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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fiji's key parties lobby Pacific Leaders Forum

Qarase out of the picture but SDL, FLP and UPP fighting on.
The country's main four parties have taken their concerns to the region's biggest gathering of Pacific leaders, the Pacific Forum.

IN THE MIX: NFP and Raman Singh (middle)
In an 11 page submission, SDL, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party tell Forum leaders 'there is a misconception in some quarters that Fiji is truly on the road back to democracy and constitutional rule.'

The parties discuss the current Constitutional process but detail shortcomings and say the regime should not be driving the process, reiterating that the only sure way back to democracy is via the 2009 Fiji Court of Appeal decision.

The parties say the illegal president can still appoint a caretaker Prime Minister and Cabinet, establish a political dialogue forum, and set up Electoral Commission, the Boundaries Commission and Supervisors Commission.
MISCONCEPTIONS: Julia Gillard and John Key

They also question the make-up of the Constituent Assembly, and military representation.

The parties also tell the Forum they take exception to the restrictions that have been put on those who want to seek election, highlighting the jailing of the SDL party leader, Laisenia Qarase, and the pending trial of FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

And they say the regime must not be allowed immunity at any cost.

"We have very strong reservations on this issue. Perpetrators of the coup must face the full brunt of the law and be held accountable. 

"By providing blanket immunity in the past we have taken away the penal and punitive element from such heinous crimes and have simply encouraged more treasonous activities. If Fiji is to counter this coup culture immunities in constitutions have to go."

On the issue of the regime's non-negotiable plan for the 2014 elections and the one man one vote, the parties say: "This is a crucial issue in ensuring racial harmony and must be put to open discussion so that a fully representative system can which respects the rights of minority communities and assures them due representation in Parliament and Cabinet."

In conclusion they say: "The signatory parties to this submission won 98 per cent of the votes cast in the last general elections held in 2006 and therefore hold an overwhelming mandate to speak on behalf of the people of Fiji."

The submission is signed by Solomone Naivalu (president of the SDL party), Mahendra Chaudhry (leader of the Fiji Labour Party), Raman Pratah Singh (president of the National Federation Party) and Mick Beddoes leader of the United Peoples Party.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told media the United States will remain active in the South Pacific for the "long haul" but the region is big enough for a rising China. Announcing more than $30 million in new aid projects, Clinton is to visit Beijing next week and told forum leaders: "I think, after all, the Pacific is big enough for all of us."

Fiji's Constitutional Process: submission by the four parties to the Pacific Forum


Anonymous said...

MPC is afraid that he will be at the Korovou hotel soon. Micky is afraid he won't get to enjoy the perks of being leader of opposition. Why then make the submission to the commission Micky. Are you afraid you will lose the elections.

I don't support the coups, but I don't support the politicians who are there to use the innocent people as well for their self and agenda.

What about taking the FLP to court for their support to the coup.

We need fresh and clean blood to rule fiji. Not con artist and criminals.

kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

The four parties(SDL,FLP,FNP and The United People's Partry) are derailing the process for early election and return of democracy set by our President,The Prime Minister and The Military. I am equally suprised that the four parties have voiced their opinions against the immunity. You all know there was a party which supported the 2006 coup. It is very hypocritical for that party to say this. On the jailing of Qarase and the forthcoming case of the FLP leader, The Court of Fiji has done it not the Government or The Military. The jucidiary of Fiji is independent of the government. The four parrties should change their stance and support the government for early return of democracy in our beloved Fiji. Please rest be assured that the election process would be trasparent.

Anonymous said...

kulima kumar wat the hell you know...wat transparent you saying.

we want election now and not later if its to be transparent.

kulina mate...

Wake Up said...

Fiji can check mate these vassals of Australia and New Zealand, by easily call their collective bluff and refuse to rejoin Pacific Islands Forum.

End result- no Pacific Plan, No PACER Plus, No regionalization cum regional Government and No regional currency.

Fiji is leading the Pacific in stopping One World Government.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the four parties. The people of this country can now see a light of hope at the end of the dark tunnel that we have been travelling through for the past six years. This shows there is a strong sense of unity amongst the 98 per cent of the people of Fiji who are fed up of this regime. Our liberation is finally on its way. Kamlesh Kumar you are speaking against the mandate of the people which is represented by the four parties. At last forum leaders have now been fed with the real feeling of the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Played carefully, these four parties can do the right damage to the regime. If that's what we want and I can't see why we wouldn't. Six years is long enough for a military dictatorship, in fact it's six years that should never have been.

Anonymous said...

Beddoes is one man party -him alone and he is the leader .
What a joke!

Anonymous said...

YesI totally agree with the 4 political leaders, we need to rid the army regime.They have done so much damage to our country.Liars, murderers,deceiving people,putting the country into huge debts which will not be paid. we don't need soldiers in Fiji, they are the course of coups.They want to show their powers through the point of the gun.

Anonymous said...

98 per cent mandate is much better odds than a coup and an illegal government sustained by decrees.

Anonymous said...

Army are not needed in Fiji.They are the coup grabbers, wanting to show their powers.Go to your villages and tei tavioka.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like this submission fucked up Frank's dream to enter the forum. hahahaha gram davis what now when John Key says forget Forum till 2014? suck on the egg.

Anonymous said...

Vote the Coalition in means voting the regime out - sounds like a plan to me. Why are we resisting it? Political parties easier to vote out than coup perpetrators with secret agendas and taste for power.

Parties have their policies poles apart said...

The SDL fully supported the previous coup and its birth tooks place during the georgie speight coup.

The SDL submission in the presence of its racists president solomone magaitinamu naivalu, called Fiji to be declared a christian state - now with these parties joining forces, I wonder what respect they have from the voters?

All the FLP wants is to avoid jail term of its Leader and will suck to any party to do this. In addition, FLP leader is damn scared that his money deposited at CBA in Australia may be at stake, since it was donations raised for displaced farmers.

It is suprising that such marriage of convience is being formed which is doomed to collaspe even before elections.

Poised for Justice said...

The policies may well be 'poles apart' but the unifying force is bringing a much needed change to Fiji. That may well over ride the bread and butter issue of 'policies'.

Anonymous said...

Are their motives any worse than those of Bainimarama who holds the country hostage with no sign of letting go? I think not.

Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama was a genuine leader he would not ask or expect immunity. Not only does he demand immunity but he wants to keep his ill- gotten gains as well.

Timoci said...

What are these people thinking???? The present government is doing all it can to have the election in 2014.

If NFP, FLP, UPP and SDL just shut the F**K up and let the process take it's natural course, we all will see a better Fiji.

I think the leaders of these parties need to find a day time job.

Stav said...

I'm so happy seeing all the parties coming together. We shall stand united in 2014 and remove this oppressive regime through the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

First off,the representatives of the Fijian people should question the forum as to why established a
security accord(Biketawa Accord,Aitutaki Accord or Nasonini Accords, if member states can't or don't intend to enforced these accords to the letter? For god sake
it has been 6 frieken years,
if something of the sort had happen in New Zealand or Australia would they expect us
to sent in our troops in order to assure their freedom? Do they expect us to act decisively & immediately as per the
agreements to signing the Accords?
Well,guess what, you can frieken shoved your middle finger up where the sun down shine,
if this happens
to you, cause we're going to do exactly as you've done it? We'll sit back and relax and wait for you to resolved your own shit? Sure
we'll talk and thats just about all
we'll be doing. Might as well take those useless accords and shove it up you frieken ass too?

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar writes: 'The jucidiary of Fiji is independent of the government. The four parrties should change their stance and support the government for early return of democracy in our beloved Fiji. Please rest be assured that the election process would be trasparent.'

Kamlesh, what planet are you on?

Enough of Con Politicians said...

The instant marriage of convenience is a joke. SDL and FLP could not form a coalition when given the opportunity. The people will not be fooled by the political agendas of politicians who have not done anything for their constituents but brought division and race relation to its worst in Fiji's parliamentary history. The people have had enough and calls for new faces to lead Fiji. Fiji needs ethical leadership and unfortunately the four at the FORUM have no further business to lead Fiji

Anonymous said...

'Wake up' is a nut case.

Anonymous said...

Great stuffs .the elected leaders have informed the forum leaders with truth..
The forum have accepted the submission and made wise call to keep the illegal regime out.
next move should be to enforce the april 2009 court ruling and 1997 constitution.
bring the culprits to court for treason.
fijian should be united and support the leaders to get rid of the regime.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

no immunity to anyone, if they willing to commit the crime, they should pay the price. Fiji does not need an army. New Constitution should say RIP to Army.

Kai Bau said...

I love this piece everyone to get together and show the world our solidarity.Kick the interim bastards out and for good and throw all of then to Naboro and leave then there for the rest of their life.Common guys lets united and attack our common enermy the IG and the soldiers.The thought of defeat had been with me for some times but still now I believe we can all do it together and take our goverment back.

Anonymous said...

Even FBC knows Fiji doesn't deserve to be back in the Forum!

Fiji does not deserve to be back: Key

08:11 Today

NZ Prime Minister John Key

Taken from/By: Google
Report by: Shireen Lata

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says Fiji does not deserve to be reinstated to the Pacific Islands Forum yet.

He says Forum leaders are still in doubt whether Prime Minister – Voreqe Bainimarama will follow through on promises to hold elections in 2014.

He says Fiji should only be allowed back into the forum when democratic elections are done and the military are back in the barracks.

Other Pacific leaders had similar views.

Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna says he also believes suspension should not be lifted.

Puna says it is important that the integrity of the forum leaders’ position is maintained.

The 15 leaders of the forum will once again discuss about Fiji today.

Anonymous said...

Why should we go back to the forum? To be dictated to by Australia and new Zealand I suppose. Please Fiji just don't rejoin the forum, it's of no use to us. We have done well without it. Saves us money from hosting arseholes from Australia and new Zealand.

Anonymous said...

fiji people to be united and fight our common enemy -regime.
how long we wan to live in fear.
we want democracy and freedom. which is given under 1997 constitution.
so lets all be united and tell constitution commission ghai that we want 1997 constitution back .full stop.
gcc to appoint new president /vp.
united we stand divided we fall.
great to see all political leaders united.
I hoped if multi party govt of 2006 was given full support to run the govt now fiji would be like hawaii.
well we have learned our lesson time to be united and move on.

mark manning said...

To win a war, one needs a common enemy and in Fiji, that common enemy is, the coup culture !
In 2006, did Aiyaz and Frank consider for one moment, that eventually, the very thing they began, would be the thing which unites their enemies ?

Anonymous said...

These so called political leaders of the various political parties are a joke. They could not work together and serve the citizens in a multi-party government when they were democratically elected six years ago. Now they realise after six years that they had 98% of the people's mandate at that time. Don't get me wrong, I do not support any coups but this is the truth. They all had there own PERSONAL agendas at that time.Now they are trying to change their tune and unite again I say they still have their personal agendas for some reason or the other only god knows. I suggest none of these leaders or parties deserve the right to be elected in parliament or lead Fiji. They have all failed miserably. It's all their fault. Honestly the innocent citizens of Fiji deserve better.

Anonymous said...

To Beddoes...We want leaders who are healthy that can walk, run and doesnt fart and snores so loud that can wake those at St Jiles for their breakfast..To Chaudary and Qarase we had enough of your lies..You say good things on one side but you both do the opposite things on the other side..Chaudary and Qarase remember that You both use innocent people to fight for your hidden sick and greedy family businesses..What are shame!!Qarase you allowed FNPF members to use their FNPF money to buy shares at FHL so that it can be your excuse for your loan from the FDB to buy shares at FHL..The only difference the FNPF members does not receive their divident but deposited back to their account but you were allowed to receive them!!To Chaudary the poor people champion but unfortunately he stole their money and deposit it in Australia..We are sick and tired of these three stooges!!
September 1, 2012 7:43 AM

Anonymous said...

Quote Anon. "We have done well"

There are none so blind as cannot see.

Frank said...

FLP/SDL when they were in government, they could not solve any of Fijis problems. They would not listen to anybody.

Why should others listen to the.

Anonymous said...

I hope Frank now realises that gun power will not take one far. The submission by the four political parties has been accepted by the forum as best explaining the mood of the people in Fiji. The international community will also accept this submission as the forum and its resolutions and position on issues affecting the South Pacific region are highly recognised by organisations representing the communiuties. This single submission could spell the end of this regime as the entire member countries of the forum are siding with 98 per cent of the people of Fiji. It signals that Jericho is about to fall.

Anonymous said...

USA, NZ AND Aust are not buying Bai's reasons for staging the 2006 coup. They have good intelligence on the ground and know that the coup was to save Bai's skin from going to Naboro. Former Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes has got information and evidence that Bai was the one who ordered the murder of CRW soldiers in 2000.

Anonymous said...

The submission is the single most strongest signal that Fiji's Nebuchanessar is about to fall.

Anonymous said...

The submission is the single most strongest signal that Fiji's Nebuchanessar is about to fall.

Desperate for friends said...

Frankie the outcast and his thug junta must be really desperate for friends by having consensual sex with human rights abusing dictatorships and failed states like north korea? This loser has put himself in history alongside other useless dictator thugs - of no value at all to their own country or to the world generally. Just common criminals and thugs with guns.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Frank said...

"FLP/SDL when they were in government, they could not solve any of Fiji's problems. They would not listen to anybody."

WRONG - under SDL the economy was booming - under this regime the economy is a disaster. It pays to understand facts. Clearly Frank is ill educated and does not follow or understand economic indicators.

There must be NO immunity for this heinous, treasonous crime that has impoverished our people.

Anonymous said...

If Beddoes is a joke and one-man party, then what is Bainimarama? Where is HIS party? Beddoes was elected leader of the opposition. When was Bainimarama ever elected to anything?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is leading the Pacific in stopping One World Government? Wow, I didn't realise Fiji had such a central role in world affairs! Silly me, all I've seen is how the regime is stopping Fiji from having its own government.

Anonymous said...

Lots of great talk about unity, but the real test will come 26 September. Are we or are we not going to unite around the simple premise behind Jericho and make a positive statement? Because if we don't, we'll be making a very different kind of statement indeed. If we can't unite behind such a simple idea as celebrating Fiji for 60 seconds, then how will we ever be able to unite behind anything else?

Instead of talking incessantly about the need for unity, let's start building that unity by organising behind Operation Jericho.

Kamlesh Kumar-Army Supporter. said...

"Under Qarase the economy was booming.:" This is not according to the Leader of FLP in 2006. He has the country was heading for bankcruptcy. From 2004 to 2008 the majority economies were booming but now majority economies are in reccession. Baini has done well. Look at the level of foreigh investment in Fiji. KK-Supporter of Bainimara.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Khaiyum must be so pleased of themselves.
This is what they wanted all along, for all parties that represent the people of Fiji to unite under one umbrella.
Objective complete and back to the barracks.

Anonymous said...

Some people are saying we don't need NZ and Aust and old system of govt claiming that we have done well under this government. Can someone tell me where we have done well compared to democratic rules. I can only see that things have deteriorated under this regime.Lots of hot air, unfulfilled promises, compromising judiary, selective police trumped up charges against perceived enemies of regime, rising poverty, stifling of media and freedom of expression, etc..etc

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning makes it so simple just like his cousin Bush "you with us or you against us". Mark whilst one doesn't agree to coups the situation in Fiji is by the doings of the Fijians-so its solution is not finding a common enemy but by find a common ground to solutions! That me be a bit difficult for you to conprehend! You may ask why-simple afer the so called enemy is gone we back to 'cowboys and indians'! So the games begin again?

Dau didigo said...

To those that are still thinking that the regime is still intact will have to think twice. The unelected PM and his cronies are shaking and by the mention of the non granting of immunity has really making them really sick. FB have been doing his political maneuvering through the advise of the cobra head by using the small & insignificant extra small pacific nations like Nauru, Tuvalu and Kiribati to further his defeated motion. He even went to the devilish states like North Korea and Iran to consolidate his empty ego. Really deception works like that...and he will one day realize that he was being used all along the by superior established power of the business people of this country and overseas investors. FB has been overwhelmed by many different kinds of opportunists and with limited thinking capacities he will not be able to make rational decisions. He tend to rely more on those who can talk. People know his limitation and take advantage of this. At times really it is the battle between his advisers. At this stage the Military Council has been relegated to security and minor operational matters. Financiers, investors (local and overseas) legal and commercial are the main people behind him now.

You need to answer the following questions below.

Is the illegal PM salary paid through Nur Bano's business consultancy firm to the tune of approximately $750,0000.000 per annum?

Did he purchase 3 properties for his children worth a total value almost a million dollar and one has all furniture sent from China as part of the deal?

Has he paid $1 million property already or still negotiating?

Nur Bano is his financial adviser and will make sure that all tracks are covered.

If some one ordered the death of some of his own soldiers is there any thing else will stop him from further killings?

He now can not sleep well at night and on a few occasions he has been close to near death situations.

He desperately needs help and those that he normally trust are slowly making their move away from him.

He is now a living Time bomb!

He might commit suicide or contemplating another deadly move because IMMUNITY is being lost and in the mind of a DICTATOR guess what will be his next move.

Defender of Democracy said...

The three are seasoned politicians and the regime are group of losers and power hungers who usurp power by force.

The people of Fiji voted these three through election.

Some people are just full of garbage and they can not differentiate simple things in life.

To those that defend murderers and torturers are actually in the same boat because they of the same feathers.

Immunity is already being lost and there is no two ways about it.

If you execute a military coup then be prepared to face the consequence as a man.

Now they are trying blame everything and anything.

Kua ga na viavia main boy ni o tamata mimi moce ravarava & poofter.

Taura vakatagane. Kaukauwa tiko ga na vosa ni tiko na i dakai.


Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar-Army Supporter. said...
"Under Qarase the economy was booming.:" This is not according to the Leader of FLP in 2006. He has the country was heading for bankcruptcy."

Democrat says: Well if you believe the leader of the FLP then you really do have a personal problem - that statemenmt is known to be totally wrong.

Kamlesh Kumar-Army Supporter also. said... "Baini has done well. Look at the level of foreigh investment in Fiji."

Democrat said - we have looked at the level of investment - it is at an all time low. Kamlesh is obviously blind as well as uneducated and cannot read or understand economic statistics.

Anonymous said...

Dau didigo, well said!!. Bainimagana has no option left and he knows it. He doesn't know what to do and his crooked advisers are taking advantage of this, all he can say is yes. He placed all his bets on immunity but that is not going to happen. And knowing how desperate he is, he will stage another coup to save his sorry ass.

As for coup supporters who have been blinded by his false promises, your hero will be nothing and you're all the same.

I'm waiting to hear yor response regarding the pigs salary being paid out by a private company, the company that ugly Nur operates. Is this corruption or not? State employee salaries are supposed to be handled by a government entity but in Fiji's case, Aiyarse's ugly aunt is that entity. Come on stop kidding yourselves and wake up from your stupid dreams.

Anonymous said...

forum leaders if AIS going to Health Ministry,send equipment and stocks NO NO to cash please as minister NEIL SHARMA and his advisors are not good at accounting

mark manning said...

As I have kept saying from 2006, Fiji's future is in the hands of Fijians, not Australia and New Zealand.
Once Fijians truly understand and comprehend that, then a solution will be found and hopefully, implemented as well.
The current increasing debt will not allow this charade to continue ad-infinitum and ad-nauseam.
Something has to give soon. There has to be a paradoxical shift.

Anonymous said...

Do we really want to removed Bainimarama from being the head of our Government?
Give me 10 good reasons, why we should get him out of our Government?
Tell the Fijian people why you don't like Bainimarama's look to
Asian policy?
What do you think about his recent
friendship gesture, to Iran and South Korea and establishing ties in both countries?
What do you feel about Fiji suspension still, from the South Pacific Forum, and Hillary Clinton
smart gesture?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama took for granted that he would receive a grant of immunity in the new constitution he's forcing on Fiji, but he didn't anticipate the overwhelming support I and others would receive for our categorical rejection of any and all immunity offers. Bainimarama assumed he'd receive a grant of immunity, which he intended to reinforce with new dictatorial powers as Fiji's president for life, but now he must consider anew the possibility of life imprisonment or execution, most probably by hanging.

All of us who know Bainimarama personally understand that he is a simple-minded man with a thin skin and giant ego. He's already gone to enormous lengths to avoid arrest for the CRW murders. Like Muammar Gaddafy, he's put the whole country through a tortuous ordeal as part of his personal psycho-drama, so he's not likely to go down without a fight, and he doesn't care if he brings down the country with him.

I hope I'm wrong. If Bainimarama will relinquish his command and comply with the terms of the Appeals Court decision, I will advocate clemency in his sentencing. This offer stands until M-Minute, which is 7:00 p.m. precisely, on Wednesday, September 26, the beginning of Operation Jericho.

I don't know what influence a shark might have with a drumhead court hearing Bainimarama's treason charges, but it wouldn't be the first time a shark has practiced in a Fijian court.

Operation Jericho begins with a 60-second noise barrage in celebration of Fiji, scheduled for M-Minute in Downtown Suva. Its design allows the citizens of Fiji their first clear and genuine opportunity to be heard since the tragic events of December 2006. It also provides patriotic elements within the police and armed forces a temporal focal point for their own planning purposes.

M-Minute is coming. The regime is powerless to prevent it.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government? Why, thank you for asking!

Reason 1: His overthrow of Fiji's lawful and democratically-elected government in 2006 was treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Reason 2: It is now clear that Bainimarama masterminded the 2000 hostage-taking in Parliament and coup attempt. This constituted treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Reason 3: Bainimarama forced President Iloilo to abrogate the Constitution in 2009, the very Constitution Bainimarama was sworn to protect. This constituted treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Reason 4: In 2000, Bainimarama allegedly ordered the murder of CRW soldiers in his custody. As prisoners, they were no longer combatants. At least one had no part whatsoever in the CRW mutiny. This was murder in cold blood, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Reason 5: Bainimarama rules Fiji without sanction of law and at gunpoint. All Fijians are effectively his hostages. This demands his removal from government and a criminal sentence no less severe than that accorded to kidnappers with aggravated circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Reason 6: Bainimarama's 2006 coup invalidated Fiji's last lawful election. He then disenfranchised all Fijians, promising elections in 2009 and reneging. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Reason 7: In 2009, Fiji's Court of Appeal ruled Bainimarama's government illegal and prescribed specific remedies. Instead, Bainimarama sacked Fiji's entire judiciary, forced the abrogation of the Constitution, and suspended all civil liberties. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Reason 8: Under Bainimarama's economic mismanagement, Fiji has experienced the worst economic performance in its history, with sustained zero or negative growth. His 2006 coup damaged Fiji's tourism. His reneging on promises are directly and personally responsible for Fiji's forfeiture of $350 million from the EU for the reform and modernization of Fiji's sugar industry. He did not properly monitor the expenditure of $84 million in loans to the sugar industry from India, leading to the project's failure. He saddled Fiji's taxpayers with the FSC's huge debt, illegally cut pensions in half, substantially devalued Fiji's currency, caused the displacement of many farmers, borrowed huge sums at inflated interest rates, created a hostile business environment, caused greater poverty, leading to increased suicides and lower life expectancy, etc. The longer Bainimarama mismanages the economy, the more Fijians will die or slip into poverty.

Anonymous said...

Reason 9: Bainimarama is at the centre of a web of growing corruption. He illegally receives multiple salaries for the multiple cabinet positions he awarded himself. He illegally routes all payments through the accounting firm of Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali. He prevents the publication of all public accounting reports, which are presumably damning of his management and operations. He is a close associate of Fulluck, which is the biggest Chinese human smuggler and prostitution ring in Fiji. He uses government agencies such as FICAC to harrass and punish his political opponents. He is the main cause for Heritage Foundation's downgrading of Fiji on its economic freedoms ranking. His regime's dealings are so murky that Transparency International cannot even conduct sufficient research with which to rank Fiji. He illegally awarded himself nearly $200,000 in leave pay going back 30 years. He provides no accounting of the money in his PM Flood Relief Fund or of the $5 million grant given to Bainimarama by the Chinese government for his discretionary use. The list could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Reason 10: Bainimarama has squandered much of the good will and international reputation Fiji has built up over its history by spurning Fiji's friends and embracing those who do not share its values or respect its interests. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is the only country ever suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is also expelled from the Commonwealth. As a result of the military coup of 2006, the United States prohibited assistance to Fiji's military and joined with other countries in imposing various travel restrictions on those officials involved and their key supporters. He uses the Melanesian Spearhead Group as a tool for wedge politics designed to impair regional unity. He regularly denounces the very countries who have been Fiji's allies and defenders throughout its history, whilst courting countries whose influence could tip the regional security balance against Fiji's long-term interests. He aligns Fiji with totalitarian and repressive regimes notorious as state sponsors of terrorism while maligning Fiji's largest trade partners and most reliable aid donors. Etc., etc.

I've now listed ten reasons why Bainimarama should and must go, amd I've only scratched the surface on these. And apart from these ten, there are many other compelling reasons as well.

Thanks again for asking the question. I hope you think long and hard about the morality of supporting such a man.

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Truth [Na Dina]


We wholeheartedly agree that perpetrators of 2006 coup must face the consequences of their actions. If a civilian like George Speight have to do his time in prison, why can't Bainimarama do his penance as well and serve his time behind bar for executing 2006 coup. We will run a Global Petition that the main two & their cronies must take the stand; First up- Voreqe Bainimarama & Khaiyum Aiyaz Saiyed, Fiji People will demand why we have been put through never-ending changes in decree to suit their will; prolonged Public Emergency Regulation; Human Rights Abuses; Discrimination of Indigenous Fijian & more.
As quoted below;

"We have very strong reservations on this issue. Perpetrators of the coup must face the full brunt of the law and be held accountable." ~Fiji's 4 main Political Parties.

Anonymous said...

If there is no mutiny, there will be no government. The military will stage another coup.

I will be one of the key operators that will arrest and detain the politicians.

We will run the government for another ten years.

No retreat, no surrender, no mercy.

God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Let's prepare for another military takeover in 2014 if there is no immunity.

I love my brave military, you are the best in the world.

You are not only warriors but outstanding civil servants.

Please take over the government and run it for another ten years.

No more Qarase, Chaudary, Beddoes and Raman Pratap Singh.

May God Bless the Military and Fiji

Anonymous said...

The submissions made by the major political leaders to the Forum is a blatant act of disobedience that will divide the country more.
This is a time to join hands and work out the best solution to the problem confronting the nation. The opportunity given now seems to be be eroded and Bai can easily now delay and prolong elections as he has a legitimate excuse that the other party leaders are not willing to participate!!!

Anonymous said...

To All Out There
If u are supporting Frank and company, decision time is near.
They are now in a corner cause the Constitution Review has failed to achieve their objectives. Matters are now running beyond their control and shit is gonna hit the fan soon.
You are either with the people or u are with the devils who have now associated with people (Iran) who want to wipe Israel (& the USA) off the map of the world!

Anonymous said...

@ 8.37a.m you sound like Bush 'either with us or against us'? lols.

Anonymous said...

Great work by the four parties. Whether they form a Coalition remains to be seen but the important thing is they are showing they can pull together on the big issue.

Anonymous said...

Who to next then? Fiji is already friends with India, Cuba, Russia, China, Japan and now North Korea and Iran. The Taliban in Pakistan or the Man In The Moon?

Mere said...

Taking the comments from Anonymous 10:48, 10:57, 11:02 at face value, here is a self-confessed goon of the dictator already threatening Fiji with ten more years under the heel of the traitorous RFMF. 

He's probably one of the RFMF or MinInfo chimpanzees who used their opposable thumbs to text in votes so that Bainimarama could come from far behind to 'win' the Vodafone personality popularity contest. 

He represents everything that is wrong with our military today.

Ganesh said...

Mere, so right you are.

Think of Fiji as a jetliner. A small gang of thugs has commandeered the flight and set it on an ominous new flight path. This goon is the guy standing in the aisle with a boxcutter to protect his accomplices in the cockpit. He's slit one man's throat and threatens to the same to anyone else who tries to resist. 

He's menacing, but he's all that stands in the way of taking back our plane. We can overpower and subdue him easily enough if we will just act in unison.

We can begin to do just that with Operation Jericho, a 60-second noise barrage in celebration of Fiji scheduled for Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. 

Let's roll!

Anonymous said...

The unelected PM buying a home worth close to $1,000,000,00. C4.5 please investigate

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mere and Ganesh, for your comments. Let's roll, indeed.

Our friend here is probably also the person who threatened violence against me when I carry out Operation Jericho. 

Let him do his damndest. He doesn't frighten me in the least, much less deter me. In fact, his empty threats make me all the more determined to take this to Jericho.

I understand his desperation. Like Bainimarama, he assumed a grant of immunity would be conceded from the beginning. They never anticipated the overwhelming reception to our Just Say No to Immunity campaign. For the first time, Bainimarama and others are beginning to contemplate the wages of treason, which is death by hanging.

The regime has also been set back on its heels by the shocking discovery that Yash Ghai is not as pliant as expected. Bainimarama looked to Khaiyum to choreograph the constitutional and election processes to ensure his accession to a presidency with unprecedented executive powers. Yash was supposed to be Khaiyum's Ghai. The Commodore must be increasingly disappointed in both Ghai and Khaiyum.

So, time to dust off Plan B -- declare all political parties irrelevant, reactionary, obstructionist, etc., and require their dissolution and re-registration, much as what the regime did to the judiciary to end its independence.

Don't lay the blame for this on political leaders who stood on their rights and argued for their visions of Fiji's future. It will simply be another cynical move by Bainimarama, guided only by his view of his personal self-interest. 

Bainimarama's main reluctance in taking this step is his concern that it could prompt Ghai to abandon the constitutional charade. But if Ghai won't follow Khaiyum's script, then Bainimarama will feel he needs to jettison him anyway.

This regime does churn and burn through people, what?

Back to Jericho. If the regime chooses to turn this non-violent celebration of Fiji into something ugly, then it will be making a major miscalculation, indeed. Let me put it this way -- nobody will be coming after ME with warclubs, torches and pitchforks. Can the regime leaders say the same with equal confidence? 

Let me state it another way. Since Operation Jericho opens with a 60-second noise barrage, this time the gunshot is our friend.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ Operation Jericho

Don't be fools people, stay in your homes on 26 Sep because we will we watching you.

You dont know who we are but we are here now and soon we will strike. We are just watching, watching, watching.

Once we begin, there is no going back ..........

And to you s/Dakuwaqa...... remember God will not allow you to succeed ...... God will pour out heavy rain so others will be stranded at home.

Only the few with their private cars will turn up and that would be easy to monitor...... with LTA assistance; we will get you names and addresses....

And the Sword of Wrath will Strike....... not only today .........but tomorrow and morrow and everlasting sorrow.

If you you dont believe me.... go ahead and do it.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.11p.m. Did you escape from St Giles? You sound so desperate for HELP.

Using God's name will not save you, did the Almighty tell you as well to carry out a coup? LOLS!

Mere said...

Ha, ha, @4:11. We're sooo scared!

Why are you already so worried about Operation Jericho? I thought the regime expected it to be a non-event. (Graham Davis said it, so it MUST be true!) 

What, the dictator is so worried about the people expressing themselves for just one minute that he's now got goons like you trying to intimidate us into further silence?

So, let's see if I've got this right -- you want us to believe that you're going to be able to monitor the movements of everyone in Suva at the same time? And then, at precisely 7 PM, you're going to have goon squads in every location in Suva to 'strike' with 'the Sword of Wrath' at every man, woman, and child celebrating Fiji? 

I see. That's quite a boast. 

Well, has it occurred to you that if you try to suppress this celebration, then it might be bullies like you who get crushed? Operation Jericho is nonviolent, but people do have the right to defend themselves against unlawful force. Also, have you considered that the more visible the police and army presence is that you roll out to try to stop Operation Jericho, then the more lamu and foolish you'll all appear? And what will be the effect on their morale to hear the real sentiments of the people of Fiji? Could it be that while you're racing to track whistles in the dark, soldiers loyal to Fiji might be staging a mutiny at QEB?

Seems to me that you are the one who should stay at home.

By the way, we DO know who you are. We've been watching, recording, and comparing notes. Just biding our time. Operation Jericho is nonviolent. But what follows Jericho depends on how you choose to play it.

If you try to cordon off one part of town, we'll simply go to another. We can make noise in our cars, our boats, and our backyards. You've got just sixty seconds to run around in the dark trying to round us all up. 

Heck, we could set up alarm clocks to ring precisely at 7 PM. We don't even need to be there.

And even if you could round up a few of us, what then? How will you prove we are 'us'? We don't need a rally permit. We're not assembling together. We're not meeting or marching... at least, not yet. We're not dressing differently than anyone else, and in just sixty seconds the 'evidence' vanishes. How will you prove we made noise, or be able to prove our motives in making the noise? You'll have no case. Even if you did, what is the most we could be charged with -- disturbing the peace, for a few seconds, early in the evening, by celebrating Fiji, at the same time as hundreds or thousands of others? 

Even if it rains, Operation Jericho is going forward. Only a major storm or disaster can prevent it. 

And what kind of a Fijian are you that you would wish a major storm or disaster to strike Fiji, just to prevent your fellow citizens from celebrating Fiji? That's downright despicable!

At this point, I'd say that God is your only option. He needs to send that major storm you want. If He does, then I agree that Operation Jericho should be postponed, but only for a week or two. 

With the extra time to prepare, it should be even bigger and better!

The Heckler said...

Sir, is it against the law now in Fiji to celebrate Fiji?

If so, sir, may I have please have your permission to fart?

I promise it won't be too loud.

Anonymous said...

@ Mere, Heckler, s/Dakuwaqa

Hahaha- all I want are your responses to continue the argument.

The more the radical comments the merrier for C4.5.

Heckler .......... you may need to plug it.....hahaha.

Anonymous said...

anon sep 6, 2012 @12.54

That's really funny. You really made us worried there my man.

No wonder Heckler could not stop farting. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

OR FIJI? I mean why do we have to
use a Foreign country name for-Jericho?
This is FIJI, Not Middle East,Asia,
Africa or any other parts of the world! IT'S FIJI.Were going to do
our celebration for Fiji in Fiji-not Jericho!
Hello people, let's be realistic and
bring this thing home!Here's what i
will be doing on September 26,@7pm
my kava ni bisikete will be pounded
for i minute,
in celebration of Freedom for FIJI!
So cut out this Jericho crap,cause we're not anywhere near there,we're
right here at home in Paradise-FIJI!

Anonymous said...

@6:52, organise your own operation to follow on to Jericho. Then you can call it what you want.

Till then, don't get distracted.