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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Former WAGES chair crosses swords with regime

The former regime supporter, Father Kevin Barr, is reported to have been questioned by police after a march involving 200 people yesterday.

Barr's Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy group was supposed to start its march from Vanua Arcade to Civic Centre as part of a celebration for International Day of Peace but was stopped at the eleventh hour with police saying it was a 'national threat'.

ECRA march. pic Fiji Times
It's believed a second march went ahead from Battery Rd later in the day with more than 200 people wearing tee-shirts with the slogan 'Just Peace-Just Wages for All'.

There was a suggestion Barr had been arrested but sources say he was questioned over the gathering that took place at parliament house. 

"He went to present his submission to the constitution commission but had about 30 people accompany him holding placards and banners." 

Barr had told Fiji Times their march was called off despite them having a permit.

The paper says Superintendent of Police Rusiate Tudravu referred all questions to Barr saying: “When the permit is cancelled that means it’s cancelled." 
It is not known when Barr's permit to march was granted but the chair of the WAGES Council,  is now a controversial figure after resigning from his position about three weeks ago, in protest at at the regime's decision to put a hold on the 10 new Wages Regulations Orders 2012 until October 31.

Barr said he also resigned because the illegal government was allowing employers to dominate the 10 Wages Regulations Orders while ignoring the plight of the workers.

He told the Fiji Times: "The Wages Council made three submissions in the last four years seeking an increase in the wages for workers but it was deferred by the government every time the matter was put forward."

He also said poverty was increasing in Fiji.

The negotiations were being overseen by the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.


mark manning said...

Descent has begun and it can't be put back into the bottle now.
The best solution is for for righteous Soldiers to take up arms against the Regime under effective and Loyal Leadership and arrest Frank and Aiyaz and their supporters, including that incompetent toe sucking illegal President.

Anonymous said...

Kevin has to understand that you cannot get 'blood from a stone'. The problem, that Kevin quite rightly recognises, is that the Government & private business CANNOT pay more given the parlous state of the economy and the need to stimulate investment. Kevin you need to cure the CAUSE of the disease not the symptoms of poor pay, unemployment, poverty, urban drift, etc. The cause is non investment in the economy brought about by a coup WHICH YOU SUPPORTED. You know what the cure is - so do it starting on 28 September - Jerico.

Anonymous said...

I know that some out there had denounced the involvement of Father Kevin Barr in the illegal Bainimarama Military / Interim Government. To me he is just like other honest persevering individuals who had thought staying in the illefal government would be better for one can do better for the nation and its people by being inside rather than outside.

Anonymous said...

One by one, the regime is alienating itself from its supporters. the Catholic Church was in its camp from the start, participating in the Charter charade, lending its support to various regime projects. Now they find themselves on the outer when they have to go to the regime with a begging bowl to allow them to have Catholics as principals and headmasters of their schools. Soon, Dewan Maharaj and the Arya Samajis will find themselves in the line of fire. These fellows have created a monster they cannot control. It will devour them in due course.

Anonymous said...

The pig Vuakamarama and the piglet Khaiyum are both paranoid and worried. Well they both know they're on borrowed time and both of them will go down like pigs that they are.

Anonymous said...

All the Decrees should be flushed down the public toilets in Suva come 2014.-this should be the job given to NIL sharma--he is the flushing expert--can be assisted by Dr Vinod Singh of Auck.

Anonymous said...

good on your father barr

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around.

Ouch. Nice one

Anonymous said...

One must be prepared to be treated badly after falling out with the regime. fact of life.

Anonymous said...

Is it Ibrahim or Abraham ????---big difference !!!

Anonymous said...

Nil Sarma Says nothing is free.His whipping in Albert Park will be free--he can then get his backside treated for free at CWM.--Dr Vinod Singh(record for failing exams) from Auck can then nurse him for free.

Anonymous said...

The AG is smarting. He's got no real defence against Marshall's charges. He's now in real danger of losing the case against the Chaudhrys. He's distracted by the episode involving the escapees. He's annoyed by Father Barr, the ILO delegation and the trade unions. He's got no good strategy for stopping Dakuwaqa, and he suspects Operation Jericho, this Wednesday, 26 September, aims at more than an embarrassment for the regime. He can't plug the leak in his staff. The internal loyalty audit is going nowhere. He's got some chronic health problems. Perhaps worst of all, he's got no ready solution to the stand-off with Yash Ghai, and remember who was responsible for hiring Ghai in the first place. 

In fact, the AG's begun to prepare a litany of 'errors' supposedly committed by Ghai's commission. He wants to be prepared to announce these as soon as Ghai makes his break with the regime. He wants it to look more as though the regime were firing Ghai than Ghai quitting and repudiating the regime. How this would tarnish Ghai's reputation isn't even a consideration.

Most fundamentally, he fears losing his usefulness to Bainimarama. He's done all he can to build Bainimarama's dependence on him. In this, he's been ruthless and successful -- Bainimarama would feel lost without him. The AG's fear, though, is that his growing string of failures could cause Bainimarama to feel lost WITH him, as well, in which case he knows the end can't be far off. Khaiyum knows he's very unpopular and understands that the Commander would enjoy an instant boom in popularity just by getting rid of him. 

The AG is dishonest and unwise, but he isn't stupid. He carries large sums of cash with him every time he leaves the country. One of these times he might just seek medical care abroad... and never return.

Anonymous said...

Father Barr, surely you will join us in celebrating Fiji in Downtown Suva on Wednesday, 26 September at 7:00 PM precisely.

No meeting, so no need for a permit. Just Fijians making a joyful noise!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody else heard rumours that Roko Ului has returned with strong company and is now somewhere on Vanua Balavu?

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:30pm...Yeah right!RUM returned? Yeah,excuse me while I check the door,he could be standing
out here either?RUM is scared-shit of Voreqe and Khaiyum and there's no way in the world he would come
back, while these two thugs are still here running the country.The
only time he'd come back, is when
a democratic elected Government is
back in power? But if he decide to
return,we'd still have to arrest him and trie him, for been an accomplished of Bainimarama in the 2006 Military Coup?
Boy, isn't he stucked between a rock and a hard place???

Anonymous said...

Father Barr and what were you thinking? You made your bed, now you must lie down on it!
And since you were with these thugs, from the begining,
is this outing,just another way for you to contribute,
in flushing out the Fijian
underground opponents of your regime?People,stay away from this
thugs lover just make sure you have
his name somewhere, so we can also
trie his ass when hes put on trial alongside his buddies?

Anonymous said...

Distractions and Illusions people!....ok something big really happening and looks like its happening rite in front of our nose..so the prisoners escape from prison..but in reality it loooks like someone just left the door wide open for them to walk out..fisshhyy yet??..ok so after escaping from prison within 2days have a very meticulous plan set out to rob a bank along one of the busiest roads in Suva...knowing exactly where to hit on the weakest part of the banks wall..a wall covered up and painted as the ATM machine was moved so it was covered with ply and painted to look like concrete..how did the prisoners know this??..still fishy??ok how bout this..the police get different reports of robberies here and there alon the city and get distracted while the main attrraction is not covered..even though samabula police station is only 2mins away..still fishhyy?..they get wateva they was going for in the bank and made a getaway only for the police to find the car left somewhere in turaki..police say they belive they was helped by outsiders[wow!..thats wat they teach at the academy..even a kalasi tolu would know that!]...and now if u all look back in history of turbulence in the government since 87..there has always been a breakout of prisoners at a critical time of fiji's political era!..so these prisoners are all still young and just a big dispensable pawn in the prison system...where there is a general inside liasing with political officials [too far fetched??]..so whenever they need things cleaning up ..get the best ppl to clean it up ...who are dispensable ...and they always cover there own selves up by taking the prisoners and beating them to kingdom come...like i said just look at history prison breakout is rife when the government is in trouble...so now ppl dont forget wats really going on...Distractions and Illusionns!

Anonymous said...

It is time for the Tongan Navy to take over the Lau Group. Ma'afu had done it before and they can do it too because the Fiji Navy is just for show, no teeth to bite with.

Forget the traditional protocol and relationships; take over the Lau Group and or even Kadsavu and Lomaiviti and enhance your rights over paerts of Fiji you have claims to as the Minerva Reef with its waters and resources.

Through this you can bring back Roko Ului to his home place to rule for you, TONGA; just a suggestion, a practical one it is that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:03, I thought exactly the same thing, but I've also heard Mara was in Lomaloma yesterday, poorly disguised, and that he was with several others. Baleidrokadroka maybe? My contacts don't know. I don't think it can be much of a secret, since word of the sightings came from more than one source.

Jone said...

RUM back in Fiji? What a load of BS! And if he was in Vanua Balavu, my sources would know.

Jone said...

A regime contact tells me they're actually checking up on this story. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Barr, i cant stop laughing at his stupidity. A bush economist with no commercial knowledge. His intentions are good but certainly not practical. The cause of Fiji's poor economy is the spate of coups and bad corrupt leadership. If the country progressed, we would have a strong economy which would drive economic growth and investment and employment opportunities. With this comes better wages. In the current economic situtaion, thanks to your support of Baini and Kai, Fiji is screwed. Fiji alos has a problem with quite a large lazy population. These so called sqautters and beggars choose to live that way and have no interest in working. They must be educated and encouraged to take up work and start earning some income for their families, this is the first step to work your way out of poverty.
Kevin tried to paly politics but but scrwed up in his own game.

Anonymous said...

Good call at 5.52a.m anonymous, people should stay away, looks like the regime wants that too or they wouldn't be questioning him. Wot say?

Anonymous said...

You are one of the those stupid people that gave legitimacy to this murderers regime. Why complaining NOW mate. You Daniel Urai, Felix, Chodo and others are people who supposed to be role model to society.

Do you have any human instinct that can differentiate right and wrong?

Seriously you have stooped so low and your reputation is now questionable.

Why complaining NOW?

Coupland said...

Guys ....we are under dictatorship and what else would you expect from the unelected regime. Why were People so blinded to the fact that Dictators are accountable to NO ONE and they can sack anybody any time... it does not matter who you are. For a small person like Kevin...you are just like a dot in the Greater Pacific Ocean. As always mentioned by the former Band Master .."You are insignificant.. Mate."

Welcome to Coup Land.

Where are these guys now?

The Ganilaus,
Labour Party,
Ariya Samaj,
Catholic Church,
Senior civil servants

Those still hanging there ...are Business people and Muslim,close families...Keans, Mataitini's, academics and close associates of Bole, army and police officers, etc.

The only significant people are the investors, Hoteliers, Business People, some Muslims, some cronies etc

Anonymous said...

Watch it, this is Kevin's election campaign. See him with the crook unionists

Anonymous said...

Come on Kevin, we are not so gullible as you think!!
You and Mataca got on the band wagon, then the Vore kicked both of you off!!
What do u want now?

Jone said...

My contacts still say they're 'checking up' on this story about RUM's return. This is very suspicious. Maybe there is something to it after all!?

Anonymous said...

Security beefed up at the ports. What does that tell you?

Obviously, this is leading up to the big showdown. I assume Mara and his people came now to take advantage of Frank's absence from Fiji to attend the UNGA, and/or maybe it's to take advantage of Operation Jericho. Or maybe they're actually part of it? 

Anonymous said...

When Dakuwaqa took his leave, was it to go to Vanua Balavu for a clandestine rendezvous?

Are they coming to Viti Levu?

Anonymous said...

O M G!!!

Sounds like this thing is really on!!

Bula Jericho!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you got 9 hours for Jericho to kick in!
Be ready-kavanibisikete is my name
Jericho is my game!!!
They seek him here? They seek him there, those stupid sotia seek him everywhere???

Kaiviti said...

Typicall Jesuit drama going on in here. First u work with the enermy and later u create the conflict. Wake up Fijians! Behind the scene they still friends.

Jone said...

The authorities now believe the 'sightings' of RUM on Vanua Balavu were all just part of a big psych job. It worked, though, by helping to keep the regime off-balance.

Jericho was effective. It frightened Bainimarama and kept the regime guessing.

And it may not be over. There's some speculation that some within the police and army and even the regime watched Jericho closely to gauge public sentiment in preparation for their own moves against Bainimarama.

I think they'd have to come away with a mixed view. Jericho was loud in some neighbourhoods but not in others. The regime was unable to stop it, but the Loyal Opposition should have done more with it.

Yet look what Jericho accomplished. It was essentially one person, 'Dakuwaqa', operating through just one website, Coup 4.5. And it was enough to unnerve the regime.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, wherever you are, thank you.

I celebrated Fiji during M-Minute. I heard others but in the distance only. Still, I had the immense satisfaction of knowing that, for sixty seconds at least, I stood up for Fiji.

Those who chose not to out of fear will need to live with their cowardice. As far as I know, nobody was arrested in connection with Jericho, nor should they have been. So why so much fear?

It was a good plan, and it worked. It's obvious that Bainimarama cancelled his travel because of Jericho. But I can't help but think that if everyone who really opposes this regime had simply participated, I think we could have restored lawful government to Fiji in a single evening.