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Monday, August 13, 2012

SDL victim of bad reporting and bloody minded coup apologists

Independent sources have confirmed to Coupfourpointfive that Fiji Village journalist, Vijay Narayan, and Australian journalist, Graham Davis, jumped the gun regarding the so-called SDL submission.

Sources say Narayan confused what was the submission of SDL supporters for that of the party. Coup apologist Davis was only too happy to use it to stir anti-feeling against the party and build support for the unelected government of Frank Bainimarama.

Narayan wasn't the only one at the hearing where the submission was made. Fiji TV was there as well and its newsroom has confirmed the person making the submission said he was a member of SDL, not a party official.

"The person making the submission said he was a member of the SDL. This didn't mean it was a SDL submission. Several other people have since appeared at other hearings to say the same thing."

This is in line with what Solomone Naivalu said in a media statement released yesterday. The full statement is published below but we include a relevant extract here:

"The views expressed and quoted by Vijay last Friday August 3 are those of SDL supporters. 

"Party President Mr. Solomone Naivalu was at the opening of the public submissions to view and observe how the Commission received submissions. To link his name with the submissions made and assume that the submissions were those of the SDL Party is erroneous and mischievous. 

"The SDL Party further declares that its representatives have not appeared before Professor Yash Ghai and the Constitution Commission and therefore made no submission whatsoever."

We think the question that needs to be asked is why has the inaccurate reporting been allowed to continue? And where and how did Graham Davis get the copy of the submission? And does the submission show the SDL logo and letter-head? According to the one he re-produced (see copies attached) and has been hawking around so proudly, it does not.
Coupfourpointfive also thinks Solomone Naivalu should consider reporting Vijay Narayan to the Fiji Media Authority to set the record straight and seek an apology. 

Whether the Authority considers the complaint is another matter but it should be done to stop the obvious misinformation from being repeated and used by the regime as it was over the weekend and again today.

Fiji Village has repeated its story with reaction from Bainimarama, under the headline: "PM says SDL submission is racist and will not be accommodated." 

It fosters hatred between i-taukei and Indo Fijians and plays into the hands of the regime who has relished the chance to undermine its greatest political rival, SDL, after sentencing its leader, Laisenia Qarase, to a year in jail.

We also ask what the Yash Ghai Commission is doing about the misinformation and why it hasn't stopped the misconception. It must've known the submission was made by SDL supporters not the party hiearchy and it should've stepped in to make this clear, especially when the submission started to be used as a political football.

Ghai and co are again showing the naivety that bloggers have accused them of. It will be interesting to see if the Commission does the right thing or if it continues to bury its head in the sand as it has preferred to do.

The Vijay Narayan penned article in the Fiji Village Website, alleging elements of a submission made by the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua Party to the Constitutional Commission is unfounded, false and mischievous.
It is a clear figment of his imagination written perhaps with the clear intent of painting an evil image and portrait of the SDL to ferment racial discord.
The SDL wishes to state categorically that it has not as yet finished preparing its submission to the Constitutional Commission. The views expressed and quoted by Vijay last Friday August 3 are those of SDL supporters. Party President Mr. Solomone Naivalu was at the opening of the public submissions to view and observe how the Commission received submissions.To link his name with the submissions made and assume that the submissions were those of the SDL Party is erroneous and mischievous.
The SDL Party further declares that its representatives have not appeared before Professor Yash Ghai and the Constitution Commission and therefore made no submission whatsoever.
Further the SDL is still consulting with its allies the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party before finalizing its submission to the Constitution Commission.
The SDL categorically denies that it has decided on any of the policies cited by Mr. Narayan in his article. Discussions within the SDL Executives are still ongoing with Branch Heads consultations, before a final submission is made.
The SDL has said time and time again, and it is a matter of public record, that it wants the retention of the 1997 Constitution, which was the subject of nationwide consultations with all communities in Fiji. Furthermore , it was debated by an elected Parliament representing all the people of Fiji and was approved unanimously by members of both Houses of Parliament.
The 1997 Constitution, in Chapter Two, contains a Compact which provided inter alia that the “rights of all individuals, communities and groups are fully respected.” The SDL espouses a policy of PEACE national unity, multiracialism, national economic and social development and a better life for all the people of Fiji, regardless of race, colour or religion.
Solomone Naivalu, National President, SDL Party


Anonymous said...

SDL should accomodate everyone'sinterest in thew country and become multiracial ints approach.
Long live mulriracial SDL.

Anonymous said...

Submisions are exactly what they say they are ie "submissions".
They are not the "actual" Constitution.
Bainimarama and Davies reactions show a basic lack of understanding of what the process of "submission" means.

I think what is of more concern is Bainimarama's lack of basic understanding of what the democratic process is.

If an Indian man stands at one of these sessions and say "I hate Fijians."
That's OK
Its only submissions, for goodness sake.
Its not the end of the world.

So if someone gets up and says he wants a Christian country or Muslim country or Hindu country or Bokocina or whatever.
So what!

Naivalu can say whatever he likes.
Anyone can say whatever they like.

For Davies, Vijay and Bai to start jumping up and down shows a lack of proper engagement of the brain.

Reminds me of a dog that I used to have. It would bark at anything that moves, including frogs.
The problem with these dogs from that newspaper is they can't distinguish between a thief and a frog.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

c4.5 very good point. Grub Davis attacked all critics of the military regime as blind supporters of a racist party, which is not true.They are out to tarnish the reputation of SDL for the benefit of the regime. they should hang their heads in shame. Ghai Commission is already compromised. The masturbators and manipulators are too lamu to say a thing otherwise they will be sent packing. Boycott the Commission and save your pride.

Anonymous said...

The so-called submission from Naivalu or SDL or whatever smacks of the essence of the racist party - for what it is - capitalising on the ignorance of many for the benefit of a few! 'O cei dou nanuma 'o dou vakaisinitaka tiko? Dou yavu kaisi bokola kece. Sa vakaraitaki ga ni nomudou kawa ca na nona sa la'ki vesu na nomudou liuliu baleta na KOCOKOCO. Me da sa na vakarau vakarogoca tale na bulago mai na veivakalialiai ena NLTB - a cava so oni vakasaga tiko?

colonialist bigots said...

The rantings of the colonialist bigots davis and walsh have destroyed the integrity of the Constutional Commission and are a serious achilles heal of the military government every time they open their mouths. It is time for the regime and the commission to distance themselves from these coup apologists fools.

Anonymous said...

SDL made it clear that not their submission .
why is media and frank talking on this issue.
SDL/FLP will win the election .
Frank is scared of SDL/FLP .
why they want immunity .
People are in prison charged for treason since 2000 .
why these guys will not be charged in the future.
If you commit treason get ready to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama is running scared of the SDL party. He’s not only doing everything he can to imprison their leaders, now he’s taken the extra step of saying that a party which won more votes than any other in the last elections has no right to exist. He’s in denial about the fact that the party won the last two elections by listening to the people. His latest attempts to silence the SDL do nothing but confirm he’s running scared. He’s knows SDL still has support and it scares him.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the pertinent point is that someone has produced and published a document that very clearly states;

"This submission on behalf of the SDL party is made to the CC" etc.

The real culprits are the ones that produced the document if it was not officially sanctioned by the SDL.

Any journalist that would publish that document without verification from the top of SDL beforehand needs to get out of the gutter.

Anonymous said...

There was a interesting submission made by one Nand on Saturday in Nausori and can some one provide a copy

Anonymous said...

Journalism in this country like everything else has gone to the dogs, with the journalists abusing their positions for cheap misinformation for the public.
These journalists are just assisting this corrupt regime to take the country to doom. There a very few institutions that are standing up for the truth, after years of experience, I thought that the media industry can at least practice fair reporting, but through the actions of a few, there is a lot to be desired.
These few journalists are robbing the general public of credible information which they rightfully deserve during these crucial times.
Come on Satish and Davis, you can do better than these ! .

Anonymous said...

SDL may not be able to go after the Pig but they should be able to go after the Grub Davis for defamation.

Anonymous said...

Why are we wasting time on new constitution and commission.
Fiji coup culture have to be stopped . we dont need new constitution every time we have a coup.
Why cant we just accept the court ruling and 1997 constitution.
If regime wants immunity let the elected mp decide on this.
We will keep writing constitution every time we have coup. what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Frank you no right to tell tell SDL to close its doors.
SDL was voted twice and your army voted them too.
So stop your threats go get some help mate.
SDL/FLP is here to stay for long .

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@6pm. The story was written by Vijay Narayan not Satish Narayan.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

SDL is peoples party and been elected twice.
regime forcing party and ngo out of fiji politics.
This CC is not free and fair .
Why cant the CC chair issue an official statement and apology to SDL Party.
Mr Ghai -Chairman pls can you clarify this so called SDL submission report to fijian public asap.

rajend naidu said...

Fiji needs a new political party called the NO COUP COUP PARTY. It's membership should be EXCLUSIVELY for all Fiji citizens who pledge their ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMMITMENT to NOT TO SUPPORT ANY FUTURE COUPS IN FIJI in any shape or form. After 4 coups and the human suffering and misery they has wrought on the good peaceful and law abiding people of fiji I can guarantee you such a political party with just this one pivotal platform will give a thrashing to every other party contesting in any future elections in Fiji - provided of course the elections are free and fair.

Graham Davis said...

You people really are extraordinarily pathetic to post this a full week - 168 hours - after this story became public. And you call yourself a news website? What a disgrace.

"Independent sources"? Are you joking? I've heard of tomato, Worcester, chilli but "independent"? Independent of what or of who? You aren't journalist's bootlickers if this is your idea of reporting. Do you really think the people of Fiji are that stupid?

I stand by my story as opposed to the dissembling nonsense you are peddling here. You aren't journalists but the most crude polemicists and I don't need any lessons from you about ethnics or journalistic practice.

OK, let's make a deal. I will recant when the SDL comes out next month and says:

1/ We advocate a secular state in Fiji 2/ English, i'taukei and Hindustani are to be the official languages 2/ All Fiji citizens should be called Fijians 3/ Dual citizenship should be continued 4/ the right of everyone to choose their own sexual orientation should be constitutionally protected 5/ All citizens should choose the president and vice president.

But if what Mr Naivalu has already confirmed applies - that these were summaries put forward by constituency committees of what is to come in the main SDL document - then you will recant and admit you were wrong.

Do we have a deal, 4.5? Because if I'm wrong, I'll be the happiest man in Fiji.

I don't even expect you to run this but if you don't, you can read about yourselves elsewhere.

Let's summarise: Last with the story, wrong with the story, disingenuous to the point of absurdity. You're a worthless rag and a crude mouthpiece for racists and bigots.

Graham Davis said...

You people really are extraordinarily pathetic to post this a full week - 168 hours - after this story became public. And you call yourself a news website? What a disgrace.

"Independent sources"? Are you joking? I've heard of tomato, Worcester, chilli but "independent"? Independent of what or of who? You aren't journalist's bootlickers if this is your idea of reporting. Do you really think the people of Fiji are that stupid?

I stand by my story as opposed to the dissembling nonsense you are peddling here. You aren't journalists but the most crude polemicists and I don't need any lessons from you about ethnics or journalistic practice.

OK, let's make a deal. I will recant when the SDL comes out next month and says:

1/ We advocate a secular state in Fiji 2/ English, i'taukei and Hindustani are to be the official languages 2/ All Fiji citizens should be called Fijians 3/ Dual citizenship should be continued 4/ the right of everyone to choose their own sexual orientation should be constitutionally protected 5/ All citizens should choose the president and vice president.

But if what Mr Naivalu has already confirmed applies - that these were summaries put forward by constituency committees of what is to come in the main SDL document - then you will recant and admit you were wrong.

Do we have a deal, 4.5? Because if I'm wrong, I'll be the happiest man in Fiji.

I don't even expect you to run this but if you don't, you can read about yourselves elsewhere.

Let's summarise: Last with the story, wrong with the story, disingenuous to the point of absurdity. You're a worthless rag and a crude mouthpiece for racists and bigots.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a lot more impressed if Naivalu said " No we don't support any of the things these people said last week."
He hasn't. Sounds like you've been conned guys.

mark manning said...

Why does anyone read Graham Davis' Articles ? They are fiction after all.

Kai Bau said...

Apart from the SDL submission this is mine in addition to the SDL submission which supports all the indigenous right.
A.Lease to be given to my Indian brothers for 100years but on the following conditions:
1.I have to get the normal annual lease fees which is below the market rate at the moment.
2/10% of the profit from the land weather you use it for cane farming or build a barber shop on it I need 10% of the profit.
3/ 5% for any bank loan from the lease holder to go to the landowner.(Because of 100years lease for the land the bank will be willing to loan out money as a sucurity)
If the bank can charge our credit cards for 19% why cant us the indiginous get something similar.
Indigenous Native reserve land to be kept that way BUT if you my Indian brothers still insisting to lease that land too the stake might be high but it will bring harmony acroos the two races...encourage Indian women to mary the land owners.It sounds terrible for some but it will bring the two races together.We cannot worship Lord Rama but through love all the barrier of religion,culture,traditon etc,etc will crumble.No amount of coup or submission will bring us together just pure love......intermarriage.
Raici Bainimarama ga kania oti la nai olo roti kari nei Kaiyum sa guilecavi ratopu sara la mai Kiuva sa via dua saraga vua nai seru taku...gonei e teri rawa ni dua mai ulu kabi qai seru ena i seru taku sa rawa ga ni cavuru na uluna me vaka sa yaco tu qo vua.

Anonymous said...

Vijay Narayan and Graham Davis both knew that the submission was not the official SDL submission. They have not been honest in their reporting.

While taking advantage of the situation regarding censored reporting in the media, they have indulged in providing misinformation and propaganda to the people. We are being misled into thinking that the SDL is a racist party.

The SDL officials are travelling all over the country including the outer provinces and islands to gauge what type of constitution would the grassroot people really want. They are also gauging the feelings of other races, genders, classes, creeds and other political parties in order to submit to the Constitutional Committee the true and fair needs of the whole population.

Davis and Narayan are guilty of defamation of character and of bearing false witness. The legally and constitutionally promulgated court of the 1997 Constitution would convict them but this current kangaroo one would not.

Let's get ready for "Operation Jericho" - come 26th September! Get your boomboxes or your biscuit tins ready. Use them in your cars and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oo-la-lah, now you've made Davis wild!! Sorry but I think he has a point. These guys could have denied all this last week but they didn't. Why not?

Also, why did it take all this time for you guys to go on the attack? Looks like the SDL have been shocked by the reaction and are back peddling fast. Let's see whether the Christian state is still there when they make their official submission.

Anonymous said...

So where did the document as circulated last week and again in this article with its contentious paragraph 2 of page SDL-1 come from ?

Anonymous said...

Someone is pissed of. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Graham misses the point. The submission he says was made by the party was not - it was made by a SDL Supporter. No matter the sentiments or whether the party acutally says the same things THIS submission was not the party's.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

I am inclined to think that Vijay made an honest mistake but has found it hard to back on with the story snowballing etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Davis/Vijay are franks puppet.
Well media ethics been breached.
SDL already said the sdl submission will come in sep .
We dont need this frank , davis and vijay lies.
SDL will win the election .

Just Saying said...

Is Graham pissed that C4.5 is saying the submission was that of SDL supporters and not the party's or because C4.5 didn't jump on it after he 'broke it' therefore robbing him of his satisfaction of getting one over the blog?

Anonymous said...

anon at 7.41, BTW several submissions exactly the same have been made in several places. It is not just one supporter. I was told they are from SDL committees and will be the same as the one the party puts forward next month. That's what they were telling members last week. Unless they now change their mind!!! Lots of people very upset about it. I went back and looked at what Davis says. Nothing wrong. That document has "the SDL proposes" every page through it. Not only that, Solomoni was there!! It was an SDL document or it would not say SDL on it.

Anonymous said...

As a good journalist he is, Vijay should have simply asked for an answer from Yash Ghai. After all, Yash has been too eager to speak to the Fiji media. Only Yash Ghai can bring the issue to a resolution - so Vijay should do the honourable thing and check it out with Yash Ghai

Anonymous said...

You know this chap Graham Davis is the payroll of the illegal regime - he is paid to edit their speeches and their press releases. Now, blokes, he has changed the ragshit name from Grubsheet to Grubsheet Feejee

I thought he wants us to leave in the 21st Century but look at the coloniast, he has chosen the old name Feejee:

Here is his announcement:

We’re changing our name today to reflect something that’s been happening for some time – the gradual evolution of Grubsheet from a general commentary site to one specialising in the Pacific and especially Fiji. In one sense, it was inevitable simply because that’s where our own interests lie. But we were also keen to add more grunt to the efforts of others – especially the distinguished New Zealand academic blogger, Crosbie Walsh – to present a more balanced view of events in Fiji as opposed to the deluge of anti-regime propaganda that emanates from several web outlets, in particular the main anti-government website, Coup 4.5.

Anonymous said...

SDL was just testing the waters and now they know that they can never win an election with racial biasness. A big Pote to all those who were fervently supporting the racist proposals in the constitution!!!

Graham Davis said...

How typical of Coup 4.5 to facilitate another BIG LIE - that I am "on the payroll of the illegal regime" and "am paid to edit their speeches and press releases".

Listen up liar at 8.02 pm. You know that what you are saying here is a LIE. It is a cheap smear like the Nazis used to do.

I have NEVER taken one cent from the Fiji Government in any capacity, either from this government or any previous government. But don't let the FACTS get in the way or your grubby little story.

Anonymous said...

A number of things going wrong here. It wasn't made clear the subission or submissions were made by individuals, it was reported as being made by the 'SDL' and the right people who could've cleared up any misinformation weren't asked or didn't speak up. I don't think Vijay was being mischievous I just think he didn't check widely enough.

Na ka dina said...

Listen, am I stupid or something? They are saying "we haven't make our submission yet" not "we don't want a Christian state" and all this other BS. No wonder people are sick of being treated like idiots. You can attack Davis all you like but what is the point if you can't say straight out " he got it wrong. There is no Christian state". O kila?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Correct me if I'm wrong again but weren't people encouraged to come forward and speak freely and make submissions without fear? Why then has SDL ... be they individuals or the party hierarchy itself .... been singled out as racists?

Anonymous said...

C4.5 I think your headline should've been 'SDL victim of bad reporting and vindictive coup apologists'.

Anonymous said...

@Graham Davis 8.30PM....Whatever said and done Mr. Davis it is a fact that you are a pathetic human being. If you have any senses you should know that everything that is happening in Fiji right now is WRONG...and WRONG and WRONG....simple as that. Yet you are using your skills as a journalist to misinterpret the whole truth and you are allocated pages in Fiji Sun. Irrespective whether you are getting any financial benefits or not, it is normal for people to think you are. Otherwise no right thinking person with some conscious would write as you do. Could you answer one simple question? According to you Bainimarama govt is doing all good things.....but can you say what they are doing is right? in the right way? Answer this and then I can read your articles. At the moment whenever I see your face on the newspaper, I throw it away with disgust......it is a shame and hope you are sleeping well in the night.....

Anonymous said...

Look at the coup apologist coming out on this site - I mean Graham Davis - Poor colonialist - he will be writing all this on his grubshit and the other ragshit Fiji Sun will reproduce it for public consumption - you are paid, and I know it - for I have signed some of the cash to it from Ministry of Finance - a slush fund - anyway, you are supporting the dictator because you got that new Fiji passport - paid for it - it was a condition - you were going to sell your soul for the regime provided it brought in a decree to grant dual citizenship to the likes of you. We will be producing your payslips from the illegal regime when democracy returns - you colonial Feejee crook from the past

Anonymous said...

What is your problem Mr Davies?
If the people don't like SDL, they won't vote for them.
But if they like SDL then they will vote for them.
That is what Democracy is.
If you and Bainimarama want certain policies endorsed, then why don't you two form a party and contest the next election.
Lets see whether people will actually vote for you.

For your information No Fijian party in the past ( including SDL) has ever persecuted other religions.
If anything they have come down hard on certain Christian sects including Lotu Kadrala etc.

"Christian state" - does not mean that we become like certain Muslim countries enforcing Sharia Law where for eg people caught in adultery they stone the woman but not the man.

AS far as homosexuality is concerned, I've never ever heard of any case where anyone was jailed in Fiji for their sexuality.
For goodness sake just open your eyes and see the number of QAURIs walking around in Suva and some that dance at Indian weddings.
Did SDL ever jail any of these people?
You Davies should get a life.
You are beginning to sound like chicken-licken crying "the sky is falling".
I think that is pretty pathetic.

As for the Presidency, like I said, Form a Party with your sidekick Bai and make that one of your policies.
See whether the people actually want what you want.
That is what Democracy is.

I think you should tell your Master Vuaka to get ready to lose the next election and go straight to jail; even if he makes himself the President.

How about we make this DEAL Mr Davies : how about as good citizens of this country Lets all uphold the Law.

(and deal with existing Treasonists according to the Law)

Will you uphold the Law Mr Davies?
Or are you just another chicken like Bainimarama?
Remember , he did the coup because he was scared of jail.
Every other reason he gave is all bullshit and we can prove it to you.

At the end of the road is THE DEATH PENALTY.

He can see it already. That is why he is asking for Immunity.

"NO" to Immunity.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Since the poor man was sexually abused by an i-taukei pastor in Fiji, he has nothing but contempt for us - now he is comparing us to Aborigines in in Grubshit:

Thats the problem with a’ hand out’ mentality that previous governments with their Affirmatiuve Action policies created – a bunch of lazy people sitting around waiting for the government to step in and solve their problems for them, while their land is covered in jungle and remaining idle.

It is exactly the problem that the Aboriginal community in Australia are facing – governments think that throwing money at them the problem will go away. Instead you have them sitting around doing nothing waiting for their payday on the Thursday of every fortnight. In some communities it is so bad that Aboriginal communities have their Kentucky Chicken and French Fries flown to them by charted aircraft they have put in for.

The taukei was heading that way with Agro scam and Affirmative Action policies which was nothing more than a pork barrel that encouraged the taukei to sit on their arse and wait for government to come to them to solve their problems.

So Frank’s intervention has saved the taukei from falling deeper into apathy.

Anonymous said...

In that submission , we the real Fijians should pushed into it our rights,The indijenous right must be included in the constitution.

Apisai Tora- Sabetoi said...

SDL will win the next election as majority Fijians including the Fijian Soldiers will vote for this party in 2014. The 100 million dollar question is what will Bainimara do when SDL wins in 2014. Will he do another coup?

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis-the son of a preacher man.The preacher man must be turning in his grave now-the son is so wayward-is a coup apologist/supporter-believes the means justify the end whatever the end might turn out to be.Graham-all you have done is bring disgrace to the departed preacher man--please let him rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9.11 You are wrong bro, Davis was not going to sell his soul to the regime provided it brought in a decree to grant dual citizenship for the likes of him. He did it on condition that they legalise homosexuality so like Anthony Gates, he can continue practising being a deviant in Fiji without fear of getting his arse kicked. Why do you think he keeps coming back to Fiji, to remember? To fight for what is Right? Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9.11, you say Davis is the beneficiary of some slush fund. Prove it you lowlife scum. The usual coward hiding behind the skirts of 4.5. He has denied it. If it is true, prove it or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9.27, how do you know Davis was sexually abused by an i'taukei pastor? That is DISGUSTING and you should be ashamed of yourself. Or maybe you were the one doing the abusing??!!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning, you are the one who writes fiction, bro. What a drop kick. You need a shrink, my man.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Solomonic Naivalu President SDL

There is s significant debate in here about whether a recent submission to the Constitutional Review Commission was SDL Party submission! Let me categorically state that the submission was made by an individual who said clearly that it was his personal submission and not SDL Party's.

Since this submission the press, FIji Sun mostly through Davies and the Editor, and CFL in Vijay Narayan have been harping that the submission is a SDL official submission!

Frank has taken advantage despite giving assurance to Fiji citizens to make submissions without fear and concern. Now Frank is criticising the NGO's and SDL plus other political parties.

Frank has further criticised Mick Beddoes and at a personal level! This is hypocrisy and really evident of his intention not to allow a fair representative process.

SDL has written to Fiji Sun and CFL to retract their comments about the submission being SDL Party's submission however for reasons known to these media no retraction has been made.

Fundamentally SDL submission will embrace the following:
1. Maintain the 1997 Constitution.
2. All citizens are to be known as Fiji Islanders
3. Fijian is to be reserved for the I-taukei or indigenous.
4. Fiji to be a multicultural, multi-religious, multi-racial country with every citizens rights to their belief protected.
5. GCC to be reinstated with honorary representation.
6. Military to be downsized to a maximum of 500.
7. Immunity provisions to be well discussed before incorporating any provisions in the Constitution.
8. The office of the President to be elected through a free and air democratic process and available to any Fiji citizen who is born in Fiji.
9. Judiciary to be reviewed to accommodate Appeals Court and Supreme Court Judges to be non domicile in Fiji.
10. Land rent on all Native Lease to be at a commercially agreed rate between land owner and tenant.
11. iLTB formerly NLTB to be gradually scrapped.
12. VAT to be scrapped and GST at source to be introduced.
13. Media should be independent and self regulated.
14. RBF Governor, Police Commissioner, Auditor General, Commander of FMF to be appointed by an
Independent Commission made up of retired judges and Nobel individuals that have no political affiliation.
15. FNPF pensioners to be reimbursed their loss and reinstated as per their original benefits and pensions.
16. All laws in retrospect to be repealed.
17. All citizens over age of 65 to get free domestic road transport, medical and other special benefits.
18. All I- taukei to be provided special trust funds from their land royalties to provide scholarships and eduction to their Provinces.
19. Merge FHL and Yasana Holdings.
20. Allow immigrants with agriculture experience and skills into Fiji on special resident permits to help cultivate baron land.
21. Privatise FSC.

These are some of the submission. A comprehensive document will be published on 4.5 soon.

SDL hopes this clarifies the issues surrounding the submission.


Anonymous said...

The Commission must know the key issues for most people will be land, religion and the military. It must also know that for the i-taukei christianity, their land and language would be of uppermost importance.

Anonymous said...

anon@10.15pm Calm down and stop being so exciteable. And I would think your outrage is misplaced. Davis is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself. Remember this is the guy who doesn't have a problem writing stories about the 'assasins at c4.5'.

Anonymous said...

See his own confession and disclosure in his blogsite


Graham Davis
Posted July 11, 2012 at 7:54 PM

In answer to your question, I was sexually abused at a young age by someone in a church institution my father had supervision of who was i’Taukei. I didn’t tell my parents and they died without knowing. I’m sorry about your own experience but I don’t need to tell you that It happens all the time in Fiji. So often that it doesn’t even seem to be regarded as exceptional. Which makes it all the more tragic.

Anonymous said...

PS Anyway it's taking the piss out of Graham which bloggers are entitled to considering the one sided BS he likes to dish out.

Bainimarama the Fraudster said...

Oilei thought the CC was supposed to be free and fair to all not just those on same bus ticket as Frank

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis..Levu ga nomu BS and veivakcacani..Get outta here will ya..uggly looking pale faced faggott..

People of the Land said...

Graham Davies and company,
I am sorry to tell you guys that you are fighting a losing battle because you are trying very hard to influence people through dubious means and the end of the day you are actually supporting a group of people who have committed the highest form of criminal offense. Supporting murderers, double standard individuals, convulsive liars and those opportunists and big businesspeople who have indirectly supporting the illegal regime. There is something known as HONESTY and INTEGRITY in human being. I am sorry to tell you that you are morally bankrupt because you are defending those criminals who abused their own people and hurt them through dictatorial policies and decrees.

Every day you are creating your own enemies because of your childish attitudes. You can not differentiate simple things in life which begs the question really are, you an animal or a human being.

It seems you no longer have human instinct.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i Taukei

Anonymous said...

So know you are trying to tell everyone that some simple SDL supporter made this racist submission that was his alone and not from the SDL. If that was so why was the SDL President at his side? Are you really that delusional?

This is the SDL plan all along. Get “supporters” to keep coming out with the same story then follow it up with the “official” submission. It will then look like everyone supports these views. Of coarse it came straight out of the SDL.

If this is not the SDL plan all they had to do was to come out and deny that these racist views are even being considered by the party. BUT THEY DIDN'T

Anonymous said...

Come on offs, lets stop these insults against Graham Davis - he has every right to take sides - like all of us - only the voters will decide the fate of Fiji, provided the Constitution is free from Frank's vision and Khaiyum will not rig it - Iran is already training Indo-Fijian Muslims to boost Frank's oppressive army - Kubuabola is out there collecting funds and weapons.

Keep writing Graham - I believe in open debate and freedom of speech and associations. I am sure, so does C4/5

Graham and Crosbie's problem is they edit contributors comments - so I suggest, please dont write anything on their comment sites, for they will be passing your e-mail details to the illegal regime in Fiji

Graham Davis said...

I just love reading these comments from liumuri cowards who use their anonymity to spread lies and disinformation. Why do I enjoy it? Because it's clear to me that none of you have the moral fortitude to prevail. You will never succeed because you do not have the courage of your convictions to even use your real names. All you are capable of doing is to spew venom and empty threats. It is beyond pathetic.

To the person who raised my child abuse to score a political point.: Did it make you feel good? Did it make you think your cause is any more just? Or is it that you want to do to the country what someone did to me?

Sure beats me why someone would bring this up. Except a typical run of the mill sodomiser. Gutless, furtive and weak. Who then goes off to change into his Sunday best and tries to pretend to his God that he's an upright pillar of the church. You belong here on 4.5, bro. The squalor suits you.

Anonymous said...

Some of these attacks are just gross and embarrassing.
How do you people think you are going to win arguments like this?

I don't think any of you live in Fiji. You have the bitterness of people who cannot return.

The worst part about it is that Davis is right. The SDL did NOT deny the original story that it wants a Christian state. It just denied that it was the official submission. Der, we know that. So what?

What the #&*! said...

Anon at 10.58, I cannot believe that you talk about Davis' "confession" about child abuse. What has he got to confess? It was a crime against him, you bloody fool. Typical Fijian man. It is always the child's fault or the woman's fault. In that one sentence, you lost.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau, go bury yourself in your land. Why not ask for our first-born child while you're at it? We'll just go to another country where diversity and civil and property rights are respected and where we can buy land in fee simple. Hope you like wild cassava, because that's all you'll be eating. Enjoy your life under the heel of a stupid and megalomaniacal dictator.

Anonymous said...

More 'grunt' is exactly what Grubsheet adds. Best to leave your grunt in the loo, mate, instead of smearing it across the web.

Timoci said...

Now the $69 question is whether Solomone Naivalu disclose to Constitution Committee that he was presenting the submission as an individual or as the president of SDL. If he did not disclose than sorry he has left it to anyone's imagination. So this makes both Vijay as well as Davis right. It is their opinion that Naivalu represented SDL.

The Heckler said...

Oops! Another premature ejaculation by Grubsheet Davis. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Grubsheet Supporter said...

Why shouldn't Graham Davis get paid by the regime? He's providing it a service by rationalising its dictatorship and by attacking its opponents. It's only right that he draw a salary in addition to his travel, accommodations, and per diem.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in response to the posting by Graham Davis. For those who may not know, 'Calamity' Davis is editor of a blog called 'Grubsheet' and a frequent contributor to C4.5.

Davis has a point when he asks why it took so long for C4.5 to get to the bottom of the submission purported to be from the SDL. I assume the reason is because C4.5 has no bureau offices and staff on the ground in Suva to investigate and report on events there.

Now that the truth is coming out, will Grubsheet print an apology and retraction? Since the submission claimed to be SDL, then I don't believe an apology is in order. Even a retraction is unnecessary; however, a clarification certainly is, and should in no way depend on the actions of a third party.

Calamity claims to be a journalist. He might have been once, but he is now pretty much a full-time polemicist for the regime in Suva. So for him to accuse C4.5 of polemics is truly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Calamity says he needs no 'lessons... about ethnics [sic] or journalistic practice' yet has never heard of 'independent sources'. I refer him to Wikipedia, which states: 'The term "multiple independent sources" in journalism, criminal justice, science and general research, refers to two or more unconnected people, organizations, entities or objects which provide a given set of information or samples.... Consulting multiple independent sources is a common technique for detecting errors and deception, as any divergences or contradictions between statements, or data samples, would likely indicate one of these. Famously, the New York Times's minimal standard for reporting a fact not otherwise attributed to a single speaker is that it be verified by at least two independent sources.... Because circular reporting can happen inadvertently in many situations, extra care must be taken to ensure that multiple sources actually are independent, rather than interconnected in an obscure manner.'

Perhaps C4.5's diligence in finding independent sources to corroborate its reporting and Calamity's ignorance as to the principle and importance of independent sources in journalism explains why Grubsheet was able to 'scoop' C4.5 by printing an erroneous story.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

My submission to the Commission :


Kai Bau said...

Some of these liumuri fijians always look at Fijian leaders from where they come from.This is racists by itself.Racists is not only between the two main races Indian/Fijians we can even be called a racists amongst us.Please see the word racists in the dictonary.Since Rt Mara's time and now Qarase fijians are targeting the Lauans themselves..These idiots donot realise that in our close knit Fijian maternal linkage we are almost related to each other.Our traditional duty to our chiefs has been misinterperate and been sometimes clasified as a caste system thing(probably because of our Indian brothers influence?) .We must remember never in the history of Fiji a Kai Vale will take over the Chiefly title.Chiefly titile are unique to us and it was created in all the diffrent ways and belief that a group of people choose certain people to be their chiefs.So in another word no one ever been voted to a chief or kai vale as we are all born into it.No amount of education or money can automatically make someone a chief.Unfortunately these are the two things that have to be archived to be successful in todays society: its education and money.I think that most of the Fijians today are using these two things to their advantage by disrespecting their traditional positon in our society causing problem to our traditional chiefly system.Sometimes they showed disrespective to their vanua and chiefs because the power of money and eduacation in these days overtake those traditional position.Every Fijians should know and keep it into their heads that without our cultural/traditional values and relatives we are nothing,Values can not be bought with education and money and it should be the backbone to every parents to instill it to their children.So weather Qarase is from Lau or from Tailevu please see him as one of your Fijian brothers because I think that most Fijians tend to forget that we are not only fighting for our cause we should also also have to take care our Indins brothers or any other race in Fiji.So the best policy is to stick together as indigenous Fijians,keep our composure and fight together to win our war.Bainimarama and the military have been put in a tight corner to save himself on his own intension but I still believe as an indigenous Fijians we will come to the same cause to fight for what is preciuos to us and that is our right as an indigenous people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is just a stirrer, asslicker and a pro-coup propagandist. He will continue to lick Vuaka's ass, and who knows he might get a lolly from Vuaka himself.

Grow old gracefully Graham and don't forget to take your pills.

Anonymous said...

Can Frank answer this question?
SDL/FLP win the election in 2014 .
What will he do another coup or be man enough to face trial for treason with his ministers and cronies.
PM LQ and MPC are facing court thats shows they are real leaders and man.
Frank doesnt want to face court and jail term .

Anonymous said...

Hey how come we haven't seen any ads for the constitution commission
address,phone numbers and fax numbers? How are we supposed to get in touch with them when they don't advertised their location?
I'm pretty sure that there are those who'd rather make their submission via fax,phone,letter and or email? c4.5 could you please
put this info up on your site, as a services to us the silent majority?

Anonymous said...

What ever, i'm not an SDL member
but i support their submission and
i will definitely elect them with or without Qarase!
Anyone who doesn't want Fiji to be
a christian state, can get right on their Bavelo and strat pedling
accross toward the indian Ocean?
IO, Talo mada!!!

Jone said...

United Peoples Party refuses to accept that SDL made submission

The United Peoples Party (UPP) is refusing to accept that the SDL party has made its submission to the constitution commission.

Although the SDL office party officials made the party’s submission in the presence of their president Solomoni Naivalu which was witnessed by Fijivillage and confirmed by the SDL that it is part of their submission, UPP leader Mick Beddoes believes SDL’s final submission will have some variations.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said it seems the Fiji Labour Party and the UPP will make similar submissions like the SDL as they were meeting about this issue.

Beddoes has refused to comment on SDL’s submission but said his view may be different on some issues.

Beddoes also said people should just make their submission if they do not agree with certain matters being raised by the SDL.

Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry has refused to comment.

Fijiana said...

Now This is True Democracy!!! I want to open up a discussion on this.

House sues Holder in Fast and Furious gunwalking case
By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo!

A House committee filed suit against Attorney General Eric Holder Monday in federal court. The suit attempts to force Holder to turn over key documents relating to the Justice Department's Fast and Furious gunwalking program during the Bush and Obama administrations, when as many as 1,000 guns ended up in the hands of Mexican cartels in a botched attempt to capture higher-ups in the organizations.

Holder, backed by President Barack Obama, has refused to release all the documents that the House committee demands, saying they are privileged internal deliberations. Politico's Josh Gerstein reports that it's "unclear the courts have authority to force an executive branch official to fork over documents in such circumstances." In June, the House voted to hold Holder in contempt for not complying with its subpoenas.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I've never voted SDL before but I'll vote for them now.

Uggers Graham said...

Graham is delusional. He thinks he is the only one who can advocate for Fiji. When people don't agree with him he paints them as extremists and racists because in today's mixed up world it is the quickest way to burn people at the stake. Put him in his place and he gets ugly and vindictive.

Anonymous said...

In any democratic country the media would've clarified if it was say National Party supporters or National Party hierarchy. News organisations would not get away with any less. Even if the submissions turn out to be the same it's transparency of process.

kite flyer said...

"spreading misinformation". that expression from the mouth of a regime propagandist is so apt!

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't read about it Fiji Times. Obviously the other papers are undercontrol of the regime hence why they are quick to print before authenticating the source.

Anonymous said...

Davis wasnt molested he gave it freely.

Anonymous said...

Voting SDL....so there! So what?

Sleepless in Australia said...

@Graham Davis. 168 hours??? Sounds like you were losing sleep bro.

Coup 4.5 said...

Email addy and street address for where to send submissions. The link below will also take you to the Commission's schedule.-C4.5

Where to send your submissions ?
The Constitution Commission
Admin Block 1
Parliament Complex
Battery Road,
Suva, FIJI
The Constitution Commission P O BOX 2082, Govt Buildings, Suva
Phone: 3629 066
Email: Constitution.fiji@gmail.com
Fax: 3305323

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when Fijians want to protect their land, culture, language, marine resources etc legally and to be thoroughly entrenched in the Constitution, it suddenly is taken as RACIST? I can't understand this! We can't wait for everything to be gone then we start fighting back. Gosh, we have to prevent first and foremost. Prevention is better than cure!

Anonymous said...

Maybe military govt should just terminate all Lauans from the Fji workforce and tell them to find work else where? out of the country? May be Lauans deserve much better than working in VT

Let all the Kai VT levus and vanua levus( taveunis ) run the country

Anonymous said...

You vote SDL and the Army will continue to rule Fiji. Food for thought!

Kai Viti said...

@ kai bau - u're sounding desperate, a typical, territorial monkey looking after his own interests. Really!! Your type eda sa wanonova makawa tu, nomu MO esa kilai levu tu!

No one is targeting the Lauans or any other province. If you're not hiding beneath the skirt of corruption, then why worry? Cegu yani, na cava o se taqaya taka tiko??

Na dina ena qai sereki koya ga vaka i koya.

Therefore, a real kai viti/i-taukei would appeal to the goodness and morals in people (in us, human beings)... instead of shielding corruption as you're doing by slyly fanning the ethnic flame to suit an ulterior motive.. O cei mada o iko?? Cause ni $@#$!..

Tobo tale tu o van damme. LOL!

Anonymous said...

@ 12.06.m. Seji seji, no need for drama.. Frankly, no one cares which part of Fiji you're from but if you do the crime, prepare to serve the TIME!

Very simple.

The treasonous thieves in power will be dealt with in the same way, one day. As they say - ONE DAY MAFATU, eh!

Dinosaurs are long extinct said...

@ kai bau, get over yourself and come back to earth, those days of warfare and cannibalism are over.

What cause? Vosataka ga yani na nomu matavuvale.. kua ni sika mai eke na nomu weli duka!

People of the Land said...

Anonymous 12:06pm,
Do not try to divide our people. The Taukei are connected culturally and by blood throughout history and it is part of our tradition. Only those people who are foreign to this great land make such stupid remarks.
This should not be part of the debate.

These are part of the regime's well oiled machinery of blame and shame campaign and they have done this to the Turaga na Qaranivalu, PM Qarase, OLota, and others. Commnets like this need to be challenged.

Just shows how desparate the supporters and apologists because now they realise that the process of democracy is now building its momentum and people power will be restored through the 2014 election.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei.

Welcome to Korovou.

KVT-SYDNEY said...

@ Anonymous August 14th 12.06....Kua sara ni single out taka e dua nai taukei....no matter which province they come from, eda se taukei kece tikoga....me kua kua sara ni mai kaukauwa na tevoro ena nona sasaga me tawasei keda nai taukei...lets continue to pull together/bind...and fight for our beloved VITI...Keda nai taukei eda veiwekani kece tu ga...KALOUGATA VITI LOMANI...

Anonymous said...

kai bau and anonymous 12.06p.m

Where are these KEY junta movers and shakers from?

Filipe Bole
Jiko Luveni
Inoke Kubuabola
Joketani Cokanasiga
Samuela Saumatua
Jone Usumate
Vilame Naupoto
Esala Teleni
Cama Tuiloma
etc ....

So.... W T F! are you two corrupt things shedding croc tears about??!

akosita said...

ha! ha! ha! Davies you need anger management. You lose your hrad easily, meaning you are just another fool like your bosses.. ha! ha! we all know youre paid by this govt,, dont deny it,, you skunk.

Anonymous said...

Faka the army, i'm voting SDL reps
and thats a rap?

Anonymous said...

Here's a news flash for you, Anonymous 12:08 -- you vote for ANYone, and the Army will continue to rule Fiji. The coming election will be a charade. Bainimarama cannot afford to take the chance that he'll lose power. And lose power he would, if the election were fair, open and meaningful. We know that, but so does he. That's why he already plans to fix the elections.

Anonymous said...


You still did not answer my question on, August 13, 2012 9:01 PM. Just say whether Bai and Co is doing the right things in the right way????

Anonymous said...

'Slumming' again on C4.5, Graham? For someone who says he detests this site, you've become one of its most frequent contributors. What's the matter, can't get enough readership for your own blog?

You believe your side will prevail because you 'have the courage of your convictions' to use your name? If we use our names, we're subject to arrest and abuse by RFMF loyal to Bainimarama. They are notorious for sodomising victims with gun barrels, as you well know, so you're the one in the position of defending 'run-of-the -mill' sodomists. And THEY are the ones raping the country at gunpoint, so don't try to twist things around.

And don't pretend you don't send anonymous comments from time to time, either, you Grade A hypocrite.

You're also a disgrace to the journalistic profession. Haven't heard of 'independent sources' -- what a crock!

In short, you've lost all credibility, ALL credibility.

ghekko said...

the issue is not about SDL but what will Commodore Voreqe do when he looses the 2014 election? thats the hard question because right now he does not have an exit strategy.

Kai Bau said...

To Annon August 14, 2012 1:21 AM about Kai Bau
May I suggest where to go? backl to mother land or back to where you come from.
Read my post properly and try to fit my shoes into yours as an indigenous.Your house which you rented out in Suva is on the market rate while my land is under value...where is fairness here?Can you bloody rent out your $400,00/month house to $20.00/month thats the equivalent....you tell me where is fairness here.You own a house and the bank gives you load but for me as member of an land owning unit I cant?that is racists by itself....and yet you still want my land?I will give it to on the above condition and if you dont like it dont worry Ill keep it for my grandchildren.I can eat cassava which is better than nothing bro.Mother land can proviode you with plenty food where millions people are starving everyday.Good luck to your land grabbing journey.

Ganesh said...

What Graham Davis published is disinformation. It does not meet minimal standards of fair, balanced, and quality journalism. 

Davis' erroneous attribution to the SDL of what was actually an individual submission to the Constitutional Commission is against the public interest and order, runs counter to the national interest, and creates communal discord. This would therefore seem to constitute a clear breach of the the regime’s Media Code of Ethics and Practice. 

Under the terms of the Code, Davis, as editor of the Grubsheet, could face fines of $25,000. According to the regime's own rules, its Media Tribunal might also order that compensation of up to $100,000 Fiji dollars be paid by Grubsheet to the SDL since it was "aggrieved or adversely affected” by Graham Davis' false media reporting.

Mere said...

Kai Bau, the greatest weakness in the chiefly system are the chiefs themselves. The current crop in particular have failed Fiji miserably.

Too often Fiji's hereditary chiefs are just plain lazy and selfish. They expect everything to be handed to them without understanding what they are to give in return.  

The chiefs should not feel threatened by those who are educated, because they should be taking the trouble of educating themseleves as well.

The chiefs need to understand Fiji's culture and history and be ready to explain it clearly and eloquently. They need to model dignity and humility, which is not a contradiction in terms.

They need to provide selfless and courageous leadership. In this respect, perhaps all but Ro Teimumu Kepa have fallen far short.

The chiefs have let Fiji down, big time. That doesn't mean we should disband the GCC at this time, however. The regime is illegal and has no standing by which to disband the GCC.

The chiefs haven't fulfilled their part of the moral bargain. They should be providing principled leadership in opposition to the current tyranny, not accommodation with traitors.

Anonymous said...

Its called testing the waters.

Or throwing the red flag.

SDL has deniability, but has dipped the litmus paper.

It has also, sent a message, to ethno nationalist, that, this is waht we really believe, but you no what(wink,wink), we can't include that in our real submission, or the world will go crazy frothing at the mouth, and people will not vote for us. So, natioalists, grin and bear with us, winkwink, vote for us, and wait until we get back into power and back on the gravy train.

Let the games BEGIN, oops sorry, alrady started.

Anonymous said...

How can we have a Christian State, when Jesus says, "Your traditions are not my traditions"

Christianity is not a race,chief, tribe, even a religion or religiuos denomination.

Jesus Christ says you can all fark off, who are trying to us my name in vain.

Christian State is toilet paper to him, take it to Satan, he likes that shit!

Anonymous said...

why is ghai briefing the bs frank.
this commission is just smoke and mirror for regime.
its simple fiji people not coming out in nos to the cc because fiji people wants 1997 constitution.

Kai Bau said...

To Mere,
If thats your opinion its fine with me.We all understands that some of them are not that good but its happening to everyone else mind you.The Chiefs failed the Kai vale failed the bokola failed,the goverment failed and yet chiefs take the blame.No one in his right mind and as a indiginous Fijian will say that to his Chiefs:lazy and selfless .Mere all these things have to come from within you.I really dont understand where you coming from blaming the chiefs for our failure.The Chiefs did not do the coup,the chiefs dont steal the tax like bainimarama.Chiefs are part of our culture,our tradition,our history or otherwise your history will be just like those indenture labourers and low caste parasites who even dont know where they come from? or who are they really are? You will be like a lost tribe trying to be be equal with us and grab our land.Chiefs dont expect anything from the people nowdays mind you,they plant their own food and cook their own fish.Back in mother land you can give peanuts to a low caste person to work for you while you dont do anything....just the same as you claimed but they are right and our traditional chiefs are always picked out.Why Ro Temumu Kepa? what about Chaudary?Dont confuse yourself by thinking that our tardition type of leadership can be blended in with the western type of doing things ,,,,its a big no no and no one else can understand where Iam coming from unless you are a indigenous as well..I'll repeat myself once again in here; it have to come from within and not like the Maoris they study and try to live it but we are not; we live it all the time.

Coup 4.5 said...

13th August 2012
Peter Lomas
The Editor
Fiji Sun
Amra Place

Dear Editor

With the Constitution Commission now conducting hearings, the Interim Prime minister Frank Bainimarama should refrain from making public comments on submissions by persons, organisations or political parties.

His recent comments in your paper, on submissions and work of the Constitution Commission, have raised serious issues about Mr Bainimarama’s intention as it relates to the constitutional dialogue.

By his public utterances, Mr Bainimarama is seen as undermining the work of the Constitution Commission. Instead on commenting on others submissions, Mr Bainimarama can make his own (submission) to the Constitution Commission.

It seems that Mr Bainimarama for some contrived reason appears to think that what he and the military say is best for Fiji. This is hardly the case and in the formulation of the new constitution, the voices of all who submit the Constitution Commission, and not just a handful of military figures, must be heard and given due consideration. The process of democratic decision making sanctions such a process

It was Fran├žois-Marie Arouet (who used the non de plume Voltaire), said over 240 years ago: I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

At the end of the day Mr Bainimarama, it’s not what you think that will matter to the Constitution Commission but rather what the people think.

Further, it is not what you think that is best for Fiji but what its citizens decide.

Mr Bainimarama, your comments and reference to non-negotiable values in the constitutional dialogue process is hollow and self-serving and seeks to undermine the independence of the Constitution Commission and usurp the right of citizens to freely air their views and for the. Such comments must simply be ignored by the Constitution Commission and the people at large as the raving and ranting of a bully and the new constitution must be a product of consensus and thought and not a document obtained by coercion or threat.

Rajendra Chaudhry

Jone said...

Now listen up you anti-Taukei. The i-Taukei are the indigenous people of Fiji. If they put forward a submission to make Fijian the official language of Fiji, so be it. They have the right and that should be respected. They are the landowners and if they want their land to be leased to
non-indigenous citizens then again that's their right. Stop saying this is racist because it's not. Indians, Chinese, Sri Lankans etc are NOT indigenous people, and that's a fact.

The only racists are you people who say that the submission is seen as a racist thing. Grow up and accept the fact that you are citizens but not indigenous to Fiji. What part of that don't you understand?

Your so-called hero Bainivuaka used racism as a front. Just look at the appointments he made....how many Indians or Chinese are in this positions? How many are Fijians? Open your eyes and hopefully you will see what Bainivuaka is really doing, he is only thinking of himself and his close friends, and most of them are indigenous Fijians.

One thing is for sure, SDL will win the next election and that spells the end for Bainivuaka. The GCC will be reinstated and there's nothing you racists can do about that.

People of the Land said...

This is not the time to criticize our Chiefs or even other Ethnic groups. Too bad in the minds of the Vitians Chiefs are Chiefs and the Methodist Church full stop. If you do not like it lai vola kawa bula yani i Bangladesh.

People must understand that this is the time where our Chiefs and the Elders in the Methodist Church are being put to open shame by the Regime and other coup apologist and the masias. I can even see degrading comments from our Indian brothers and other people.

You are not qualified to speak against our traditional Chiefs. This is not your job. Go and learn the basic Vitian protocol.

Mere you need to learn how to respect the Vitian culture. If you are real Vitian you will never dare make degrading comments on our Chiefs.

All Vitians must work together to bring back law and order in this country. At this time people are not fully expressing their views which is a shame on this regime.

I am not sure whether they can sleep peacefully every night and I head from close sources that some in the inner circle are now resorting to alcohol every night. See sa kan tiko i loma na rere, Fear is eating them from the in side. I really feel sorry for this people and do pray for a quick return to democracy.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei.

Mere said...

We expect nothing from Chaudhy but self-serving doubledealing. But we've a right to expect more from our chiefs. Ro Teimumu shouldn't be the exception but the rule.

The chiefs are not the worst. The current regime is nothing but a pack of thieves and traitors, and the chiefs are not that. But the chiefs are a major disappointment. I'm for keeping chiefs, but chiefs who lead, not chiefs who accept treason.

Anonymous said...

Fire kuriji !!veivosacataki na Kai VT, dredre na kai Dia ,..LOL kei ira na kena vo..dou boi dadadaa.Bainimarama cakava yani na kena levu..sa sivia ga na vosa..boi kutukutu

kite flyer said...

refrain. Rajendra chaudry wants the dictator to refain from making public comments whilst the constitution public consultation is in progress. bainimarama does not know what refrain means. it's not in his lexicon.

Victor Lal said...

I agree with Rajendra Chaudhry's letter to the Fiji Sun, and especially his reminder to us regarding Volatire

Anonymous said...

Constitution process being run by Bai not you Yash Ghai! Wake up.

Stop feeling important says PM
Publish date/time: 14/08/2012 [17:13]

Print this page
Email this page
The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement and FemLink Pacific are saying that it is not for the state to tell the people what the constitution must contain.

They say that some of the non-negotiable principles the government has set out are matters for the people to decide, not for the state to dictate.

They say they may agree with the state about the way in which people should vote and the voting age however they say people who disagree with this should be heard and their views taken into account.

The three NGO’s have also highlighted Fiji Television Limited’s six month licence on renewal.

The NGO’s say this looks like a “good behaviour bond” for Fiji TV.

Women’s Crisis Centre Co-ordinator, Shamima Ali said they do not think it is right for the Prime Minister to appoint the members of the Constituent Assembly and wants to know how the selection process will be carried out.

They also say that the state should not have any control of the process.

The NGO’s also say the immunities given to the current members of the government should be openly discussed.

When questioned on the issues raised by the three NGO’s, Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the tone of the statement by the NGO’s indicate that they feel they are very important.

But he said they are not if they do not contribute positively to have a better Fiji for all citizens.

He said the constitution process is not for grandstanding.

Commodore Bainimarama said the Constituent Assembly will be made up of credible people who think positively about Fiji’s future and he said and I quote “tell Shamima Ali from me she is not in that league” end quote.

Ali said it is her right to raise these concerns.

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Story by: Vijay Narayan & Gwen McGoon

Loyal Fijian said...

Is this the language with which we’ll build race-free Fiji?
by navosavakadua

We all know that a sizeable number of indigenous Fijians have long thought that Fiji should be a Christian state. There never has been has been a Christian state in the past, which is supposed to be so bad, but given the opportunity to have their say, the people who want a Christian state have said that this is what they want.

What is the regime’s answer to this? It’s to call a submission saying that this is the wish of the people making the request “the stinking parcel of ordure that the SDL has suddenly dumped on the pavement”. In other words to say that the views of these people are no more than dog droppings on the pavement, too smelly and unpleasant to touch.

What do we say to the younger generation who have encouraged the Constitutional Commission with their readiness to look to change? Do we say this is way to persuade your elders that you see things differently?

Isn’t attacking the views of others in this way inciting racial hatred. Isn’t the Kai Valagi who wrote it saying your views do not deserve the respect owed to people who have been asked to express their view and have done so? What is the difference between this and the racism we are constantly told is our besetting sin?

Surely our new race free Fiji will be built on civility, not vitriolic attacks on the views of others.

I don’t think Fiji should be Christian state, and I never have. Where is the religious state where Christianity has flourished? Spain under the Inquisition? Christianity must rule in people’s hearts not in the organs of government.

This is a view that I’ve found I can persuade people to consider.

Anonymous said...

This has been one of the most discussed topic on c4.5. Graham Davis Jr you must be thinking what did I do to give SDL such publicity. Suggest you shut the fuck up and go back to where u came from.

Anonymous said...

As we can see from Bainimaram's comments to media he will have the say on what shape the Constitution takes so have your say people but don't believe the hype. That's all for show.

Anonymous said...

Rajend chaudary. Great words. Hope you had reminded Papa when he jumped to bed with FB. And yes, hope you also dwell on the fact that the money set for the poor was used to fund your law school.

Anonymous said...

@ Loyal Fijian

Navosavaka is Tui Savu. Nothing surprising there, always the same old same old, a lost cause he's fighting. No real loyalty to Fiji to live here in the first place.

@ Jone Doce, they're not asking to be one of us indigenous! You really give the rest of us a bad name since you're so confused, laki sili mada, kusa. lol.

kite flyer said...

who's phucking the cat?
it is obvious bai is phucking the cat and ghai is holding the tail but mistakenly thinking he is phucking the cat!

Kai Viti said...

kai bau says : "Dont confuse yourself by thinking that our tardition type of leadership can be blended in with the western type of doing things ,,,,its a big no no and no one else can understand where Iam coming from unless you are a indigenous as well.."

Well then @ kai bau, if u're a chief or prefer to live the traditional lifestyle, then don't touch the keyboard, don't go near computers, shun modern gadgets and go live in a CAVE where you belong! The rest of us would like to move on with living in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Loyal Fijian, well said. Excellent contribution!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama acts as though his views are very important. Their only importance is in the fact that he has a gun to our heads.

He is the one doing all the grandstanding. He is not contributing positively to Fiji's future.

Shamina Ali fas infinitely more credibility than Frank Bainimarama.

Women's NGOs, I suggest you pass out whistles to all women. Let's prepare for Jericho. Let's take back the night.

Jone said...

People of the land.... I totally agree. Non-indigenous citizens of Fiji must respect Fijian culture because they're 'visitors' and must refrain from making derogatory comments against Fijians. Some people are using this site to make racist comments in the comfort of their living room, yet they don't have the balls to say it in public. Chiefs are respected and should remain so.

Bainiceke and his band of thieves, looters, murders, etc will have their day in court and the result is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

@ Jone and @ People of the land..
We should all have respect for each others culture . Fijiis a multiracial society. Gone are the days of "Fiji for Fijians"..c'mon guys, I believe you are Christians, as believers we are all visitors on the planet, destined for heaven..Why can't you two be a reflector of Christ and "Love your neighbour"
People who have made Fiji their home are Fijians..game over!!!
BTW ..I'm indigenous

Anonymous said...

My prediction for Fiji 2014 - there will be no election!!! Power is too sweet to be given up so easily.

Kai Bau said...

Kai Viti said...
kai bau says : "Dont confuse yourself by thinking that our tardition type of leadership can be blended in with the western type of doing things ,,,,its a big no no and no one else can understand where Iam coming from unless you are a indigenous as well.."

Well then @ kai bau, if u're a chief or prefer to live the traditional lifestyle, then don't touch the keyboard, don't go near computers, shun modern gadgets and go live in a CAVE where you belong! The rest of us would like to move on with living in the 21st century.

To Kai Viti 14, 2012 11:18 PM
Its better to live in the cave and pay no rent and running after the money lender to lend you some money to live in your modern house,its better to eat my old traditional food rather than burden the goverment with hert heart attak.dibetes etc,etc intrying to upgrade hospitals to cater for you who presses computer and obesse.Tell me whats wrong with living in the cave you fool.Look around you those hotels ..most of the building imitates me as an idigenous building by building bures etc,etc for tourist.Look at overseas tourists marriage in tradition fijian way....what you on about..you might be living in a modern technlogy era but my land and my values are more omportant tha pressing the keyboard and computers you fool.

Anonymous said...

Watch his sky news interview back in 2009 with graham Davis. You will work out in first 5 mins that he had no plan then he has no plan even today. Everyday is new day for this empty drum. He will come up with new ideas and stories to keep himself in power. He will never play second fiddle after what he has tasted. Power is a very addictive drug. Hard to get off it.

Solution? Only one way. I think we all know it but no one is ready to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:42 AM, speak for yourself. I'm ready to do it. I'm ready to join Operation Jericho's 60-second noise barrage, in downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely.

What can be done to stop it? Not a thing, and the regime will look pathetic even trying.

I don't need a licence or permit. I'm not part of any political assembly. I'll just be with my family and perhaps a friend or two, raising a non-violent ruckus in celebration of Fiji.

Join us. We're not asking for anything more than your commitment to devote 60 seconds to celebrating Fiji with us.

Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.