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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clinton says 'Pacific big enough for all of us' but looks like elbow room only in Fiji

Ready to engage: Hilary Clinton
The U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, has played down rivalries in the Pacific telling the Pacific Islands Forum the region is big enough to accomodate  China as well.

Esala Teleni in North Korea
She told the annual leaders Forum, which has wrapped up in the Cook Islands, the U.S. will remain active in the region and has always taken it seriously.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with your development partners - Japan, the European Union, China.   

"We all have important contributions and stakes in the region's success to advance your security, your opportunity and your prosperity. 

Visting Suva: Japanese official
"I think, after all, the Pacific is big enough for all of us." 

Clinton is the first secretary of state to attend the forum and her participation this year in the post-forum talks reflects the U.S's continuing interest in the Pacific, albeit spurred on by China's ready flow of dollars to a number of countries including Fiji, which turned North after the sanctions imposed by Australia and New Zealand.

In Fiji this week alone there have been visits from Japan and Taiwan, not to mention Fiji's Foreign Minister Inoke Kubuabola signing an MOU with North Korea and the Beijing based ambassador, Esala Teleni, presenting his credentials to Pyongyang.

Visiting Suva: Taiwanese students
Clinton, who is also visiting Indonesia, China and Russia, revealed more than $30 million in new aid projects.

In announcing the aid, she reminded the forum the U.S. has long held an interest in the Pacific.

"Our countries are bound by shared interests, and more importantly, by shared values, a shared history, and shared goals for the future.

"We are increasing our investments. And we will be here with you for the long haul."

Chinese state media have apparently accused Clinton of trying to 'contain' the rising Asian power through her latest tour of the region.

The news agency, AFP, quotes China's Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai as sounding a conciliatory note during the forum, denying Beijing is competing with America.

"We are here in this region not to seek any particular influence, still less dominance, we are here to work with other countries to achieve sustainable development," Cui told reporters on Thursday.
N KOREA MOU: Kubuabola in Tehhran.
"We're here to be a good partner for the island countries, we're not here to compete with anyone."

AFP's report also says the Barack Obama administration has pledged a new focus on Asia, including shifting the bulk of the US Navy to the Pacific, 'as it sees a vital interest in a US role in shaping the future of the fast-growing and often turbulent region'.

It says China has become a growing topic in the US presidential campaign, with the conservative challenger Mitt Romney accusing Obama of being too soft against the Asian power in issues ranging from exchange rates to military disputes.


  1. Fij's Regime shares one common thing with The People's Republic of China and that is, both are dictatorships.

  2. That Kenyan retired emeritus professor Yash Ghai has not stopped telling us that he and his Commission which includes sarka kuto Satendra Nandan want a Peoples Constitution - well, go ask the Peoples Republic of China where are the people - the Chinese government is run by a mafia of unelected leaders with no rights for its people. Presuambly Yash Ghai has China in mind when he says he wants to deliver a constitution which can be labelled The Peoples Republic of Fiji - yes, led by Pig and his Tabliban butcher of democracy

  3. Simple strategy - once the peoples of Fiji go on the rampage, Chinese and Indian businessmen and their respective embassies will board up, evacuate their staff and flee Fiji - only to send debt demands from the pig whose nose is in the trough

  4. Anonymous

    You meant

    Presuambly Yash Ghai has China in mind when he says he wants to deliver a constitution which can be labelled The Peoples Republic of Fiji {CONSTITUTION}- yes, led by Pig and his Tabliban butcher of democracy

  5. @mark manning

    a recent resident from a east european country had his 10 year old son ride his bycicle down the street without helmet. he had a cop car chase him down, arrested and brought back to his home.

    the man said he thought he had left the "stassi" behind.
    Australians and US Citizens live in a delusion.

    Russian fisherman to American fisheries officer, " we russians know we are not free, you americans think you are free"

    manning, "get a permit before you take a dump"

  6. Well, looks like i'll have to keep my promise and kiss Hillary's ass?
    What a smart woman, yep the Pacific is Big enough for everybody
    including China! My only problem was
    that as Big a power as they are they're only willing to up their
    grant to $three Hundred Million,whereas China is currently
    laying out, over Six Hundred Million and still climbing? But on the other hand the USA economy is really not too good, at this point in time?
    May take a little while, for them to be competetive on the
    foreign landscape? So all in all Bai seems to have done the right thing in taking out Lai and the SDL
    and focusing his attention in making friends in Asia? Not bad for a crazy dude,
    who flopped his Fiji Junior didn't do well in high school(your words) has short fuse & bad temper to be a PM?
    You go Bai,we're right here behind you just ready to lift you up, if you
    happen to fall???We got your back!!!

  7. Fijian have to stand up and fight for democracy with its votes.
    We cant rely on outside world to fight our battle for democracy and freedom.
    Let us all be united and vote the regime out in 2014 election.
    god bless you all in fiji.
    Happy Fathers Day to you all.

  8. Prof Yash Ghai got the title from his name.... PROF(People's Republic Of Fiji)

  9. Everyone will flee when Jericho falls, Yash Ghai, Chinese, Sarka Kurto. The powere of God is going to manifest through the prayters of his children.

  10. @ Anonymous , September 1, 2012 9:29 PM

    On the contrary, what the learned Professor has in mind are the people under his nose making submissions devoid of political interference from political parties who mistakenly think they have the mandate on what the people of Fiji think. Kudos to the submission proposing that we do without political parties. Now that's an idea the learned Professor will no doubt keep in mind.

  11. Mr.Qarase's Policies were bringing independence and prosperity to Fiji and its people, Frank and Aiyaz' Policies have brought dependence, despair and poverty !

  12. Happy Father's Day all..

    As for the Power of God(he's name be blessed) is with Bainimara, why else would he be ruling...

    Masu ga kaukauwa, cakava nomu i tavi..oti..

  13. @Anonymous 12:57
    You obviously have had a brain snap.
    You complaining about America giving $300 mil compared to China's loan of $600 mil.
    What you overlooked is that idiot, no school Bainimarama managed to lose $800 mil with FSC.
    That is just one company.
    He has lost more than that with our FNPF.
    You are obviously one of those idiots so stuck up Bai's arse you are blinded by all that shit you see infront of you.

  14. Manning at least the last i looked Fiji nor China has invaded any country! Can't seem to understand whats the sense of democracy when you go on a killing spree under the the advice & guise of you big bro USA that someone has WMD. So are you willing to say sorry for the 100, 0000 killed in Iraq or for that matter Vietnam? Question you have ask what prosperity did the farmers of Indo-Fijian heritage get from the non-approval of leases simple based on your race. You seem to hate the indofijian but would you like to make a comparison to the Aussie who stole lands form the Indigenous aussies & now own it by the 100,000 of acres planting sugarcane?

  15. Gods blessing is with the people not Frank.
    Why is Frank carrying body guards and army to protect him with decrees and army guns.
    Haha thats not god way its Satan way .

  16. Anonymous 11:57, see an ordained minister. You're in serious need of religious counseling.

    The fact that God allows Fiji to be inflicted by Bainimarama doesn't mean the power of God is with Bainimarama any more than it was with Pharoah in the time of Moses.

    For you to have fallen in such serious theological error on so basic an issue as this, leads me to wonder about the rest of your belief system. I truly worry for your soul.

  17. Anonymous 12:57, while you're at it, you can kiss my ass, too.

    The United States figure is in addition to its regular assistance, nearly all of which goes to the Freely Associated States in the North Pacific, in the form of Compact Monies, to the tune of about USD 200 million every year.

    China's commitment, made by Premier Wen Jiabao in 2006, was for the entire Pacific over the entire decade, not just one year.

    Please do some research and try to educate yourself before you speak. Your public support for Bainimarama amounts to treason, and your false assertions related to world affairs do not serve Fiji's real interests.

  18. I can't understand why Bai is carrying 50 armed bodyguards with him if he and his policies are popular with the people as a lot of blggers are saying. If you're popular you should hold your head high and walk freely without fear. Can someone tell me please why Bai has so much guards around him at enormous cost to the economy.

  19. It is a foregone conclusion that vulgar language appearing in several comments on this site emanates from QEB because up there sits a foul linguist expert in their boss. What a shame we have someone claiming to be PM who is fond of swearing at people when he runs out of words.

  20. I suspect that Mark Manning who professes to fight for equality and freedom is also a closet racist. Your constant anti Chinese and Indian sentiment reeks of your bigotry. You seem to think only white Australians and white yanks have a monopoly on justice and fairness. The white mans bigotry has no boundaries. Recently 5 Australian soldiers died in Afghanistan. Big noise made. In Afghanistan, last year more than 20000 people died from war, some at the hands of collateral damage by indiscriminate bombings by Aussies and yanks. White lives seem to hold more value than other colours I guess. I still don't get how an old white fella sitting in his darken room typing away thinks he can pass judgement on Fiji, Fijians, and everyone else. Closet colonialism I guess. Lets see if you have the decency to publish this comment. You are for openness and freedom of speech afterall, aren't you?

  21. China invaded no country. How about Tibet for a starter. This correspondent seems remarkably ignorant of history and economics.

  22. Frank moves with bodyguards cause he knows his way is not people of Fiji way. So guns are needed to make sure it's his way.

  23. A number of Pacific nations take money from China but Fiji is the wild card and the one that has boasted loudly about it. Countries like Niue have also made the long trek to Beijing in pursuit of loans and grants but there is not the controversy attached to it that there is to Fiji, which is desperate and reckless enough to tip the balance of power.

  24. would be nice if Teleni could start his Praise the Lord campaign in North Korea!and also in China.Teleni is the best person to convert these communists atheists.--better than Billy Graham and Jimmy Swaggart any day !--and Oral Roberts.Go Teleni Go !--the Lord hath sent thee to convert the heathens !!

  25. No Immunity full spot.All these businessmen/so called tycoons etc who are now courting the AG etc must be made to march thru the streets of Suva with their faces blackend in chacoal and their heads shaven.--this is what the French did to those who collaborated with the Nazis--including the prostitutes.!!That's the name of the game if you look at history.It all catches up--it does.The night is long that never finds the day--Macbeth.

  26. how much corrupttion money did the despot get from chinaman?

  27. Methodish Church@1:08pm...OMG what is your frieken problem?Why so defensive we understand your economic problem,we know that George Bush
    had taken money from China during his Iraq and Afganistan Campaigns?How else can he finance that two wars?Allies whom President Bush asked for helps
    has to be paid by the US and thats a lots of mullahs to be paid out?We
    understand all that plus the precarious financial position Mr.Bush had put you guys in?Look pal, instead of trying to act like
    you know what we did wrong? Why don't you put that efforts in trying to figure out how to get out
    of your current economic jam? Instead of trying to figure out whats wrong with the world,
    do me a favour and concentrate on your own problem? We understand too,
    that Bai is struggling to straighten out the corrupt Politicians in Fiji, and he's doing it his own way?
    Fiji Sugar industry was and is still controlled by outside forces and that is also true in other facet of
    our old so-called democratic system?
    Bai has changed that old landscape and the players on the other side obviously don't like the new game rules?
    So like you,they're complaining,bitchin,hollaring,annoying,lamenting with an attempt to go back to the old norm.
    Guess what? Aint gonna happen, at the end of every dark tunnel-or as you put it-shit,
    is obviously, clear daylight! We're going to get there one way or another? You go Bai, continue to
    modify-we got your back covered!!!

  28. Doesn't it disturb anybody that Fiji is getting very freindly with countries that have a bad reputation for No Democracy and No Human Rights..North Korea, Syria, China.....If it's for the benefit of Fiji then good...If this is to benefit a small group then remember..Fijians are Fijians....

  29. Was not long ago that China was shelling the Independent Republic of Taiwan on a daily basis. Only the presence of the US fleet stopped them invading.

    Again your corresondent has shown his ignorance.

  30. What Hillary Clinton is saying is that they don't have the money to match China because as it is China has loaned them hundreds of billions of dollars for the wars they have created around the world. She is also trying to make it look like they care when in fact they got more pressing issues around the world to deal with. So if Beddoes, Mahen Chodry, Laisenia Qarase write to Forum or her it doesn't really matter because Fiji has done very well without them for the last 6 years.
    September 3, 2012 7:43 AM

  31. Can someone explain why Khaiyum only registered yesterday. Why has he taken so long?

  32. Surely a sign of the times..? Slack police as long established and a case of people having to go to the top but even then it is hit and miss. Family robbed but no response from police according to Fiji Village.

    The occupants of the house claim they called 917, however, there was no response.

    They then called the nearby Raiwaqa Police Station repeatedly, however, there was still no answer.

    The owner of the house then had to call senior officers and following that, police arrived at the scene 45 minutes later.-Fiji Village.

  33. According to reports this morning China's econony has slowed. China has been good for Pacific nations who don't have a lot of resources and unlike New Zealand and Australia don't try to pull strings but it is still a foreign power Fiji has to account to for the dollars and support it gives.

  34. Anonymous 8:25, if China doesn't pull strings, then what was its embassy officer doing passing envelopes stuffed with cash to the compol, shortly before the police released Chinese businessmen earlier arrested for bribery?

  35. Can anyone explain why ASK is sporting that ugly facial hair?

  36. @Anonymous 5:19 First of all, I am not American.
    Vutulaki. Lako mada lai sili.
    You are the one with the "friekin problem".
    You saying Bainivuaka is not corrupt.
    He put his daughter head of Fiji Sports when she has No Friekin Idea. Getting paid by the taxpayers for "no idea"
    Then he put his murderous brother in law as head of a Ministry in government. That is Illegal. No training in that araea.
    But hey it's Bainimarama so it musn't be corrupt.
    You my friend need to have your head examined.
    What about all the corrupt kickbacks he's been getting.
    What about getting paid via Nur Bano instead of the MInistry of Finance? What the hell is that?
    Bainimarama is corrupt
    And sounds like you are a corrupt idiot too.
    Kena ca gona qori gauna ni vuli lai caka tiko na vutulaki i veiquwawa.

  37. Oh yeah, Anonymous 7:14, Fiji has done real well these past six years!

    Government by treason. No vote. No liberties. No economic growth. Growing poverty. Collapsing sugar industry. More corruption. No more PKOs. Devalued dollar. Suspended from PIF. Vanishing pensions. More suicides. Suspended from Commonwealth. Lower life expectancy. Casinos. Greater debt. Less transparency. Organised crime. Etc.

    Yeah, real well!

  38. Anon 8:12, Hillary Clinton never said that. And we can easily do without you for the next six years.

  39. Anonymous 4:11, you're a racist yourself, or why are you putting Mark Manning down because of his race?

  40. Glad to hear someone will cover Frank's back. It's about time he stopped showing that side of himself!

  41. Fiji Sun today says Chor-Dhry was the son of one Ram Gopal--was he known as "PIPO" in Tavua--the damaad of RaraKutty-the hotelier??-and who are the ancestral relatives in Rohtak who helped the CHOR to collect the millions in India in the name of the poor in Fiji.Was there any kickbacks.All this needs investigation.Wake up,Victor Lal.

  42. Good one! @ the heckler! lols!

  43. Methodish Church@11:44am...Really?
    you're not American? You coulda fool me? By the way your footprints
    looks very familiar like an American i used to know?
    A former Peace
    Corp/CIA operator?

  44. Dammmmmmm!!!!!!! The Idiot is trying to form his own party. Dammmmmmm!!!!!!!!! YALOWAI!!!!!!!!! What a FOOL!!!!! Dammmm it Maaaaan!!! can anyone tell me if Bai or any of his goons had visited Matuku Island recently????? If yes, maybe they accidently stumbled on Burotukula, the mythical island of Women?????

  45. And on the 7th days the lord saith
    let there be peace?

  46. And on the 26th day, He saith let there be noise and celebration... for 60 seconds, beginning at 7 PM precisely, in downtown Suva.


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