...

why do these organisations such as the University of Canterbury (This time) continue to grant this MF Rabuka an audience......on democracy wtf

Anonymous said...


Fijians forget that the Fijian Indians had fought for equality that itaukei enjoy today. Whilst itaukei lazied away in his village, the Indians slaved in the major export sugar to assist the economy. Through their fight for equality in the sugar cane belt through Kissan Sangh, this drove the CSR out of Fiji and equal pay, equal rights etc. Fijian Indians have the fighting spirit to stand up and take the challenge. When the rebels took over the parliament house in 2000 and held Chaudary hostage, his son was in there with him and refused to be released unless his father was released. They suffered brutality by the cowardly acts of the oppressors and were subjected to violent and degrading abuse. Rajend stood by his father and the party he believed in which was founded by the workers. Felix has no spine. Everyone else has fled. Rajend appears to be the only affluent person capable of standing up and saying what he believes in. Whatever you think, have respect for others because what had happened to the Fijian Indians in 1987 and 2000 is happening to the itaukei today and from what I read in this blog....you dont like it...Have a biscuit..

Anonymous said...

you right on the mark Anon @ 2.14 that is so true..

Anonymous said...

The labour party is supposed to present the workers of Fiji, and their ambitions in uniting for the cause to ensure that disposable income is handsome enough to not only ensure that every worker subsist, but also have a bit of left over for investment purposes etc.
As evident in Fiji, the cause has been lost because it is highly politicised by the Indians and their croonies.

Now the FLP constructs and its system of governnace has developed further from a democractic model to an unconstitutional monarchy with an autocratic leadership style. The evident is now seen as Chaudary Junior takes over the reign.

It should be no longer called the Fiji labour party, because its systems of governance goes againts the core principals of the Labout Movement world wide. I think it should be called the GIRMIT PARTY.

Anonymous said...

Atleast MPC is having a backup strategy incase he ends up in Jail or not contesting elections. So Rajen can echo the same emotions. Isnt there any other good leader for FLP apart from Rajen?

Anonymous said...

Lets talk issues not personal histories
issue 1- this is another party making with a set of values that they feel will bring about prosperity. thats shows that people are able to meet and discuss issues openly without victimisation. this is positive.
issue 2 - while the submissions are still ongoing why dont we use this forum to ask each participant what they feel about the current government and how soon they want the election to take place.
issue 3 - things wont happen overnight and coupled with Fiji time it will be a delayed reaction, if we start now we are well on our way to achieving some minor milestones.
issue 4 - they wont see it coming because it is like spring water rising you'll either sink or swim. No amount of plugging will stop the springs because it is from the hearts of the countless silent people of the land.
issue 5 - for the "i told you so' mob, we need solid ships with steady captains with eyes set only on the ultimate destination. No more fly by night, camouflaging spin kings/queens.
issue 6 - I can sense and feel some very informed capable people amongst us, its time you stand up so we can stand by you.
issue 7 - may the punishment, discipline meted out be a deterrent to those who dare to upset our freedom and the future of our children.

Anonymous said...

Atma Maharaj,

Are we talking about the same Rajen Chaudary who stole funds from Papa MPC's bank account in NZ while studing at Messey Uni.

Is it the same Rajend that papa appointed him as Secretary when he became PMm

Is it the same Rajend that studing for his LLB degree in Aust from Papa's money from india for the poor farmers.

Is it the same Rajend that supported the coup when papa became Minister for finance in the IG?

Anonymous said...

Rajendra is like his father....wonder where the millions went to? Santa chor you idiot. You're not kamlesh kumari by any chance Santa?

Anonymous said...

The junta can gail chaudhari and Garase in kangaroo court trial.

But cant stop the people power support of SDL and FLP.

FLP has 90% indian supprt and SDL has 90% fijian support-so will vote for the dumb dictator party.

Gail will not kill the party but the gailing will make fiji mandella and people will revenge vote in election.

Thugs can run but cant hide.

Bring the election on then see the real power.

Anonymous said...

FELIX should be flp leader.

Kamlesh Kumar-Mission Bay NZ said...

Deport chor Ballu Khan, Dr Samshu Din,Lek Ram and Rajesh Singh back to Fiji. Fiji does not need Rajesh Chaudhry nor his father. Why can't a Fijian become the leader of FLP? No more race politics as we want this Talibani government ousted from power. Fiji needs young ,intelligent and leaders who have Fiji in their hearts.

Kamlesh Kumar-Mission Bay NZ said...

Deport chor Ballu Khan, Dr Samshu Din,Lek Ram and Rajesh Singh back to Fiji. Fiji does not need Rajesh Chaudhry nor his father. Why can't a Fijian become the leader of FLP? No more race politics as we want this Talibani government ousted from power. Fiji needs young ,intelligent and leaders who have Fiji in their hearts.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Why is Talibani Riyaz complaining about the judging criteria for Miss Hibiscus? Can't he accept the fact that a Fijian has won?

Anonymous said...

There are pressing issues at stake now and these idiots are fighting over who should become the Leader once MPC goes to jail.Shame on them; There is no trust left in FLP and people should unite and form a grand coalition to fight this regime;; No time to waste on petty issues; Both , father and son have no morals and people should get rid of them from leadership roles and elect a fresh face as leader in a democratic way which they are preaching. 2014 Elections are not too far so mobilise all forces asap to win it and bring back Democracy...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

FLP needs to gt its leadership out and seize the ooportunity to help get Fiji back on its feet. Quit the fighting and face the real enemy. Bloggers too should quit gorging on the fallout and unite to remove the biggest chor of all Khaiyum and Bainimarama.

Vegeterian Ghee said...

FLP/NFU has got a brand name "CHOUDHRY" any person intending to take the leadership of these two august institution must have that brand name otherwise be a loyal supporter of the brand.

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.49pm.

Agree with you on how hard indian farmers fought for fiji. But kissan sangh and NFU are 2 different entities. And don't forget, rajend was supporting the IG when senior MPC was part of the IG. Rajend only changed his tune when he father was kicked out by FB because he came to know the truth about the $3m.

So, I would say Rajend is like father. When it suits you, or when you pocket is full, turn a blind eye.

Timoci said...

Master Armogam Who are your slaves? I thought the days of slavery was done and over with. The masters had to give up their Niggers long time ago. So you are Just "Armogam" not "Master Armogam".

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:15 - Philosophical says...
History is what has brought the country to it's knees today so you should remember your history not to repeat your past.

Reconcilliation is what we need. When one reads comments on this blog, anyone can see the deep hatred and fear within the races and against. Everyone speaks of issues but no one is trying to reconcile the real issues that has affected our country. Rabuka needs to apologise nationwide for what he has caused. The rebels of 2000 needs to apologise for the treason they committed. The CRW needs to apologise for the murderous attack on the QBE. The itaukei need to apologise to the Fijian Indian leaders and their religious leaders for the attacks on the Fijian Indians in 1987 and 2000. Frank needs to humble himself and apologise for his and the actions against the people following the 2000 and 2006 coup. We call ourselves christians but cannot forgive or forget. Once we forgive the forget comes easier. No matter how anyone feels about the Indians and other races living in Fiji, we need to learn to live together harmoniously. Why continue to play the race cards and fear of loss of traditional land when itaukei is no longer trully traditional and have adopted new cultures and traditions from the influences of Tonga and the various church organisations. First issue - RECONCILE OUR DIFFERENCES. If we can forgive Rabuka for his violent and brutal actions in 1987 why cant do the same today. If anyone is to be the judge let GOD be the judge for our actions one day will be metted to us either here on this earth or in the afterlife.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.37

Well said... I salute you

Timoci said...

I give a lot of credit to Rabuka for publicly apologizing to Indo-Fijian community for what he did in 1987. He is man enough to own up to his mistake.

Now that can not be said about Mahen Chaudhry. He had started this rad rick about Gujarati community. Quote "Hum log jab jit jaayga tab Bombaiya log ke cet kardega." I guess Mahen is not man enough to apologize to the Gujarati Community. Maybe the Gujarati Community need to "cet karo Chaudhry when he is in Naboro."

V for Vendetta said...

@11:37, sounds pretty good, but reconciliation cannot be achieved without truth and justice. Unless Bainimarama surrenders power soon and voluntarily, he must hang. That will be the first step towards justice, without which reconciliation isn't possible.

Poised for Justice said...

No harm in Chaudhry asking k 'why can't the three parties work together?' But he should know the answer is that they must be able to convince voters that they'll get something back and that the bigger party, albeit FLP,doesn;t just use the smaller parties.More discussions needed before anyone signs on the dotted line but let's agree that unity is the key to getting rid of Bainimarama.

Jone said...

Timoci @ 2:03 PM I agree with you. But as we all know Mahen ChoodRy is not man enough to do that. Bet if Gujis collect $3 Million and give to him, he will kiss every Guji's butt at Sukuna Park on Saturday morning. Chood is just money hungry.

Anonymous said...

I left FLP in 1987 before the elections which the NFP/FLP Coalition won.

The reason was that MPC had forgotten about the workers and was on his self-righteous mission of gaining more power and money for himself at the expense of the poor workers who were paying him a hefty sum as General Secretary of the FPSA.

When we formed the FLP in the mid-nineteen eighties the main reason was for FLP representatives in parliament to fight for the betterment of workers' conditions within parliament itself.

But alas, the idiot MPC wanted to control the government. The workers/labourers have not really improved their conditions since the FLP/NFP won the elections in 1987 but was ousted by the Rabuka coup after only a month in power.

There have, since, been devaluations, wage freezes, abolitions of posts, loss of jobs and, now this FNPF debacle, etc. which still continues at present some 25 years later.

MPC will always wonder why the true workers/labourers have turned away from him.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun Archivist
Posted August 29, 2012 at 5:47 PM

The great sleuth of investigative journalism is right below – the story is true – the facts to the smallest detail – Mahend was kicked out of Cabinet; from Fiji Sun August 2008

Fiji to have new Finance Minister
Chaudhry to be replaced by end of August


The interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is most likely to be relieved of his Cabinet portfolio by the end of August. The leader of the Fiji Labour Party was allegedly handed his marching orders shortly before the interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama flew out to China on Wednesday.
The letter was personally signed by Commodore Bainimarama and Mr Chaudhry is expected to vacate his Cabinet office by 22 August. The Commodore was forced to finally wield the axe after the big oil companies allegedly threatened to slap the interim regime with whopping compensation claims following the recent hike in petroleum products.
According to a highly reliable source in the Prime Minister’s office, the Prices and Incomes Board wanted incremental increases in the fuel as requested by the oil companies. The Ministry of Finance allegedly continually blocked it until last week when huge price increase was announced, attracting a national outcry from the general public and other stakeholders.
The all powerful Military Council called upon Commodore Bainimarama to act, for the Council felt that the latest response from the oil companies could de-generate into another damaging standoff, similar to that which took place between the interim regime and the Fiji Bus Operators, and the water bottling industry. “The government cannot, and does not, want to be bogged down in another high-profile damaging stand-off, especially with the all powerful oil companies in Fiji,” said another source in the Military Council.
The source said Mr Chaudhry has allegedly indicated to Commodore Bainimarama that along with him Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and Tom Ricketts will also step down from the Cabinet, as well as FLP supporters in the NCBBF and those on government statutory boards. But it is not the first time Mr Chaudhry, the source said, has spelled out his intentions.
He had expressed similar intentions when he was allegedly dismissed as Finance Minister last month. According to the two sources in the PM’s office and the Military Council, there were a lot of fireworks with regards to Mr Chaudhry last month. He was actually “fired” as Minister for Finance and his termination letter was delivered to his home.
According to the two sources, Mr Chaudhry was allegedly in the shower and the letter was in an unsealed envelope, so a family member read the letter and passed it onto Mrs Chaudhry. When Mr Chaudhry came out of the shower, the family were all very upset. Mr Chaudhry assured them that he knew nothing about this termination letter.
Anyway, the next morning, according to the two sources, Mr Chaudhry was allegedly summoned to Government Buildings to meet with Military Director of Legal Services, Colonel Aziz Mohammed, at 10:00am. In that meeting Mr Chaudhry allegedly told Colonel Aziz that if he went, others connected with the FLP will also withdraw their support from the interim regime.
Colonel Aziz allegedly immediately called Commodore Bainimarama who was in meetings with the Military Council at his residence and informed him of this new development. The Commodore immediately requested that Mr Chaudhry come and meet him at his home, at which meeting the termination letter was rescinded, according to the two sources.
Will we witness a repeat performance; we will just have to wait until 22 August?


There are two words to describe MPC – UNMITIGATED DISASTER!

Anonymous said...

What has happened to Chor-dhary's farm house in hariyana ,India.Is Harbhajan Singh residing there ?-How many sarees were boght with the funds collected in Hariyana.===all stacked up in Hutson Street,Suva.

Anonymous said...

How can the 3 million dollar chor sleep peacefully in Hutson street ??--and count the tomatoes in his garden !!--and give some to Beta Rajen -the beneficiary of the theft !!--and 50k to the daughter--son of Sachida Sharma is an indirect beneficiary !!---I will vote for Apisai Tora in the next erection if the bugger stands--but I hear his doesnt stand !!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to V for Vendetta.....I would give you a gun to do the deed to Frank however you are not man enough and neither are any of the itaukei who scream bloody murder at Frank. It is obvious people do not have the courage to stand up against the military dictatorship and you only shouted and rejoiced when the military was behind the itaukei in the 87 and 2000 coup but unfortunately Frank is not having any of that bs from the past. The difference between Frank and Rabuka is that Rabuka was easily swayed in the end. He saw behind the masks of the Chiefs and Religious leaders and itaukei political leaders who encouraged him to carry out the coup of 87 and changed his stance. Frank has shown he will not be swayed and trully believes what he is doing is justified to stop those conniving manipulating leaders of the past and I believe he is doing a good job of it. Either do something or move on. Open your eyes to the events of today because our itaukei past is here to haunt us now and as much as people dont like it, Frank is here to stay and ridding Fiji of all the past leaders is the best thing for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Is the asseole still married to my
former tabili-Birimati? I thought that a separation had taken place before the 2000 coup? I almost marry Birimati,
when she was a dental student& i was a young Fijian medical student,
but her Christian family, decided on this asseole thug instead? But i'm over it and
it's unfortunate when decision of such importance has to be made by your parents? It just kill me to see her beign mistreated by this
fools when she could have been a
respected member of the Fijian community with her name in the VKB?

V for Vendetta said...

Phylo, I have no compunction about killing Bainimarama or any other tyrant who seeks to use unlawful force to infringe on my rights.

I had nothing to do with any previous coups, nor did I shout and rejoice or support them in any way, shape, or form. On the other hand, your support for the 2006 and Bainimarama amounts to treason. That is a capital offense, in my book.

Shooting is too good for traitors. They need to hang. If you want to join them, be my guest.

Frank is more conniving and manipulating than any leader in the past.

Frank is here to stay... until he's gone. That day is coming, and it will be here sooner than he expects.

You say that people do not have the courage to stand up to the military dictatorship. You may be right about some people but not all. Some of us still have our self-respect. Some of us still care about Fiji.

If you're in Downtown Suva at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, 26 September, you'll hear us, and there's not a damn thing you or any other traitor can do about it.

In fact, I dare you to try, you pussy!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical @ V for Vendetta...All talk all talk all talk...sivia na vosa kei na vakamacala macawa...You sound like one of those past leaders in 87 and 2000 who urged the itaukei forward against the Indians but when the military came down on the people, the innocent were brutalised. Do not incite if you are afraid. Expose yourself and stand up for what is right if you trully believe it. Rally forward and speak the truth out in the open and do not fear being brutalised or even killed at the hands of the military. You will than be immortalised in Fijian History as the one who stood up and fought. I dare you sonalevu

Anonymous said...

Why, Phylosophical, do you really mean to suggest that Fiji's military brutalises and even kills its own people? I'm shocked -- shocked!

Admit it. You're not very gifted as a regime apologist now, are you? Come on, admit it. Brand new to this assignment?

I don't know or care about you, but come 26 September, you'll hear me alright, right out in the open. I'll be raising a clamour in celebration of Fiji. It's called Operation Jericho.

Tell me, is that a crime now, too? With so many new decrees --some of them secret -- it's hard to keep up. Will I be brutalised or possibly even killed by our own military because I celebrated our own country too loudly for 60 seconds? Is that a feature of the New Fiji the regime keeps promising?

Tell you what, come and join me in Operation Jericho! You want to meet me -- well, I so very much want to meet you, too. I'll be down on the waterfront. The water is my element, after all, and noise carries well across water. Will I be in a boat, or will I be in the water? I'll let you guess. I do hope you know how to swim fast, because, after all, you'll have only 60 seconds in which to catch up to me. Unless you bleed easily, in which case I may come to find you.

s/ Dakuwaqa

V for Vendetta said...

Thanks, Dakuwaqa, but with any luck, I hope to find him first.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Dakuwaqa and Vendetta...It is obvious you are both leaving overseas and if you are you must know and understand one thing...If you live overseas keep your opinions there because we live here in Fiji and we have heard people like you in the past try to rally the innocent people of Fiji to stand but you do it from afar across the sea and it is us here in Fiji that are hurt and brutalized. If you are here in Fiji and you do make noise on the stated date and it comes out in the open and you are arrested and taken to the camp and subjected to whatever treatment they mete out to both of you...than I will salute you. I think you both miss the point I am trying to get across to you bloggers on this site. Both you Dakuwaqa and Vendetta speak with fanciful academic words but you both know Fiji's problems are deep seated and perhaps you refuse to acknowledge this. Our past and history of coups is here to haunt us itaukei today. Military using threat, violence and intimidation is a normal tactic of subjugating people. You speak of rallying people to defy military but the people are sick of following people like you and getting hurt in the process. We cant blame Frank alone for what has happened today. He is there now as the unelected PM of Fiji and committed a coup but we did the same thing in 87 and 2000 and because the military was behind itaukei, there was rejoice. All I'm saying is the people of Fiji need to extend an olive branch. We proclaim to be christians. I am sure deep in his heart, Frank realises a lot he has done was not right and his soul cries out for release. We talk about a democratic form of Governance but we still hold onto to nationalistic and socialistic views. I will watch and pray that you are not a talker and you live in Fiji and will relieve the biblical story of Jericho and the walls of the military will come tumbling down. I hope and pray it is not another farce like before when you guys encourage things to be done but nothing happens and those few in Fiji that did, got taken to the camp because if you had, I would have known I was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, now we understand that so much of what is driving you isn't philosophical but psychological. Well, many have been brutalised. Why, then, wish on others the injustice and abuse you suffered?

I hope you find peace.

By the way, the military tactics you describe are not supposed to be used against the very government and people that military is supposed to protect.

I can't speak for V for Vendetta, but I'm not a 'Kamlesh Kumar' or Croz Walsh type supporting Fiji's illegal regime from overseas. But I have to wonder about you. Why do you seem so out of touch with what is really happening in Fiji? Relying on the Fiji Sun for all of your information? Ni yadra mada ni kila na ka e yaco tiko i loma ni office vakamatanitu.

I have a tentative rendezvous planned for M-Minute down by the waterfront, but if that falls through then I'm thinking about spending M-Minute near MHCC or maybe down by the cinema or perhaps just in my backyard.

Gee, would they really arrest me for celebrating Fiji too loudly at my home so early in the evening? Gosh, taken to the camp and brutalised for disturbing the peace? Are these the kind of people you admire and defend?

Well, if so, they'll need to act fast. Sixty seconds go by quickly. And when those seconds are gone, gone, too, is most of the evidence. It's so hard to pinpoint where sounds are coming from, isn't it, when they're coming from several different directions, all at the same time!

s/ Dakuwaqa

V for Vendetta said...

Phylosophical, you say 'you speak of rallying people to defy military but the people are sick of following people like you and getting hurt in the process.' Don't you know that we're all getting hurt by just going along with this regime?

I ask you, where has passivity gotten us?

That passivity is bred by defeatists such as yourself. If you're not going to do anything for Fiji, then let that be on your conscience. At least have the decency to step out of our way.

And if you're so worried about getting hurt again, then stop supporting treason.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks to DAQUWAQA AND V FOR VENDETTA.......

Daquwawa and Vendetta freedom fighters who fights with fear in their hearts passion in their arse. It is evident you guys are big SONALEVU. Real freedom fighters are not afraid of being brutalised or taken to the camp to be tortured or even killed. You guys want to make small noises which not even a mouse in Fiji will hear and flee back to your holes to hide and think the people of Fiji will acknowledge your fight for freedom and democracy. Why dont you boys go on a hunger strike and see if anyone here in Fiji really cares and would join you. They will say...laivi rau merau mate...Jericho day from what I can read from you boys is a farce...No GUTS no GLORY...Why not unmask yourself and show you are not fearful. Why not stand up in Fiji and speak out. Why not do what real and true passionate freedom fighters do and fight for what is trully right and come out in the open. What are you really afraid off. Why incite and rally people when you yourself are SONALEVU. Go hide in the holes you dug and stay there because the people of Fiji dont need con artist like you. Like I said before, Keimami sa oca na lasutaki...Stick to your BS on this blog and hope someone will listen to you.

Pfft Pfft said...

Phylosophical or is it Pyschologically Impaired? Daquwaqa and Vendetta can asnwer for themselves but for me, just another lil mouse on this blog, I'll say this. I'll come out when you come out, you smug shit. 'Cos if your're so proud of the thieves who run Fiji into the ground and who've shoved rifle butts up the arses of citizens, all in the name of recreating the perfect Fiji which is bullshit, why don't you show yourself? We lil mouses can be forgiven for worrying about our safety but you? You're on the 'winning' side so what's your reason.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to pfft pfft....were you on the winning side after 87 and 2000 coup...Oh thats in the past and the brutality, murder, killing, rape and on going problems thereafter should not be brought up. I forgot, the CRW murderous attack on the QBE and brutal attacks and murders of police men and civilian by the rebels. How we like to forget these things so easily only when it suits...We can argue till the cow comes home and not resolve anything. You know after the 87 and 2000 coup, our Indian brothers stood up and spoke and fought back harder every time the military than or people tried to shut them down. Fijians claim to be warriors. I dont see any in Fiji now. Everyone wants to be a Chief and the village is empty. Everyone wants to be a christian and we need lions thrown into the arena to separate the two.
Why are you afraid and what are you afraid off. If the Indians were strong and believed in what they stood for and fought hard, as hard as they have fought for equality in Fiji from the moment they landed on our shores, why cant you show your face and not be fearful of the winning side. You can only have a hope of winning if you take them on. Sivia ga na vosa.

Anonymous said...

@ con-artist phuckinsophical August 29, 11.37

You talk about forgiveness and reconciliation - yes, that comes AFTER justice is meted to those who break the law.

Differences can easily be ironed-out and reconciliation effected AFTER the treasonous thugs and their legal advisors are tried before a competent of law for TREASON and all their CORRUPT, CORRUPT, CORRUPT-to-the-core activities since Dec 2006. Comprehende?

On Rabuka, there was media coverage of his apology for events of 1987. What have you been smoking?

Then in your very next breath, you say you lot had forgiven Rabuka for the events of 1987. lol.

So why then didn't you lot back the SVT-NFP coalition in the 1999 elections (a real fighting chance Fiji had at healing race relations in the country). Instead you all mobilised behind the labour party leadership, another dictator.

That is the thing with lying >> oh what a web we weave when we first set out to deceive.. comprehende?

So save the sly, conniving BS in using God's name and Christianity in an attempt to get your lot of treasonous THIEVES and THUGS off on your proposed immunity. Mai yaso...

Fiat justitia ruat caelum.. Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens May Fall!

Reconciliation and forgiveness to get you lot off for your CRIMES, my foot!

Anonymous said...

Well said @ Pfft Pfft.

That's exactly what I've always wondered about these trolls who come into cyberspace to defend their junta.

Why do they still hide when they have the guns and their paid thugs covering their backs?

Answer is very simple - THEY KNOW VERY WELL AND FULLY UNDERSTAND the crimes and corruption that they have committed against Fiji and her people, with all its implication.

Their pathetic excuses for Dec 2006 onwards are grounds for mitigation, not to absolve them from their crimes.

Let's just cut to the chase people >> NO IMMUNITY. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks...you guys are really funny. Not sure which end your speaking from but please stop looking through a bottle because you end up being in the bottle yourself. Lets move forward from here and let the course of time and events take place. If people are to be tried for treason and will be sent to jail for that including Frank, Rokoului Mara, Baledrokadroka and all those involved in the 2006 and 2000 coup, so be it. Right now we need to move forward and that means finding a solution first and foremost in resolving the differences. You guys are sound so patriotic but like mice scared at the same time. Stop being a rear echelon and step forward if you really want to fight for freedon and justice. You want to take on the military...come on than and do it. Show the people of Fiji your patriotic pride. Why be afraid of a gun. Many in other countries that have been subjected to military dictatorship have rallied and fought back, been brutalised and killed but believed it was for a just cause so their country is steered in the right direction. The outcome....well it never really always ends the way people really believed and unfortunately that just is the way people are. One greedy tyranical bastard replaced by another. One corrupt for another. History repeats itself and unfortunately countries subjected to coups always seem to continuously have coups. Will this be our last. Neither I nor you are a fortune teller and we never will know. Should Frank and the Military be tried for treason? Will we go to election come 2014? Will the constitution protect Frank and others from carrying out the coup? You will find out not to far in the distant future. There is no point arguing corruption, treason and all these henious crimes because they have been committed not only in 2006 but in the past and Fiji will unfortunately have this past to hang onto. The time is here and now and nobody really is doing anything about it but making back seat commentary remarks which Fijians are so reknown for. When we win a 7s tournament, the coach knew what he was doing. When we lost, we all became coaches and referees. Unless you bleed and die for the cause you believe is worth fighting for...words continue to be blown in the wind...Good luck chums and hope you find it in yourself to be counted. Register in the next election and vote because right now, your doing nothing but talk.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, why are you trying to incite your fellow Fijians to violence? Isn't that against the law? Be careful or you might find yourself featured in a Graham Davis article about the 'violent nutjobs' on C4.5.

Why can't we all just get along? Why not return to Fiji and celebrate Jericho with us?

The Heckler said...

Phylosophical, my answer to you is the same as my answer to her.

When you show me yours, I'll show you mine!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 12.04Time is not ripe for celebration yet. Not sure what your celebrating.

@ Heckler...If I show you mine you might be embarashed with yours unless your a marama you might ask for it....LOL just a joke my friend dont take it to heart. Maybe after all this we can share a basin of kava and exchange views.

Enough said now on this topic...this is leading you no where because you guys really are not convincing anyone because of your sincere hatred against Frank which is blinding you from helping Fiji move forward.

I wish you well and hope to see you make the news on Jericho Day. We may celebrate with a tanoa if you make the news on Graham Davis article.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, glad to hear you've got a big package. That will come in handy when you're sharing a prison cell with Frank.

Just a joke, friend, don't take it to heart.

You've got us all wrong. We don't share a blind hatred against Frank. We share an INFORMED hatred against Frank.

And against all traitors.

Nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Justice Paul Madigan has ordered that Rajendra Chaudhry be suspended from practice as a legal practitioner in Fiji until 1st March 2017, that he be publicly reprimanded, that he pay costs to the commission of $1,000 and that he only be recertified as a practitioner by the Chief Registrar on the proof of having undertaken five hours of training in legal ethics by an institution or a tutor acceptable to the Chief Registrar.

At last some sense out of judiciary, We along with Rajen know that he is a corrupt and arrogant person, At last someone has had the guts to do something against him, Fiji Labor party is a joke. Mahendra mate, give the money we raised in 2000 for you in Sydney to the poor people of Fiji rather then you stealing, Dont you have any shame ? You act like a hero fo Fiji Indians but you are not, and the this fact you know, you hang out with crooks like R Kumar, a former Nasibu mayor, you brother died at his house and you did not attend the funreal because you were ashamed of him for a number of reasons, shame on you. I am thrilled that your "solicitor" is now deregisted and wont be able to work, his legal career is all but dead now. Karma mate.....more to come! Jiasey Karo Waisey Baro.

Unknown said...

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