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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Police complaint against Bainimarama not so easy to bury

Felix Anthony
While the regime is trying to spin doctor its way out of the police complaint against Frank Bainimarama, support from Amnesty International shows not everyone's taken in.

MINFO's Sharon Smith Johns is calling on the general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony, to produce a medical report if he really was bashed by soldiers.

Anthony last month finally lodged a complaint with Fiji police about the beating, and also being threatened by the country's self-appointed prime minister.

Also beaten in 2011: Sam Speight
Bloggers will recall from coverage at the time that Anthony was punched and kicked, last February and suffered a damaged eardrum and bruising.

Military thugs
QEB Goons
Anthony was picked up on two occasions by military thugs  in 2011. The first time he was threatened with death and told his family would suffer the same fate. The second time (in April), he was beaten and tortured.

On this second occasion he was first sworn at and then threatened to be killed by none other than Bainimarama. 

Within minutes after his departure, Anthony was beaten and tortured by military thugs at one location.  Hours later, he was moved to another location where he was beaten and tortured again by about five goons over a period of hours.  

Since lying about Bainimarama being named in the police complaint, Smith-Johns has moved on to suggesting Anthony is making the story up.
A statement from Amnesty International shows, though, that the reports of beatings (anecdotal or otherwise) and abuse - and worse - have occurred under Bainimarama's military dictatorship.

In its statement, Amnesty singles out the recent controversial conviction of deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, the charges against trade unionist Daniel Urai, and the harassment of business woman Mere Samisoni.

Amnesty calls on the regime to 'immediately and unconditionally release Qarase from prison if he is being held solely because of his political beliefs' and to 'ensure that Urai and Samisoni receive a fair trial in accordance with international human rights law and standards.'

Undoubtedly, there will be more to come on Anthony's complaint but let us not forget that a number of citizens have their own stories about threats from Bainimarama (directly, via email and texts) and brutal beatings by his henchmen or the QEB Goons as we dubbed them last year.

Fiji’s former Prime Minister imprisoned on politically motivated charges

On 3 August, Laisenia Qarase, Fiji’s former Prime Minister, was sentenced to one year in prison by the High Court of Fiji on abuse of office charges. Amnesty International is concerned that the charges were politically motivated, and believes that Qarase may have been imprisoned solely for his political beliefs and his opposition to the current military government.

Qarase has been a vocal critic of the government, which overthrew his government on 5 December 2006. In 2007, he brought a case against the military, which led to the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling on 9 April 2009 that the coup was illegal. The following day, the military government abrogated the constitution and dismissed all judicial officers. Some judicial officers were subsequently reappointed.

Qarase was charged in 2008 in relation to incidents which took place more than 20 years ago. According to the prosecution, as a financial advisor to the Fijian Affairs Board and Director of Fiji Holdings Limited (FHL) in 1991, Qarase applied to purchase shares in FHL on behalf of a number of companies.

Qarase denies any wrongdoing and claims that he followed proper company procedure and laws when applying for the shares.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) claims that Qarase breached his duty as a government official by failing to disclose his interest in the other companies when he applied for shares.

However, it is not clear how the purchase of shares in a private company led to the charges of abuse of office. Qarase denies that he was a government official at the time of the alleged offence. Even if he had been a government official, Amnesty International is not aware of any evidence that indicates that Qarase misused his position to obtain an unfair advantage.

Amnesty International is also concerned about other individuals facing trial on criminal charges which appear to be politically motivated.

Daniel Urai, President of the Fiji Trade Union Congress, was charged with sedition after meeting with unionists in Australia and New Zealand in late 2011.

Mere Samisoni, a 74-year Fiji businesswoman and former politician, was charged with trying to overthrow the government earlier this year. Samisoni has been a vocal critic of the military government and has close family ties to Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara, who abandoned his military post and fled to Tonga in May 2011.

Amnesty International calls on the Fiji government to: Immediately and unconditionally release Laisenia Qarase from prison if he is being held solely because of his political beliefs; Ensure that Daniel Urai and Mere Samisoni receive a fair trial in accordance with international human rights law and standards.


Anonymous said...

Soo obvious!

They couldn't help but to remove all that pose a threat to their evil intentions in the elections. Phark all the pharse!!!

mark manning said...

Is the Regime frightened of Geriatrics ?

Anonymous said...

If only Felix had stood on our side shortly after the 2006 coup, dictator would not have had a time to consolidate his grip on power - and also he would not have enjoyed a life-style he could only dream of if the crook Mahend, Felix's political boss, had not forced Finance Ministry to pay that bogus 200,000 dollars in back pay - Daniel Urai is another traitor - I dont know what all these people saw so attractive in joining the dictator - maybe their common denominator - hatred for Laisenia Qarase. Anyway, Felix's saga and that of Mahend and Daniel Urai should serve as a warning to all those supporting this deranged lunatic that he wont hesitate to whack around your ear the day he falls out with you - and that also applies to Khaiyum. It makes sense why dictator wants immunity in the Constitution

Radiolucas said...

@ MM

I think we know that the Regime is going to try to bury everyone they can so that there is noone to oppose them at the election.

My bet is the ballot paper will read something like this:

X Frank Bainimarama

Sign Here: ____________________

Why else would they be doing so much to discredit and imprison anyone that could oppose them.

Anonymous said...

Trade Unionist were all corrupted I have no sympathies as they switch sides and support who ever is in power to continue enjoying the benefits derived from union dues of the workers.

Free Mandela Qarase Now said...

Free Mandela Qarase Now. This talban junta has done enough destruction to Fiji and its people. What is next for the taliban dictator - free trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran to dance with his new friends?

Anonymous said...

Why would someone wait for a year and half to lodge a police complaint? Of all people, Felix should know the law. I feel that this is just a way for him to get back in the limelight.

Felix get a life bro and after all the money you made from Natadola hotel project, you should be able to retire quite comfortably.

All the drinking and party on opening night with Voreqe Bainimarama till next morning sure did not help you. Was it not on the next day that you got your marching orders?

People of the Land said...

Mr Anthony needs to learn many lessons. While we sympathize with you it is also important that you must realize that you and your friends were the first ones to give legitimacy to this brutal regime. That childish behavior can not be tolerated by the People of the Land. But that does not mean that we hate you for that but we are all human and we need to learn and learn things quickly because it almost cost you your life.

You have hurt many of the People of the Land because you always tabetabe to your God father Mahen.

Stop acting like a baby and be a Man like what Teleni said.

Let's hope that justice will be served without delay.

Loloma yani from the people of the Land.

Anonymous said...

Isa...noqu VT lomani....

Anonymous said...

Felix, sorry bro but you were a big supporter like your flp buddies. Now you get your punishment

Absolute crap said...

Release Qarase? Puh-lease. the guy is about to be tried for abuse of office when he was prime minister, not for offences 20 years ago. Amnesty International has lost the plot and should butt out of Fiji altogether. Their Fiji "researcher" used to work for Akuila Yabaki at the CCF. Not exactly unbiased. Was this written by Netani Rika? Looks like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can just see the regime shaking in the boots......not.

Anonymous said...

Oi, how come you guys haven't written a word about the SDL's call for Fiji to be called a Christian state, that has now been confirmed by our party president Solomoni Naivalu. Don't you think it deserves some coverage and debate here?

Come on 4.5. I can't wait to start hammering those Godless, dictator supporting bastards like Davis and Walsh who oppose this. Bugger the Hindus and Muslims. If they don't like it, piss off out of Fiji and don't come back

Anonymous said...

People now must make police and ficac complaints for investih=gation of dictator and junta thugs for corruption-fraud-treason-sedition-assualt-murder-extortion-abuse of office.

Anonymous said...

First,why didnt felix anthony lodge a complain earlier
2nd.where is the medical report of felix anthony
3rd.why did he take so much time in giving his statement
4th,why has he been telling the media that Cmdr Bainimarama did not threaten him.felix is changing his story all the time.
felix 'story' is very unreliable and can not be trusted.you can not prusecute anybody for the offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm without a medical report.

Say no to thuggery said...

This is not to justify what happened to Sam Speight but I recall a Fijian journalist being beaten by George Speight supporters in Parlt, for no reason whatsoever. He was my mate and his name was Siti, a simple chap trying to do his job in difficult times and earn a living fior his family.

He became target of a cowardly, unruly mob. I think another guy was beaten and almost stripped naked.
I couldn't believe we Fijians were doing this to each other.

In his interview mainboy George tamata viavialevu showed no remorse. He said, 'we are in a coup situation'.

My sympathies to Sam Speight, who has a family. what happened to him was despicable. As a christian society we should never condone violence because it might come back to haunt us.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Bainivuaka's photo in here I farted.

Anonymous said...

Bai now looks like a stupid idiot..after all that bashing and torture and harassing people with threats of death..one would obviously think that the man belongs in st.Giles and all the others joining his bandwagon are mere opportunists taking advantage of the situation to further advance their cravings for power and prestige..One perfect example is that old blonde twit of a tart..sharon suaniu the illegal PS for misinfomation..One laughs at the extent she would go to keep her new found success..and we all hope it lasts cause not for long now she will be holidaying at korovou i cake..

Anonymous said...

Hello, they ALL have GASTRITIS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One question..why doesnt the police investigate Bainimarama..???..Isnt it only proper the Police commisioner calls for an investigation on him after all Ioane has been harping about Police integrity..good governance and transparency..all attributes of a good cop..or is it by mouth only..now we will have to say if he is a man of his word or just a con artist..SAD..

Anonymous said...


"Qarase Fiji’s best performing Prime Minister

Qarase grew the economy from 1.6 billion in 2001 to 3.1 billion in 2006. That is the strongest sustained performance ever in Fiji’s economic history – in effect the Fijian economy basically grew 100% in those 6 years under Qarase – it doubled in size.

thats an undeniable fact - Qarase holds the record for the sharpest and strongest periods of growth in Fiji’s history

its stands up favourably with the record Kamikamica set – although Kamikamica was around for only 4 years he managed to grow the economy

by 25% from 1.1 billion in 1988 to 1.5318 billion in 1992

Qarase’s record is the best ever in the history of Fiji – only one other Prime Minister in the history of Fiji has achieved a doubling of the size of the economy and that was Rt Mara"



Anonymous said...

Sharon is another idiot protecting the regime thugs.
I was taken to the barrack 3 times by fb.
l was released with mara help .when he spoke to FB.
I got death threat from him via text last year and latest one on monday.
why is nz/auss/usa protecting the dictator and regime thugs in fiji..
why double standard practice here.
Why didnt they investigate FB .when he threat us last year with death and swore at maori people..
i am looking forward for reply from nz govt soon.
god bless fiji
keep the fight on guys.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police and Army ,Prison and Hospital are all controlled by army guys now.
So we never will get fair reports .
They will never investigate the boss FB.
Said overseas govt started trusting the liar again.
Frank never kept his promise or words.
I feel sorry for Felix and others. who got bashed up by army thugs and still waiting for justice .
They never will get in fiji now .

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Sharon Smith Johns is calling on Felix to produce a medical certificate.

And what is her role in a Police case, the slack slut. Please stick to using your tired old bag to entertain the troops.

Its real people up in here y'all so sit down and shut the F up beyotch!

kite flyer said...

No need to labour the point. it is common knowledge this is what happens under thug rule.opponents are routinely rounded up and given a bashing or threatening with a beating to remind them just Who is in Power. it is as simple as that.only simpletons fail to grasp this reality and sycophants of course see only that which the wish to see.

Anonymous said...

Whats with Taufa Vakatale joining the regime??? is she running out of funds??looks like it..gosh too much tabetabe & masia the volos... >>>sa mamare mai na qaladra ADI TAUFA

Anonymous said...

Garase is history now, more charges of abuse of office to come.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of absolute crap, what about these regime supporters trying to defend Bainimarama from the Amnesty International report? Bainimarama as the aggrieved party? Puh-lease! This is just another example of how the regime is running Fiji's reputation into the dirt.

Speaking of dirt, what about the dirtbags who wonder why Anthony waited a year and a half before filing his complaint? When their turn comes to be beaten by Bainimarama's thugs, let's see how quickly THEY dare expose themselves to another beating by going to the corrupted police.

Anonymous said...

Idiot Brij Lal from Canberra should shut his Labasan mouth. How does he know SDL did not make the submission.??Go and meditate--eat your sandwiches on a bennch near lake burley griffin.---and think of the roti and curry of Toorak !!!!

Anonymous said...

What a Joke..Cmon Amnesty International,Qarase was guilty for corruption it was proven beyond reasonable doubt,thats why his QC and legal advisors abandoned him...the case was not going to be won by defence. Tupou Draunidalo knew that and was just trying to build her reputation by taking up the case. Cmon people call a spade a spade. Yes,the Coup was illegal and so to was the all the Governments after 2000.Let's just move on and vote in the next
Concerned Citizen

Fijiana said...

SDL submission to constitutional commission creates major hype
Publish date/time: 10/08/2012 [11:37]

A lot of hype has been created over the last few days on whether the SDL party would make a submission to the constitutional commission like the one that was highlighted by Fijivillage.

Radio Australia spoke to an unnamed party source earlier this week who said to them that the SDL does not want a Christian state among other issues highlighted in the presentation by SDL.

The Australian report then said that the SDL is denying making a submission and former Fiji citizen Doctor Brij Lal said that he can never see the SDL make such a submission in an interview on Pacific Beat.

As Fiji’s political expert based in Canberra, Doctor Lal said in the interview that maybe it is in the interests of some groups in Fiji to portray SDL as a racist party without really checking with the party on whether it is their constitution submission.

However, Fijivillage confirmed that two SDL party officials made the submission on behalf of the party to the commission in the presence of the SDL President, Solomoni Naivalu at Suva Civic Centre.

In the SDL submission, as highlighted by Fijivillage, the party wanted Fiji to be declared a Christian State, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

While making its submission to the Constitutional Commission, SDL said they want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”.

SDL also proposes that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship.

Speaking to the Professor Yash Ghai led commission, the SDL officials said that the party wants the term “sexual orientation” to be removed from the Bill of Rights of the 1997 constitution.

In that section it states that a person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her sexual orientation.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

The party said the GCC should be established under the constitution and a GCC Act should clearly set out their roles and functions.

Furthermore SDL said the multi party cabinet provisions should be removed and the principle of winner takes all should be adopted.

The party also said that clear provisions should be set out on the roles and functions of the RFMF without any ambiguity.

SDL also states in its submission that the 1997 constitution should be retained but some important changes should be made.

Radio Australia now said that it has obtained a copy of the SDL submission, which clearly states that it was made on behalf of the party.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

ex army said...

Coup 4.5 Thanks very much for reminding us the beatings and the tortururing of innocent civilians by these bastards the IG.Probably its appropriate to bring back some of the photo's and blogs of people being tortured and abuse by this IG to keep reminding us about these murderers.People tend to forget the past and if you could please bring that dark memories so people cannot be influence by these wannabe saviour of our country.Yesterday these bastards were murdering/torturing/abusing innocent people and now they wanna be senn as the saviour of our people.

Anonymous said...

Just say No to negotiations for immunity.

The Constitution lives.


Operation Jericho. Downtown Suva, 26 September. 7:00 PM exactly. Make a joyful noise. Join us in celebrating Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Concerned Citizen.

Qarase was found guilty in an illegal and an unconstitutional trial.

We want to see Bainimarama in a properly constituted and legal court. The ball is in his court and he will always be haunted by the fact that he used firearms to evade charges that were to be laid upon him.

These charges are being kept and he will face them when the time is ripe in two years or twenty years. Bai and Khaiyum will never escape in this life or ever.

Apisai Tora-Sabeto said...

Bainimara is a national hero and will be in years to come. He will be regarded and given the same status as late Sir Lala Sukuna in future. The future generations will in years to come will learn about him in schools. They will learn how he corrected the wrong doings which started from 1987 by Rabuka and other thugs. He will be an icon to remember in years to come as he brought fainess and equality in Fiji for all races. Those who are anti-him should look at your own self in mirror. You say you are christian but most of you supported beatings of innocent indians in 87 and 2006, supported lands taken from indians and now these lands are full of bushes, indian mosque and temples broken in, some innocent indians and supporters of Bavadra and Chaudhry beaten and imprisioned. Now reap what you guys have sown in past. Just remember Bainimara is a national hero for youths of Fiji today. He is correcting the failed, hatred and unequal policies of past.

Anonymous said...


Bainimarama did not carryout a coup da tar, it merely filled in the vaccum left by the SDL who cowardly vacated their responsibilities.

They disppeared into thin air like Qarase.

Cou da tar.............Not ever.

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony deserves that and that is the price to pay for sleeping with the enemy. You should be upholding the rule of law.

People!! to uphold the rule of law and to remove the coup culture, we must say to the constitution commission to exclude the immunity part in the constitution, all coupsters must be brought to trial starting from the 1987 coups.

Baci Duka said...

LQ having fresh bread lemon tea in jail.
Good for his health.
He will be stronger when he come out in one year.
FHL shares will still be there, so no worry.
For rest of us no money, no funny.. oi lei taciqu.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a joke. Period. It's a joke because it's governed by a lunatic, and lunatics will eventually run out of their limited brain cells. And bloggers who are supporting this lunatic and his bunch of loonies are lunatics as well.

Anonymous said...

is it true that 4.5 is dying of shame over the SDL submission for a Christian state? That's what Graham Davis is saying over at Grubsheet. I can't stand the prick but why haven't you written anything? It's all over the news in Fiji but nothing here.

Anonymous said...

All these beatings, killings, stomping s is the work of a deranged man and a SADIST!! It is a sure sign of insecurity when you lead by FEAR!!
How would you feel Frank if you were on the receiving end, you Bastard??
Not to worry, ONE day you too will feel how it feels to be on the receiving end you Sadist!!

Fiji Sun- Article said...

By Graham Davis

The constitutional submission by members of the former governing party in Fiji – the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) – calling for the country to be declared a Christian state is surely one of the longest political suicide notes in history.
Coming as it does less than a week after the party’s leader, Laisenia Qarase, was jailed for corruption, it’s a fair bet that this document seals the SDL’s fate.
It cannot win a multiracial election if these are the policies it takes to the 2014 poll, even in the event that it is permitted to stand.
That must now also be in doubt because it’s already abundantly clear that the SDL cannot possibly meet the test of being a multiracial party.
What non-indigenous person would be moronic enough to join it, let alone vote for it?

Arrogance of
1987 revisited?

All over Fiji people are shaking their heads. Because it truly beggars belief that any party with pretensions to lead the country can have come up with the provocative document that the SDL members submitted to the Constitutional Commission last week.
It reeks of racial supremacy and arrogance, appalling religious intolerance and a crude mindset more attuned to the nineteenth century than the 21st.
It is as bad as anything proposed by the indigenous supremacists and their chiefly and Methodist patrons after the coups of 1987.
And if anything, it’s worse, because the passage of time has done nothing to modify the earnest belief of these people that only the iTaukei truly have a legitimate place in Fiji.
The rest of us are vulagi (visitors) and we’ll bloody well put up with what they have planned for us whether we like it or not. And if we don’t like it, we can leave.
Never mind if you’re a Hindu, Sikh or Muslim, the state religion will be Christianity and Fiji will be governed by Christians and Christian principles.
And this in a country where close to 40 per cent of the population isn’t Christian at all.
You will also speak Fijian because that will be the only official language. And yes, Fijian not iTaukei, because only the iTaukei will be allowed to call themselves Fijian.
The rest of us go back to being designated Fiji Islanders.
There will be no dual citizenship, no formal recognition of gay rights and the chiefs will be restored to their dominant place in national life, with the sole right to choose the president and vice president.


Anonymous said...

The racist aims of the SDL party

Welcome to the world an SDL government has in store for all Fiji citizens, where the minorities are second class citizens again no matter what Voreqe Bainimarama’s vision was.
Incredibly, this is what this political grouping – which recently changed its constitution to admit members of other races – plans to take to the non-negotiable multiracial election of 2014.
A return to the tyranny of the majority.
Gee fellas. Thanks a million. Where do we sign up, all we Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs and Buddists, Kai Idia, Kailoma and Kai Valagi, gays and lesbians?
It’s the new old Fiji and we can hardly wait.
Morbid jokes aside, this is a shocking document for Fijians of all races, not just for its actual content but for what it says about the SDL.
These were the people who tried to railroad through legislation to free the odious George Speight and his gang, review existing land title in favour of the iTaukei and introduce the Qoliqoli Bill to make other citizens pay for the use of coastal resources.
Whatever the critics say, all this would have passed into law had not Voreqe Bainimarama abandoned the role of spectator and stormed onto the political playing field in 2006 to crash tackle the SDL Government before it scored these miserable tries against the rest of us.
Yet incredibly, we know now that even these highly contentious plans – enough to trigger yet another coup but this time to assert the rights of all citizens – were just the start.
What this submission confirms is that there was much more to come had they got their way – truly a new dark age that, thank God, Voreqe Bainimarama prevented.
For five and a half years, the Bainimarama Government’s critics have blabbered on about why the 2006 takeover wasn’t justified.
Yet in one fell swoop, the SDL has given the lie to any notion that the military takeover was unnecessary or premature, that they genuinely intended to share power with the other parties – as they’d agreed – and that the bills Commodore Bainimarama objected to were only proposals that might have been eventually modified or abandoned.

Anonymous said...

No, they were going into law alright.
And we now know that after that would have come the Christian state, Fijian as the official language and the rest of us back to square one and the dark days of 1987.
Were Sunday observance laws next?
What a merry path we’ve been led along by the likes of Brij Lal, Jon Fraenkel, Wadan Narsey, Graham Leung and Imrana Jalal.
“Power sharing could have worked but it wasn’t given a chance!”
Well now the naked truth is exposed.
And whether they were conned or were conning themselves, they certainly tried to con the rest of us that Laisenia Qarase was a cuddly democrat and Voreqe Bainimarama the evil dictator.
These people habitually describe Grubsheet as a misguided apologist for the Bainimarama regime.
Yet they are the ones who have been hoodwinked – apologists for indigenous supremacists masquerading as democrats.
Don’t take my word for it, dear reader. Judge for yourself your own place in the Fiji envisaged by the SDL.
What emerges from this document is a frightening insight into the psyche of some of our fellow citizens – racist bigots who don’t accept non-indigenous people no matter how many generations their families have been in Fiji.
They represent the country at its most backward and inward looking, presenting a blueprint for a nation that looks to its primitive past rather than seeking an honoured role in the modern world.
And if these are the views that the SDL are prepared to commit to paper, what other treats do they have in store for Fiji’s minorities that can’t be uttered in mixed racial company, that are spoken only in whispers around the grog bowl late at night?
The SDL’s patron is one of the three most senior chiefs in Fiji – the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa.
She recently raised the spectre of racial calamity in Fiji.
What did she really mean?
What fresh hell awaits us if the SDL ever gets into government again?
It’s high time for some public explanations.
They want the term “sexual orientation” to be removed from the Bill of Rights of the 1997 constitution – the passage that says a person mustn’t be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.
Is the racial, cultural and religious orientation of their opponents next?
They also want an end to any multiparty government in future and the adoption of a “winner takes all” system in Fiji.
Yes, of course they do. And God help us if it ever comes to pass and the SDL assumes the reins of power again.
The only silver lining in this dark cloud is that the “freedom and democracy” cape that these people have used to mask their

true agenda has been ripped away to expose the ugly face of intolerance.
Their remaining non-indigenous supporters in the diaspora will be aghast, as will the credulous regional media and policy makers in Australia and New Zealand.
By going public, the SDL has sounded its death knell.

Duavata said...

Dear Felix,Urai,Mahen and all Labor Party Supporters,

The leadership of the Fiji Labor Party has clearly shown irresponsible decisions during trying times and to make it worse all the Muslim and Hindu based organizations had openly jumped onto the regime's band wagon of deceit and lies.

It perfectly fits PLP's party principle of back stabbing and liu muri.

It is really a sad state of affair to see our poor farmers and hardworking laborers being conned by Robin Hood and group.

I trust our Indian Brothers will join or create a new political party soon.

Anonymous said...

So where is a posting on this website highlighting the submision to the constitution commission by your heroes of "democracy" the SDL party.

This submission proves that the SDL have NO interest in democracy, just a country controlled by a bunch of racists. No matter how you have tried to sugar coat the SDL and call them defenders of democracy, there was never any doubt where they were heading when they were in power.

Australia and New Zealand must now see why Bainimarama had no choice and his coup was entirely justified.

All of you people on here supporting the SDL and Qarase as pro-democracy and Bainimarama as anti-democracy are just a bunch of hypocrites! Now the truth is out for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh ......no school howvthe ell did hevend up as a minister .......this reflects the quality of politicians we hav in fiji ....gone are the days hn we had decent politicians like ad patel , koya , ramrakha , reddy , mara , tonganivalu , stinson, , jai narayan , raoji patel etc .......since that laat 20 years we got no school idiots like rajesh , vayshonia , chodhary , khaiyum , baini , dumb pathethic no school wanna bes and that is our real problem .....fiji is a dead gonna R.i.p

Anonymous said...

That missinformation sharon smith knows very well that all those people who were tortured cannot get any medical help.Or she is so dumb and she only do what she is told, sitting in Fiji getting paid more than she could get in Aussie.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen @ 11:59, these elections won't solve anything, because they'll be illegal, too!

The Heckler said...

Isn't it a bit ironic that regime supporters denounce Amnesty International for criticising their hero, Bainimarama, at the same time that their hero is seeking amnesty for himself?

Anonymous said...

the 800000 people of fiji need to go to the local police stations and FICAC office and lodge offical compliants for murder-crw, assulat, corruption, bribe, fraud, extortion, sedition and treason-for dictator/junta to be investigated and charged-take copy of the statement and give to local/internationl media.

who elected the despot and dozen thug junta?

Who is this despot when democracy coming to fiji?

despot must be investigated-charged and sent to naboro-one way trip.

700000 yaer pay corruption via nur bano ali & 200000 leave fraud payment is enough for a life sentence.

the thug despot bnelong in naboro not PM office forceline with 100 armed guards.

800000 people of fiji must show people power-police report to local station/FICAC report now.

despot will run the cassava patch sulu high again.

Anonymous said...

Dont grant amnesty in the new illegal constitution. The immunity part in the 1990 constitution should be scrapped so that people like Rabuka and Bainimarama should pay the price and should not be allowed to run free because of the immunity.
George Speight is serving his time for the coup and I believe that we should be fair here and prosecute all coupsters like Rabuka & Bainimarama

kite flyer said...

did he or did he not threaten felix?did his military men beat felix? this is the issue and it is at the heart of the question of the fitness of bainimarama and his military mob to lead the nation.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Chaudary and cronies, Ratu Epeli Ganilau and the lot and those who supported the coup shall also have their time in gaol.

Get all supporters of the 2000 coup and get them all to court to answer charges of inciting to overthrow a legally elected Government.

We need a truth & reconcilliation commision to get this crime once & for all out of the record of law & order in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

ALL coupsters should be allowed to categorically state the real reason for the coup before any reconciliation is to be done. We will need to thrash all the truth out so we can start afresh and bury all the evil of the past.
Political prisoners to be set free and the real man should have the courage to admit to the real reason behind the execution of the coup.


Anonymous said...

Stop talking about life sentences, and stop talking about immunity. Treason is a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

racist qarase gets what he deserves next should be rabuka another idiot

1987 coup gave super powers to fijians did this help them out of poverty? it will never work whole country and people need to move forward together not race based

Anonymous said...

Isa Felix,the same threats that were made to you about your family was made to others that got taken in.The fact is it did not matter to you or the other asses around you that a coup was never the answer,all the coups in this country were wrong.There is no good coup or bad coup,do you understand,it's really simple bro.
You were a leader of sorts but now you are tainted and people have not forgotten the days you were riding high on the benefit of the regime........and then oi lei ,you got kicked out....So.............you know what happens when you work with the devil.....