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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fiji dictator hopping mad at 'camels' invading his tent

A desert and political maxim: If you allow the camel to get its nose in the tent the rest of the animal will follow.  Illustration from the liberal American Camel Party, which believes camels work for the people.

Ghai: Under fire for talking
If there's one thing we can rely on in the New Fiji, it's that the illegal leader remains the power hungry dictator he showed himself to be in 2006.

And running to true to form, he has proven again that he intends to hang on to that power no matter what and that the Constitution review leading up to the 2014 elections is a farce.

In comments to Fiji Village, Frank Bainimarama reveals 1) that he is rattled about the way the Constitution talks are going under the helm of Yash Ghai and 2) that contrary to two decrees supposedly aimed at allowing people to talk freely, he still wants to dictate the outcome of the process.

Taking umbrage with what he sees is Ghai's inappropriate attempts to get people to engage, he reveals that he's tried to haul Ghai into line.

"I’ve said that the commissioners need to get on with the job. They have a mandate from the people of Fiji. They should listen to the views of Fijians, collate the submissions and draft the constitution based on the submissions along the relevant decree and hand the draft constitution to His Excellency the President. They should get on with the job. 

"The comments by the Chair are unfortunately misplaced. None of the laws. He has been told that time and again and the people of Fiji have heard about this. None of the laws currently in place stop any Fijian or hinder any Fijian from making any submission to the commission on any topic.”

He also reveals he is unsettled by what he reckons is the efforts of his biggest rivals and enemies to influence the process. 


“What is happening is like a proverbial camel. They come in with their head into the tent and then
their whole body comes in and they kick the owner of the tent out. 

That’s what him and the people they are listening to are trying to do. They are trying to get us back, bring back the old statements that they have been going on with for the last couple of months. 

"The statement by the Chair also demonstrates the lack of fundamental understanding of our history, the influences at play that have for so long protected the elite of this country. On the contrary, the current laws provide for the safeguard of these unheard voices who have been marginalized to come forward and contribute.”

Again, he claims Ghai is buying into the 'propaganda' of his enemies.

“Comments that he is coming up with, I’ve heard that from people like Mick Beddoes, Shamima Ali and the trade unionists. I’d like to remind the Chair and the commission that at the swearing-in ceremony, the Chief Justice reminded the commissioners that they hold a quasi judicial position. This means amongst other things the commissioners should not be giving a running commentary on the proceedings. 

"They should be completely independent. They should not give preferential treatment to certain segments or individuals in society who they meet privately and they should adhere to the laws in Fiji including the decrees that created the commission.”  

But he is most angry at what he sees as preferential treatment by Ghai for those who represent the biggest challenge to him. 

“They have been meeting privately with this group of politicians, NGOs and trade unionists who are pressuring him to come up with this statement and he should get away from that. I’ve told him a few times that he should get away from these private meetings. If they have anything to give to him in submissions, give it in the constitutional commission setting, not in private settings. 

"That is the problem that we have here. He is pressured by these NGOs and politicians. These are the same group of people that want to have a hand in the composition of the Constituent Assembly so that they can pressure him into doing this and to changing what they want done and in the Constituent Assembly, have it cemented before they move into elections.” 

There are no restrictions, do your job


Anonymous said...

Wake up Fiji. Frank Is now setting the scene for his act 2 where he calls off the 2014 election as he is not happy with ghai and the Constitution review process. Just wait and see. It's his way or the highway.

The Heckler said...

Question: With Qarase out of the way and Chaudhry on the way out too, Beddoes can't be far behind. So, who will that leave us to vote for in the election? 

Answer: Still anyone but Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

If the Aussies and Kiwis hadn't appropriately changed tack in the last two weeks, Bainimarama would probably be blaming them now for 'brainwashing' Yash Ghai.

Anonymous said...

The dictator has realized that Yash Ghai is not playing to his tune - he thought Ghai's master-pupil relationship would work in dictator's favour but he is losing the plot.

If Ghau doesnt understand our culture and history than why was he chosen in the first place. After all, it was the dictator who made the announcement of Ghai's appointment.

The dictator has a game plan - make Ghai's life a hell now so he abandons the project and goes back to Kenya - get Chinese money and appoint a regime lackey to chair the Constitution Commission to deliver a constitution of his liking

Hang on there, Professor Yash Ghai - an ant can make a camel's life a hell - and that is happening to the dictator

The Pig cant fly anymore - and he cant abuse and threaten you as he has been doing to his Fijian opponents of the coup

Anonymous said...

YASH... It's True..."The 1997 Constitution Lives"...

Same Old Saw said...

Haven't we heard this same old song from Bainimarama again and again? "You don't understand the complexities of Fiji like I do," "don't believe the propaganda; you need to come to Fiji to see for yourself," "everyone is happy and free here to speak his mind," "you're talking to the wrong people," etc. Next will be "you came here with preconceived notions." This Form Five drop-out doesn't know, or even care to know, the first thing about constitutionalism or democracy, but now he's going to lecture Ghai on how to conduct constitutional review proceedings?

Dakuwaqa is right, Ghai should have laid down the law from the beginning. It should be Ghai saying "my way or the highway."

And depend upon it, in time it will be the highway, for both of them.

Anonymous said...

If these are quasi-judicial proceedings, as Gates and Bainimarama have claimed, then Bainimarama's latest comments are in contempt of court.

Anonymous said...

Bale said..

seems like there will be no democracy in Fiji at all.. the way he's doing it is just totally wrong. you cant expect submissions and at the same time suppress certain groups in society. Looks like he doesnt wanna give up his powers, Sorry boso, your time's up. Let the people decide.

Anonymous said...















Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

The Constitution Review Commission is invited to (and should) hold consultations with Fiji Citizens currently residing (in exile) in NZ, Australia, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon, U.K, Canada, USA, etc. ONLY b'cos of the harassment and in fear of the present illegal and treasonous THUGS and 'quasi' government of the DICTATOR Bainishit.

Anonymous said...

The DICTATOR has sadly realized that this YASH man can also say NO..

Anonymous said...

Well tried tactic, Bhaini. Discredit your own commission, claim the high moral ground, postpone elections and keep yourself in power for life. Ghai will realize sooner rather than later that he is being used, including by his fellow commissioners hungry for fame and fortune. Cut loose and leave, Prof, before your name is dragged into the mud. Told you so.

Anonymous said...

I still think we have a simple solution - patriotic colonels should give dictator, Khaiyun, Mosese an ultimatum to hand power to an interim government - if not, they should step in and save the nation - for not very soon they will be forced to shoot their own people - we have had enough - if you are reading, ACT, you patriots or unless you chaps are cowards and lamusonas like the dictator

Anyway, I think he was reading from a script - he cant string a coherent interview on TV - he is actually a form four dropout but unlike the dropouts he is a ulukau boci - full stop

Anonymous said...

Its very hard for the camel to go through the eye on the needle......but now its time to shake up this Bastard Bainimarama by going to court and bomb him with submissions that exactly opposite to his crap road map.....who da hell is that bastard to tell us our road map... we will do it ourselves ....we will take back whats ours.Good job SDL and the rest of you who are taking up the fight to Bainimarama...let play in his territory rather in ours....Keep up te perssure guys

kite flyer said...

Only one thing to be said about Bai.
Bai is bad news for fiji

Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job Mr. PM for the 2014 elections, but for goodness sake do not speak to the press. Let your advisers do that for you because you easily loose your temper.

On one hand you say people are free to say anything, but you are quick to criticise them when they do.

The best solution is for you to keep shut and let the process take its course. At the end of the day you will still decide what goes into the Constitution and what remains outside.

Fortune Teller.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis must be thinking ... What the F*** DO i SAY NOW!!...hahahaha ..... look at your 'awards' for inspiration bro.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum has been heard saying that the 2006 was effectively executed by the army and Baini and that Khaiyum only joined the illegal government "after the act" as their AG just to serve Fiji in its time of greatest need.

As such Khaiyum claims to have committed no TREASON. Only Baini and the Army did THAT!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Reality bites hard for Poor Frank. He doesn't get it that people don't believe in his new Fiji even with him pushing it down our throats.

He can't get over the fact that people 'bring back old statements thah they have been going on with for the last couple of months.'

It can only mean that he is believing his own PR. Him and Kosi Yasayasa who is threatening to 'taste the blood' of those of us standing up for democracy.

C'mon Frank, believe it - you are not as popular as you think you are.

Anonymous said...

It seems Baini is not having any erection in 2014!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this how it starteed for Qarase? The 'warnings' to get on with the job and then the threats and then... poof!... the coup.

Learn from the camel, Frank - work for the people, not for yourself, you kaicolo!

Anonymous said...

So who or what is the camel to which Bainimarama refers? Is he comparing Yash Ghai to a camel, or is he comparing the Constitution to a camel? Either way, Bainimarama sounds like a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Every Dog has his day...All Dictators have their days numbered....Read history people... Bainimarama is no different..my heart goes out to his supporters/cronies (locals/abroad) who are caught in the illusion that this guy will last forever....THINK MAN!

Anonymous said...

The 'Military was not satisfied with the way things were being done' so they cleaned up the elected government - elected by the people.........NOW....The peope are not satisfied with the way FRANK is doing things. what went around ...just came back around. SPREAD THE NEW SLOGAN FOR THE NEW FIJI ........ F.F.F.F (Free Fiji from Frank)

Anonymous said...

The missing pages from the RFMF 2000 Board of Inquiry report is available at the truth for Fiji website. It includes George Speight's and Ratu Silatolu's interviews.

Anonymous said...

Yash Gahi has the mandate of the Fijian people - really????

Please folks, at the very least let us not be surprised when he calls off the Constitutional Commission exercise and pockets the money donated by the misguided embassies and high comms.

When he and his brains trust put in this mechanism, they never thought they would get beat like a rented mule at their own game.

That Frank is the problem of playing by your own rules. All the other team has to do is learn your rules and they got you by the cojones.

Poor little Frankie, I guess you now have to go back to playing with yourself, you jerk.

People of the Land said...

I heard from source within that the Chair, Professor Ghai was about to tender his resignation because of the pressure from the regime. Professor is in a difficult position and he needs all our support. May be this is the best opportunity for the people of Viti. We all need to work together and raise our views regarding the future of this country. We should respect each others space and culture with appreciation that we live in multicultural/bi cultural society.
This is also the time for the indigenous people of this country (Vitians) to wake up. Sa kua mada na wele. To those of us who can encourage our people to front the Commission and make their submission please do so and be sensible in our submission.

Clearly the false foundation of the regime is now begining to shake, crack and as we press on the walls of Jericho will go tumbling down. All the lies will be exposed and those of us who have been blinded to their propaganda will later realised that the truuth can not be suppressed.

It is importnat that the truth and reconcialation commission to be set up immediately may be after election so that opportrunities must be given to our own people who have been deceived or do not have the capacity to understand basic rights of people to redeem theselves.

End of the day the People of the Land will remain as people of the land.

We still need to protect Viti's our uniique cultures.

Kalougata tiko na kawa iTauikei kei kemuni na noda turaga.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Sorry Frank...you are just as dump as you can be....

Ulukau levu.....

The world is seeing how idiotic aand circus like a person you're...

You don't seem to understand the truthness and process in contructing a constitution. The people own the constituion because ultimately it will be the rule book for all. Its the law for all unlike what you and Aiyaz and Z=nazhaat Shameem & gates are doing - slective persecution using decrees.

This is the problem when you were a nobody, and want to be a big boci.....kawa ca o iko.

Anonymous said...

All dictators have met their Waterloo.Hitler--Idi Amin--Gadafi--Sadam Hussein--the list goes on.Mussolini was hanged up side down.Will fiji be any different.Time will tell--and time always tells !!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon Aug 17 11:41 am.

So Khsiyum, even from the beginning of the coup in 2006 was already looking for an escape route?

Does he really think that the people will give him immunity after all this sorry state that he has brought us into?

Bainimarama, every time he opens his mouth to criticize his opponents, the people, who, in the figment of his weird imagination, would be his potential voters; they avoid him like anyone should avoid a deadly disease.

So, keep opening your mouth Bai; you'd be sure to see many more people not supporting your means to your dire need for escaping justice. We're not soldiers who follow idiotic notions from you and Khaiyum, but we're voters; the people who are the real power behind democracy.

Operation Jericho Sept 26th. The drums are still sounding distant now and will get louder as the day draws near. Keep Bai & ASK on their toes folks!

Anonymous said...

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama stressed that he will remain the Prime Minister and Army Commander of the country.

This follows comments made by Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry that Commodore Bainimarama should make up his mind.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“I think that it is about time Bainimarama also decides whether he wants to be a politician or an Army Commander. He cannot do both because there is a very clear conflict of interest and the Public Service Regulations address this. So why is there special exception for this man.”

The Prime Minister said Chaudhry and the Labour Party leader cannot do anything about him holding both positions.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“I have been both the Prime Minister and Army Commander in the last six years because of the circumstances that we have been through and people have accepted that widely but I’m going to be the Commander RFMF and Prime Minister for the next two years until elections and unfortunately for him and his father there is nothing they can do to change that.”

Rajendra Chaudhry also questioned why Commodore Bainimarama is raising concern about the constitution submissions being given by other organizations.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“It should not be influenced in any manner, shape or form by anybody, least of all by the Interim Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama who is obviously an interested party in the proceedings of the Constitution Commission and they are making comments on submissions by other political parties or NGOs. That is not proper for him to do. Let the people express their views, let the commission record those views.”

Commodore Bainimarama said it is interesting that Chaudhry has changed his view on these matters when his father is no longer in government.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“I heard very briefly his attack on me yesterday. Of course he was calling me the Interim Prime Minister and of course the interim government. His memory is very short. Things have changed very quickly with Rajendra Chaudhry. Nothing was interim when his father was in government a few years ago. In addition to that he was also attacking my supposed interference in the whole process. He has been speaking out exactly on the same note against what we are talking about so obviously he can speak out but we can’t. That’s what he is saying.”

Chaudhry has also said that the Constitution Commission should not be bound by any of the non-negotiable principles set out by the Prime Minister.

He said no matter what the non-negotiables are, if majority of the people think otherwise then the commission should take their point of view.

Commodore Bainimarama said the non-negotiables for the constitution are important because it is aimed at eliminating discrimination and race based policies.

He said it seems Rajendra Chaudhry has forgotten so quickly that in 2000, he and his father were put in one of the rooms in parliament for 56 days.

The Prime Minister said the non-negotiables in the next constitution is to bring about an environment that will stop people from doing the same thing they did in 2000.

Anonymous said...

franky asssssssssssss

Fijiana said...

Watch this video and decide who presented the submission. SDL or was it a personal submission.


Anonymous said...

We must learn from what is happening globally and be ready to act swiftly locally. After the fall of dictators in iraq, libya,etc.. there seem to be a vaccum where a sense of anarchy prevailed. While the military is doing its divide and rule strategies, threat and propaganda, we need to prepare for beyond the fall of jericho wall. I call on the Loyal, honest policeman of the land, dig into the recesses of your heart and remember your pledge to uphold the rule of law, be ye ready to stand up and be counted. To the soldiers, I know that most of you have a conscience that is troubling you, the gun that you hold doesnt have a soul or family..., but you do(honour), is it really worth showing it, threatning our helpless unarmed local folks? Our civil servants, the government machinery must go on, we need people who are ready and willing to stand up when the country needs you. Iam praying that this battle will be won not by the use of force but by the supernatural work of God to convict the military and the rest of us poor mortals that this path is just going to to be expensive for us all, the longer it drags on... No one wins in the end but just a sorry lot. May we have the courage to admit our mistakes and give our kids a solid platform to build on. I plead to the God gene within each one of us. Au sa vakamamasu saka kina yalo ni Kalou ka tu ena lomamuni na wekaqu vakayago, vakayalo...me da duavata ka masuta na veisereki mai cake. Im sure there is alot of anger and sense of vengeance because some of us have been subjected to physical humiliation and some lost their lives and loved ones, I plead to us all for the sake of our children and our children's children. It begins with us and lets end this nightmare now while we can... I'm praying for the fall of jericho wall come Septmeber 24, Are You???. For those who have already been praying about it, keep at it, for those of us who havent, why not start today?? May it happen on our watch..

Remember when it happens!.. we should already have a plan of where to go from here..!

...Rerevaka na Kalou and respect for ALL man...

Paula said...

Let us concede to our Primmest Minister that he has to manage a rather complex task and is intellectually completely out of his depth. He needs to legitimize his rule, he has to keep himself out of prison for treason and murder, he has to convince the international community that he is a champion of democracy and he has to watch his back for aspiring colonels greedy for power and he has to keep a very close eye on Khaiyum who will drop him like a hot potato when it suits his interests. Against this background it may be a bit more understandable that Franki sounds a bit incoherent most of the time.

Anonymous said...

There's a Fijian proverb about the owl (Lulu)
Its a proverb that is said when someone has been deserted by his friends and there's no money,no house, no nothing.
Not even clothes.
This proverb reminds me of Bainimarama.
The Army is about to desert him.
Even Khaiyum is already beginning to distance himself from Bai.
Poor Vuaka, all your fears are about to come true!
You don't have any more friends left.

Anonymous said...

Bainishit is a very scared dumb shit. And his boss Aiyarse is trying everything they can think of to justify their actions. Sorry you two twats, you're very very wrong. Your bullshits will come flying back and hit you two in your faces. Aiyarse the word flying around is, the people will do all they can to stop you from leaving the country, and that includes all the thieves that are raping the country. Don't worry your day will come.

Anonymous said...

I think he's playing a realy good game here..just like your fijian way, u do something wrong next day 1kg waka ...everybody forget about your wrong doings..

guys time to move with time yr 2012..create a new law just for him to face up to the music,,,

Anonymous said...

Camel is in the tent is double speak from frank saying ASK is in the tent.

Anonymous said...

Camels are ships of the desert! Full of Arab seeman

kite flyer said...

Only Herr Diktator knowns about Fiji's history, culture, tradition, land tenure system, government and constitution, industry and agriculture, health and welfare, education, mining, fisheries and forrestry and not forgetting the fijian military. everybody else is a fool. they should not waste their time doing any thinking of their own. just wait for Herr diktator's orders. He knows about everything.

Mumtaz Ali said...

Frank is very well advised by Aiyaz and Mohammed Aziz. What PM Bainimara said "that he is not going to entertain divisive, discriminatory and racist policies of SDl." What is wrong with this? In future our children will all have prosperous and byouant life. Keep Aiyaz and Mohammed Azis for all your good work. Both of you will go inta jaanat and well blessed there. To people of Fiji have a wonderful eid and a prosperous new year. May Allah bless everyone.

Anonymous said...

Frank....tonotono lakina ga nomui cici!!!!!!

Kai Lau qo.

Kai Gau said...

Voreqe, being the high school failure he is, with no logical understanding of what he says, obviously cannot see that his so-called camel analogy BEST explains HIM and his RAPE of Fiji's people, our elected govt. and our constitution!

“What is happening is like a proverbial camel. They (I/Voreqe) come in with their (MY) head into the tent (Fiji's ELECTED govt) and then their (MY) whole body comes in and they (I,Voreqe) kick (RAPE/Coup) the owner (Fiji's people and their constitution)of the tent (Fiji's elected govt.) out.

Anonymous said...


Sitiveni Naweni-Tavua said...

HOW TO OVERTHROW Baini and his Government.

1. Use race politics to brainwash the iTaukeis. Poor fear that indians will take the land from them. They have taken the political power, the economic power and now the land.
2. Regather and form Taukei movement.
3. Organise national protest march as in 1987 and 2000. They cannot shoot thousands.
4. The army has 99.9% iTaukeis. Ask them to basically revolt against him.

Anonymous said...

Mumtaz Ali you idiot. Your heroes, Bainiceke, Aiyarse and Assziz will all go down in a heap. Hope you're going to be there to catch them. Dumbshit.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The people of Fiji are being urged to express their views to the Constitution Committee “without fear”.
The chairman of the Constitution Commission, Professor Yash Ghai, said people were free to make their views known to the Commission on any issue they felt should be catered for in the new Constitution.
“We encourage the people to make their views known without any fear,” Professor Ghai told the Fiji Sun yesterday.
“This is the very essence of having the public consultations – to give the people of Fiji an opportunity to take part in the process and speak their minds freely.” The Commission, he said would like to encourage people of all ethnic groups to come out and participate in the process.
When asked about his assessment on the submissions made Professor Ghai said the submissions received so far covered a wide range of issues from land issues, human rights, role of the chiefs, electoral system, affirmative action programmes, women’s rights, rights of the children and bread and butter issues.
The Commission had started work in Viti Levu, mainly in the Central Division. According to the timetable, submissions started on July 2 and will end on September 30.
Professor Ghai also told the Fiji Sun that they remain committed to their December deadline and would only seek an extension “If there is a need”.
“This is an opportunity for them to come forward and tell us what they would like to see in the new Constitution,” Professor Ghai said.

Kamlesh Kumar- Mission Bay Auckland said...

This appeared in Fiji Live.

Despite the SDL party’s denial that it had nothing to do with a submission presented at Suva Civic Centre on the first day of constitution consultations, video footage of the submission is now on the youtube website showing a SDL party official who is based at their headquarters making the submission.

Fijivillage was present during the presentation of the submission and it has been recorded that the submission was made by the SDL.

Here is the recorded confirmation.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

SDL president Solomoni Naivalu was also present in the room during the presentation of the submission.

In the SDL submission to the Constitution Commission, the party wants Fiji to be declared a Christian state, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

They also proposed that the country’s name should be changed.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“Fiji to be a Christian state. The name to be Christian Democratic Republic of the Fiji Islands or Christian Republic of the Fiji Islands.”

SDL said they also want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”.

SDL also proposed that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship as they said that a person cannot serve two masters.

The SDL submission said the party wants the term “sexual orientation” to be removed from the Bill of Rights of the 1997 constitution.

In that section it states that a person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her sexual orientation.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

The SDL has released a statement saying it is not their submission and they will make their presentation in September or October.

According to a statement released by Mesake Koroi, Party president Naivalu said he was only present during the consultations to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.

SDL also said that it is a multiracial party.

However the party said it is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

Kamlesh Kumar- Mission Bay AK NZ. said...

From Kamlesh Kumar -NZ
To: Victor Lal.
Re: Poor Journalism.

Your article published poor journalism on your part.I havenot read any in Fiji online news of what you have published. As a reknowned and respected journalist you have to be fair and unbiased in your reporting. You have stoop so low in your standard to publish reports and comments from racist SDL party and its supporters. Some of them may be terriorist from past. Please read the two news articles which I have attatched from Fiji Sun and Fiji Village respectively.
Honesty,justice and fairplay will take you long. Otherwise you will doomed as Qarase and Rabuka.
Long live Bainimara government.

Muslim Brother Hood said...

Mumtaz Ali,
So you agree with the usurpers of authority. You also agree with the murderers and I doubt Allah will not agree with you. I thought Allah will always for freedom, justice and fairness.

The Indigenous Fijians are being hurt and we are trying to work out something that will bring justice to all.

The Regime is very nervous right now and we can feel the fear because we will not fight them but only the power of the people will bring them justice.

NZ, and Australia will not take them if they decided to run away from Fiji. They can only be rescued by China or India or Pakistan.

I am sorry your hero and Aiyaz will be in prison come 2014 for treason and murder.

I think Allah will then turn your back on you.

Moce Jo.

Anonymous said...

Mumtaz Ali..

Pls no point scoring here...

You are just as bad as your Taliban bros...

watch out....don't talk from you back side...

Jone said...

Change the name of our country - SDL

Despite the SDL party’s denial that it had nothing to do with a submission presented at Suva Civic Centre on the first day of constitution consultations, video footage of the submission is now on the youtube website showing a SDL party official who is based at their headquarters making the submission.

Fijivillage was present during the presentation of the submission and it has been recorded that the submission was made by the SDL.

Here is the recorded confirmation.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

SDL president Solomoni Naivalu was also present in the room during the presentation of the submission.

In the SDL submission to the Constitution Commission, the party wants Fiji to be declared a Christian state, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

They also proposed that the country’s name should be changed.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

“Fiji to be a Christian state. The name to be Christian Democratic Republic of the Fiji Islands or Christian Republic of the Fiji Islands.”

SDL said they also want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”.

SDL also proposed that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship as they said that a person cannot serve two masters.

The SDL submission said the party wants the term “sexual orientation” to be removed from the Bill of Rights of the 1997 constitution.

In that section it states that a person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her sexual orientation.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

The SDL has released a statement saying it is not their submission and they will make their presentation in September or October.

According to a statement released by Mesake Koroi, Party president Naivalu said he was only present during the consultations to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.

SDL also said that it is a multiracial party.

However the party said it is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

A camel is far more intelligent than Bainiboci.

Anonymous said...

Khaium is trying to leave the boat by saying that he joined Bainivuaka after the coup.You shit liar, you helped Bainivuaka right from the beggining.Don't try to run away.Everyone is ready to catch you before you flea the country.

Ships of the desert said...

Camels are known as ships of the desert. Bhaini the goose is getting confused - it is khaiyum that is full of military seaman, not the camels?

Bainicamel said...

The camel looks like bainiboci hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

To the blog owner and the other cry babies on this site. Baini is the true leader whether you like it or not.
Long live Baini

Anonymous said...

Cranky Frank showing true colours. He about to stuff things up again.

Anonymous said...

I have said it time and again. There will be NO elections as long as this murderer is alive. Why the "Non- negotiable ISSUES?"
Why the daily comments on submissions ?Why the continuing harassment?
Yash Ghai will be be best advised just to LEAVE!!
He should take his Que from Kofi Anon !!

Ben Naliva said...

Don't Panic, Don't Panic Voceke. Just Be Afraid.....Be Very Afraid. Sa voleka mai na gauna ni tatamusuki. The Wrath of The Almighty will come to bear, on you and those of your ilk.....me included.

Anonymous said...

US ambassador Larry Dinger to Washington:

Bainimarama's coup motivation: Back to 2000

Former State Minister Konrote had a long and distinguished military career, culminating as BrigGen in command of all UN forces in Lebanon.

When we asked Bainimarama's motivations for the coup, Konrote referred back to the events of 2000, especially the November mutiny of soldiers at military HQ when Bainimarama was nearly killed.

Konrote noted that Bainimarama had never been in a combat situation. Unlike senior Army officers who had seen action in Lebanon and other hot spots, Bainimarama's only PKO experience was with MFO Sinai during a peaceful period.

Thus, when he was fired at in 2000, the experience had a significant psychological effect that Bainimarama still carries. When, in Bainimarama's view, the Qarase Government did not ensure harsh enough punishment for some of those responsible for 2000, it really rankled.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever, those of you who don't think that Bai has the smart to run
the country or administer the Government of Fiji-i have two words for you, SEE YA!
The man has prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is far better than what you're all trying to be? He's the Fiji Prime Minister,Minister of Finance,Minister of Fijian Affairs,
Commander of the Fiji Military Forces and is acting President of Fiji.
What have you got? NOTHING!
The man has dealt with leaders of the world, he's probably dealing with people from outer space as we talk?
What have you done? FAKAOLO!
So as a Fijian Nationalist, I propose to give him all he wanted
in the new constitution,maybe he should really fire the commissioners & Chair as they don't frienken understand our history?
He really should kicked Khaiyum out of his Government as well. I say make him a lifetime President of Fiji and let him hold on to that Military commander?
Let me say this to those who opposed him, get on your Bavelo and start sailing toward the Indian Ocean and
have a good life.
Bainimarama and i
will remain here and pretend we'll
miss you all?

Anonymous said...

OMG..the man is totally CRAZY..Its now official..he really needs phsychiatric help and still he denies it and insists that he is fine like all the other cases like him..The fact that all the soldiers and ones that support him dont realize how ckoockoo he is boggles my mind..what has Graham Davis has to say about this??..Davies would be better off writing for sydney star observer and sharing his story about him being a victim of sodomy by a local native would be more interesting and entertaining for lesbians and gays then trying to legitamise an illegal regime on fiji sun..other then that he must just be enjoying the joys of these illegal thugs penetrating him from the behind that he just cant get enough of them his saying..oooh stop it cause I like it..haahaa..

Anonymous said...

Bai iko sa nanuma beka ni ko sa kalou..Lialia levu..bau sogota na gusumu..keimami sa mai madua na kai viti baleti iko..bau raici iko mada..macawa nomu bula..sa kena ca qori na tamata sega tu ni kila na nona vanua kei na nona i tovo..tamata kawaca..macawa..

Vikash Nand said...

In view of the politicsation of Ghai Commisssion I would like to request our HOn PM Bainimarama to cancel the elections to 2020. This will give our government another 8 years to fix the economy and change the mindset of people away from racial politics.
PLease PM cancel this election set it for 2020. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Anon aug 17 10.47pm. I hope he lives a long life, just so he gets to rot in jail?

koi Dia said...

Bainimarama is the stupid camel.
Aiyaz and Nazhat are the two fleas tickling his balls.
The tent is Fiji , which is collapsing (economically) as the camel moves in.
There is a big stink in the tent, as FICAC knows.
FICAC, Fiji Judiciary (including the monkeys from Sri Lanka)- all eating camel-shit but they don't realise it.
One day, the owner of the tent ( Fiji people) will wake up from their sleep and take out the rogue camel and deal appropriately with it ie lay it to rest or put it out of its misery; usually done with a bullet to the head.
The fleas will try and flee but the people will catch them and destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.47. You're right, Baini is the true leader because youre sniffing his ass hahahahaha.

Mumtaz Ali said...

Why is Baini the best PM since 1987?
* He is non discriminatory. He wants equal citizenship to all.
* He is changing the constitution that is going to disband inequality and increase equity. eg Abolition of Great Council of Chiefs.
*He is promoting multiracilism.
Our children are going to live in harmony in future.
*He has rescued the economy from brink.
*He has reduced corruption which was rampant from 1987.
*The crime rate has reduced since 2006.
*He wants Fiji to be a secular state so that all races can live in harmony
*He stopped Qoliqoli which would have led Fiji to ruins.
*He has brought rural development.
*The school children get free education and fares.
*He is rescuing the sugar industry.
*After 2014 election our beloved country will prosper and attract lots of investors.
*He has laid the foundation of modern fiji.

Anonymous said...

Richard Pruett said...

It's come to my attention that Mr. Graham Davis continues to insist that the United States has "parted company with its ANZUS allies over Fiji." He cites an August 9 commentary by a research assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. Mr. Davis notes that the commentary is labelled a private view, but he then claims it "reflects the general American position and ought to put the issue beyond doubt."

Mr. Davis then goes on to write: "When Grubsheet signalled this change of direction several months ago – based on information from US sources – we were ridiculed by the anti-regime lobby and a former US embassy staffer in Suva." Since, to my knowledge, I am the only former U.S. Embassy staff to respond to Mr. Davis' earlier claim, which was in March of this year, I assume he's referring here to me.

I did not seek to ridicule Mr. Davis but merely to clear up various misconceptions. Those misconceptions included assertions that Washington had severed ties with Fiji after the 2006 coup, that U.S. policy toward Fiji had substantively changed in the past year, and that the United States had only begun to re-engage with Fiji. Those assertions remain demonstrably wrong for the reasons I stated in my C4.5 posting of March 6.

CSIS is a public policy research institution. Its private views do not necessarily reflect the official views of the United States Government. U.S. foreign policy is determined by the President of the United States and the U.S. Secretary of State after a deliberative interagency consultation process. On issues of foreign policy, statements by the U.S. Department of State are definitive.

The U.S. Embassy in Suva has published a synopsis of U.S. policy toward Fiji on its website under the title "The Three Pillars of U.S. Policy Toward Fiji." This is not an ad hoc policy designed for Fiji only but the application toward Fiji of a number of U.S. policies with global applicability. It has remained unchanged since early 2007.

I don't know who constitute Mr. Davis' "American sources," but he could not do better than to check his information with the Regional Public Affairs Officer located at U.S. Embassy Suva.

My own reading of the CSIS article doesn't suggest that the United States has "parted company with its ANZUS allies over Fiji." On the contrary, it seems to be saying that with the recent changes by Canberra and Wellington, their policies toward Fiji are now even more congruent with the longstanding policy of the United States.

Richard Pruett
Retired U.S. Foreign Service officer
Former U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Suva
August 18, 2012 4:25 AM

Anonymous said...

A camel ever sees its own hump.
- African proverb

Anonymous said...

A big vinaka vakalevu to you Mr Pruett for putting that imbecile and Mr know it all Graham Davis in his place!a BIG POTE to you Davis, you kumala vula!!

Ganesh said...

"American sources"? Are you joking? I've heard of tomato catsup, mustard, and mayonnaise, but "American"? Which Americans? Authoritative sources in the White House, State Department, or embassy? Or random sources like an American casino operator or an academic at an Australian university?

Davis, what you said to C4.5 a few days ago now applies to you. You aren't a journalist's bootlicker if this is your idea of reporting. Do you really think the people of Fiji are that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Bainiceke the camel is sniffing for Graham Davis, and it didn't take long because Graham Davis stinks hahahaha. Well let's say Graham forgot to change his adult nappy.

Anonymous said...

Hahaahaa..Graham Davis is running stupid and dumber then dumb..His articles are now officially shit and is destined for shitdom..haha

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis if you are reading this I would suggest you change your bolg grubsheet into Grubby gay shit..You could do better sharing your experiences of being sodomised by a native fijian on sydneys star observer..you will find a greater readership there cause Gays and lesbians would just love reading your experiences and you could get another award..In the mean time it is so obvious that you cant get enough of thugs penetrating you from behind..GET LOST YOU CLOSET QUEEN..

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Hey gang, just thought of something after seeing all the anti-Graham Davis comments. In case he and others think it is a gratuitous attack, it is not. Those of us having a go at Graham Davis are doing so because he has nominated himself as the Number One defender of this regime and in particular Voreqe Bainimarama. So whether he is 'attacked' intellectually or at gutter level, he should know that it is because he has taken it on himself (as he has said on his blog) to fight those against this government, especially C4.5. I have had a look through his blog and he is shameless in how he treats democracy advocates, this blog and us bloggers. I personally think though that while it's good to prove Graham wrong the bigger fight is still BhaiKhaiyum and their run for glory for another 20 years.

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

Richard Pruett doesn't know what he's talking about. In fact I've been specifically told by the Americans that he is "part of the old embassy order in Fiji" that was removed because of its hostility to the Bainimarama Government.

Pruett worked under former US ambassador Steve McGann at the US Embassy in Suva. Their tenure was marked by poor relations with the Bainimarama regime. In fact McGann and the Prime Minister almost came to physical blows at one stage, such was the poisonous nature of the relationship.

My information is that largely because of Fiji's closer ties with China, It was then decided in Washington that a clean sweep and change of direction was needed. McGann's former boss in the State Department, Frankie Reed, was despatched to Fiji to lead that change and McGann was recalled. Pruett also left Fiji.

Now, Richard Pruett might choose to portray it otherwise but don't his word or it or mine. Just look at the evidence. The US is fully engaged with Fiji, the relationship is friendly and Washington has been urging Australia and NZ to get back into the picture. So much so that Hilary Clinton is going to the Pacific Forum in Rarotonga with precisely that message.

I asked Richard Pruett a very pertinent question when he tackled me on this before. Show me a statement from the US Government that contravenes the line I've been pursuing and I will withdraw. There is none and I keep hearing from US and Australian sources that I am right and he is wrong. That's where it rests.

Pruett is now an ex-diplomat who is out of the loop. So Richard, put up or shut up. When you were a rooster, you had credibility. But now that you're a feather duster, it's the evidence - not what I say - that suggests you are the one who is misguided. Get your former bosses to issue a statement supporting you. We're waiting.

Jone said...

Hehe. Pruett isn't ridiculing Davis. He doesn't need to. The facts make Davis look ridiculous enough.

Anonymous said...

You go F..K yourself Davis!!
Frank ILLEGALLY overtook a DEMOCRATICALLY government to save his skin!! Period!!
The LUNATIC [ like you] has got blood on his hands. Are you condoning what he has done?
Are you condoning the killing of innocent people? Are you condoning the abuse? You too must have a PEE brain like the PIG!!

Anonymous said...

I am just utterly amazed and bloody disappointed that Davis, being the son of a talatala has chosen to support this ILLEGAL regime and has conveniently forgotten the REASON, the KILLINGS,physical ABUSE ETC ETC that his mentor ordered and partook in, and is personally responsible for!!
That Davis is the ISSUE!!It is not about a common name, it is not about the abolition of the GCC, it is not about "how things have changed for the better"
Is he paying you for saying what you are saying or what?
Just let us be. We will one day, one day sort him out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG the mouth of a so-called talatala's son!!
The cheek and arrogance has definitely rubbed off on a lot of people I see.
Have some basic manners Davis. Have some diplomacy. Have some good manners Davis.
You are a shame to your father and us Methodists!!

Anonymous said...

jokers says...

Richard Pruett, well said...
pls don't waster your itellegence on idiots like Graham Davis...

People of the Land said...

Dear Mumtaz Ali,

Why is Baini the best PM since 1987? (Why he is MOST hated Men in Fiji's History and this men will be Kawaboko for sure).

* He is non discriminatory. He wants equal citizenship to all.(99% of soldiers are Vitians because he doesn't trust your own kind)

* He is changing the constitution that is going to disband inequality and increase equity. eg Abolition of Great Council of Chiefs. (He is against the UN Declarations on the rights of the indigenous peoples)

Our children are going to live in harmony in future. ( In 2030 the Indo Fijian Populaion will be 15% and guess who will be the subject of social and political abuse as modern democracy ONLY works on the Majority according to the Chinese people)

*He has rescued the economy from brink. (Currently Fiji is heading to bankruptcy and that is why the Aussies & Kiwis are speeding up election to avoid boat people from Fiji to their shores. You will be in the first load)

*He has reduced corruption which was rampant from 1987. (He actually wants to beat those records. He and his cronies are making use of all opportunities. His daughter and Tavale Kean top the list. Both are clearly not qualified for their posts. He also pay himself using the Robin Hood strategy. Robin Hood gave $50k as gift to her daughters b/day)

*The crime rate has reduced since 2006. (Crime rate has doubled but hidden because of media decree and real stories can only be accessed in the 4.5)

*He wants Fiji to be a secular state so that all races can live in harmony. (His real aim is Fiji to be a Muslim state).

*He stopped Qoliqoli which would have led Fiji to ruins. (Qoliqoli bill is part of the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous people and can be pursued any time after 2014).

*He has brought rural development.
(He brought in all Asians to steal our resources and also destroy them like that has happened in Namosi and Nawailevu in Bua)

*The school children get free education and fares. (On the the hand he introduce other taxes and introduce 15% devaluation of the Fiji dollar).

*He is rescuing the sugar industry.
(Sugar production is down by 30-50% and this can not be rescued and thanks to the Indian Team that came and damage all equipments)

*After 2014 election our beloved country will prosper and attract lots of investors. (And pls do not forget your master will be tried and send to Jail for treason together with all the Masias like you Bhaiya)

*He has laid the foundation of modern fiji. (Foundation can only be laid once and our forefather have already done that on Christian principles.

Kalougata tiko na kawai taukei kei kemuni na noda Turaga Bale

Khaiyum humps.... said...

A hump on a camel's back is useful for the camel. A hump on Bainiceke's shoulders is useless for him. The hump in his pants, although useless as well, thinks better than the top hump.

Graham Davis (the real one) said...

I love Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Frank's Minfo and goon gang swinging into support but have met their match in People of the Land. Carry on!

Sharon Suaniu said...


The Heckler said...

Mr. Pruett, it is easier to make a camel jump a ditch than to get a fool like Davis to listen to reason.

Anonymous said...

Sharon@10:08pm...It's Khaiyum and
right on his tail is CJ Gate! Yes,
they're the real culprits in this show? Keep an eye on the plots,someone is liable to get a
kick in the ass-and we do know, who is the kicker and who will be the receivers?

Richard Pruett said...

Mr. Graham Davis can personalize this and get as testy as he likes, but the facts simply don't support his case. I neither know nor care to what sources Mr. Davis is speaking, but I suggest again that he simply talk to Americans who actually practice and are paid to explain our foreign policy, such as the Regional Public Affairs Officer at U.S. Embassy Suva.

Ambassador McGann was not "removed" or "recalled" from Suva. Like me, he simply came to the scheduled end of his normal three-year assignment. If Mr. Davis had even a rudimentary knowledge of the U.S. Foreign Service, he'd know that. He'd also know that Deputy Assistant Secretary Frankie Reed was not Ambassador McGann's "boss." U.S. ambassadors are the personal representatives of the President of the United States.

As for our alleged hostility to the Bainimarama government, Ambassador McGann was the principal architect of a robust program of even-handed engagement with Suva that was limited only by the non-Fiji-specific sanctions mandated by the U.S. Congress in early 2006 and Suva's willingness to engage with us. In fact, the depth of U.S. engagement with Fiji was greater during Ambassador McGann's tenure than before the 2006 coup.

Certain actions by the Bainimarama government introduced needless friction into the relationship, but we worked through our issues with remarkable success.

Perhaps Mr. Davis has already forgotten Foreign Minister Kubuabola's praise for Ambassador McGann as "a true friend of Fiji." In fact, the Fijian government feted Ambassador McGann at Borron House before his departure. The Fiji Ministry of Information's video of the event is available on YouTube. I'll let C4.5's readership decide for themselves if this looked like a poisonous relationship. They can also hear from the ambassador himself some of the many ways in which we positively engaged with the Government of Fiji.

Mr. Davis' information regarding a change of direction by Washington couldn't be farther from the truth. Again, he should make the effort to talk to someone in an actual position to know.

My "honey do" lists come from my wife, not Mr. Davis. It's not my job to do his fact-checking for him. I suggest he hire someone.

For him to demand that I get a written statement from my government stating that our policy hasn't changed is just plain silly. Anyone can go the the Embassy website and see that U.S. policy toward Fiji is the same as it has been since early 2007.

Mr. Davis presumes to lecture me on U.S. policy toward Fiji. From August 2008 until my retirement last December 31, I personally witnessed, participated in, or led all substantive USG discussions regarding Fiji. Mr. Davis and his sources did not. I'm speaking strictly from personal knowledge and experience, not rumor, hearsay and partisan agenda. My words might be those of an ex-diplomat who is now "out of the loop," but they should certainly trump the allegations of an ex-journalist who was never ever in the loop.

Richard Pruett
Retired U.S Foreign Service officer
Former U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Suva

Anonymous said...

@ Davis

"The US is fully engaged with Fiji, the relationship is friendly and Washington has been urging Australia and NZ to get back into the picture. So much so that Hilary Clinton is going to the Pacific Forum in Rarotonga with precisely that message."

So if the US is "fully engaged with Fiji" why is Fiji still banned from millitary engagement with the US ?

Kurt Campbell was in Tonga just a few days ago with Admiral Haney to work on plans for increasing the capacity and size of the Tongan Defence Force.

Anonymous said...

Go to youtube link below for Fiji Foreign Affairs video on Fiji's official relation with the USA and specifcally Mr McGann.

Davis should best stick to his journalism. He has no idea what he is talking about.


Steven McGann, Ambassador
Vice Chancellor, College of International Security Affairs
National Defense University

C. Steven McGann is the Vice Chancellor of the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University, Washington, D.C. His responsibilities include strengthening global partnerships and building a sustainable network to enhance strategic cooperation on security issues. Prior to this assignment, he was the United States Ambassador to the Republics of Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, and the Kingdom of Tonga and Tuvalu (2008-11). During his tenure, Secretary Clinton designated Ambassador McGann as the first United States Representative to the Pacific Islands Forum and also served as the principal interlocutor with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. Ambassador McGann’s achievements centered on democracy-building, law enforcement cooperation, fisheries protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation. Ambassador McGann oversaw the largest expansion of the U.S. diplomatic presence in the Pacific with the creation of Embassy Suva as a regional hub post and the construction of a $60 million new embassy chancery compound in Fiji. Mr. McGann is a career Senior Foreign Service officer, rank of Minister-Counselor (FE-MC).

Ambassador McGann recently served as the Director of the Office for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island Affairs in the Bureau for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (2006-08). During his tenure, the U.S. increased engagement with Pacific Island countries, strengthened ties with Australia, and developed closer relations with New Zealand. Ambassador McGann also was a Senior Adviser in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs serving as the maritime security coordinator and expert on North Korean human rights and refugee issues (2005-06).

As the Director for Asia and Near East in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM/ANE) from 2003-05), he was responsible for oversight of $370 million in humanitarian assistance dispensed to UNHCR, UNRWA, IOM and NGO partners. His efforts centered on working with governments, international organizations and financial institutions to build home country capacity and reintegrate vulnerable populations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bhutan, North Korea and throughout Asia. Ambassador McGann was South Asia Bureau Deputy Director for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh (2000-02) and helped craft polices to restore democracy in Afghanistan. At the United States Mission to the United Nations (1998-2000) he developed and implemented Security Council strategies for Afghanistan, Cyprus and peacekeeping operations in Georgia and Tajikistan. He stewarded the UN Security Council resolution that endorsed Nelson Mandela as Special Envoy for Burundi and worked directly with the former South African President to determine his mandate. His overseas posts include Taiwan, Zaire, South Africa, Australia and Kenya.

Ambassador McGann completed undergraduate work at Claremont McKenna College, Bachelor of Arts (1973) and pursued graduate studies in comparative government at Cornell University (1975-78). He received a Masters of Science degree from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University (2003) and was a graduate of the Fourth Joint Force Maritime Commander Component Course, Naval War College (2007). He is a recipient of several superior honor awards. Mr. McGann was born in New York, New York and is married with five children. Email: csteven.mcgann@ndu.edu

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

Oh, dear, Richard Pruett, there's apparently nothing more ex than an ex diplomat, especially one who helped preside over an old and discredited set of policies.

You personalised this, I didn't. I referred to you as an unnamed former US embassy staffer and you chose to say "that's me". Well now that it's out in the open, let's be undiplomatically blunt.

My contacts happen to be much better than the PR flack at the US embassy in Suva so spare me the introduction. I know what the official "motherhood" US policy statement on dictatorships says. It's mandated by US law. But the practical application of that policy is sometimes quite different and you know it.

Again, will you please show me the official statement that says I am wrong to say that US policy towards Fiji has undergone a fundamental change. The truth is I am not alone in writing this stuff. It's a sign of how disconnected you are that you don't seem to be aware of a host of articles reporting that change from some of the biggest think tanks in the region.

Who cares what Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said about Steve McGann. These are routine statements on the diplomatic circuit and you know it. You also know that the relationship was poisonous and that McGann and Bainimarama loathed each other. You tell us what happened on the beach at Natadola? Go on, that'll set the cat among the pigeons. You also know that a decision was made in Washington that things had to change.

Perhaps it's natural for you and your mentor to want to preserve your legacy and reputation. But it doesn't alter the fact that you are yesterday's men and the hostility you displayed to the Bainimarama government no longer exists. Enjoy your retirement.

Oh, I'm still waiting for the State Department statement that supports your position. Maybe Hilary Clinton will speak up in your defence at the Pacific Forum but if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. Your words may be tonic to many readers at 4.5 but the fact that you are even here speaks volumes for how much you've been marginalised.

Anonymous said...

Haha..Graham the know it all Davis is so sucked in that his pieces in the fiji sun is now officially SHIT_BIG TIME..Please Graham stop feeding us with your hearsay pieces..we are smart enough to see the obvious..face it you are an apologist and an opportunist and think you know everything..think again looser..defending you looser friend Bai..In fijian we call it..SA LEVU NOMU VAKILAKILA QAI BOIDADA..haha

Anonymous said...

@ Graham Davis is saying that Richard Pruet doesnt know what he is talking about..From a readers point I would say that its very obvious Graham Davis is the one who doesnt know what he is talking about..hahaa..Graham..do you ever do any research before you write??..You sound like a lost cause..any grade one student would tell you that you have totally lost the plot and yet you try so very hard to sound normal when you are not..You think you know about international relations when you are just some looser journalist that has got all your facts wrong and your sources is just the batini tanoa types that like to hang around bars and talk about this and that and a lot of your stuff is just another heap of hearsay..haha..and to top it all off is you are just some cheap looser jounalist shit that likes men penetrating you from the behind..sodomised victim that wants to get back at who and what sodomised him..haha

Anonymous said...

@ Graham..its obvious here that Graham is the one that is marginalised..at least Mr.Pruet was an ex diplomat not like you..a looser jounalist that wants to make a name for himself as a coup apologist cause he actually paid for his fiji ctizenry under dubious circumstances..Tell me Mr.Graham Davis..would you ever walk in downtown suva without a bodyguard??..cause as far as I know there are heaps of fijians waiting in arou MHCC and the likes that would like to wring your neck at the sight of you white pale faggoty face..You are a sodomised victim so face it ..you definitely need help..and a lot of it..

Anonymous said...


Instead of asking Pruett for an official US State Department statement showing that the US has not change its position on Fiji, why don't you provide a State Department statement (since you say you have contacts) that shows whether the US State Department has indeed changed its position on Fiji

You make this broad generalisation:

"The US is fully engaged with Fiji, the relationship is friendly and Washington has been urging Australia and NZ to get back into the picture. So much so that Hilary Clinton is going to the Pacific Forum in Rarotonga with precisely that message."

So if the US is "fully engaged with Fiji" why is Fiji still banned from millitary engagement with the US ?

Kurt Campbell was in Tonga just a few days ago with Admiral Haney to work on plans for increasing the capacity and size of the Tongan Defence Force.

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

Anon at 11.02, what a charming person you are. It's just typical of some Fijians to treat child abuse as a case of someone asking for it. Keep going, my friend. You are nailing yourself to the wall and I don't have to say a thing.

Sodomised any young kid yourself recently? Is that a ha ha ha matter? What a disgusting spectacle. A coward who thinks children "like being penetrated from behind". You ought to be in jail, you sick animal.

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

Anon at 11.02, what a charming person you are. It's just typical of some Fijians to treat child abuse as a case of someone asking for it. Keep going, my friend. You are nailing yourself to the wall and I don't have to say a thing.

Sodomised any young kid yourself recently? Is that a ha ha ha matter? What a disgusting spectacle. A coward who thinks children "like being penetrated from behind". You ought to be in jail, you sick animal.

Anonymous said...

Just to enlighten those on this blog the National Defence University, where Mr Steve McGann is now Vice Chancellor, is the pinnacle training institution and think tank of the Pentagon.

It is where US Defence policy and strategy is incubated and refined for development before dissemination into the various arms of the State Department from the Pentagon

The National Defense University (NDU) is an institution of higher education funded by the United States Department of Defense, intended to facilitate high-level training, education, and the development of national security strategy. It is chartered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with Ambassador Nancy McEldowney as interim president.[1] It is located on the grounds of Fort Lesley McNair in Washington, D.C.

The university's mission is to prepare military and civilian leaders from the U.S. and other countries to better address national and international security challenges through multi-disciplinary educational programs, research, professional exchanges and outreach. The school's master's program is a one-year intensive study program.[2]

Most students are officers and selected civilians in Washington. Students take classes in advanced strategic methods and diplomacy. Several institutes serve the university in developing policies of the government, while also creating simulations and war games to help keep the military current with specific concerns.

Filimone said...

Kamlesh Kumar, a news flash for you -- being published on any online news in Bainimarama's Fiji now carries with it a stigma, because more often than not who gets published are hack pro-regime propagandists, and all of the reputable journalists are now gone.

Anonymous said...

It's comical to see Calamity Davis try to use his pitiful spin-jitsu against a seasoned diplomat like Richard Pruett. I especially enjoy the way Davis works himself into a froth, only to have Pruett calmly puncture every argument he makes. 

There's a reason for that. It's called diplomatic skill. Pruett has it; Calamity does not.

s/ Dakuwaqa

The Heckler said...

Hey, Pruett, while you're at it, ask the US government to issue a statement that Elvis Presley is still dead. Numerous sightings of the King, so he must be alive. Talk to your ex-bosses. We're waiting.

In the next 24 hours would be nice.

Mere said...

At least McGann and Pruett left with solid reputations and an honourable legacy. Much more than can be said for Graham Davis.

Body Shots said...

It sounds like Bainimarama and McGann were both in their cups and nearly got into it in Natadola. I think Davis is right about that. Nothing else, tho. 

Bainimarama would have thrown the first punch, but I'm guessing McGann would have thrown the last.

Help Wanted said...

I"m pretty sure most people on Suva's dip corps circuit still know Pruitt's impressive back story. Especially how he handled Bainimarama's expulsion threats during McGann's absence. He shut those down, and the regime's relationship with the United States improved immediately afterwards. 

Not surprising to see him make a fool out of Davis so easily. The youtube thing especially. A picture is worth 1000 words.

Suva is full of dips. Doesn't Davis talk to any of these guys? Makes me think that maybe he does need to hire a research assistant.

Anonymous said...

I don't really see the change Davis is claiming. It seems to me that the US embassy's New Guard is carrying on with the same policies as the Old Guard. Is it just that Bainimarama doesn't feel as threatened by Frankie Reid as he did by McGann?

US Government Press Officer said...

This is an official statement from the US Government.

Pruett is right. Davis is wrong.

Oh yeah, Davis is also an idiot.

This is the American position and should put the issue beyond doubt.

Credibility Gap said...

We shouldn't care what Ratu Inoke said about McGann in public but instead put our credence in what some unidentified people told Graham Davis in private?


Anonymous said...

The people voted The SDL government.
Bainimarama said there was too much corruption, so his idea of fixing it was not "voting out the government" but actually staging a Coup with his stupid Army and torturing and killing a few people.

I'm amazed that you find all this acceptable Graham.
That the Fijian' people's basic human rights and democratic rights has been well and truly trampled upon by Bainimarama.
And you cheering him on like a Cheerleading girl in a miniskirt and pompom.

You joined the wrong side Graham. Again.

READ MY LIPS: Basically Graham you have lost ALL credibility.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Frank why do you worry about this constitution, its not worth the paper . Cause you stick your nose and your expired gun with no bullets every time we go to election. Wind up your failed circus and return to your village. Leave Fiji Govt to the people. We are joke of the Pacific cause of you and Steve. Frankly I am sick to death of listing to these Samoan upstarts who pranced around the Pacific like they own it. It's time we bring Fiji back to its proper position of leadership in the Pacific instead of these wannabes that suck up to the cronies of Palagi states.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is right that sodomy without consent is no laughing matter, especially when a minor is involved. The sodomising of democracy activists with gunbarrels should merit the same opprobrium.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ Graham Davis the cry baby sodomy victim..haha..never been sodomised and neither have I sodomised anyone for that matter..its what you have in your shitty brain that made you want to make known that you were sodomised at a young age..have you ever underwent counselling or have you ever recieved any psychiatric help cause by reading your pieces one can get a fair idea that you are not all there..Pity you..must have been living with self denial for years that your charming parents went to the grave without you even telling them..poor boy...no wonder you want to sodomise everyone into accepting the most treasonous of all crimes and that is the illegal takeover of a legal government and replacing it with an illegal one..its youre the one that belongs in jail and not me..haha..so your fellow proson inmates could sodomise you..you sick fag..

People of the Land said...

Dear All,
Qoloqoli bill will be reactivated soon after our victory in 2014 because the indigenous people of this country are still exist in this country. The white guy from Turtle Island and others are very nervous every time we mention the qoloqoli bill. In 2007 the Declaration of the Rights of the indigenous peoples and 144 countries affirmed it except the US, Canada, NZ and Australia. As of to day all the 4 countries have joined all the 144 nations and the last to join was the US and thank God to President Obama and the former Australian PM Kevin Rudd. This is the victory to the indigenous people of Viti and we are now urging all the Vitians to pls encourage all the Chiefs and people to voice their concern about the rights to self determination by which they determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and political development. The regime or other people should not impose their ideas on us or manipulate how we do our own business.

This regime has been following Khaihum's thesis and one of the main purpose was the dilution of all indigenous institutions, GCC, the Methodist church and other supportive institutions.

This regime is now sponsoring any modern cultural groups that will help in the dilution of traditional Vitian cultures.

Just imagine what happened to Kevin Rudd after he said sorry on behalf of the people of Australia for all the wrongs committed in the past like the stolen generation. He was booted out by the Labor party leadership. Guys we are talking about pretty serious stuff here.

Kemuni na mataivalu ni kakua na veimurimuru tu ga. Think about the future of your children.

To you Mr Davis-you are morally bankrupt and you have lost your natural human instinct. You have been a strong supporter of a person who have murdered our sons and imposed decrees that has resulted in the many deaths and hardships of our people and involved also in high level corruption.

I am sorry to say that you are an animal and not human being.

Kalougata tiko na vanua o Viti kei kemuni na kena i taukei dina.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your sodomy incident, Graham. Thank you for having the courage to talk about it publicly. But maybe the fact that the perp was i'Taukei and your resentment of growing up as an outsider does explain quite a bit why you're trying to mask the screams of Fiji as it's getting raped by Bainimarama and his goons.

Anonymous said...

@Graham Davis
I'm sorry to hear about you being sodomised as a child.
This particular crime seem to have escalated during Bainimarama's rule.
Nearly every week I hear of a child being sexually assaulted in Fiji.
Sometimes I wish they would bring back "the birch" and cane these people on TV.

I'm sure this would prevent a few people from doing it.
Just like how a lot of people "don't speed" on the road because they fear of being caught by the police.

Anyway Graham, It was a terrible thing that happen to you and these victims I mentioned above would be scarred for life.
In some countries some of these kids have ended up being drug addicts or become violent criminals or even committed suicide.
That you have survived "hats off to you".

AS a Christian I would like to just say that God still loves you and he can make everything right. Just as Joseph said to his brothers who mistreated him and sold him off to be a slave "You meant it for evil but God meant it for good"

And one last verse as Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery "Go and sin on more"

So come and join us Graham.
Join the side of Justice.

Everyone respected the Constitution and went to vote.... but Bainimarama committed a crime against the people and raped their dignity.
For that we want JUSTICE.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

After 6 years watching the Fiji Prime Minister-Voreqe Bainimarama-doing a heckva job running our Government, I have finally come to
the conclusion that he would be a
perfect fit, as the next President
for Fiji, and remain the military
commander for life, as well? Lets ask Prof.Ghai to include that in
our new constitution-shall we? I
really don't care, what any of you
thinks about that? So i'm going ahead with my own submission, during
this so-called consultation process
and i don't want any favour for a private meeting,i'll say my stuff
in public!I am a Fijian Nationalist
but any man who is willing to take us into a new direction without kissing anybody's ass,he's the man
i'll vote for!!!

Richard Pruett said...

Graham Davis, spare me your customary patronizing tone. I've dispensed with tougher interlocutors than you before breakfast.

I can see that I'm casting pearls before swine. You've clearly no interest in the facts, which is why you scoff at the suggestion that you touch base with our embassy's Public Affairs Officer. 

You say you've better contacts than that. Oh, really? Talk to Ambassador Reed now, do you? Do you have a statement from her saying our policy has now changed?

No, I didn't think so.

You say that the fact that I'm responding to you on C4.5 "speaks volumes" about how much I've been "marginalised." Call me marginalised if you like; most people call it "retired." Maybe it's time you considered retirement, also.

But then, what about the fact that you're responding to me on C4.5? Doesn't that speak volumes about your own marginalization? Oh dear, Graham Davis, that doesn't say very much for your own blog site now, does it?

Richard Pruett
Retired U.S. Foreign Service officer
Former U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Suva

Anonymous said...

Anonymois 10:27, what do you mean Bainiamarama isn't kissing anyone's ass? What do you think he does on every one of his trips to China and India?

What's worse is that he wants you and everyone else to kiss his ass.

Go ahead, of that's what you want. But that's certainly not MY idea of Fijian nationalism!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pruett and his wife were always faithful patrons of our Indian Cultural Center events on Butt Street. Lovely people, often joining us in Indian garb and sat together with the late Sir Moti.

For your kind support, Mr. Pruett, thank you.

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

The unhealthy obsession some people have with one line in a story I wrote about my childhood in Fiji leads me to conclude that it is pointless having any further dialogue on 4.5. Yes, I'm withdrawing henceforth in protest at you allowing some very sick people to break all of the boundaries of civilised behaviour on your miserable cyber-rag.

No wonder child abuse is so prevalent in Fiji when cowards in these comment pages talk about me "confessing" to child abuse and openly say that I'm a "fag" who enjoys it.("Ha ha") Or who adopt the role of armchair psychiatrist and suggest that sodomy is at the root of my supposed loathing for the i'Taukei. Or invite me to get over it all, see the light and join the anti-regime cause. As if.

There are some very twisted people loitering in the fetid recesses of 4.5. So a hearty goodbye to all of you. You can all revel in your complete impotence until you spontaneously combust through sheer hatred and frustration. Either way, the country powers on without you. And America engages with Fiji without sanctimonious Washington beltway outsiders like Richard "Prufrock".

Deferential, glad to be of use, 115
Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
Almost, at times, the Fool.

Anonymous said...

vinaka @ comment by people of the land 5.52

I say to you mumtaz ali, you are so misguided in your love for falsehood, that you believe the very lies that have been lied to you by the illegal regime...

once the itaukei have been given their rights then will Fiji be a prosperous place again...

Why do you think Fiji used to be a prosperous place for one and all to live in...because the itaukei were and still are very accommodating...

VB is in full realization of this itaukei trait, but has tried to dismantle the very fabric of his ethnicity because knows that he will need to face the music for his very sorry actions soon...ASK and the rest, yours days are coming soon...where you will be called to give an account of your collective misdeeds.

Isn't that what you call "Inshallah", eh mumtaz ali.

Long live the itaukei...What Viti is really all about, not to be unaccommodating...vinaka again for your response people of the land @ 5.52

Ganesh said...

Yes, Graham Davis, better to quit while you're behind.

Thank you, Mr. Pruett, for putting this grub back in his place. Having slithered back under his rock, Davis would do well to stay there.

Mere said...

Graham Davis, what a wreck you've become.

I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

Good on you, Richard Pruett, for delivering the final coup de grace to end the suffering of this wounded creature.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pruett, thanks for giving us the facts.

Davis suffers the liar's punishment, which is that he cannot believe anyone else. Democracy and truth are both expendables when it comes to a chance to get back at those itaukei who sodomised and lorded over him as a child.

Goodbye, Davis, and good riddance!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When did you ever have a real 'dialogue' with the readers of Coup 4.5, Graham Davis? You squandered every opportunity for genuine dialogue with your arrogance, slurs, vile lies and half-truths. Sorry, but you were never part of the real discussion, because you were never a serious contributor. To us, you've long since become a running joke.

Vakamadua said...

@Anonymous 10:27
Hahahaha. I once saw a photo of Bainivuaka kissing some idol's arse in India.
Didn't you see it?
The photo was here on C4.5.
Bai was bent over and kissing this stone.

Anonymous said...

Don't go away with hurt feelings, Calamity. You're more than welcomed to join us in Operation Jericho, when we'll be celebrating Fiji with a 60-second noise barrage in downtown Suva on Wednesday, 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely.

You don't need to like C4.5 to join. You don't need to support a party. You don't need to attend a church. You don't even need to be Fijian. Just come as you are.

Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Jone said...

Was there anything sanctimonious about Pruett's responses? I don't see it.

Hot lead, yes, and deservedly so. But sanctimony? No.

Glass Half Empty said...

Davis needs to be on-hand for Operation Jericho anyway, to pen the inevitable report about how it 'failed', no matter how successful its outcome.

People of the Land said...

Davis... Hello where are you?

You can not just stand the truth below.
1. You finally realized that supporting a murderer also makes you a murderer.
2. You have shown disrespect to those of us that have suffered especially the cold blooded murder of our sons, the CRW soldiers. An international awarded journalist will never do that. We really questioned your human instinct here. I thought you are not an human being.
3. We respect our Chiefs and Religious and Church leaders and as kaivalagi you do not have any idea how we understand and respect each other in the pacific and in Fiji. You have failed miserably in this area.

4.99% of the people in this country do not know you or where the hell you come from.

The Heckler said...

'Prufrock'? Sounds like Davis has spent too much time reading TS Elliot to Tony Gates. 

Too strange, even for C4.5.

Voice from the grave said...

Excuse me but why would G Davis lose any sleep over this. Anyone in Foreign Affairs who deals with the US knows that he is right and Pruett is wrong. Pruett is naturally trying to protect his own legacy but talk about irrelevant! As for Operation Jericho, let's see. Nobody here in Suva expects it to amount to anything. Another empty gesture while we all get on in FA with MSG, Engaging with Fiji, NAM etc.

Anonymous said...

Obtaining 'Immunity' by a way of a Decree is like obtaining it 'under duress' by gun-point. It does not count. Any future Court will disregard this 'forced' provision in any Constitution.

Ghai should remember that TREASON IS THE ONLY REASON FOR THE SEASON!!! This Constitutional Talks is only to provide "IMMUNITY" for the armed CRIMINALS who removed an elected government.

Immunity worked for RAMBO only bcos -it was Fiji's first coup and there was no legal precedent as what to do with TREASONOUS CRIMINALS.

However, George Speight is doing time for TREASON - Is he not??.

Sorry the loooong arm of LAW will eventually get you Bainishit and your puddle Kaiyumi. Nothing will protect you.

Float Like a Butterfly said...

Ouch, quite the smackdown! I can see why Davis threw in the towel. 

Can't say he didn't have it coming, tho.

Maybe he thought Pruett was another bantamweight. 

Next time, maybe Davis will think twice before trying to fight in a higher weight class.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, Heckler. Now THERE's quite the image!

Anonymous said...

'Immunity' by Decree Decree Tuk Tuk!!

Bhaiya Babu said...

Whow! Breaking News- RAMBOSHIT has emereged in the other blog (FijiToday) and ironically saying that BAINISHIT should be HANGED for TREASON!!

Good on you Rambo - coming out to defend the 1997 Constitution and kick-arse this Bainishit outta existence..

Anonymous said...

'Immunity' cannot be demanded and/or DECREED!

'Immunity' is something which maybe considered by the Constitutional Commission if the TREASONOUS CRIMINALS come and make pleas and submissions in this regard.

It seems Bainishit & Co. are surely going to Beqa.

Ben said...


America rules said...

Only idiots think the US hasn't changed its attitude to Fiji. Pruett is a has-been. He has been gone from Suva for a long time and has no idea.

What is happening here is that he represents a struggle going on within the US foreign service over Fiji. There are those who want to join the Aussies and Kiwis in maintaining a hard line. On the other hand, there are those who want to break away from this and support Fiji. Of course, this has got everything to do with China. The Americans act in their own self interest just like Fiji

Believe me, the engage with Fiji camp has won whatever Pruett says on behalf of the old gang at the embassy. Oti vakadua and the relationship is very warm again. Davis 1, Pruett nil unless you are blind to reality.

Anonymous said...

The regime's insistence on immunity is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

For what crime(s)? Treason and murder, just for starters.

These are crimes with no statutes of limitation.

I say no immunity for treason or murder.

As the Qarase-baiters like to say, 'you do the crime, you do the time', except that Qarase didn't do the crime but will still serve time.

It should be different in Bainimarama's case. He did the crimes, but he should not do time.

Because treason is a hanging offense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:48, you're the one who's blind. Deaf and dumb, as well. Which makes you sound uncannily like Graham Davis.

Hmmm, didn't you say you were leaving? And yet you continue to post anonymously as at 10:48 AM. Still like a dog returning to your vomit again, eh?

You still don't get it, do you? U.S. policy has been and continues to be one of engaging with Fiji. Pruett and McGann were always fully in favour of engagement with Fiji, within the limits of U.S. law. That is no secret. It's all over the public record.

That policy pre-dates Bainimarama's 'Look North' policy.

The fact that you don't know something that fundamental shows how out of touch you are with what's been going on in Fiji.

You've obviously been beaten so badly that you're becoming punch drunk.

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 10:48, dunno what alternate reality you live in, but what everybody else saw was Davis getting an ass whupping before fleeing the arena.

Why was that? Suddenly remembered he had a doctor's appointment, did he?

Yeah, better get that jaw looked at.

Next you'll be saying Hatton beat Paquiao.

This wasn't even a contest. If this was Vegas, I'd say that maybe the mob got Davis to throw the fight. But it's probably more the case that Davis likes throwing punches but doesn't know how to take one.

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 10:48 (aka Graham Davis, the Real One) writes: 'There are those who want to join the Aussies and Kiwis in maintaining a hard line.' This suggests that official U.S. policy does not currently maintain as hard a line as the Aussies and Kiwis, but some American officials want it to do so.

'On the other hand, there are those who want to break away from this and support Fiji.' This suggests that U.S. policy DOES support the Aussies and Kiwis in 'maintaining a hard line', but some U.S. officials want to break away from this.

Well, which is it? You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:05, the internal inconsistency you point out is due to the muddled thinking of the author.

The real story is that the United States has pursued a policy of engagement with Fiji all along. Bainimarama rebuffed many U.S. attempts at engagement but accepted or allowed some others. The fact that he feels more comfortable with/less threatened by Frankie Reed doesn't amount to a change of policy by the United States.

Australia and New Zealand have pursued engagement also, but there personal antipathies played an even bigger role. The departure of Kevin Rudd, the development of the McCully-Kubuabola relationship, and 'progress' towards elections have helped to ease feelings on both sides, leading to the recent improvement in the relationship. 

Is this a change in Canberra and Wellington's policies? Davis can argue that, although others can argue that both capitals always suggested they might relax some of their policies if Suva were to take measures toward the restoration of democracy.

Show me any change in U.S. policy.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ 10.48am..Is that you again Davis blogging as anonymous..sounds alot like you..You never can leave C.45 can you??..haha..Tobo tale o vandamme..

Anonymous said...

@10:48, you say Pruett is a 'has-been' because he retired. Tell us, how many diplomatic missions have YOU established or run? If he's a has-been, then what are you? Answer: a never-were vutulaki.

The Heckler said...

Q: What do the Spokesman for Graham Davis and Graham Davis (the Real One) most share in common?

A: They're BOTH phony!

Anonymous said...

Graham should star in the series..Faulty Towers..cause his intelligence is so faulty..haha..

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis doesn't even talk to the Americans. He gets his information about them from Bainimarama and Sharon Smith-Johns. He figures they're more authoritative on the issue than the Americans themselves.

Anonymous said...

Several days have now passed since I issued my challenge. I issue it again. Show me any change in U.S. policy.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Ganesh said...

This is just another fart with Graham Davis' byline. He doesn't really point to any examples of a change in policy, except to say that Frankie Reed is less confrontational than McGann was. He also cites an article published by ASPI. I've read the article. It doesn't mention any change in U.S. policy. 

Ganesh said...

According to Graham Davis, wasn't Hillary Clinton supposed to going to the Pacific Islands Forum in Rarotonga with the message that Canberra and Wellington needed to readmit Fiji? What happened to that? 'Anyone in Foreign Affairs who deals with the US' was supposed to 'know' this to be coming. And yet, Washington's policy of balancing sanctions with engagement looks unchanged.

How could Davis and his foreign affairs 'experts' be so wrong?

These are the same people who also said that nobody in Suva expects Operation Jericho to amount to anything. Hmmm, not what I'm hearing, but we'll see!

Anonymous said...

So long that we have seen Shameema Ali. Where have you been?