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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fijian soldier gives birth in Afghanistan stunning officials

A British Army soldier from Fiji who did not know she was pregnant has given birth on the frontline.

The woman had a son in Camp Bastion on Tuesday – just days after the Taliban launched a deadly attack on the UK's main base in Helmand.

The baby was born five weeks premature but mother and child are said to be doing well.

A paediatric team from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford will travel to Afghanistan in the next few days to provide care for the soldier and her son on their RAF flight home.

The birth has stunned military chiefs and led to calls for extra medical checks on women who are sent to the warzone.

Almost 200 troops have discovered they were pregnant at war since 2003 – forcing commanders to send them straight back to Britain. But this is the first time a UK soldier has given birth to a baby in Afghanistan.

The soldier, a gunner in the Royal Artillery who helped provide covering fire for troops fighting insurgents, was unaware that she was carrying a child.

She had been deployed with the 12th Mechanised Brigade since March, but two days ago complained of severe stomach pains.

To her astonishment, medics informed her that she was about to give birth.

She was in the 34th week of her pregnancy, meaning she conceived before flying to Afghanistan for her six-month tour of duty.

She was taken to Camp Bastion's £10million field hospital where doctors – who are more used to carrying out amputations and treating bullet wounds – delivered her son.

A military source said: 'This has left us completely gobsmacked. You prepare yourself for dealing with war wounded at Bastion – not a mother giving birth to a baby. It is the talk of the camp.

'This is a very unusual case. The mother deployed not realising she was pregnant and had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth. She has not done anything wrong.'

The Fijian soldier had passed her tough pre-deployment training, which included a gruelling eight-mile march and five-mile run, without an inkling that she was pregnant.

A senior Army insider said: 'It is bizarre that she didn't feel some side effects of the pregnancy. She is obviously pretty fit and strong. The strains and demands on soldiers working on the frontline make it surprising she didn't realise.

'But the conditions of deployment, the different diet, the heat of the Afghan summer, the different hours of working, mean that many soldiers feel a little odd and put it down to the change of environment.

'The baby's successful delivery is a wonderful testament to the outstanding job the medics do here. It shows how they can use their extraordinary skills to turn their hands from saving lives to delivering babies.

'A lot of the medics are reservists and work in hospitals back in the UK so the concept 
of someone giving birth is not completely alien to them. But they do not have paediatric equipment here so they had to make do as best they could.'

Major Charles Heyman, who edits the British Army handbook, said the incident was 'astonishing'. He said: 'Commanders need to start thinking very, very carefully about what sort of medical examinations female soldiers have before they deploy on operations.

'A simple urine test would indicate if someone was pregnant. The Army now needs to tighten up its procedures.'

Since 2003 at least 70 British servicewomen have been sent home from Afghanistan after discovering they were expecting. And at least 102 female soldiers were evacuated from Iraq after it was found they were pregnant.

Around 500 British women are currently on duty in Afghanistan. They can serve in any unit except those whose primary role is to 'close with and kill' –  engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy  The Daily Mail 

In  April Coupfourointfive reported a Fiji officer in Fiji's peacekeeping force in the Green Zone had given birth to a baby with a second officer owning up to being pregnant as well.

The Commanding Officer at the time was trying to get a visa for the newborn and the controversy was delaying the six-month change over of the battalion as the RFMF tried to cover up the incident.

According to our source the United Nations was not happy with the pregnancies or what it saw as poor screening of military personnel by Fiji.

Our source said the Fiji army was no longer welcome in Iraq and that personnel were just waiting for exit visas amid reports they would be replaced by soldiers from Nepal.

"Army was brought in for peace-keeping duties in war torn zone - instead they are having sex missions on female officers."


Anonymous said...

Ok Do we know the name of this Fijian female solidier? Couldn't be
Sharon John???

Anonymous said...

A new promising site to keep an eye on:


Anonymous said...

Dismiss the Attorney General, says Justice William Marshall
AG under fire: Serious allegations about interference
in the judicial process

[posted 20 Sept 2012,1230]

Fiji Labour Party is shocked by revelations about the judiciary made by a former judge of the Fiji Court of Appeal Justice William Marshall QC,SC in a petition to the Prime Minister.

Justice Marshall made serious allegations on the Attorney General’s conduct in relation to abuse of power and interference with the judiciary and individual cases before the Courts.

He speaks of a prevailing “climate of fear” in the judiciary and alleges it has been seriously compromised. Justice Marshall claims interference with trial evidence and Court judgments which has rendered the judiciary subservient to the executive arm of the regime.

The allegations are contained in a voluminous petition, backed by supporting documents, to Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama and the Military Council. It provides case profiles of what Justice Marshall claims were fabrication of evidence, false allegations and intimidation of judges and other officials during his two year tenure here.

He was President of the Fiji Court of Appeal for two years until June 2012, when he left following non-renewal of his contract. His petition to Commodore Bainimarama was sent late in June 2012.

In his petition, Justice Marshall calls on the Prime Minister to “forthwith dismiss the Attorney General and his agents or beneficiaries of cultural nepotism practised by him”.

He even goes as far as to suggest that the Chief Justice retire, the (then) Chief Registrar be dismissed and the appointments of all Sri Lankan judges in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court be terminated.

Justices Marshall alleges:

“…progressive inroads into the independence of the judiciary which process has culminated since mid-April 2012 in a judiciary which at all levels now does what it perceives is required of it by the Executive.

At all levels, judges having heard the evidence, having researched and found the applicable law, and having listened to the submissions of the parties now ask themselves: ‘Now what would the Attorney General like my decision and judgment in this case to be?’ and make their judgment and orders in line with their answer.”

Such allegations of interference in the judiciary by the Attorney General are not new. They have been made by sacked Sri Lankan judges, magistrates and lawyers after their departure from Fiji.

Last year, a report by the Law Society of England Charity Chair, Nigel Dodds who had visited Fiji in November 2011, spoke of the compromised state of the Fiji judiciary and the lack of transparency in the legal system.

The Marshall petition is now in the public domain. The charges it makes are damning and strike at the very foundation of our judicial and legal systems. Coming from a top ranking judge, there is little doubt that it has tarnished the reputation of the judiciary.

By no means are we saying or suggesting that the charges and allegations are true but that can only be established by an independent investigation. And this must be done to restore public confidence in our legal and judicial systems.

Fiji Labour Party calls on the President to commission an independent judicial inquiry into the claims made by Justice Marshall.

The Attorney General must step down from office to allow a free hand into the inquiry.

Until this happens and the air is cleared, people here and abroad will continue to speculate about the state of our judiciary.

SEMI MEO said...

We would like to believe that female military personal has a much needed place in the frontline of modern war, including campaign suspected terrorists breading zone…especially in connecting with female of those hot spots. They are there to stay in the frontline…or do we expect them to leave their gift of procreation at home?.....as if the Gurka female officers are immune….All countries with defense forces deployed overseas share this challenges..and will continue to do so…we think!

Anonymous said...

Gold medal for Fiji...in the women's army competition

Anonymous said...

Shame Can tikoitonga make a comment on this.

Muslim brotherhood said...

May be she got pregnant from a Talibani. Another cousin for Jihadist and great Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to mum n baby hope you find the daddy

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks...So what has a British Army Soldier from Fiji got to do with our Military personnel. You guys are pathetic. Anything to sling mud. Look in the mirror and start throwing mud at yourselfs people. The woman in question is a married woman who went on tour without the knowledge she was pregnant. She serves in the British Army and this only reflects the lack of screening on women soldiers by the British Army.

Reading the blog on UN Fed up with Fiji's sex missions in Baghdad is trully disturbing. Lolovira.......Once again I say its no wonder God is punishing Fiji for our acts in 87 and 2000. Itaukei will suffer two fold for what was committed against the Indians and other races and still more to come.

Anonymous said...

Dr Vinod Singh -of Fiji Heart Foundation in NZ is an Idiot-a nut--like NIL Sharma.He talks shit in today's Fiji Sun page 10.The pompous Dr Vinod Singh(run away from Fiji) should get his facts right-tell the people how many times he failed his exams.He is the only one who wears an ill fitting hat to parties in NZ--didnt even know how to wear a pants in Fiji.Get your facts right before opening your idiotic mouth .Nothing is free--says your friend NIL sharma !!

Khaiyum said...

Nazhaat Shameem its Bainimarama who made bukete this poor girl.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of surreal. Surely the woman would have realised she was pregnant with all pregnancy symtoms manifesting in various ways. Next she will say she don't know who the father is. Unless there is a better explanation I think the woman was hiding it or some strange phenomenon affecting the woman.

Anonymous said...

These things do happen. There was a reporter who was pregnant and gave birth here in Fiji without knowing all along. She had her normal periods and just didn't know. She only knew when she experienced birthing pains and was rushed to hospital by a fellow reporter. A great experience for both reporters. I thought this site is about factual reporting or has it changed?

Bad Police said...

So now police issaying they will leave no stone unturned as they hunt for the escapees. Bit stink though that they're threatening citizens who supposedly don't help them. What do they expect these people to do? Cmon Naivalurua and Narayan get your act together, stop putting it back on people. How dare you guys threaten us because you can't catch them.

Anonymous said...

This is really downgrading and very low of who ever has placed this information and all comments must cease. Have a little respect for humanity and life, hope the female officer recovers and settles down with her family.

Anonymous said...

Stop the blame game, FTUC tells Govt

September 21, 2012 12:05:29 PM





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Government needs to take full responsibility for its decisions and should stop blaming others, says Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTU) National Secretary, Felix Anthony.

He made the comment after Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum yesterday said that The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and unionists in Fiji were putting their interests ahead of ordinary Fijians and were giving a false impression about the situation in the country.

Anthony in a statement said government has clearly realized the blunder it has made in expelling the ILO Contact Mission to Fiji.

"Within a day of the departure of the Mission, government issues a public statement inviting the Mission back to Fiji but on conditions set by them."

"It has not told the public that the original terms of reference was actually drafted by the Ministry of Labour and agreed to including the organisations and persons that the Mission was to meet," he said.

"The AG has seen it fit to again embark on a name calling of Trade Unionists and play the blame game to divert attention from the real issues. The ACTU has reacted to their decision to expel the ILO Mission."

"Government needs to take full responsibility for its decisions and stop blaming others.

"FTUC is not interested in playing politics on any issue or assist the regime in making excuses for its own failings.

"If the government as the AG claims is doing the right thing and respecting workers’ rights, it should have no difficulty in defending its position at the US Trade Hearings or at ILO."

"We ask the AG to address the issue of many workers who remain unemployed today through no fault of theirs, or those that remain under employed, or those that work on wages well below the poverty line, or those civil servants and
employees in Government owned entities who have had a wage freeze for the past 6 years, or those 2000 plus workers who were forcibly retired at 55 without much notice or those pensioners who have to now live below the poverty line, or those destitute who have had their paltry allowances of $30 a month discontinued."

Today we have in Fiji more workers unemployed and underemployed than ever in our history. Today we have more people living in poverty than we ever had before."

"These are some of the real issues that the AG should be addressing instead of name calling and blaming others."

The Union Leaders or ACTU is not responsible for this. These issues are a result of mismanagement by government and are real and about real people and its time that the AG understands that his bluff is no longer going to work," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Attorney General yesterday stated that the Fijian government has a policy of openness and transparency to outside scrutiny by organizations such as the International Labour Organisation.

He welcomed such visits as long as they are conducted by an independent delegation with no predetermined outcomes and a focused agenda.

Anonymous said...

Permanent stay application in Former PM case

11:44 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Dev Narayan

A permanent stay application will be filed by the counsels of former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

Chaudhry faces three charges related to violation of tax laws.

In court today, Chaudhry’s lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry said the application is based on a petition by former President of the Court of Appeal Justice Willliam Marshall.

He said the petition has been given to the military counsel and the Prime Minister two days ago.

Chaudhry said the petition stated that the Attorney General was interfering in court processes and targeted political situations.

He said QC Peter Williams instructed him to to apply for a permanent stay based on the petition.

Judge Justice Paul Madigan gave the defence 28 days to file an application for permanent stay.

Chaudhry says he will seek further instruction from Williams who is in New Zealand.

The matter has been adjourned to the 19th of October.

Anonymous said...

That female officer has got nothing to do with the fiji military and its corrupt regime.We must remember that she is a daughter of fiji and have families and relatives who are deeply touched by what has happened to her.It could happen to one of our family member one day.Let,s give her our words of support and encouragement and wish them well and safe in that volatile part of the world esp.We must keep focussing on the topic of corrupt judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Power has gone to the air-head of ASK. He will stop at nothing. Meanwhile, fiji's reputation in the international community is next to nothing. We are now a laughing stock of the world, the effort of Robin 'Brown Noser' Nair and Sarka Kuto Nandan notwithstanding. Please let us wipe this shit off our land before he fouls everything good in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, don't help the military and or police and help the
escapees staying free. If they get caught, they will definitely be killed like those soldiers? My people are trying to get them out
of the country? If all else failed,
we will get them guns, to start to
pick-off these military&police thugs one at a time?
Blessed you all Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Army 'VISA SAGA' in Iraq would not have happen if the commanding officer and his ooficers at the headquarters had actioned a UNAMI Directive in december 2011 that all staff of UN agencies in Iraq to have ther 'visas' ready by 11th March 2012,whilst the rest of the UN agencies worked to achieve isas before the deadline WE STARTED ON 7th MARCH 2012. Only four days for all foreigners were to have visas.The commanding officer wanted to prolong his stay to pay of his debts in Fiji and mortgaged house.Soldiers who serve under J.Mara are not happen with his 'dictatorial stlye' of leadership.

Anonymous said...

The female soldier is part of the British Army contigent! The British Army Health personnel have bein caught out with their 'pants' down. Soemsimple questions are 'when was you last period" (not fool proff, as fitness levels can make females miss periods), if any futher quries just do a URINE test! The whole bang lot of them look stupid now and are making out the female soldier should have known! Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Jonasio Mara and his merry band of 'eyes and ears'(informer squad).Cori mada noqu salusau.

ULUIVITI said...






Anonymous said...

this can be either seen as a miracle or a big stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Leave the girl alone. This site is about getting back to a democratic Fiji and not gossip & vei vakacacani.
If the girl wants to have a baby, she can have it anywhere she likes and with anyone she prefers, that her right.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:48 PM

If you truly think that the British Army consider it has been caught with it's pants down and feel stupid due to this situation you are mistaken.

It's just one of the many unforseen situations that occur and get dealt with daily, proffesionally and with due regard to the person.

And the reason women were not forced to have pregnancy tests was that the army respect their rights to privacy.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:57pm-no its not an unforseen circumstance as you mention, it is a foreseen cicumstance if anyone has some brains! Goodness there is a diffrence between a male and a female-one has uterus & is able to carry an foetus the other not! If the soldier in question would died you would have had some rather silly looking CO's and many questions to answer? There didn't even have a person qualified to do look after pregnant females let alone deliver a baby!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Sept 23rd 6:12 PM

Sounds like you are not too versed in how some of the outside world works.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Iran's Qods Force provides training to the Taliban in Afghanistan on small unit tactics, small arms, explosives, mortars, artillery, and rockets. 

That's right, Iran is helping the Taliban kill Fijian recruits serving in the British Army.

Such are the regime's new 'friends'. 

With friends like these, who needs enemies? With a GOVERNMENT like ours, who needs enemies?

New Day said...

I think this young woman should name her baby after Prince Harry, to mark his narrow, hairy escape from the wrath and clutches of the vengeful Taliban, just a few days earlier from the place where the infant was delivered. But if the baby is a girl, then how about Harriette?

Anonymous said...

Gosh. Sa laurai ga na comments tu mai cake qori na lala ni qavoka nodra na bloggers..and I thought this blogsite if for coup democracy , not this type of news..sa vaka e lala tale ga mai na koro vakaturaga nei coup 4.5..

Anonymous said...

Typical Fijian mentality. Anything to rubbish everyone else but when its your own...

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