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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Officials turn off phones and blame Aus Aid for 'screw up' of registration clerks pay

Registration clerks in Nadi.file pic Fiji Sun
More reports of registration workers not being paid with as many 50 in the Lautoka area alone believed to have not got their entitlements in the past month.

Coupfourpointfive revealed weeks ago that clerks were getting stranded out in the field because they hadn't been paid while others were being promised higher rates for some unaccountable reason.

Sources on the ground had revealed that those doing the work to pull off the regime's ambitious plan of registering 600,000 people in eight weeks were struggling with inadequate resources and working without pay despite money being pledged by the international community.

The United Peoples Party president Mick Beddoes (right) now says he was contacted on Friday night by 'disgruntled parents and a few workers frustrated by the weekly false promises of pay, which never comes and refusal by election officials to sort out the problem'.

Beddoes says some 100 workers are involved in Lautoka and about 50 have still not been paid wages in more than 4 weeks.

In a statement, Beddoes says while senior election officials can’t survive without their fortnightly pay, 'they are dismissive when voter registration workers, many of them first time employees, call and enquire about their allowances and pay.'

He says election officials in Suva turned their phones off on Friday night, blaming Aus Aid and other international donors for not paying in the funds as promised.


Mere Vuniwaqa
"Between the Elections office, the Constitutional Commission and the International donors, someone is screwing up and it is the young voter registration workers and their parents who are the ones who have had to carry the burden of the voter registration effort so far.

"The officials seem happy to accept praise for the fort so far, but appear incapable of handling the basic administrative requirements of paying their workers wages correctly.
Shameful but hardly surprising!"

A statement from Permanent Secretary responsible for elections, Mere Vuniwaqa, blames the pay fiasco on the workers themselves.

Vuniwaqa says 'issues have arisen because of  incorrect bank details, or the details of closed or inactive accounts.'

"In particular, a number of issues have occurred over name matching. In order for the bank to process a payment, the name provided to the Elections Office must exactly match the name in the bank’s records. If the name in the bank’s files, for example, includes a middle name or middle initial, this would be required for payment to be accepted." 
Vuniwaqa cites the AusAid Human Resources official working with the Elections Office as confirming the Office's story that almost half of the registration clerks have to be paid by cheque because of ongoing issues with their bank account details.

She says account officers have been travelling to Voter Registration Centers in Viti Levu to hand-deliver individual cheques to ensure that the clerks receive payment while in Vanua Levu, cheques are being dispatched today (Sunday) by air.
Our blogger meanwhile continues to track registrations and says stats for the fourth week show a slowing in momentum:

The regime failed to meet is target on three days in week 4. As a result, and as shown in Graph 1 below, the average for the week was 11,148 registrations, down from 16,030 in week 3. This downward trend was detected at the end of week 3, and has now shown out in week 4.

Graph 1: Average Registration Per Week

On a cumulative basis, total registration at the end of week 4 was 305,631 against target of 280,000, as shown in Graph 2 below. With only two days left to the half way mark, registration appears to be on track to reach 600,000 by the close of business on the 31st of August, 2012 except that some evidence of momentum beginning to fall off is now emerging.

Graph 2: Cumulative Total of Registrations

By divisions, as shown in Graph 3 below, Central’s share of registrations has dropped by a further 1% at the end of week 4. At the end of week 3, its share was 41% from 47% at the end of week 2 and 65% at the end of week 1.

Central is the most populated of the four divisions of Fiji whereas momentum for the significant growth in registrations in weeks 2 and 3 was traced to the Western and Northern

Momentum in the Northern Division has fallen off after having reached 61,266 at the end of week 4, and within sight of its 70,000 target. There is now not much more that the Northern Division could add from this point to the national target of 600,000.

Registration in the Eastern Division has been slow due in a large part to logistical challenges with three maritime provinces involved. At the end of week 4, a total of 14,309 registrations had been achieved in the Eastern Division which is almost 50% of the estimated 30,000 target for the division. The Eastern Division will also no add much to the national target from where it is at the moment.

Graph 3: Voter Registration by Division

Graph 4 below also shows momentum slowing down in the Northern Division as its target is almost reached. The Central and Western Divisions are tracking an almost identical path but showing some indication of slowing down from raw data. The Eastern Division is slow but steady, and appears right now to be around 50% of its target.

Graph 4: Voter Registration by Division


Anonymous said...

Why rely on AUSAID and the international community for funding when the elections was there doing..they wanted fresh elections and fresh constitution so they have to pay for that..simple..PM..Aiyaaz and the likes can take a pay cut to finance elections..Aiyaaz should sell his Vunakece road property to finance the elections..simple..

Anonymous said...

hahahaha regime no money .
all aid money gone to ag /fb account as comm.

Vote for mahen "$3million man" chaudhry said...

Do not charge MPC:

MPC is Fiji ke Robin Hood (collects from rich in name of poor, keeps for himself).

MPC is anti-nepotism (sneakily appointed in-law Sahida, who is a top toilet cleaner, to senate) .

MPC is tough on tax dodgers (does not declare his income in Aust account)

MPC is anti-corruption (uses state funds to renovate personal property)

MPC is against feathering the nest (uses his party position to raise $3m, banks it in personal account)

MPC is generous with heart of gold (gifts beti $50k)

MPC is champion of the poor (poor do not see cent he raised in their name)

MPC is honest (raised $3m under false pretences)

MPC is magician jadu tona (for a while made $3m disappear)

MPC supports democracy (when it suits him – supported 2006 coup)

MPC leads FLP in transparent manner (covertly appoints toilet man sachida senator against party directive; disciplines those who question decision)

Please add to the list...

Anonymous said...

No money, yet Bainivuaka and Aiyarsehole are being paid thousands and thousands of dollars. It goes to show that this voter registration is for Bainivuaka and his son Aiyarsehole to get credit. It's rich coming from them to blame AusAid but they have been critical of australia in the past about their criticism of the coup. Eat humble pie you lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha whether you like it or not, the registration is going on and the elections will happen despites all your efforts C4.5 to discredit and frustrate the process. Get a life and move on!

Anonymous said...

Are wah!! Nai paisa!!

Filimone said...

Who cares how many are registered, when the election will be bogus anyway? It's not how many register, or even how many vote. It's how the votes get counted. With Aiyarse in charge of the process, fraud is guaranteed.

And I love the part how the regime didn't even have the money set aside for elections. Instead, these knuckleheads swing a grant from AUSAID and now blame AUSAID for all delays when their free money is 'late' in arriving!

Anonymous said...

Anon @12/40pm regarding MPC
Absolutely BRILLIANT!
Great article- sense of humour and get the point across strongly!!!

Anonymous said...

are all these coments i hope it's goes to banini's goverments.so they can hear u guys.coz u people are saying right things that u guys are concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your stats from???? You guys need to be here and see for yourself whats happening on the ground. Sa kua mada na buli talanoa tiko

servant said...

Despite reforms, inefficiency in the civil service continues. Workers have to be paid on time for work rendered particularly if they are low income earners. Payment procedures should have been ironed out well before registration started, that is at least six months beforehand. Civil servants are servants of the people whose needs must be prioritised before their own. This ia another example of the me-first LQ mentality.Not surprising as many civil servants are SDL supporters.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Firstly who picked the voting system? Arsehole did. Now didn't he know how much this will and if he can afford it or not. Answer: no.

This typical of the illegal regime. Spend first and see how to pay later. Good luck Fiji. Suggest you wke up and take matters in your own hand. Don't wait for these dumb wits to bankrupt the country. Trust me they know what they are doing. The have access to overseas bank accounts and don't think they have the country at heart.

Bob Singh

Anonymous said...

Mere Vuniwaqa is lying. Mick Beddoes is right and this information should be conveyed to the Yash Ghai gang.

Even if the temporary registration clerks gave you the wrong information, why were the clerks housed at Lautoka Hotel thrown out of the hotel when they returned late in the evening. Why are they al housed in overcrowded unhealthy conditions even now. When you send them to the villages and the rural areas, where are they supposed to get food and drink and sanitary facilities. Why force the villages to feed them, this is your crew and your initiative, you should not burden the already poor with extra mouths to feed.

Answer: Because of your gross ineffiency and not paying the bills on time.

Question: If the EVR clerks gave the wrong information why did they not receive their daily meal allowances for weeks?

Answer: Because your logistics is as bad as your idiot husband at Immigration and his apssport saga and you had not planned ahead to distribute the funds through the offices of the D.O's and via the Commissioner's office.

This screw up is because an army wife has been promoted well above her army wives club skills.

Anonymous said...

Under the previous Government this type of thing didn't happen. Electoral office clerks doing registrations were paid on time every pay day.

There was no excuse about getting the bank account details wrong.

Anonymous said...

These things happen, Queensland Govt in Australia did not pay hundreds of health workers over period of up tp 3 months.

Anonymous said...

What has Queensland health workers to do with Fiji payment - the regime's finances are sick - full stop - money siphoned off to overseas bank accounts

Anonymous said...

very backwards and ineffiecient...what a shame!!

Anonymous said...

The pig forced the Ministry of Finance (in fact forced by Mahend) to hand over $200,000 in back pay in one week - how much dollars is owed to these people - anyway, good , why the hell they agreed to take on the job?

Anonymous said...






The Heckler said...

Servant @ 6:17, blaming Qarase, of all people, for the regime's inability to manage an election registration drive. That's funny!

And I thought I was the only comedian.

Look at the bright side. This regime gives every promise of being too incompetent to successfully stage-manage its theft of the next elections!

@ Vote for Mahen said...

Mahen racist! - sacked parliment tea lady coz she's i taukei.

Mahen nepotism - appointed his son as his secretary.

Unknown said...

While I and I am sure the voter registration workers appreciate the PS Elections Mere Vuniwaqa's admission that there is an issue, I have to say that the discrepancies with bank details are a contributing factor but is not the entire problem.

In any event if officials were paying attention they would have noticed the problem after the first week's pay out and should have had it rectified well before the 2nd weeks wages and not taken more than 4 weeks to sort out, without providing workers with updates?

The fact is one of the clerks who raised the complaint, has had a working bank account for some years, there were no discrepancies with their bank account details and yet they still had not been paid for 4 weeks and even then not in full?

Workers, who finally received some pay, had to fill out forms several times with the same bank details supposedly causing the delay and funds finally came through to the bank details they initially gave.

Why the Elections office allowed the situation to escalate to the point were Lautoka workers were so fed up they decided to stage a sit in on Saturday until somebody did something about this problem is best known to officials.

I trust the workers will be paid up to date as promised and kept up to date in future.

Mick Beddoes

Anonymous said...

Over the years I have been a staunch supporter of Fiji, and apart from the odd “hard on the bone cartoon”, on Bainimarama.In my view, Politicians are fair game for lampooning. All of them deserve it at one time or another.
Having said that, on many occaisons I have written to NZ Politicians and the Press here urging they lift travel bans, boycotts and give Fiji more positive coverage. In fact I have complained to the NZ Press Council and Radio NZ management about journalists Mike Fields unbalanced and biased reporting on Fiji, which was broadcast in NZ on radio NZ.
I have often said in blogs that following visits to Fiji in recent times that I have found it a happy little Country with no signs of unhappiness amongst the people This is a great change from previous Governments which discriminated against the various sectors of Fiji society.
Former Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has just been jailed for corruption. it is a powerful lesson for all Fijians that the days of looking after yourself and your kai vata (associates) at the expense of the wider community are over.
Fiji has in the past suffered endemic political corruption, Choudry and the head of the largest Duty free Company in Fiji awarding himself the contract for the Sigatoka town clock. We can be grateful for Bainirama sorting this nonsense out. More importantly he is addressing issues of racism and ensuring all citizens regardless of race are equal in terms of rights. This is something that NZ Is struggling with as its indigeneous people demand ownership of resources and State assets.
Stan Blanch JP

Anonymous said...

It's Monday morning and wondering who is next on FICAC hit list? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

We can cross off Vinod Patel & co of the FICAC hit list.

Anonymous said...

@Stan Blanch JP
How do you explain the racial make-up of the Fiji Army?
Bainimarama has been mouthing off for 6 years now about "RACIAL EQUALITY" and yet The Fiji Army ( which he ha total control over) is 95% Indigenous Fijian.
In fact he has been in-control of the army for 12 years.

How come you are not using your brain Stan?

You say there is "no sign of unhappiness amongst Fijians"
How come there is 100% increase in malnutrition amongst babies admitted to the two large hospitals in Fiji? (IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS!)

These are not my statistics but statistics provided by the present Health Department of Bainimarama's govt.

There is a doubling of suicide rates amongst young Fijian males.
This statistic was released last month.

Are you still with me JP Blanch?

Is suicide a sign of hapiness to you Mr Blanch?

For a JP you should take time to think a little more deeply about things rather than just parroting off what the Illegal Regime is telling you.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame after all the cheeky words said against Australia and expelling its High Commissioner, the regime is said to be waiting for AUSAid funds to pay for voter registration officials. Has this illegal regime driven this country to bankruptcy or what is the story.

rajend naidu said...

To err is human
To put the blame on someone else is more human!
You know what I mean
Tu tho jahne...
It's a popular activity in politics - shifting the blame onto others.

Anonymous said...

@ Stan Blanch JP

How do you explain this then ?

Fiji Auditor General quits prior to report over Bainimarama back pay

Posted 23 March 2009, 15:36 AEST

There are concerns in Fiji that a report into allegations over a large backpay claim from coup leader and interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama won't be made public after the country's Auditor General, Eroni Vatuloka resigned.

He does however insist he will finish his report into the interim Prime Minister's $US102,000 payout for leave he claims to have accumulated since 1978. The report will be sent to the interim finance minister, who at the moment is Commodore Bainimarama, and then to the cabinet, which he heads, and this worries corruption watchdog group Transparency International Fiji.

Presenter Bruce Hill

Speaker: Transparency International Fiji Chairperson Suliana Siwatibau


mark manning said...

What lays behind the Regime's purported push for racial equality in Fiji ? Something which already existed anyway , before the coup.
It sounds to me to be something of a popular message, one which would attract many gullible people who felt maligned by previous Governments. The would be attracted to this "racial equality" push, like moths to a street light in the middle of a dark, cold, winters night.
It is here and from these people that the Regime would find its purpose and reason and excuse more importantly, to go ahead with this pointless exercise, one which has achieved nothing but equality for some.
As they say, some are more equal than others, yet no one seems to have noticed nor pointed this out to those who would otherwise support the silly notion of " racial equality" !
But it has served its purpose, this notion, its stated aim, which was to put into place, a new elite, a new bred of thieves and thugs, while many have no job, no income, no future and absolute equality with others who now find themselves in the same position, POVERTY !
Equal indeed it seems at last !
Hitler did the same thing in the lead up to the 1939 War in the late 1920's and throughout the 1930's. He used the argument, one which purely existed within his own imagination, that the Jews were the common enemy because of their financial success. He said that they were destroying the fabric of German Society, stealing from the poor etc. Of course, just as in the case of Fiji, the gullible and naive believed him and supported him bit by bit in his quest for what we all found out was, world domination.
The trick is you see, to find something popular which resonates with many and use that to justify your own quest for dominance and power.
Once harnessed, like a wild horse being tamed, it can be manipulated and trained to think the way you want it to in order to carry out your own self interests and plans.
Fijians it seems, have been fooled just as the Germans of the 1920's and 1930's were, the difference being of course, there was no poverty in Fiji and your government was not an elitist government nor racially motivated, unless you want to believe a couple of criminals like Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
Where to now, how does one reverse this fake notion and the consequences which come with it ?

Voreqe I, the Magnificent said...

Politicians are fair game for lampooning, but I am not a politician. I am above politics and so should be above lampooning. In fact, I deserve immunity from lampooning. That must be written into Fiji's new constitution. This is non-negotiable.

Anonymous said...

Since when did Mickey Mouse Humpty Dumpty Beddoes become the voter registration clerks unionists? True opportunist.....wahahaha...your kind of politics Mickey is outdated. Talk about what you haven't been able to get right in your entire political life rather than picking on petty issues. The clerks will be paid without your help.

Jone said...

Stan Blanch? Or is it Blanchflower?

What does JP stand for? Justice of the Peace? Judas Priest?

Over the years you haven't been a staunch supporter of Fiji but a staunch supporter of a bunch of traitors who hold the country hostage at gunpoint.

Bainimarama hasn't sorted out a darn thing except his own path to power. If you actually lived in Fiji, you'd know that.

Let's make a deal. You butt out of our business, and we'll butt out of yours.

But you're right about one thing. 'An odd hard on the bone cartoon' describes Bainimarama to a tee.

Khan said...


Anonymous said...

Joker says..

Stan Blanch (JP) you're out of your mind and out of touch. get your facts right - ulu kau.

I don't know how NZ gave you ur JP - must be meant for "Joker Pundit" Can't you see that the elected PM in Fiji was done in a democratic way - unlike Frank and Aiyaz who use guns to claim power and threat and kill own citizens. is this not corruption, back pay themselves and hike up their salaries, appoint own families to top jobs undeservingly. Now what do you call this - idiot,

keeping NZ & Oz engage is one thing, returning power to the people legitimately is another. Stan stop shooting from your back.

just look at your own PM, John Key on the John Banks issue - now they will change the law to suit. Is this not corruption. That's politics.....
But the beauty about it is John Key and Co were elected by the majority and they have the mandate to make, alter and change things.

FYI- corruption is everywhere...elected PM and MP should be encouraged to refrain and put inplace institutions to eliminate it.

Your views is full of trash - and leave Fijian real issues alone. Deal with your own white discrimination issues first.

Anonymous said...

Majority Native Fijians were employed to do the job. The government is expoiting Fijian and yet no Fijian have gut to stand against and raise voice. Are the Native coward, why can't they march like what they did during other coups. Very soon Native Fijians will loose all their dignity.

NEW FIJI said...

Anonymouse 12.40 and 2.51pm...How do you know the MPC blog is written by a guy? ...unless you are the same guy who wrote the first blog at 12.40pm and then self praised yourself at 2.51pm....What a loser!!!
You sound like MPC screwed your bum somewhere in your life and you just cant get over it. DID HE POKE YOUR BUM??? ISA ......!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Other Government workers also not being paid on time. Not just the electoral voting clerks.

PWD workers also failed to receive their pay on the 1st of August 2012and had to check on 2nd August.

Fiji Government has money problems. Its not merely an administrative issue. Its an actual shortage of cash thats now the problem.

The economy is in trouble and even businesses are running into cash flow problems and cannot meet advance taxes.

FIRCA boss is now calling for businesses to "update" taxes on time.

These are advance and provisional taxes now in trouble, because businesses are no longer generating cashflow to be able to cover advance and provisional taxes in the declining conomy

6th August 2012

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) have urged businesses who have not updated their tax to pay them

Speaking at the Fiji Business Forum in Suva yesterday, FRCA chief executive Jitoko Tikolevu said that it is very important for the businesses to update their tax payment.

“You do your part and then we will engage with you closely,” said Tikolevu.

He said at the moment they are doing an investigation on some big companies and big exporters.

“As we speak, there are some businesses out there who are trying to beat the system.”

He said everyone wants a good infrastructures, good water pipes, hospitals, good facilities

“There is no room for tax payers or business alike to try and get a planning purpose because the rates are so so low.”

Since government is relying on FRCA for 90 percent of its revenue, Tikolevu urges businesses to pay their tax.

Given the number serious of investigation that FIRCA is doing, he said it is quite alarming.

“Some people continue to defraud government with the falsification of their documentation. It’s really really alarming.”

He said the government had lowered the tax rate to assist the business; however, there are still some businesses that have not paid their tax.

“Please do your part so that the government can provide essential services to the citizens of Fiji," he concluded.

By Ropate Valemei

Anonymous said...

Teachers in outlying islands and rural areas have also not been paid. The Post offices have been blamed for that one by the Government.

But the truth is Government had not despatched the pay dockets and funds.

Anonymous said...

Government money shortgage. No money to maintain electronic weighbrdges purchased last year

Weight machines defunct

Serafina Silaitoga
Tuesday, July 03, 2012

THE two weighbridges commissioned in the north last year have been under repair for almost a year raising concerns among motorists about the sustainability of road condition between Savusavu and Labasa, the Hibiscus Highway.

The weighbridges — stationed at Tabia, outside Labasa Town and Ganilau Park in Savusavu — were commissioned in February last year by Transport Minister Colonel Timoci Natuva.

“We have been working on the program that was damaged when water seeped into the software. This water is from the rain and we have also had mud entering the machines,” Land Transport Authority media officer Alfred Wiliame confirmed.

“The machines will return to its stations this year as we also await funding for the repair charges which is a substantial amount,” Mr Wiliame said.

The Fiji Times spoke to some motorists along the Hibiscus Highway last week and one of the major concerns raised was the absence of the weighbridges that sat on either end of the highway.

The weighbridges, motorist Pita Ratuvuwai said helped prevent damage to the highway that was mostly used by heavily-laden trucks.

“Some logging trucks are overloaded and now that we have the harvesting season, we will see more cane trucks not forgetting the 10-wheeler trucks that travel in from Viti Levu for business purposes,” Mr Ratuvuwai said.

“If all these trucks are overloaded, the road damage is highly likely to happen,” he said.

Another Savusavu road user Mohammed Khalim said the number of potholes seemed to increase along the highway and having weighbridges would help control the weight of trucks that used this road.

“We need to have the weighbridges to maintain the good condition on the highway,” Mr Khalim said.

Fiji Roads Authority spokesman Iliesa Sokia said the weighbridges played a vital role in road maintenance.

“It monitors the weight of loaded trucks and in using weighbridges, we also prevent damage on our roads,” Mr Sokia said.

However, he said he was not aware of the situation in the north.

“But we will raise this matter with the LTA,” he added.

Early this year, a road user committee was formed by the Commissioner Northern’s office and the issue of heavy loaded trucks was discussed as a cause of road damage.

Anonymous said...

It's great how some repeatedly use certain statistics to back their own view but choose to totally disbelieve and discredit others when they are not in support of their own views.

The repeated quotes regarding the ethnic makeup of the RFMF are being suggested as being due to racial discrimination.

I wonder what evidence this is based on ? Do the authors actually have proof that other certain ethnic groups have actually applied and been refused entry based on ethnic grounds ?

Could it be that the majority within certain ethnic groups simply do not want a job in the army as they want to be gainfully employed in other fields ?

Anonymous said...

so this christian state nonsense is again rearing its ugly head !!---I prefer Scientology--the christian faith followe by To Cruise ---that will be great.

Anonymous said...

Can someone elighten us please?Scuttlebutt and the grapevine have confirmed that the Pio, Franks former PS has been having meeting with Pro-Democracy movement and others in Canberra. He came with the Master oppotunist's entourage(Ratu Inoke), and ended up in Canberra, I guess maybe preaching Franks gosple or otherwise....and you know what happend..people listen earnistly and their were amazed, awed. If he preached otherwise, then I guess that he may flip in due course.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon August 6, 2012 3:06 PM

Does the RFMF send recruitent teams to Indian schools as it does with other Itaukei schools such as QVS and RKS ?

Anonymous said...

What a cheek Tikolevu telling us to pay taxs on time. They are quite happy not to pay VAT & Provisional Tax refunds on time going back years.

Anonymous said...

At least Mick Beddoes has integrity which seems to be in short supply in some of your bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mick,keep up the good job
and be ready to move over to SDL
for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning asks "Where to now, how does one reverse this fake notion and the consequences which come with it?"

Answer: Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

NEW FIJI said...

Keep dreaming Operation Jericho...Operation RFMF will shut you down swiftly and the tax payers will be burdened more by looking after your sorry arses in state facilities.Operation Jericho was for Bin Laden ...hullo !!!
You must be watching too many movies of Van Damme ! Anyways no Operations are advertised before being activated.The RFMF is already aware that this Jericho crap is a smokescreen for the methodists to march again and that it will be sooner than 26 September.So no permits for marching now that you have spilled the beans COCE !!

Druavesi said...

Please come back after you find WMDs Until then pls buzz off as no one wants the Anglos or their opinions. Your kind has destroyed too many countries with your divide & rule.

Anonymous said...

To Mick Beddoes

Make sure that you disappear from Fiji on Sept 26.

You are our target on Operation Jericho.

You are top on the list of our High Valued Targets.

Take my word.

Anonymous said...

Mr Stan Blanch..it seems that you all for dictatorship rule..now that all the decrees are made by one AK..& FB...who will judge them for overthrowing a nation, killing of innocent people and taking away the democratic of rights of every living & future generation of Fiji...I hope you enjoy life in the anal cavities of these two dictators

Ex-military said...

Anonymous 10:34, is that your best shot? What a punk!

Perhaps it's the dictator and you and your fellow supporters who will want to disappear from Fiji on Sept 26.

Is it now a crime for Mick Beddoes and anyone else to celebrate Fiji for one minute? Which decree is it that says celebrating Fiji is now a crime, too?

Ha, ha, right in your face.

Looking for High Valued Targets? Why bother poor Mick? I think it's Dakuwaqa you want. He/she/it is the one making you all look like limpdicked fools. Why don't you go after Dakuwaqa? You can start by taking a long leap off a short pier.

Bring on Jericho!

Anonymous said...

Blaming AUSAID for the problems with voter registration?

Next Bainimarama will be blaming the Aussies for his decision to postpone the elections... again.