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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fiji regime sends Qarase to jail for one year

Qarase yesterday allowed the enormity of what's happened to show in a moment with brother Satini Lakepa.

Family. pic Fiji Live
Fiji's last democratically elected prime minister has been sentenced to one year in jail by the military dictatorship that toppled him in 2006.

71 year old Laisenia Qarase was handed the sentence for the 9 corruption related charges at the Suva High Court a short time ago by the presiding judge, Justice Priyantha Fernando.

With Qarase standing in the dock, Justice Fernando maintained the facts of the case have been established and that as advisor of the Fijian Affairs Board, advisor of the Great Council of Chiefs and director of FHL applied for Class A FHL shares, Qarase facilitated the issuance and allotment of the shares to Cicia Plantation Co-op Society Limited, Q-Ten Investments Limited and Mavana Investments Limited. 

During the short sentencing, Justice Fernando told Qarase that he failed to disclose his interest in the three companies to FHL, FAB and GCC.

Security boosted at court
He said  Qarase held very high office in the public sector as he was a financial advisor in the government and the public vested their trust in him. 

The regime appointed judge said Qarase had a duty to safeguard the interests of the Fijian people but he applied for shares for companies, in which he had a private interest.

Justice Fernando acknowledged
he considered all of the things said about Qarase in the mitigation hearing: that he is 71 years old, has five children and 15 grandchildren, his wife has health issues, he is a first offender, the offence was committed 20 years ago, his diabetic condition is worsening and other health conditions.       

He started the sentence at 18 months imprisonment for the six counts of abuse of office then reduced it to 12 months.

Qarase has been given 30 days to appeal the prison sentence and his lawyer, Tupou Draunidalo, has confirmed she will do that on Monday.

Following the sentencing, Qarase hugged his lawyers and his wife, Leba, before he
was  escorted by police to the back end of the court house, into a police vehicle and taken to prison.

In a country widely known to no longer have a rule of law, Qarase's conviction was driven always by the coterie that has robbed Fiji citizens of so many of their rights, the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal chief justice, Anthony Gates, and the former high court judge, Nazhat Shameem.

He was appointed, of course, by Frank Bainimarama as a caretaker prime minister after the George Speight coup but was soon toppled, with Bainimarama refusing to relinquish power ever since.
Hundreds of Qarase's suppporters were at court today as they were yesterday, despite warnings from police it had boosted security and was ready for trouble.

The numbers in spite of the restrictions over large groups gathering is a testament to support for Qarase and dislike of the regime.

That dislike, driven underground by the relentless decrees, will have no doubt been fueled by the decision to go after Qarase using 'crimes' going back more than a decade and where the key players are no longer around to argue the murky details.

New Zealand's apparent indifference to Qarase's fate will no doubt be noted as well, given the u-turn on its position on Fiji this week in the unproven belief elections and freeom will finally come to Fiji.

The SDL party leader released the following statement yesterday:
Dear Friends and well wishers
I wish to express to you all my deepest appreciation of your tremendous support, encouragement and best wishes during my High Court trial.
The sentencing by the Court will be delivered tomorrow, 3rd August, 2012.
Whatever the court decision I thank God for his blessings upon all of us and for your support.
I also wish to thank the many prayer groups, individuals, and families, both in Fiji and abroad, who have been praying for me, my family and for Fiji during this difficult period.
God Bless you all and God Bless Fiji.
Vinaka Vakalevu.
Laisenia Qarase


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Anonymous said...

I cry for Qarase. The silence and non reaction by SDL members and supporters indicate their acceptance and agreement with all the happenings.

Too much talk over the grog bowl and big lamulamu to take action. Go back to your villages.

Frank Obama

Anonymous said...






Raju Patel said...

Mr Chaudhary ...you next

Anonymous said...







kite flyer said...

the bainimarama regime has done this to consolidate its hold on power but it will only have a counter-productive impact because the people of fiji are not stupid . they know worse criminals are walking free in the country,even holding high office of government when they should have gone to jail for the crimes they have commited against the people of fiji. Again. I repeat I am no Qarase fan but a wrong is a wrong. Qarase's jailing is wrong.

SEMI MEO said...

It sometimes always very difficult for “i taukei” gentlemen to show emotions in public, though a lot of restrain employed as seen by the Qrase brothers in the C4.5 picture above. Indeed, our heart goes out to them in spite of our political opinion or drift in this case.

Where to from here??

We all had hoped for a non custodial sentence, in fact, for the actual FICAC action would have been processed better and referred to the Register of Companies and other relevant authorities. But not to be; Now that the Judge has spoken.

All considered, best his lawyers apply for immediate extramural status or immediate appeal etc.

At any rate, we may have taken a path down a road of no return, and only hope and pray Divine wisdom, optimum tolerance from us all and commitment to look after each other, and preserve whatever matters for the next generation..it is not the end of the world yet…it is not!

May God favour those He only chooses!

Anonymous said...


The Fijian Ancestors had conquored their World of Impossibilites with pride on their quest to protect their Fijian identity, and that has shaped Fiji to where it is today.

Has this quest no longer there in the lives of the 21st Century FIJIAN???

Anonymous said...

only francis kean can jump out of prision after murder conviction become ps.

salary too when in prision.

garase no pension from 2006.

not guilty but go gail.;

Anonymous said...

qarase has only one brother. he is not the first innocent man to be put in jail via a kangaroo court by dictators with guns and they cohorts who have all committed treason

Anonymous said...

Francis 'Tavale #1' Kean got sentenced to 4 years for manslaughter (is a legal term for the killing of a human being, in a manner considered by law as less culpable than murder) spent 3 months in a restricted to a room..not a cell..on FULL PAY PAID BY TAXPAYERS..then gets out, gets a top government posting (where he is sacking people for a sick sheet scam etc etc)----Someone abused his office into a coma!

If this can be done to Kean...im finally going to register so I can vote for Qarase when he gets out (thats of course if does not meet the criteria!..or he isnt killed in prison).

Qarase just won the elections!!

Viti Panther said...

This actually just breaks my heart. My prayers go out to his family, and to the failing justice system. Bainimarama, if you read this sir, know your time will come - and you will reap what you sow. The fort yo thought you had established will be demolished and you will have to answer for all the crimes and lies you have committed.

Anonymous said...

Qarase can hold his head up high. This trial was nothing to do with Justice but all to do with the fear emanating from Aiyarse and Bainivuaka. They will reap what they have sown here as the anger will keep building. There is no justice in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Every Dog will have its Day - God is more powerful than VB & Aiarse and all their supporters and watch these people and their families suffer as they face the wrath of God.

God bless the all the hardworking, law abiding citizens of Fiji.

God will deliver Fiji from this evil Military Junta and bring back true democracy and freedom to Fiji and not what NZ & Australia want to shove down our throats.

Anonymous said...

LQ no matter what they have to you , come next election LQ will win.Fijian solders , lamu not a single Fijian solder has balls, gauri

Poor Qarase said...

Poor Qarase
Posted August 3, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Used position to loot of Fijians and deny them their dues. Fijian investment companies were set up to benefit common fijians in name only. They were really set up by elite Fijians to benefit elite Fijians.

The games people like Qarase, Siti Waleilakeba, siti rabuka, qoriniasi bale, Navi Naisoro, methodist church, chiefs and others have played with us Fijians – it is new form os canabalism.

I have no sympathy for this man.

Anonymous said...

Im not fijian and no SDL- but a not guilty man who is legal PM has been crucified today.

Garase was classed a enemy of the state by FMF-2006-plot to destroy.

Totday with a bribed judge/jury Garase sent to gail-12 months.

The plot only is revenge and no election.

This hsow the brave man-garase and the cowards hiding behind guns.

dictator & junta are scared shit of 800000 people of fiji.

people power will bring justice day for trial of these crooks will come.

mark manning said...

As with Christ's crucifixion, Mr. Qarase's sentence and false imprisonment will galvanise the community in Fiji.

NEW FIJI said...

Mark Manning please do not smear my Christ's name by associating him with human beings who did not follow his commandment of LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR !!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry you did this to Qarase....You were the one who pushed Bainimara to take-over and get rid of Qarase because he was corrupt.
What goes around, comes around, remember this MPC....

Anonymous said...

Stay firm ans strong LQ. God is with you. Keep the faith. You are the true champion of Democracy and the rule of law. You will win in the end. We, the law abiding citizens of Fiji are behind you. God bless.

The Oracle said...

Interesting....Justice Fernando admits the judgement focuses around Qarase's failing to declare his interest (to FHL) when applications were lodged for share purchases in FHL (an offence under the Companies Act?). Then he refers to past cases of Beni Naiveli, Mahendra Motibhai Patel etc, and how they were all jailed - hence his decision not to impose a suspended sentence on Qarase. In all of this, there was no evidence provided by ANYONE, including the fancy lawyers from abroad to show that Qarase actually benefited personally from his omission. The same cannot be said for Beni Naiveli etc .. in their case, there was evidence that they benefitted directly. If only Shakespeare were alive today -- he would spin us a good yarn of deceit, treason, betrayal, and a population of people so fickle we prefer to bend like reeds in the wind, hopeful we won't reach a breaking point. The phrase "malua fever" takes on a completely new meaning now. We deserve the situation we are in. May God, and our future generations forgive us our lack of courage.

Anonymous said...

Dear C4.5 and Fellow Bloggers

A friend of mine asked me and I created a poll. Please click the link below to vote:

Who will be the next PM of Fiji?

Click Here to Vote

Thanks C4.5 for bringing us together.

Anonymous said...

Today's judgement on Qarase raises a lot of questions, as a democratically Prime Minister is sent to prison for abuse of office which allegedly took place 21 years ago when he was a company managing director.
Where in the world can this happen?
The only known cases where leaders are sentenced this way are those for crime against humanity in eastern Europe.
Qarase appears to be selectively charged ahead of the tens of hundreds businessmen and leaders since 1987, we remember the NBF saga and the long Fiji Times list from the top most office to the clerks, where did they go?
Some of them are still alive today, and playing active part in public life, or still living in properties acquired through those dealings . They are not in court, but instead we have thrown people in jail who have bought their own houses through their own money.
People who have accumulated their own FNPF through their own work and sweat, not through their 30 year so called unclaimed leave.
People have gained qualifications from credible universities and worked their way up through the civil service without their father's influence, who were ordinary subsistence farmers.
People who wanted to help fellow Fijians to succeed in business, not those who do not even own a house for themselves in their own villages.
Qarase is a symbol of success amongst Fijians, educated, career civil servant, reached PS level at PSC and the Ministry of Finance when some boys were still canoeing around Walu Bay. In the private sector, he was managing director at FDB and Merchant Finance, left that $300,000.00 job for a $100,000.00 job to be Prime Minister with one payback, and not seven paybacks.
In politics, Qarase became a two time Prime Minister through free and fair elections, back to back - a record for any party since 1970 ,not through the power of the gun as in 1987, 2000, and 2006.
Followed the same constitution in both the 2001 and 2006, and not attempting to change it for his self interest motives and immunity quest.
The famous regimental fund accounts are still being questioned by contributors because some senior army officers had their airfares, cars, scholarships to study overseas, even houses from the fund. But, no inquiry, even with the famous army Auxillary Unit funds that went unaccounted for. This was about $2m.
Like love, justice is also blind - at times.
Most of us feel that our justice system has lost its credibility and only a democratic government can return it to its rightful respect and status.
To all Qarase supporters let's see that justice is applied equally across society even if it takes years.

Anonymous said...

SDL where art thou? Go forth and protest you bunch of cowards...

Poor Qarase is the sacrifice for your lack of courage to stand up.

You can continue your wishful thinking and poofter gossiping until the cows come home.

from Big Dick.

Anonymous said...

With the alerts going on it seems that Bainimarama knows very well that he is guilty of incitement. And he is absolutely right .

One way or the other his crimes will not go unpunished,

Tic toc

Anonymous said...

LQ your day wont come back. Look what happened to Dr. Bavadra. Poor guy was innocent and humble man. Yet kicked by Drunidalo in the back and didn't recover from thereon.

Time to realize politics is a dirty game. Once you get into it, you ask for anything. Especially in a coup ridden cowntree like Fiji.

RIP in LQ.

Anonymous said...

Qarase , you are true Fijian you will be remembered with likes of Mandela , Gandhi ,and all others, - from a Indian Friend.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama you have just started it now! Let the games begin! This is clash of the Titans replay

Anonymous said...

This is so unfair. Bainimarama you will reap it in God's time

Anonymous said...

Poor Qarase Aug 3, 11:34am you are a fool, You dont have any money to invest. You cant get money that you did not sweat for. Qarase wont come to your village to collect money for investment. It is you during your Village meeting, put aside your lease money and go and buy shares instead of sharing the lease money and buy grog. The problem with us Fijians is that we want to be spoon fed all the time. LQ did not steal that money but loan for that money and purchase shares for investment and pay it back. The Government did not go and pay it back. Only LQ will pay it back and he did it. Whats your point.

Anonymous said...

shame on you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:37PM, LQ is not a coward like you and who says Politics is a clean game? LQ has shown excellent resiliance and strong character for the last 6 years. He is, with due respect, more composed than Dr TB. Politics cannot be eliminated in the world and strong politicans do not carry guns. They make a nation grow and flourish. As Arnold said, "I'll be back".

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The illegal PM is walking free while the legal one is sent to prison.What a farce!

The muderers are out of jail and a given PS positions, while those that earned those positions are sacked.
A lawyer who had not taken a case to court becomes the AG and minister 0f five portfolios with five pay packs.
The crooks are out on the streets, while the hardworkers are in jail,
The robbers who abused public funds from government banks are living in houses that did not pay for.
Pensioners denied of their rightful earnings while some can claim for 30 years of so called unused leave.
Ever heard of one person getting seven paypacks when he himself initially said that he will just receive one paypack.
Why is this government outsourcing the payment of salaries of coup conspirators to an accounting firm that is equally power hungry?.

All these coup conspirators should be dragged to court, their license suspended their assets ceased, their accounts and FNPF frozen.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy for Qarase and his family for this kangaroo court decision to imprison him. But he must take heart that he was being victimised by bai and that he is now more a hero out of this fiasco. I have been more galvanised to support Qarase or other nobler party than the members of the regime in the upcoming elections. Real justice will overcome and prevail over the real wrong doers.

Anonymous said...

lET the crook rot in hell......LQ deserves what he gets for being a fraudster.

Poised for Justice said...

Total farce elected PM sent to jail on old charges while coup leader annointed by John Key, Murray McCully and Bob Carr and reiventing himself as a credible politician.

Anonymous said...

“Each time a man stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Robert Francis Kennedy quotes ( U.S. attorney general and adviser, 1925-1968)

Anonymous said...

Not perfect PM but elected and associated with a time when country was normal. Fiji now is 'perfect' because dictatroship has brainwashed people.

Anonymous said...

Just admit it Frank has won.. Where were the SDL supporters when Qarase went down? where were the crowds of support? NOWHERE! the people of Fiji are smart enough to spot a criminal and have him locked up. Good luck he deserves it.

The lost sheep said...

Cant say much more......O lord why we have to wait for this long.....please lord show us the real truth.......I hate,I hate Bainimarama from the begining but Im so guilty for not doing anything when my fellow innocent brothers are being terrorised by these thugs....LQ be strong if you know from your heart that you are right...O lord Im so confused and lost.

Anonymous said...

Gosh we all dont know what to do now! we all need to kneel and pray about it. its such a confusing world. good people are jailed and real criminals are walking freely!. FIJI has gone to the dogs. Thank you NZ, and AUSTRALIA for supporting and annoiting the illegal PM. You dont really care about us

Anonymous said...

The Hon. Qarase has just sealed his innocence and the truth of his testimony in a false judgement by a false and an illegal judge. The prosecutors who falsely charged him and brought in false witnesses who declared falsely the false accounts they falsely presented.

With the backing of this false and illegal regime, Mr. Qarase, a true Fijian chief (Tui Kubuca), and a God-fearing humble person, has been unjustly imprisoned.

I prayed today that God's will may be upon Mr. Qarase and the rest of all us in Fiji.

But God works in many mysterious ways.

The outcome of all this is that Mr. Qarase's destiny is not defeat but victory. "The abased shall be exalted and those who exalt themselves will eventually be abased."

Politically, while Mr. Qarase did not mean that all that had and has happened was to obtain political mileage for him and his SDL Party, but for personal reasons for Bainimarama and Khaiyum to exclude Mr. Qarase from the 2014 "selections", his (Mr. Qarase's) campaign now is way far ahead of Bainimarama's and Khaiyum's. His humility, and that obvious peace within himself, stole the show.

God cannot side with people of questionable purposes who do not exhibit the real reasons for their actions at the expense innocent people sincerely yearning to be told the truth that are being withheld from them by the secret devices of these evil people. He cannot just ignore the earnest prayers of His humble and righteous people.

Anonymous said...

so SAD!!:(:(:(:(
My prayers are with u,Qarase n Fam....

Anonymous said...

Brutal what the crooks and goons have done to LQ but they will covince themselves they are in the right. They are not. People of Fiji know it but are too scared and too trapped to do anything so we are as much jailed as Qarase. He luckily only for a year but we the people for much longer

Anonymous said...

"As Qarase left court…heading to the Korovou Correctional Centre…the last words he spoke to his three grandchildren was “be strong.”

He didn’t speak to the media…his only response ‘I feel good’.

Qarase has thirty days to appeal the sentence.-ex FBC

Anonymous said...

A great and humble man. A Fiji Mandela is born this day.

Keep The Faith said...

A gross miscarriage of justice has come to pass as we all knew it would.

The treachery came in no small part from those adeptly trying to use Qarase’s demise as a platform for their own selfish ends.

One, the partner of FICACs star witness who clamoured to be seen to comfort Mrs Qarase and fought hard to be seen to be a friend during the hearings knowing full well that her partner’s evidence would undermine Qarase’s defence — that of non-disclosure, which Injustice Priyantha Fernando continued to make reference to in his sentencing statement.

The second, a renowned lawyer who held court over lunch at an infamous Suva eatery after every court hearing to give her legal assessment and who would take to social networking media to give her thruppence. This one took the cake in trying at every turn to be the face of Qarase’s legal team. Unfortunately her renowned gab gave her away — she was overheard telling those that cared that Qarase was a corrupt man and was going down.

Yet still they try in vain via social networking media to paint a different picture.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”
(Sir Walter Scott, 1771-1832)

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you are good at quoting the Bible, not dissimilar to the the Priests in Australia. Bible in in hand , grab the land with another! Please don't bring in the Bible and make comaparisons-dope!

Anonymous said...

LQ, be at peace.
Sleep well, you have not ceased any power by force, nor abused public funds, nor ordered any killingsduring all your years of service.

Others who have framed you up, are fearful with all their guns, bodyguards, their positions, they neither sleep well either, and are always looking behind them just in case someone does to them what they did to others.

This regime wants to seek immunity while it falsely accusses others, lies about the reason for coming to power. All baseless allegations of corruption, discrimination, coup culture and so forth.

A regime that was formed by self centered individuals who were fearful of the law, which quickly made its own law to save itself.
Now are using public funds to try and formulate a new constitution, to grant immunity to itself. Are they in their irght mind?

We have a fake government, a fake judiciary, with fake judges, and fake evidences, giving fake decisions.
Now they are wanting a fake constitution to take us to a fake future!!! no way!!

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand why some bloggers in this forum are supporting the jailing of Qarase. Perhaps they're benefitting from the illegal dealings from these assholes that are running Fiji.

First and foremost, Qarase was the elected PM of Fiji, and was removed by the treasonous Bainivuaka. By the way, Bainivuaka knows that the penalty for this is death by hanging, but the reality is, he will be jailed for life. Now one must ask the question, why is the Vuaka pushing for immunity for those involved in the 2006 coup? The answer is simple, Vuaka knows he's guilty.

Secondly, his brother in law was convicted of manslaughter, a very serious charge. He was jailed and somehow released and ended up with a PS post. What the Phuck as some people would say.

Meantime, Aiyarsehole and his cronies are filling their pockets with Fijian taxpayer dollars while the majority of Fijians are living below the poverty line. Why is his aunty paying out ministers salaries? Why is his family members being given preferential treatment by way of winning contracts that weren't tendered? Is this corruption or what?

Bainivuaka, werent you involved in the murder, and coverup, of soldiers? Were you directly involved in beating up men and women at the barracks?

In the eyes of ordinary Fijians, you're the biggest criminal ever and sorry Vuaka you will be punished along with your son Aiyarsehole. Justice will be served but you're too dumb to realize that. Rot in hell you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

No commnets from Mannings cousin Mr Carr? Just a few days ago Mr Carr decides to making contact again with Fiji -what timing? So should be still talk of Democracy when a a dmocratic Leader is sent to gaol especially when both Australai & NZ were playing lead role against Bainimarama now suddenly democracy has appered to have fallen off the agendas of ANZ alliance? What a farce but it was always expected or are we really suprised?

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5 for this extensive coverage, up to the minute news and good images..Vinaka..

mark manning said...

If this is how Fijians treat those who serve them, then I'd rather not.

Night Rider said...

Why can't we have an Arab spring rising in Fiji

Anonymous said...

How unbelievable one sided your piece is. Normally support you guys but this is too much.

Lai and Mahen said...

C4.5 is doing justice by publishing cross-section of views which is democratic, unlike Baini regime.

We not support Bainimarama at all, but neither shoud we turn blind eye to LQ's faults and falsely paint him as a saint.

Enough of the lawakica - that's why we get fooled all the time.

Mahen ‘Fiji ke Robin Hood’ Chaudhry should be next. Like Qarase, he is a wolf in sheep’s hide’; a parasite who deviously uses and preys on his people.

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji and indiots of Fiji Army, this is the biggest mistake baini and arsy has done to themselves.Now the Fijian support will be more Fijiana than anything else. Let the election happen tomorrow , 2013, 2014, LQ and team will win. either you have the immunity or not , baini , arsy will have pussy in the Naboro.

This is the turning chapter in Fiji.
Silent marjority counts

Anonymous said...

Well the case took me off the fence. Now a committed SDL supporter.

Anonymous said...

Fiji army boys gutless , shameless , bunch of cowards. the most coward people in the world.
look at Libya, Seria, Egypt,we Fijians. THE HAS BEGAN IN FIJI, BAINI

mark manning said...

@ anon 518 P.M.
I understand how you feel, but you need to understand that Governments, elected ones that is, must engage Diplomatically, not with the gun as Frank Bainimarama and his thugs have done. It's also inappropriate for Australia to become involved in Judicial matter because of the Separation of Powers under the Westminster System of Government and we have to tread carefully, or be accused of being a colonialist Country getting involved in a Sovereign Nation's affairs.
It's a bit like walking a tightrope 50 metres up in a breeze with no safety net !
The Regime, the one Fijians live under at present, is not bound by any of those restrictions and make up decrees and rules and laws, as it goes.
Things will only get worse for Fijians now, unless you all conspire against Frank Bainimarama and your impotent and useless soldiers etc.
Fijians future, has always been in their own hands.
What of Mere Samisoni and Pita Driti now ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By sending the ELECTED and HONOURABLE PM to jail is the BIGGEST mistake that these ILLEGAL THIEVES have made. They have really, really PHUCKED it up now!
Firstly, Mr Qarase is now a martyr. Secondly, those who where "fence sitters" will now see the true light and will be released from from their ignorance.
Lastly, they have now deeply put a wedge between the KAI IDIAS and the KAI VITIS [ the TRUE FIJIANS ].
The KAI VITIS and the whole wide world knows that this country is now been run by the Kai Idias, and that the murderous and illegal prime minister is just a puppet who will sell his soul in order to not go to prison. It is survival and self-preservation mode at whatever expense.

Anonymous said...

2014 Elections - Member of Naboro Communal seat :Laisenia Qarase
Member of Naboro Open seat :M P Chaudary.

Anonymous said...

Whilst he may not have been guilty here, he surely did enough during the agricultural scam. The big man surely works in mysterious ways. It is raining tonite in Suva. We are being blessed of what has happened in the courts today.

Anonymous said...

My prediction is that Tupou Draunidalo will appeal at her earliest. She will request that Qarase be released till the appeal hearing. The court will deny bail.

Appeals court will hear the case. The Appeals Court Judges will come back and up the sentence,saying that the Judge was too lenient. The rest will be just a history.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:38

I think you meant Dishonorable PM. Cause Qarase is now a convicted criminal and brought disrepute to the office of Prime Minister ship.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous, again you are causing division when you kaivitis have no balls to face your own people.
Respect law and order.

Anonymous said...

Good question @ Night Rider re Arab Spring. lol...

Anonymous said...

By now we would have hasd another general election and it is no guarantee that LQ would have remained PM.

LQ was also unelected PM for some time if you remember.

Lastly, LQ is not the only former PM in the world who has been jailed. There are other countless leaders. MPC would be next. His case is clear cut.

Anonymous said...

May be 50 or so supporters, not hundreds.End to the main agriculture scam culprit. NBF crooks and Chaudhary should be next.

Anonymous said...

Honestly who are you guys to talk? Do you have any legal experience yet even knowledge to know how the law system works?

LMAO said...

Funny how people expect C4.5 to be what the Fiji media can't be and worse what the pro-regime blogs can't be. To the anonymous saying the article is one sided ... hello...are you not reading the Frig Sun etc etc. C4.5 you must be a real thorn in the side, eh, cos the pricks certainly hate you.

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Truth [Na Dina] fijitruthcom@gmail.com via googlegroups.com

8:49 PM (11 minutes ago)

Bula to all our dear readers,

The people of Fiji especially those that believed in Hon PM Qarase's leadership in Fiji post 2000 Coup and also when he won the majority votes in a democratic election in Fiji pre 2006 Bainimarama coup are shocked about the current verdict. It is rigged as most of Qarase followers are saying. There is nothing new here as Fijians [Indigenous] Hon Qarase's SDL Party was the only Political Party that would have assisted Fijians to get into the business realm. By default, the Fijians cannot compete with the Fiji Indians or Indo-Fijian, as some like to call them on this level. The Fiji Indians are people whose origins know about trading and money handling and way ahead of Fijians in 100 of years. Bainimarama, we are told has aligned himself well with this groups seeing they had been supposedly marginalised in previous coup or so Fiji coconut wireless says. In essence Bainimarama therefore has the Fiji business communities behind him as opposed to Hon Qarase's group of people the grassroo Fijians. To hear the verdict declaring the Hon Qarase is guilty on 09 counts is pretty damn serious. This aspect will covered later in this blog.

Historically this is important to raise especially for those that may not be familiar of the minute details of what happened pre 2006 coup. Importantly, in particular for those propping up Bainimarama for fear of intimidtation or for already eyeing a lucrative deal when this diktator again resume power after 2014 election as being predicted, the diktator is not allowing any of the old political parties to stand in the election as noted by some. More so the verdict now passed to convict Hon Mr Qarase is one well crafted by Bainimarama & Khaiyum's legal canute to be able to convict Hon Qarase with minimum of fuss.For more details and important documentations of the wranglings and arguments and pertinent details why we think this coup is all for the wrong reasons, read this link; Truth for Fiji http://www.truthforfiji.com/

Coup 4.5 said...

part two...

Some background details will be useful to give an insight into what happened pre 2006 coup. The mere fact that Hon Qarase and Bainimarama did not get on is evident enough for us to know how things was going to swing during this court hearing. A s Fijians, evidently, what Hon Qarase did during his time as head of the Fiji Development Bank before he became the Prime Minister of Fiji was ethical and all within the guidance of the leadership of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara who was Prime Minister and then became President for Fiji until his death. The Great Council of Chiefs were very much aware of what Hon Qarase did to further business for people from within his Lau Region and around Fiji. This application for funds from the Fiji Development Bank towards all these rural villages as what we are now told he has been convicted of are quite normal as he, Hon Qarase would have had to go pass his village elders within the Province to be able to draw any funds under their Communal system. As articulated by the former Deputy President for Fiji, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi, saying that Hon Qarase was a man of integrity and protrayed a high level of honesty.

So if Hon Qarase had all these support behind him, how then was this case so well crafted by Bainimarama & Khaiyum to have him convicted. Was it to save their faces? What about the reverse if we challenge Khaiyum and Bainimarama as to what they have done to Fiji when its their turn to take the stand, what sort of answers would they come up with? They took Fiji Government by force under the power of guns. They removed Hon PM Qarase in the process. Was it because Bainimarama had been warned his position and power in the Military or Naval Camp was limited? Was this case of convicting Hon Qarase a case of 'Tit-for-tat"? Only Divine Providence and 'Time' will tell. One thing we do know, this conviction of an innocent man doing good for his own Indigenous Fijians by borrowing money against his province under a Village business name in order to equip the Fijians on how to conduct themselves in business has certainly back-fired on Hon Qarase as the case seem to be by Bainimarama & Khaiyum. At the very least Hon Qarase had the backing of his Fijian villages, the late Hon Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the Great Council of Chiefs and the rest of the Fijian who still hold high values to their Fijian-ness and wish to main their Indigenous Cultural Heritage.

This verdict has certainly awakened Indigenous Fijians to fight for our Culture and reclaim it as what is evident is the drive to destruct and reconstruct as can be seen here. We live you our readers to read and make up your own minds as to which way you wish to view this Fiji saga. One thing is for sure Fijians will stand up and Fight these Injustices not lying down but firmly on our feet.

God Bless Fiji & its people.

Na Dina Team
Fiji Truth will prevail in the end.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.38p.m. 3 August

Stop shouting and tell us mada where was the 99% itaukei support that you say Qarase has?

If only this case was tried within a legitimate, democratic set-up, Qarase would have copped a higher totogi.

So when are we going to see the rest of the corrupt ones (NBF, FNPF, Agricult Scam, Regimental Fund etc) have their day in the dock?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Qarase for showing no remorse because you have not done anything wrong. Not like the want to be religious Fijians who as soon as they are blamed for something, go around asking for forgiveness from all and sundry. The vulagis in recent times have latched onto this and made the unsuspecting Fijians dance to their tunes acquiring very profitable gains. Fijians in high positions right now, on the whole, belong to this category with the false belief that they are being humble and God is rewarding them for their obedience - courtesy of New Age teaching creeping into Christianity. Raici vakavinaka - tamani veivakalialiai levu caka tiko vei kemuni. That is how they justify the perks and 'blessings' that have come their way.

Fijians who say you are guilty are simpletons who do not understand business decisions but want to be seen by the vulagis as righteous or are downright cowards like Weleilakeba, Timoci Vesikula, Qoriniasi Bale etc.

LMAO said...

Bro, the pricks after you guys on c4.5 because nearly 8,000 people have read your story on Qarase sentencing on Facebook and 150 shares. No wonder they wasting time sending negative comments and trying to see if you print them. As someone just said on your Facebook people who got nothing good to say about Qarase should leave the page!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Just see Graham Davis's grubshit and the attack from anit-Qarase Indo-Fijian lackeys on Victor Lal for pointing out the corruption on the part of Yang and other Hong Kong prosecutors. Keep up the good work, C4/5.

Fark Fanning said...

All who have used their official positions to benefit personally be warned.

The law will catch up with you, sooner or later.

Justice for Fiji said...

Anon@2.15 Want to take part but not sure who I will vote with Qarase out of the picture. They will be going after MPC and we are left with Big Mick, Pramod Rae, Fiji Party etc. It shouldve been Qarase or a multi-party.

Anonymous said...

Justice for Fiji

Who is Fiji Party? We have not heard of this Party as of yet. If you mean Fiji First Party, well I am here to tell you that this party met it's natural death a while ago. Anit, Santa Maharaj and Nick Naidu were just wannabes.

Peter the Great, Peter I or Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov said...


Sheik Sabir said...

'...Bloody instructions, which being taught, return To plague the inventor: this even-handed justice Commends the ingredients of our poison d chalice To our own lips...'.

Anonymous said...

Fark Fanning, you're lost. The Hitler Jugend rally is on a different website.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:15, your poll question is poorly worded. The question shouldn't be 'Who do you think will be Fiji's next prime minister?' The question should be 'Who do you think SHOULD be Fiji's next prime minister?'

A lot of us think Fiji's next prime minister will be a traitor like Bainivuaka, Aiyarse, or Teleni, but would prefer it be someone honest.

Mere said...

'Fiji's Democracy... is even now being raped, and yet we act as timid bystanders afraid to get involved. How is it we can live with ourselves?'

How, indeed!

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon at 2.1pm: Given the current situation, would you consider adjusting the wording of your poll to 'Who do you think should be Prime Minister?'-C4.5

Anonymous said...

NZ and Aust, now supporting this REGIME.

democratic said...

@ Mere
Meanwhile the democratic process of registering voters for the next elections is on target and the democratic process of the work of the Constitution Review of Commission is underway. Did you cry Rape ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah you do the crime and you have to do the time.. but better Qarase, they won't touch the shares... money guaranteed for life... it's like robbing a bank and storing the money somewhere till you get out...smart!!

Anonymous said...

One day Mafatu
for you Bai And Aiasse be prepared for the young generation will be acting in the same position that you two got now as Pm and Ag because you will answer all our question in one day in the Future in Court.God Bless Fiji.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

If anyone in doubt of Qarase's popularity note this: C4.5's Facebook story has gone viral. Some 9,138 people have read the story of his being sent to jail, 176 shares and 550 likes. That shows an awful lot of support for the man who would've beaten Frank at the election polls.

Coup 4.5 said...

I am not a legal person so can someone help me understand the following
.If ex- PM Lasenia Qarase can be sent to jail for some crime he is said to have committed in the distant past (is it 10years ago?) although he denied doing it ,then can ex- PM Sitiveni Rabuka be also put on trial and sent to jail for the crime he now admits having commited?
" Another ex- PM Mahendra Chaudhry is also on trial for crimes he is said to have committed in the past and he too could be sent to jail."
So logically speaking, can we take it that say 10 years from now when Frank Bainimarama becomes ex-PM he too can be put on trial and send to jail for the crime he has committed?
I am of course only speaking hypothetically.
Rajend Naid

Anonymous said...

Is FICAC going to investigate Aiyarse's aunt Nur, Shamimi sisters, MPC, Aiyarsehole, Bainivuaka, and many many others who are filling their pockets illegally? Is Aiyarse going to initiate an investigation to how the murderer Kean was released from prison after being convicted of manslaughter? How about the pig Bainivuaka for his role in the beatings of innocent people and women? Who is going to prosecute Bainivuaka for treason? Who is going to investigate Bainivuaka and his son Aiyarse for the salaries they are receiving?

As seen in the Middle East, dictators have been toppled by people power and it's only a matter of time before Bainivuaka faces the same fate. Well he can hide behind his bociguards now but he can't run, even his cassava patch dash won't be fast enough to save his black ass.

Dawaikama said...

To Priscilla Queen of the Desert:

You have nailed Fiji's problem: undying support for corrupt and self-serving leaders like Qarase and Mahen by simpleton kaiviti and kai-india.

For Fiji, ever Fiji, land of the corrupt.

Long live corruption and nepotism in Fiji!

We Fijians are ready to defend them to the death.

Mere said...

'Democratic', the proof is in the pudding. Isn't that what Aiyaz has said?

The Constitutional Review Committee's work isn't democratic. Aiyaz hand-picks his former professor and other non-Fijians and combines them with other handpicked people already known for their support of his treasonous regime, and THEY'RE the ones who will draft Fiji's constitution? What's so democratic about that?

The normal democratic way should have been to allow the people to elect their own representatives. Those representatives should then meet in a closed convention to debate and negotiate the shape and terms of the constitution. They should select a committee of gifted writers to draft the constitution. The draft should then have been submitted to the people for public hearings and final consideration by the convention delegates before being submitted to the President for his approval. Then approval of the constitution should have been put to the people for approval or rejection in a national plebescite in which a supermajority of 'aye' votes should have been necessary for its ratification.

Instead, we now see the regime already acting in bad faith -- pronouncing 'non-negotiable' its demands for an immunity clause and complete control over the size and composition of the Constituent Assembly, basically allowing it to decide which 'constituents' even get to be heard.

The regime's handpicked people draft a constitution. Then other handpicked people consider and vote on it. And then they pass it to the handpicked president to approve it. What kind of bogus nonsense would that be? How would that legitimise anything?

What it means is that the fix is in with respect to the new constitution. Even the hand-picked Commission finds that unacceptable; only the most sycophantic handmaidens of the dictator, like yourself, do not.

It's already clear that the election won't be honest, either. Why else would Aiyaz be heading it? Dakuwaqa has suggested in this blog that Bainimarama and Aiyaz won't even stand for elections but will appoint themselves President and Chief Justice, respectively. I don't know, but it sounds plausible to me, especially since Nailatikau's term is supposed to end soon, if I'm not mistaken. So, will it be President Bainimarama whose signature will write the new constitution into 'law', without the expressed consent of the governed?

If Dakuwaqa and other bloggers are correct, the regime will convert the presidency into a much more powerful position, allowing Bainimarama to do whatever he wants, elections or no.

That may be your version of 'democracy', but that most assuredly is NOT democracy.

That is rape.

Anonymous said...


Pathetic said...

It appears that you guys got the regime you deserve. Asking the Aussis, Kiwis, the US the EU and even the Almighty to help Fiji to get rid of the thugs trampling our human rights. Perhaps the time has come now to leave indolence and subservience behind and consider just for one minute what a pathetic bunch we really are.

Anonymous said...

first the bashing of the itaukei by the pro indian regime,i repeat, pro indian regime, now the colonialist oz and kiwi lending their endorsement of this illegal pro indian regime, oilei the curry must be rrrreally tasty now ha nah... cava tale se waraki tiko, tucake mai e na gauna oqo, ke o lomana na kemu irogorogo na kawa tamata itaukei!!!

FIJIAN said...


Anonymous said...

The Judge has sent a very clear message to the people of Fiji and the world that this conviction was a political witch hunt and that his hands are tied.

12 months. the exact time that disqualifies one from standing in a election.

Thank you Judge

Anonymous said...

Yash Ghai, why isn't someone like Mere @ 3:26 PM not serving on your commission?

Anonymous said...

Dawaikama, why don't you address the corruption issues raised by Anonymous 2:20 PM?

Anonymous said...

Qarase is guilty of the charges....he got found out after all these years. There was a clear conflict of interest and he should have known better. There are probably bigger crooks still out there and possibly in government....politics is a dangerous game and Qarase drew the short straw.

Unknown said...

While some in the regime would be celebrating their success in jailing Prime Minister Qarase, the vast majority of law abiding citizens will be rightly disgusted and angered by what has occurred

I spoke to Mrs Qarase on the eve of the sentencing and Mr Qarase on the morning of his sentencing and both were ready for whatever would eventuate and they remained calm, strong & composed. Our thoughts and prayers must go to Mrs Qarase and their family and to Mr Qarase at this time.

But while the custodial sentence imposed by the High court was tragic, the authorities have unwittingly given the people of Fiji some food for thought in terms of submissions to the constitutional commission regarding the severity of punishment for the few in our society who continue to commit offences like treason, but then are afraid to account for their actions in the same court of law they are content to send their opponents like Mr Qarase and others too.

Their unwillingness to demonstrate real transparency and accountability is manifested in their lack of faith in the legitimacy and integrity of their own actions that they dare not subject themselves to the same ‘due process’ they put others through and instead, seek to hide behind the safety of immunity decrees.

The events of the past few days have certainly allowed the people of Fiji to finally separate the ‘courageous patriots’ from the ‘quivering cowards’

Mr Qarase’s 12 month sentence for something that occurred 19 years ago provides us with an opportunity to use the High Court’s justification for its decision as a ‘basic’ measure by which to establish in the new constitution fixed sentences for anyone who commits or has committed treason in the past 20 years.

Considering the sentence Mr Qarase received for his offence, there can be little doubt that anyone committing a crime as serious as treason should get a minimum of 80 years to life without the possibility of parole and all those who aid and abet the act of treason a minimum of 40 years without parole.

Taking into account the period of time that the prosecution went back to, in order to find something to pin on Mr Qarase, investigations for the crime of treason would surely warrant going back a minimum of 20 years to establish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Once such deterrents become entrenched provisions in the new constitution, no one, not the President, the Prime Minister, the parliament, the military or the police can amend the sentences to be imposed unless through a referendum conducted only by a legally elected parliament. This way, anyone thinking about coup 5 or 6, might think again before trying it?

All the law abiding citizens of Fiji must register to vote and make submission’s to the constitutional commission so that the people’s voice can be heard once more and that serious deterrents be put in place to discourage anyone from committing treason and manipulating the system of government to feather their own nests ever again.

Mick Beddoes
Sabeto, Nadi

mIcky mouse said...

@ Mick Beddoes

Hello! Abuse of Office is NOT Treason. They are two different offences requiring different penalties. You have to come up with a better argument Mick.

Anonymous said...

@ Mickey Mouse...
Mick Beddoes argument is clearly understandable...the only one who is not clear is you...
So before you write...think because your comment is only as good as the name you called yourself.....

Anonymous said...

Friends, remember our Chief Justice who cheaply shared court matters at cocktails, not once but more than once, he should have resigned if his conscience are justifiably just.

CJ in that act gave us a window to peep into the chambers, and assumptions are not very wrong.

The latest court decision on Qarase leaves a lot to be desired.

So folks, anyone can be sent to court, PM, former PMs,Presidents, CJ,AG,DPP, spokesmen, spokeswomen, Ministers of multi portfolios, Ambassadors,etc.
We need to build more jails as more people are going to be members of those government villages.

Anonymous said...

Come voting day we will have only one party to vote for. Every opponent that could stand up on election will be at Suva jail or have served 12 mths in jail which means they cannot be elected. So why are registering anyway?

Bob Singh

Anonymous said...

Hello Mick Beddoes,

Can you pls tell us and the rest of Fiji how much loan you took from NBF? How much you have repaid? How muxch is the balance? And why you have not paid the full amount?

You looking for cheap political mileage here. Where was your support pre-2006 for LQ.

Anonymous said...

Mick, you better uphold the law and the judiciary, what you are saying as a leader you totally disregard the legal jurisdiction? Your argument is the crime was committed 20 yrs ago so it should be swept under the carpet like the defaulters of NBF loans taken and you are one of them!!!
Look at the German Nazi's who committed crime over 50 yrs ago were brought to justice.
You do not deserve to be a leader as you fill your own pocket!!!

Radiolucas said...

@ Mick
"Considering the sentence Mr Qarase received for his offence, there can be little doubt that anyone committing a crime as serious as treason should get a minimum of 80 years to life without the possibility of parole and all those who aid and abet the act of treason a minimum of 40 years without parole."

Well said. I also suspect that it is this quiet thought that has kept Frank & Aiyaz awake late many a night...

Anonymous said...

If we compare the crimes and the specific of what was committed, as againts the sentencing for the former PM of Fiji Mr Laisenia Qarase and Francis Kean, one can deduce that corruption and nepotism is at its maximum in Fiji at the momement.
And if the current judiciary thinks otherwise as proved by their court systems, then indeed Fiji has a Kangaroo judiciary poisioned with malice and kila vata!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:24, the fact that Beddoes was not an Qarase supporter only gives his words on Qarase's behalf more credibility.

And why should everyone know the man's personal finances, so long as he is breaking no law?

You're really clutching at straws.

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes said 'a minimum of 80 years to life' for treason. Note that that's the minimum.

I think Bainimarama and a few others qualify for the maximum, which is death by hanging.

No immunity. Non-negotiable.

Anonymous said...

Mick please do better than that? Your days as a politician are also numbered-we need new blood!

Anonymous said...

That's right, Mick. Forget the minimum. These guys deserve the maximum. The Tree of Liberty needs new blood!

Dominick said...

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Alia parker said...

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