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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Former Fiji judge: Khaiyum conspired against three accused

Vengeful against Australian citizens: Khaiyum
In our second story on the petition by the former Appeal Court judge, William Marshall, we focus again on the illegal behaviour of the regime appointed attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Marshall reveals that Khaiyum was behind the relentless drive by prosecutors to frame four men (one of whom was an Australian citizen) for the murder of 26 year old James Shankaran in Nausori in 2010.
The original decision was later overturned by Marshall, who caught the blunt end of Khaiyum's vindictive nature. 
Marshall also reveals Khaiyum 'conspired' against a second Australian citizen, Simon Mccartney, who was later sentenced to 18 years for the death of his wife and a third person, Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry.
Chaudhry was cited in a story broken by Coupfourpointfive involving the Indian national and drug smuggler, Muskan Balaggan.
In his revelations, Marshall confirms what we've known for some time: that Sri Lankan magistrates and judges are at the beck and call of the illegal attorney general.

These excertps from Marshall's petition to Voreqe Bainimarama calling for the dismissal of Khaiyum, were found at page 120 through to 131:

Simon Mccartney
249. The law is that only the Attorney General has the power to issue a nolle prosequi.  So the Attorney General by necessary implication was at the centre of the conspiracy which is disclosed in the following documents.  I produce as Document No. 78 a report about the nolle prosequi being entered at Suva Magistrates Court on 6th November 2007 from the Fiji Times of 7th November 2007 headed : “Macartney walks free.”

Particularly chilling is the following passage:-
“The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed in a statement that Mr Macartney would be recharged once new evidence was ready.
“We will consider relaying the murder charge after the police have obtained the necessary evidence.”
It said in the statement. The DPP said, “While sensitive to the feelings of the victim’s family, it had been compelled to terminate proceedings."
"The decision was made on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to lay the murder charge.”

No wonder the Magistrate, John Semisi said he was “baffled” that police had charged the suspect despite their investigations being incomplete.  But he did not know that because Macartney was an Australian, the Attorney General was punishing him for the Australian State in removing the Attorney General’s status as an Australian resident.

250. As Document No. 79, I produce Miss Briana Vatucicila’s statement of 4th November 2007.  It is strong circumstantial evidence and it has the ring of truth. This statement was taken before the issue of the nolle prosequi.  The Attorney General with his lack of experience and skill in criminal law thought it was not enough to obtain a conviction. If he had read and understood all the evidence in the rest of the file and been more skilled, he would have left this evidence as it was.  There was substantial circumstantial evidence; more than enough to obtain a conviction.

251. As Document No. 80, I produce Miss Briana Vatucicila’s statement of 10th November 2007 taken after the nolle prosequi had terminated the prosecution. The statement taker (Detective Sergeant Naidu) carried out his instructions from the Attorney General to the letter.  Briana now said:-

“The Indian lady was lying on the road with both her legs up in the air shaking.  I also saw the male person (her partner) crouching on top of her as if they were having sex but what surprised me was that the man was still wearing his blue jeans.  I also recall that this man was wearing brown beach sandals….”

252.  I produce as Document No. 81 the evidence in full of Miss Briana Vatucicila at the trial in 2008.  There is no doubt that she delivered on her false evidence.

253. If you think that it is difficult for police in Fiji to persuade lay witnesses to bear false witness in Court, see the judgment in Senivalati Ramuwai and Rupeni Naisoro which is Document No. 52.  See particularly paragraph 85 and see also paragraph 130.

254.  There were five assessors at trial and they unanimously gave an opinion that Simon Macartney was “guilty”.

255. From his summing up and his judgment on sentence, it is clear that Justice Daniel Goundar did not rely on Miss Briana Vatucicila’s evidence in her statement of 10th  November 2007.  He relied on the strong circumstantial evidence.  Evidence by Macartney that his wife had left him in Sigatoka leaving her luggage behind in the car, was particularly incredible.

256. Between 22nd  October 2007 and the conviction of Simon Macartney on 4th November 2008, it was realised that the attempt to persuade Briana to give false evidence about blue jeans and sandals, was in terms of the successful framing of an accused, an exercise in incompetence.  This was because at an early stage in the investigation police had seized a colour CCTV tape from “Chicken Express” in Nadi, clearly showing both Simon Macartney and his wife Ashika Lata at the time they were there on 22nd  October 2007.  They had printed out a number of colour photos of Simon Macartney.  They showed him wearing brown cargo trousers with pockets and white canvas shoes.  If shown at trial the conspiracy to give false evidence would have been exposed.

257.  The conspirators were the Attorney General, Josaia Naigalevu, the DPP, Ms P Madanavosa, counsel for the DPP, and some of the investigators.  On realising this, the conspirators decided to say that they had not copied or retained the CCTV tape from Chicken Express.  The colour photographs were interfered with so that they were in black and white and the images were now unrecognizable in any detail.  In the Appeal Court the judges said that the photos had been made “worthless”.

258. Even then the investigators faced a difficulty.  At the first interview after arrest, Simon Macartney’s  counsel, Simione Valenitabua, had been present.  He had seen the untampered photographs.  Although he did not refer to any kind of footwear being worn by Simon Macartney in the CCTV picture, he had seen that Macartney had been wearing cargo pants with pockets.  The unusual steps of Defence Counsel in the course of conducting a trial, giving sworn evidence, evidence as Defence Witness 7 and then resuming his role as Defence Counsel were taken.  I produce the evidence at trial of DW7 Simione Valenitabua on 24th October 2008 as Document No. 82.

259. Simon Macartney appealed and his appeal was heard by Acting President, John Byrne (presiding), Paul Madigan J A and Priyantha Fernando J A on 5th and 6th May 2010.  The usual procedure is that when the appeal has been heard, the presiding judge will say, “Judgment on Notice” and the members of the Court will retire having taken the matter “under advisement”.  On this occasion Mr G Reynolds QC from Australia was appearing for Simon Macartney. As I have observed, Mr Reynolds QC’s practise is, where he thinks the Court are for an acquittal, he will press for an immediate verdict.  He did so on 6th May 2010.  The Court retired and wrote on the same day a summary judgment.  They ordered an acquittal of Simon Macartney and ordered his passport to be restored immediately.  A second judgment of the Court was delivered on 24th May 2010 giving full reasons for acquitting Simon Macartney.  The destruction of material evidence which might has acquitted Simon Macartney, is the reason for the acquittal.  I produce as Document No. 83 the Court of Appeal judgments of 6th May 2010 and 24th May 2010 as if they were one exhibit.   In my opinion, in view of the seriousness of the charge, the Court of Appeal should have ordered a retrial subject to conditions over evidence.  Simon Macartney’s passport should not have been returned.

260. The Attorney General was so upset that on 10th May 2010 Ms Madanovosa filed a motion to the Court of Appeal for an order to prevent Simon Macartney from leaving Fiji until the time for the State appealing to the Supreme Court expired.  Earlier on the 7th May 2010 an appeal by the State was filed in the Supreme Court by the new Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Aca Rayawa.  Neither the appeal nor the motion was ever heard.  The reason is that Simon Macartney cannot be served in or extradited from Australia.  The irony of it is that the Attorney General’s persuading of Briana to give false evidence has resulted in Simon Macartney, who would and should have been found “guilty”, being finally acquitted.

261. The Attorney General dismissed Josaia Naigalevu as DPP and appointed Aca Rayawa in his place.  Josaia Naigalevu had “crossed” the now Attorney General in preferring Daniel Goundar for promotion in the office of the DPP some years before.  Now he was blamed for the material mistakes in the “false evidence” conspiracy that lead to Macartney’s acquittal.  So there were two strong reasons for his dismissal.  Now Josaia Naigalevu is “in exile” in a government appointment in the Solomon Islands.  The fate of Mr Naigalevu for failure was intended also to be a warning to Aca Rayawa.  Failure to do what is requested results in dismissal; failure to achieve what the Attorney General has requested also results in dismissal.

262. The Court of Appeal’s acquittal of Macartney also resulted in final notice for Acting Vice President John Byrne in a decision taken on or about 6th May 2010.  The return of Macartney’s passport on that day would have been regarded as unforgivable.  On or about the same day the Attorney General unblocked his veto on my appointment which was made on 4th June 2010.  The Attorney General did not want me to be appointed.  But he had to have someone appointed in John Byrne’s place so I was appointed after a six month delay.

Rajendra Chaudry
Four irrational conspiracies or actions by the Attorney General
263. After the escape of Australian national Macartney, the Attorney General did not have long to wait before another ordinary person with Australian residency rights, Zafir Tarik Ali was highlighted to the Attorney General as someone who could be punished as a proxy for the Australian State who had removed the Attorney General’s Australian residency status.  In January 2010 James Nair chose to jump instead of being questioned.  He died.  The police charged manslaughter.  Although there was no case for manslaughter, Aca Rayawa took a conservative view, that there being no system of coroner’s inquests in Fiji, the non-natural death should proceed to trial on manslaughter. Then in June 2010 the Australian Government having seen the evidence, made representations on behalf of Zafir Tarik Ali whose wife and family in Australia were in despair not least because they lost their income when he could not, being in Fiji, attend to his employment in Australia.

264. At paragraphs 247 and 248 I have set out what the Attorney General did in Macartney with the motive of taking revenge on the State of Australia for revoking his residency status.  Given the irrationality and the out of control intended behavior, I said that if he had come to you for approval for what he was intending to do, you would have dismissed him.  In the case of Zafir Tarik Ali and three others it is much worse.  For one thing the Attorney General would be proposing to charge four accused with murder when there was “no case” on the lesser charge of manslaughter.  Even the DPP after advice was satisfied that it could be no more than manslaughter.  In Macartney there was a strong case for murder which the Attorney General wished to falsely “improve” with new evidence. In Zafir Tarik Ali his proposal was to frame for murder where there was no evidence at all.  Secondly, the proposal was not only to frame one out of four who had Australian residency, it was to frame also three innocent Fijian citizens for a murder which did not happen.  If the Attorney General had been asked about that he would have said:-

“The need is for revenge on Australia because of my loss of residential status.  I would prefer it if only Zafir Tarik Ali had been charged with manslaughter. These three Fijians must also be convicted of murder if I am to ensure the conviction of Zafir Tarik Ali who has the Australian residency status. Sometimes to achieve the result there is “collateral damage”.  Think of these three and their convictions for murder as necessary “collateral damage”. “

265.  Your reaction would be the same as that set out at paragraph 248 but more so.

266.  The reaction of Aca Rayawa and Ms Cokanasiga would be the same as yours.  As career prosecutors they are not “political”.  While they might turn a blind eye to investigators “improving” the evidence when everyone was sure of guilt, they would not set about framing innocent persons of murder where there was no evidence.  They would not regard personal or political reasons as sufficient to prosecute any person against whom there was no evidence of murder.

267. But both Aca Rayawa and Ms Cokanasiga knew about the Attorney General’s actions in Macartney.  They also knew that Josaia Naigalevu had paid the price for the incompetent execution of false evidence which had lead to the acquittal of a guilty man.  They knew that only a few weeks before, the Attorney General was enraged at the return of Macartney’s Australian passport. They knew that both cases were “run of the mill” homicides, which would never cross the desk or come to the attention of the Attorney General, if Macartney had not been an Australian citizen or if Zafir Tarik Ali had not been recently exposed as an Australian resident.  They had no choice but to agree because they knew that if they refused they would be dismissed.  They knew also that if they failed to achieve the objective of the Attorney General they would be dismissed.  By the time the appeal was heard they were both dismissed on account of their failure to deliver what the Attorney General required.  By the time of my ruling on 9th September 2010 describing their appeals as having chances of success “better than even” the Attorney General knew he would fail.  Shortly thereafter they were both out of office.

268. The third conspiracy, based on false evidence for reasons of revenge, was the framing of me as a dishonest and corrupt judge who must be punished. That took place about 13 days after my lead judgment was delivered in Zafir Tarik Ali and others. The conspiracy involved the Attorney General acting personally. I was to be punished for acquitting in the Court of Appeal, a man, Zafir Tarik Ali, whose appeal I was supposed to dismiss because he had Australian resident status.

269. This third event is as irrational as the conspiracies in Macartney and in Zafir Tarik Ali.

270. The fourth irrational event involves the Attorney General acting to achieve the conviction for rape of one of his oldest enemies, one Rajendra Chaudhary. Last year there was a report that an alleged drug smuggler Ms Muskan Balaggan had been raped by her lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhary.  When an appeal against refusal of bail for Ms Balaggan came before the Court of Appeal on 15th  September 2011 her allegations on the file were that the Attorney General had intervened and wished to assist her in convicting Rajendra Chaudhary.  The Court ignored this.  But an Attorney General who does such things corruptly because he requires revenge and enjoys exercising personal power, is wholly unfit to hold office.  I produce the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Muskan Balaggan dated 15th September 2011 as Document No. 84.  Having discussed irrational use of power by the Attorney General there is a possibility that such conduct is related to a major decision in April 2009 to ensure that all judges would give judgments in favour of what the Attorney General wanted.  I now discuss the Attorney General’s decision to make all the judges subservient to his will.

271. I submit that the evidence and documents support the following propositions:-

(1)     That in 2007 and 2008 the Attorney General felt constrained to follow the policies of the Prime Minister and Madam Justice Nazhat Shameem.  In particular the Charter of Rights, the establishment of FICAC and the Independent Legal Services Commission.  Also the legislation to ensure that all were Fijians and that after five years residents could acquire citizenship.  (All of this aimed at an inclusive society in Fiji.)

(2)     The Attorney General abused power irrationally in the Macartney case in 2007.  With the launch of proceedings in Vergnet SA in 2008 he was expecting the judges to forfeit integrity and independence.  With the appointment of Sosefo Inoke he set up an arrangement for corrupt pro-Executive judgments to order.

(3)  Before the Australian imposed judgment in Qarase of 9th April 2009, the had not been an Australian citizen or if Zafir Tarik Ali had not been recently exposed as an Australian resident.  They had no choice but to agree because they knew that if they refused they would be dismissed.  They knew also that if they failed to achieve the objective of the Attorney General they would be dismissed.  By the time the appeal was heard they were both dismissed on account of their failure to deliver what the Attorney General required.  By the time of my ruling on 9th September 2010 describing their appeals as having chances of success “better than even” the Attorney General knew he would fail.  Shortly thereafter they were both out of office.

(4)   The Attorney General used the crisis of 9th April 2009 to gain the increase in personal political power that he wished for.  By persuading you and the Military Council to abrogate the Constitution and dismiss all the High Court and Appeal judges, his intention was to subsume the judiciary within the Executive and under himself.  He intended a judiciary corruptly favouring the Executive view in every case.  He intended to completely undermine the judiciary; as an institution vital to the creation of an inclusive government in Fiji, the judiciary would be comprehensively and completely undermined.

(5)   The Attorney General agreed with Anthony Gates C J to recruit exclusively from Sri Lanka where the judiciary has a history of supporting the Executive. Anthony Gates C J had strong connections there.  Anthony Gates C J was told that Sri Lanka judges would maintain judicial independence when sitting in Fiji. This was untrue.  The Attorney General’s intent was that Sri Lankan judges would understand what was required by him and would deliver it.

(6)   Anthony Gates C J understood that local judges of the same mind as Justices Shameem, Byrne and himself would retain judicial independence and complete integrity.  Such judges would be persons minded to support the need for the present government and its inclusive policies.  The Attorney General did not intend this to happen.  He foresaw that in a short time any judge who preserved their independence and integrity would be either terminated in office or intimidated into conforming.

(7)   Anthony Gates C J before agreeing to accept re-appointment held out does such things corruptly because he requires revenge and enjoys exercising personal power, is wholly unfit to hold office.  I produce the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Muskan Balaggan dated 15th September 2011 as Document No. 84.  Having discussed irrational use of power by the Attorney General there is a possibility that such conduct is related to a major decision in April 2009 to ensure that all judges would give judgments in favour of what the Attorney General wanted.  I now discuss the Attorney General’s decision to make all the judges subservient to his will.

A dependent judiciary dominated by the Executive in all its decisions.  The events following 9th April 2009

(8)  By July 2010 Justice Priyantha Fernando demonstrates that Sri Lankan judges will perform as expected by the Attorney General.  He convicts in Zafir Tarik Ali and others and four innocent persons are convicted of murder.  The creation of false evidence by the DPP as required by the Attorney General was critical to this result.  The second factor was the trial judge’s convicting as required by the Attorney General.

(9)  On about 6th May 2010 the Attorney General stops blocking my appointment as Resident Justice of Appeal.  His only reasoning is that it was more important that Acting President Byrne be terminated after the judgment in Macartney, than that the blocking of my appointment be continued.

(10)  On 15th March 2011 the Attorney General frames a false and defamatory allegation which if it succeeds will end my career as RJA.  On 12th September 2011 the Attorney General’s facts in a sworn affidavit are found to be false evidence by three judges.  I am vindicated.  The Sun newspaper reports nothing.  The Times in a report of 13th September 2011 (produced as Document No. 85) does not state that Kolinio Waqa’s evidence was found to be false.

(11)   In early April 2012  I am not renewed.  Very shortly after, Justice Temo is intimidated by my non-renewal.  He prefers keeping his office to continuing with judicial independence and integrity.  By this time Acting President Calanchini and Anthony Gates C J have become agents of the Attorney General in the Judiciary.

Attorney General was looking for an opportunity to increase exponentially his personal political power.  He also wished to supplant and outgrow the influence of Madam Justice Nazhat Shameem and of Anthony Gates C. J.
Useful links to background Marshall's revelations
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Editor's Note: The full copy of Marshall's petition with the correct order of pages can be found at http://fijigirl.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/the-marshall-petition-with-correct-page-order/


FijiGirl said...

To download a copy of the full Petition with the correct order of pages: http://fijigirl.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/the-marshall-petition-with-correct-page-order/

Warlord said...

Well the shit is really hitting the fan now!! Duck!!!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid nothing will happen. The regime is power-drunk, ASK more than anyone else. He does not realize he does not have too many friends left. As they say, the higher a monkey climbs, the more it shows its bottom. And the higher they climb, the harder they fall. No one seriously believes that the judiciary in Fiji is impartial or independent.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Khaiyum won't be able to just step down because he can't.
I'm guessing he may have some sort of accident in the future where he tragically loses his life.

Imran Ali said...

Muslim Brotherhood

This is all bullshit just to bring down Khaiyum. It is just to fabricate Aiyaz. Just to let you know that Aiyaz is not alone in this crusade and all muslims are behind him. Donot play and hurt the emotions of muslim. Fiji will become a muslim state one day. This is Allah's crusade.
Allah Hu Akbar. Long live Islam.

Anonymous said...

run arsy run , times up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Priyanka Fernado was the judge who sent PM Laisenia Qarase to prison - was his judgment also written by the anit-Qarase cabal in the judiciary and red penicilled by Nazhat Shameem and Tony Gates?

Anonymous said...

If Marshall is right and I have no reason to doubt him, then it is highly likely that there are many accused wo have been sent to jail because of Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Brotherhood

What has happenned to Dr. Sahu Khan, Iqbal Khan and other muslim lawyers castrated by Kaiyum.

The reality is that only the day dreaming muslim and the opportunist one like you are behind Kaiyum.

Your necks will be chopped off and placed in the lovo once the others around are pushed too far.

Fiji will mever be a muslim state as you dream.

Anonymous said...

If I was to fault Marshall it would be that his tone suggests he is doing the big suck up to Bai to save his job, so it's less a revelation to right the wrongs against the people of Fiji but more like a plea for the return of his job. If he was a real whistleblower, he would've gone to the blogs or media. Having said that, I congratulate Marshall on his reflections and suggest we make good use of his information.

NEW FIJI said...

Don't get excited folks, nothing will happen to Aiyaz. Bai is so frightened for his life daily that all he does is get away from Fiji at every opportunity and drive around in different colored prados to save his own butt. I think that Aiyaz will be the next PM and send Bai to be high commisioner in some obscure country to play with his ill gotten salary and or play with his willy whilst Aiyaz will become commander RFMF and send every soldier to the HAJ rather than peace keeping. Actually the gaandu RFMF deserves the both of these gay Marist boys.

Anonymous said...

khaiyum court .fiji is f up bec of khaiyum and bai.
the army, police and dpp are used by this pufter.
Its time we arrest this gay and put him behind bars.
fijian brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

This cases must be declared a mistrial.
Rape of court system by the ag.
shame on you .no wonder people hate your guts.

joe black said...

this marshall guy is some old white bstard who thinks he is superior human being he should get real about fiji and the current environment our friend ghai has been reminded of this

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Resign now Frank and ASK.
Enough of your bullshit of good govt ,transparency. and accountabilty.
If you have some truth left in you guys you will step down for the love of fiji and its people.
The president of fiji have to act now.
sack the regime and pls uphold the court ruling of april 2009 and 1997 constitution.
Fiji will only move forward with the legal constitution not bs decree.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Kyum is a sicko soba and people behind him r going to hell yes u

Matai T said...

hey marshal

you are complaining to the wrong guy.

Both Bainimarama and Khaiyum are best buddies/partners in crime, or whatever you may want to call it.

Bainimarama will never remove Khaiyum coz he is the brains behind the illegal regime/govt. If Khaiyum goes, all crumbles down. As Bainimarama is educated horse shit. We all know that right? Isnt that the reason why he runs off to other countries like India, when some high level delegates visit fiji. Also he made Khaiyum the acting PM, dude your complaint is going to be mooted/urinated over by Bainimarama and his fucker Kahiyum.

/Matai T/

Anonymous said...

people should put heaps of pressure on the president to sack the regime now.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is a disgrace to the muslim faith.
We have nice muslim friends and they hate this idiot khaiyum.
he is dividing the fijians and the muslims in fiji.

Sophia Ali said...

Kaiyum will go to Jannat for all his good work. He is a jihadist and we should be proud of him since he has all alone taken the revenge on behalf of all muslims for all the atrocities and mayhem caused by racist and terriorist nationalists since 1987.
He is great. May Allah look after and protect him.

Anonymous said...

fuckwits its kaiboom which is at fault not the whole race n religion should we say that all I'taukei r cowards lomusona and sonalevu cause banimarama is one look at the prison population and history of i'taukei being in prison blame it on muslims dont 4get we are step brothers, read the bible properly and find out about other religions

mark manning said...

What do all the Regime supporters say now ?

Anonymous said...

What a load of "Hot Shit"! Who the frieken hell hired this asseole,really ought to be castrated and send home along with
him? What an idiot, i don't even think that he was a legitmate Judge
and was installed here, to do as much damages, as he can against the
military regime? I'm sure he's another member of the Aussie spy
ring.Khaiyum, you need to ban this asseole-Marshall-permanently from
setting foot on Fiji soil again? You
also need to keep an eye, on the asseole that was involved in his hiring?

People of the Land said...

The foundation of this regime is now beginning to shake. The military council is almost malfunction as we speak. The soldiers have now realized that their mental capacity can not contain the challenges in running a civilian government.They thought by traveling between Fiji and the middle east will provide them motivation to impress upon the people that Fiji should be aligned with those corrupt and military based government in the middle east which are all crumbling as a result of people power.

I sincerely hope that this country will return to civilian rule for the sake of our children.

We as a nation MUST no longer condone and support any future coups.

If the coup culture is allowed to continue there will be civil war and this beautiful island will be turned into ashes. We would not like to see that.

So lets all stop this bullshit and we must no longer give legitimacy to this devilish act again.

MPC and your gang, academics, chiefs, business people, opportunist and job seekers -you need to apologize to the people of Fiji for supporting and giving legitimacy to the usurpers of authority.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei kei kemuni na noda turaga bale

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the juridical system is not impartial. You guys are having us on.

Anonymous said...

So another naive, carpetbagging, boot-licking Australian now feels ill-used by the regime and wants to come begging, hat in hand, for a second chance.

Ruth Ellen Townsend, are you taking notes?

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum is a pofter and he was molested by his dad when he was small

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

What does the Law Society say about Marshall's disclosures? Better still, what is the Fiji media doing? Not a whiff of this story in any of the Fiji media so far. This after much ado last week about Fiji newsrooms not engaging in self-censorship.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

What does the Law Society say about Marshall's disclosures? Better still, what is the Fiji media doing? Not a whiff of this story in any of the Fiji media so far. This after much ado last week about Fiji newsrooms not engaging in self-censorship.

Puf-Military said...

E sa qai matata ga mai na mata ni meke 'qo. This enormous problem needs a cheap, effective solution - bullets in Aiyarse and Piggy's heads.

Sophie Sow Ali said...

To Sophie Ali you must be dazed after being gang raped by all the 'boars' at Koronivia Research Station to come up with such an idea.You and the pig Kaiyum do not belong in our beloved 'Viti'.

Matai T said...

What do Graham Davis gotta say now?

I am waiting for his fecal comments and his defending articles for his fascist leader and feeder; khaiyum and bainimarama.

Haven't seen his pro-regime shitty articles on his GrubSHIT or the Fiji Sun, recently , after some truth bashing by our bloggers.

/Matai T/

Anonymous said...

Do we really know where this asseole judge comes from? Doesn't looks like an Aussie,neither an America or English? Why would an asseole seek a job in a treasonous
administration? Didn't he know that
the PM pulled a military coup against the legitimate Government
of Fiji? Did he think that hewas going to turn these thugs into a sunday school teachers? Was his long term aspiration was to take over from the AG?

Anonymous said...

Graham Sammy Davis jJr must have been told to shut the dark up. Every time he opens his mouth up he ends up saying things that exposes more then he his meant to put down. He is no longer allowed to try to back or make the regime sound legit as he knows his on the losing side now.

Anonymous said...

The illegal PM is off to UN meeting. He will be putting on the table for debate why Fiji wasn't chosen as site for the recent movie "innocence of Muslim". ASK is not happy as Indian movie producers have flocked to Fiji recently to make movies and he really wanted to act as prophet in the recent movie!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Graham Davis is doing? He's probably still under a rock, licking his wounds.

Anonymous said...

The self-described 'award-winning journalist' is probably hard at work, behind his dedicated desk in Khaiyum's office, trying to earn his salary as a paid propagandist. The defender of Fiji's dictatorship is now a self-admitted Qorvis employee.


What a pathetic POS!

Anonymous said...

At least Iqbal Khan has the courage to fight for any who have been wronged. Both fijians and indians.

Sahu khan was only ever in it for the money. He even forged my uncles signature and stole his land.

Anonymous said...

I know where one of the Australian men is and from my personal experience, he's a violent man. Is there any way to reopen his case? He's been doing harm around a lot. I think I might know something about his motive. Please leave an email in the comments and I'll reply.