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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Senior officers question why 55 year old still on pay roll

Narayan 55 but still in the job.
Inconsistency in the police revealed: one of Iowane Naivalurua's assistant commissioner's is 55 and still working - despite the decree that says he should retire.

Naivalurua still has him on payroll.
Ravi Narayan turned the magic age in June and senior officers are asking why he continues to work at Police headquarters as chief of staff.

Bloggers will recall the retirement age in the civil service was set at 55 in 2009, the regime dropping it down from 60.

Police officers who reached 55 have all been duly retired by the Police Commissioner so there's a lot of talk about Narayan continuing to be on the police pay roll.

Narayan is one of six assistant commissioners and is very close to Naivalurua.

It was on his advice that Naivalurua sent four very senior officers, including chief operating officer ACP Henry Brown (he was also caught having an affair with CO 3fir wife and was sent on leave on orders from up top), on six months leave in March.

Narayan turned 55 two months ago and was supposed to go on pre-retirement leave by April 2012, but he intelligently maneuvered Naivalurua into a one year contract until 2013.

Ravi has been a keen supporter and was Director CID from Andrew Hughes' time. He was supposed to be sacked by Esala Teleni in 2010 after intel intercepted an email he sent from Sudan while on a mission to a few senior officers in police congratulating them on the plot to overthrow the commissioner.

Ravi is also currently the key player moving the Compol while disbanding a few critical departments in police:

1. Police ethics and complaints department: complaints will no longer be able to be made against officers. This was apparently their way to fool the illegal PM's office which has been receiving too many complaints about 'ineffective police officers.'

2. Logistics unit: there will be no more accountability of police purchases and records.

3. Community policy: there has been a significant increase in crime after police community policy unit was disbanded.  

The retirement decree was introduced in April 2009 with an extraordinary gazette called decree number six and dated April 14 reverting the country’s official retirement age to 55, a decision confirmed by a Fiji Court of Appeal decision earlier that month.

The decision was challenged by the teachers unions’ who took the matter to court and 55 was stayed by the Court of Appeal.

However, the Appeal decision lapsed after appointments in the judiciary were revoked when the regime abrogated the 1997 Constitution:

“Notwithstanding anything contained in any written law, the retirement age in the public service shall be 55 years,” section 15 sub-section 1 of Decree 6 said. 
“The retirement age of 55 years in subsection (1) above shall extend to the civil service, Fiji Police Force and the Fiji Prisons Service.” “Any person employed in the civil service, Fiji Police Force and the Fiji Prisons Service who is already over the age of 55 years shall retire on 30 April 2009.” The decree however leaves room for public servants who despite being over 55 years old needed to continue working “if his or her services are required.” In a surprising move too, decree number 6 has abolished the Public Service Appeal Board. “All members of the Public Service Appeal Board shall cease to be members from the commencement of this decree. “All appeals pending before the Board but not yet determined including all hearings pending as well appeals pending for decision, before the Public Service Appeal Board shall immediately terminate upon the commencement of this decree, and the permanent secretary responsible for public service shall inform all parties to the appeal accordingly.”  


mark manning said...

Why not just make the retirement age 40 ?
That would save a lot of money for the Community and get rid all the people who oppose the Regime.
Another option might be, to just simply get rid of the Regime and its supporters !

mark manning said...

By the way, what happened to the young guy marrying the Pol. Comm.'s daughter, who, its alleged, was going to be spying on the Fiji Community ?

mark manning said...

Equal rights, I forgot to add, but some more equal than others.
So much for weeding out nepotism and corruption and no jobs for the boys etc.
Maybe I could get a job as an advisor or consultant to the Regime now I'm over 55. The trouble is though, I still look 45 !

kite flyer said...

new fiji!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Ravi. You are a good worker and the government needs people like you. On the oher hand government doesnot need people like Qarase.

Druavesi said...

Mark Manning- GO LOOKING FOR WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION- U will be welcome when you find WMDs
Its then people in Fiji will realise and offer apology that Anglos are NOT after other countries wealth (OIL)& GOLD in Fiji)
Happy hunting Manning- Buzz off
While the Europeans had been telling us to lookout for Indians taking everything- just like in Congo they were filling their pockets. Have u heard of Anthony Stephens, Stinsons etc?
How about that Jeff Reed who told TUI TAVUA to have road blocks in 1987 as he did not accept DR Bavadra- ITS TAKEN TIME BUT WE HAVE WOKEN UP TO YOU THIEVES.
iTS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE -why would a manager of a mine not want a change of government?
One thing about the Itaukei today - We realise how people looted our country while setting up Anti Indian scenarios of them taking everything.

Anonymous said...

Oh---how I miss Teleni--the Bafoon !!Where the hell is he ?? --he had turned all the police stations into churches !!----praise the lord !!!

People of the Land said...

I feel sorry for our own people who have proved themselves in their professional career and are now working under this regime. The fact is that even with good intention and commitment with honesty, it finally comes to not because the cloud of confusion is all over the land. I feel sorry for our good and highly qualified individual who have cross over to the other side for reasons only known to them.

Let's all hope that come 2014 a good and stable Viti will be established and people will understand and honor the dignity, rights and aspiration of of the people of the Land.

Sa oti na gauna ni veicacati kei na veivakayagataki.

Kalougata tiko na i Taukei ni Vanua of Viti.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 may be the Fijian first sectary at the NZ Fijian Embassy is about 60's.The IG needs some people from the dinasour era to keep it going.

Anonymous said...

How gives two hoods about someone that just turned 55 is still on job? Do I smell some disgruntled ex civil servants here? Man get a life and move on.

Radiolucas said...

Lets be honest - the whole idea of the 55 compulsory retirement was simply moronic to begin with - now the stupidity of another of their napkin decrees comes back to make them look silly again.

This is another reason why we have no rule of law - if the regime doesn't obey the laws it creates, why should anyone else?

Corruption breeds corruption.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain how Frank managed to fund upgrade to national stadium yet we needed funding from Oz for voter registration system?

Isoa said...

You know what this guy is a big time tabetabe

Anonymous said...

You have answered the very question you asking C4.5. He is being retained beyond 55 because his services are required. At least he doesn't look fat and lazy like those senior officers who are almost being carried around on a forklift. Those complaining may be not as good as Ravi. Thank you C4.5 for asking the question and answering it with the decree you have quoted......hahaha. Sa laurai ga ike ni blog tiko o Fiji Police senior officer...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, you gotta have a mole inside
every depts so you'd know first hands how the plan is working? AG
gotta have reliable info from good
kaivata sources? He's got to have
good info for the idiot illegal PM?

Filimone said...

That's one way for the police to cut down on too many complaints -- simply get rid of the complaint department!

Anonymous said...

@Anon August 9th 12:18am

Refit for the National stadium is a loan from the ANZ bank to the Fiji Sports Council of $15 million

It will be repaid at the rate of $5million a year paid directly out of the Fiji Government budget via a "grant" to the Fiji Sports Council which then redirects it to the ANZ

The taxpayers of Fiji are paying for it via their taxes whilst roads around Fiji deteriorate for lack of funds and villages have typhoid outbreaks for lack of water and sanitation infrastructure

A monument to vanity.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt leader Banini
Corrupt minister Kubuabola
Corrupt Attorney General
Corrupt Judiciary
And now Corrupt Police

Why do people still think that this Corrupt Regime is going to suddenly deliver a free and fair election?

Anonymous said...

Why is the constitution commission visiting only Fijian villages?

The majority of people attending consultations in the urban centers are Fijians, and the majority of people making submissions are Fijians. Some are even attending and speaking at every session - the Fijian nationalists at least have organised themselves to bombard the Commission.

And then the Commission's program is at Fijian village halls, Methodist Church Halls - are they not making an effort to encourage Indo-Fijians to make submissions??

The program takes them to Lau, Kadavu, Lomaiviti, Vanua Levu, all over Viti Levu, and most of it is at Fijian villages - why not Indian farming communities??

Are you serious??

Fijiana said...

Can't wait till 2014. After the election, I will pass a legislation moving up the retirement age to 65. In order get optimum productivity, a person has to have experience, wisdom and capability. Now this comes with maturity of a human.

Anonymous said...

Ravi Narayan was and is the first Fijian to conferred an FBI Agent, there is only one more.FPF does not have Officers with suuficient credentials to be conferred the FBI award any longer because they'd rather sit in their Offices, sift through files, gossip, leak internal information and cannot be counted on any longer.

Congratulations to Mr Ravi Narayan and keep up the commendable work you've done thus far and continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Six Assistant Commissioners (ACP) of Police. Three thousand strong police officers. Large salaries paid out for a job 1 (ACP) can carry out. Has it been effective? Duhh.... Is there a need for 6 ACP.... Do you know there are two Deputy Commissioner of Police...Is there a need for that either. Small force.....Many high ranking officers and no constables to keep law and order. The many ACP and DCP are probably to spy on each other for the Commissioner.Stab in the back useless pigs. Once a respectible profession has turned into a mickey mouse force.

Capt. XXXX RFMF said...

hey Ravi

wasn't your name on the list of police officers to be sacked endorsed my military council in 2007. You have been working against Pm and the boys from very start and teleni gave you another chance!

It all comes back to hurt the current government of what you are doing. also same goes for compol and director operations Rusi ( Rusi is LQ number one boy - SDL).

PM is stupid to keep all SDL supporters working for him - they will stab you in the back very soon !!!

PM do you also remember that compol took leave before 2006 coup - only came back after 6 months .. he is a deserter !

Anonymous said...

@Anon August 9, 2012 10:09 AM

Has he really been conferred "FBI agent" status ?

Really ?

When did that happen ?

This must be a world first !

FBI officers are recruited from the US citizenry. Only US citizens are badged as FBI officers.

There are only 3 persons of Pacific islander heritage in the FBI as of today and Ravi Narayan is not one of them.

kite flyer said...

can the police intelligence department (if there is such a department in the fiji police)investigate where the golf stick ex compol savua was carrying when he surfaced on the streets of suva after the speight coup rioting is located. it should be relocated in the fiji museum with a photo of savua and a little write up about police impotence to protect the civilians from political thugs

Anonymous said...

When will Fiji Police do their duty to protect Fiji from the criminal clique within the RFMF that seized power from Fiji's lawful government through armed robbery?

Anonymous said...

Its amazing for the likes of Mark Manning to come onto to this site and ply his greater than thou garbage upon us! Manning you quals do even get you to clean the toilet in Naboro! You reek of racisim which no mater how hard you try to hide always gets the better of you1 ! Every now and then you just let it slip no fault of yours. As for Consultants, Australia thru AusAid gives Fiji $20 million a year but guess what about 80%-90% goes back to Australia as you just use your dopy Consultants whose quals don't even match up to the required task! I suppose AusAid can use someone with your skills who has all these years conned his way thru Aboriginal Communities as an EXPERT! In Fiji we could assist you with whatever you would like to do as long as AusAid pays for your salary, we already have enough of the stupid relatives of yours in Fiji working for AusAid one more won't do us any harm!We want you money but we will decided whats to be done sorry maaate!

NEW FIJI said...

RAVI NARAYAN FBI.....Fiji born Indian.....DUH ?!?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.09am, 9th August - the burden of proof rests with Mr Narayan alas I'm under no obligation to provide that. Besides, the conferrment is personal to Mr Narayan. If Mr Narayan wishes to disclose evidence then it's his discretion. This, among other credentials and scarce skills requires that he is retained beyond the "retirement" age; like many other civil servants and Ministers including the Honourable PM.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 9th 2012 and 2:59pm in other words its bullshyte.

Just tell it like it is bro.

Otherwise don't post statements alleging things you can't back up.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see Ravi Narayan at the last Asian Pacific islanders bash.

On Wednesday, May 26, the New York Office of the FBI hosted a celebration in observance of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The program began with opening remarks from the FBI New York Division’s Acting Assistant Director in Charge (A/ADIC) George Venizelos, followed by keynote speaker WNBC News Reporter Ms. Pei-Sze Cheng. Cheng spoke of her own observations of the different experiences she has encountered as an Asian American and a journalist in New York. “Working with law enforcement like you do, you help people every day. With journalists, it’s a little different. We don’t make arrests or prosecute people, but occasionally we do have the power to expose wrongdoing, injustices and occasionally are able to make something right.”

In addition to an Asian food tasting, New York Division employees were able to take pleasure in an assortment of musical and dance selections performed by guest performers: The Harmonia Opera Company and The Garden State Opera.

A/ADIC Venizelos said, “All over the United States, and more than ever in New York City, Asian/Pacific Americans embody a key component of our work force and our citizens. This event in celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month provided a true representation of the various Asian cultures. To be effective in law enforcement, we take pride in remaining adaptive and culturally astute as it makes us more perceptive to cultures and environments that we come across every day in our regular duties.”

kite flyer said...

excompol Savua's golf stick has it been found yet? It must be located and put in the police training facility to remind every fiji police men women and police dog of the fiji police forces failure to act professionally at the time of the Speight coup.
The force is yet to demonstrate it has regained its once highly regarded professionalism. These days it's just playing second fiddle to the military mob. looking after the people of fiji is a secondary thing. the main thing is to keep the military masters happy. A very sad situation prevails in the police force.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama’s fraudulent back pay of thousands of dollars does not add up on paper and from his CV

He began life as an ordinary midshipman on a paltry pay in 1975 but after his 2006 treasonous coup ordered Warrant Officer J. Degei, a low ranking officer in the military and the RFMF’s chief clerk, to hand over to him a cheque, authorised by his then illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhry, of $184,740. In total the military leader and self-appointed Prime Minister stole a whooping $205,147.29 from the taxpayers of Fiji under the guise of leave pay and other payments he claimed was due him for thirty years.

Anonymous said...

Every organization has a policy of use it, cash it or loose it. It is never open ended.

Frank stole this money. MPC was complicit in this, but being the Stalinist he is, he saw this as his opportunity to compromise Franky boy.

Fourty thieves of Delainabua, the officer corp were also compromised.

It has been all down hill since then.

Anonymous said...

@kite flyer...check taka mada nomu matarukuruku de sa yali toka kina na golf club.....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ravi FBI....Frank Bainivuaka's Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is becoming a sick country because those who are running it are unqualified. The country needs a democratic election asap and bainimarama and his hooligans need to step down now

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The United States suspended mil-mil relations with Fiji because of the coup, but bilateral law enforcement cooperation was unaffected by the sanctions and has actually increased since the coup.

This is a good thing for the people of both countries. For the United States, it increases the interdiction of illicit drugs and other contraband before they can be transshipped to the United States. For Fiji, it increases local capacity to combat transnational crime and potentially improves the level of police professionalism.

The Australian Federal Police maintains its ties to Fiji Police as well.

The United States FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia gives special training berths to promising foreign law enforcement offocers every year. I don't know if Narayan benefited from such a training opportunity, but it would certainly be a pity were an officer with such valuable training retired at the relatively young age of 55.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will be respected and given the same respect and status as late Sir Lala Sukuna. He has been correcting the wrong,evil doings and corrupt practices of past. His name will appear in all future Social Studies books and the students will study about this much respected leader. He deserves a noble prize.

Anonymous said...

Why wasnt CO 3FIR's kicked out of the Police Force like Brown ,shes still working at Nabua Police Station?

Anonymous said...

I real don't give a heck what some
vulagi dicks think of our SDL policy? I'm here to say that come
2014 i am definitely electing any
and all SDL parliamentarian candidates. If SDL is banned then
i will elect the political or social organization that support SDL policy etc? So if you intend to
run in 2014 don't forget hardcore
Fijian nationalist like me? I'm your man!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wasnt CO3FIR's wife kicked out of the Police Force,as of today she's still there!!!

Anonymous said...

Part of Victor Lal's narrative

As pointed out in an earlier story on Coupfourpointfive, Bainimarama had agreed to retire at the age of 55 when he signed the 2004 Terms of Contract with the Government of Laisenia Qarase. He was, however, reminded in no uncertain terms: “You are aware that in accordance with the Constitution and the RFMF Act, the Commander RFMF is responsible to the Minister in exercising executive command of the RFMF and in the proper management of public funds approved for the RFMF by Parliament.”

The $44,126.50 Gratuity Payment on back of 2006 Coup
On 11 March 2004 Bainimarama acknowledged the letter of his appointment but he touched on the issue of a payment of gratuity and the required age to retire at fifty-five. “A common provision that has been provided to the Chief Executive Officers of Government Departments and Constitutional Office holders is a payment of gratuity, recognising the services of the office holder,” he wrote. “The position of Commander is much different in that, whilst other Constitutional Office holders or Chief Executive Officers are permitted to work until they reach the age of sixty, the Commander is required to retire at the age of five-five. We are of the opinion that it is only appropriate that the Commander be paid a gratuity at the end of his service the sum of two times his annual gross salary,” he stated in his letter.

In other words, he agreed to the terms and conditions regarding the retirement age as well placing himself under the control of the Minister and to properly manage public funds approved for the RFMF by Parliament. But four years later, in 2008, he not only refused to retire under the State Services Decree (exempting himself), but collected nearly $45,000 in Gratuity payments, while providing a park to the 55 plus whom he has thrown to the dogs.

Full story go to


Anonymous said...

What's that incident with the COFIR's police wife, who is she, and who is COFIR?