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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chaudhry peddles FLP submission while son gets done for misconduct

Controversy: Balaggan affidavit.
Both Chaudhry's made the headlines today but it was less of an occasion for Chaudhry junior than it was for his father.

Mahendra Chaudhry presented the Fiji Labour Party submission to the Constitution Commission dismissing the constitution process as “fundamentally flawed and lacked credibility, integrity and legitimacy as sanctioned by Decrees 57 & 58”. 

Rajendra Chaudhry
Mahendra Chaudhry
“The Constitution Commission is driven by the regime to achieve its own self-serving agenda as is evident from the various repugnant provisions in the two decrees promulgated on July 18, 2012.” 

Chaudhry reiterated the party's support for a return to constitutional rule via the Fiji Court of Appeal decision of 2009, saying: “We implore members of the Commission to carefully consider transitional arrangement to democratic rule and make adequate provision in the draft constitution for the same, including the appointment of a caretaker government to take charge of the process of returning Fiji to constitutionals rule via free, fair and credible elections. 

“We also feel strongly that the members of the Commission must not regard themselves bound by those unethical provisions of Decrees 57 and 58 which they consider inhibit the proper discharge of their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their oath of office.”

Ironically, Rajendra Chaudhry was today found guilty by the Independent Legal Services Commission on one count of professional misconduct and one count of unsatisfactory conduct.

He was charged alongside fellow lawyer Kini Maraiwai, who was found guilty on two counts of unsatisfactory conduct and professional misconduct.

Both were charged over the affidavit of a former client of Rajendra Chaudhry's - Muskaaan Balaggan, the Indian national convicted of drug smuggling, who claimed to have been raped by Chaudhry, her lawyer at the time.
Maraiwai is accused of preparing an affidavit for Balaggan and witnessing the document himself.

The affidavit had Balaggan withdrawing her earlier allegations of rape and sexual abuse against Chaudhry.

Balaggan, who received a heavy sentence for carrying drugs, later made another statement signed before a Commissioner of Oaths, which was a direct contradiction of what she stated in the Maraiwai affidavit.

Maraiwai was found guilty also of continuing to act for Balaggan and was further found to have failed to act in the interest of Balaggan by instructing Rajendra Chaudhry to appear for mitigation, a clear conflict of interest.

Chaudhry was found to have acted inappropriately by agreeing to act as counsel for Balaggan and later showing 'discourtesy to the High Court, namely to Justice Daniel Goundar' when the case was heard in court.

Coupfourpointfive broke the story about Balaggan and her complicated connections with Chaudhry. Our earlier stories can be found at the following links.

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Anonymous said...

Wailei Chaudhries.
Regime catching up with them.

Anonymous said...

Balaggan's real 'crime' seems to be her refusal to suborn her testimony as coached by Khaiyum.

Chaudhry's 'crime' seems to be his courageous willingness to speak truth to power.

Anonymous said...

rajend and keni the chihuahua corrupt members of labour party like his father

Anonymous said...

So did he or did he not do it with Muskan bablaggan? Was it with consent - Whatz the story??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainishit wanted elections in 2009. Choro said 2 yrs not enough. Choro wanted 5. Choro is a big hypocrite this Choro is... He should be in Naboro not making submissions..

Anonymous said...

GO Hon. Chaudhary The Great Leader of the SDL/FLP Coalition! You are the only one who can fix his lot. You are a true Leader!

Anonymous said...

Both father and son are users.They will masi polo anyone for their own agenda.Both will deal with the devil as long as they gain something out of it.DO NOT trust these two.

Anonymous said...

The King Conbra Sayed Khaiyum Snr made his submission yesterday. He called for;

1. Cancellation of 2014 Elections and allowing Bainimarama to continue till 2020.

2. Completely dismantling of GCC, Provincial Council and other fijian institutions created by colonial Fiji.

3. He called on controlling the number of churhes being built in residential areas as they make lot of noises.

4. He called for the name Fijian for all Fiji Citizens.

Now, he wants 8 more years from now for his son as AG. Now we know where pinky gets his venom from.

J Ho said...

Jai Ho,Chaudhry ki jai ho.There are some hard times to cope with bro rajen success is on every step so stay calm and tackle each obstacle patently.Bro"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity" a problem is a chance for you to do your best-so keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Well done Hon PM MPC time for regime to follow the rule of law and constitution.
We had said before we have to stick with 1997 constitution and april 2009 court ruling.
The GCC should be allowed to meet and appoint the President and Vice President as per 1997 constitution. and the rest to be followed as per court ruling that is legal.
I hope the regime can follow the rule of law and face the court for treason like others who were part of 2000 coup. who are in jail now.
why 2006 coup makers are asking for immunity?
No immunity they should face rule of law like others .RPC is been targeted by regime bec he is making headline and questioning the regime .
Keep the fight up guys.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a Kaiviti, a Kaipalagi and a Kaiindia?.

ANS. There is no difference. All of them are human beings. Kaiviti's drifted to Fiji from Africa, Kaipalagi's came as traders from Europe and and Kaiindians were brought here as indentured labourers. All three are immigrants to fiji. Why then so much hate, animosity and antifeelings amongst each other? Why cant we all live togther peacefully, respect each other, help each other and live in harmony with each other. Long live multiracial fiji where our children will have better standard of living. Fighting and bickering will take us no where. Look at the Middle Eastern countries, eg Iraq,Syria,Yemen, etc. God bless fiji and our children.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum Sr. wants all churches to be shifted to the industrial areas -Jr is busy drafting a Decree to the effect.

Anonymous said...

Senior Khaiyum and Junior snake)pinky) pull your head out of bainimarama asshole, please the rot in fiji is visible and no amount of fib will not change the 2014 elections. Fuck off to napakistan maichodos...

Anonymous said...

Yash Ghai was boasting of his achievement lately - delivered new constitution to Somalia but look what happened yesterday

Somali president escapes injury in Mogadishu hotel bombing

Al-Shabaab militants claim responsibility for suicide attacks on hotel where Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was at press conference

Share 4

Clar Ni Chonghaile in Nairobi
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 12 September 2012 16.09 BST

(FILES) A picture taken on September 10,
Somalia's new president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was unharmed after the attack on the hotel in Mogadishu. Photograph: Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/Getty Images

Somalia's newly elected president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has escaped injury after suicide bombers attacked a hotel in Mogadishu where he was holding a news conference with visiting Kenyan officials.

Islamist militants from al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, which served as a deadly reminder of the challenges facing the 57-year-old professor as he seeks to end more than two decades of conflict.

A spokesman for Mogadishu's mayor said two suicide bombers had blown themselves up at the gate of the hotel and at least five people had been killed. There were reports that a third suicide bomb had failed to detonate.

Mohamud was elected by MPs on Monday, becoming the first new leader to be chosen inside Somalia since the military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Mohamud defeated the incumbent Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, whose UN-backed transitional administration was accused of being corrupt and inept.

After Mohamud's election, al-Shabaab branded him a traitor and described the vote as a ploy by the west to boost its economic and strategic interests.

"The fact that Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is not an Islamist in the mould of his predecessor will give an additional edge to al-Shabaab's continued opposition," said J Peter Pham, director of the Africa programme at the Atlantic Council in Washington. "The euphoria surrounding [his] appointment … needs to be tempered by recognition of the realities confronting him."

Anonymous said...

If that farking bicth was charged for smuggling in huge quantity of drugs to the country and giving two conflicting statements to police then she should be dealt with accordingly.As it is now,more focus is on her lawyers Rajen and Kini just because they are against the policy of present govt.We are fed up of these bloody childish,bias,stupid tactics of the judicial system.We are not so stupid not see what's going on up there.If any one who is known to be against govt.commits a minor offence it is now regarded by this courts as serious but if someone who is nothing at all commits a very serious crime, they don't take much concern.They don't deal with backlog of cases at moment but are looking every where to find anything to convict any one who opposses this shitty govt.

Anonymous said...

Like father like son. We have the Chaudharys who are working the hard yard to restore rights and there are kaiyums using the easy way out under the umbrella of the army and its weapons to press for more illegal time to suck more money out of the taxpayers and at the same time dismantling idgigenous institutions. We have been in this coup for too long now that we can see through all the lies and hypocracies and self serving agendas the regime is proposing.

Anonymous said...

Ten Commandment is based in loving your god and fellow men.
If we all can follow the teaching from god than no one will fight and steal.
Land belongs to god .when we die we take nothing but the blessing and karma.
People and country will be blessed forever.amen.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell Sark Kuto Nandan to shut his trap and listen to submissions being made instead of grandstanding. This shameful self promoter cannot help himself. He is the real mole in the commission Everything said there goes straight back to Khaiyum. He is a real brown noser. See how he brown nosed USP VC Rajesh chandra to have his wife Jyoti get a part-time job at USP!! when everyone knows how dumb she ism getting her daughter and husband to write her thesis. Please Sarkaa Kuto, have some shame.

Anonymous said...

Your reporting of the two Chaudhry stories as one item shows your blatant bias against the Chaudhrys. Both deserved coverage on their own.

Isnt there a debate going on on standards of reporting and journalism in Fiji? Maybe coup 4.5 should have attended the discussions. They could have learnt something about biased and prejudiced reporting.

Solomoni Mamaivalu said...

Bainimarama doesn't know his origin the empty pig head.

Anonymous said...

A kaiviti is a native of Fiji, the kaivalagi a native of Europe or originated from Europe and a kaidia native of India or originated from India. Whats so hard about that to understand and accept.

I'm a kaiviti, will the kaidia in India accept me to be called an Indian if I migrate to India?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:01 PM

They will accept you if you respect them and their culture but they will always describe you as a Fijian.

Why will they always call you a Fijian, simple, because you look like one.

In reality, they will call you by your name.

Anonymous said...

Anon Sept 12, 2012 1:01PM

Rightly said Kaivalagi, native of Europe, originate from Europe; Kaidia native of India and originate from India; But you have not said where you and the Kaiviti originate from? Why because you don't know so you do not have an Origin and therefore you are not a native of Fiji.

Why then is it hard for you to understand and accept that Fiji is for the Fijians who are born and bred here in these beautiful islands.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:05pm...Sorry pal our ancestors did not just drift here,they were sailors and explorers looking for a new land
for us to settled? Same as you Indians, you went over from Africa to that piece of real estate, and called it India?
Same as the European, they cross over from Africa to Europe and lived and settled there.
But when these European
came back to India ,in the 1830s
you guys didn't want them there,and
you did everything possible to get rid of them, from all Indians soil?Wow and now you're telling us-the Fijians that we should'nt kick you out?
You want us to invite you into
our lives, and to call you a Fijian
as well?
Just forget what you guys
had done to the Europeans, in 1919
where you slaughter Europeans by the 10th of thousands,in your raciest quest, to kick-out the invading Europeans!
Yes, you finally succeeded ,in sending these
Europeans back, to where they came from?
Leaving you Indians alone in
the place where you called India?
Well Buddy, that is exactly what we
the Fijian Nationalist, want to do as well?
Leave our name alone, to us Fijians! We'd be really happy, if
you'd get on that boat or plane and
return home, to whence your ancestor
You did it to the Europeans,
so middle finger to you,and we ain't buying your shit, or the shit
Khaiyum is trying to sell us either?
Don't make me use violence to take you out or return you to your continental India?
The same violence, you had used against the Europeans in 1919?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.01PM

How can you be the native of Fiji when your ancestors originated in Africa and drifted to fiji. This is what the history says. Why cant you accept the fact that you cant use this excuse to gain special privelages in modern fiji? Look at your sister country Zimbabewe. Do you want our fiji to herd that way? You sound like N.Rika, or Ratu Filipe T from Rewa. We all have to change. I dont have a problem a fijian born in India is called an Indian.

Anonymous said...

MP Chaudary and Son-No one will escape Prison.
I am sorry I will never support a liumuri Father and Son.
This is the only thing good about this regime ...jailing Father and Son together.

Urai and gang dou na qai laki debate tiko yani i loma.
tamata butabtako ....NO school.

All have the opportunities and decided to side with the muderer.

Now its your turn.

Anonymous said...

Please my Indian brothers and sisters, when will you kick this lying cheating family to the curb?

Yalo vinaka sara, bring back the true Fiji stateman, Jai Ram Reddy.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse is a chip of the old block looking at his father's submission to Constitution Committee. This submission is a serious insult to the churches and I want to warn this kind of submission can create ill feeling amongst the people. He is supporting abolishment of GCC as well. This man is poisonous. Take a good at his eyes when you meet him closely, one can discern that this is a dangerous man inside.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.01PM. In India everyone including Muslims, Bengalis are Indians

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.05
You are a damn Fijian Nationalist racist who will never change. When you will die you will burn in hell. Look at your former racist mates and see what has happened to them now. Taniel Vaitata, Apisai Tora, Qio, Veisama, Raikivi, Kaitiani, Rika, Filipe, etc. You are a damn pathetic and sick person in your mind. I wonder how you sleep at nights. You are using people like Rajesh Singh to ovethrow the current government. You guys used Rabuka to overthrow the Bavadra government. You guys used Speight in 2000 to overthrow Mahen government. Let Baini rule Fiji for the next 10 years, you loser. Everyone born in Fiji has the same right as you racist pig.

Anonymous said...

A fijian migrating to india will remain a fijian because he migrated! If we was born in india, he will be called indian. fijians sailed from africa to fiji and therefore were the first immigrants to fiji. they did not fall off noah's ark!

anyone thinking that the so-called kaidia are supporting the shor chaudhry clan is deluded! we despise the adulterous father and his loudmouth corrupt son as much as we loath thieves like qarase.

jai ram reddy a stateman? Please! a man who ran from the 87 coup in a bra and sari is not a statesman but a coward. in fact, he's also a crossdresser but let's leave it at coward for today.

so-called kaidia do not want the so-called kaiviti land or anything. they just want a place to live in peace and not be discriminated against. only khaiyum wants fijian land. and what did the fijians do about it? gave him a fijian princess from nadroga!

Seafish said...

now fatehr and son[chaudry[mpc & rajen ] a guilty. then urai next, leck ram is on the run , shaledra raju on the run, felix is just next, one wrong move , he and rajeshwar sing[fpsa] will also go in. [loma-prison] dou veicai na labor party, you guys support bainimarama to rob us of democracy, now you all going to pay for it.

like what anon-12:26pm,13 september have said , you guys can go and debate inside prison, WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG[MAY THE BEST MAN WIN]--> with LQ , Qaranivalu, capt stevens, george speight, jim silatolu, jo nata, col mua, siva naulago & CRW , WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE CAUSED ALL OF US SINCE THE YEAR 2000.

Anonymous said...

It's time to leave, Commodore...
13 Sept 2012, 1600]

Commodore Bainimarama should stop playing god and listen instead to the pulse of the nation and the hardship our people are suffering under his regime.

The mounting social distress in Fiji, the cries and pleas of our people are coming through very clearly in the submissions of the majority of the ordinary people appearing before the Constitution Commission. Most of them have spoken of bread and butter issues, of the struggle to survive, the deplorable condition of roads, the deteriorating state of our hospitals and health centres - to list a few.

Yet the Prime Minister has the gall to tell the Fiji Sun (13/9/12), “My government will not listen to anyone who wants to tell us how to govern the nation”. He was responding to FLP’s call for a caretaker government to be appointed to oversee the constitutional and electoral process.

Bainimarama’s response is the arrogant hallmark of a dictator. He should listen for his own good. Had he done so in the first place, Fiji would not be the troubled nation it is today.

Look at the mess he has made of the sugar industry in the past four years, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of our people. Cane production has slumped from 3.3 million tonnes in 2006 to an estimated 1.4 million tonnes this year. Sugar produced was down from 310,000 tonnes in 2006 to 165,000 tonnes last year and is expected to decline to 125,000 tonnes this year.

The sugar industry is just one instance of the gross financial and economic mismanagement the nation has suffered under his regime. The fact that private investment levels are now down to 2% of the GDP, the lowest on record, indicates lack of confidence in Fiji by local investors.

Fiji urgently needs a change of government, indeed, a speedy return to democratic and constitutional rule, if it is to avoid becoming a failed nation by 2014.

Anonymous said...

never trust indian from india they will shit on you as well known in fiji

Anonymous said...

Jokers says...

Let kaiviti's and kaidia's ni viti suffer with Frank.

levy the laimuri yarr kecega tautau bata na Fijians..

Qo sa sega tiko levu na GUTss me make people power.
Tamata kedega sa kila qo Frank na Aiyaz kai na Shameem sa cala, levu cala but kitaka ga na support vaka dua na koli..

da na roa se balenibula, ka kua cry, mate vaka kei na beast qo Frank kana Aiyaz.

keitou kaidia ni viti sa rawa kana tiko na vegies kai na small roti n hal bei siga but sa kitaka na bosota.

Taukei sa sega na rawa qo - lebu ga na viavia kemudou..

qo sa vakaloloma keda kakua na comlain.

beka na garmy...sa all brain wash..aiyaz n Nazhaat n mulamani sa brain wash Frank, Frank qo sa brain wash army. Rawarawa because na armu levu sa no school n no brain, class 8. form 4. go with the flow.

mata vata Viti bula na jaina.

Anonymous said...

In today's Fiji Sun Thakur Ranjit Singh-A Fiji migrant in NZ--heaps praises on FBC and Riaz Syed Khaiyum.The article is full of Bullshit--people watching TV-pavitra rishta and all that nonsense--of all palces --in Rarawai and Nadrodro and the FSC barracks.You may fool the indians in NZ--not in Fiji,Thakur-you ex DAV Ba failure and expelled student.-in Auckland-you are undho me kana sardar.

Anonymous said...

The legal Aid Head Sunil Sarma continues to take out probate for the rich--they need legal aid.Check out todays Fiji sun---two ads.Shame on you you Sarma.---you corrupt asshole.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at the Fijian Nationalists and see where they are now -- some of them in Bainimarama's regime, like Bole and Kubuabola.

A Fijian in India will be called a foreigner or farangi. If he's a Christian missionary, he's also in danger of being torched to death in his car.

Anonymous said...

We need all political party to write to the President to sack the regime and appoint The Interim Govt as per april 2009 court ruling.
Lets test if the President .If he will do it.
1997 constitution is only the legal document and will move the country forward towards democracy.
The rest of decree and others are illegal.
god bless.

Shailendra Raju said...

Seafish: It seems you are out of the water and gasping for truth! Dont dare malign my name with 2006 Coup. I NEVER supported the coup and never will. This is a fact. Dont open your mouth and defecate nonsense.I left Fiji in July 2006 and have been in NZ since. I am not on the run as you allege. Clearly out of depth here. I bet you can publish any shred of evidence that I supported this coup? go on do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:56pm...Hey buddy you ain't so dump,i'm glad that you're aware
of our existent and guess what? We're right here in front of you,we're not hiding from anyone?
Actually, we don't really need an election,
Bai is absolutely acceptable to us and our Agenda?
He hasn't done anything uncompromising to demand his removal?
He's running our Government in exactly what we expect of him?
The Sugar Industry
is not doing so well,is it?The Indian Government offered help to
the Bai Government,brought in their
so-called experts with the view to
screwup Fiji's Sugar Industry-alleluia!.
it's working to our advantages,the
faster the industry bites the dust,
the quicker the Indo will move out(imigrates)
to green pasture abroad?
The quicker our
land can be return to it's Mataqalis owners?
The less Sugar
production,the less money coming into the country,the less money going into Indo pockets,
less money to generate Indo business & investment?
The net results More Indo leaving the country to settle
abroad? We love this Guy Bai-please
prop him up and give him another
10 years to help us, get rid of you
including Khaiyum and MPC? Sugar
industry only benefit the Indo,our land were under paid,land rents were
always in arrears,Prof. John Davis
made a whoping finding, in his study
that your Native land rental arrears, was over 2 billion dollars?
Hey look,we want you out,we know that we -Fijians- together, can do better without you? Yes we've prove
this already to the entire world,that without your help, we've
played the best in the Rugby world, and
brought home the Gold!Yes,just Fijians!
So the longer Bai stay-on,the better for everyone in
the country?

Anonymous said...

MPC you are a great man. I am an FLP supporter but if you let your son anywhere near the Party, I will run. And I know of a lot of people who will do the same. Sorry to say this, but your son RPC has no respect in this society. He cannot even keep his own family intact, let alone the Party. I beg you for the sake of FLP to keep him out.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra chode baigaan ke his wife report police.Kini Maracai crook forge the affidavit to save this arse hole....mother fucker. He will soon run has Australias PR .Maka chod baap chode tea lady ke PMs office ke inside. Both go to jail Bainimarama should fix the Bastards now for spoiling hidustaani ke name.

Anonymous said...

What is this blog about? You say it is about the suppression of free speech in Fiji. Fine...I know that the current unelected govt has silenced the media and you, the blog creators are doing all you can to bring democracy back to Fiji.

BUT...nothing has been DONE! All you do is spout forth, swear and don't bring or suggest anything concrete about what needs to be done. I don't condone what happened in 2006 and particularly distate what Baininmarama and his cohorts and family is doing to Fiji. They are raping the country. So instead of mouthing off and doing nothing...WHY DON'T the people in Fiji do SOMETHING NOW!

Sad to say...Fiji will be the same today. tomorrow and 20 or 100 years from now. A coup culture mentality where all is full of talk and no action!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:07 AM, have you heard of Operation Jericho, a 60-second noise barrage to celebrate Fiji scheduled for Downtown Suva at M-Minute, which is on Wednesday, 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely? That is a concrete action that could be a start. This is the opportunity for you and all of us to stop just blogging and start acting. It's only a few days away now. Time to prepare and mobilise.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:07 AM

What is any Blogg about ?

It's a tool that generally allows any indavidual to say something without having to consider the truth, it's accuracy, slander, deformation of character or the incitement of illegal acts.

Why don't people do something now ?

You only have to assess the views expressed here and on other bloggs to realise that all is not suddenly going to become paradise with a change of goverment.

Anonymous said...

Rajend has another case where he took at least $10k from a nausori businessman and did not appear in court. He may a good lawyer but a c├│nman as well. I also understand there are other allegations against him.

So you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

There are only two things that have to be rectified in Fiji:

1. The Army

2. The Economy

Anonymous said...

Why is NAUSORI LEGAL AID TAKING OUT THE probate of CHYA WATI --see Fiji Sun (14/9) ??---she was awell off woman.--why is my money being wasted ?---Is the AG listening ??---Sunil Sarma--where are you ??

Ganesh said...

Jericho, Jericho, I hear lots of talk about Jericho, but where are we heading with this? 

Ever since FB seized power, the opposition has made hardly a peep. Now, that's at least partly, no doubt, because FB always moved swiftly to squelch it. But what's their excuse going to be when it comes to Jericho? It's not as though FB could do anything to stop a noise barrage if people got behind Jericho. 

So, why is it that I don't see endorsements of Jericho by the political parties? Don't they realise that whether they fall in behind supporting Jericho or not, their futures largely hang on Jericho's success? 

If Jericho is the non-event the regime wants it to be, then the opposition is a paper tiger. On the other hand, if people do raise their voices during M-Minute, then it would give the lie to all of the regime's claims of support for itself, for the Charter, and for a new constitution.

That would be a pretty big deal. It would show Fiji's repudiation of the regime, the Charter and/or the idea that Fiji should have a new constitution that gives immunity to FB and others. 

But if nothing happens, that would also be a pretty big deal. After all, if the opposition can't muster support for something as nonthreatening and noncontroversial as a non-violent celebration of Fiji, then how are we to suppose that the opposition will ever amount to anything?  

Either way, Jericho will matter. For better or worse, the fortunes of both the regime and the opposition would seem to hinge on its success or failure.

Anonymous said...


Assume you live overseas. Come to Fiji and see for yourself all the greay JVB and Govt and 'family' are doing for Fiji. His has done more for Fiji than any elected Govt has done. He has got rid of the most undemoractic insitution being the chiefs.

Roads are being built left right centre, Nadarivatu hydor scheme opended today, Kings Road finally completed, Roads under proper management as locals were hopelessly manging it, generators at pumping stations which something elected govt could not ever do. Please be fair to Frank.

Anonymous said...

Sure, let's be fair to Frank. Let him have his day in court. ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45, the most undemocratic institution in Fiji is not the chiefs but the military. If an institution is to be abolished, we should start there first.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.45pm
you must be a coup beneficiary and not a kai viti,,,,,,when u tear down the traditional structures watch the kai viti youths go out of control,,,,then they break into your house and ram yo arse,,,,,
dont regret later bro....
now in nadi police businesses running to chiefs to seek help tp control crime,,,,
you idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon2:45pm...I concur with you. Lets be fair to Franks achievements too not just his failures. No govt is perfect, look at the mess Anna Bligh created in Qld, australia...a supposedly fully democratic state. She unilaterally made crazy decisions like building a $5billion desalination plant - now a white elephant or kangeroo, the list goes on. Look at the mess in the democratic countries of USA, Spain, Portugal and the father of democracy, Greece. What a mess. We need a dose of authoritarianism like China & Singapore to get things going. Bring on the negative comments... but you can't argue with success. If Qarase was around, all the public project funding would be eaten up in consulation fees by overseas "experts". And the bigs chiefs like Ratu Suliano who lives in Suva in prestigous Domain, will keep showing off their big 4WDS while his "subjects" walk kms to the main road. Lease monies and royalties anyone? Frank ain't perfect, nobody is but at least we are starting to see things happen in Fiji. For all his faults, you can't accuse him of not trying.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.45. Heard of the word bribe? All these so-called developments look good but they do not translate to votes. Voceke is so dumb he doesn't even know that the people are playing him. Wait and see.

Seafish said...

@ Shailendra Raju

then why is sometimes , i see the military outside your home last year in full military uniform.sometime they walk into home, looking for you. why you a not visiting fiji. the home i am talking about is the home at , nadera . seems like you a on the run too like the rest of the labor party . kakua rere baiya . raju yr brother is still driving taxi & papa.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely. Operation Jericho. If you're overseas, "TOOT TOOT" on Facebook to show your support.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.33 am..at least something is being done with Operation Jericho. Thank you for the info....RISE UP FIJI.
@ Anon 2.45 pm...what Anon 7.04pm said is quite true! You are a coup beneficiary...benefitting off the backs of the poor folks of Fiji!!! What improvements to the roads and infrasture of Fiji...NADA. The road from Suva, Nausori, Lodoni were being worked on during Qarase's time. Now completed. Why don't you go to outlying islands and see what is happening there. Bainimarama pledged was it $30m to improve roads on Ovalau...what a laugh. Has it been done...NO! What about PAFCO - a govt owned entity. Why is the govt spending all this money to build a fishery in Walu Bay when they should upgrade the Levuka cannery? Wonder who will be the the beneficiary of that...check it out folks..Aziz and his family?? They dont care about the 800 or so employees of PAFCO in Levuka.
Bai and his cohort Aziz make $700,000 a year in salary...even the President of the USA doesn't make that much money in salary.

Operation Jericho is certainly overdue!

Chor Chaudhry Khandhan said...

MPC and RPC supported coup in order to hide $2million in overseas donations meant for poor.

Chor baap/beta from 'chor khandhan' (thieving family) should by hiding their faces in shame, not preaching and pontificating to others!

They should also be tried for treason.

Fiji me ke gali gali me shor hai chaudhry khandhan chor hai. Garib ke khoon chuse.

(Every corner in Fiji knows Chaudhry thieving clan suck blood of the poor).

Anonymous said...

REform reform development projects?

These are kickbacks in millions projects fir the junta and dictator.

These millions gonna be used for 2014 election-junta party.

This corruption is the mother of all corruption for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Maybe jericho is planned by regime to expose the regime haters!

V for Vendetta said...

They are slaves who fear to speak 
for the fallen and the weak.

As a general principle, people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

In Fiji, the government is afraid of its people. Now, when will Fijians learn the other half of the principle?

Will it be on September 26, when Fijians find the regime completely powerless to prevent them from joining in Operation Jericho?

Or, when M-Minute arrives,will Fijians hesitate to watch and wait for someone else to make the first sound?

If you would wait, it means you're already a slave.

But to be the first to lead the rally of your nation is to be strong, and what an honourable thing indeed!

Who: all who care for Fiji
What: Operation Jericho, a 60-second noise barrage in celebration of Fiji
When: M-Minute -- Wednesday, September 26, at 7 PM precisely
Where: anywhere in downtown Suva
Why: because we are not slaves

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:12pm...Operation Jerico? Why
Jerico? Why not Operation Fiji? In celebration of Fiji and not Jerico?
Dakuwaqa...is that your nickname?your footprints is all over this blog site. What are you trying to gain if this "Operation Jerico" become a success?
Although you haven't really done anything significant in here, except a reminder here and a hint there?
You need to come down here,that is if you're serious about the success
of "Operation Jerico"? 10 of my buddies are going to beat our "Kava
ni Bisikete" on the above date&time
and we're doing it because we love
to make noise!!!
If we do get charges, with the new
AG noise decree, you can rest assured that we'll definitely be
tracking you down in the USA-we know where you live?
Some ass kickin is gonna be happening?

Jone said...

Given that the dictator has told the Fiji Sun (13/9/12), “My government will not listen to anyone who wants to tell us how to govern the nation”, what is the point of Yash Ghai staying on? In this, Bai has as much as admitted that the whole so-called constitutional dialogue is nothing but a big charade. Bai won't listen to anyone, least of all the people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:43, if the regime wants to expose all regime haters, that's an easy thing to accomplish. All it needs to do is to hold a free and fair election. 

Exposing how much it's hated by the people of Fiji is the last thing this regime wants. And explains why it's panicking behind the scenes at the approach of Operation Jericho.

Anonymous said...

Q: Why is the govt spending all this money to build a fishery in Walu Bay? A: Because it's not their money. The Chinese are paying for it. They want a separate pier for ship visits by their large intel ships. Also, it's lucrative for the regime. Bai is getting bribes from the Chinese, and Aiyaz's family is getting most of the contracts.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought on this jericho adventure planned for the 26th ..so how does this work then can anyone expalin it please??..do i just stand n the middle of downtown and start making some noise[any kind of noise?]at H hour or is there a place of congregating ourselves before H hour?.. if there is such a place will we know where b4 hand or just follow the masses?..if following the masses towards wherever congregation place is..are the relevant laws aware of this adventure as to not confusion or disruption to the cause?..can we all be responsible whoever is going to be there[i know i will] to ensure that this dont turn into another rowdy mobfest[kila ga o keda dau yaco so na ka va qoka qai dau kuri kina na viavialevu kei na dokadoka!].so we all ned to be responsible that this dont turn sour and play rite into the hands of Bainimara and he's cronies!..just a thought ..vinaka..God bless my fiji!

Anonymous said...

anon 13 sept 1.59pm

The "i-taukei" were not the first inhabitants of the Feejee Islands. There were the Lapita people already living in the Feejee Islands long before Lutunasobasoba and the "i-taukei" landed at Vuda and quickly spread around the Islands. The "i-taukei" folklore have stories and songs which says when they appraoched Feejee, they could see smoke in the mountains and hear voices; that suggest people were living in the mountains and these were the Lapita people; archaeologial disoveries also reveal there were people living in and on Feejee Islands.

So waht happened to the LAPITA people; did they become extinct by natural causes, NO. They were eaten by the "i-taukei" who were CANNIBALS anyway and NOW lay laim on Feejees Lands.

Ta hell with your claim, these islands are for all persons born here!

Mother Theresa said...

“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
… Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
… Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
… Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
… Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
… Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
… Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
… Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
… Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway."

M-Minute approaches. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:49, don't expect to see mass gatherings in downtown Suva on 26 September. This will not be a parade or anything like that.

If we try to congregate, the regime will send its goons there to try to shut us down, saying we're having an illegal political assembly.

Yes, the regime is painfully aware of Jericho. In fact, it's desperate to stop Jericho but is powerless to do anything but issue more decrees so long as we remain dispersed in small groups all around downtown Suva.

Stand in the middle of the street if you want. Or be anywhere you want, as long as it's somewhere in downtown Suva.

The immediate goal is maximum noise for maximum impact. The longer term goal is to show the regime and the people of Fiji that we are not powerless.

M-Minute will be only for 60 seconds. Just a one minute commitment for Fiji. But this minute will do much to decide Fiji's future.

This is designed to be a non-violent event. It's also designed to be a personal referendum on character. No mob action. We're to seek our courage from within, not from what others are doing.

So, synchronize your watch to the BBC and be prepared to be heard at precisely 7:00 PM. Don't hesitate for even a moment when the second hand strikes the hour. Every moment of hesitation will be a moment of lasting shame. Draw on your own courage. Don't betray that courage by seeking in yourself the courage of others.

Silence in the face of evil is not a virtue. Remember, ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.

With M-Minute, we defend Fiji by celebrating Fiji. Operation Jericho!