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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bainimarama cancels UN gig because of police mess

Captured: Isoa Waqa
Fiji's illegal prime minister has cancelled his trip to New York to deliver a speech to the United Nations General assembly amidst suggestions the army is ready to take over responsibility for the police.

The illegal foreign Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, is already in the U.S. and will represent Fiji at the UN General Assembly.

Sources say Bainimarama has made changes to command and control of the police after the daring escape of the prisoners from Naboro, and their alleged daylight robbery of BSP, just 150 metres away from Samabula police station. Police apparently took 45 minutes to arrive on the scene.

Rusitate Tudrau: Police used reasonable force on escapees.
It seems he is furious about how police and its leaders have handled the escape, which has shown the force is incapable of acting in a emergency situation.

In the last week the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurura, has been no where to be seen and sources say he has certainly not been around to reassure the nation and the business community that all is well. The acting ACP has instead been fronting.

Police moles say Bainimarama not only sacked 9 senior officers but has told Naivalurua: "If the police can't do its job - the army will do it."

The source also claims all of the arrests were made by army intel and navy and that police were not involved.

"PM has told senior army officers to be ready to take over control from police as he clearly stated that he has lost trust in the police and the commissioner to maintain national security.

"PM was also told that the police commissioner was in the west last week on tour and his chief of staff, Ravi Narayan, left for Australia to attend a course while Suva was being terrorized by robberies."

The last escapee, Isoa Waqa, was caught today and it's unclear what state he is in.

Information given to Coupfourpointfive has some people suggesting he is in a very bad way but we are unable to confirm the report just yet. One source says he was interrogated at QEB while another says he has been taken to CMW and was seen covered in tarpaulin and dripping blood.

Three of the four prisoners caught over the weekend were tortured and bashed by the joint RFMF and police team hunting them.

ACP Rusiate Tudravu claimed the injuries weren't the result of an unprovoked violent beating. He insists officers had to use force to subdue the fugitives.

He told FBC:

" I can confirm that they resisted arrest and in order to get them in..the ops officers used reasonable force… which is why they are now under observation at the hospital….
Officers who were out on Snake Island also suffered some injuries because of the rough terrain.
If you visit that place where the arrests were made….the terrain is rugged and was quite tough."

Coupfourpointfive revealed yesterday the prisoners were admitted to Colonial War Memorial Hospital after being beaten severely.

The prisoner escaped from Naboro last Monday night and three guards on duty at the time are under investigation. 

Police have also threatened to deal to anyone who helped the prisoners, with Tudravu telling Fiji Times police was aware 'there were a lot of people who had assisted those who escaped.'

"We want to teach these people a lesson," said Tudravu. "The security forces have widened their net and anyone who hid the fugitives, knew their whereabouts or was associated with them in any way, will now face the full brunt of the law."

Bainimarama's decision to cancel his trip to New York coincides with a Fiji Labour Party delegation to the illegal President scheduled for tomorrow to ask him to appoint a caretaker government.

Editor's Note: Six people are currently being questioned by police for allegedly helping the five prisoners elude police, including a taxi driver found with Isoa Waqa today.


Anonymous said...

whats happening is fiji becoming a military state.
time frank gives back the power to a legal govt.
Frank you have lost the plot with your army groons.

Mafi- USA said...

Now Bainimarama knows that his end is drawing near....A sa rere ko Voree...

Anonymous said...

Operation Jericho...tik tok!

Anonymous said...

mark my word I have very reliable source that baini will spend last day in office end of October (before 29th) something is going to happen , baini may be captured and arsy is trying to flee one of the muslim countries..baini your are finished...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Frank the Wank is afraid, very afraid. Hail Operation Jericho.

Timoci Qio said...

The people of Fiji welcome the military to take over the police, as they will have a decent nights sleep.

The fijian thugs deserve military justice as many crimes such as robbery with violence are getting out of control.


Anonymous said...

Surely just another attempt by the illegal government to 'take control' and bring back emergency laws. Be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Timoci qio, you're right. Violence is out of control and it's committed by the useless and gutless wannabes at the barracks. You're also gutless, and by the way, your hero bainimagana is going down, and your brother Khaiyum is plotting his escape. I hope you'll get a good beating and feel the pain you asshole.

Anonymous said...

Frank the only way to peace is to surrender yourself to the police and serve your time in prison. You owe us this. Be a man and do the honourable thing.

Ratu Sai said...

Timoti me phutuki iko ga o Voreqe

Anonymous said...

Typical tyrannical behaviour .... use a crisis to regain control. Watch out Fiji these treasonous thieves are trying to manouvre something.

Poised for Justice said...

Regime rattled and using the escapees to 'take control'. Senior officers who've been pushing for COMPOL to be removed will be happy but this is not good for the ordinary citizens.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama score card:

1. $4-$5 billion debt from $2b in 2006.

2. 9,000 graduates with no job.

3. 11,000 pensioners victimised

4. 15,000 - 75,000 jobs to go in Jan 2013 from US sanctions.

5. Poverty now at 45% with 85% of workers getting below poverty level wage.

Time to go franky.....before you do more damage

Anonymous said...

This site seems to be run by munro Leys

Anonymous said...

No, it has been hijacked by a pro-Chaudhry supporter - Chaudhry did not even want to be part of the Qarase SDL-FLP party - why now is he asking for a caretaker government

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to all the money that was taken from BSP!

Anonymous said...

The story circulating here within QEB, DEB [West] and SVVCB [North]is that our Boss was really, really worried that being hardened criminals, and given that the breakout was an inside job, the escapees were going to kill him. He has still not forgotten the dash through from QEB and his shitting in his white Navy uniform! We really feel sorry for him.
We are really, really worried that it will not be "THIRD TIME LUCKY" FOR HIM. Know what we mean?
First the dash, then this, what next for our boss?
Please peoples understand he is a very very SICK man.

Anonymous said...

News is going around that when the getaway driver was caught, bhai refused to talk..until the rfmf/police poured hot water on his legs.....what has fiji come to..

Anonymous said...

Very true someone said earlier, 28th October is d-day for baini..baini you lako casava patch>>

Anonymous said...

Franky boy must be a really, really worried boy not to go to the UN!!
It was just a case hardened criminals who have been put away for sometime and just simply wanted to go home and have a good old f..k with the missus! It has been cold after all!!
Furthermore, it was supposed to have been a 'real' and not a so called 'mock' or 'table top' exercise to see how the so called authorities would react.
The poor escapees were told that they were just 'role playing' and not realising that they are being used as another excuse for Franky boy to again defer the elections!!
Logical people?

Anonymous said...

hahahaaaaa luks lik n ada tapioka dash coming up now......dro mo bula bainiose...

Anonymous said...

another breaking news,, first prisoners were set free , than blame police, capture them , beat them and show people of Fiji only solution is military,, come on franky you have lost the plot..

Anonymous said...

Can C4.5 confirm if government has released a statement denouncing the beating and torture of the prisoners? The whole episode is bizarre

Anonymous said...

The most powerful man in the country today is, not Frank, not Khaiyum but Naivalurua! And Frank is worried sick about him.

Frank has run out of trusted men. They're up against you now... Toso mai Okotova 29!

Anonymous said...

To you Franky boy, Naivalurua, Tudravu and Com of Prisons, you just blew it!! What with the brutality inflicted on the escapees!!
Your campaign of 'Winning the hearts and minds ' of people, your so called 'Community Policing' and 'Yellow ribbon' farce is now down the drain!!
Where is the 'Humans Rights' that you THUGS have been telling us? Sweet fuck all!!
To the families of the five escapees, I extend my good wishes and prayers that the GOOD LORD will comfort and strengthen you at this difficult time. I speak as a father, grandfather, christian and a very concerned KAI VITI!
Hang in there and be rest assured you are all in our prayers.

Farked junta said...

This junta is totally farked. It is only a matter of time before the treasonous scum are dragged out on the street. Tik tok....tik tok....

Anonymous said...

franky boys really used prisoners,,boy o boy remember 2000 coup when frany the cranky used CRW, later we all know same will happen to everyone who do similar stunt again...

Anonymous said...

frank , baini get FUCKED each other , with Nazat sucking cocksssssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

No sympathy for the thugs who violate the privacy of individual homes. Do the crime and do the time and if you do run, then beat the shit out of them!!!
Lawlessness must be stamped out, professional thieving must also be punished as in garase's case!!!

Anonymous said...

A big vinaka vakalevu to C4.5 for facilitating this conduit for us to express our thoughts, feelings, anger, emotions and what have you, be it positive or negative. There is no other way we can do it!!
Thumbs up to you, it is much more than appreciated.
All the best and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Question should be asked why officers like ACP Henry Brown,SP Erami,SP Luke Navela,SP Uraia and SP Abdull are been suspended and just days after their sspension all these happened.Anyone who know these officers must surely know their capabilities. They were not suspended by PM but Compol decided so on a "Intelligence Report".

Anonymous said...

Ni kua ni levu na nomuni vosa mai Tuba...why dont you come to Fiji and initiate this Jericho Day..let me tell you that you will all end up not in Nukulau but in Makuluva..the Military is here to stay to protect all of us Fijians..and isn't that noble!!Kua na ravarava..Fiji is embarking a new direction that both Australia and New Zealand are also heading..God bless all Fijians no matter their colour, creed, ethinicity or whatever!!!

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around.ena caka tale vei kemuni

Anonymous said...

Distractions and Illusions people!....ok something big really happening and looks like it's got little to do with a single escaped inmate who may or may not still be on the loose. Instead, it's all about Operation Jericho, announced by Dakuwaqa nearly two months ago.

And remember what Dak wrote at that time? 'Why 26 September? The intervening weeks will give us enough time to publicise our plan. It will also give secretly loyal elements within the RFMF and Fiji Police time to develop their own follow-on plans to build on Operation Jericho. Also, on 26 September, Bainimarama will likely be preparing to depart Fiji for the United Nations General Assembly in New York. If Operation Jericho is successful, the only choices open to the dictator will be either to leave the country at a time of particular regime insecurity or to acknowledge that insecurity by canceling his departure. Even if Operation Jericho falls short of its goals, the approach of M-Minute will complicate regime planning.'

'Complicate regime planning'? What an understatement! Frank has never had to cancel his travel before. I think he's shitting himself again.

Operation Jericho is working according to Dak's excellent plan. Just like clockwork. Tick tock!

Frank knows that disgruntled elements in the security forces have had nearly two months to plan their own contingencies related to Jericho. 

Were the inmates allowed to escape prison? Obviously it was an inside job. Was it an inside job by the police? The army? Dakuwaqa? Whatever the scenario, it just shows Frank's fear, as does his brutal reaction to their captures. Shades of the CRW murders!

Why is Naivalurua away from Fiji at this time? Isn't his modus operandi always to be away from Fiji whenever something big is about to hit, so that he can't receive any of the blame if it doesn't go well?

And then there's the sightings of RUM in Vanua Balavu. Who's with him? Did Dakuwaqa arrange his return? Did Dak seem to withdraw from the scene so that he could join RUM in a putsch against the regime? The man wouldn't return to Fiji unless we were in the end game.

Whatever the answers, Operation Jericho is already a rousing success, and it's not even M-Minute yet!

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

Commander did the right thing to cancel his UN trip to stay behind to keep law and order. The escapes and this Operation Jerico shows we still need the army to do the work of the police. Even if we cannot stop Jerico, people will think twice about moving against the Commander, but it would be better if he got rid of Aiyaz, coz Aiyaz is the reason for so much of the trouble. People would be so happy for Aiyaz to be gone they would forget all about this Jerico business.Then Commander can be President for Life without any competition from the Muslim.

Anonymous said...

The endgame is near for the despot and hand puppet who is queit like a mouse for the first time for allgations by court of appeal president.

Prisioner esscape, Chaudi appeal using justice marshel partition, Garase appeal. estoniain national go free, democracy rolling in people no more fear of despot, new consition to see despot in naboro-too much to handle.

Soon people will see despot sulu high dashing in cassava patch-final run.

Anonymous said...

The tin pot dictator is one man and one man only.

He is a coward who will run again when chaesed.

Who elected this thug?

The people are 800000.

Fijileaks news said...

2014 Elections cancelled - Fijileaks permalink

Rate This

Fijileaks website breaking news; There will be no elections in 2014 and Bainiramarama has accepted the recommendation of Sayed Khaiyum senior father of FBC CEO Riaz and Attorney general Aiaz which was put to the cabinet yesterday. An announcement over the new 2020 Charter to eliminate poverty and to raise living standards par with Australia has been drawn up. Prof. Ghai and team go home no elections till 2020.

Anonymous said...

No sympathy for the thugs who violate the dignity of the entire nation. Do the crime and do the time and if you do run, then beat the shit out of them!!!
Lawlessness must be stamped out, treason, murder, and professional thieving must also be punished, especially in Bainimarama's case!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome tonight, you just know the regime apologists will depict it as a non-event. Yet, Operation Jericho is already a signal victory. Bainimarama's last-minute cancellation of his UN visit is obviously due to Jericho unfolding exactly as Dakuwaqa projected. Not only has Jericho complicated regime planning, but it's also caused Bainimarama to admit to his regime's insecurity and forced him to cancel his travel for fear he wouldn't have a regime to come home to. Not that he'll be missed at the UN General Assembly -- since the theme is 'rule of law'. He doesn't have anything to contribute except as a negative example.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Commodore didn't want to miss all of the excitement tonight. He should come downtown tonight, to join the President and the rest of us in celebrating M-Minute. It might be his last chance to make a joyful noise.

Anonymous said...

Hey people you got 12 hours to get your bilikani,kava ni bisikete,dramu ni karasini etc, to make a joyful noise for Fiji! So get ready, i'm gonne drop-off some
major drum in Sukuna park, in my old cluncker, so keep an eye out,by
the seawall side? Cause i'm just gonna slow down and avimeleki'll kicked the barrels out. Don't want
to get caught by those bastard military asseoles, whose been walking around the park all day?I'm just gonna go around the blocks
turn around and walk back to join your all at the fountain? If they try and touch me i'm going to poked
somebody in the eye? The best thing
to do is act dumb if they try something? Good luck and may the lord looks after you?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you got 11 hours to celebrate Jericho by beating your kava ni bisikete!!!
Get your tin out and be ready to celebrate Fiji by making noise!!!!!!!!!
If the cops or Military try to arrest you, just be calm,whip out
your kaulevu and pissed on him/her!
Just act crazy i'm sure these guys are so stupid, they'll probably let you go?
OK goodluck i know Joveci he's going to do his Jericho outside his house,i know cause he told me?
So remember,11 hours to Jericho!!!

Anonymous said...

Monday, September 24, 2012JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE IN FIJI : Serious Issues for Investors and Businesses

The long suspected decay of the Fiji Judiciary appointed by Aiaz Sayed-Khaiyum after the
abrogation of the 1997 Constitution has been confirmed by former Appeals Court Judge QC
William Marshall. This brings to an end the speculation within Fiji and internationally that the Judiciary had become completely subservient to Khaiyum. There have been statements in the past from former FICAC prosecutor and other judicial officers taking office after the Appeals Court declared the Bainimarama government illegal in April 2009.

The Samoan Prime Minister and NZ Labour Party Foreign Affairs spokesman have expressed
their opinion that the Fiji Courts are not independent and NZ Law Society President Jonathan Temp and Australian Law Council also lamented the lack of transparency in the justice system.

The revelations by QC Marshall are indeed very disturbing and once again raise the question of whether Fiji is serious about returning to democracy through free and fair elections. All the signs indicate they are not prepared to relinquish power through elections.

CFDFiji says that foreign investors should be very careful about investing in Fiji since the country clearly does not have a functioning, independent judicial system - a crucial prerequisite. Fiji has gone from bad to worse as far as the rule of law is concerned and investors cannot ignore the seriousness of this situation.

The courts of Fiji, and the magistrates and judges comprising such courts, are not independent. The oath which magistrates and judges are required to take by the regime itself is inconsistent with their independence and the so called independent bodies allegedly

A standard condition of due diligence in regard to international contracts, agreements, treaties etc., concerns the viability of the legal system under which the contracts will be administered. In the case of Fiji, such viability is lacking.

Another reason for caution in dealing with the regime concerns the desire of a future, democratically elected government to honour such agreements, contracts, treaties etc. It is evident that many of the regimes contracts, treaties and agreements are very self serving to the individuals and organisations involved in the current regime and a future elected government might well be most unwilling to honour such contracts.

For these reasons, all businesses currently conducting business with the current regime, or planning to carry on business with the current regime, before continuing that business or committing themselves to that business should have careful regard to the possible consequences to themselves, their executives, shareholders and like parties, of so dealing.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji
22nd September 2012

Anonymous said...

Assholes using whatever excuse they can to regain the upper hand. There is no law and order issue or national security...there are issues of non-performance police hierarchy and grizzling senior police officials.

Poised for Justice said...

Well, Operation Jericho is already winning. Frank has flushed his UN speech down the toilet and staying to ensure nobody steps out of line. People just now need to push the campaign over the line by turning up and making noise.

Anonymous said...

The injuries suffered by the escapees just indicates that the attitude of the police, military and correction service are just the same. Where is the professionalism their leaders normally talk about. Escape incident is and will be part of any prison system. If you wish to prevent or minimise their occurrence you need to review the overall prison system, otherwise it will only be a band-aid solution as the current management likes to do - just argetting those on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Iran’s President in his address has declared at UN yesterday that Israel will be eliminated from his planet. Through Khaiyum’s advice, Fiji opened its High Commission in Iran and signed a secret alliance with the rogue nation to lend support when Iran strikes Israel in coming months. I call on Bainimarama to close down its High Commission in Iran and rescind the agreement to avoid backlash from supporting anti-christ nation. Fiji must remain with God’s nation Israel and denounce Khaiyums plan to add weight to destruction of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Commodore, your window is closing. You've only a few more hours in which to opt for amnesty. 

Jericho may be non-violent, but after Jericho, it's open season on dictators. 

Consider yourself warned.

Prepare to make a mournful noise!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, you couldn't risk leaving Fiji on the eve of Jericho. So now what will you do, spend M-Minute cowering at QEB?

Is that wise? Patriotic elements within the army have had several weeks to prepare a warm reception for you there. Lovo is on the menu.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Dakuwaqa for leading this winning effort and for being humble enough to refrain from politicking and personal gain.

Glad to know you're patrolling our waters!

Coup 4.5 said...


The Fijian Government does not condone the excessive force used in the apprehension of recaptured prisoners who escaped from Naboro Prison on Monday night.

Such incidents are unfortunate and the Government makes it clear that behaviour of this nature is unacceptable. We are investigating the circumstances.

(Please attribute the above statement to the Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Ms Sharon Smith Johns)

Coup 4.5 said...

Re the query about regime statement on the beating of soldiers: see the above - C4.5

Anonymous said...

The illegible AG is preparing to flee the country towards Hon Kong.
Moce Jo.

Sa qai kila na ca ni viavialevu kei na vei beci.

Dakuwaqa Jacoro said...

So, Dakuwaqa Jericho se Jacoro, waiting with abated breath for your action today.

Anonymous said...

Bai, Aiaase & Kubu
Be very afraid of Mossad,,,,,they show no mercy to friends of their enemy

Anonymous said...

Now the regime admits 'excessive force'? Didn't the police spokesman earlier say the regime only used reasonable force?

These guys really seem to be feeling the heat from Jericho. What's the big deal? A few of us are going to make noise for a few seconds downtown. So what? It's a big city -- we'll be heard in some places but perhaps not in others.

They act like they're really frightened by the prospect of Fijians being heard. So now they're trying to lower emotions. But it seems likely that part of their reason for using excessive force against the inmates was because of their fear and powerlessness against Jericho.

Anonymous said...

Hey, all you assbites out there who applauded the regime for torturing the captured escapees, undoubtedly at Bainimarama's behest. What do you say now? Your regime now says 'the Government makes it clear that behaviour of this nature is unacceptable'. You not only considered it acceptable, but you even thought it commendable.

So what now? Are you going to eat your words, or are you going to stand by them, which would then put you at loggerheads with the regime?

Anonymous said...

Seji Rusi, na luvemu mai Solomoni sa yabaki 12 ka sa tarogi iko tiko. Bau lai sikova. Na demu e se toka e vuni dabi...o vakalialia cei tiko kaisi!

Anonymous said...

Any news about Naivalurua's son in lawa who was enlisted to man the Gvt IT services?

Anonymous said...

Who the frieken hell is Rusi, we're trying to celebrate here?Last
night was just way too weird,Watisoni, he started banging
his Kava ni Bisikete way before 7pm? I went over to talk to him,but the dude was already way too weird?
He was signing some kinda Rugby song and he just didn't want to hear anybody?
So i left him alone and went over to checked on Parasad
man this guy, he was totally waco?
He told me to go back to my house
and beat my drum or my old lady,but
"just make sure you make some noise",he said? Well i went back to my place,whipped-out my refree
whistle and blow on it for 30 second? The military police came by
and stopped at my place, and gave me the third degree! I acted as if i'm dump and blind?
So i pulled out my BIG WIENER and pissed all over the place, while twisting, so i don't missed a thing?
The sergeant-with a bushy mustach,ran
to the van swearing, and giving order to the others to get the frieken hell inside the van,
as they speed out of my driveway? Daq, it was a success,please lets do it again,
so i can pissed on
some more

Anonymous said...

Dak, I agree. Let's do it again. I got a seriously good feeling venting for a minute. Only this next time let's all get together at O'Reilly's first and throw back a few cold ones!

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea, cause Joveci he can't hold his Beers and hasn't drank a beer for about 20 years?He's a weird guy,and that bipolar
parasad, he's the same? It just won't work for us, so thanks anyway.
We're just waiting for Dakuwaqa to
come up with another new idea(s),i'm
sure we'll nip this thing in the butt, pretty soon???

Anonymous said...

The trouble with this Government is it is illegal and is being runned by easily corrupted unproductive people like Rusiate Tudravu who now holds a very high position in the Fiji Police Force.



Dominick said...

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