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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aussie legal eagle Fiji's new deputy DPP

Could Australia be the regime's new recruiting ground?
It's latest acquisition is an Aussie citizen, who has taken up the post of Deputy Director of Public Prosecution.

There's no doubt about Ruth Ellen Townsend's credentials and experience judging from her bio which has led to her joining the DPP’s office, headed by the unpopular Kiwi, Christopher Pryde.

She moved into her new home on Catalina Street a few days ago and bought a brand new vehicle.

Since Pryde moved to the position, the Fiji DPP’s office time and again has been accused of working in cahoots with the illegal Solicitor Generals’ and the illegal Attorney Generals’ office. 

Since the 2006 coup, the DPP has been changed three times. The previous DPPs were removed as they were not seen to be singing the same tune as required by the AG’s office.

It’s unclear why and how Townsend decided to join the DPP’s office. 

She has worked in the Pacific but it’s the first time in Fiji.

Townsend holds double degrees in Commerce and in Law as well as post-graduate qualifications in Law, which she completed with a high distinction average and graduated with merit. 

She has had a diverse career in private, academic and public sectors and is a qualified barrister (Queensland Bar) as well as a qualified accountant with auditing experience. She has lived and worked in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and the Solomon Islands.

She was the chief counsel on two separate Commission of Inquiries in the Solomon Islands from 2009 to 2010. From 2007 to 2009 she was the Chief Crown Prosecutor in the Solomon Islands.


  1. Can the new assistant DPP review the fraud file of YP Reddy and others? or does it have to go to constitiional commission for sanction?

  2. We will need to conduct a thorough check on her past performances, records, dealings and other credentials. What has the Solomon islands benefited from her expertise? I smell something fishy here guys!!!!

  3. I am sure that an Aussie will do a better job than the rejects of Sri Lanka.



  5. Yes, now moving to next phase in coup-coup land, no more black and brown-skinned lawyers from overseas, we only want white lawyers becoz they very poshy, smart and always do vely best for us natives.

  6. Another redhead from Australia. Hmmm there's competition there for you Sharon.

  7. where is local learned lawyers ,
    we had great dpp like raza/nagulevu and others.
    so local jobs been taken by expert hahaha.
    so they can run away when democracy come back.
    all friends of sharon /pryde.

  8. Very impressive academic qualifications. But will she deal fairly and justly when prosecuting in court cases or will kowtow to the illegal regime's illegal AG's whims?

  9. This is nothing new for Fiji. Fiji has a history of recruiting Australian and New Zealand judges and magistrates. I really don't see this as a big deal. It is good that we are now going back to get some creditable judiciary personnel.

  10. Judging from your story about MPC having his 70th on right of page, he is closer to the Monster Brigade than he would have us think. Mahen has always been one to suspicious about and that hasn;t change.

  11. Look carefully. Are you certain this isn't Tony Gates in drag?

  12. Welcome to the jungle, missy...!!!

  13. All red heads! Who's next? Julia Gillard once she looses the next election will head to Fiji maybe!

  14. all the best to this new bird, i am sure she will be reading the blog site..judging from her looks, she looks as if she will be firing her own guns...and not AG's guns for him....do your thing gal....show these people how to do it !!

  15. I wonder if this woman with a degree in accounting has been brought in to help prosecute the thief who turned 70 years lately, boasting how principled he has been in life - yea, with $2million stashed away in secret bank account:

    Double joy for ex-PM
    September 3, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


    It was double celebrations last night for former Prime Minster and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry as he celebrated his 70th birthday together with Father’s Day.
    Mr Chaudhry’s son and lawyer Rajend Chaudhary quoting Mark Twain said: “I have achieved my 70 years in the usual way, by sticking strictly to a scheme of life which would kill anybody else. I will offer here, as a sound maximum, this: that we can’t reach old age by another man’s road.”
    “This quote probably sums up Mr Chaudhry’s life,” Rajend Chaudhry said.
    Mr Chaudhry said “What does a man say on his 70th birthday, he may have many achievements and disappointments but one does have to pay homage to his Creator.
    “I thank the Almighty and the people who have stood by me in good times and bad,” Mr Chaudhry said.
    The Labour Party leader wishes the nation of Fiji to return to democracy and prosper as a nation.
    “I will continue to work and see that I fulfill this duty to my beloved nation.”
    Mr Chaudhry added that his motto in life was ‘Take things as they come but stand by your principles’.
    Mr Chaudhry was born to Ram Gopal and Divyani at the Ba Methodist Mission Hospital and his ancestral ties are with the village of Bahu Jamalpur in Rohtak District, in the Indian state of Haryana.
    The event last night was attended by the President of Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, and the First Lady along with family and friends of the Chaudhry family.

  16. Dina says...

    Whatever & whoever is asst DPP or DPP...

    Can they uphold the integrity and fair rule of law for all - if there is any left in the judiciary system in Fiji.

    Guess what...as long as Nazhaat Shameem, Aiyaz Khaiyum is visible and exist in system.

    There will be NO FAIR TRIAL to anybody seen as enemies of the illegal regime or friends of the enemy of the illegal regime - remember guilty by association is the order.

    They are selective about who they should nail - mark my work

    Ruth will be just another Sharon big mouth Smith Jones.

    End result - all bunch of liars.

  17. Has anyone noticed how the ever agile John Samy has made a submission to the Ghai Commission from the comfort of his Auckland base, saying how much he loves Fiji. Recall how he charged $12000/month tax free for his Charter services! He and others like him will never return to live in Fiji. the gall of the guy to tell the people of Fiji what kind of constitution they should have. This is not ADB, John Samy, we are talking about the future of a Pacific island nation. Show some understanding of itaukei fears and aspirations. We don't want utopia; we want a vibrant multicultural nation, not a nation of robots. Please practise some humility. We don't want any harm to come to you when you next visit Fiji.

  18. New Resident Justice of Appeal sworn-in

    A new Resident Justice of Appeal, Rajaratnam Kulatunga Shyam sunder Suresh Chandra, was appointed to the Court of Appeal yesterday by His Excellency President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau at Government House.

    He was sworn-in before Chief Justice Judge Anthony Gates and Chief Registrar Irani Arachchi and he now holds the post of Resident Justice of Appeal.

  19. Well it appears the Aussies are now coming around slowwly like their Govt, but as someone has mentioned it to fry the bigger fishes! They don't have the expertise in Fiji to do that-so lets wait and see.

  20. The fact that she has even taken the position from the illegal Regime, I suggest already shows where her loyalties lay.
    Being a Lawyer doesn't make you an honest person, it just means that you are adept at flaunting the Law to your own advantage.

  21. Another Vusi Meow? At least, someone is trying to make the judicial system better?I wonder
    who is paying her? Is the Aussie
    Government making under-handed deals
    with the regime, by giving them money with one hand, and then taking it away with the other?
    They've successfully done it, with all other Fiji Government?
    So they figure,hey why not with these thugs

  22. Can the corrupt Sunil Sharma explain why Legal Aid is taking out the Probate of Mukesh Chand late of Nukuloa,Ba--A farmer !!- see Fiji Sun page 37 0f today(5/9).Was this man Mukesh Chand or his trustee a destitute or very poor person? Can Sunil Sharma or legal Aid ,Ba please answer.

  23. Can the corrupt Sunil Sharma explain why Legal Aid is taking out the Probate of Mukesh Chand late of Nukuloa,Ba--A farmer !!- see Fiji Sun page 37 0f today(5/9).Was this man Mukesh Chand or his trustee a destitute or very poor person? Can Sunil Sharma or legal Aid ,Ba please answer.

  24. I hope she isnt the same breed as that salulu maga red-head Sharon Smith Johns....firing from both ends.... time will tell

  25. She's the ASSISTANT DPP not DEPUTY DPP!!!

  26. I am not worried about people commenting about me.
    That is democracy and freedom of speech.I respect that.
    I did help the people and mere and atma are right.
    god bless them .
    people feel free to talk to me if you have question. i will ans them.
    god bless you all.
    ps if you want to be in politics you have to have thick skin.

  27. The fact that this Australian Lady has accepted the position shows she has confidence in Bainimara Government. Well done Bani for the good work you have done from 2006. At least Mahen is not like Rajesh Singh who migrated to NZ and left his supporters in dark.
    Kamlesh Kumar-NZ

  28. Taking up the position of director of public persecution under a thug military junta is a great career move? Amongst other things she will have greater access to those wonderful democracies and supporters of human rights like iran and north korea. And she can help pryde lock up anyone with the courage to speak out against the junta thugs with guns?

  29. Phylosophical says...Australia and NZ has always and will always be the recruiting ground for Fiji. They were instrumental in the development of Fiji and have always shared close ties with Fiji barring the coups over the last decade. When LQ was PM this was very evident with various appointees to various positions within Government. In fact Australia was instrumental in pushing LQ name to be PM and eventually LQ became their puppet with the many benefits enjoyed through the relationship created. This was broken with the 2006 coup but Australia understands and knows better what is happening and what has caused the coups in Fiji and they may also have had a play in it hence they have taken a few steps back and will come back into the party soon and very soon. We need them though so there is no biggie in these appointments.

  30. Rajesh @ 4:50 PM

    There are lot of us that would love to talk to you in person here in Fiji. Just come on down. My challenge to you has gone unanswered. If you are worth the salt that you eat, you will be here on next flight. But I know that you are not what you profess to be so like a lamusona you are hiding in Auckland.

    Let us see how big of a man you are.

  31. Rajesh Singh is not like MP Chaudhary--I agree with you there Mr Kamlesh Kumar.Chor-dhry has 3million plus in Aussie bank-thanks to the gullible Indians in India and Harbhajan Singh(whoever and whereever he is).Rajesh poor fellow has to run a dairy shop in Auck--rise at 4am to meet the bread man.Slog whole day 7 days a week-go to bed at 11pm--up again at 4am and so it goes.Chor-dhry sleeps in his Suva point Hutson St house done up by tax payers money-full of sea breeze(not like old Tavua)--and all night he dreams of his millions in the Aussie banks-how nice---the servant of the poor farmers in Fiji,.Kamlesh Kumar--you dumb ass---are you listening?

  32. @ Kamlesh Kumar.. your rhetoric is useless, want to see the fun , come to Fiji.The soldiers know to deal with people like you... a gun up your exit hole.. hee, hee

  33. @Anonymous 9:50 PM

    You forgot to say that Rajesh also has to spend considerable time during day and night posting on bloggs.

  34. I get a laugh out of these guys who dare C4.5 to print their comments, as though C4.5 exercises the same kind of censorship as the regime. Or they try to show their 'courage' by inviting opponents to come to Fiji. What, they need an army of goons to back them up? Why can't they duke it out here on C4.5 on the field of thoughts, like everyone else.

  35. I dont want to waste my time in election again.
    i made it clear i will only stand under 1997 constitution no other constitution.
    army will keep doing coup.if bai and khaiyum loose election.
    so why dont you kamlesh and tavita seems like same person.stand in the election. prove me that you can win.
    god bless you brothers

  36. This gal has dealt with people in
    Niu Kini,Solomoni, Tonga and now
    she's coming home to roast? She looks like she's the type that knows what shes getting her self-in?
    She's here to experienced the Tavioka, Dalo,
    Uvi,plus the kena i coi?
    She looks pretty good for an old gal and oh lordy, she looks like she can
    giddyup & hey,ho silver,any horse she cares to ride?

  37. Raveen, be careful. Kamlesh might like that!

  38. Rajesh @ 10:14 AM

    We don't have to prove anything to a Lamusona like you.

    One thing you have proved is that you are not a man. You can only hide in Auckland and bark like a gutless pussy.

    1997 constitution is history. Which part is it that you fail to understand? It seems to me that you are going through curve. This might be hard for you to understand.

  39. Rajesh @ 10:14 has made it perfectly clear that he will not stand during next erection because he is no longer a man.

  40. @Tai Vita
    If you really hate Rajesh and calling him Lamusona , why don't you visit him in NZ.
    Stop barking there in Fiji like a koli ni kai .....
    You must be one of those wanna be pussies in the army.

  41. taivita .
    My advise to you is to seek legal advise on 1997 constitution.
    its still alive and no regime can abrogate it including the president.
    Ask your CJ Gate.He made the ruling in 2000 case than changed his tune in 2007. also go and read the april 2009 appeal court ruling .
    Isa tavia you are fool like the regime.
    god bless you.

  42. @Tai Vita,
    You calling Rajesh Lamu Sona talking from Auckland and want him in Fiji?

    While Rajesh may be lamu sona... you are part of RFMF who is steeling from its people and making you fat by increased military budget.

    Your boss is lamu sona and that is why he increased your wages while your brothers & sisters cannot have excess to medicine as govt pharmacy is empty.

    Are you very proud of your self? Which Bible do you read?

  43. Mark Manning can't handle it when one of his own kind doesn't support his ideas-well Mark it appears more Aussie are coming to Fiji as tourists, workers and Business owners and neither you or your Government in Canberra can do shit about it!

  44. Tavita /Kamlesh
    My advise for you to ask yourself if you are lamusona and talk bec of the gun.army supporters
    You guys brought shame on fiji and your family.
    God is watching and you will pay it in judgement day in gods kingdom..
    god bless you my friend so you can open your eyes and not be blinded by this regime.
    I forgive you my brothers.

  45. To Taivita,

    You know very well the situation in Fiji in politically unstable this country is now govern through Decree.

    There is no rule of law and the military is under control.

    Biuta laivi mada na dakai ona qai raica na nomu vakaloloma.

    Sa rauta na via vakateratera.

    You have no match to Rajesh.

    Please just prepare yourself for Naboro.

  46. G'evening everyone:;) While it was interesting to read ur comments on serious issues about our beloved Fiji i would u all to refrain from name calling and making deragotary statements. Please be positive so we are all in a win win situation at the end of the day. Dont be aggresive fiji is a tiny country that needs the worlds support especially from former residents. Thank you:-)


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