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Monday, September 24, 2012

Former judge rejects Marshall's claim he was a regime stool pigeon

Sosefo Inoke: Singled out by Marshall
In our third story on the disclosures of the former Appeal Court judge, William Marshall, we take a look at what he says about Justice Sosefo Inoke, whose story was publicised by Coupfourpointfive earlier this year. We revealed that Inoke's contract had not been renewed by the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Khaiyum and the fallout was an insight to the inner workings of the judiciary. (see the following link http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012/05/high-court-judge-gets-marching-orders.html). Marshall now claims Khaiyum had planted Inoke to process 'favourable results for the Executive'. 
Inoke's rebuttal is at the end of the story. 

The strange facts relating to Justice Sosefo Inoke and his tenure as a High Court Judge
173. Justice Sosefo Inoke who comes from Rotuma was appointed in early 2009. He was an obscure personal injuries practitioner in the West. If in any other areas of the law he ran the kind of argument that he would become wellknown for in his judgments, there is every reason to understand why he remained obscure. What was said about his appointment by the Attorney General and Chief Justice was that it was politic to have another “i-taukei” judge in addition to Justice Temo. The real reason for his appointment was that
the Attorney General wished to have someone committed to turning out judgments in favour of the Executive. It was arranged that the Attorney General would be able to “forum shop” and send to Justice Inoke particular files in which he wanted a favourable result for the Executive without regard to the merits of the Executive’s case.

174. Almost the first civil ruling I delivered in Fiji was in the case of South Sea Cruises Limited v Samsul Mody. It was an admiralty limitation of liability case. A passenger on a cruise had drunk from a bottle containing corrosive cleaning fluid thinking it was water. He was seriously injured. An International Convention applies and, through a complicated but upwards adjusting formula, limits
damages to a reasonable level. South Seas had already paid out beyond this limit in paying Mr Mody AU$135,000. South Seas had an unanswerable case in Fiji for invoking and succeeding under the International Convention.
175. Justice Inoke dismissed South Sea Cruises ‘ application with the following
[15] Mody’s personal injuries were not as a result of a collision between the Seaspray and another vessel. Clearly, the Act and the Conventions have no application to this case. I must say that I had to check myself to make sure that I was right. Such a slip by any counsel, let alone by both counsel from either side
must be very rare.
[16] The application must be dismissed.”

176. Justice Inoke then ordered “indemnity costs of $10,000” in favour of Mr Mody. Finally in order to prevent an appeal, Justice Inoke made his judgment an interlocutory one. Since Justice Inoke knew that this was a final order under the application, this was a dishonest act to ensure that South Seas must lose the litigation. The authorities are strongly against leave to appeal being granted if
the order is interlocutory. Justice Inoke had ruled that South Seas’ claim was an abuse of process.

177. Since this was the most dishonest and manifestly wrong judgment I had ever seen in 41 years as Counsel or on the Bench, I brought it to the attention of the Chief Justice. Apart from thanking me for doing so, Anthony Gates C J made no comment on my statements objecting to this judge continuing on the
Bench. I then sought an interview with Christopher Pryde the Solicitor-General. I told him about South Seas and many other cases decided by Justice Inoke noton the applicable facts and the law of Fiji, but on his subjective exercise of personal power being anything other than the law of Fiji. Like Anthony Gates C
J, Christopher Pryde S G politely heard me out but said nothing.

178. Some time later when the substantive appeal was heard on 7th March 2011, Mr M Thompson S C from Australia for Mr Samsul Mody, immediately disowned reliance on everything said and done by Justice Inoke in the Court below.

179. I found that Justice Inoke had been seemingly always invited in one or two cases per session of both the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court. I was expected to continue this practice when I took over running the Court of Appeal, and I reluctantly did so. I neutralized this to some extent by choosing cases on personal injuries, where if the original Plaintiff had the merits, the facts
and the law on his side, Justice Inoke could and would write a judgment that was honest and legally correct.

180. At a later time (in early 2011, I think) Anthony Gates C J said to me that the Attorney General used his power to allocate a series of land cases where the Government had an interest in succeeding. Justice Inoke had quickly found in favour of the Executive. In this discussion, Anthony Gates C J implied that the reasoning on these pro Executive decisions was completely unsatisfactory. He
was obviously unhappy but did not have the power to stop this process. To do so would have meant crossing the Attorney General and this he was not prepared to do.

181. As I have said above, the judiciary was corrupted by the Executive putting the individual judges in fear. In the case of Justice Inoke, he had willingly agreed with the Attorney General to write judgments corrupt in the sense that he would always deliver the decisions the Executive and the Attorney General wanted quite regardless of the merits of the facts and the law. From his
comments and speeches at judicial gatherings, it is clear that he expected his reward would be elevation to being President of the Court of Appeal or Chief Justice. Although there is always an argument for localization of the top offices in a post-colonial situation, the other local justices were afraid that this might
happen. Should your Government be replaced by the SDA headed by Qarase or another, they will care even less for the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary than the Attorney General. They will welcome Justice Inoke to the top job and he will ensure for them a corrupt judiciary that will always and indiscriminately do the Executive’s bidding. This will be the nemesis of the rule of
law in Fiji.

182. Another aspect of Justice Inoke’s conduct concerns the rule of law. In 2009 when appointed, he had a partner of 8 years, an Australian national by the name of Ms S. S.
They had a 4 year old daughter born in Fiji. Justice Inoke on appointment as a Justice asked the Judicial Department to regularize her stay in Fiji with the Director of Immigration. Ms S. S. and Justice Inoke both had an older child (or
children) by earlier partners. For reasons unknown Ms S. S.’s stay was not quickly regularized by the judicial department.

183. Following an incident involving “children of the family” Justice Inoke and Ms S. S. separated amidst great acrimony. Justice Inoke wished to have Ms S. S. deported from Fiji to Australia. Justice Inoke then wrote a letter on judiciary notepaper to the police at Nadi requesting or requiring that Ms S. S. be deported to Australia. That was sent to the Director of Immigration for action.
The police and immigration authorities put Ms S. S. in fear and she escaped to Suva. Armed with a copy of Justice Inoke’s letter, Ms S. S. complained to Anthony Gates C J that Justice Inoke had committed the criminal offence of “abuse of office”. You will recollect that some time ago Beniamino Naiveli, an Assistant Commissioner of Police ordered his police to obtain an eviction order in respect of a lady who was in lawful possession of a house to which Beniamino
Naiveli thought he had a civil claim. Naiveli was convicted and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment. Naiveli was fortunate to have the sentence suspended.

184. This clear abuse of power was intended to be effective by Justice Inoke. If Ms S. S. had not gone to the Chief Justice, the request or requirement would have been effective. It is a worse case of abuse of office than that of Naiveli. If the rule of law applied Justice Inoke would have been prosecuted for a serious offence of abuse of office. But the Chief Justice, instead of sending the file to
the Attorney General for prosecution, covered up the case. He said that it was confidential and must not be made public. Once there is a case for prosecution there is a public interest in public prosecution. In light of that the Chief Justice should not have stifled public knowledge of the case on the spurious ground of confidentiality.

185. There is no way the Attorney General would have prosecuted Justice Inoke who was corruptly doing what the Attorney General wanted in the High Court. No doubt also the Attorney General required Anthony Gates C J to suppress the matter. Apparently Justice Inoke was also made the recipient of a non-molestation injunction. This fact was never made public. Abuse of office by
Justice Inoke was covered up by act that warranted an investigation into whether the Attorney General or Chief Justice should be prosecuted for abuse of office.

186. At the end of his Court of Appeal judgment in Beniamino Naiveli of 12th August 1994, the late Sir Moti Tikaram, who presided, said:
We wish to make it clear however that people in high office who
abuse their power may well in the future be required to serve an immediate prison sentence. This comment should serve as notice to any such people that the courts are not prepared to regard such offence lightly and that they will not suspend sentences just because the consequences for such a person are severe.”

187. Mr Mahendra Motibhai Patel recently received 12 months immediate imprisonment for abuse of office in ordering a Post Office clock without following the appropriate tender procedures. The case against Justice Inoke was arguably more serious than either that against Mahendra Patel or Beniamino Naiveli.

188. Not only was Justice Inoke not prosecuted, he was not even dismissed from the judiciary for serious misconduct.

189. On one Court of Appeal session that I organized in 2011 there were about seven out of about nine civil appeals against judgments of Justice Inoke. His appointment and his conduct in office were an affront to the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. It is debatable whether the judgments that were based on personal whim rather than on fact and law were worse than those intentionally and corruptly favouring the Executive.

Inoke Sosefo's reply to Coupfourpointfive after a request for comment: 
"As you know, judicial officers, whether in or out of office, are not free to make public comment on judicial matters and, unlike Mr Marshall, I am obliged to uphold that restraint.  However, because of the untold damage and mischeif that would result if these malicious and defamatory lies remain unchallenged and put to rest, I feel constrained and justified to comment.

"As for my appointment, I was appointed on 28 January 2009 by the late President Ratu Iloilo, after all matters regarding my appointment were dealt with between the Chief Justice and I.  After the abrogation of the Constitution, I was appointed by the late President at his absolute discretion.  On both occasions the Attorney General did not approach or talk to me or discuss with me any matters regarding my appointment.  Neither did he approach, discuss with or direct me as to the conduct of my duties as a Judge at any time after my appointment and throughout my tenure up to 9 April 2012 when my contract of service expired."

His statement is as follows: "I have hardly spoken to the AG or he to me.  The only two occasions from memory, were once at his sister's weeding in Lautoka and the other at a book launch at the University campus in Nadi and on both occasions nothing more than greetings were exchanged.  When my contract ended I did not even ask or try to speak to him.  Indeed I was told by a reliable source that my contract was not renewed because I was "not loyal" - whatever that meant.  So when Marshall came up with this trash I was dumbfounded.

"I can swear on my parents grave and on whatever else you wish to put before me that at no stage was I ever told by the AG, the CJ or the PM or anyone else for that matter to deliver a judgment in a certain way. I think if you examine all the judgments which I delivered, and they are ALL on the paclii website for everyone to read, you will find that I probably delivered more judgments against the government than for it. I never bothered to keep count.  

"In fact the first two judgments that I delivered were against the goverment for government employees' negligence - both upheld on appeal - luckily for the unfourtunate mother and child it was before Marshall landed on our shores. The evidence is there for anyone who wishes to analyse if they wish.  None of the judgments which I delivered were ever withheld or not published.

"I will not lower myself into the putrid Scottish marshlands that Marshall is wallowing in to answer this absolute trash other than to say this.

"This man has a humungous chip on his shoulders.  I think he singled me out because I disagreed with him in one of the workshops about what the law in Fiji is in a certain area - he wanted us to go back to the 1970s when other countries have moved on - and because I did not agree with him in all of the Court of Appeal sittings which we presided in and because I seemed to be the only local that stood up and challenged his bullshit.  

"He expected us locals and the unfortunate Sri Lankans too, most of whom I must say did and are doing a sterling job, to agree with him ALL the time.  He tried to bully us to a stage where one of the judges told him that he was not the headmaster and we were not his students in a school in the Scottish highlands.  He thinks we are still naive and ignorant island natives.

"When you meet someone for the first time and he makes a point of telling you, without prompting, that he is a QC and he is an expert in such and such and that he has a unit at a posh and exclusive golf club in England you start to suspect that this person feels threatened because he is intellectually and mentally insecure.

"I think my suspicions have been proven correct.  I am sure your readers can see this for themselves from the style and the trash that he has published.  The man has been in Fiji for less than two years and he is an expert in our politics, the law, society and everything else.

"God help us! No! Please God, help Marshall and the Shameem sisters, spare them for they know not right, and Please deliver us from their evil.  Amen.
Sosefo Inoke.

Risto Harmat on his boat.
Editor's Note: After the Marshall report was made public, the registry postponed the ruling on the Risto Harmat case and today delivered a unexpected ruling of no case to answer. Harmat was accused of helping Roko Ului Mara escape to Tonga. We wonder: Is the judiciary on a damage control mode? In delivering the verdict on the Estoian national, the Mohammed Saneem said there was no evidence to show Harmat colluded with Mara and the prosecutors case was circumstancial evidence.


Judges disrobed and ungloved said...

And the score at the end of Round One is ...

Marshall - 1.1
Inoke - 1.0

Now, to round 2... Sit tight ladies and gentlemen but do enjoy the popcorn.

Ding! Ding!

Anonymous said...

Good defence by Judge Sosefo. I bet in few weeks or months, he will be reappointed or given a lucrative government job somewhere in sone form!!!!!! Sosefo.....hope his masi polo does not change the fact the AG tried to frame marshall in Mahendra Patel case by saying he as having lunch with patel when Patel was already in Naboro? wonder what sosefo has to say about that?????

Anonymous said...

What about the allegation re his instructions re Ms. S. S. on that HMS No Come Back Please letterhead? I'm stilling reeling from the shock of this particular revelation.

Fiji's judiciary is now confirmed to be a complete joke. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh ex Judge Inoke---where art thou ?Please marshall up some courage and show us your face .May the grace of Allah be upon you .

Mohammed Ayikub said...

I will believe Judge Inoke not that loser European sour grape judge. As a former judge do you know what privacy law means.

Anonymous said...

Your Lordhship Inoke - I respect your response but that does not mean that Justice Marshall made up everything about the judiciary - why did he single you out specifically - you must have been what he claims you are - anyway, why did you and Marshall join in the first instance - you are getting as good as it gets - former feathers of feather flocking with the illegal regime until both of you were sell by date. I believe Marshall over his allegations about the judiciary

mark manning said...

At the time of Inoke's appointment by the late President, he was a senile old man incapable of making decisions, that was partly why his clan wanted to remove him from Suva and take him home with them.
Inoke has basically admitted then that he was happy to serve under an illegal entity such as the regime of Frank Bainimarama and therefore has no credibility, so why should we believe anything he is saying in his response to Justice Marshall ?

Anonymous said...

what has baini to say about kai-um corrupt practice , Justice Marshal has cornered him now-don't we were told that 2006 coup was a clean-up .what has changed now idiot baini.....

Anonymous said...

Tell the truth Inoke-why was your contract terminated? Not because you were not loyal but you cross the line...Just say it..that AG was manipulating things...e cava o lamu...You traitor of the Fijian people...

Anonymous said...

This fly by night marsh - mellow fella is in deep hurt. He certainly needs Help.

Why single out Sosefo Inoke? Is it becos He is a Rotuman iTaukei who would not accept your cnb fraternising colonialistic bullyish Mr Know it All crap.Or is it becos of your inradequacies, total failure and deserved Loss.

marshmellow's tone and attitude was pushy and bullyish right for the epoch.he is so subjective and is so full of undue assumptions. This chap sold his belongings and packed for Fiji even before Appointment. Luckily for Gates marshmello got the job, otherwise Gates would have been singled out.
How about the shameless Shameem sisters whom he generously applauds and endorses for AG and CJ and a corrupt ticket for reappointment.
This is a bitterman who brings more confusion, mudslinging, and demonising rather than equity.

Credit however for Highlighting the Corrupt and Childish errands of ask.

God Bless Sefo...you did not need to swear at the graves of your Beloved parents. Thanks for the courage and clarifications.Objective and available for All to see.


Anonymous said...

And, why was this judgement on Risto Harmant postponned and delivered today? AG affected by the revelations now trying to damage control to disprove the Marshall allegations!!!! how come judgement changed over night???

Anonymous said...

Sa dina knox. Old scottish fart, QC my ass. Never was a judge in HK, just a solicitor, not even a barrister

Sheik Sabir said...

There is no greater tyranny than that perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.
- Montesquieu

Anonymous said...

Lets not deviate from this former regime stool pigeon - whether he was pro or against coup - Justice Marshall has made some serious allegations and they must be taken seriously - this arsehole Inoke is trying to undermine the whole allegations for in order to survive as a lawyer in Fiji he has to be seen to be speaking out against the judgment - I wonder if Inoke could tell us whether other parts of the affidavit are also false - you rotten carrot of a man

Kumar said...


Anonymous said...

Inoke you are a corrupt judge.
good they kick you out.ass licker of the ag.
you are a disgrace to the fijian people.
go back and plant biscuit. ask you friend richard kwan to pay you some money.
risto was freed because ask want to save his face.

Anonymous said...

Both of these so-called judges is a disgrace -- the same sort of corrupt and pliant judges who subverted the rule of law in Nazi Germany.

Never mind their ethnicity. This isn't the case of a neo-colonialist bullying a Rotuman, as Inoke wants us to think. Nor is it the case of a judicial expert educating a concerned administration, as Marshall likes to pretend. It's really more about two whores fighting over the same pimp.

The reason why the sentence on Risto Hammat was postponed till today was because ASK needed it rewritten. The regime wanted to throw the book at Risto but decided to change its tune because it's already feeling too much heat from the Marshall revelations.

Keep up the pressure. That means Jericho!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sosefo was 'running with the hare and the hounds' - always ends in grief.

Anonymous said...

@ anon Sept 25, 2012 5:58 AM: Sosefo Inoke is right...you and Marshall are wrong in using lies to try and advance the cause of Demoracy...you and marshall are both doing more damage to the cause when you use lies...it discredits the Democracy Movement...don't you see that that is Marshall's real motive...my advise is always use the Truth to attack with...not on all the lies from Marshall...what Sosefo Inoke is saying indirectly to us all that the interference is the sacking of Judges and Magistrates, that is the evidence of interference that people should be fighting against...Judges and Magistrates should be protected against arbitrary termination, short term contracts etc, etc...

Just saying said...

Inoke has learnt a painful lesson but is entitled to defend his name. Anyway, the Marshall allegations have merit but no one is covering it. He would've been better to have taken his information directly to media who consider themselves above blogs who would've done a story.

The Oracle said...

Arguments and counter arguments will not take away what we already know... that Fiji's Judiciary has been compromised. Marshall is a cry-baby having lost out on his hopes of settling in Fiji and his hope of maintaining his "top of the echelons" stature by being President (he probably hoped for life!) of the Court of Appeal. But strip away Marshall's crocodile tears and we begin to see a pattern (backed by publicly documented evidence) of how Khaiyum, through Anthony Gates, has such power over the "imported" juges. From Day One, Anthony Gates has been working in collusion with the interim Government thus compromising the Independence of the Judiciary. Khaiyum has also, through one of his portfolios, managed to control the so-called Fourth Estate - the local media - through his constant threats under the Fiji Media Industry Decree. And now he has a "ball boy" in Shaheen Ali, to try and get Fiji's business community to fall in line with the Khaiyum objective of discrediting Fiji's traditional trading partners. Khaiyum is running Fiji single-handedly and what is more worrying is that he is doing so with a chip on his shoulder - he will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Bainimarama, despite his bravado, has also become one of the "ball boys" in Khaiyum's trail of destruction.

Anonymous said...

The saying "A falling out amongst thieves" comes to mind. Now its a case of who's telling the truth or more likely who's telling the closest version to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Confirmation now from Judge Sosefo Inoke that Shameem sisters nazhat and Shaista wrote the Marshall Petition in their bid to oust Khaiyum. Ooww isnt that something for the sisters to plot against Khaiyum and discredit the judiciary which Khaiyum built for three years since the Appeals court declared the regime illegal. Shameem sisters dont know what your agenda are ladies?

Anonymous said...

Following an incident involving “children of the family” Justice Inoke and Ms S. S. separated amidst great acrimony. Justice Inoke wished to have Ms S. S. deported from Fiji to Australia. Justice Inoke then wrote a letter on judiciary notepaper to the police at Nadi requesting or requiring that Ms S. S. Be deported to Australia. That was sent to the Director of Immigration for action. The police and immigration authorities put Ms S. S. in fear and she escaped to Suva. Armed with a copy of Justice Inoke’s letter, Ms S. S. complained to Anthony Gates C J that Justice Inoke had committed the criminal offence of “abuse of office”.

Anonymous said...

Whatever trevor!!!!!!!Bring on Jericho. 32 hours and counting.

Anonymous said...

But where, ask some, is the Tui Viti? I’ll tell you friend, he reigns above, and does not make havoc of mankind like the brute of Suva, Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in earthly honors, let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter; let it be brought forth, placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be place thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarchy, that in Fiji THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.

Anonymous said...

The President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Daniel Urai said he was not allowed to board a flight to China this morning despite having court documents allowing him to travel to a meeting in China and Malaysia.
Urai said he was cleared by the Immigration Department but he ended up at the Border Police office.
Urai said after some discussions he was allowed to fly but it was too late.
Urai is hoping to attend the International Labour Organization meeting in China and another union meeting in Malaysia.
He is facing charges relating to urging political violence and was allowed to travel out of the country by the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday.


Confirmation now from Judge Sosefo Inoke that Shameem sisters nazhat and Shaista wrote the Marshall Petition.......bahahahahhhha...oilei where is the "confirmation " coming from ????? Sosefo is the implicated not the confirmer.......pagla hai madarchod??

Anonymous said...

All this does remind me of the saying, "there is no honour among thieves". They who join an illegal regime and illegal bench will get their just desserts eventually. The reality of Inoke is that he was an obscure and mediocre lawyer and lawyers of such calibre should never be judges. Only the best and brightest of lawyers should be considered for the Bench. Gates has no choice but to recruit the mediocre locally, because no lawyer worth their salt would join the judiciary in Fiji.

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

Roko Lui you come from Lau to Suva. We will be waiting.

Dakuwaqa you come to. We will be waiting.

Have your Jerico. It doesn't matter whether we can stop it or not. Bainimarama will be king of Fiji for the rest of our lives.

Sophina and Momin Ali said...

No one can touch Khaiyum. Allah is his protector.

He has alone brought the kaiviti and the hindu on their knees. he has alone taken the responsibility to turn fiji into muslim country.

May allah bless him and protect him so that he can put more muslim brothers and sisters on high post such as shaheen ali, nizam, shameem sisters, etc.

May allah bless Khaiyum that he rule fiji for 786 years.

Sophina Ali

Anonymous said...

THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.

Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

Operation Jericho, Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 PM.

Because we are not slaves!

Anonymous said...

Whatever comments are made, the whole world now know how the judiciary system is run in our beloved Fiji.Thank you God, you are the KING OF KINGS AND THE JUDGE OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.YOU HAVE SEEN WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR COUNRTY WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN US.GLORY TO YOU. AMEN !

Anonymous said...

Gates reversed a goos judgment given by Marshall against the insurance companies----why??--Gates is in cahoots with and in the pocket of Sun Insurance.Shame on him.--the Chandrika Prasad "hero" is now ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Remember 10 hours to go for Jericho
to happen? Get your tin,drum,etc to
make some noise at 7pm?
Kalivati, come on down bro, to the
Sukuna park, be there at 7pm.whoever make to most noise,get
a hambuger from me at McDonald!

Anonymous said...

Former judge Sosefo surprised everyone how he got in behind the bench and equally surprised everyone how he got out.
Equally surprised everyone about his decision on critical cases that he presided over. One such case was the Suvavou Case, on the claim by the traditional land owners on which the city of Suva is situated. This case was taken to be heard by the Lautoka court, instead of it being heard in Suva, closer to where the claimants are. After his ruling, which was against the wishes of the Suvavou landowners, the illegal AG said that ' this was a landmark decision, which other municipalities should take their cue from.'
Sosefo is judge no more, but that decision, manupilated as it all appeared, has been made by a court that we all know was/ is ridled with questionable judgements.
The question that concerns most of us is, if the Suva penninsula did not belong to the traditional landowners of Suvavou, then who is the real owner, when Suva township only moved in in 1882?
Will Sosefo have a different answer now?

Anonymous said...

Wahahah...this back and forth allegations by these judges are just laughable!

Keep at it ~ while you're at it, you're proving us all right. THAT THE JUDICIARY WAS NEVER INDEPENDENT!

Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata meke qo! Kaila mada VITI!

MOBSTER said...

Watch out Baini, Kukum and Inoke. Don't let me catch you @ the Marist reunion.....cos I'm gonna give you a big case of whipass. Qarauna, waraka, namaka.

Anonymous said...

One thousand Fiji dollars in cash to whoever I find is the loudest during M-Minute.

Anonymous said...

Ok Joveci won hands down.He's located @ 450 Lovo place,Muanikau,Suva.He was banging
on that tabili, for at least an hour! You could hear his tabili for miles.He start exactly at 7pm and didn't stop till way after 8pm
hope the neighbours were not annoyed with the noise?
Vinaka Jo, you da man! Hope Luisa
understand the Jericho thingy?