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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ILO fact finding team ordered out of Fiji

ILO delegation head: Koroma
A high level International Labour Organisation contact group in Fiji on a fact finding mission has been ordered to leave the country.

The delegation was headed by international jurist, Judge Abdul Karoma, a member of the International Court of Justice.

They began their meetings on Monday, starting with union leaders in Suva. 

Unionists from the Fiji Trades Union Congress and the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Union met privately with the delegation.

The ILO fact finding mission was trying to see first hand what the unions grievances were against the regime in relation to recent decrees that curb their powers.

The Essential Services Decree, introduced last year, is the root cause of a fallout between the interim government and unions.

The Fiji Office of the International Labour Organisation had facilitated the trip and arranged all of the meetings.

Coupfourpointfive is trying to establish the exact reason cited for the delegation being asked to leave, but we have been told the ILO Fiji Office received a letter from the regime this morning asking the ILO contact group to immediately stop its work and leave the country.

They have been told to leave tonight on the Hong Kong flight.


Anonymous said...

We asked the ILO fact-finding team to leave Fiji because it came with pre-conceived notions. This became evident when they insisted on meeting with unionists instead of people chosen by us.

Anonymous said...

The ILO is a pretty major international organisation. Typically the regime cant bear coming under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

We asked the ILO fact-finding team to leave Fiji because we are shit scared of letting more of the World know what is really happening in Fiji...true story

Anonymous said...

Come on Hero Khaiyum, send all fijians to Vanualevu and all Indians own Vitilevu-you have the power and the soldiers to do that.....No one will touch you...because they are so scared of you...

SEMI MEO said...

Why did this money wasters come in the first place,we ask?…resource that could have been used to feed the hungry and educate isolate people groupings around the globe..phew!....money wasters transnational bureaucrats who cook up a holiday in the Tropics!!

Why can’t ILO glean from the existing country reports from the US State Department, Australia’s DFAT, Amnesty International..
etc..the writing is on the wall…even in so far as the muffling of these Fiji based socialist groups rights ..…goodness!!
Fiji does not need any more snoopers from outside to tell us or the world what is happening to us..…as far as from within Government we are being told the truth….read C4.5 other topics..

Ratu Sai said...

Democracy Big Pig style that has been touted as the panacea to Viti's political, economic and racial problems.

Viva la Vorevuaka.

hafiz khan-muslim hq[suva] said...

Hafiz Khan-Muslim HQ[Suva]

EU has to send all Fiji solders back to Khaiyum’s home. They have to put immediate stop on buying Fiji Sugar, terminate all grant, withdraw diplomatic reps from fiji, put sanction on visitor arrival and so on. The culprit behind all this is Khaiyum. He has got a very nice rubber stamp called Voreqe Bainimarama. International Community please wake up and read Sir J.W.Marshell’s petition to Bainimarama on corruption.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

We let ILO leave because we the regime are corrupted and pack of liars and murderers...

We ask ILO to leave because we have removed basic human rights and freedom...

We don't want ILO to know the truth...poor Fiji let by pack of Dogs and thiefs...

Anonymous said...

Regime pulled the same stunt last year booting out NZ and Australian trade union delegation.Surely, if things are so good we should not be afraid to allow scrutineers in.

Saddam Hussein said...

The fact finding mission was digging deep on Molana Khaiyum which he didnt like. People have to accept that Fiji is heading towards becoming a muslim state. Fiji should become an Islam state under the new constitution and Arabic should be made compulsory in primary schools. Islam teaches about equality, purity and path towards holism. It is the most scientific religion in the world todaty. My plea to native brothers and sisters is to leave Christanity and join IslaM like other Afican countries.
AllaH HU Akbar.

Seafish said...

i do not believe this story, may be another lie by Felix Anthony

what were the United Nation [LABOR] delegation doing on Monday 17th September, whole day who were they meeting. what and who were they meeting on Tuesday 18th September and then lastly on the today Wednesday 19th at 11 am they got expel. may be they finished there meeting and they have left , was there any comment from the delegation or the United NATION Commissioner at Kadavu House in Suva.

is Felix telling the truth on another con made by Felix like his story on bainimarama and his body guards buturaki him in saru back road lautoka. then no medical certificate, no police report, then , later on he said he is not complaining about bainimarama but another solider by the name Rokoua and teh rest of the body guards. then bainimarama said on Radio Tarana , Felix has withdraw his complaint from the police in lautoka .

Felix is a lost cause, kicked out Fiji Labor Party , along with the President Daniel Urai.

this same felix was in bed with government raking in F$250,000 SALARY , as board member to FNPF, ATH, TELECOM Fiji, FINTEL , NATADOLA PROJECT,etc.

very hard to believe this guy. sorry felix you look like a looser .
fu*k off felix we dont need you , you rob us of democracy.

Kenneth Zinck said...


Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

regime is scared the truth will be reveal.
auss and nz pls start reading all this media release.
justice marshall and ilo now.
cant trust the regime.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is in Taliban control. They have open diplomatic missions in Iran, North Korea and other rogue States. Fiji under khaiyum is a threat of western countries. Isarel should sent its elites force and get rid of the taliban now...

Keep The Faith said...

They probably weren't expecting a ICJ Jurist and of course we all know how overwhelmed and inadequate the Bhaiyums get in the presence of those with highter IQ's.

The fact that the ICJ is involved is probably triggering some major knee-knocking reactions within the regime.

Top that with the raft of burglaries now plaguing them and its all looking quite plum and rosy for the Bhaiyums and their cue to exit now.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow, swapped side yet again? Geez old man, take your pills and don't forget to change your nappy. Your hero Bocimarama and his piglet Aiyarse feared that the whole world will truly find out what's been happening. Your Alzheimer's getting worse old fella. The word Labour means anything to you? Think before you write asshole and stop rambling on about things you don't know about.

Anonymous said...

Only IDIOTS who are stupid, gullible, ignorant and what have you would take on the ILO, like these ILLEGAL goons have done!!
The ILO is a an esteemed and highly powerful body that can make or break a country.
So just where is the "TRANSPARENCY" and "FREEDOM" that these goons have been harping about?
To the ILO, I say to you, tighten the noose around these IDIOTS!!

Anonymous said...

Why is Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done keeping quiet ?/ I am missing the wisdom that flows from his mouth and other exits !!--the mango chutney ,tree destroying proff is missing in action.Has Jyoti shut you up--doubt it--her brain is a carbon copy of yours!!-enjoy your goat curry under the Meingunyah imlee tree--with your mouth wide open spewing garbage to the bored audience suffering in silence.

Anonymous said...

Semi Pusi, it appears you're supporting what these assholes Voceke and Aiyarse are doing. Get some help old man because you're senile and confused. Perhaps Alzheimer's getting worse.

Ratu Sai said...


Qavokavoka va toa too much talk, the ILO are merely doing their jobs. Lai taqari taka mada na reports o kanaka tiko qori ulu va poci.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you Khaiyum & Bainimarama for kicking out this
useless organization, that makes
their living on the back of the
working class? Just make sure that
the new constitution must clearly
spell-out that anyone wishing to
run for the Fijian Parliament,especially in public service, must
first resigned from their job,
before running for parliament-also
win or lose-they cannot return to
their previous job permanently?This
is to discourage crooks like Anthony ,Urai & Mahendra etc,from
continous raping of the poor in the country?
Khaiyum keep an eye on these assoles, and make sure that they don't come back, to cause problem to us,
the poor in Fiji?

TURUKAWA said...

If Gayum & Bai are touting a clean election in 2014, then what the heck or other stuff they are trying to hide from everyone & rest of the world?

What happen to the corruption clean up campaign & transparency they started? oh a rite..dis way i do it..u choro me,i choro u..

bull crap i say..choro!choro!choro fulla's


Anonymous said...

Fiji’s TUC condemns regime for ordering ILO delegation out of country

Posted at 16:52 on 19 September, 2012 UTC

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has condemned the decision by the interim government to order a high-ranking delegation from the International Labour Organisation out of the country.

The ILO Contact Mission was to assess labour laws in Fiji and the decrees that place constraints on workers’ rights.

The FTUC general secretary, Felix Anthony, says the mission arrived on Sunday but the first meeting with the government on Monday was abandoned and on Wednesday it was ordered out of Fiji.

He says this was despite being invited to the country after requests by the ILO last year.

“The Prime Minister and the Minister for Labour more recently in June at the International Labour Conference gave a clear undertaking that the regime was going to comply with all labour standards and would welcome the mission to Fiji.”

Felix Anthony asks what gives this unelected the regime the power to impose itself on the workers and the people of Fiji?

He says there is no running away from the draconian decrees that blatantly violate workers’ rights.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
"Why did this moneywasters come in the first place we ask?....resource that could have been used to feed the hungry.."
Funny, I've heard the same sentence being used by another person before. His name was Judas Iscariot.
Becareful what you say brother.

Thakut Machod is a liar by own admission said...

Fiji Sun columnist Thakur Ranjit Singh retracts his false claim that his grandfather had fled to Fiji in 1915 from poverty-stricken India

New Zealand Indians condemn his offensive views of India on his Facebook

By Indian Newslink 29/08/2012 16:16:00

What Thakur Ranjit Singh wrote on Facebook

First Comments on August 11, 2012

As every Indian man and his dog talk about India’s Independence celebration on 15 August, we need to stand back, away from misnomer and misplaced tagging of “Mera Bharat Mahaan” and reflect on our achievement as the largest democracy on earth.

Tagged as the worst country in the world for a woman to live, with largest amount of black money hoarded in Swiss Banks, with most corrupt politicians and officials, with very lucrative businesses and businessmen worldwide, but bereft of human kindness that goes with it.

As a business community, we have done well, how about as human beings? Look at the Olympic medal tally. China with the same population is in top three, while India with a billion people has become a laughing stock.

Do we still have corrupt officials like Kalamadi leading our sporting team? How Is Our Bharat Mahaan? So this Independence Day, bow your head and pray for a miracle to salvage the name of a once proud country, so once again we can say, we are proud to be an Indian. Food for thought for all those suffering from ostrich syndrome. I am proud to be Fijian, and thank my grandfather for running away from India in 1915 for a new home in Fiji.

On this Independence Day, we could not pray for anything more for a prosperous, honest, conscientious and caring nation where all have equality and share in the economic cake.

The “Apology”

On August 15, 2012

(Edited Version)

On this India’s 66th Independence Day, I very humbly request to all my offended Face book friends, and all offended Indians, to forgive me, because I am sorry to have spoken lies about India, and retract everything I said in my posting.

I apologise for bringing any disrepute to the country of Gandhi, Subahash, Tagore, Tilak, Hari Singh Nalwa, Bhagat Singh, Sivaji, Jhashi ki Rani and my ancestor Prithvi Raj Chauhaan. I also regret bringing any tension between good friendship of Fiji and India by talking untruths about India.

In retracting and apologising point by point, I now proudly say as an Indian that

Women have full rights, equality and respect as men in India, which is the best country in the world for women to be born in.

Indian politicians and businessmen do not have any black money in Swiss Banks.

India has very honest, non-corrupt and conscientious politicians.

India is a very compassionate nation where the economic growth and growth in wealth has filtered down to common people in ghettoes.

As a populous nation, we are proud to have achieved the equivalent fame in Olympics.

My grandfather Bansi did not run away from India in 1915 because of poverty in Rajasthan, but wanted a free ride to Fiji on HMS Ganges ship, and hence I ended up in Fiji as an Indentured offspring.

Journo’s comments rile Indian community

Anonymous said...

fiji people should be united and write to the president to sack the regime .
he should follow the april 2009 court ruling and appoint interim govt to take fiji to democratic election.
thats is legal.
we had enough of false promise from the regime.
we need oversea auditors to audit all govt account from 2007-2012.
we have to follow the rule of law and constitution.
we need democracy back now.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Saheen Ali (PS Commerce) aged 24 and Mohammed Saneen acting registar of High Court aged 23 are gay partners of Khaiyum see his comments below;

Unions harming Fiji

07:03 Today

Taken from/By: Google
Report by: Shalveen Chand

The action of the Fiji Trade Union Congress and other unions in seeking American sanctions against our own nation is sabotaging the economy and threatening people’s livelihood says the Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade Shaheen Ali.

The Unions have made the call to the US after not agreeing with labour reforms by the government.

Ali says the Unions want to stop Fiji from benefiting from the US Generalized System of Preferences Scheme which, since 1976, has given certain Fijian exporters

Under the scheme, exporters have the economic advantage of duty free entry into the US.

Ali says 39 Fijian companies which now export range of products will lose their preferential access and benefits from the US GSP Scheme.

He says agriculture, garments and mineral water sector will lose their businesses, and these include small and medium enterprise that export niche products to the US.

According to Ali, 15,000 Fijian jobs are now on the line as a result of the action by the Union.

He says the union leaders are harming ordinary Fijian workers, whose rights they claim to champion.

He adds their actions demonstrate that they are not acting on behalf of the Fijian workers, but for their own political and personal agendas and are engaged in battles with each other to advance their own positions.

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SEMI MEO said...

Phew!...thankfully, I have the privilege to have the defensive armour to deflect all the slimy mud, vomit, Satan’s saliva and the rest of it that flies my way..some , even having the audacity to mis –quote the good book to support their warped theology...brother!

Listen up.. oh you nameless and faceless cyber thugs..let’s be objective for once..I admit that probably I should not have questioned the transnational bureaucrat’s holiday trip to Fiji…the reality is that..ALL…ALL..the reports I mentioned, US State Department, Australia DFAT, Amnesty International, Crisis International etc..etc..all have reported the obvious conclusion that the present regime is an illegal regime…please take time to read all the report you’ve demeaned as “toilet paper”..

Why should another Transnational cowboy be allowed to ride over us with whip and lasso with the guise to catch a human rights bandit and return to write a flimsy report of a few days in the Pacific Sun?...why??

Does that broken record by US State Department, Australia DFAT, Amnesty International, Crisis International etc..etc..to continue taunt us of our “illegal” autonomy help us put bread on the table, increase exports, increase hotel room occupancy, build library in the village school??..hack no!

Let’s keep to the pathway to democratic governance we now take as a nation..we can not do much about the few who taunt from the sidelines of our collective genuine efforts…let’s keep on this track…even if Aiyuz is around or not in 2014!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe ILO wanted to know which side Fiji will take when non aligned countries fight Israel. We are now siding with supporters of militants Hezbolahs who have killed our soldiers on peacekeeping duties...whose side will we be taking????

Ratu Sai said...


Because its their job to do so. Do you pay for their trip? If they were on holiday they would have gone somewhere else you moron, sa sivia ga na vosa va vuku ulu kutu.

Anonymous said...

Funny how one week later the 5 escapees are still not caught. My analysis as follows:
why were these dangerous crims not in Max? how come they escaped as a group,,,they are normally separated. Transport was waiting outside and not discovered until 2 hrs later. Meanwhile a whole lot of robberies have happened in last 4 days ,,,road blocks etc ,,,,still no one caught. Note the van which was used in BSP robbery was found in toorak,,,yet no one caught. Also robbers were well dressed ie all black,,,. The police are setting up road blocks but one one or 2 scrawny police manning.

My conclusion - this is all orchestrated , a set up to fool the people,,,we will see continued criminal acts, etc etc to give a picture of instability then PER is back then Yash Ghai kicked out then elections deferred ,,,,sweet eh?
all part of standard military ope, psych ops and counter strategies!!!
yep,,,,,we are not little kids guys we lknow what u doing!!!

Anonymous said...

Semi, the vomit, diarrhea, etc are all emanating from your mouth you sick old man. Someone pointed out to you that that's their job, so shut the hell up and do your job cleaning toilets in Brisbane.

Come to think of it, since you're cleaning toliets, you've been around shit too long you speak shit.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, the regime invited these ILO reps to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Semi Pusi, you are indeed a madman. The road to democracy you mentioned is not democratic. Everything this illegal governments doing is simply undemocratic. Stick to what you know best, and that is cleaning toilets. As one blogger correctly said, you've been cleaning shit and now all you're saying is shit.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon...September 20, 2012 5:10PM..well, as least your "shit' has a name..we will not agree with you ,oh you pretend patriot that all things that have a name are subservient to your...s....?.

.”qarauna”..you stir shit; you get slimy shit on your face.. come out of that toilet bowl and smell the roses of our pathway to democratic rule…Aiyuz or no Aiyuz..the roses up here smell goooddd!!

Tui Viti said...


Reading reports is one thing,getting firsthand information from people on the ground is another, hearing it from the horses mouth so to speak...

Sa nia.

SEMI MEO said...

@Tui Viti..September 20, 2012 8:19 PM...Just reminding you that “Country reports” are prepared by appropriate staff of respective embassies in Fiji..do you really think wealthy sovereign missions in Fiji do not have the resources to glean first hand on-the ground info?...their informats/sources do not walk around with shinning silver military uniform…no..no..not even many are “kaivalagi’..we would think more the 80% of these “sources” are civilians from all sides of politics and cross section of society..incognito is their game..shopping in the market with you, singing with you in church, cheering for the same school or club sports team, downing a few cold one in the the pub with you or just “tara koro mai nakoro…”..Are they illegal “spying”….maybe not..but,..when Airyaz coughs in Samabula…Obama hears in the White House…well, sought of… hope you get my drift!..vinaka saka..