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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fiji Labour party rolls its 'con artist' assistant secretary general

Vayeshnoi: dumped
The Fiji Labour Party has sacked its assistant secretary general, Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, for conning people out of more than $200,000.

Fleeced: Chaudhry
Vayeshnoi was formally dumped at the party's delegates conference this weekend but Coupfourpointfive has been told the hierarchy planned to get rid of him some time ago.

According to sources, the former MP is a notorious gambler and the party leadership was forced to accept he has fleeced people of thousands of dollars.

Two of his victims were FLP's very own - party leader Mahendra Chaudhry and a client of his lawyer son, Rajendra Chaudhry. Chaudhry senior is owed $10,000 and Chaudhry junior's client, Ratnesh Mishra of Olosara, $30,000.

Coupfourpointfive understands Vayeshnoi was dumped after Chaudhry senior finally accepted his dodgy dealings and blowing of money on gambling, including horse betting.

Vayeshnoi, who we exposed last year (see links below), has also been revealed as a political rat.

Fiji Labour Party officials believe Vayeshnoi has been spying on some of its members and Fiji nationals living in New Zealand, especially those who helped Roko Ului Mara, for Frank Bainimarama.

Sources say Vayeshnoi's pension of $14,000 a year was approved while other FLP/SDL government ministers have had theirs denied and it was the pay-off for feeding information to Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

A crook stole from another crook?
Hahaha Typical FLP- Pls send donations for poor suffering farmers.
Our leader MP Chaudri will distribute to our farmers

FLP Choro ka Party said...

Mahen conned the poor farmers, Vaishnoi conned Mahen. It's called karma.

Anonymous said...

Why did Chaudhry Snr and Chaudhary Jnr give only total of $40000 to Lekh Ram Vyshnoi--with the $3 m stolen from India Lekh Ram deserved more- Robin Hood could have given him more--the bloody kanjoos !!--all chor !!--birds of feathers !!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vaseynohi,Chaudhry,Ayiaz,Reddy,Sachida,Rajesh,Aziz,George Shiu Raj,etc all are self centered politicians.
Vaseynohi,Chaudhry,Ayiaz,and Aziz should be tried for treason. SDL should never form a coaliation with FLP if Mahen is incharge of FLP. SDL should form coaliation with Datt's party. Vaseynohi and Sahu Khan boths hould be deported to Fiji.

FLP chor party said...

Vayeshnoi is a little poorly educated creep who managed to get up the political ladder by hanging on to the coattails of mahen chaudhry.

Similar to nepotistic appointent to senate of mahen in-law, Sachida, otherwise known as 'toilet cleaner'.

In FLP those who suck up to Mahen go far, those who question him are expelled.

Anonymous said...

Dropping of Veshnoi is unjustified. There are BIGGER CROOKS IN FLP.
Did any delegate question Mahen if the moneys raised /donated should belong to the party.

Anonymous said...

FLP is againsnt Immunity. Good--those who joined the Bainimaramara Govt are also guilty of treason----charge Chaudhry and his side kick Vayeshnoi----two Chors.

Anonymous said...

Can the conman's leader Mahen Chaudhry deny any prior knowledge of Vayshnoi to be edicted to horse betting?

Can he tell the public if he himself did not use party letterhead to assure overdue loan payment to his chamcha's house.

Did he take approval of his party before giving that assurance or security?

If Vaysnoi has taken loan from people, how does that affect FLP?

Can Chaudhry show how much his letter from India he presented to the court that can confirm amount collected for his personal use out of the about $2m.

Or is Chaudhry jeolous of Vayshnoi being pid pension but not others. When he was Interim Minister, did he not do a conman act by approving back pay to military, and tax penalty waiver to himself by his own overdue tax penalty waiver decree, having percuniary conflict of interest?

And we call Qarase chor and Vayshnoi con-man!!!

Please Chaudhry explain did you use the Australian money and Rajen used the gift money to loan to Vayshnoi?

Thank you 4.5 for showing us more clean up needs...yet to be cleaned.

Anonymous said...

jokers says...

This is the problerm when you have sugarcane farmers/chicken feeder coming to parliament an expected to be at a spot for making laws in parliament for us i taukei's & Fijians.

This begs the question. What quality of people do we want in parliament. What sort of PM qualities (leadership) do we want in Fiji.

Lekh Ram is not so much different in quality to current illegal PM Frank Bainimarama & AG Aiyaz khiayum.

So People of Fiji, wake up and lets go to vote and vote these people out.

Bring in laws equal for all and send people to jail for life if they commit treason.

Anonymous said...

dina says..

McCully and John Key should send Lekh Ram back to Fiji.

This is the same falla who said Illegal PM Frank Bainimarama was "GOD SENT"...

Send to kill people, touture and violate human rights.

Anonymous said...

Time for the usual anti-MPC rants. Chaudhry the choor, Chaudhry the dictator, Chaudhry the future Naboro inmate, etc.

At least the FLP has recognised what a bum Vayeshnoi is and removed him from the leadership.

Would that we could do the same for the bums in the regime. If we could rid the regime of all of its bums, no regime would be left.

Chaudhry should take the suggestion of running on a joint FLP-SDL platform advocating a democratic constitutional review, new elections after one year, a Truth & Reconciliation Commission, and the promise that he will not run until cleared by the TRC. FLP and SDL should settle on a single candidate supported by both to oppose Bainimarama or his flunky in the general election.

Anonymous said...

Mena sici, there are a couple of shops in Sigatoka town also looking to get their money back, for gold etc., he bought with rubber cheques.

Remember when Labor was arsehole buddies with Frank and he sacked Litian Mawi from the Min of Women and was big-mouthing all over town about his power to hire and fire senior civil servants. What now brown cow?

By the way how did he get an NZ visa? FDFM NZ should investigate and have him deported, the little mealy mouthed swine.

Josua said...

0 ele poor vayeshnoi,just cant believe it. whats wrong with you kai,you have really put the nadrogan's into shit.

Anonymous said...

Hope this rat gets prosecuted in the kangaroo court and sent on vacation to Naboro. But being Bainiceke's spy, chances are slim. Bloody thief.

Fijiana said...

Interesting to see two ChoorDhry's being outdone Vayeshnoi. I would wonder if this is just a story to cover their butt about training Vayeshnoi so well.

Anonymous said...

Every one is pointing finger at lekh.
Why cant we point finger to big thieves .who are running fiji and looting the tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

FLP has also elected Lavenia Padarath as the new president.
The vice presidents are David Eyre, Sachida Sharma and Monica Raghwan.

Mahendra Chaudhry was re-elected party general secretary with Kini Marawai as assistant secretary.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall he was dubbed "The Minister for Silly Talks"

Anonymous said...

Two Ponga Pundits ---Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap Nandan stilldoing the rounds. And Shri Vayeshnoi--away in NZ---spending his illgotten gain in K.Road.--illgotten from illgotten Chaudhry(India money)--from Hariyana.Is the Chief Minister of hariyana listening ??

Jone said...

Lavenia Padarath, is she not the mother of that Ben Padarath? Well now we have Mahen ChoorDhry, Lekhram Vayeshnoi, Lavenia Padarath, Felix Anthony the list of shady characters in FLP goes on and on.

Let's see how long will it take the people of Fiji to wake up and smell the java.

Anonymous said...

Just aint right that one crook has been caught&dumped yet the king crook(Mahen Cahudry) is still clinging on to power? Are the Indo
so stupid to keep these crooks as their leaders? Couldn't they get someone else,like Khaiyum or Aziz or Koya? I mean come-on people, get it together!
Mahen Chodo continue to out smart& out manuever
all the indo smart asses? Now his
son is trying to get in on Choro's
show,so he too could make a million
from the Fiji cane farmers association before he
gets too old?

FLP old farts said...

This is proof FLP is run by badhia bail (castrated cows). Vaishnoi crooks 20k from the Chorodhrys. He is expelled. Mahen crooks 3.5m from the people, nothing done to him. So IN FLP everything revolves around the chor chaudhry khandhan,

If Mahen or Rajen jnr so much as sneeze in anger, the old fart FLP executives lose control of their bowls and piss in their pants.

That's how scared the FLP lamusona executives are of daddy mahen and beta rajen.

Ratunaca said...

Why is it that some if not all the people who want to lead us are being accused/caught of mis-appropriation of funds and mis-leading the common people? How will we the common people ever trust anyone to lead/run the country when we hear and read about this kind of news almost on a daily basis? This has to stop for the sake of our future generation and it has to start from the top. It seems like the 'clean up' is not taking any effect and maybe the cleaners need to re-look at themselves again.....ISA VITI!!!

Anonymous said...

FLP full (fool) of crooks?
How many more of the senior FLP leaders are yet to be named shady taited charactors in FLP?

Is ex- Nasinu Mayor still the treasurer of FLP?

Did the tax dept only check the tax evasion and penalty and where were they to show courts that the letter from India in $2m case was false evidence as $2m mn told tax man he was only trustee to the money.

So which of the two evidence is actually correct? Tax man and DPPsleeping on job or are choosing Chaudhry over Qarase?

So all a big show of all unacountable leaders? GOD BLESS FIJI....

Sachida 'toilet cleaner' sharma said...

Sachida 'toilet cleaner' Sharma, mahen's in-law, was nepotistically appointed appointed senate.

Now he is FLP vice-president.

My, my, nepotism is thriving in the party. magen's falling is moving up the ladder really fast, with betwa rajen waiting in the wings to take leadership.

Does any old fart FLP executive has the balls to call an inquiry into how Sachida was made senator against FLP directive or are you all mahen's chamchas and lackeys?

FLP Party of three C's. said...

FLP is party of three C's – Corruption, Cronyism and Conmen.

Led by none other than mahen '$3million man' chaudhry.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lickram cant help it if he is a gambler - he learned the trickery ropes from his master crook $2million thief?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an apology from FLP heirachy to many Gujarati buisnessman who have been accused by FLP for no legitmate reasons. All sour grapes and baseless accusation to the very people who keeps on creating employment and investments. The law of Karma bites htses very people back....there are still many rats within FLP yet to be exposed. Anyway, it is good to hear that FPL is openly addressing the issue. I sincerely hope FLP and indees all other political party stop playing race and religion and focus on policies to enhance economic growth and creating empoyment to alleviate poverty, improve education and provide health care to all citizens of Fiji Islands.

Anonymous said...

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Devendra Narayan

The Fiji Labor Party is calling for the appointment of a caretaker government.

In its Annual Delegates Conference in Nadi – party members agreed that a caretaker government must take charge of the process of restoring democratic and constitutional rule.

FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry says the current constitutional process sanctioned under Decrees 57 and 58 are fundamentally flawed, lack credibility and integrity and cannot be seen as inclusive and participatory.

“The current administration has an interest in it. This fact has also been aired by the chair of the Constitution Commission – that the manner that it is being driven at the moment cannot be seen as being independent.”

Anonymous said...

@Ratunaca 10:31 AM

The reason we read about this kind of news every day is simply because people are slowly waking up to the corruption that has been around for years.

Fiji just has so many of these dishonest lowlife that have crept to high places because the public let them.

Anonymous said...

Where is Senator Tom Ricikets a freind of sachida ,masipolo Tom in different bed

Kai Bau said...

Hi fellow bloggers,GOD WORKS IN A MIRACULOUS WAY.I have been trying to work out from all this time why we the Citizen of this beautiful Island of Fiji have to go through these coups for a number of times now.God uses an evil man like Bainimarama to be the vessel of his message to all of Fiji .The formation of one united party which the Labour party leader was talking about really hit the nail on the head.If we are to move forward together guys and to show Bainimarama and the world that we do not want any more Coup this concept of a united party is a must.This is the only way we can fight and get rid of the Coup culture and also topple the military power base.First of all we have to get rid of our racial diffrence and we should try to keep out our diffrences until we win back our Goverment from the army stronghold.Once we have done that than the first thing we have to dealt with is this new Fijian power base the military.The problem in the Fiji military are their numbers and the way their commander been choosen which I believe is been too political.Secondly our soldiers are all been brain washed by all those bulshit philosophy which can only be tarnished by de- programming their dumb brain either sending them all back to the village or all to Naboro with their leader.Guys it took all these years for our leaders to realise that the ONLY way forward for our Country is for a coalition goverment.This has all been Ratu Maras manifesto since the Alliance party and I believe he was also one of the last full blooded Fijian Chiefs who had the backing of the Vanua and the manna to see through these difficult times.Dont forget guys we all make mistake and I have no doubt at all in my mind that this is the only way forward for us the Citizen of Fiji .

Anonymous said...

Vayeshnoi isn't just an embarrassment to the Chaudhrys and the FLP. Remember, Bainimarama's government turned around and made the crook a frieken cabinet minister.

Gita said...

FLP don't represent Fiji workers anymore. It has turned into Mahen and son's party, a mini dictatorial party within a dictatorial state. Bai and Mahen both have dictatorial style of leadership, that leaves SDL and UGP for us voters come 2014.

GO MPC said...


Anonymous said...

Another Master Crooks joins the bandwagon. Kini Maraiwai the crooked lawyer who had a vacation in Naboro some years back for crooking from the bank he used to work for has been elected assistant secretary. He is assistant to Super Crook $3 million man Chodo.Citizens of Fiji keep your votes away from these choro fallas.

Anonymous said...

If he skipped the country after committing fraud, should he be arrested and send back to Fiji to face the courts? It's amazing how this thief is allowed to leave Fiji, yet Mere cannot be allowed to go overseas to get specialized medical treatment. What a joke. If Aiyarse and Bainivuaka have any brain cells left, then they should advise the NZ to get this rat arrested and deport him to face trial in Fiji. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Mr Rickman

Monday, August 27, 2012

NO form of immunity should be given to appointees of the current administration that deliberately breached contractual, legal and civil rights of the citizens of Fiji.

This was a submission made by Ronald Rickman at the Constitution Commission consultations held in Lautoka on Saturday.

Mr Rickman said individuals that were appointed to positions of responsibility and had mismanaged public funds should be held accountable and not be given any form of immunity in the new Constitution.

"A case in point is the Fiji National Provident Fund board and management, who, with the support of the office of the Attorney General reduced members' benefits, decimated existing pensioners' pensions and refused to reimburse the monies that have been deducted over decades from pension payments to provide for spouses' pensions, even though those pensions would not now be paid," he said.

Mr Rickman told the commission that pensioners and members of the fund were duped by the FNPF management and board, who said the reforms of the fund were necessary and then loaned a substantial sum to a company he termed 'technically insolvent'.

"Although it was claimed that these measures were implemented due to financial inability to pay, the same management then made immediately a loan of hundreds of millions of dollars of the pensioners funds to a company that was technically insolvent," he said.

"Every citizen in Fiji, especially the aged and the weak, should have their rights protected by the Constitution and those rights should not be usurped on a whim by laws and decrees of convenience as has occurred in this instance.

"It is imperative that individuals whether they be elected to government or appointed by the government of the day adhere to the high standards of honesty and integrity and be liable for prosecution should they fail to do so," Mr Rickman said.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Harbhajan Lal, who gave Chaudhry the money from India? Did we find him Go MPC? The money was for Indo-Fijians and not for his resettlement to Australia with his family. Since he never resettled there, why didnt he return the money to India?

Anonymous said...

GO MPC...Courts in Fiji is not independent...

Big shark and small fry said...

MPC, whe he was fighter against corruption , used to say 'small fries get caught while the big shark get away'.

We, big shark MPC got away with $3million while small fry vaishnoi (20k) expelled from FLP!

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Kai Bau, Brother we are now signing the same tune. Fiji needs Government of National Unity as advocated by great Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Jai Ram Reddy refused to cooperate in 1980. In 2006 Mahen refused to cooperate with Qarase. I understand an offer of Deputy Prime Minister was made to him which he refused. We need people like Ratu Jone Madraiwaiwai to lead the country once again. Lekh Ram, Dr Sahu Khan, Rajesh Singh should be deported to Fiji from NZ.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

There is still a place for FLP in the 2014 elections and the new Fiji. Clean your house out FLP then get in the fight for Viti. Show us you can lead from the front.

Anonymous said...

What chances do Mahen or Lekram have even in communal seats in 2014?
Surely the farmers are NOT THAT STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Proff Dr Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done---you are not in a form 3 literature class.Stop your language twisting gymnastic--Fiji for fijians and Fijians for Fiji Shit !!Just sit on your dumg arse and listen to the people--you are not there to show off your knowledge or lack of knowledge of English--you Adjunct(A Junk) Proff.Take your bloody cap off-so people can see your bare head for what it is !!

Kai Bau said...

Kamlesh Kumar NZ Boci...They refuse to cooperate because no one can predict the future and they were under estimating the power of the military and no one ever expect that some stupid idiot like Bainimarama will hold the goverment for so long.But it was not him that all these things are happening we believe its the work of God.I have to admit that that we the indigenous Fijians are so concerned about the Indian economic power that we forgot that our God is more powerful than anything under the sun.So God has taught us a very good lesson for us indigenous to worry more about our spiritual well being rather than wasting our time worrying about you guys.He also taught us a very hard to do commandment; ie to love our enemies which is you guys.It took all these years for us to realise that the only way forward now is to form a united party to topple this Bastard Bainmaramma,get rid of the military and their guns.Give them a spade and cane knife each and send them all to Naboro to serve their time which including you becasue you want to take over our idle land.Ratu Jone is not interested in politics so leave him alone.How can you say that you want a united party but do not like Rajesh and them.No liu muri and aghe phije baku.If we want to move together the prisoners ,the crooks like you,the thieves and everything to be put aside before we form this one party.

Fijiana said...

WUF: Scrap confederacies, chiefs have same status

Felix Chaudhary
Monday, August 27, 2012

THE Western United Forum (WUF) has called on the total abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs and recommended the removal of the three confederacies — Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata.

While making submissions to the Constitution Commission in Lautoka over the weekend, WUF spokesman Ratu Meli Bogileka said the institutions were created by the colonial administrators and would be deterrent to the development of the country.

"We recommend that there should be a total abolishment of the GCC since this was an institution created by the then colonial administrators to assist them in administering the affairs of the iTaukei community," he submitted.

"These sort of institutions were created by the colonial masters in the colonial era to assist them in looking after the affairs of the people then.

"These institutions, the way we look at it, which are an impedance. They are hurdles to the way forward for Fiji," he said.

"Now that Fiji is a democratic country which upholds the will of the people in a bottom-up democracy structure, all such institutions that have a top-down dictatorial rule and authority must be dismantled and abolished completely.

"We also recommend that the three confederacies of Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata be scrapped totally.

"Our recommendation is based on the belief that all chiefs in Fiji have the same status and no one is rated lower than others," Ratu Meli said.

Anonymous said...

Snickering at kai bau.. it took you this long to work it out? lol. Enuf of your con please.. Sa rauta mada.

Choro ka sardhar said...

Lekh Ram learnt the conning trick from none other than the master and guru, mahen 'choro ka sardar" chaudhry, translated means king crook.

But if you minus 20k from $3m, chorwa mahen still make big profit. Lekh Ram got peanuts. Nobody can beat our indo-fijian leader, the right honourable mahen pal chaudhry, when it comes to conning and crooking. mahen is the master chor yaar.

Extradite the Bastards said...

Now that relations between Fiji and New Zealand are on the mend, can this bastard Vashnoi and other absconders who are in NZ, be extradited to Fiji to face criminal charges.

The puppet must have learned from the Master how to con people and the most amusing thing is that the puppet also conned the master (MP ChorDHARY)and his conman son this time.

The list also includes Dr MAICHOD Sahu Khan, Fiona Fonamanu, Ballu Khan and others.

Anonymous said...

FLP should now call itself Fiji Labour Con Party as it is now being run by conmen with one exception in Monica Raghwan. The new president is the mother of a conman, secretary Chodo $3 million conman, his assistant Kini Maraiwai conman who stole from the bank and did a stint at Naboro replacing fraudster Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and the list goes on. I am beginning to believe that George Speight may have done the right thing in removing FLP govt in 2000. Imagine if was allowed to run its 5-year term, the national coffers would have been swallowed up by these conmen who were there then. God works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh kumari, you should be deported too asshole.

People of the Land said...

The introduction of Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi has changed the tone and the level of debate dramatically. All are gunning each other down and missing the main target, the current regime. We need to remain focus with the important issue before each and very citizen of Viti. Guys this is your children's future and once we defeat the regime first then we can the people can decide the way forward. FLP and SDL must work form a grad coalition. Meli Bogileka is now trying to resurrect the old and outdated Western United Front and still thinking the colonizers did a wrong thing by not making Yasawa the Capital of Fiji.

God Bless Viti

Anonymous said...

FLP is a collection of CHORS.

Anonymous said...

FLP delegates should have elected a NEW leader since their present Leader, Hon. MP CHORO, will be Naboro'ed soon for Choro paisa from the poor kaiindia.

Hon. MP Choro may also be Naboro'ed for his TREASONOUS actions in 2006 Coup.

But the question that astonishes everyone is why the FLP delegates are so intend on having CHORs to lead their party, Shame really!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Vayeshnoi! You gave the bara CHOR a taste of his own medicine!!
Bara CHOR and Chota CHOR and FPL all - the CON, CON, CHOR CHOR and Chicken Curries.

Krishna Dutt is very TRUE! MP CHOR is Fiji's biggest CHOR.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of wankers.. letting the small chor fry whilst the barka Chor is leading as queenie prissy says 'from the front'..

Anonymous said...

Gali Gali, Shor shor, CHOR CHOR HEY!!

Anonymous said...

Extradite the thieving s.o.b to Fiji to face the court. He must be nuts to even think about applying for asylum when he skipped Fiji after stealing a huge amount of money. He was also a minister in Bainiceke's illegal government so he must be deported from NZ, unless kamlesh kumari sponsors him. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Please don't send back that macafaka veisynoi and keep him tied to your backyard kiwi tree? Once a day you can releases your
Terrier dog on him for just 5 minutes.If you really want to return this macafaka to paradise,please send him back by boat and make sure to drilled holes
on the bottom before casting off?in
the evnt he get lucky to get here,in one piece-no worry will ask
our super Prime Minister to kicked the shit out of him? just to make sure that he understood our rule of law?

Ben said...



Mahen 'champion of the poor' chor'dhry said...

MPC was Fiji's first Indo-Fijian Prime Minister.
He is also the first person in Fiji to become a millionaire through politics - what a record!
All credit to MPC for turning FLP into money making machine for him and his family, using poverty-stricken farmers as a front. Well done!

MPC ki jai!!

Anonymous said...

This party shud now be named Fiji Labour Con Party as cons are now running it. New president is mother of a seasoned conman, secretary Chodo chored 3 million of poor farmers money, his assist Kini Maraiwai already been to Naboro for crooking from the bank he once worked for, his predecessor conned Sigatoka jeweller before fled to NZ. I am beginning to believe perhaps George Speight to put it in Lekh Ram's own worsds of Bai was God-sent in 2000 to remove these crooks govt from power. They would have swallowed the national coffers had they been allowed to run their 5 year term.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, get your facts about the composition of the Reeves Commission right. There were 3 commissioners, one Indian, one Fijian and one Maori, not 2 Indians. The commission was appointed by the parliament of Fiji not handpicked by one person. The Reeves Commission had legitimacy and credibility unlike the Ghai Commission which is a living farce. People should boycott it rather than dignify it by appearing before it.

Anonymous said...

Kini Marawai never worked @ a bank. He was a school teacher who then in 1987 left for London to do his law. On his return he joined the solicitor general's office before branching out on his own. Dont write rubbish bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Meli is quoted as saying: "Now that Fiji is a democratic country which upholds the will of the people in a bottom-up democracy structure, all such institutions that have a top-down dictatorial rule and authority must be dismantled and abolished completely."

What a ridiculous statement! How is Fiji a democratic country, when it is under the dictatorship of a half-educated military man turned traitor who doesn't allow free speech, political assembly, collective bargaining, due process, or elections?

In other words, pure BS. Ratu Meli, tell us how has the regime even ascertained the will of the people, when it doesn't hold elections or plebescites, listen to the people's elected representatives, or even allow free speech?

And while you're at it, Ratu Meli, pray tell us what bottom-up democracy structure are you talking about. Go ahead, I dare you to name it.

You cannot, because we know, as you know, that almost everything you said is a bogus pack of lying double-talk. Contrary to everything you say, Fiji is now under top-down rule by dictatorship, and everyone knows it.

But you ARE right about one thing -- it must be dismantled and abolished completely. 

That will happen. And it always happens sooner than the dictator expects.

Together, Operation Jericho. Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. 

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Why is Legal Aid wasting Tax payers money by taking out probate for rich people--check this out in the Sun daily.Can the Idiot Sunil Sharma explain ??--what is the citeria ?--is it the connections?The poor get their meagre allowances cut.Sunil Sharma take on board the rich---should be booted.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at this everyone knew what Veyeshnoi was , but people forget Mahen wanted dopes around him, especially when the Master says shit & he sure as hell shits & eats at the same time! The likes of Khrisna Dut were not looked on to kindly because they spoke their minds, now Mahens mouth one time piece is getting cut from the club-what crap there will be bigger dopes of "indo-Fijians" just too willing to fill the space! Mahen is their SAVIOUR! REally ?

Anonymous said...

Bogileka is of the same feather as Momoedonu. Opportunists who are merely sucking up to the dictator hoping they would go down in hias good books and get jobs somewhere as Ministers or some other. Used to bne Labour Party, now WUF just like grasshoppers hopping around from party to party. Is this the same Bogileka that conned some people in Yasawa sometime back which got one of them complaining in the papaers about him. Keep your votes away from people like this my friends.

Share the loot said...

Lekh Ram only wanted his share of the $3million loot but daddy mahen and beta rajen did not want to share so Lekh Rm had to con them.

Lekh Ram should now spill the beans on barka chor (big time thief) mahen and chota chor (small time thief) rajen.

Anonymous said...

Get this thieving s.o.b back to Fiji and charge him for stealing. Funny how how he's thinking of asylum yet he was in Bainivuaka's government. The guy is an idiot, and a thief. Shame on you.

Kai Bau said...

Well my Fellow bloggers there seem to be no more trusted people in Fiji?Compare Bogileka,Vesyanoi and other crooksagainst the big crook Bainimarama who we going to vote?It seems that theres no one to trust in Fiji at the moment.We must all remember that any accusation or allegation can only be proved in a court of law.Again we started accusing and finger pointing each other and we tend to forget that the real big crook is Bainimarama and the army who stole our goverment from us.Common guys lets form a united party and take these IG bastards down than we take Chaudary,Vasenyoi,Bogileka,Anthony,Urai etc,etc to a proper court of law.But first and fore most we must come together as one people first.

Anonymous said...

FLP in the last general elections had told NFP to give last preference to Lavenia Padarath. That's how much they value Lavenia. Now that made her president. To be the puppet of MPC just like Madam Jokapeci Koroi.

I also wonder why FLP wantsa to work with NFU? Farmers Union. Must be getting ready to strike.

Lastly, while why do they want to re-instate the high pension rate for the rich? People with less than $200 have benfited with the new scheme. Why does MPC want to fight for the rich? Or is it fighting for self.

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.11pm

Pls get your facts. MPC has not been cleared by the courts. His days are numbered. He will stand for the Naboro open toilet seat come 2014.

People of the Land said...

There is a clearly defined line of agruments comming to the fore judging from most of the contributers. If I may, one is the formation of the grand coalition that will absorb all the major political parties in Viti. This approach is based on sound principle as we all want this nation Viti NOT to be ruled by unelected represenatatives. Two, we continue to slaughter one another and probably end up joining the current regime. This is based on personal differences and personal agendas like agreeing with the business community, hoteliers and fly-by experts from NZ and Australia. They do not lose anything at all.

Forget about what has happened through bad decisions of our Chiefs, political leaders and trade uninionists, civil servanats and the military because they are just the same. We can not change the past but we can only create a better future and a new tomorrow.

We can actually engage them but the power of democracy does not have any strictly defined boarders as it can bite any time. In South Korea and other parts of the world such leaders were dragged to face justice in their 70s and 80s.

There has to be a middle ground to allow us to work through possibilities and opportunities and we can not afford to waste time just playing around with outdated issues that will drain out our quality time which can be used to debate important issues for our beloved Viti for the sake of our future generation.

God bless Viti

Warlord said...

Nepotism in the highest order!!

Anonymous said...

What did Veyeshnoi do before he became a parliamentarian I ask? Did he have a decent job?
What has he done for this country??
It is obvious that he is just another Meli Bogileka!! Remember the ex-parliamentarian, ex-preacher man, ex-Nasinu Administrator who was fired for his drunken orgies. The man who is so desperate to survive has now suggested that the the GCC be abolished and that there be no Provinces in Fiji!! He is SO, SO Desperate that he is singing the song that the Pig wants to hear, in order to be given a job to survive. How can people sell their souls shorts!!??

Kai Bau said...

Kemuni na noda,
Ni sa qai raica tiko na veika au sa tukuna tiko me baleta na vanua kau sa cavuta saka tiko mai liu,Vanua o Nadi,Vuda,Ba kei na yatu yawasa,Tavua kei na yasana ko Ra.Qo ko ira era a via tauyavutaka nai ka va ni matanitu ena gauana se bula voli kina na turaga na vunivalu sa bale.Ni raica tale na ka sa cakava qo e dua na gone ni Nacula beka ? ko Meli Bogileka.Ko Nacula e kilai tu ena gauan e liu me ko Bau lailai.Na Tui Drola kece era dau laki susu ki Bau me ra vulica nai tovo vakaturaga dina wili kina na Tui Drola tiko na gauna qo.Qori na ka e kauta mai ni da sa butusevata na noda gaunisala.Ratou sa kaya me sa kua na na matanitu e tolu.Moni vaqaqa matua sara na vuna koya au sa dau vola vaka wasoma ka taro levu ga meda sauma se o cei sara mada e saini taki ira nai lala vanua oqo ena soli kei Viti?.Nodra sa bese ni vakarorogo ka via siosio cake mai sa kune kina na mataqali tamata va ka oqo ko Momoedonu,Meli kei na Tui Vuda koya a tokoni Bainimarama ena vua viri.Da tu mada nai taukei da raica lesu na nodai lakolako e na tukuna na veika e tu e matada.
Vinaka Saka

Anonymous said...

Hey piss on you all! Sorry i should
repharse that to, peace to you all!
Hey Anare, was that you beating the Kava ni Bisikete last night for
half and hour? Look buddy, read Dakuwaqa's note properly, he said 26 of September although he didn't say what year? I'm guessing 2012?
Anywho, you were doing a heckva job
but the frieken cops, came by and
gave me a rough time. One, an ugly
maca, i don't think he can run,asked me, if i was the one making all that frieken rakects? I
pretended that i was hard of hearing, so i scream back at him,what? He was satisfied that i was deaf as he left shaking his head.
Hey Dakuwaqa, i think, just maybe, we can pull-off this Jerico
idea? So guys lets do it!!

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh & Kai Bau singing the same tune??? Oh my God! can you just hear that load of childish crap and it sounds like a broken record. The blind leading the blind!

Anonymous said...

@4:09, wazzat you say? Can you speak a lil louder?

Jericho? Yeah, let's all make a racket and claim we're deaf.

With any luck, Bainimarama and the other macafakas will be deaf, too, from all the noise we make. They don't use their ears much to listen now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.33am. Kini Maraiwai may not have worked in a bank but do you agree he had a vacation at Naboro for crooking funds? You rebutted only one side of the claim that he did not work in a bank how about the other part that he did spend time in Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Kai Nadi says to Kai Bau......

Kai Bau you sound like an insecure child trying to blame everyone else for your problems. Be a man. If you have something to say to the Tikina ko Nadi and Ba...Say it in person and dont hide like the sonalevu. Sivia ga na nomu con. People like you have conned everyone into believing your bullshit insecurity. Laki teya mada kemu tavioka moka kana. Vutusona

Anonymous said...

Kini Maraiwai worked at the ANZ Bank where he choroed and went to jail - hello - you cannot delete his past! He stole!