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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fiji regime's registration programme fails to enrol desired 600,000

Queues but not enough: pic Fiji Times
Our blogger who has been tracking the electronic registration process finds the regime's big spend and big talk on past weaknesses are not reflected in the numbers

After making bold predictions it would register 600,000 voters in 60 days, the regime failed to achieve its target even after extending the registration period by a day.

As shown in Graph 1 below, it registered just 488,734 people leaving a shortfall of 111,266.

By division, as shown in Graph 2 above, Central (as expected) recorded the largest share of registrations at 40% followed with Western next at 38%, rhen Northern at 17% and Eastern at 5%.

While the regime is claiming the registration process has been a success, the result is nothing to celebrate especially when it is compared with registrations for the last two general elections in 2001 and 2006 as shown in Graph 3 below.

 Graph 3: Voter Registration 2012 In Comparison with 2001 and 2006

For the 2001 elections, there were 468,772 registered voters and 479,674 for the 2006 elections (source: Report by the Commonwealth Observer Group, pg. 21).

What the above shows is that the number of registered voters increased by 10,902 or 2.3%       in 2006 over 2001, and by a slower rate of 9,060 or 1.8% in 2012 over 2006.

The slower rate in 2012 is surprising and should be a matter of serious concern for the regime for it has not achieved their desired result with the inclusion of teenagers from 16 year olds, who should be at least 18 by the time of the proposed elections in 2014 to be able to vote. 

In general terms the regime appears to have achieved very little with the introduction of its electronic voter registration system. 

It acquired a very costly system, deployed a large team of voter registration officers, and heavily promoted its programme only to achieve about the same result that a manual registration process would have done. 

The results show up the weaknesses of the regime's criticisms about the credibility of registrations for past elections, how they were inefficient, biased in favour of one racial grouping, and failing to capture all eligible voters.  


Anonymous said...

Going back to the start of the EVR many were saying there were not even 600,000 in the country over the age of 16 years.

Whatever, to achieve 80% plus registration of the estimated 600,000 voting population in two months is pretty good going.

If it's also considered that registration has not been undertaken on many of the smaller islands and for those living abroad even better.

That's not even considering that elections are not planned for two years and this is Fiji.

Why the negative attitude all the time ?

mark manning said...

What's the point in voting in an illegal election when the outcome has already been decided.

Anonymous said...

and this was even after we went door to door...people just arent that keen on registering anymore...lol!!!

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

The election will be held in 2014 and already 486,000 people have registered. This is a big success. People will continue to register and the target will be met. Well done regime. Vote yes for national unity and multiracialism. Vote no for racism, aparthied and terrorism
which was prevalent from 1987 to 2005. SUPPORTER OF MODERN FIJI.

Yeah, right. said...

You guys are really pathetic but I know this posting won't appear.

Close to half a million people registering is an incredible feat considering nobody came to their doors and they had to walk to the registration centres.

You also fail to mention that this is only the first stage. The registration will recommence in October and then all Fijians living overseas will start registering.

This is why you guys are losing. Stretch the truth and then censor comments like this. But it's all being compiled.

Anonymous said...

When was last census done? This should give some idea of the numbers who could vote and migration from Fiji?

Anonymous said...

That's not surprising as the voter registration is all about Voceke and Aiyarse. Now where are all the supporters who were mouthing off here before about this farce of a job.

Anonymous said...

no election will happen. baini lamu to end in jail with his pinky.

Ramendra Chandra Samabula said...

I am pleased to learn that Bainimarama's new political party National Unity Party (NUP) John Sami has made a detailed submission to the Constitution Commission. John Sami wants the RFMF racial composition to reflect the population of Fiji meaning 35% of the army must be Indians. Bainimarama has been Commander of RFMF since 1999. He had 13 years to reform RFMF and bring racial balance but has failed to do so. He preaches multi-racial Fiji to political leaders. Why not start from his home tuff? Take John Sami's advice and remove 35% of the i-taukie and replace with Indians. If he does that, I am going to support his new party with all my family members being an indian fighting for equal representation in all works of life.

Anonymous said...

Registration was simply to get everyone's fingerprint for easier identification later on. This start of big brother. No election as we will be told of how he is not happy with reform and needs more time. Then day will come when he will run out of excuses and he will say how his not happy with himself and needs more time fix his doings.

N O E L E C T I O N!

Ratunaca said...

It'll be interesting to see if the actual voting will happen and I guess that all depends on the finalised New Constitution. Whether IMMUNITY is provided for in the New Constitution or not. Only time will tell and we will see who has the last laugh!

Anonymous said...

nah,nah,nah,the important thing is
they,Interim Government, were able
to get many registered in 2012, then in any other election years?You figure it out,
how come the year when majority of the Vulagis, migrated with their families abroad
was the year, when we were able to
registered more electors? Now you figure that one out?
The question is, What was wrong in
the previous electoral registration?
Was someone fooling around with the electoral funds,maybe we should investigate
who ever was responsible for the
electoral commission, to see what
happen to all that donated funds from Australia, New Zealand etc?

Rakesh Singh said...

I support John Samy's call to remove 35% fijians from army and replace with jai india. Bainimarama please bring balance in RFMF Please if you really mean what you preach?

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...This article is a poor attempt to discredit the Regime. The numbers speaks for itself and being in its infant stages like everyone else recognizes, the number of voter registered is quite encouraging. People should come forward and help in the registration process to register for voting because when the day of voting comes, this is when their say will count and it would be pointless speaking afterwards if one does not register or vote. Coup 4.5 should be encouraging people to register rather than discourage people so that they will let their position be known in elections. Whether elections does occur is something we will can only hope for to enable Fiji to return to democratic rule. We still have more than a year to iron out differences and this is what we must focus on and I believe Ghasi will step forward and encourage a reconcilliation process that was started following the 2000 coup but incompleted and a lot of bad blood remained. We must remain hopeful for the future and younger aspiring future leaders who believe they have the capability to direct Fiji in the right direction should now make a move to stamp their mark. We have a few already in Fiji who are stepping up and it is encouraging to witness. The system of segregation that existed in the past is slowly melting away with more and more intergration of the various minority groups in Fiji. Especially amongst the Fijian Indians, Fijian Chinese and itaukei where we see more and more inter marriages with cultures and relgious boundaries crossed. Education has helped steam line this process and the younger generation are viewing things differently now as opposed to the views of old which Frank may unwittingly not realise, is helping in the process.

Ili and Frankie said...

Mark Manning, you can say what you like from where you sit overseas but do you really think half a million Fijians are going to tolerate no election? They are looking forward to it and it will happen. The big question is whether they will vote for Voreqe. As someone sitting here in Fiji I think they will.

Let me tell you why. Qarase is going to get a further jail term soon related to the time when he was prime minister. Mahen Chaudhry will also be behind bars. Another thing. There is a real feeling of unity in Fiji and you will see that next week when they have a big parade in Suva to welcome back Ili Delana.

Every person of every race is proud of this guy. You can be sure that Voreqe will be pinning a big medal on his chest. Ili is also a symbol of the Bainimarama regime. Those Aussies and Kiwis tried to cut off his limbs but despite everything he made it over the bar. Everyone likes an underdog. Turn away if you can't stand the sight of it but it will happen. If you were in Fiji now you would know it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about any shortfall in voter registration. The regime will make sure it gets enough votes to "win" if election day ever comes.

Anonymous said...

Proffessor Dr Sri Yukt Satendra None_Done wants people to make short submissions. This so called Short story writer writes garbage which is anything but short--the mango chutney story is one where this Dr has wasted precious trees.Sri Yukt's speeches in weddings go on forever.In funerals-the dead can wake up from boredom when the good Proff speaks.And he wants short submissions.!!--the idiot.Go back to Meigunyah and meditate under the Imlee tree.!!--you mango chutney Silly Yukt mad doctor!!

Anonymous said...

We dont need an election. All we need is for the current government to continue for another 5 years.

I totally agree with everyone who are of the opinion that there will be no election. Yes we dont want to elect corrupt leaders like Qarase, Beddoes and Chaudary.

Lets support this government all the way.

Anonymous said...

'Do you really think half a million Fijians are going to tolerate no election'? They already have, haven't they, mate?

Ili Delana is a symbol of Fiji, handicapped by a traitorous regime and yet, with God's help, we shall overcome.

Janen SIngh said...

This is a warning to Riaz Khaiyum, Nur Bano and Nazhat Shameem. You have 23 months to mint money from hardworking Fijians. After that you will be made to pay for your greed. you may be parying for the cancellation for 2014 Elections, well that might save you for another 5 years. but till when? one day kalou sa raica.

Anonymous said...

All those 440,000 will vote SDL / NFP.


Anonymous said...

What happened to all the publicity on this in the Fiji media? I ain't seen much after the initial burst of enthusiams

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to see the breakdown of itaukei voting and indian voting etc etc. In other words who has enrolled.

Anonymous said...

good to see everybody registering to get a kick at the regime's backside.
True True.. the pen is mightier than the sword.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...people may not be aware but the itaukei are already banding together to form a new party to take over from where SDL has left off now that LQ is in prison. Surprise...you shouldnt be. The same thing happened after 1999 election. The same political leaders and hangers on from 1987 who formed SVT fled the SVT boat to build a new boat SDL party. Now the boat is sinking, the rats are again swimming. Be aware of past leaders who are manipulative and has their own self interest. Few of them are in Franks Government unfortunately and hopefully Frank will kick them out...Taufa Vakatale...Filipe Bole....and the foreign affairs minister. Frank is paving the way for a new leadership, removing the old ideals which has always used race, religion and land to keep people divided, continuing from what the Colonial Masters had left off.

Anonymous said...

I think the army should have 50% Indians and 50% Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:02 PM

What voting ?

Mafi- USA said...

The army should be abolished and all we need is Police...simple as that...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:41, support this government all the way? All the way to what -- the grave? Over the cliff?

Anonymous said...

What about the overseas registrations _ any difference there? The way regime was going on, you wouldve thoght they were rushing back to Fiji by the plane loads.

Vutuki Bai said...


Anonymous said...

I wish to congratulate the current government in regard to how they have taken this country forward, my only wish is they continue longer.

Fiji for all Fijians, lets move together for a better Fiji for all, to much negativity does nothing for anybody

Anonymous said...

How about 50% land Div to the landless? Let,s take half of the native land and turn it to freehold
Hey the Kaivalagi did it in the colonial period, and got all the
best land in the country?
We should do something about the land so the Indo can feel like they're home.The renting is for the

Anonymous said...

Some has yet to tell me how people are living in Fiji that can vote? That gives us a clearer picture of what this Registration process has achived, what many may forget is the registration process in years past was an absolute mess and also there was lot of wasted.Lets give some credit where its due-no use going back to the fradulent ways to register the electorate!

Anonymous said...

Regime exxagerating the figures and putting bullshit spin on things:

Almost half a million have registered to vote in the first wave of electronic voter registration (EVR) for the 2014 elections. This represents around 80 per cent of current eligible domestic voters, with another period of registration to come later in the year, and the first registrations of Fijians living abroad to begin next year.

At the close of the first phase of sixty-one days, 488,734 Fijians registered at Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) that were open in locations across the country.

“This is a great achievement as Fiji moves toward parliamentary elections in 2014,” the Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Elections, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said.

“The overwhelming turn-out of the Fijian people is a clear indication of their willingness and commitment to participate in the process of building a better Fiji for all.”

“A Fiji that provides the legal and moral foundation for a common and equal citizenry. Where there is no legal obligation to vote along ethnic lines, but where every Fijian over the age of 18 has an equal vote to cast as they choose.”

The Fijian Elections Office employed a biometric voter registration solution designed by the Canadian company CODE Inc. This included the hardware, software, training and support that allowed the Elections Office to register Fijian voters and issue Voter Identification Cards (VICs).

Through the incorporation of biometric safeguards, this technology will help the Elections Office to produce a clean voter list and to eliminate voter fraud during the scheduled 2014 elections.

Registration was carried out by 1,050 registration clerks who were selected on merit. Registration clerks were posted at VRCs that were open in urban centers across the country. Registration clerks were also sent directly to maritime and rural communities, whose populations otherwise would have had difficulty travelling to register.

During the final two weeks of the registration period, mobile registration teams also conducted home visits for those Fijians whose health, age, or disability genuinely prevented them from going to a registration center. Mobile registration teams were also sent to large companies and schools in order to facilitate registration for employees and students of voting age.

“Fiji’s Electronic Voter Registration marks an important turning-point for Fiji,” the Minister said. “Not only did we introduce new technology to protect and uphold the integrity and credibility of the voter list, but we also relied on Fijians’ desire to freely participate in this process, thereby breaking from the precedent of compulsory door-to-door registration that had existed previously.”

“The Fijian people have responded to this call and have demonstrated their desire and confidence to engage with the fundamental reform processes underway.”

Registration will now close for at least a two-and-a-half month period while the Elections Office carries out data verification and analysis. The data analysis will allow officials to best determine how to cater to the needs of the individuals, communities and locations that might require additional attention during the next phase of registration.

As voter registration comes to a close, public consultations for a new constitution continue as the independent Constitutional Commission travels around the country receiving submissions.


Anonymous said...

What the f...k you want 35% indo in a Fijian institution for?There was no discremination here,indo just don't like the military pay
During my recruits days,we
had 6 indo in our group, we make
5 shillings a week with free food,free uniform,boots,barrack,boot polish,
by the end of the 4 weeks, all 6
indo had call it quit.
All the Fijians and vasus stayed on till the end? Different culture,defferent needs,
defferent wants,different agenda,different vision,etc,etc,.
Just ain't gonna happen?
You can't unionized the military, and have Mahen or Felix run it-can you imagine, a coup every other months???

Anonymous said...

abolish the military..do not include immunity for coup makers in constitution..problem solved

Anonymous said...

Can I imagine a coup every other month? Yes I can, until we break the coup mentality. That means no immunity. It also means executing Bainimarama for treason and, ultimately, disbanding the army.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks...The one vote system that will be implemented is the best thing forward for Fiji or for the itaukei to speak. When Colonial Masters felt the heat from Fijian Indian farmers who fought for equality and decided to allow Fiji's independence, they continued with the race ploys and guanranteed Ratu Mara's appointment as Fiji's first PM following independence by implementing a race driven voting system with Communal and Indian seats. At that time the Indian population was greater than the itaukei and other minority groups put together. Now many Fijian Indians have left our shores and the Fijian population is far greater than the Indian and minority groups put together. This new voting system is the turn for the better in putting aside these racially biased communcal/ Indian and General seats. It hopefully will make people realise and appreciate each other as humans first and race second and we can all call ourselves FIJIANS. Besides the word Fiji was coined by the Tongans. When the Europeans who arrived in Tonga asked about the wayward Islands, the Tongans who does not have 'V' in their vocabulary pronouced Viti as Feetee. The Europeans heard this to mean Fiji and the name remained. If die hard itaukei want to be called by the native name only, than kai Viti should be the name applied to the itaukei different from other races. Whats in a name anyway...A thousand years from now who knows what our precious islands will be called.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, why do you propose the name kai Viti, on the one hand, but tell Mere that the use of the term kai Idia is racist, on the other?!