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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FTUC leader: Chaudhry and son using Fiji Labour Party to push personal agenda

FLP has been hijacked: Anthony
The FTUC national secretary, Felix Anthony, has released a statement regarding the fallout with Fiji Labour Party hierarchy at the delegates conference in Nadi over the weekend.

Ttitled Fiji Labour Party No Longer Represents Workers, Anthony says Mahendra Chaudhry had agreed to defer the elections for the executive positions but went ahead and conducted them with signatures from 'cronies' gathered by his lawyer son, Rajendra Chaudhry.

We publish the statement in full which follows our story Chaudhry junior tipped to assume FLP party leadership:

Chaudhrys in 2005
The Fiji Labour Party was formed by the Fiji Trades Union Congress in 1985 after the then Government imposed a wage freeze on workers of Fiji. The Workers at the time recognized that they needed a voice in Parliament and Government so that their interest and concerns could be effectively addressed. Workers of all races and backgrounds supported the Party because of its social policies and the fact that it was truly multiracial.

In 1987 when the Party first formed the government, four of the key portfolios were given to versatile unionists of the time.  Today the Party has lost its direction and is caught in the quagmire of deceit, dishonesty and hypocrisy.

In the current climate, the Trade Union Movement and workers are facing even greater challenges to their  very  existence through the draconian decrees that have been imposed by the regime and human rights abuses.   

Democracy now is likened to a mirage.  The FLP has had a string of controversies involving senior members of the Party. These conditions call for a re-thinking of our options and political strategy. With this in mind, I had discussions with the Party Leader on a few  occasions and on the morning of the Delegates Conference in Nadi last Saturday, 25th August, 2012, an agreement was reached that we needed greater consultation on ensuring that we had credible people as office bearers of the Party. The election to be held on that day was to be deferred to allow this course of action.

During the meeting I spoke at length on the need for the Party to return to its roots and become truly multiracial and that the Party makes it mandatory that all Branches must include all races and people from all  walks of life. 

I spoke on improving internal democracy within the Party and greater tolerance for differing views and  positions.  I highlighted my concerns on the fact  that many well-educated, professional and people of good standing had over the period left the Party  because there was no tolerance for debate, opposing views and any questions was interpreted as a challenge to the leadership. 

I suggested that the Party must reach out to these people and attempt to get them back on board so that the Party can re-invent itself and be on a  stronger footing to meet the challenges of the    time.    

I also raised concerns at the lack of Worker Representatives in the Party structures. Some of these issues would have required a Constitutional change which is not difficult. These matters were totally ignored as the Party leader and his Son thought they were unimportant to discuss.

The National Treasurer attempted to present a financial report by simply reading from some paper which made no sense to anyone. I again raised concern at the report and suggested that it be withheld and a proper report be presented to the Executive Committee. 

I again stressed that the Party has come under considerable scrutiny on financial matters and there was a need for greater transparency and accountability. While this was not received well by the Leader and his cronies, the matter was eventually referred to the Executive Committee.

In the next calculated move, which has been the hallmark of the leader, he proceeded to read a motion signed by some branches to conduct elections. It is believed that the son worked behind the scene to get signatures from cronies and those who were hired as delegates.  The process was over within a couple of minutes. I abstained and asked for this to be reflected in the minutes. 

Again we witnessed the total manipulation of the process which is not new to the Party. Here we have a Party that preaches democracy but its practices and its operations are totally opposite to the very principles of democracy.  In utter frustration and disgust, I decided to walk out of the meeting.

Those who were in the meeting would have  observed the father-and-son domination on each and every discussion and allowed little room for anyone else to have their say.   

My interventions were only possible as I had to stand my ground and make a point but on every  other issue, Rajendra  Chaudhry was allowed to have a comment before anyone else was allowed a voice.  This is the antithesis of transparency and democracy.

The current lineup of officials of the Party is weak at best and none of these officers have shown any real commitment to the Party other than to the Leader only. The leadership does not represent workers nor can we rely upon them to give workers a credible voice.

Let me remind those that have forgotten that here was the Leader of the Fiji Labour Party who in  March,  2007 recommended 5 percent across the  board reduction in Public Service salary and wages as the then Minister of Finance announced as part of the policy measures in the 2007 Mini Budget.  

He now has the temerity to talk about the hard times that workers face.  If he thinks that people have short memories he is sadly mistaken once again.

The Party sadly has become the personal property of Mahendra Chaudhry. Eighty percent of the delegates are National Farmers Union officials or members. The other 15 percent are the leader’s cronies who survive in politics at his behest. The Executive Committee of the Party is no different. Now he has all his people in the Management Board. His Son, apart from being the legal adviser appointed by the Leader himself, is now also the  spokesperson.  

The  Labour Party that we the workers formed has been hijacked and used as a personal property to advance the personal agenda of the leader and his son. 

The party has really become irrelevant and is on a downward slide and will see its demise in a very short span of time.

The possible succession of Rajendra Chaudhry  as the leader is an absolute disaster.  This will be another reason for the ultimate demise of the party.  Brash, abrupt and uncouth reaction to people is a far cry from the polished, responsive style of the founding fathers’ of the party.  Fiji is too small a country to emulate the dynastic succession of autocratic countries as seen in Libya.

Felix Anthony
National Secretary


Anonymous said...

As long as Chaudhry is with Labour, this party will no longer be trusted.Who is this guy that is hard to get rid of?.

Anonymous said...

Labour party needs a complete overhaul, Chaudhry, Felix , Urai ALL NEEDS TO GO

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Can FLP form a stable government with this infighting? FLP is history now and will have same fate as the ALLINACE party. I will have Rabuka as the PM then Mahen or Rajen. Felix you are not innocent either. You supported Baini initially. Baini and Aiyaz are now laughing to the bank. Where is Rajesh Singh now?

Kai Bau said...

Theres too much infighting amongst us and we tend to forget that all we want and our priority it to take back the leadership of our goverment.Most of the people have completely side track from our fight for democracy.Please leaders and my fellow Fijian Citizens lets come together get rid of the military and baunimarama first and think of a way to stop this coup culture.Lets remember the abuse,the killings,bullying and the big time thieves who are milking our goverment now lets topple them first before we deal with our diffrence inside a proper court of law.

Anonymous said...

Felix, yes you are right but where was your outrage when the son was appointed Private Secretary to the PM father, or when the father was hiding his millions.

Where was your outrage when he got you the cushy FNPF board membership so you could slurp from the gravey train.

So now your little chicken has come home to roost, don't complain, you are just as bad as they are. Never forget an important political truth - KARMA IS A BEYOTCH AND WILL BITE COME BACK TO BITE YOUR ASS, LONG AND HARD!

Anonymous said...

This father son can destroy 100 years of INDIAN/TAUKEI respect built by NFP

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Bainimarama is far better leader then Chaudhary, Felix Anthony, Ballu Khan chor, Lekh Ram, Sahu Khan, Sachida Sharma, Rajen Chaudhry,Ganesh Chand and the rest. At least there is no infighting in his government. Shame on you FLP? and you want to be a part of the next government. Corruption and nepotism is highly endemic in this party now.

Baap aur beta said...

Mahen and Rajen have effectively captured the party by stacking cronies on the executive.

We are seeing father and son indulge in the same machinations and dirty back-door dealings they used to appoint in-law sachida to senate and collect and hide millions of dollars.

Sachida, mahen and rajen as palwaar (family) form a formidable team. They will continue to steal from the party and divert money to family bank account.

mahen is only for himself and his family, no one else, as evidenced by the 5% pay cut this so-called workers' champion recommended for Public Service workers.

Chaudhry's have, over the years, purged the party off intellectuals. It is left with ghar phatoo (lamu sona) mahen yes-men with nit an ounce of intelligence.

Somebody in FLP needs to grow balls and stand beside felix to oust the corrupt leadership or FLP is doomed.

Daucina said...

I would not be surprised to see high level politicians,academics,trade unionists joining the current regime just for a piece of silver. One is now knocking on the door.

Guess who will be the next?

It's the current salary that will draw people across.

Who will be the NEXT?

Anonymous said...

Should the FLP not be looking for a possible new leader that has a proven track record in politics ?

hardworking labourer said...

Yes, nothing new or unexpected there with your comment of "absolute disaster" Felix, since we've always known it was going to be a father-son succession. The unfortunate thing is that they continue to use the labour party umbrella to build the family dynasty.

C'mon Felix, Dass et al, its way past time that a genuine WORKERS PARTY is established!!

Anonymous said...

Rarakutti of Tavua hotel must be turning in his grave !!--what a lousy grandson he has got !!

Anonymous said...

Dr NIL sharma should be whipped in public and booted and rooted !!--he has the gall to say people cannot expect to get medicine in hospitals !! NIL should be dragged to Sukuna Park and his backside whipped-!!--the dumb idiot !!

Anonymous said...

Another political win and excuse for Frankie Baini to justify the reason for his treasonous coup. Fellow members of the Labour parties please wake up and get rid of Chaudry and Felix Anthony, they were once part of VB's regime for their own selfish agendas. I'm sure you have more honest, hardworking and capable and committed members who can resurrect the once good image of the party. Rajen is only there to save his father's reputation.

Kavi said...

These Chaudhrys are big choro fellas. Treasonously supported the coup. Only interested in lining their pockets. My support goes to whoever I see stands up for Fiji during Operation Jericho.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a River will you felix? Actually you're no better then The Chaudhries? You're all the same.Don't throw rocks when you're standing inside your glass house?
What? have you foregot,
raiding the FNPF
coffer, after the coup in 2006?Did
it really, slipped your frieken mind?
What were you thinking, that the Fiji workers were absolutely so stupid, that they can't even remember,
how you speedly offered your crooked services to Bainimarama, immediately after the illegal 2006 coup?
How the illegal PM Bainimarama, caught you red handed and kicked the shit out of you,
before toosing you out of his Government? What, have you forgotten all that? Or do you think that we're, the Fiji workers,
have forgottened? We're watching you asseole, your time is up and hopeffuly Mr. Khaiyum will sent you
to Naboro where you deserve to be??

Sharon Suaniu said...

I've reiterated many times that Labour don't represent Fiji workers anymore, it has transformed into nationalist indian party under the guise of representing workers. interesting to see the Chodos having iron grip on party leadership. Chodory is the Butadroka of the indians.

Kalisto said...

aha FBC Riyaz Kaiyum taking hibiscus judges to court coz the miss hibiscus didn't went his way. Is this a reflection of what will happen in 2014 if Frank & Aiyarse don't win election? I'm sure there'll be another coup if SDL is voted back to power. The world should realise that this coup isn't about corruption it's about saving Frank's ass from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining Felix - You are just as bad as the Chaudhary's so do not try and paint youself as a Saint.

The workers of Fiji have no time for you or Daniel Urai who joined the Illegal Junta to fill your own pockets.

Go and form your own party and see how much support you have - you imbersile.

The new Fiji does not need crooks like you and the Chaudharys and the people of Fiji especially the workers of Fiji will not be fooled by you as you have always been in cahoots with employers filling your pockets at the expense of the hard working people of Fiji.

Just like the NFP & SVT the FLP is also history no matter who are the office bearers are as the damage was done when FLP joined the Illegal Junta.

SDL all the way for the workers of Fiji.

Mona Darling said...

Bro flix stop fighting rajen is more capable than you and ya don't join the rubbish dump party led by Krishna Dutt.

Master Armogam-Hemilton said...

This nothing new and healthy debate is welcome.FLP welcomes people to make their views clear and I think Fliex made his point and left.The decision was made by the members and that must be respected.I personally think rajen will be the right person to lead the party succeeding Mr MPC.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of him,what power he have?that is not his family party,his kind of politics is the same kind of an INDIA politics in which family run the whole show,Get rid of him and send him back to india where he belongs,THIS IS NOT INDIA THIS IS FIJI,saaaleee chorr..

Kai Bau said...

I thnik the coup culture has gone into our heads.Instead of finding a solution in a more civilised way we tend to revert to argument and finger pointing.We have forgotern that the court of law is where we should take all our grievance to instead of blaming each other and sometimes if its not control can turn to physical.Now Felix Anthony are using the workers as his tool of argument.Mr Felix has forgotten in the begining when him and Rajeswar Singh the FPSA rep turn your blind eye to the workers of Fiji and sided with Bainimarama?
To the Citizen of Fiji please open your eyes abd think of what Bainimarama and the coup perpetutors are trying their luck on to get immunity.This is what exactly going to happen with people blaming each other,finger pointing,allegation etc,etc if we allow them to walk free,We have learned our lesson from Rabuka and it will a big mistake if our costitution allows these people to be given immunity and mind you majority of these labour party leaders will also face the music if we cleaned up our new Fiji with coup cultures.Another suggestion for all the parties put a clause in you constitution that all those people who supported the coup from the begining will be taken to task after the election and only that will strain the goats from from the sheep.Folks all these people wants to show the public is the image of good angels now but the real angel will come out once they are through that last line of defence the election

Anonymous said...

This is omitting the biggest problem we have in Fiji today. No foreign investors will invest because of the Regime, the Labour party and the unions. Long live poverty.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.33pm

Who is this guy that is hard to get rid of?

Doesn't this remind you of one other person who is impossible to get rid off who presently heads the military Government?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Can the people pouring scorn and vitriol at Felxi Anthony and the Chaudhry's smarten up and come up with solutions to getting rid of the real enemies - this regime? Your personal antipathy towards those who slept with Bai and co in days gone by but those of us blogging here want rid of this regime so please get with the plan or butt out.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with C4.5 is that it is too good at getting the dirt on everyone. Having said that it is not your fault that everyone has dirt under their fingernails.

Bhaiya Babu said...

IF..and only if MP CHORO and LQ were blessed with a little fore-sight and some Gentleman-ship decency to do THEN (pre 2006 what they have so easily done NOW, that is. ‘amicably resolved’ their jungly rivalry- THAN this Baini-shit Frankstein’s mongoose of a Monster would never have seen the light of the day. Both Hon. MP CHORO and LQ , played their pathetic parts in the making of our present misery.

It was constitutionally incumbent upon both LQ as the PM and CHORO as the leader of the largest opposition party, in 2006, to follow the letter of the law – i.e., the 1997 Constitution and work out the multi-party’ cabinet. IF and only if these two LEADERS had been half as gentlemanly (and down to earth as now) history would have been different ; no Baini-shit Frankie or Kaiyumie and Beddoes would be half his size.
Instead CHORO plotted a COUP with Baini-shit to become his all-mighty minister of FINANCE. How TREASONOUS?? At the time, Choro Said “Two Years will not be enough” to clean up LQ’s mess” Shame on YOU, Choro!

And how does CHORO plan to escape the TRESON charge Now by opposing immunity for Baini-shit cronies. Is CHORO thinking like Kaiyumie that He joined the IG “after the event” of the Coup – and hence only Baini and the military did TREASON and not KAIYUM and CHORO???? How na├»ve!

But the amazing thing is that people like CHORO and cronies think that they can come back into our lives, and to lead us haywire and heedlessly, to yet, another political DOOM.

What lessons , if any, have we learned from our past???? What levels of trust that can be bestowed upon this Thief of a CHOR???

As to Felix – A bit too little too late – now a former and axed MPC Crony. You have shown ambition though but a no hoper – Now go form another ‘NEW Labour Party’ or join the old “New Labour Party”.

e.o taki!

Anonymous said...

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Daku Atma maharaj said...

M C Vinod's Chor damaad just shut up you insane.

Anonymous said...

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Chorwa Santa Maharaj said...

@Kamlesh Kumar New Zealand your father can't afford a house in Mission Bay and in Manukau heights.You fricken staying in state housing on tax payers money and writing under fictitious name. we know who you are. You are a SOB.

Anonymous said...

Felix is better than Rajen.Mahen should give the leadership to felix.
Rajen needs to respect fijians and accept fiji was given to the fijians .
I bet flp needs all of its members to seat down and sole thir problem .

Anonymous said...

No wonder Rajen chaudhry has been posting quotes from Mahatma Gandhi and martin Luther king on his page. by posting quotes a hooligan and swine like rajen doesn't become saint.. the bloody conman!

The Oracle said...

Felix was very much part of the Chaudhry coup saga. He supported Chaudhry's every move while Chaudhry was in the Bainimarama government. In fact Felix relished and abused his position on the FNPF Board and his FNPF links to Natadola. Felix was the odd-ball in the fall-out between Chaudhry, Krishna Datt and Poseci Bune. Felix tried to play the referee then and failed - he was in fact "sleeping on both sides of the fence" (figuratively speaking). He, should have realised that the Labour Party began to divest itself of its worker-focus when Mahendra Chaudhry took control of the Party and loaded it with NFU officials.
Now Felix has started the ball rolling to give Krishna Datt's ambition to form a new political party the momentum it needs. The only political party that has not been tainted in all of this is the National Federation Party ... but the NFP's roots, in the canefields of Fiji, have been uprooted by Chaudhry and his NFU, leaving the NFP with almost no chance of representation in the highest political chambers of this land.
Felix, Krishna Datt, Chaudhry, Qarase/Naivalu, Beddoes and the rest of Fiji's politicians should severe their links to the past and realise that we are being offered (knowingly or otherwise on Frank's part) a moment in Fiji's history where we can make decisions that would last us several lifetimes.
The opportunity is here to hijack Frank's "self-serving" vision, and turn it into a real opportunity to unite Fiji like never before. The problem is their hatred for Frank and their own backstabbing is affecting their vision. And, in all of this, we are all losing sight of the fact that through our short-sighted submissions to the Constitution Commission we are giving Frank the "mandate" to continue his style of arrogant leadership.
It now appears both the SDL and the Labour parties have begun to self-implode. Beddoes is a man in the wilderness and it is not clear whether he still is a leader of the UPP. His private submission to the Constitution Commission certainly did no favours to any party he may still represent. Wake up people .. now is the time to take control and outmanouvre Frank Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

With Felix the party will have no support. He has never gone the distance for the FLP voter base which is overwhelmingly indian. For him to make personal attacks against MPC and his son shows his character. His gaze on the FLP leadership is not new but the fact is that he cannot muster support. Chaudhry current tax case was seen by Felix as an opportunity to sow discord amongst the FLP faithful but they still back MPC. For him to regard Lavenia Padarath, Kini Maraiwai and Monica Raghwan as lightweights demonstrates the rather lofty pedestal he places himself on. With regards to the 5% paycut Chaudhry put in the 2007 budget does it occur to Felix that it was done to prevent VAT going up to 15% which would have been a harder blow for the entire country workers and employers alike. Felix also benefitted from his board appointments which saw him complete what needed to be done at Natadola under a very challenging timeline. He tends to forget this. The very character traits that he accuses MPC of having are part of Felix's make up as well. Witness his storming out of the meeting instead of accepting the outcome. He has to work within the party and bide his time. If it comes, all good for him and if not then it is still okay as what is the point of moving from the cult of MPC to the cult of FA?

Jone said...

Felix, ChoorDhry, and the rest of you choors-------You people have successfully put Indo-Fijian community way back to days of Girmit. The blame is not all of Choor and gang. I feel also the community is if not just as much to be blamed but carry better part of the blame for allowing this people to fool them.

Federation Party was only the true guardian of the citizens of Fiji. The party was honest and had the farmers and working class at heart.

What is a very sad situation is that still there are those that believe in Choor and the gang.

The day that Choor goes to Korovou, I will through a BIG celebration party. Stay tuned for further info.

Anonymous said...

Rajend may succeed, but he will not get any votes.

Anonymous said...

Felix you also supported Bhai and you run FTUC same as the father and son. So please don't fool us , you and all your FLP mates have to go behind bars. We can't forget how you let the works right go away and wasted money in FNPF. So please don't waste our time , we know you and your master very well. All conmans .

Anonymous said...

This development is rather regressive keeping in mind the more important and urgent need to rid our country from the grip of Khaiyum, Nur Bano and Shameem sisters.

Felix and MPC must put their differences aside for a while. The issue of FLP leadership is premature. This is not the time. Now is the time for solidarity and unity in FLP so that it can work with NFP. SDL and UGP.

The wider interest of all of Fiji's citizens must come before issues of leadership in a party. Felix must have patience. he can deal with that later not now.

Anonymous said...

Just vote in a new pack, young brigade , intelligent and educated women and men to lead Fiji
Form a youth party

Anonymous said...

Felix should have been the natural choice.

There is no place for dynasties.

Anonymous said...

Philosohical says....
Keep doing what your doing Frank Bainimaram. Fiji needs a clean up campaign from these fools who have exploited the innocent people of Fiji all these years. Leaders of the FLP, NFP, SVT and SDL. These leaders have driven a wedge between the races in Fiji using race, religion, land and false promises to get themselves into power, caused the death and brutalisation of many and still today, continuing their politics of division. Rabuka is now history, George Speight lounging in jail, LQ - got what he deserved after swindling NBF and later FDB and Fijian Holding. There are still a few around like Felix, Daniel Urai, your Foreign Affairs Minister who jumps ship and few more. Fiji needs to re-build from ground zero cause everyone know even if Fiji returns to democracy, those who have influenced Fiji's past will continue to use their conniving way to manipulate people. Get rid of them all and let the younger generation start from anew. You may be doing it the wrong way but it has had it's desired effect in making people think and they need to think harder because the events of 87, 2000 and 2006 continues to haunt people. Fiji is a Christian Country and believe in Fod and therefore your being chosen as a leader of Fiji is not by chance. The Alliance wheel is broken. The SVT tabua is being sold in the pawn shops. The SDL dove has lost its wings. The Labour vadra will not grow a coconut tree. Time of a new Fiji. Set the ideals and let the people put it in place.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that Atar Singh and James Raman were wise to support NPF.......The only party that remained independent and legitmate. Long live NPF.IF Only the politics of sensenalisation was kept away Jai Ram Redddy would have been re elected. not electing NFP and it's leader based on what he stood for was a colosal error of judgment by the Indian community. It is time to bring NPF back with true Labour Party forming a coalition for all race and communities of Fiji............this is the future!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bula, Welcome everyone on board on our flight(plight) FLP from paradise heading towards disaster. Please be happy that there is nothing we will be offering you during this flight(plight), no food, no drinks, no assistance and most of all no hope. However we have on board entertainment channels and channel 1 is chaudhry, Felix and rajen, channel 2 is Felix, rajen and chaudhry and channel 3 is rajen, felix and chaudhry. Enjoy these channels if you are interested in humor, laughter and amusement. But don't expect anything else. This flight is heading towards the disaster and anyone who wishes to change their destination may just break the glass in front of you and just jump. Otherwise enjoy the scenery while it last and enjoy the journey. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.......vinaka vakalevu......

Anonymous said...

The FLP is very disappointing. Nepotism is bad enough, but a dynastic succession is emblematic of a bankrupt and autocratic leadership style. True or not, it also implies the party has a shallow bench of talent. 

Today's FLP is less representative of workers than the FLP of yore. The FLP needs to become more inclusive, not less, and it needs to prove that its commitment to the general welfare and to democratic governance is genuine. That message is frankly undercut by Chaudhry's record of secret bank accounts and active collaboration with the regime.

Rajendra Chaudhry is bright and courageous enough, but is his opposition to the regime rooted in genuine principle or just grandstanding calculated to increase his personal electability? I honestly don't know.

Let's clear the record about MPC and Bainimarama. Bainimarama didn't give Chaudhry the boot after he learned of the money MPC had stashed in Australia. Quite the opposite, his regime supposedly cleared MPC of any wrongdoing. 

Chaudhry apparently resigned from the Cabinet to prepare to run for office, but his FLP continued to work with the regime, such as in the aborted Leaders of Political Parties process, even after Bainimarama dis-invited the SDL in bad faith. The regime's abrogation of the Constitution soon after seemed to leave the FLP, and especially Chaudhry, no future except in the political wilderness of opposition to the regime.

An earlier blogger wrote 'you don't elect traitors, you hang them'. If joining Bainimarama's regime is a treasonous act, then, to my mind, Chaudhry, Anthony, Urai and everyone else who joined the regime should not be eligible to stand for election until, at the very least, they are cleared of the charge of treason. I agree with 'Kai Bau' that the matter appropriately belongs in the courts. Accordingly, I advocate the establishment under a free Fiji of an independent and competent Truth & Reconciliation Commission to consider and mete out justice in all such cases.

'People of the Land' and 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' argue that we put differences aside and invite the FLP to join in a Grand Alliance against the regime. As disappointed as I am with the FLP's present leadership and its record of past collaboration with the regime, I wholeheartedly agree. The myriad and serious faults of MPC and others pale by comparison with the crimes committed by Bainimarama, Khaiyum, etc. Their ouster from power must be our first priority.

Their treasonous acts should disqualify Chaudhry and the others from public office under normal circumstances, but in the present extraordinary situation, Fiji needs their help to oust a traitorous dictator. Their help in this matter should merit favourable consideration by the future T&RC or other court of inquiry.

Chaudhry would improve his own electability by declaring his intention now to limit his tenure as PM, if elected, to a one-year transition period only, and not to run again unless and until cleared by the T&RC. Alternately, he could join with the SDL and others in supporting a common slate of candidates. Such moves would tend to go against MPC's character, but they would improve MPC's personal narrative, significantly enhance his legacy, and, most importantly of all, help to shorten Fiji's Bainimarama Captivity.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Kavi said...

@Dakuwaqa, these Chaudhrys are big choro fellas. Treasonously supported the coup. Only interested in lining their pockets. But still much better than Banana Marama, I agree.

My support goes to whoever I see stands up for Fiji during your Operation Jericho. Every party should mobilise for that. We'll see which is most conspicuous. Let them show who still has the numbers.

Anonymous said...

How come this idiot ROBIN (Ravindra) NAIR is Fiji's ambassador to UAE !!---thought he was kicked out of FIJI.--another dead wood--useless i Aussie--sucks up amd makes money in and thru Fiji.The arseall was a failure at Auck Uni--had to sit English thrice and got C-.--son of another bootlicker Raman Nair.Calls hiself Robin---the Hood is missing !!

Anonymous said...

The labour party is supposed to represent the workers of Fiji, and their ambitions in uniting for the cause to ensure that disposable income is handsome enough, to not only ensure that every worker subsist, but also have a bit of left over for investment purposes etc.
As evident in Fiji, the cause has been lost because it is highly politicised by the Indians and their croonies.

Now the FLP constructs and its system of governnace has developed further from a democractic model to an unconstitutional monarchy with an autocratic leadership style. The evident is now seen as Chaudary Junior takes over the reign.

It should be no longer called the Fiji labour party, because its systems of governance goes againts the core principals of the Labout Movement world wide. I think it should be called either the GIRMIT MIRCHA PARTY.

People of the Land said...

The question that all must be aksing NOW is the formulation of our common strategies of ousting the FB full stop. This is the common political strategy that suits this time as we are in the process of rewriting history. A grand coalition will serve this specific purpose and will require a workable strategy that will bring poeple of different views together, political beliefs and idiologies together. The common denominator for all is the returning of the civilian leadership and the running of this country by the ballot box. E sa gadrevi gona e ke na DUAVATA se UNITY against our common adversary, the inner circle within the current leadership of this regime.

The social process is almost like an automatic process and look around you what has happened in the past 2 weeks. The people themselves are making their move towards a unifying strategy and if you chose not to be part of this move you will be left behind.

Move Viti...Move Viti towards a grand coalition that will be able to cut the head of the Serpent and regain control of our beutiful Viti.

God bless Viti

The Heckler said...

Philosophical, you sound like a Fod-fearing sophist, alright.

Don't forget to add your hero, Bainimarama, to the imagery.

How about the one newly suggested by Graham Davis -- "The Big, Gaping Hole?"

Another one I like is "An odd, hard-on-the-bone cartoon."

And who can forget Chief Warwar, or Thief Warwar?

Then there was also Frank 'The Banana' Bonanno, the local capo of the Bonanno crime family.

Or how about simply "Traitor-in-Chief" or "Frikken Idiot?"

Anonymous said...

Can C4.5 advise us which party Felix Anthony will be standing for then in the 2014 elections.

The Phantom said...

Typically, Chaudhry was cleared of 9 charges, the ones related to money laundering, with Daniel Goundar ruling they were too far back for Chaudhry to be prosecuted. Yet the regime went after Qarase with charges that were almost 20 years. Chaudhry now facing charges under the Foreign Exchange Act that suggests the regime is peeved it didn't get its share of the stolen millions.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Mr Anthony I am prepared to vote for you or support you if you can show us that you regret aligning yourself with the Bainimarama regime and accept and apologise for any involvement in loss of FNPF funds. I want Fiji to face the real thieves and con artists and be prepared for 2014. Can you give me and others that reassurance?

Anonymous said...

The ongoing saga of who booted who...

We got rid of Chaudhry from our govt:PM

07:16 Today

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Dev Narayan

Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry was booted out of the Bainimarama government in 2008.

This was the comment from the Prime Minister himself.

The details of his departure have been shrouded in speculation while Mahendra Chaudhry maintained, he left the government on his own accord.

“Now the truth was that we don’t want him in government anymore because he keeps coming up with issues that we could tell it is to do with race, we told him thanks but not thanks, it’s time that you go.”

The prime minister’s statement ends four years of speculation as to the real and true circumstances surrounding Chaudhry’s forced departure from the government.

The prime minster says the labour leader has never helped towards nation building and has consistently used his type of politics to divide the country.

“He complained about the SVT, SDL and of course he will complain about the government now because we kicked him out in 2008, for that he is not very happy, for his political parties to survive after 2014, he needs to come up with something positive not negative.”

FBC News rang Chaudhry again but he still maintains he left on his accord.

Ratunaca said...

Anonymous said...
The ongoing saga of who booted who...

And who are we to believe, The DickTator or the Traitor....??? I say put them both on a live TV Talkback Show (Fiji One) and we'll see and hear whose really telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh NZ says....

Felix Anthony is crying now.

Remember Fiji, Him and his master Chodo and silly boy Dan Urai went to bed with the illegal govt.

I remember seeing felix big mouth adament on sacking people in FNPF and TELECOM.

Felix what goes around comes around. FICAC why can't you charge Felix anf group of Board memebers over charging FNPF members to pay you huge board salaries of over $160,000 per year.

Totally messed up Natadola by appointing your own cronies construction buddies to jo the job which cost members even more moneies.

You see this is the problem when you sacked former FNPF board members and executives and senior managers without proper following proper grievance procedure. what you and Dan did to Olota and Foana was injustice. we all know that your master Chodo gave you the orders to terminate, look for reasons later.

You see, this is why it took FNPF so long to keep digging for petty issues to throw out former borad and senior executives so your master can control FNPF. YOu know that only FNPF could bail the illegal govt out - chodo's trump card to tell Bainimarama that he can fix economy, proping it up with members monies.

You and Dan and Tom Ricketts sgtole from FNPF by paying uourselves huge Board fees never once done in the history of FNPF - chech audit and financial reports for this, it says it all.

So my advise to you Felix just fight your own battle, you're no different to Chor family Chodo's snr and jnr.

In fact, only stupid Indians will still support Chodo snr and Jnr after what they did to us - running away with milions.

Bhahut chor lon -
sub Labour party

Scahida Sharma another bargka chor.

Anonymous said...

The issue of who kicked who is no longer relevant now.... The question we should be asking now who will has got the backbone to come clean and admit that this is where I was and if it has contributed to the quaugmire that we are in, confess that you deeply deeply regret and this is where I intend to take us to. A clear road map, no more politic kind talk please just straight forward from the heart honesty.. If youre that you got my vote.. If this ping pong of who pot who carries on, then we havent really learnt anything unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says....to Heckler

There is no point continuing to point the finger because you were most likely one of the idiots who celebrated during the 1987 and 2000coup. You probably thought Rabuka and George Speight were heros. You had the support of the military than and now the gun is pointed at you if you make the wrong move there is a big gaping hole in the bottom of your trousers. You were probably one of those thieves who looted during the coups or bought/ shared looted items. Give it up and face the truth...Frank is the creation of itaukei and itaukei dont like him now because he is not on itaukei's side. In fact the irrational way he acts he is not on anyones side and I am glad he is cleaning up those idiots you used to hero worship in 1987 and 2000.

Fijiana said...

Wow Felix will be given "TIME OUT" by daddy Mahen for not being a good boy. He will have to sit in his room and play with his toys in the room and not outside. What a shame!!! Chood thinks that he can treat the members as little kids.

Anthony to be disciplined for comments - Chaudhry
Publish date/time: 29/08/2012 [17:13]

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry has today confirmed that party rules will now apply in relation to the public statement made about the party by the FLP delegate for Vuda and party member, Felix Anthony.

Chaudhry said this process will now be undertaken.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Felix Anthony has today released a statement titled “FLP no longer represents workers” as the National Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

Anthony has revealed that he walked out of the Fiji Labour Party Annual Delegates Conference over the weekend over what he terms as frustration as he witnessed firsthand the practices and operations of the party.

Anthony claims that he had discussions with FLP Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry before the conference and an agreement was reached that the election of the party office bearers be deferred as consultations were needed to get credible people to take up the positions.

He said he highlighted his concerns on the fact that many well educated, professional and people of good standing have over the period left FLP because he said there is no tolerance for debate, opposing views and any questions are interpreted as a challenge to the leadership.

Anthony said when the conference started, the election process went ahead although there was an agreement reached earlier.

Anthony said the current lineup of FLP officials is weak and according to him none of the officers have shown real commitment to the party other than to the Leader only.

He said those who were in the FLP meeting would have observed the father-and-son, Mahendra and Rajendra Chaudhry domination on each and every discussion and allowed little room for anyone else to have their say.

Felix Anthony said the Labour Party will become irrelevant and is on a downward slide.

He said the party will see its demise in a very short span of time.

He claims that Rajendra Chaudhry is FLP’s legal adviser and now the party spokesperson and Anthony said the possible succession of Rajendra as the leader is an absolute disaster.

Mahendra Chaudhry said the election of the office bearers of FLP had to take place as the positions had to be filled. He said the problem is Anthony did not like that his idea did not get the support of the delegates.

Chaudhry said Anthony should also be civil in his statements when he speaks about the party officials as they have done a lot for the party.

Chaudhry said it is wrong to say that he and Rajendra Chaudhry dominated the discussions in the conference.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Chaudhry said Anthony also seems to be obsessed with Rajendra Chaudhry as he said Rajendra is not the official legal adviser and party spokesman.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Chaudhry said Anthony’s statement is not an official statement from the Fiji Trades Union Congress however FTUC President, Daniel Urai has just confirmed that it is an official FTUC statement.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry was booted.

I can confirm this is true. MPC asked PM if he could save his face and resign.

I hope SDL will not join hands with FLP eventhough their goal is same.

Anonymous said...

At Phantom,

Pls go and read justice Goundar's ruling. Its a pity that people who blindly support MpC will go to great length to justify his innocence even if he murders someone ion front of you. Mpc has admitted his funds stashed in Aust to FRCa and hence paid tax on it. As a ex-minister for finance he knew the rules about bringing funds to fiji. Let's not deny this fact.

People of the Land said...

All the debacle that is going on within the FLP inner circle gives a very clear picture of the caliber of people who forced themselves into the leadership circle within the FLP. They were elected through dirty politics engineered by the master of dception himself, MPC. Back in the 1970s and 1980s the same political characteristics were also displayed and unfortunately this same politics are still being played out in public today.

These are the people who lower the standard of politics in Viti and they should be stopped from entering parliament any more. Fiji desperately need new leaders and new crop of people who really have the heart NOT for the farmers and workers, Vitians or Indians BUT for the COUNTRY VITI.

We must create a new Viti that will make us proud that will give our children a sense of belonging to a place that puts the interest of the Nation ahead of their petty and nonsensical childish issues.

Sa rauta mada na veibeci.

One thing can be drawn from all the public commotion that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT FIT TO BE LEADERS. THEY ARE ONLY GOOD AT LOOKING AFTER THEIR SMALL UNION ISSUES which really can be sorted out amongst themselves AND THAT CAN NOT BE COMPARED TO TAKE LEADERSHIP IN THE NATIONAL ARENA.

E sa rui vagonegonea saraga ke rairai era cakavatiko ni ra kila ni vakarorogo tiko na gonelalai.

Sa rui vakarau veibeci vei keda na i taukei ni vanua oqo.

I am trying to say in Fijian that this childish behavior played out in public for all to see is a sign to all that they do not possess the very basic leadership principle and are only concern about their own ego. If they can not solve issues they created themselves the million dollar question is, "How can they solve national issues if they do not know how to shit on the toilet properly?. Pardon me all-they deserve this kind of comments.

These people are not fit to be leaders and we can only use them to help us in our course and dump them immediately after the demise of the current regime.

Kalougata tiko na i taukei kei Viti

The Heckler said...

Phyllo dough @ 6:57 PM, you presume everything and know nothing. I was nowhere near any coups and, unlike you, have never supported any coup-mongers and traitors. So, the big, gaping hole is where your silly narrative used to be.

The iTaukei didn't invent Frank Bainimarama. Idiots like you did.

You should go back to contemplating your navel or speculating about how many angels can dance on your pinhead.

Valhalla's Guard said...

Felix should not harp about the machinations of Mahen and his son after all he is doing the same thing within the FTUC which has recently caused dissention by approving affiliations of his son's organisation the Young Labour Movement for courses targetted at FTUC affiliates. His buddy Dan Urai continues to play amongst the management board in sucking up to whoever is likely to win favours. At the most, the two old school buddies are sticking together when it comes to issues for their personal interest. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree now, does it?

The Phantom said...

Anon@9.20pm You misunderstand. My point is that regime decided to let Chauduhry off the money laundering charges saying they happened too long ago yet pursuse Qarase. Of course, MPC knew what he was doing it.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is an incessant, incorrigible, and inveterate liar. He's a reverse barometer of the truth. Virtually every statement he utters is a lie.

Now that he claims he fired Chaudhry, and did so out of principle, we can be certain that that is NOT what happened. Bainimarama doesn't care about kai idia any more than he cares about anyone else. If he did, he would have named kai idia to the Cabinet to replace the exiting FLP members. Bainimarama's only agenda is avoiding being brought to account for his treason and murder of the CRW soldiers.

The Victor Lal version of events sounds much more believable. Simply delivering to Chaudhry an unsealed envelope bears the hallmarks of how this regime handles its personnel issues -- i.e., in a treacherous and cowardly fashion. I remember now how upset the oil companies were at that time with the regime, and I can imagine how fatigued Bainimarama was with having Chaudhry on his cabinet. Khaiyum would have egged the commodore on. Khaiyum had already marginalised John Samy and surely wanted to do the same to Chaudhry, especially before making his own extortion run against FIJI Water. 

I was wrong ever to accept Chaudhry's version of events at face value. His story about resigning voluntarily cuts against the grain of what we already know about his vaulting ambition.

Neither Chaudhry nor, especially, Bainimarama is to be believed, but Lal's story has some ring of truth to it.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Kavi at 12:06 AM has what I think is a good idea. We desperately need to get rid of Bainimarama as the first step to Fiji's revival. It stands to reason that whoever is most effective at mobilising support for Operation Jericho will also be most effective at toppling the regime. Whichever party, whichever church, whichever chief, whichever whatever -- whoever is most vocal during Jericho, they will get my support.

Anonymous said...

So where to now for Felix since this is an end-of-the road speech?

Anonymous said...

Sharon Suaniu, don't insult the memory of the Great Butadroka, by comparing him to a frieken crooks?
Butadroka works hard in trying to get these asseole to GO HOME TO HARYANA? Chodo works hard in trying to ripped-off his own people
with their wealths?
He's got over 3 million dollars deposited in Australian & New Zealand Bank accounts.
2 different people,2 different ideas?Buta works for the people.Chodo steals from the people!

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa sorry to say Chaudhry was to be fired the advice to Frank came from an Economics advisor!

Santa Maharaj said...

@ anonymous 12.40, I just realised you are the Kamlesh Kumar responding to 8.54 AM comments and to me as "Chorwa".

You are proud to tell me you live in Mission Bay. Can you give full address so I can send you defamation notice for calling me "chorwa" and not having to go through looking for your IP address.

If you are born to one father, I am sure you will be proud to give your full name and address through this same 4.5.

You are proud of having merits to your P/R and think of others as refugees. I wonder I would then be the first Fijian to get Refugee status as NZ never gave any refugee status to any Fijians following 1987 coup.

You seem to also know more about my immigration status then I do.

Santa Maharaj said...

To: Kamlesh Kumar -NZ

I read someone is cowardly impersonating me and my brother - refer @8.50am; 8.54am which shows 4minutes apart. And again at 12.40PM.

Whoever you Kamlesh Kumar is, I do not know you or that I read 4.5 comments unless someone informs me of some low lying Indian chamcha of FLP's comments maligning our names.

We do not use the low down language the comments and someone is seriously sick. However impersonation is criminal matter.

I therefore am asking you Mr Kamlesh Kumar - NZ to stop adding my name in your comments that are directed at others.

I see you adding my name in your comments @6.41PM. Please know that I am not politically associated with Shalen Raju, Rajesh Singh, and Lekh Ram.

Maybe you are mistaken of the forth person in this team who is Satish Chand running dairy and kava shop at Mt Smart who was to read Chaudhry's speech at Democracy Movement NZ, which I was not a party to.

They are all FLP supporters... nothing to do with me. Santa Maharaj - 0274 553554

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar is one sick muthafucka. Yeah he said he resides in Mission Bay, but I won't be surprised if he's staying in a state house, collecting a benefit at the expense of the NZ taxpayer. Stop being a coward and use your real identity you fraud.

Santa Maharaj said...

Phone number correction @ 8.55PM comment- It is 0274 773554


Anonymous said...

Phylosophical @ Heckler...you just got heckled fool

Anonymous said...

Clever retort to The Heckler, Phylosophical... not! 

Weak, very weak. You're embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical is a prime example of the intellectually and morally-challenged dimwits who occasionally visit C4.5 in order to express support for the dictator. I have to wonder how many are on the RFMF or MinInfo payroll. If they are, the regime should ask for its money back, because they're only making the regime and its supporters look worse than ever.

People like Phylosophical think nothing of the fact that Bainimarama committed treason. They think nothing of the fact that they themselves are accessories to treason. They want us to believe that Fiji consists of only two camps -- those who supported the coups of 1987 and 2000, and those who supported the coup of 2006 and the half-coup of 2009. They keep defending their own treason by pointing at the earlier treason of others.

These fools can't bring themselves to accept that it was Bainimarama himself who staged the takeover of Parliament in 2000, recalling Ligairi from retirement, setting up the CRW guys into thinking it was a training exercise, supplying them with arms and ammo, keeping them on the payroll, etc.

They also can't bring themselves to accept that the regime is full of the ethno-nationalists he rails against --people who supported what happened in 1987 and 2000.

Finally, they can't bring themselves to understand that many of us didn't support the coups then, and we don't support coups now. We'd like to see all of those who plotted the coups brought to justice, but most especially the present crop, and their supporters, who are the worst of all.

Cowards like Phylosophical dare the rest of us to stand up to the guns of the dictator, yet they are too afraid to stand up to our votes at the ballot box.

Are we going to leave the future of Fiji to Bainimarama and to his mocking supporters like Phylosophical? Or are we going to start doing something to take back our country? 

We can do it with a series of steps. The first step is Operation Jericho. Join us in Downtown Suva for M-Minute, a 60-second noise tsunami to begin at 7:00 PM precisely on Wednesday, 26 September.

They have refused to listen to us, but we shall not go quietly. M-Minute will be our best our chance to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 7:12am

Such big words and unsubstantiated facts. Treason in 2000 was committed by every rebel who marched into the Parliament House and supported the rebels. Those who looted, plundered and raped, brutalised and murdered. You speak of Frank being behind all this without substantiating anything. In fact you sound like a former soldier and I would not be surprised if you are.

Where do you expect all this will lead the people of Fiji to. The people especially the itaukei realise their actions in 87 and 2000 amounted to nothing. Fools like Rabuka and George Speight have brought nothing but the problems we live in today. You say Frank was behind the 2000 coup but what evidence do you have to prove this. Are you going to use your bullshit coconut wireless through this blog hoping people will believe your BS and act. People in 87 and 2000 responded to con man like you with your fanciful words and unsubstantiated facts and they got hurt because of it while con man like you fled and hid. If it was not for Frank, the rebels in 2000 would not have been subdued. When other military leaders tried to make themselves look good negotiating with the Rebels, Frank realised it was not going to work. Those moments in 2000 were some of the darkest experienced in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 7:12am

Such big words and unsubstantiated facts. Treason in 2000 was committed by every rebel who marched into the Parliament House and supported the rebels. Those who looted, plundered and raped, brutalised and murdered. You speak of Frank being behind all this without substantiating anything. In fact you sound like a former soldier and I would not be surprised if you are.

Where do you expect all this will lead the people of Fiji to. The people especially the itaukei realise their actions in 87 and 2000 amounted to nothing. Fools like Rabuka and George Speight have brought nothing but the problems we live in today. You say Frank was behind the 2000 coup but what evidence do you have to prove this. Are you going to use your bullshit coconut wireless through this blog hoping people will believe your BS and act. People in 87 and 2000 responded to con man like you with your fanciful words and unsubstantiated facts and they got hurt because of it while con man like you fled and hid. If it was not for Frank, the rebels in 2000 would not have been subdued. When other military leaders tried to make themselves look good negotiating with the Rebels, Frank realised it was not going to work. Those moments in 2000 were some of the darkest experienced in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

continued Phylosophical says to Anon 7:12am

You saw what happened at the Parliament House and across in Vanualevu. The chiefs and Methodist church leaders were behind it. Of course Frank did not have control of the military and it was obvious with the soldiers defiantly marching into the parliament house. What about the attack by the CRW on the QBE camp? Was that not Treason. Captain Stevens is lucky to be lounging in jail. He should have been shot to death. The blood of the people who suffered and died in 2000 are in Captain Steven's bloody hands. They were the so called elite soldiers of Fiji but the outcome revealed they were poorly trained and in turn sealed the fate of the other innocent CRW members who did not take part in their attack on the QBE. I am sure that Frank knew the 2000 coup was going to happen but every bloody person in Fiji knew as soon as MPC came into power. Frank is an itaukei first and soldier second and I am sure like any itaukei, he would not have appreciated the thoughht of MPC being the PM of Fiji. Of course he did nothing at that time but the COMPOL did nothing as well. This was what the itaukei wanted and they got it.

I am sure if you were the target of an assasination like Frank was you would regroup and fight back harder like you are now to topple Frank but I question your motive and means. People in Fiji sat and waited since 2006 to see whether there would be someone capable, courageous and truthful who would step up to do something but alas...like the old saying ' keimami sa lose hope'.
How much has all these blogging really achieved for Fiji but made things harder for us living here in Fiji. On this blog all we read are words of hatred and anger and incitement and it is obvious people like you want to take us backwards. We realise Fiji needs to pave a new way forward and thats why I believe we must rid Fiji of all the old leaders, political, church and chiefs who misled people because when Frank stared them in the face, their tail went between their legs and the innocent people got hurt.

Of course the means by which Frank is carrying this out may not be politically correct to say the least however it needs to be done. Rabuka has shut up now. The major political parties SDL and FLP are exposed. The Chiefs realise their real duty is to their very own people and have stepped back to work with their people. The Methodist Church is relooking at their position in politics. The people have a better understanding of what has happened and we wont allow ourselves to be misled any longer.

Once we can reconcile our differences than the country will once again become the way the world should be. At the moment, we will have to suffer for what we have committed against our brethren Indians and other races in 87 and 2000.

I say to you again, unless you can stand in front and lead the people forward....GALU MADA...KEIMAMI SA OCA NA CON TAKI...

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical shows the truth of the saying 'Philosophy triumphs easily over past evils and future evils; but present evils triumph over it.' He and his hero Bainimarama have no trouble rubbishing Fiji's past leaders and coupmongers, and they promise us a bright and shining Fiji for the future. But when it comes to the eternal present, they just can't seem to cope.  

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, if my words are too big for you, just break them down, syllable by syllable. I suggest you start with the word 'treason' -- trea-son. Look it up in the dictionary.

I'm glad you said that I sound like a former soldier of Fiji, because if you'd said that I sound like one of today's soldiers, I'd have felt terribly insulted.

You keep trying to distract C4.5's readers by setting up and demolishing straw men. Everybody sees through that. Stop trying to implicate me in the events of 1987 and 2000. I had nothing to do with them. 

On the other hand, Bainimarama masterminded the 2000 coup attempt. Readers of C4.5 knows this very well -- not just through strong circumstantial evidence, but documentary evidence and eyewitness reports. The sources are available through this blog, all over the blogosphere, and in the international press. Your challenge on this score indicates that you're uninformed, which means you haven't even bothered to look at the evidence and so are not really interested in knowing the truth.

You already acknowledge that Bainimarama knew the coup was coming and did nothing to stop it. In fact, Bainimarama was the main planner, instigator, and facilitator of the coup. He timed the coup so that he could be away at that time. He only intervened against the CRW when it became clear his coup attempt wasn't going to succeed and his treasonous role was in danger of exposure.

If you're now on Bainimarama's payroll, you should bear in mind that he's probably manipulating you just like he manipulated those poor CRW saps who ended up as his fall guys. That's why they came gunning for him, because he'd set them up and then betrayed them.

Why else did Bainimarama refuse to testify before the Board of Inquiry? This should have been the opportunity for the 'hero of the hour' to explain his triumphant 'rescue' of the government, but he knew the damning nature of the evidence against him.

Qarase was convicted on lesser evidence for an alleged crime of far less gravity. Why is it that you and other regime apologists refuse even to acknowledge the known facts? Is the truth too inconvenient for you? 

You say that all you read on this blog are 'words of hatred and anger and incitement', but it is you who argues that we must 'rid' Fiji of all of its 'old leaders, political, church and chiefs' and then say that Stevens should have been shot for treason.

If you think Stevens should have been shot for treason, then Bainimarama deserves no less. I personally consider hanging the more appropriate sentence.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, you say past leaders misled people because when Frank stared them in the face, their tail went between their legs and the innocent people got hurt. I don't know what that actually means, but the issue isn't Frank staring at people; it's Frank slapping them around, pointing a pistol at their head, and having his goons beat and sodomising them. Big difference.

Similarly, the issue isn't whether Bainimarama's actions are 'politically correct' but whether they're legal or moral. They're not, and neither is your support for him. 

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks...

@Anon 3030am - Two evils dont make a right and there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils.

@Anon 1:56pm - Coconut wireless evidence, hard on the outside but Vara in the inside to be eaten up and spat out.

@ Anon 1:59pm - The issues we have been made to believe is that Frank is the big bad wolf. Of course he is because he has the military behind him and the past leaders involved in the coup were big bad dogs but the wolf has chased them. Franks actions is unjustified but can the people of Fiji who supported the coup in 1987 and 2000justify what happened than. Oh I forgot, we went to the church leaders who led us throught these coups and they blessed us and said God has forgiven. He has not forgotten and gave us Frank as the saviour from Kiuva, a modest seaman who never in his wildest dream thought he would be where he is today. He is a victim of circumstances created by the greed and power hungry who misled the people of Fiji and now we have a big bad wolf to contend with.

It's Sunday. Sit down and pray for all the evils that has begotten Fiji in the past and now and hopefully the sins of our fathers will not stain our children.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, your head must be full of mush. Two wrongs don't make a right is true, so why justify Bainimarama's present wrongs on the basis of the wrongs committed in past coups?

Oh by the way, your 'coconut wireless' now includes the mainstream press, including TIME Magazine. We understand you don't believe the evidence. You probably also think the sun revolves around the earth. But let the evidence be presented in court, where it belongs.

For that matter, you and Frank belong there, too.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 3:10pm
Like the media you bring a lot to the table but your evidence is like a grain of salt thrown over your shoulder and the only substantiating facts are the few that remain on the shoulder. Please stop trying to mislead people and leave matters for those who can deal with it, handle it when the right moment comes. You are doing nothing positive for the return of Fiji to Democracy accept cry WOLF. Dry your tears and get on with your life. We are all trying to do that here in Fiji and dont need the likes of you telling us what we should believe in or stand for. Unless we see you out here in Fiji doing positive things or trully fighting for what you believe rather than hiding behind your anonymous identity and releasing rubbish, your words are like Solomon the King said, a fart in the wind.

Anonymous said...

@ ficklesopical 8.44 - you're desperate, that's why you speak. tic, toc...

Thanks for confirming your dictator's role in 2000 coup. No point trying to use the i-taukei excuse so as to drag the rest of us into your treasonous pig-pen since we do not think and aren't like you and your ilk who cannot abide by the rule of law and democratic means to bring about changes they seek in their country.

No, you do the crime, you do the time. Period.

We ALL have been victims of circumstances given the 3 coups in the country, but do we fall apart and break the law, threaten and overthrow democratically-elected governments in order to fill our coffers? Or do we work the hard yards within the constitutional framework to bring about changes that are positive, progressive and more importantly, SUSTAINABLE for the country?

Hence, sorry to break it to you but you guys are solely responsible for digging the country into the hell-hole its currently in. The massive, debts that your junta has accumulated and tied around Fiji's neck and future is your legacy. SHAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 10:20pm...your last comment is not worth responding too. You probably were just a baby when the 1987 coup happened so I suggest you learn the history of Fiji going back to our first Government. Let me give you an assignment. Do you know what year the first Government in Fiji was formed. This will give you an idea of the first coup in Fiji and the treasonous and back stabbing acts of the Fijian people from than to now. The events thereafter had set the chapter for what is happening today. Interesting reading if you care.

Anonymous said...

Phylo, Fiji is where it's now at precisely because of weak-kneed, defeatist lamusonas like you. You're in the hole with the regime. My advice to you is to stop digging.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 11:57am...LOL...come on than my friend...let me see you make the front page news following Jericho Day. I will remind you of the date..26th September...Make a loud noise...bang your drums and make it be known you do not agree to oppression and dictatorship. The Pro Democracy Movement needs able bodied spirited persons like you to fight there fight on the ground. If you dont make the news I will know who is Lamusona and a big talker. Do you think the Military will arrest you, what for your just making your own political statement. C'mon than dont be scared...I am waiting and watching.

Simi said...

Phylosophical, the lamusona waits and watches. The Fijian plans and acts. We don't need anyone's permission to spend 60 seconds cheering Fiji.

Don't expect Operation Jericho to be reported in Fiji's puppet press. The revolution will not be televised.

Anonymous said...

Philosophycal says to Simi...What Fijian plans and acts. Sounds like you are another one of those fools continuing to play the race cards and land threats. Go back to your village and teitei. Are you the same Simi from Nakelo???I remember when the Indians were first brought to Fiji and one of their boats sank off Nairai. The nearby villagers wondered who the hell are these people and where did they come from. They had never seen an Indian before. One of them probed one of the Indians who seemed to be alive on his ribs before screaming out to the Nakelo people. Oi, dou iratou na kai Nakelo eratou mate tu qo. He thought they were from Nakelo because when he poked the Indian guy on the rib, the Indian guy said, Nai Kelo yar Nai Kelo...The point is there is no use poking around and not having any impact at all. You might as well drink grog at your home and hoot shout and scream because you will do it with fear (SONALEVU) and no one will hear you or care. Make an impact Simi make an impact. If you are taken to the camp and brutalised shout and scream even louder as you are dragged away so everyone can see what is happening to you. If you are beaten up, have your photographs taken with your injuries and post it so Ghassi can see what really is happening. Go and register to vote. Put your submission through to the Constitution Committee. Tell them what is happening and provide the evidence for it. Everything you guys are trying to do is hopeless and nothing achieved from it. Might as well galu....let Frank do what he needs to do because he is doing a good job getting rid of useless bastards who manipulated you and made you believe 87 and 2000 was not treasonous, bloody or murderous. You say your a Fijian...HAH...Dua na kai viti macawa

Anonymous said...

Nothing more macawa than people like Phylosophical accusing others of playing the race card when he's the only one mentioning race, extolling the dictator for getting rid of people (many of them his fellow conspirators), and urging his cowardice and passivity on fellow Fijians.

The dummy doesn't even know how to spell his 'name'. Sometimes it's Phylosophical, other times it's Philosophical, and this time it's Philosophycal.

For those who live in downtown Suva, why shouldn't they celebrate M-Minute at their homes, so long as they do it in their backyards or at an open window or on a rooftop or balcony to be heard?

Some might choose to celebrate after a grog session. I will spend the day before fasting, the day of preparing, and everyday before then spreading the word about Operation Jericho.