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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirty secrets behind capture of Naboro escapees revealed

Strike Back police officers used the $7000 found on the escaped prisoners to party and beat the officer who got the jump on where the escapees were because he gave the information to military officers

Escapees: Capture caused fallout
Police investigations into the capture of the escape prisoners has revealed some dirty secrets about the Fiji Police Force and the Strike Back team commissioned to capture the escapees.

Police Commissioner Iowane Naivalurua had activated the Strike Back team based at the Ready Action Unit in Makoi to go all out to capture the five prisoners.

‘Dont rest until all of them are caught,” was his reported order to the 40-plus men.

Sources reveal, though, that it was the hard work of a Police Intelligence Officer based at the Central Police Station who got the first lead that the escapees were on the island. The information was given to him by a taxi driver. What happened after that is now part of a police inquiry.

It is alleged that the officer, known only as Tony took this information to the Military, rather than inform his Strike Back team.

The Military subsequently led the assault on the island.
Searching near Uduya Island where escapees were found.
The Police Strike Back team arrived at the scene to round up the injured escapees. They also took charge of about $7000 - the loot from the BSP bank - that was found on all the prisoners.

In a stange twist of events, which is now also being investigated, the Strike Back team clearly defied the orders of the Police Commissioner of 'Dont Rest Until All Are Caught'.

With a lone escapee still at large, about 15 officers went on a drinking spree on Friday night, allegedly using the money found on the escapees for their night out.

And to make the matter worse, once drunk they labelled 'Tony' a traitor for taking the tip off from the taxi driver to the Military.

At least three Strike Back team officers assaulted Tony inside the nightclub over the issue.

That same Friday night, Tony lodged a police complaint against the three officers.

Where the Strike Back team got the money to party, is now part of an internal inquiry.

Details meanwhile continue to emerge of the shocking treatment of the escapees at the hands of those who arrested them.

We have already revealed that they have all been beaten and hospitalized despite a denial by the regime, and a Ministry of Information statement saying no violene was perpetrated.

Coupfourpointfive has today been told that one of the escapees had the barrel of a gun shoved up his rear and the nozzle kept inside for 3 to 5 minutes. He is bleeding and can't go to the toilet  without screaming in pain. Another had a leg broken while another had his face covered with a cloth and hot water thrown on him.

A number of people have said on our Facebook and on this blog that the escapees deserve it but there is no excuse for the brutality. The Goons behind the uncalled for violence should be punished.

The Fijian Government does not condone the excessive force used in the apprehension of recaptured prisoners who escaped from Naboro Prison on Monday night. 

Such incidents are unfortunate and the Government makes it clear that behaviour of this nature is unacceptable. We are investigating the circumstances. 
(Please attribute the above statement to the Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Ms Sharon Smith Johns)


Mohammed Sattar said...

Looks like the prisoners had a good grog party at QEB. Well done military and the team. Who is next? May be Rika and Rajesh.

Anonymous said...

The escapees did not deserve to be beaten, they are Human Beings.. no matter what they did. If they escaped a 100 times, the authorities should be ready to bring them in a 100 times. They are not paid by Public money to beat up prisoners, or anybody else for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Lawless state..People unless you revolt..you deserve the government yo have..

Anonymous said...

Wow, words fail me.

Anonymous said...

LORD...PLIZ punish those who have beaten up this human beings [prisoners] badly,coz ur word says,if anyone does wrong to you,it is you who will pay back to them and not us..like this culprits police/army...

ratu loloma

Anonymous said...

So there still no freedom of human rights in Fiji which the regime have been telling the world. They a bunch of hunger power. NO THOSE BOYS SHOULD NOT BE BEATEN UP LIKE ANIMALS. THE REGIME SHOULD LOOK AT THEMSELVES FIRST,BUNCH OF CROOKS,MUDERERS,THIEVES.

SEMI MEO said...

No...no…no…these alleged act of brutality can NOT be happening in my Fiji..uh..our Fiji we know and dearly love.!!

Until Elections 2014….may be best to bring back the Road blocks and Armed patrol…though daunting and a contrast to the tranquility of our beautiful Fiji and goodness of the majority of the population..it may just be the best solution to restore Law and order again on our streets…..
The majority of us do not deserve to continue leave in fear by the evil acts of a few thugs amongst us….

Thankfully there are more of us than the thugs..our beloved Fiji...

SEMI MEO said...


Keep The Faith said...

So if ASP Tudravu has publicly confirmed that 4 of them were captured @ Uduya Point, Lami did they rob the bank then leg it back to their neck of the woods?

mark manning said...

Ask and yee shall receive !
What you sow, so shall you reap.
In other words, those saying that the escapees should be beaten, will in time, bring the same treatment upon one of their own.
Violence begets violence.

V for Vendetta said...

Semi Meo's solution for bringing back 'law and order' to Fiji is to post more thugs on the streets, in roadblocks and the like. I daresay that's also the Bainimarama solution.

My solution is this: disband the thugs, arrest the perpetrators, hang Bainimarama, strictly limit the size of the army, and give more professional training and discipline to the police.

Anonymous said...

dou vicai namataivalu kei na ovisa....dou lako mada i na tauni i suva dou lai veivutsona tu kina me boidada na tauni....tabu saka yani....bainimarama lako mada lai vutuka na commisiner of police me yacova ni lade mai tuba nona i wawa..

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession that the RFMF has with sodomy? Are they now a bunch of bloody pooftahs?

What used to be a proud and glorious martial tradition has now become notoriety for sodomy and assault against pregnant women.

Such is Bainimarama's legacy.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Semi Meo is this man talks and has absolutely no idea what is coming out of his mouth. He wants the military to restore law and order and yet these are the very people who are breaking the law. Maybe Semi, these soldiers should shove a gun up your arse and then you tell us whether you still think they should be the ones restoring law and order.

Anonymous said...

Crime never pays. I am happy for these scoundrels to have been beaten because when they perpetrated robberies and violence against innocent citizens did they for a moment think of the Rights of those whom they were robbing or assaulting? I have read some people talking about human rights of these scum bags. Wake up fellas you can't ask for rights if you have failed to protect the rights of those you have hurt through daring crimes.Finally, people like Santa Maharaj make no valuable contribution with his less than eloquent language. I wonder who would vote for this nin comp poop Maharaj in the elections in 2014.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the prisoners but I feel more sorry for the victims of their initials crimes for which the prisoners are now paying for. I fully support the strong arm tactics of the Police. Call it brutality but how brutal are the rapes, murder, violent home invasions these men are in prison for? Lets not forget, these are not common criminals. They deserve everything they get and more. All you do gooders out there, I am sure sure you would feel strongly different if your wife was raped by one of these animals.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo sona levu. Maybe we should come up to Brisbane and beat you up to see what it is like being beaten up tamata gavui.

Nomui vosavosa sa vakaraitaka ga nomu tamata vuli vakavo ulu lala.

Anonymous said...

Photos of the permantely disabled escapee prisioners who are about to die in ICU unit is coming soon to show the world of the brutility of the junta thugs.

There is no human right in fiji.

Anonymous said...

law and order been broken by the top brass .
if people get away of treason charges than what else we expect from the regime.
prisoner are still human being.no one is above the law.
fiji army and police think they are above the law..
time for police to charge the treason coup stars first than talk smart.
god help our people.

Anonymous said...

law and order been broken by the top brass .
if people get away of treason charges than what else we expect from the regime.
prisoner are still human being.no one is above the law.
fiji army and police think they are above the law..
time for police to charge the treason coup stars first than talk smart.
god help our people.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, no matter what you think of the few at the very very top you can not blame them for absolutely everything.

If this story is correct it shows there are just too many in Fiji society that act with no respect for anyone else.

Ratu Vore said...

What else do you expect from a corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...

27, 2012

UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS LOOMING – How the Essential Services Decree will eliminate 15,000 jobs – CFDFiji.org

by Council for a Democratic Fiji

Those watching events in Fiji will have come to the conclusion a long time ago that the issuing of decrees by the regime is an informal affair. These ‘laws’ are promulgated with minimal forethought and usually with the best interests of the regime leaders and their sycophants in mind.

So it was with the Essential Services Decree which, quite justifiably has stirred up the International Labour Movement. We heard on Fiji TV last night from David Voss that, due to US sanctions we will be losing 15,000 jobs in the very near future. What David failed to mention was that this is due to the above mentioned Essential Services Decree.

39 Companies presently exporting into US through duty free markets will lose this benefit after the 2nd October hearing in the US which is likely to go against Fiji unless the Decree is withdrawn instantly. Keeping silent over the matter will not resolve the crisis and if the Attorney General is standing in the way of saving the jobs, he must be ejected from the Office.

The CFDFiji calls on the regime to immediately repeal this malformed and self serving piece of ‘legislation’ to avoid this further disastrous calamity for our already struggling economy. Having asked this we feel sure that due to the personalities of the individuals involved they will not heed this request – it would seen to be an admission of failure and a loss of face. No other adverse impacts would be felt by the poor and needy in Fiji.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

Anonymous said...

In other countries the police would've certainly been criticised for doing such a poor job and prison guards wuuld be under investigation as well but they wouldb't get rifles shoved up their arses or hot water hurled on their faces or their legs broken. That sort of violence would've got police in big torible and there would an independent inquiry and probably compensation for the victims.

Anonymous said...

An employee at the Prime Minister's office appeared before Magistrate Janaka Bandara yesterday charged with alleged bribery.

The court heard that Rudra Maharaj is alleged to have taken bribes amounting to $10,000.

Defence Counsel for Maharaj told the court that his client is in custody since Monday and he has a wife, children and grandchildren who want to see him at home.

FICAC counsel is asking for the accused to be further remanded as investigations are continuing.

Bail has been refused and Maharaj will reappear on Friday.

It is rumoured that the bribe was for the tin pot dictator however this civil servant took the loot before the despot could put it in his corrupt pocket.

Anonymous said...

If you are a murderer and they catch you, they won't shove a gun up your arse if you are related to Bai.
They will give you cupcakes, then release you after 5 months and then give you a Ministerial job.
You can even become Commissioner of Police.
Just ask Frances Kean.
Bainmarama is corrupt
And what we have operating in Fiji are not police and a civilised army but a bunch of thugs put there by Aiyaz and the Shameem sisters.

Mere Civil Servant said...

If indeed it is true that those police partied with the stolen money from BSP, then, all this talk about integrity from the ComPol could be a smokescreen, for something really ugly behind the scene. And he needs to be reminded that there is a clear demarcation between civil servant and political leader/minister of the government. Family members of civil servants do not participate publicly 'cos they are mere servants of the public. It is a matter of understanding what professionalism is all about which has been, since his appointment, ComPol's favourite topic.

Judiciary interference said...

The Marshall revelation has really nailed the coffin for AG but he has at least boosted patriotism by usage of words like Fijian and Fiji in its people and products and, he has introduced some, not all, great decrees. But, if there is to be some semblence of dignity in our judiciary, then, interference such as that alleged by Marshall & others must be nipped off!

Anonymous said...

Tudravu now talking about the prisoners appearing in court - will they come in wheelchair like Ben Padarath did? Obviously authorities have no shame

Anonymous said...

For all you Human Rights advocates out there, Human Rights goes both ways.... these thugs did not consider the rights of their victims when they carried out their violent criminal acts. If you have been a victim of violent criminal activity, believe me, you'll be singing a different tune. You may argue that Violence begets more violence and I grant you that. Unfortunately, for these criminals, violence is the only language they understand. Has the Yellow Ribbon project worked for them? NO! If you molly-coddle them, they will see that as a sign of weakness and push their advantage to gain the upper hand. After the beating they received, they will think twice of escaping. Other criminal elements are now put on notice that this is the fate that awaits them should they end up on the wrong side of the law. They choose to live a life of crime, they should be ready to face the consequences thereof. Don't cry, don't complain, don't go looking for sympathy. Accept it as your lot for that is your chosen path. Man up and take it on the chin. Don't take the coward's way out and go hiding behind skirts and human rights declarations. What goes round, comes round. You reap what you sow. Do to others, what you want them to do to you.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "innocent till proven guilty"?????

Anonymous said...

Partying with stolen loot...sounds like they've been taking lessons from Bai and Aiyarse.

Anonymous said...

7 appear for harbouring

17:04 Wed Sep 26, 2012

Taken from/By: Google
Report by: Shalveen Chand

Seven people charged with harbouring escapees appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon.

The three women and four men have been remanded in custody after their bail application was refused.

Taniela Yauyau, Laisa Elder, Livai Nabulu, Unaisi Ciri, Epeli Qaqa, Merewalesi Sikudimuri and Asaeli Vulanunumi are all charged with harbouring.

Accused two, Laisa Elder is also charged with receiving stolen property.

Merewalesi Sikudimuri’s counsel told the court that she had a one year old child and husband was a fisherman, and she needed to be on bail to look after
the child.

The State informed the court that Unaisi Ciri and Epeli Qaqa are on bench warrant and have been evading court.

The court was told that police are still investigating and that all should be remanded.

They will appear again on October 9th.

C'mon People said...

Why is CDFD still hawking around the lifeless Roko Ului Mara? Are they using him to stay alive as an organisation? WTF??? He has been long gone from these shores a did none of the things hoped of him so I'm cuious why C4.5 keeps promoting HIM? Didn't you also expose his ineffective ass?

Anonymous said...

CAN C4.5 print the statment from Smith Johns

Anonymous said...

Was Tony trying to score brownie points with ilitary or couldn't get hold of his own crew?

Anonymous said...

How brutal are the rapes, murder, violent home invasions that Bainimarama and his men should be in prison for!

Lets not forget, these are not common criminals. They deserve everything they will get and more. All you do-gooders out there, I am sure sure you would feel strongly different if your wife was raped by one of these animals. Bainimarama and his men are raping the entire nation.

Unfortunately, for these criminals, violence is the only language they understand. Has the Yellow Ribbon project worked for the likes of Francis Kean? NO! He's still out committing treason!

If you molly-coddle them, they will see that as a sign of weakness and push their advantage to gain the upper hand. After the beating they will receive, they will think twice of escaping.

The Graham Davises and Sharon Smith-Johns of this world and other criminal elements are hereby put on notice that this is the fate that awaits them for acting on the wrong side of the law. They choose to live a life of crime, they should be ready to face the consequences thereof. Don't cry, don't complain, don't go looking for sympathy. Accept it as your lot for that is your chosen path. Man up and take it on the chin... and up the arse. Don't take the coward's way out. Just clinch your teeth and relax that sphincter!

Anonymous said...

Certainly far differing views from the community relating to the 'speculations' over this incident.

Whatever the truth really is remember that those in the security services come from the normal and average Fijian citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...following the 87 coup, the level of brutality metted by the Army against pro democratic movement persons and mainly Fijian Indians had set the prelude for the violence experienced in Fiji today. Soldiers returning from Lebanon and Sinai spoke of their experiences and how they would torture and brutalise during their TOD. They were in a situation and country of violence and they justified their acts due to this. 1987 being a bloodless coup was a whole lot of bull shit. Blood from mainly Fijian Indian mothers, father, sons, daughters and even grand parents spilled through the streets of Fiji after the actual act of the coup in the parliament house.

Rabuka gave his military goons the approval to mete out the same violence. True spirited pro democracy movement persons (unlike the BS ones on this blog), unionists and the lot were halled to military camps or police stations across Fiji where they were subjected to the same physical, degrading violence as experienced by the captured prisoners. Screams could be heard from police stations. Others were taken up to bush land brutalised and violated. Military camps were larger complexes and the military were well versed in hiding muffling the noises of their brutality.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical continued...

The 2000 coup saw the level of brutality and violence jump up a number of scales. Rebels set the stage with their brutality and murderous acts followed by the loyalist soldiers in re-capturing the parliament house, police stations and military camps taken over by the rebels.

The 2006 coup took the level of violence up several decibals mainly against the public.

Due to the downturn in economy, massive urban drift and flailing sugar economy, crime increased dramatically and the level of violence in the acts by the criminals increased tenfold. Fiji has had murders almost once a month, home invasions, rapes and brutal attacks never seen since our independence in 1987.

Many of the young leaders of today have never experienced Fiji when the country was coined 'Fiji the way the world should be'.They either were yet to be born or were toddlers when the 87 coup happened. The Fiji they grew up in following the 87 coup was 7 years of oppression, suppresion, aggression and violence by the Rabuka dictatorship from 87 to 94. When Fiji did return to democracy come 1994, many of the children by this time were teenenagers and the new democratic Fiji was new to them. What was etched in their minds were the difficulties faced by their families in trying to put bread on the table, keep a job, domestic violence, corruption, bribery and increased criminal activities and violence by the criminal elements who took advantage of the situation.

These children and unborn children of 1987 coup witnessed the violence of 2000 coup by the rebels and the orgies of looting, brutality, murders carried out by the itaukei rebels in parliament house and across Fiji including Vanualevu.

By the year 2006, many of these children of 1987 were young adults and 6 years thereon, many of them are now young leaders in Fijian society.

This is the Fiji our children have been raised, a pacific paradise with a history hidden in murders, violence and brutality.

Has much as people attempt to blame Frank for the events of today, we the itaukei of Fiji in wanting the 1987 coup had set the course and destiny we are now experiencing.

Once again I call out for reconcilliation. The people of Fiji need to know the truth behind the 1987 coup. The people still do not know who was behind it all. Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka needs to 'tolo' and let the people know the truth.

The same with the 2000 coup. Those behind the coup must be brought to justice and the truth of the perpetrators behind the coup need to be known.

Itaukei Religious and Political leaders, chiefs and the like need to apologise to our Fijian Indian communities for the actions of 1987 2000.

Community leaders must reach out to Frank and the President and other political leaders to held steer Fiji and most importantly our future, our children in the right direction so they will know what fiji was like when the country was coined, 'FIJI THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE'.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo you senile asshole. These roadblocks mean freedom of movement is curtailed, searches carried out etc. You should be ashamed of even suggesting it. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to;

Mere, Dakuwaqa, Joveci, Marika, Heckler and all you overseas living useless pro democratic wanna bees...26th September has come and gone. What happened to your stupid useless Operation Jericho. You guys are totally PATHETIC.

Like I said before, no use rallying people as an ANONYMOUS BLOGGER and expect people to follow. Mere the only sounds we heard was your vibrator. DAQUWAWA...levu ga na DA...DA LEVU SONA LEVU. Heckler...You are a laughing stock and should not bother posting anything. Joveci and Maricka, I could hear you guys banging each other and screaming. All you other useless persons on this blog who tried to encourage Operation Jericho, it is obvious you guys live overseas. MERE cavuta mada na vuni baigani ko tea tu nomu dakuni vale...osa kila na vanua moko na sosomaka kina...qaralevu

Pfft Pfft back at you said...

Phylosophical you're just a hero in your own lunchtime mate. Thanks to Operation Jericho and the other activity swirling at the moment Bai has cancelled his trip to the US to give speech to UN General assembly. That is no mean feat

The Heckler said...

Let's give the Fiji Police the benefit of the doubt.

Who's to say they didn't get drunk as their way of celebrating Fiji? Hehe. Maybe they paid for their party from the thousand dollars they won making the most joyful noise during M-Minute.

SEMI MEO said...

Ok..ok..let’s all just stop promoting objects shoved up any ones back side,please…..but, why are we for starters, lurking at each others behind for goodness sake?…that is no way to rebuild a Nation..

I recall a recent preaching by a senior Padre in Briz….his summary of those who delve in the behind game as “sa boi dada!!...qori!!

For once, let’s agree to be objective and wear the hat of sanity….(1) whether we like it or not..this Bainimarama/Aiyuz Regime will be here for a very long while…only an election will bring in a new Government…(2)..for six years many have been begging foreign powers to invade Fiji…recently, these very super powers many were pinning the invasion hope on said…"Bainimarama and Aiyuz..you guys a doing a splendid job!!"...in other words…we’re busy with our own domestic affairs and our boarders to worry about the tiny dot in the map called Fiji…

Read my lips…we ALL want this circus to come to an end!!..if possible tomorrow..but that would be wishful thinking…let’s end it with the power of the pen!!...in the meantime..let’s get back the check points or at least curfew of some form to protect our children, women property etc..in the meatime let the constitutional process conclude, get registered to vote, form your own political party, campaign the hardest you can..I may just stand against Bainimarama in Suva Central…oh…an let those who love the political party of the backside to keep enjoying the methanes of life..while the rest of us enjoy the tranquility of democracy…”boi re tina”!!!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Tevita Mara...No use saying anything. Your hands are stained with the brutality you metted out against your people following the 2006 coup. Yes you say you are willing to take the punishment if Fiji returns to democracy but you have acted like the spoilt child you were growing up. You did not get what you wanted with Frank and off you went like a spoilt child. Your TONGAN first and Fijian second so please remain there with your turaga in Tonga. You should give back the money you took from the Lauans in Sydney and Auckland who like lamb put together their hard earned money and gave it to you. In fact you should declare it like Mahendra Chaudary did and is being prosecuted for. You soil your fathers name in your actions and unless you can come out with the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, YOU ARE PATHETIC AND USELESS. Sa visa lovo. Laki kania wawa ni vuaka. Kuila lekaleka esa cere.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to pfft and heckler...typical trying to gain some leverage out of nothing. How can you actually measure something useless like Jericho Day that nobody heard, saw or had any profound impact...useless and pathetic is the voice of the day. Tamata MACAWA ena MAWACA tuga. COWARDS were not made they were born COWARDS.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, admit it, you're blogging from Brisbane. Or are you in Horowhenua?

Jericho did more than it was designed to do. In fact, it caused Bainimarama to soil himself all over again.

What have YOU ever done for Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... this whole saga re prison escapees, BSP robbery, their capture by the military, stolen money in the hands of civilian police spent on partying and extreme violence meted upon them by Fiji's security forces just doesn't add up...

Is there irrefutable proof that the escapees were actually part of that bank robbery, were they identified? Or the escape from prison a convenient cover for the actual robbers? It all seems too convenient a coincidence between their easy escape from Naboro and the well-planned bank robbery. Not enough information in the media to convince a reasonable bystander that the escapees were the robbers themselves.

What is the chance that others (perhaps military/police security forces themselves as they're 'in the know') that had planned and executed the bank robbery to coincide with the 'planned release' of the convicted prisoners. Hmm...? Do we know how much $$$ in total was taken from the bank?

V for Vendetta said...

Bainimarama was too lamu to leave Fiji during Operation Jericho. But that was just the start.

Dakuwaqa's deadline for amnesty has now closed. Enter a new phase.

Perhaps we should organise the next event for the Fifth of November.

Guy Fawkes Day.

Gunpowder Plot.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical....sa vakasisila mai na nomu vosavosa ca ie! E vakaraitaka tu ya ni o sa sega ni rawata e dua na ka.

People who use obscenities to express their thoughts lack enough intelligence to inspire an organized a well-drilled strategy.

Dakuwaqa had inspiration. You are a desperation.

And to all who participated in Operation Jericho...I thank you. Many of us who were not there were praying for you. That was a lot of courage.

"This is not the end, not even the beginning of the end; perhaps, it is only the end of the beginning".

Better times ahead and may our Almighty God of freedom bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bula Marika, that was a heckva noise you were making on the 26 at home? Hey parasad, was complaining
about the noise, but i told him that we were celebrating Fiji for
1 minute only by banging on a drum
or tin? Next thing i know, he went
inside his house and brought out a
big pots and started to banged on it for 1 minute?The police came by
and took him to Totogo for interrogation? I told the cops that
Parasad is a wee bit crazy,and it
might be advisable to live him alone as the man has just been released from St Giles a couple of hours ago,and he was a bipolar?
They immediately left the poor man
alone to continously banged on that

Anonymous said...

Oparation Jericho has been back dated..

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 1:53...DAQUWAWA inspirational come on stop smoking that weed or whatever your taking. How can an anonymous coward be inspirational. Your not being there is typical of another COWARD trying to incite and rally people. And your right, it is the end of the beginning. ULUKAU

Anonymous said...

Anon said......
Bula Joveci...Brother I was banging on the tabili since morning...did you hear the noise I was making. When the kopari came around and asked me whether I was supporting Jericho I told them, io, I am a member of the Jericho band that jams in traps. Man the kopa scratch his head and told me he will come around at 6pm. When the military picked me up when I was banging the tabili and took me to the station, I was kidacala when I saw you there. Man when they made you bend over and told me to caita your sona, I'm sorry bro I had to do it because I realised it was 6pm and there was nothing else to bang. Braca you made a hell of a lot of noise for that 1 minute and I was moaning very loudly too and came with a bang within one minute. Sorry I did not have any tawelu for you to wipe yourself afterwards. See if Guy Fawkes Day happens, maybe we can change turn...Your turn and we can make a lot of noises. Dont forget to tell everyone here of our experience but I wont tell them who you are...our secret

Anonymous said...

Jericho is coming friends. Bainimarama be afraid you faggot.

Anonymous said...

Tell us what happen last night with operation Jerico ?

Razak UDean said...

Kamlesh Kumar[rubber stamp] your memory has lapsed. In 1987 this man voluntarily made way for Rabuka to execute coup. The approach was first made to him but he quietly sneak through to overseas. Now that his tenure expires on 12th Oct,this is a ploy to take another exit and make room for a very well known person to grab the position. Another reason could be that nothing is going right and Chaudhry's delegation is climbing the hill tomorrow with a list of demands.Also and the most serious one is the US sanction looming so the horse bet man has to look for an exit one more time. Kamlesh rubber stamp kumar these are facts and U mark my words. Rzak UDean

Anonymous said...

The fact that you actually think that there will be an election is so sad, baini won't do anything like that, Fiji is in the worse it has ever been! I know God will take care of him and every other corrupted person in this illegal regime!

iTaukei Wannabees can't spell said...

All you bloggers using iTaukei words can't even spell them correctly - and you're calling yourselves - iTaukei??? For instance,it is Dakuwaqa NOT Daquwaqa. Vakamadua, ' o kai vei??

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, I was Anonymous 1:53.

I am surprised that you did not use obscenities on me like you did to Mere. God will not forgive you unless you ask forgiveness from Mere and He will hold you accountable.

What am I smoking? It the sookie of Naqwalimare. Gives you the best kick.

What I meant was the end of what Bainimarama and his supporters began.

Be careful of calling others ULUKAU. There are three of your fingers pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

hello... Illegal Prezzy, good for nothing and another rubber stamp.. One of the chiefs kana loto - Lets wait and see what happens to him when dumped by Frank Baini. He is suited for customer service job and community service so he can have more time playing horse and golf and pub crawl... hey but some credit - can be an actor as well/clown. These Prezzies has made his father in law turned in his grave....

Anonymous said...

caiti iko bainimarama...lausamu u should be hanged you criminal

kiss of death said...

No comment yet from anyone least of all C4.5 about who CDFD is and why they keep prostituting the lifeless Mara? Surely no one believes he is still part of the democacy movementthat would be truly dumb

Anonymous said...

@ mark manning

give and receive of this world...

you break the law ,you might get caught, you might go to prison and there are two certainties....a victim of crime and an escaped prioners beating.

the criminals have utilized their freedom and human right to the full extent...the right to be criminal, the right to be cunning and not get caught, the right to defend themselves in court, the right to escape and not get caught.

they have many rights and escapees utilize them all to the maximum....even and including to getting a father of a hiding on capture.

every escape gets this right, ONLY if they get caught.

so, these adventurers and risk takers must obviuosly do their swat analysis ...then decide to go for it. THATS THEIR RIGHT!!!

Simi said...

Phylosophical can't spell iTaukei words like Dakuwaqa because he's really a Pommy blogging from Brisbane, where he's Semi Meo's bum buddy.

The guy keeps calling everyone else 'anonymous cowards' but he doesn't use his own name either. Which means he's not just a coward but a moron and a hypocrite as well.

The army is the author of all of Fiji's problems, but what is Semi Meo's solution? Give them even more power. The very people he expects to bring us elections are the ones shoving gunbarrels up everybody's backsides.

The army might well have been behind the prison escapes. They had the opportunity and motive. Who else could have sprung the inmates from behind bars? How could the inmates have devised and executed such well-planned scenarios so quickly and without resources? The army could have planted the money on the inmates.

I think Bainimarama and his advisors planned the whole thing. They did so to give Bainimarama an excuse to stay home during Jericho and also an opportunity to move against Naivalurua.

Bainimarama knows best said...

V for Vendetta, who are you to be calling for a Gunpowder Plot or anything else? We may not have been able to stop Jerico but we can certainly stop you!

The Heckler said...

Semi Meo, stop pinning your hopes on the army. The army will never risk Bainimarama's being unseated in an election.

That barrel up your ass is not an offer of matrimony.

Jone said...

The authorities now believe the 'sightings' of RUM on Vanua Balavu were all just part of a big psych job. It worked, though, by helping to keep the regime off-balance.

Jericho was effective. It frightened Bainimarama and kept the regime guessing.

And it may not be over. There's some speculation that some within the police and army and even the regime watched Jericho closely to gauge public sentiment in preparation for their own moves against Bainimarama.

I think they'd have to come away with a mixed view. Jericho was loud in some neighbourhoods but not in others. The regime was unable to stop it, but the Loyal Opposition should have done more with it.

Yet look what Jericho accomplished. It was essentially one person, 'Dakuwaqa', operating through just one website, Coup 4.5. And it was enough to unnerve the regime.

Anonymous said...

good luck and good ridden's to the crims. I feel like beating the all the humanitarians on here and locking you up with the prisoners to get violated. you people are as sick and twisted as the criminals. all of you humanitarians feeling sorry for the criminals getting a beating... I hope you get to experience a violent home invasion with your belongs stolen and maybe you piss your pants when they hold a knife to your throat and then have they way with your family. Maybe then you come on here and tell us all how you'd like the police to treat criminals.

SEMI MEO said...

We really pity the few nameless cowards who’re oblivious to the 11th rule of this esteemed C4.5 column….yep…that is ;bloggers receive 10 times the blessings of one affirmation or conversely; 10 times the velocity of one’s curse..simple; you reap what you show. All one writes and spews mirrors what is stored within…. Oh, how some walk around with flies infested latrine around their necks.

Again, we say….bring back the check points to ensure safety of our children, women, property and the rest of us. The BSP day light robbery wouldn’t have been executed had there been check points…

Of course, only cowards and the few who may have something to hide dread check points.
We do not think Bainimarama will contest elections 2014 as he would just prefer to see the elections contested by faceless parties against nameless parties….

V for Vendetta said...

'Bainimarama knows best' at 11:18 asks who I am.

VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate.' This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition!

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose.

My FRIENDS just call me 'V'.

YOU can call me 'Vendetta'!

Fully Meo said...

Semi Meo, let's search your car and oh, let's search your house, too. After all, you've got nothing to hide, right?

I dunno. You look pretty suspicious to me. Up against the car and spread 'em! Time for a cavity search.

Don't worry, I've got rubber gloves.

Oops, where did I misplace those? Well, let me use this gun barrel, instead.

Don't worry, I've got Vaseline.

At least, I did a moment ago. Now, where did that go?

Hmmm, we must have misplaced that... along with the rubber gloves and the 2009 elections!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, aren't YOU the one who wrote: 'The majority of us do not deserve to continue leave [to live] in fear by [of] the evil acts of a few thugs amongst us…. '?

Why, then, do you advocate giving those thugs additional powers?

Or do you really not recognise that this regime is mostly just a pack of thugs?

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...Have you heard of the story of the Fijian Indian man and itaukei fishing out in the sea. The Fijian Indian man was the better fisherman and caught lots of fish. The itaukei fishing nearby saw this and recalled the Fijian Indian man was very superstitous especially when he would tell him stories of old Fijian demi Gods especially the shark God Dakuwaqa. The itaukei decided to play a prank. He quietly slipped into the water, swam towards the Fijian Indian man's boat without being seen and when he reached the boat, shook the boat as hard as he could. The Fijian Indian man was frightened by the ordeal and shouted out, ocei ko iko? The itaukei responded from the water, 'Ko au ko Dakuwaqa. Koiko sa butako na qau ika. Koi au sa dudru baka levu' The Fijian Indian was so scared that he threw all his fish overboard which the itaukei gathered up and swam back to his boat. When he got to his boat he was giggling and the Fijian Indian man realised he had been tricked. After a while the Fijian Indian man decided to play the same trick against the itaukei, slipped into the water, swam to the itaukei's boat and shook it. The itaukei screamed out in fright, Oi, a cava qo. The Fijian Indian responded, KO AU QO NA DAQUWAWA.

Thats the name I gave to the Anonymous Coward who lives overseas and wants to call himself the name of a itaukei demi God. Slips in with his bullshit which everyone knows apart from you idiots who think Jericho has had any impact but the bull shit is known and his identity is also known. Who has ever known an anonymous author other than the editor. Something to think about eh DAQUWAWA.

Anonymous said...

Phylosohical says to V for Vendetta...V for Van Dame. Yep Dame thats all you are a dame.

Anonymous said...

Anon says...Word is Frank had collapsed from exhaustion and was seen by Doctor Bakani at his private residence.

SEMI MEO said...

Of course..they are a few thugs in the Military, so as some cyber nameless thug lurking in this esteemed column.

Hello…not all Fiji Army personal are thugs as alleged…majority are honorable men and women, good decent fathers and mothers who like many of us sweat to put bread on the table, belong to a good church, temple or mosque, synagogue …in fact we affectionately call them Momo kaka, bhaini, kuku etc…

Why do we fear the majority of the members of the Defense Force..again, we say..it is only a few…a few thugs who need to be disgracefully discharged from Delainabua…

Why should we allow the proud and honorable legacy of our world renowned Military Forces be soiled by a few thugs??.....why??

Oh…you there!!..stop chewing on that rubber glove!...vakashishilah!

Anonymous said...

Anon says to Jone...Luveni ulu lala. Why dont you ask just anyone person on the street in Fiji if he knew anything about Jericho and he will tell you just you and your father and the pathetic so called cowardly freedom fighters pro democracy movement or whatever you call yourself knew about it. Not even the chicken and dogs in Fiji knew about it. Pathetic and Useless. Find something better to do Jone.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 6:36pm...Your a coward and your identity is known. Remember the coup of 1987. The Fijian Indians, Unionist and Pro Democracy Movement people fought back against Rabuka. They were taken to Military Camps and Police stations. They were raided in early hours of the morning. They were stripped, abused, brutalised but they got up and kept fighting until the COWARD Rabuka relented realising the itaukei was all just TALK. Same thing your doing here, ALL TALK and surprisingly you had the opportunity when you were in Fiji to do something but you did nothing so your all talk and pathetic without any dignity. No point telling us here in Fiji what to do from the comforts of your home overseas. When Mahen was the finance minister and the itaukei workers went on strike, Frank wanted to give the strikers what they wanted. Mahen said to Frank, give it three weeks and they will run back to work. He explained to Frank the Fijian Indians have had to vosota since the day they arrived in Fiji as Indentured Labourers and know what it feels like to be oppressed, subjugated, violated, brutalised and they know how to survive. The itaukei, all he wants to do is drink grog, fill his belly and sleep all day. Mahen was right. The strikers did not even last the three weeks. The first week the vatuniloa was full. The second week the strikers mainly women their husbands were the first to abuse their wives for not having food prepared and ready and did not care about the fight. While the grog and food was free for the first week they were satisfied. That is reflective of the itaukei today. Lazy and gutless fighting an anonymous battle no one knows about and cares about. We are sick and tired of this bs which permeates of 87 and 2000 manipulative bull shit artist including you so if you are gutless, stay where you are overseas and speak freely about what was and could have been because you cannot do anything now that will raise the true hopes and aspirations of the people suffering in Fiji today. You do not bring any hope but fear like the fear you have in your heart and you are not worth believing. Have a nice weekend and think about it. Fly back here and do something because you were in a position to do so. If you LAMU, tikolo and tonoka na matani demu

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama sure seemed to have heard of Jericho. He cancelled his UN visit because of it and now needs treatment for 'exhaustion'.

The poor sap. Shouldn't happen to a chicken or a dog.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, for once you almost had something amusing to say.


Anonymous said...

Phylostupido, why don't you fly back here to Fiji and get a job writing your diarrhoea for Qorvis?

Anonymous said...

Cowards are born and not made no wonder the Commander ran down the cassava patch and uses unnecessary force on the people.

Anonymous said...


Your story about the 1987 and 2000 coups is not true.

You see Rabuka and Speight are more courageous than Bainimarama because Rabuka returned the country to to an interim civilian government shortly after his military takeover. He had the guts to go to the people to publicly apologize for his role and to the people of Vuda and Dr. Bavadra's family and people.

Speight is serving a life sentence and is deservedly paying his debts to the people for what he did in 2000.

But your hero Bai is totally scared. Firstly, he was one of the planners of the 2000 coup and he conveniently absented himself overseas when it happened. Then he liumuri his own CRW Unit who later sought revenge. Bai obviously could not fight back so he cowardly ran down that Nabua cassava patch which is a well-known story now.

Then your hero Bai was later ready to be charged for his cowardly role in the 2000 coup in which Speight was the fall-guy. This is why the 2006 coup happened. The picture is very clear like Qarase used to say, "sa matata tu na mata ni meke".

Your hero Bai just could not face the music. He is obviously living in fear because he actually does not know what miserable end is going to happen to him. He could not go to USA to that UN meeting because he could not trust his fellow coup friends to hold the fort lest they oust him. That was the Jericho effect.

Bai will not be able to run away from his guilty and cowardly conscience because it will haunt him forever.

Anonymous said...

@1:36, you're right. Phylo could set up in a desk next to fellow Qorvis employee Graham Davis, right there in the AG's office. They can share recipes for sh*t sandwich.

Visionary AG said...

Anon @ 7.49pm Rabuka's coup was a smooth sailing one because he was backed up by the very powerful 'you know who' and, yes, I agree, it was noble of him to visit Viseisei and apologise, in fact, courageous of him. Speight, just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time for some and carried out the dirty work for a coward who pretended he didn't know. And yes, I agree also, Speight is paying the price for his courage but moreso, for his stupidity. Bainimarama's coup was also wrong like the previous ones but at least, the people feel safe under his regime and if you go out and speak to the mass, they will say they prefer his leadership. IT is the AG they do not like but I guess he must be providing the the vision for this lot and that's why they're stuck with him.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 7:49pm and Anon 9:26am....

Story of 87 and 2000 coup...

You both say Rabuka and George Speight are corageous. Tell me what is so corageous about holding a country at ransom but carrying out a coup. What is corageous about attacking defenseless old men, women and children mainly of the Fijian Indian race. What is corageous about holding the gun at the head of an old Indian men and women, herding them into trucks. What is corageous about abusing, violating, raping, looting that happened in both 87 and 2000. There is nothing corageous about what RABUKA AND SPEIGHT carried out. They had the guns and trained military personnel behind them and they attacked defenseless people.

It took Rabuka 7 long years to realise what a fool he was. He was allowed to carry on politicking for a further 5 years and set up the 1997 constitution which protected him and which he thought would allow him to become the President of Fiji but alas, fate has its ways and its not over for him.

SPEIGHT nothing corageous or being in the right or wrong place. He was just a fool with a mouth of the south and is where he deserves to be today.

Frank - He may be guilty of knowing the planning behind the 2000 coup. The same can be said with all other high ranking military officers including Tarakinikini, Seruvakula, RUM and others who were approached. The perpetrators led by the same 87 manipulating itaukei politicians using land, race and other racially based politics to convince the military.

There is nothing right about any coup including Franks.

What we as individuals need to make right first and foremost is acknowledge our actions in all, 87, 2000 and 2006 coup.

We itaukei supported the 87 and 2000 coup foolishly and blindly believing it was benefitial for our people and we are now paying the price. I do not see any one of you itaukei on this site admitting what itaukei did in 87 or 2000, attacking, beating, killing, raping was wrong or should not have happened.

We continue to play the race cards even on this site.

You all talk of putting Frank down but none of you has the COURAGE to do it and do it the right way because you all live in FEAR and now we understand what it must have felt like for the Fijian Indians back in 1987 and 2000. No wonder they support Frank.

GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS, JERICHO ONLY WORKED IN YOUR MINDS. DAQUWAWA knows that himself and so does RUM, Baledrokadroka and Daunitutu.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:09pm...Really? and just how many Indo did we killed during these two coups? How many women did we raped? How many old indo did we beatup?
What do you mean that all Fijians
supported the Rabuka and Speight coups? I am a hardcore Fijian Nationalist, but i totally opposed
both coup as well as the current Bainimarama coup? It's senseless,create division,present
no progress and established dictatorship!
You want us to acknowledged what?that the frieken coup happened? LO,
behold, every frieken human who heard & know about Fiji, one way or another,know that the frieken coups happens?
Didn't the SDL administration tried to pass a bill in parliament-called the "reconsiliation bill"? That was
the apology you were looking for?But what about the apology to others, Fiji Chinese,Kai Valagi,Vasu and what of the Fijians
that disagreed with the coups?Where
is our apology? Rabuka had already apologies to the indo community, how many time do they want us to
continue to apologies? So count your blessing, you've got two apology, and that's all you're gonna ever get!!!

Anonymous said...

Phyloslopical, much of what you say is true, for once. But you're still wrong about Jericho. It worked in more minds than you mentioned. Obviously it worked in Bainimarama's mind, for example.

In fact, it's unclear whether the poor chap has recovered from it yet.

Graham Davis Supporter said...

Anonymous 11:02 PM, your just jealous because Graham Davis is an award-winning journalist and your not! Why shouldn't Graham get paid for helping Fiji's government? And why shouldn't he have a desk next to the Minister for Infomation?He's explained that he isn't getting paid by the regime and that's true. Graham isn't getting paid by the regime, he's getting paid by Qorvis. Therefore, he isn't lying, technically speaking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:56 AM, since we're getting technical here, to which Graham Davis awards are you referring? The Lord Haw-Haw Award for Best Foreign Apologist for a Dictator? The Lugie Award for Best Example of Spitting on the Traditions of Journalistic Freedom? Or the Wobbly Award for Best Parody of the Journalistic Profession?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What this regime did to the prisoners was considerably worse than what the Americans did at Abu Graib... and with less provocation. This is another stain on the RFMF and on Fiji. How long will this continue? Will no one avenge us?

Anonymous said...

The escaped prisoners should have been shot and their bodies thrown into the sewer where they belong with rats

Anonymous said...

Annoymous of 28/9 -story of the Itaukai and Indian farmer.
The ikaukei has found the solution to easy life, break and enter , rob steal cattle and veges, shoplift and others. Higher level get into jobs without merit or qualifications, illegal trading and shares bought with tax payers money. Collect easy lease money and others. There is no incentive to hard work and sacrifice.
Come on learn from the experience and stand up against coups and racism.

Anonymous said...

Dear me, Anon 5:57, what a lovely person you must be!

We should all bear in mind that the crimes of the escaped prisoners were nowhere near as heinous as Bainimarama's.

Whatever treatment was accorded to the escaped prisoners, the treatment of Bainimarama should be twice as severe.