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Saturday, August 11, 2012

SDL to front regarding the Naivalu submission

Nothing like the whiff of racism and homophobia to get people stirring the pot again but given Fiji's complicated history, it is not surprising.
A submission was made to the Constitution Commission this week on behalf of the SDL Party, by Solomon Naivalu and others.
That submission calls for: 
1) Fiji to be declared a Christian state
2) Fiji be the official language of the country
3) i-taukei to be known only as Fijian
4) References to sexual orientation removed from human rights laws.

Coupfourpointfive understands despite this presentation to the Yash Ghai team, the SDL Party has not yet made an official submission.
More to come.


Anonymous said...

This presentation was made at the Suva Civic Centre eight days ago and the news of it was broken on Fiji Village last Monday. Why has it taken this long for you to get onto it?

As an SDL member, I am not ashamed of this submission. We are entitled to have our beliefs.I don't understands why you have tried to suppress it. We WANT this out in the vanua. Why didn't you cover it?

Tavita said...

In which language will you understand that SDL has officially submitted their submission? Not only that they have submitted, they are planting ghosts to repeat their submission at every center. So far the ghosts have appeared in Lami, Nausori, and Naisnu.

Is this the best that SDL can do?

Sakiasi Tora said...

SDL once again has shown to the nation that it is a nationalist party. It never has and will promote multiraciliusm. For our childrens future and for the future of our country we need multiracilism. Fiji Indians are not threat and will be no threat to the nation as their population is approximately 33% and will decline in future. There is no reason for the iTaukeis to fear the Fiji Indians any more. We need leaders like Rabuka who promte multiracilism. Please remember that one cannot force religion on to its people. Christanity is a good religion like wise all other religions. All relegions are same. All human beings are same.

Apisai Tora said...

If above submission is not racisim then what is it? The president of SDL made the above submission. SDL should change its manifesto if it wants to lead the country once again. It should become a moderate party to accomodate the wishes of all its people. SDL should not use the divide and rule policy but think about uniting people. They should learn from people like late DR Bavadra, Sitiveni Ratuva, Ratu Tevita Mara, Dr Tupeni Baba, Ragesh Singh, Jai Ram Reddy and Sitiveni Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

The SDL party is speaking to the Fijian people. Its submission makes it clear that it is still prepared to defend the native Fijians birthright - whether one likes it or not. Come 2014, the native Fijian will vote for SDL - with or without Qarase unless elections are rigged or boundaries changed - in 2006 vast majority of the foot soldiers voted for SDL - it is a fact!

kite flyer said...

two irrelevant things happening in one place:one sdl idiots making a constitutional submission and two ghai and company holding an unnecessary constitutional consultation hearing. fiji needs neither.

Anonymous said...

Etuate Osonabalawa of Namosi Secondary School presented a passionate and moving submission to the Constitution Commision at Ro Matanitobua House in Navua yesterday.
The 18-year-old student said he had faith in the new Constitution of Fiji which was why he was there yesterday.
“I have faith the new Constitution will ensure that all children in Fiji will enjoy equal access to the necessities of this modern time,” Mr Osonabalawa said.
He was accompanied by his teachers and schoolmates.
He was the first student in the country to present a submission to the Commission.
He pleaded that Fiji’s future leaders would bring to reality the dreams of all rural and remote children. He highlighted four main points in his speech starting with 24-hour electricity supply where children and students can study under bright lights at night.
“We do not have regular electricity supply which our urban friends enjoy. Instead we have kerosene lanterns which we use for study and ‘talanoa’,” he said.
He also recommended that rural children have access to television and daily newspapers to keep them informed and updated on local and global news.
Internet connection in the rural schools was also a wish he longed for to assist them in their education and location-based mobile networking which enables customers to interact with their family and friends.
“I share the longing of rural children in Fiji, deprived of this essential service, for the availability of mobile network,” he said.
He proposed that all scholarships for rural and remote children should cover tuition and accommodation.
The Constitution Commission will be at the Nausori Catholic Church, in Nausori from 9am-4pm today.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum Captain, Bainimara Boat. Fiji is ruled by muslims. It will become a muslim state soon like other Afician countries. Soon there will be Jihad and Islamist rules in Fiji.

I can't believe it! said...

You're joking! A Christian state?? Are they mad??

Speaking as a young Indo-Fijian, that's it. The only future we have is Voreqe. Mahen is a crook and the SDL wants me to worship Jesus. No alternaive at all.

Anonymous said...

SDL will give its submission in sept.
everyone from the party or supporters are giving their own submission.sdl need to be one united party.

Anonymous said...

That submission was made by party members of their own accord. Mr. Naivalu has already clarified to the local media that he was present only to observe the procedures of the sitting and hearings. The SDL Party is yet to make it's official submission.

Timoci said...

I totally agree. Politicians may have as many partners or girlfriends as they can handle, but only one wife. Hehehehehehe.

Submission calls for politicians to be incorruptible
Publish date/time: 11/08/2012 [10:11]

“Politicians should have only one wife.”

Those were the words of Tito Nariva a villager from Nasigatoka, Namosi while giving his submission yesterday to the constitution commission in Navua.

Nariva proposed that politicians and government officials should be true, transparent and should have no police records, all government officials should be transferred around the country after five years of service and the eleven pillars of the peoples chatter should be included in the constitution come 2014.

Anonymous said...

havent these guys learnt? no ethinic race will be superior to another. everyone of equal suffrage.

Anonymous said...

'Christianity, with its doctrine of forgiveness, of humility, and of love, is incompatible with the state, with its haughtiness, its violence, its punishment, and its wars'.
- Leo Tolstoy

Anonymous said...

Legislation will never make Fiji a Christian state; only the working of the Holy Spirit can accomplish that, one heart at a time.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for supporting this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

This may not be their "offical" submission, but it is still official and is from the SDL. It is actually all part of a plan they have hatched. They have sent out people to make submissions that will be almost identical to the "official" SDL submission. This will make it look like there is a huge support for all the same ideas.
However, I think they have made a huge blunder. Many who were mistakenly supporting them because they were being seen as the defenders of democracy will now know they were heading done the same path as the Nazi's followed. Even Australian and NZ goverments will now be privately thinking that Bainimarama is the only way forward to true freedom and democracy in Fiji.

Tutu said...

How can these SDL members especially Naivalu comment on making Fiji a christian state when he is a 3rd Level/Degree Freemason?

Please save us the useless submissions buddy.

Watng to hear said...

is there more to the story/ see0z bizarre that a submission has been made and hierarchy challenging it.

Coup 4.5 said...

one nation,one people,one song (FT 10/8)sounds more like stalinist russia or communist china or north korea. I thought the beauty of Fiji is that it is one nation, many diverse people and many colourful songs. And it should remain that way regardless of the government of the day and the constitution it favours.
rajend naidu

new beginnings said...

In a Christian state all politicians must have only one wife and no one on the side.The state of purity of body, mind and spirit implied would be too much for the SDL to handle and we will all be living under a state of great HYPOCRISY. However, this determined state of mind of the SDL cannot be ignored by the Constitution Commission and should be thoroughly analysed and adressed with great mental agility by Ghai and his team so that it is dealth with once and for all. We want new beginnings, not old sores festering.

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in the Fiji Sun ((11/8) that the "[Interim] Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama did not mince his words when he called on the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party yesterday to 'wind up now'".
I wish to politely disagree with the interim prime minister if that is allowed.
The SDL should not soqo (close) its shop. It should continue to ply its political platform . This way the people of Fiji have a choice of contrasting political ideologies and contrasting political leadership. The differing political parties and leaders must convince the people of the merit of their party and leadership to govern.
And ultimately, it is for the people of Fiji to decide who should get their consent to govern them.
If the SDL party's political agenda is not in the interest of the country and its multiracial population as the interim prime minister points out (and I agree) then the people should reject the party at the polls.
That in my view is the democratic way of conducting the political/national affairs of the country.
And, to borrow a popular aphorism from the nation's first coup maker there is "No other Way".
That is if we are serious about a return to democracy.
Are we?
Rajend Naidu

Kai Bau said...

Probably most of the people who are against the SDL submission forgot that there are indigenous people in Fiji like me who support some of submissions on my right as an indigenous Fijian.There is a very fine line between a racists submission and submission which supports indigenous right.Indigenous right are also recognised world wide.So christian states does not in anyway a racists submission if christinity was part of my existence as an indigenous.If muslim states exist around the world why cant we have a christiian state in Fiji.Thats not racists at all if you take it from my side as my indigenous right.I will love all the other race more just like when my forefathers welcome christinity 200yrs ago and it was part of my culture and custom to live in harmony with everyone.As for the land problem as claimed by my Indian brothers just encourage your sisters and daughters to marry indigenous Fijian man as the output of that marriage will automatically be a land owner...problem solve.....no more coup,no lease its an automatic land owner and automatic indigenous connection to your tavale's and momo's..Im not joking Im serious on the issue.But if you are thinking for Fijian indigenous women to marry Indians it will never happen because the output of that marriage will never become an indigenous Fijian.
"Food for thought"

Anonymous said...

SDL Press Release puts the matter at rest. The Party has not made its official submission. So there you go, Grub Davis, trying to impugne the character of your critics. Don't jump to conclusions so quickly. On another note, the people of Fiji should treat the Ghai Commission with appropriate scepticism, otherwise they will regret it big time. This Commission is the handiwork of the military regime. Its composition and terms of reference have no legitimacy. Withhold your respect from this charade. Let them run their circus. the thing will collapse under its own contradiction.

Anonymous said...

From whoever and from wherever the posted items 1,3 and 4 of this submission have come really is not the question or concern.

The reality is that even if they were (and I'm not saying they should be) incorporated in a NEW constitution for Fiji they would not make the slightest difference to anyones life in Fiji.

The majority in Fiji know the difference between right and wrong and do not need or use a constitution to make their choice of which route they will take.

Fioko Ma'afu said...

You indo-fijian who are commenting above that it should not be a christian state,i suggest you go to india and tell those indians why are they hindustani country,i definitely sure they will give you one nice kick up your backside,and tell you in your face you blurry son of a beggar..CHRISTIAN STATE IT IS WE KAIVITI WANT !! AND WE ARE SO CALLED "FIJIANS"

Anonymous said...

frank you should close the rfmf and go home to quiva.
who are you to tell sdl to close doors and go home.
sdl have fiji voters mandate .sdl wo 2 election 2001 /2006 and 20014 to come.
sdl will win the election and you get ready for prison with all your ministers and army cronies.

mark manning said...

Aren't "submissions" the "point" of the Consultative Process ?

Anonymous said...

If this was not the official submission than what was it especially coming from Naivalu!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it....SDL has every right to put forward this submission because they are the indigenous people of Fiji. You said you're Indo-Fijian, so who do you worship? I think you know what the answer is to the question. Now let me refresh your warped mind. The new government in Egypt is pushing for a Muslim state, and not all the citizens of Egypt are Muslims. If you're a Muslim then do you call that racism?

In NZ, Maori is an official language, so as English. However, people don't have to speak Maori simply because it's an official language, but all government departments have both Maori and English names. Even Europeans used a bit of Maori in their speeches. I think you have a chip on your weak shoulders so get over yourself and stop being a racist prick.

Anonymous said...

Sdl knows they have the numbers and iTunes will vote always on racial lines and garases jailg has given them heaps of sympathy support sdl is today more popular then ever and they know it lol back to the drawing board for krank n kyumy

Anonymous said...

I am not a ASK fan but all the criticism and accusation of him being the real leader, the captain of the boat makes me laugh at the people who make such statements. The AG in any Govt has a prominent role. I remember seeing Q bale always sitting next to LQ. He is the chief legal counsel for the govt and is there to protect the Govt. All this hoo haa makes AG looks much better.

And for those who call this a muslim coup and we will have taliban rule, I must say that makes AG look very strong and powerful.

Anonymous said...

Rajend tatti naidu,

Why don't you start a party for madrassi in Aust. And fight for the langauge to be tamil. If you think SDL makes sense and that's democracy, you should do likewise there.

You being a big time FLP supporter and rooting for SDL to fall.

kai biti said...

Good on u @ kai bau, that u encourage similar unions of which u are a prototype, an output. vinaka. lol.

Anonymous said...

frank nd kaiyum...you 2 jus smack each other mada.....tolo...

Anonymous said...

Whether you guys like it or not...FIJI HAS BEEN...WILL BE AND ALWAYS BE... a christian state. Those who oppose...please leave ASAP....as you don't have a choice in Fiji...God's time is nigh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SDL...youve just exposed your racist agenda and hypocritical stand...for those views youve just alienated a significant portion of your powerbase... some damage control needed, and fast, if you care about your credibility.

Anonymous said...

This submission means natural death to SDL. It is most hypocritical as a christian state presently there is so much racism,and unchristian comments so called from christian leaders and belivers who are advocating a christian state when there is no example set.
Furthermore all the atrocities commited by the coup supporters have not been dealth with.The greatest example of a christian state is where the people live as christians and not eat and kill each other with slander.

Anonymous said...

Let no man talk to me of Christianity becoming the state religion until he has at least some glimmer of hope that a hearty and sincere attempt will be made to put Christianity into practice.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

SDL is digging their own grave. By these comments they have made their life more difficult and much easier for Frank & Co. Even the Aust and NZ will not be happy with SDL's racist submissions. I think SDL wanted to appeal to the ordinay fijians by these racist/ extreme comments coz after Franks law on fair lease rental distribution they didnt have much choice. In a nutshell SDL is dead party now coz as far as army is there they will never be able to come to power

The Heckler said...

Keep your Christianity. Just give me Christ!

Anonymous said...

ITaukei to be known only as Fijian. All others to be called human beings.

Anonymous said...

One should sit back and think hard as to why SDL which is an indigenous Taukei based party is making such a submission. It has a lot to do with our history and our beginning. I think such a submission should not be discarded as racist or anything like it. It is a matter of faith and not race. One must remember the value indigenous Taukeis place on Christianity. Fiji would never be what it is today without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This country was not built by the sugar industry,tourism or any other industry but by the light of the word which our chiefs accepted when it was introduced here more than a century ago. The country was in darkness, cannibalism was the order of the day, tribal wars were rife. It was the light of the Gospel that illuminated the land and changed the lives of its people. Then schools were established and economic development could be forged. Indigenous i Taukeis although they haved been modernised in their way of life still place a strong sentimental value on Christianity. They feel so much about what Christianity had done for them and their heritage. There would have been no sugar industry, no tourism and what have you had christianity not introduced here. Some Missionaries have had to pay the ultimate price with their blood shed here during those dark days for the Gospel to be planted here. Come on commentators, I hope we can all understand where these submissions and support for a Christian are coming from. As we move forward together, let us not forget our beginning and give respect to it.

Timoci said...

Since SDL is closing the shop, When will hold "Going Out of Business Sale?"

Oh I forgot they have nothing to sell.

rajend naidu said...

@A nunni mous 8.08pm
it's you again you theathar tatti falla. comeback to get more intellectual hiding from me! you pervert! my wife is kurwi and she has decreed I shall not start a madrassi party and promote tamil. she has decreed that I should start a allu choka party but you are not invited to the launch because you are an uncivilised maggot who does not know how to use fork and knife to eat allu choka! are you envious that I am living in australian where democratic freedoms and rights are not only preached as lofty ideals but practiced under the rule of law - and any deviation from the practice can be challenged in a court of law. there is no rule by decree here. I have never been a member of the FLP or any other party . You are making false attribution to me you intellectual maggot!

Anonymous said...

To Kai Bau,

Good points raised and I wish to elaborate food for thought further.

Islamic States are those where 99% population follow that religion. And we see majority population are unhappy in those countries. Current evidence of infighting is seen everywhere. So Christain state will become the same as we have to ask which denomination of Christain state is the right one?

India, the largest democracy is not a Hindu State and has largest muslim population in one single country. Should India be a muslim state!

On Indian women to marry Fijians to solve land problems - Do Fijian's not lease land from Matagali's? Are those Fijians that lease land not married to Fijians?

Why therefore are indegenous Fijians living as squatters?

I guess therefore neither of the two issues are indegenous issues.

How much land is leased to Indians outside the ALTA? And who makes decisions for lease hold land on ALTA? are they those landowners that own those land or other politicians who politicise this but not own those land?

e.g. Should Lau landowners have any voting right on say on land that belongs to matagali from Nadi, Vuda, Ba, Sigatoka?

SDL where were you when the review of constitution was under way in 2004-2005? Where were these proposals then and why did you not address these issues in your purportedly democratic parliament?

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu

Anonymous said...

Even though I do not personally like Bainimarama,I would rather vote for him then vote for SDL. If they do not support the rights of the minority they might as well go to hell.Sa oti nomudou gauna.We need a better Fiji where no one's rights is being trampled upon.Dou lako mada i nakoro lai tei tavioka.Cegu

Anonymous said...

Rajend Tatti Naidu

Wasn't your son working for FLP with your blessing.

Off course you are only intelligent person on the blog (lol).

Thank god you left fiji. I don't know why you still bother about fiji. Must be the way the aussies treat you in the guise of democracy.

Nice name to your party. Call all your anti regime supporters for the launch. Don't forget to make rasam and paisum.

Anonymous said...

Two kai idias boarded a no-frills flight out of Nadi for Sydney. One sat in the window seat, the other in the middle seat.

Just before take-off a kai viti got on and took the aisle seat next to the kai idia. He kicked off his shoes, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the kai idia in the window seat said, "I think I'll go up and get a coke."

(No-frills flights don't have many cabin attendants, so you serve yourself.)

"No problem," said the kai viti. "I'll get it for you."

While he was gone the kai idia picked up the kai viti's shoe and spit in it.

The kai viti brought back the coke, when the other kai idia said, "That looks good. Think I'll have one too."

Again, the kai viti obligingly goes to fetch it, and while he is gone the kai idia picks up the other shoe and spits in it.

The kai viti returns with the coke, and they all sit back and enjoy the short flight. When the plane was landing the kai viti slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened.

"How long must this go on?" he asked. "This enmity between our peoples ... this hatred ... this spitting in shoes and peeing in cokes!?!"

Kai Bau said...

To Annon 3.52.
Thanks for your contribution and your thought on the issue of indigenous right.
1.Weather you are in a muslim state or christian state or in mother land India you still cannot satisfy every one.
2.About Democracy issue Im not an Indian to answer that go and ask some indiginous Indian from India
3.No where I talk about lease In talking about land owning unit.
4.About squaters go and ask Bainimarama, that is the clear effect of the social economy of a Country same as Indian prostitute at Sukuna park
5.About the land issue please take your issue to MR Qetaki about the ALTA I dont care
6.About the Lau people yes first they are my felow Fijian indigenous brothers and they are also the tax payers of this Country.While you and Bainimarama are stealing from me and the Lau people
7.About the SDL..go there your self and ask them.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Indigenous people all over the world have suffered from colonisation and left to fight it out with migrants or indentured labourers who have been brought into their homelands.

In New Zealand and Australia there have been no coups but Maori and Aboriginals are struggling more than 100 years after the arrival of white settlers for their rights including the preservation of their language, safegurding of their land and resources eg water rights.

In between it all migrant NZers and Aussies have cried foul about being mistreated yet fail to appreciate why the indigenous people of the land feel so aggrieved.

Indigenous Fijians have a right to seek to have their land, language, rights recognised.

Loyal Fijian said...

Attributed to Bai but more likely to have been mouthed by the puppeteer Khaiyum. Anyway, who is he to say "I can't believe these guys'. Biggest hypocrites out in Fiji's history this lot.

Fiji News
PM disappointed with SDL submissions

07:16 Today

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Apisalome Coka

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has expressed his disappointment at the submissions made by the SDL party.

Bainimarama says it goes against everything the government is trying to do for the people of Fiji.

“I can’t believe that these guys will ever come up with this after all we’ve been through. Since 2006, one would have thought that we have matured politically especially with this group of people. My comment is that if they don’t have anything to give to the people of Fiji and this is the proposal they have, then we should attack this proposal from all quarters. And then as a political party, they should think very seriously about their proposal and either change it of they should just wind up and go home.”

The Prime Minister is calling on everyone to think positive, and make constructive contributions towards the making of the new constitution.

“This is the one chance in a million and let’s not muck it up. Those of us who are going to give our submissions to the Constitution Commission, let’s not muck it up for our kids. Our grandchildren might not be able to go up and voice issues concerning them. But to those of us that go, let’s not muck it up for ourselves and for the future of Fiji.”

The Constitution Commission will continue with hearing the submissions from the public today.

Anonymous said...

The tide is turning in Fiji. The Frank Tsunami is taking over. The SDL just stuck a nail in its owns feet. Could they have been any more stupid. Chodo will likely end up in jail soon anyway and the Labor party is as good as dead. Frank will win the next election hands down and the Australians and the Kiwis will have to hold his "tolona" as he will be an elected leader. Frank will rule just long enough for Fiji to become a successful Singapore like state in the Pacific after which nobody will care no more. The young people will be too busy making money and having a great time and you racist SDL lovers will have to except the new Fiji or die. Your numbers are too small and you don't matter no more. Repent your ways and join the rest of Viti or become obsolete. The choice is yours. hah hah hah

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.14. Dreams are for free dumb ass. Your hero Bainivuaka and his boss Aiyarse are both destined for better things....in Naboro. It's amazing how idiots like you are being led astray by the Vuaka and his goons. I bet you will switch sides the minute these two goons are given their rewards. Geez you're one dumb Phuck.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.51 Kai Bau;

If Lau people are your fellow Fijian brothers, then what are those like Bainimarama and his Lauan and Bauan military boys?

But still neither Lauans or Bauans own land that is majority ALTA cane land that once paid so many millions in Sugar tax to help give you education and comfort of the Indian's who took loan and paid interest for many years to plant crops and help themselves and you of course.

So how do you Bauan think Indians are not tax payers and you Bauan and Lauans are when the indigenous population % of tax payers were mainly employees like the rest of indegenous and Indian workers as tax was deducted at source?

So what you say about the Bauans and Lauans in RFMF. Do they pay taxes and others don't?

You know you are not a genuine contributor to C4.5. But are an outright racist using the name of Bauans and Lauans to drag them into your little brain game on shit idiology that you cannot deliver.

I don't think Ratu Julian and Ratu David Toganivalu who were political leaders and high Chiefs of Bau thought like you.

In fact I used to be serving them drinks at my cousins home around 1976-1978 where all Toganivalu brothers including Ratu William visited quite often.

Your thoughts are disrespective to other Bauans. Are you living in Bau where you should be as a proud Bauan.

Or are you working outside of your land owning unit? Is your employer paying any tax? Ask them to transfer their business to the indegenous course as you are the only one right and money falls off the tree!

Kai Bau said...

To Anno @12.53 about Kai Bau.
1.Yes no doubt about that, Bainimarama and the military goons from Bau and Lau are also indigenous fighting for their own intention which you should know better.
2,Land owning only does not benefit the goverment but its the tax.Lauan are the most well educated and contributor to the economy through tax and thats one of their main contribution from my Lauans brothers even thou that do not own most land in Viti Levu but mind you some of them do.
2b.Bauans and Lauans in the RFMF paid tax and thats ok,even our poor indigenous brothers in the village paid tax by bying things in the shop .We are all contributor to our goverment which you and Bainimarama are stealing.Iam not a racists Tam an indigenous who am fighting also for my right just like the Maoris,Maorioris,red Indians,and even the indiginous indian in your mother land who are also racists in a way to the British ....thats if you took it as racists but for me its a indigenous right fight their for freedom.
I dont drag my ideology here or to anyone and I dont need anyone to believe in my fight because my fight for the indigenous comes from within me and no one will take it away; just like when the Indians in your mother land kick the British out from India.
3.Brother you boasting about Fijian cane farmers?go to Brisbane and compare your Fiji peanut sugar industry to the advance technology cane farming there.Mind you there are also Lauan cane farmers around the country
4.Never in my comment; that the Indians are not tax payer its coming from you and you can elerborate further and will take you to the FICAC
5.We Bauns own land too which I can lease it to you, if you like but we will share the profit also a part from your annual lease.
6.Comparing me withe the Toganivalus,brother you must be living in a dinarsour era.I cannot become you or you cannot become me.The Toganivalus are politicians and as Ive said they got their own intension which is diffrent from mine.My door is open you are also welcome to visit me.
7.I dont need any tax from anyone to feed me as Iam working but its for you and Bainimarama to steal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:14, I'm not racist, homophobic or intolerant of other religions. I'm also not an SDL supporter. But I will vote for virtually anyone who is opposed to this regime.

This regime consists of a pack of goons who committed treason to avoid prison for murder and has ever since been lining its own pockets whilst crushing our civil liberties, gaoling polotical opponents on trumped up charges, and lying through its teeth. Now why would I support such a group?

The only similarity between the regime in Suva and the government in Singapore is an autocratic leadership style. Frank could rule for 500 years and Fiji still wouldn't be like Singapore. Bainimarama is a complete idiot; he's no Lee Kwan Yew. If fact, he's the biggest impediment to investment and economic progress.

I do 'except' the New Fiji. I will never accept it. The New Fiji is based on treason, greed, and deceit. Bainimarama is an inveterate liar. His commitment to multiculturalism is bogus. It was simply a convenient excuse for overthrowing the government. Sorry, but only saps are taken in by his rhetoric.

You're right that a tsunami is coming, though. A 'tsunami warning' is issued for downtown Suva for precisely 7:00 PM, on Wednesday, 26 September. That's when I invite all Fiji-loving men, women, and children to participate in 'Operation Jericho', a 60-second 'noise wave' to celebrate Fiji.

Since you can't stop it anyway, I invite you to join the rest of Viti in this tsunami of sound.

Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Bai you assole macafaka,I'm begining to think that RUM was right after all? You're showing your true colour by going back on the constitutional process.Now you're going to tell everyone in Fiji on how and what the constitution is going to say?You're frieken interefearing with the constitional commission already.We don't need you or you're ass near the constitution.Are you scared that
people may after all want to hanged
you and Khaiyum 12 months down the road?