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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SDL party statement regarding controversial submission

The following SDL statement was sent to us by Mesake Koroi with the note: 'attached our SDL Party Official Media Release in response to Mr Graham Davis.'

SDL Party Official Media Release

The illegal regime's apologist Graham Davis has worked himself into frenzy about what he thinks is the SDL Party’s official submission to the Yash Ghai Constitution Commission.

But that is typical of the likes of him shooting from afar pretending to be an expert on matters that are uniquely Fijian in nature.

Despite efforts by the SDL to clarify and correct the erroneous assumptions that the submissions made by individual party supporters are not necessarily those of the SDL as a party representing all the people of Fiji, Mr. Davis continues to ignore basic facts.

But that is no surprise considering that he is a well known apologist of the Bainimarama regime.

But be that as it may, let him be assured that the documents he referred too and not the party submission to the Commission.

The SDL Party submission is yet to be completed and indeed yet to be presented.

It will be ready to place before the Commission in late September or early October after consultations with our members.

So Mr. Davis will have to lick his wounds and contain his curiosity until then.

He can be rest assured that Party President Mr. Solomone Naivalu did not lead a team to present the document that has made Mr. Davis so agitated.

It is not denied that Mr. Naivalu was indeed present at the opening of the session when the document or rather the SDL supporters made their presentation.  He was there to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.  No more no less. Any responsible party President would have done the same.

Mr. Davis, an absentee commentator, is nothing but an arm chair critic whose views on political feelings in Fiji are obnoxious to the people making Fiji their home.

He is oblivious to the feelings of the people of Fiji and obviously harbors intense hatred for the SDL Party and its followers.  He equates party ideology and its membership as indigenous racist.

The matter is far from the truth.  In fact it is part of Fiji’s political mainstream. It won two elections back to back signifying that it is a PARTY THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.
Perhaps Mr. Davis should educate himself about the party’s ideologies.

If he were well-informed he would have easily deduced that the SDL membership has always been multiracial.

In the 2006 general election the SDL fielded a multi-racial slate of candidates and won the election under the proviso of peace, multiracial harmony and prosperity.

Our Party Leader Mr. Laisenia Qarase, who has now been imprisoned, said in the 2006 manifesto that he hoped the election of that year would open the way for multiracial government by parties with shared ideals and a positive approach to nation building.

When the Bainimarama coup took place, Mr. Qarase was leading a broadly respected multi-party cabinet.

However, the SDL is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

It might be fruitful than for Mr. Davis to be balanced and objective for a change.

Mr. Solomone Naivalu


SDL Party


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama tipped his hand regarding the SDL as far back as the People's Charter 'consultation process'. The Charter would give the courts the power to disband a political party if it was deemed to be acting contrary to the spirit of the Charter.

Would Aiyaz's slavish judiciary be capable of any other finding vis-à-vis the SDL?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka President.
Now frank and cronies need to be sued in court for defaming the SDL Party and President.
Davis and Narayan need to be investigated for breaching media ethics.
SDL is here to lead fiji and its people in the future.
SDL got my vote and support.
God Bless

Apisai Tora- Sabeto said...

Robert Khan is related to Ayiaz. Both are anti fijians and SDL. Felix Anthony is from Mahen's Labour Party. All three cannot be trusted. SDL will win 2014 election and Ro Temu the paramount chief of Burebasaga will become the first female Prime Minster of the United Fiji. Bainimarama go and plant casava in Tailevu. Your days are numbered.
August 14, 2012 6:43 PM

white trash bigots said...

Well said Mr Naivalu
The colonialist bigot Davis and his regime apologist sidekick from horowhenua certainly are enemies of the Fijians.

mark manning said...

Graham Davis, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum all have one thing in common. They each seem to behave as if they are not knowing where they belong in Society.

mark manning said...

One would have to ask, what is their mission ?

Anonymous said...

why protect a racist party? that is their choice nothing wrong with it however go for democratic elections and let the people choose and so be it don't like it then get out

Anonymous said...

Hey Rajesh

I thought you were booted from SDL. After that you initially supported Baini. What has changed now? Are you dreaming to become an Assistant Minister again? The Dairy business best suits you or are heading for bankrutpcy.

Anonymous said...

Progress report for PM

Nanise Loanakadavu
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CONSTITUTION Commission chairman Professor Yash Ghai met with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday to update him on the consultation that continues in the country today.

Although Prof Ghai refused to reveal much of their discussion, he said the meeting was to inform Commodore Bainimarama on the progress of the consultations.

“I updated him on the consultations but we also discussed some issues which I don’t think should be revealed,” Prof Ghai said.

He earlier told this newspaper that the commission was independent in the discharge of its function and no one could interfere in its task.

He had said the government was obliged to co-operate with the commission to ensure that its work proceeded as smoothly as possible and that they had the resources necessary to perform its function effectively.

He had also said no commission worked in a vacuum and if the overall context in which it operated was not hospital to the freedom of assembly and speech.

“It’s for this reason that the commission urged that restrictions on meetings under the Public Order Act should be lifted.”

Prof Ghai had said they were grateful that people did not need permits for a gathering. He however said the commission believed that there were other restrictions which could be lifted, and this had been part of numerous submissions, to help them in their work.

Prof Ghai said people needed to say what they wished and at the same time, they would maintain their independency.

Duhhh Davis said...

Doesn't matter if SDL people say they want a Christian state because they will not get it. The point is all citizen are supposed to be able to have their say.

Anonymous said...

SDL is the party that have huge fijian support and was democratic elected party in past 2 election.
who voted bai party -no one.the army groon.
flp and sdl will make strong submission and they will win the election.
Frank get ready for prison soon.

Anonymous said...



Moh'd Tora said...

Dream on Apisai Tora.. You're another lost cause. Fiji can do very well without the likes of you. Moce Jo.

Anonymous said...

"SDL is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity"

So they want run a church? Wait they already do...the Methodist church.

rajend naidu said...

editor did you get my letter on prof ghai's progress report to pm


Thank you to my many fans for their wonderful messages of support.

I would especially like to thank the SDL for putting out a special statement criticising me. It is deeply touching that this wonderful party has seen fit to boost my profile in Fiji.

Vinaka Vakalevu! I look forward to seeing the SDL's official submission to the Constitutional Commission. I gather from the nice Mr Naivalu and the equally nice Mr Koroi that it will include the following:

1/ Fiji to be declared a pagan state. 2/ Swahili to be declared the official language 3/ everyone to be declared dual citizens of Samoa.

What a fabulous program! It is bound to propel the SDL back into office in no time! And then we can all have a service of thanksgiving at Centenary Church, where Laisenia Qarase will be guest of honour. I can't wait for my invitation.

Moce mada

Anonymous said...

SDL is a multiracial party and Fiji is a Christian state any way....
Davis I feel sorry for you,i think you are loosing it mate!!

Radiolucas said...

Wait for it…

I feel another napkin decree being squirted onto Aiyaz's toilet paper-printing-press - another amazing legal fiction to make being a political opponent to the RFMF illegal...

Jone said...

People who say the SDL party is racist are racists themselves. Have a look at the make up of the FLP, I'm sure the racists in here won't see that past their narrow eyes.

It's sad to say this but it seems that the majority of Indians are the ones who strongly opposed SDL. And that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

I don't frieken care what Bai or khaiyum are trying to do, all i know is-come 2014 i am electing a
person who stands on the SDL ticket
or who support the SDL Agenda.

just saying said...

If SDL is 'motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity' they are obviously HYPOCRITES because they don't practise what they preach First of all in their collaboration with the Methodist Church why don't they promote regular bible studies in communities especially among the men ,led by Talatalas and Vakatawas rather than regular yaqona drinking ? Their call for a Christian state should start at home.

Listen to the word of the Lord said...

This is pathetic. Why is the SDL targeting Graham Davis personally and not the Fiji Sun, which ran his articles? Because they are lamusona that the Sun will give them an even harder time than before. This is the old SDL tactic of picking a soft target.

Also, this idea that anyone like Davis who doesn't live in Fiji full time has not got the right to comment is ridiculous. What about Suli, Jone B and all those other people in Australia who comment all the time and know even less about what they are talking about? Davis comes and goes from Fiji. They just stay in Australia.

I don't agree with Davis a lot of the time but on this one he is right. We should practice our faith proudly but not force it on others and keep the church and state separate. Only Christians who are unsure of their faith would want to impose it on everyone else.

What did Jesus say? Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. he told us what to do. Why is the SDL not listening????

Fijiana said...

Party submission presented but SDL says no

More than a week after the SDL party made its submission to the Constitution Commission, party president Solomoni Naivalu is now saying that it was not a SDL party submission.

However, Fijivillage confirmed that senior SDL party officials had made the submission on the first day of consultations at the Suva Civic Centre.

According to our recordings of the submissions which are also recorded by the commission staff, the officials said on the record while presenting their submission that it was being made on behalf of the SDL party.

This was done in the presence of SDL president Solomoni Naivalu.

Copies of the submissions presented were then given to Fijivillage and the commission staff.

Fijivillage has now established that the same submission was made in Nasinu and it stopped after the contents of the submission were highlighted publicly.

Now SDL has released a statement saying it is not their submission and they will make their presentation in September or October.

According to a statement released by Mesake Koroi, party president Naivalu said he was only present during the consultations to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.

SDL also said that it is a multiracial party.

However, the party said it is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

Graham Davis ( the real one) said...

Someone has posted a comment purporting to be from me.

It is not. The record shows that I do not have people issuing comments on my behalf.

Please disregard it. It is an attempt to sow mischief.

My views are expressed on my blog, Grubsheet, where I have a response to the SDL news release.


Graham Davis

Anonymous said...

That statement "on behalf of Graham Davis" sounds like a joke. Cannot be the real him or has he turned comedian. Very strange but then we live in even stranger times.

Anonymous said...

Can vijay Narayan and Fiji village clarify who the sdl senior party official spoke to professor ghai and his team in the present of party president naivalu.I thought that naivalu was making a submission ... somebody is lying here

Anonymous said...

Vijay Narayan is standing by his original story and says he has proof on tape that it was an SDL submission.

Very interesting. Can the SDL be trying to pull the wool over our eyes? It wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

grahame Davis , since we regarded you as bainiceke mouthpiece and Iam sick of reading your bias and one sided political commentary , can you promote coupfourpointfive on your next article on Fiji sun as the best and informative website that the people of Fiji can rely too.

Question said...

Question: Is this the same Mr Davis that writes these fair and balanced articles in the Sun, which has been elected the world champion of high quality journalism?

Jone said...

Constitutional Commissioner confirms SDL made submissions in Suva and Nasinu
Publish date/time: 15/08/2012 [13:11]

Constitutional Commissioner, Penelope Moore confirmed that their records state that the SDL party made a submission in Suva and Nasinu.

Moore confirmed that the submission clearly stated that it was from the SDL on both occasions.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Fijivillage has been informed that the SDL’s plan was to make the same summarised version of the party’s submission at different venues.

When questioned on this, Moore said this can be done however the commission is also looking at diverse views.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Fijivillage has highlighted that senior SDL party officials had made the submission on the first day of consultations at the Suva Civic Centre.

According to our recordings of the submissions which are also recorded by the commission staff and confirmed by Commissioner Moore, the SDL officials said on the record while presenting their submission that it was being made on behalf of the SDL party.

This was done in the presence of SDL President, Solomoni Naivalu.

Copies of the submissions presented were then given to Fijivillage and the commission staff by the SDL officials.

In the SDL submission to the Constitution Commission, the party wants Fiji to be declared a Christian State, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

SDL said they also want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”. SDL also proposes that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

Now SDL has released a statement saying it is not their submission and they will make their presentation in September or October. According to a statement released by Mesake Koroi, Party President Naivalu said he was only present during the consultations to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.

SDL also said that it is a multi racial party.

However, the party said it is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

kite flyer said...

let me say this much . I get a whole lot more from reading the contributions in Coup 4.5 then from Graham Davis' piece in the Fiji Sun. Davis articles have become predictable. They are unashamedly pro-regime. And, need I say that can hardly be called good journalism.

Anonymous said...

Re Progress Report to the PM, it would have been better had Yash Ghai initiated the meeting with Bainimarama, because this is really the time when Ghai needs to deliver a clear ultimatum to the dictator.

Even accepting the (Un)Constitutional Dia/Monologue on its own terms and imputing to it legitimacy, which I do not, the process is going seriously off track, as we all knew it would.

It was bad enough when Tikoitoga and then Bainimarama made their first round of threats. Since then the regime has decreed that the new constitution must include an immunity clause, that Bainimarama will determine the size and composition of the constituent assembly, and that both demands are non-negotiable. The regime also moved to disqualify Fiji's main political figures from running for office through trumped up charges and reneging on earlier written assurances. Now the regime has launched a new round of attacks and threats against its critics, clearly with a view to having a chilling effect on the nascent policy debate.

The Constitutional Commission has already announced publically its unwillingness to accept the regime's latest decrees as non-negotiable, yet the regime has made no attempt to walk the decrees back. The Commission has asked the regime to take measures to allow freer public discussion. Instead, the regime has threatened regime opponents all the more and redoubled its efforts to use Fiji's compromised judiciary as a political weapon.

I warned Ghai from the beginning that the regime was acting in bad faith and that his principles and reputation would be tested as the regime's manipulation became more and more overt. I advised him to act early to lay some clear ground rules before the regime could formulate its own. Now, the only way Ghai can retrieve his dimming reputation is by throwing a hissy fit to expose the regime's bad faith and then by leaving in a huff, and the sooner the better. 

The first step in that process has passed -- Ghai laid a marker, and the regime ignored it. The second step should have been for Ghai to demand again of Bainimarama in person that he rescind his latest decrees and allow for freer public discussions, adding the ultimatum that either the regime's interference in the process end or he will quit the commission. If Ghai did anything less than that, then he did himself a disservice. 

The regime was never going to allow for anything more than a bogus process from the beginning. If Ghai really didn't understand that then, he should certainly know it by now.

On or before 26 September would be the best time for Ghai to make the most dramatic departure, as that is the day we launch Operation Jericho. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ August 15, 2012 9:24 AM - You mentioned that we should not impose our faith on others, so I would like to pose a Qn: What if 2 submissions arises... 1 - to legalised the Gay community i.e Man can marry a man - with a valid marriage certificate... 2.. We allow for abortion and we can have legalised plenty wives.... Do you agree in principle that it be included a law in the constitution based on your Christianity belief?

Anonymous said...

Vijay has the recorded submission by the SDL party members. The submission from the SDL in the recoding the President of SDL clearly states that this is a SDL submission. What more do you guys want. Some of you guys on this site have your heads so far up your backsides that you just cant think past your pointless hatred for Frank. HERE THIS LOUD AND CLEAR FRANK WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION WITH A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. Despite the governments few shortcomings this is the best government this country has ever had. We will grow up modernize and become the real hub of the Pacific with or without you hate mongers.

Anonymous said...

If an indo-fijian presents a submission that the BLV be abolished and the Presidents position is open to all races in Fiji does it become a racists document! We seem to be enjoying the game replay after replay whilst the game has carried on! Focus! Focus!Submissions are just that!

Kiwilad said...

If it was NOT SDL submission then why the people state they were SDL members instead of making personal submissions as many others did?
It seems SDL now realises that instead of making a joint submission with Beddoes & Mahendra it made a blooma; now it is trying to find a escape route by saying it was NOT SDL Party submission.
The president of SDL should resign!!

Coup 4.5 said...

while following the commentary on Fiji society and politics in the Fiji media since the military coup of 2006 the 3 most outlandish views I have come across are:
1. That, there is no need to hold an election in Fiji ( FB Shaw )
2. That, Fiji is better off being under military rule (Sarita Kumari)
3. That, human rights should be excluded from the Fiji consitution ( I forget the name of the intellectually challenged person who put forward this piece of crap).
It's not hard to see why it has been said that people deserve the government they get.
People like the 3 above who put forward such perverse views and other like-minded people don't deserve to live in a modern democracy.
They are a shame on all that democracy stands for in today's world.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Ghai on submissions

07:10 Today

Constitution Commission chairman Professor Yash Ghai

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

The Constitution Commission will not politicise any submissions made by political parties.

Commission chairman Professor Yash Ghai says they will collect and vet all submissions made from every Fijian.

“We would like people to express their wishes abd their views. We want it to be an open and transparent process.”

Meanwhile Ghai was surprised at the reaction of some on the issue of same sex marriages.

“I was a bit surprised to hear that because I wasnt aware that this was an issue in Fiji. I have observed that some people feel very strongly about this. My own personal view when I receive this kind of submissions is to ask them why they think a catergory of people who are citizens of Fiji should not have the complete rights to associate with whoever they want.”

The Commission will rest today and will continue with the hearing of the submissions from the public on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Remember a personal submission is not a party's submissiom

Anonymous said...

Remember a personal submission is not a party's submissiom

Anonymous said...

Constitution Commission chair Professor Yash Ghai met with the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe

Bainimarama yesterday as part of routine briefing on the public consultation process. Professor Ghai told FijiLive he also does this for other groups.

Details of the meeting however cannot be released, he said. Professor Ghai said the commission has been working very hard and they want more people to come forward and make their views known. “This is your opportunity to participate in the process,” he said. Professor Ghai said they have received a good number of submissions from the public which covers a range of issues. “The themes emerging are the same and some of them include rights of indigenous people, particularly about the land and the role of the chiefs (including the role of the Great Council of Chiefs), the electoral system mostly on communal or non-communal voting; term of parliament/government reduced to four years, structure of government, president and vice-president, parliamentary versus presidential, second chamber or not, role of political parties, local government,” he said. He said some submissions call for affirmative action in areas of human rights, and relationship to international norms on indigenous peoples, religion and secularism. There were also submissions on the special role of Christianity, the rule of law, emergency powers (and the role of the president during emergency), the role of the military especially in internal security and the coups, immunity, forgiveness; conciliation; transitional justice (national day of reconciliation) and national unity versus communal unity and language. Submissions will close on October 10. By Mereani Gonedua

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2012/08/ghai-briefs-bainimarama-on-process/46715.Fijilive
Copyright 2012 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

One of the most con artist on this blog is that of rajesh singh. I note the lasr few weeks he has been posting without his name as his post are always the same. He is such a big liar who proclaimed he would give his perks to the poor to only change his mind. He supported FLP while still at SDL and hence was kicked out. He then joined the IG, only to be kicked.

We should kick him if he ever comes back to fiji.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

total confusion and pr spins around this subject and not sure who to believe but i do know that this regime ar liars so i will wait to see how this unfolds.

Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...

SDL FOR 2014!!

Anonymous said...

The SDL and their supporters, like Mesake Koroi, and his relative Robert Wolfgramme, are local versions of fascists and nazi's and ethnonationalist scums, who have as their political platform a putrid harted of IndoFijians and other minorities and the objective of driving them out, just as the fascists and nazi's got rid of the jews in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the man sitting in the Musso vehicle during the fire fight at the QEB barracks at the time of the mutiny was the man who set up the CRW, Sitiveni Rabuka, waiting for the phone call that would tell him that all was clear, and that he could take over the military again?

Anonymous said...

The FLP, it should be noted, was intially formed on a multiracial platform based ON THE WORKING CLASS and inclusive of all races in Fiji.
Its mistake was to hastily form a coalition with the NFP, a race-based party formed during colonial times out of nescessity to uphold the rights of the Fiji Indians.
The FLP is a multiracial party, as stated in its manifesto.
Long live the memory of the best Prime Minister of Fiji, Dr Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra.

Anonymous said...

The Statement on Behalf of Graham Davis sounds more like Graham Davis than the writer claiming to be Graham Davis himself, because he sounds like the bigger *sshole.

Anonymous said...

No no way in hell should the position of President & VP be open to all races...they should take it back to being elected by the BLV. Bring the BLV back so we fijians can have a sense of pride and identity...Graham Davis you big fat lump of Lard!!! Your father should be ashamed of you. Baini & Aiyaaz have made a joke out of this country and its people, and the longer we stand back and accept it like lamusona's the worse off it is for us...why cant people seem to see that?

Anonymous said...

The SDL threw the bait and typical of VB he couldn't wait to bite. Now we all know submissions is just a waste of time, resources and money. Bench mark the FNPF road show with the pension scheme submissions. It is a means to justify to all that there was indeed wide consultations made but in fact the constitution has already been written up.

Anonymous said...

I think Penny Moore, one of the commissioners, has confirmed the submission was from the SDL party and not supporters. It's contained in the Commission's records.

Anonymous said...

It was Rabuka in the Musso. We already know that. He was waiting in the wings for the all-clear from the CRW soldiers to come in to head the military and then form a new government. He knew from the CRW guys that Bainimarama was behind the 2000 coup attempt, had used them as patsies, and then betrayed them. They wanted revenge, and Rabuka wanted to exploit the situation to manoeuver his way back into power.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's sometimes said that 'a nation gets the government it deserves', but no nation deserves a government like Fiji's present regime under Frank Bainimarama. Fijians don't deserve to have a gun pointed at their heads.
Fijians don't deserve to be deprived of their vote and their lawfully elected government. 

Most Fijians never asked for this guy. They never asked for a dictator. They didn't elect this thug.

No one deserves to be beaten for standing on his natural and human rights, or his civil and political rights as a citizen of Fiji. No one deserves to be denied due process of law. No one deserves to be convicted and sentenced by poorly qualified and alien judges handpicked by a petty-minded and capricious tyrant.

The hardworking labourers of Fiji don't deserve to live in penury and squalor whilst traitors fly first class at public expense to watch the Hong Kong Sevens and sup with Bollywood actors. They don't deserve to be flooded out of their homes whilst the dictator's personal 'flood fund' accrues interest. They don't deserve forced retirement and a halving of their devalued pensions by crooks receiving multiple government salaries and extorted pay-outs for alleged accrued leave.

Fijians don't deserve to have their chiefs mocked and their cultural and religious identities and institutions arbitrarily regulated, denigrated, and dismissed by a half-educated parvenu and his anti-i'Taukei lieutenant.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Fijians deserve better.

Sometimes God allows bad things to happen to good people. Jesus didn't 'deserve' Calvary. These trials test us, purify us, strengthen us, grow us, and prepare us.

Just because we don't deserve this government doesn't mean we can't earn a better one. We can achieve that by keeping faith with God and humanity and with each other. Resolve to do so and then join us in celebrating our shared commitment, noisily, during Operation Jericho, our 60-second noise barrage in downtown Suva on 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

mark manning said...

Be prepared to be shocked :-

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, you have been found guilty by a Jury of your peers of the crimes of High Treason, Torture, Murder and Human Rights Abuses against those you swore to protect, the Citizens of Fiji.
Do you have anything to say before this Court imposes its Sentence against you ?

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 12:57, here's a riddle for you:

What's the difference between Graham Davis and an a-hole?

Don't know? Give up?

So do I.

Too bad, I was hoping you'd know.

Is there a difference?

Koi Yasayasa said...

@s/Dakuwaqa, 12.53

Don’t blame Bainimarama and the current regime for the downfall of the previous government. You, me and we are the cause of the downfall of our society and our government because we elected unqualified parliamentarians to represent us in Government. Try and sit back and try to remember their conduct. I don’t have to spell it out for everyone’s knowledge, but I will if you want me to.
SDL was so corrupt and No wonder God sent the military might of Babylon [RFMF Military council] to destroy Jerusalem [SDL Government]. And through the destruction and fall of Jerusalem that God send King Cyrus [Current Ministers, CEOs, PS, Commissioners etc]to rebuild Jerusalem.
It surprises me that you are trying to sound like a man of faith but you only spit out anger and hatred. Hatred don’t go together with Faith, they are definitely two poles apart.
I need to remind you that God don’t just allow bad things to happen to good people, it allows it to happen to test their faith. He allowed Satan to test Job for his faith. He allowed Jesus to become a man and live like you and me and in the process; to persevere the excruciating agony that God had allowed him to go through, so that you, aye and our fellow man may be saved. It was only Faith that made Jesus persevere and conquer death. It was Faith that made him focus on saving mankind and not on the torture and agony.
Now you are calling everyone to support you in your Ops Jericho. That is against God's will. All God want is for our fellow men to have faith, commit ourselves to our responsibilities and leave our leaders for him to make his judgment on them .
You are not God to make your judgment on anyone. I agree with you that we Fijians deserve better, but so are the other races. I also agree that just because we don't deserve this government, doesn't mean we can't earn a better one'. That is exactly what Ratu Voreqe did, he gave us this government because we don’t deserve the SDL government.
Come on s/Dakuwaqa ...... wake up and live a real life and stop hellucinating.

Koi Yasayasa.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saying that Jerusalem is the SDL government and the Military might of God is the RFMF military council (Seriously!).....who's hallucinating here. Is this the same military might that God allowed to kill, torture and oppress people? So in other words you could say King Cyrus is rebuilding the SDL Government aka Jerusalem. Dude go easy on the bong and meth.

Koi Vatu aka Stone aka Jerusalem Road(Segai Golf Course qori)

Anonymous said...

Koi Yasayasa, the devil in disguise. Trying to manipulate the people on here with all his bullshit!!!

Just go back to the whole you came from, you low life scum of the earth who supports this Evil Dictator and his Corrupt Regime.

Why dont you create your own website and speak your devilish mind on there. Call the website "KOI YASAYASA THE SUPPORTER OF QEB EVIL MURDERERS."

Everyone on here knows whats going on in this Illegal evil corrupt government. So dont you come on here and preach to us about your bullshit satanic religious theologies.

God knows whose in the wrong and everyone on here knows that Bainivuaka is a cold blooded murderer and beats up innocent defenceless civillians especially defenceless women. Dont need you here talking crap and diverting the truth, YOU COMPULSIVE LIAR. Bainivuaka rules by the gun and terrorises and intimidates anyone that speaks against him!!! The man is a thug, you blind, hypnotised lunatic.

So Koi Yasayasa just go away, your comments are so boring its nearly putting everyone on here to sleep...

What sort of men supports the Illegal Evil Corrupt Regime that kills and beats up its own innocent defenceless people and tries to preach to everyone about God???? Yes an Evil one, so Koi Yasayasa, you are just what we call a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. That sums you all up!!! Burn in hell, you devil in disguise....

Call Me Nehemiah said...

Koi Yasayasa, your Bible analogies make as little sense as your theology. Cyrus was King of Persia and overthrew the Babylonian Empire. Following your analogy, then, the current ministers, etc. (Cyrus) should be overthrowing the RFMF (Babylonians). 

Now, following your own analogy, couldn't it be Operation Jericho that brings down the Abomination on the Mount standing in the way of rebuilding Jerusalem?

grace said...

@ Koi Yasayasa

Vinaka. Well said. The finger is pointing at the Ministers of the Methodist Church for demonstrating their lack of FAITH in God's GRACE by collaborating with the SDL. They were seduced by politicians and weakly gave in. The iTaukei need strong spiritual leaders of Courage and Vision.

Anonymous said...

grace said.... hahahahahahahahaha

Is this you again Koi Yasayasa??? Pretending to be grace.... I thought you were are a man, yeah probadly a man who thinks he's grace. Go get a life you scum of the earth hahahaha

Anonymous said...

SDL is a multi-racial party which has no problem letting Hon.Mahendra Pal Chaudhary leading their party in the interim whilst their own Leader is presently in NABORO.

Anonymous said...

Koi Yasayasa, even if Fiji had had a government of angels, Bainimarama would have moved to overthrow it in order to avoid arrest for the CRW murders.

Your 'reminder' that God allows bad things to happen in order to test men's faith only repeats the point I already made.

I'm sorry if I've given you that impression that I'm spitting out hatred. I am angry, it's true. I'm angry about what this regime and its supporters are doing to Fiji. Need I remind you that Jesus himself got righteously angry when he turned the money-changers out of the Temple? But I have to ask who are you to speak, when, in your latest contribution to another C4.5 column, you say you're 'after blood'? 

What kind of theology justifies violence in defence of a tyrant?

For my part, I advocate non-violence as the first and best course for meaningful and lasting change. However, I also agree with many of the Church Fathers throughout history on the right, and even the duty, to revolution in resistance to tyranny. 

Nonviolent approaches should be tried and re-tried, but if these strategies fail, then tyrannicide must be an option. 'Against any man using unlawful force, every man has a right to use force'. And yet, should Bainimarama turn himself in without further delay, I would advocate mercy to save him from being hanged for his treason. Repeat: 'without delay'.

Operation Jericho is completely positive and non-violent, and yet you say it's against God's will. What God-fearing man would presume to speak with such authority? 

I prayed about the idea for a long time before unveiling Jericho. I ask all others to pray, too, before joining Jericho. But even so, I owe that, unlike you, it seems, I am a sinful man who does not always presume to know what God wills. 

If Operation Jericho is against God's will, as you say, then why should you worry? It won't materialise, and so be it -- may God's will be done. But if it does materialise, what will you say then?

Brother, you say that 'all God want is for our fellow men to have faith, commit ourselves to our responsibilities and leave our leaders for him to make his judgment on them'. Well, I launched Operation Jericho out of faith in God's providence and in the capacity of our fellow men to stand up for what is right, if only out of conscience or for our common humanity, and for just 60 fleeting seconds. 

Let every man weigh his own responsibility. I judge no one. I'm committed, independent of what anyone else chooses to do, for, in the end, God will judge us as individuals for what we did or did not. 

Don't say that Frank Bainimarama is my leader. He is not. He is an enemy, a traitor who deposed Fiji's lawful leadership. 

You say 'Ratu Voreqe' has earned the government. I believe Fijians should be free to choose their own government. And I believe that if Fijians will act faithfully for even just 60 seconds, God will honour it.

Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

MPC CHOR Can lead the SDL Party until he joins LQ in Naboro..

Anonymous said...

Come just look at the Youtube video can't tell me we all are that dumb! If this was more like testing the waters just goes to show we need people with more vision for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Dakuwaqa, for outing Koi Yasayasa as the wolf in sheep's clothing he is.

Ronny said...

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