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Monday, September 3, 2012

Name touted for Bainimarama political party

National Unity Party Afghanistan.
Fiji One Party or National Unity Party?

National Unity Party Myanmar
Insiders say Frank Bainimarama's camp have  settled on a name for a political party for its planned 2014 election.

Fiji One Party was touted several months ago but the latest information to make its way to Coupfourpointfive suggests the illegal leader's strategists have agreed on the National Unity Party.

Insiders had said the regime was aiming for a name that would bring the nation together and get people behind it, something like Fiji One Party.  

Whispers suggest those giving advice to Bainimarama have chosen the National Unity Party, a name they reckon has the potential to capture the nation's imagination and thus support.  

It's a name that has been used by other political parties in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, South Africa and Canada. It was chosen by the military junta in Burma when it contested the 1970 elections for the country it renamed Myanmar.


The Fiji First Party has also tonight declared its hand. A statement from the party names Anit Singh as interim party leader.

The FFP party made a bit of a splash some time ago then went quiet but has resurfaced in support of the Fiji Mineworkers Union's submission to the Constitution Commission that was made on Friday.

The workers have been on strike for 21 years and six months (the longest strike in history) and told the Commission that when the current Government took over, they were promised resolution by Captain Esala Teleni (former deputy commander of the RFMF), Captain Neumi Leweni (former military spokesman) and the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

They say when nothing was done they took their case to the Human Rights Commission but before a case could be mounted in court, the 1997 Constitution was thrown out. 

In 2009, they decided to withdraw their case from the Human Rights Commission and complain directly to the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.

In its statement, the Fiji First Party says the miners were 'victims of past governments and the companies who used technicalities' to violate their labour rights. 

It says the mining families were ignored by the FLP and Peoples Coalition Government during their one year as government in 1999, and again by FLP and SDL as 'key stake holders' between 2001 and 2006.

"More upsetting is the Robin Hood Interim Finance Minister and father of workers' rights, Mahendra Chaudhry, in his term after 2006 failed to find funds and resolve their more than 15 years of unresolved strike action and bring to closure their plight under the 1997 Constitution where social justice is paramount. 

"Or do these striking Gold Mine workers not have equal citizenry when he was the Finance Minister to have been able to do the right thing?

"How could he come up with $28,000 under Social Justice Policy under the 1997 Constitution for outgoing farmers and yet could not find similar solution for these victims as they too have contributed to the economic life of Fiji by working in the mines for export exchange earnings?"

The Fiji First Party says the 1997 Constitution 'did not allow supremacy of one group against another' yet  the champion of workers rights Mahendra  Chaudhry, FLP and SDL failed to help them. 

"Now this is unbecoming of the security forces and Commissioner Western’s  Office to harassment of the strikers when the President’s civilian government do not have solutions or will to resolve the labour dispute  amicably even after 21 years. 

"However they were quick to take action on mere conflict of interest of SDL leader, Laisenia Qarase, for his crime after 20 years.
"The Interim Government were also very quick to send military to take over the Fiji Water Plant claiming breach of lease agreement, but sleeping on their job to take over the Gold Mine and buy it for the amount it was sold for by those who continue to breach these workers rights."

Fiji miners submission in full


Wanking facists party said...

What about calling baini's party the 'wanking facists'? The fool from horowhenua and the little boy davis with the little man complex could be advisers? Sharon smith johns could manage PR and gates and pryde could do what they do best - play with themselves and each other?? khaiyum could be the pig on the spit?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if My Khaiyum will be the Leader of the New Party? I mean,the
man is PM material and loves the true meaning of democracy? He's married to a Fijian Gal and can still run 4 ministries without a problem.
I'm pretty sure he's probably trying to convince Bai, that it would be best for Fiji Interest to
elect Bai as President? Bai on the other hand, is probably hesitant to
agree to the proposal,since he likes to be upfront working for Us?
He want to dispenced swift Bai justice when required,kicked ass if
need be,and straighten up his own people if he has to?
He doesn't want to just become a figure-head like Eveli Nailatikau?
I'm sure an amicable resolution is going to be reached to make him a
working President,possibly similar
to the USA Presidential position?
Mr Khaiyum seems like a good pick
for Fiji Prime Minister and will
probably make Fiji one of the richest nation in the Pacific? What
a duos????

The Heckler said...

Whaaat? Bainimarama is going to form his own political party? Sounds like he intends to stay in power. Who knew?

Instead of the National Unity Party (NUP), they should call themselves the National Unity Team, since only a NUT would support them.

But if they insist on NUP, then so be it. What a bunch of numb-nups!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing that everyone is looking at contesting the next election before becoming a political leader. Everyone should test out the peoples' confidence and support before assuming political leadership.

To legitimise one's political position everyone should go through that process, instead of conveniently waiting on the sideline and grab power after the battle has been won by the real players.

For Bainimarama to again continue as PM after 2014, he should contest the election like everyone else, and get real. Come on Bai, contest! and let's see, prove to the people what your real worth is, rather than be a king highjacker!

If you will conveniently assume the position of President, then you are just furthering the coup culture which you said you wanted to stop.
The country needs elected leaders, and a trully democratic, and free state.
No one should be barred from participating, no one should be framed into situations for non-participation.
No party should be seen as unimportant, let's fully express our democratic freedom by freely speaking, participating, and demonstrating.

Samu said...

Mark my word all the newly formed political puppies will be wiped out in front of the great political force between SDL/FLP Coalition. Voters don't get influenced by this overnight fly buy political opportunist and stand by with the mainstream parties who has record to speak.
Samu Senivalati
Kalabu Stage 3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Fiji First Party for balanced review of this matter.

Party President Santa Prasad Maharaj and Party Leader Anit Singh were behind the formation and running of the Refugee camp for landless indians. They have proven record.

Santa Maharaj must do more to expose the corruption of the present illegal regime which had a better chance to resolve this issue by decree. FLP and SDL may be blamed but Fiji First must no shy away from putting the present blame where it belongs. I can see they are soft on this area and hopefully this will be knowm in the coming days and months.

Anonymous said...

In view of the PM promise that no military will stand in an election who will be the candidates?

Anonymous said...

How else do they intend to contest the elections unless they dedreeing thier own seats or Bai is going straight to President?

Anonymous said...

Great liars at work again.
In 2006 frank said any one in interim govt will not be allowed to stand in the election.
I hope frank will stick with his promise so no one from the regime govt will stand in the election or just another lie.
Its better to vote for sdl/flp/others.
people stop trusting this regime liars.
Pls publish all the govt audit reports from 2006 to 2011 and restore democracy and freedom of speech .
god bless fiji.

Keep The Faith said...

Ho Hum. They could call themselves "God's Ordained" yet the label would still peel of the steaming pile of BS.

On another matter, with the throes of the EVR now fizzling out, we can expect the regime to now start divvying up the voters to boundaries/constituencies of no more than 4 or 5 -- 'all the better to gerrymander with Mr Wolf'

Carlton said...

stand in the elections and let the people decide who they want.

Anonymous said...

NUP will be the best party.
My vote will be for it.
It will win elections and wipe out the corrupt paties go FLP, and SDL.

Jone said...

Fiji First Party is it resurrecting from dead? Santa Maharaj, the leader Anit Singh the Secretary and Nick Naidu the gofer. I certainly hope Bai rethinks about associating with this Three Musketeers.

Ratunaca said...

Well let's just wait and see who all will be the party's candidates. Surely there'll be no one from the present Illegal lot and certainly no military officers??? But then again, can we believe anything that has been said before???. U la la, eda sa vakalolomataki!!!

Anonymous said...

@ C4.5 and Bloggers,

One question which has been on my mind for sometime; Suppose Bainimarama loses the election, thus losing the prime-ministership, will Khaiyum still be the AG? In this case Bainimarama will be powerless but his sidekick Khaiyum will still hold alot of power. Will this be the possible "sunset clause" for Bai?

I hope that Bai's not-too-shrewd of a mind will discern what is in the mind of the more evil Khaiyum.

As I have been putting my feelers in many parts of Fiji, that come 2014, Bainimarama will lose the national elections.

Anonymous said...

Seem like some people are worried that Bainimarama will win the elections if he forms a party....hahaha. Lets go Frank!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...whay dont we have a cfp party. Coup four.five party which and the persons who stand can be back seat comment makers who do and have done nothing but write rubbish and do nothing. I am waiting and watching to see whether any of you are in Fiji and do make a noise on Jericho day...26th September. Hope you make a noise loud enough that all the people of Fiji can hear it and not your poofter farty noises with bad smell and crap in your pants and nothing more....I am waiting......

Anonymous said...

they should call themselves the PUN PUN party for believing in the crap they sell. this elections is going to the biggest walkover. Wheels of change come nowhere...

Anonymous said...

Frank is in Iran setting up his foreign account and place of residence after he gets hogwashed at the elections.
he will need somewhere to seek assylum in. otherwise he will be the next librarian at Naboro Prison.

Timoci said...

Jone @ 9:15 AM

I agree with you whole heatedly. Those 3 names in Fiji is MUD. Santa, Anit and Nick. Bai best not associate himself with any one of those 3 people. They do have a shady record in Fiji. Santa the workman's compensation collecter, Anit the bankrupt restaurant owner and Nick the opportunist.

Let Fiji First rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask Baini why he says that retiring age of public servants should be 55, but then appoints mostly menapausal males to diplomatic posts, well over that age: Peter Thomson, Winston Thomson, Robin Nair? Why not some competent Fiji people rather than these fly-by opportunists who hold dual or triple citizenship? Will they ever return to Fiji to live permanently there?

Anonymous said...

N.U.P stands for National Useless Party.

WALK said...

NUP? That is not a good name. I suggest WALK. We All Love Khaiyum. Such a party would easily take 98.7% of the votes.

Anonymous said...

Mhy bother Bainimagana, you will lose the election.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why Khaiyum was wanting to shut down Fiji TV - so he could steal their "Fiji One" brand for his & Bai's new party?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:04

Bai would lose in any free and fair election, you mean (and by a huge margin).

But why would anyone who has absolute power to decree anything he wants now, be interested in setting up a free and fair election. Mark my words - these guys will either cheat like anything to steal the 2014 elections. Or they will simply call them off for some future date on some rubbish pretext, like they did in 2009

Anonymous said...

dina says..

What is wrong with Frank and Khaiyum forming a party and contesting next elections?

at least we can go back to democracy sooner and elect our own leader instead of the current arrangement - foced upon the people's will.

And shoved down our throats, throtled and knife in your back.

Go bai Go..

Leave the guns and fight true battle for people supremacy in a legitimate way.

Anonymous said...

By the time the election comes around there will only be one party left to vote for or a very uneven contest, new decrees will see to that. Th e puppet and his master will make sure of that.

Aiyaz said...

cant wait for jerico day, it will be Kalabu fijian school time again.

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV should take them to court for
Unauthorised use of Fiji one..
cmon fiji tv easy money in your pocket..

Anonymous said...

Does Operation Jericho have a facebook page we can subscribe to?

Anonymous said...

Fiji Last Party will be more appropriate or Greedy Businessmen Party

snuka said...

NUP is great as it truly represents bainimagana, which is the National Un-elected People.

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Kamlesh Kumar NZ
Well done Bainimara, you will definetly win the election. Who wants FLP, NFP and the rest back in power. National Unity is the theme.

Anonymous said...

right keep on going to Iran fools!!!

Fijian Stars Locked Out of Israel Game Underline 04 September, 2012 Rugby sevens, a sport that generally enjoys a pleasant obscurity in Israel, bumped up uncomfortably against a local mixture of harsh reality and bumbling ineptitude at the weekend.

Fijian members of a cup-holding rugby sevens team from Ashkelon didn’t make it for their weekly match in the coastal town because they were locked out of Israel — stuck on the Egyptian side of a new fence along the border. The IDF couldn’t find the key.

Ashkelon’s team was a dominant force last season, but this year it had a poor start. On Friday, the stepped-up security along the southern border made matters worse, Maariv reported on Monday.

The team fields a number of Fijian players, who when they’re not on the rugby field spend their time serving in the UN’s peacekeeping force in Sinai. When the players attempted to make their way to Ashkelon for their game, Israeli soldiers at the Nitzana border crossing couldn’t open the gate.

Hanan Gamburg, the manager of the Hapoel Ashkelon team, said the situation was very strange. The team had already booked hotel rooms for its players, he told the Hebrew daily.

Gamburg said the army couldn’t find the key, or anyone who had a spare. He was told there were “other ways” to open the gate in the case of emergency, but the late arrival of rugby players for a game didn’t constitute one.

The IDF Spokesperson said in response that operating the crossing was not the IDF’s responsibility but rather that of the police and Border Police. The police and Border Police disagreed.

Fiji has long been considered a strong rugby nation, and the Ashkelon team has used the peacekeepers to its on-field advantage for several years.

The Oracle said...


We, the most esteemed members of the National Disunity Party offer the less esteemed people of Fiji the following guarantees:

* there will be no further coups only if our political party is elected into office
* the military will be subservient to the government only while our party is in office. Should we not be elected, the military will continue to answer only to our party's supreme leader, Voreqe Bainimarama
* the FNPF will continue to remain financially healthy and sustainable despite our intention to drive it into bankruptcy if elected into government
* all Fiji citizens will be equal. The exception will be that, once elected to government, our party members will then have the people's mandate to accord ourselves the status of citizens more equal than others
* while our party will continue to criticise and character assasinate anyone we dislike, the courts will continue to have the freedom of not entertaining any lawsuit seeking redress by injured parties
* the Fiji media will continue to report as freely and without self-censorship as they are currently doing and we wll continue to refrain from issuing them subtle threats as we are currently doing
* our party will continue to adopt our Look North Policy even if it means selling Fiji from under the feet of our own people via the "easy" loans we will continue to seek without too much regard for the accompanying "not-so-easy" repayment clauses

Our Party believes further, as reflected by our multi- religious, albeit mostly Muslim make-up, that God will Bless Fiji if people elect our party into government. We promise also, that God will annoint us as the chosen few who know what is best for the people of Fiji. And, we promise, with even more vigour and conviction, that we will exercise our "more-equal-than-others" status with due regard for the people of Fiji for as long as they continue to acquiese to our new rules. We would also hasten to add that, should the people of Fiji not elect us into Government, we will as the party which knows what is best for Fiji seek an audience with God to have him invoke his wrath on all those who do not see the same light we see.

We offer this manifesto to the people of Fiji who will have no alternative but to embrace it with open arms because as equal citizens, they are of lesser intelligence than those of our party members whom God will annoint, upon our election to government, as the chosen ones.

God Bless Fiji and God Bless the National Disunity Party.
Remember, despite the new one-man-one-vote system of election, our much acclaimed Electronic Voter Registration which is the envy of our Pacific neighbours - especially the Solomon Islands - will ensure that every vote for Voreqe Bainimarama will also be a vote for Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

So, for a NEW FIJI and the WAY FORWARD, come join our bandwagon and vote Voreqe Bainimarama. The National Disunity Party is the only way towards a truly united Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3.27pm

It seems Israel has begun playing hard balls with us after Inoke Pololevu's connecting us with the its worst enemy Iran. Expect the worst to come. The Bible is clear, God warned that any nation that go against Israel will be punished including those that align themselves with Israel's enemies.

Anonymous said...

No one is worried about Frank winning the next election, it is demanding that the dictator participates in the election, like anybody else who wants to lead the country.

It is the process and the system that everyone should actively participates in. The process will decide who should lead us, and NOT taking a free detour to the President's office, to be Commander in Chief, and to assume executive authority without any real mandate.

Come and contest, and let the people decide whether they want you to be their leader or no. After 8 years of leadership, 3 more than normal, come to the ballot, and prove things out.

mark manning said...

Naboro Inmates Party !

Asap Please said...

It is good for all of these parties to coe out of the closet now so the voters know who they are instead of being sprung on them at the last minute. The parties will need time too organise themselves so go ahead - vent but sort yourselves out asap!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong for another Party, but wait a minute; Did VB not publicly declare that none of the Ministers in the Interim Govt will be allowed to contest the General Election, including him;and with or without MPC going to Naboro, he too will be disqualified along with AssKhaiyum.
They can sponsor a party but at no cost should they be allowed to contest election.There's huge number of intellectuals, professionals who could be encouraged to stand for the coming election thus resulting in new breed of politicians who can move the country from the doldrums..

Anonymous said...

Good point rajesh about liars,

It reminds me of one politician in the last elections who publically said he will give all his pay to the poor on TV but failed to do so. Some of us know this liar. Maybe, you do also.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the name--the party symbol should be the Swastika !!--coloured Green .

Anonymous said...

No Party would beat the SDL/FLP Coalition! They are a force to be reckoned with. With the experience and fore-sightedness of MPC as the great Leader of the SDL/FLP Coalition we have the best man to lead Fiji. Who needs this Fiji One or NUP or Fiji First Party???

All we need is a good honest, dedicated leadership of Hon. MP Chaudhary and everything will be alright. MPC has proven record. He waqs Fijji's BEST PM and he will be again - just all of you see.

Anonymous said...

What unimaginative Lot this regime is! Can't even come up with an appealing party name.

Fiji One Party.. Ha..Ha like the TV..Fiji's No. One ..TV One.. and then National Unity Party.. what a wishy washy Afgani / Myanmar borrowed... No originality - Bainishit is a loser even before the start of the polls...

Anonymous said...

Decree King Kaiyumie will forthwith DECREE that Bainishit's NUP or FOP will WIN the next elections...with especially program features in the new 'electronic voting system'.

Anonymous said...

Next elections will be an electronic scam.....

Taivita said...

It seems that people have short memories in Fiji. Is it not Chaudhry that had refused to take up a cabinet position as Minister of Waste management ( Minister of Garbage)offered by Qarase in 2006? Was it not Chaudhry that refused to give up the Opposition Leader's office and Mick Beddoes Leader of Opposition compromised the office fiasco?

This 3 so called leaders have always fought like little kids over lollies and chewing gum? Do we still want the 3 juveniles as our leaders? Do you think that they can move Fiji forward?

I think not. Let them retire and sit under the coconut tree and reminisce over a basin of grog. That is all that they are good for now.

Let the new blood take our that are matured and have the ability to move the country forward.

Taivita said...

It seems that people have short memories in Fiji. Is it not Chaudhry that had refused to take up a cabinet position as Minister of Waste management ( Minister of Garbage)offered by Qarase in 2006? Was it not Chaudhry that refused to give up the Opposition Leader's office and Mick Beddoes Leader of Opposition compromised the office fiasco?

This 3 so called leaders have always fought like little kids over lollies and chewing gum? Do we still want the 3 juveniles as our leaders? Do you think that they can move Fiji forward?

I think not. Let them retire and sit under the coconut tree and reminisce over a basin of grog. That is all that they are good for now.

Let the new blood take our that are matured and have the ability to move the country forward.

Anonymous said...

Howz.. DDTTP???

Decree Decree Tuk Tuk Party??

Anonymous said...

Mere said.
Minister Singh did help people he helped people over 30k fijian.
I was his pa. and driver Atama did got people to sign for funds given by Minister Singh.
So if you want proves we can tell you that Minister Singh was the best Minister we worked ever with.He helped anyone that came to his office.

Jone said...

Mere @ 7:31 AM

Which minister Singh are you talking about? If it is Rajesh Singh, he was not a minister but an assistant minister. Yes, he was very helpful to himself. That is why he got a boot right out of his minister ship.

Anonymous said...

Mere, you sure you were his PA? Your grasp of English is terrible, PA's write better than you. hahaha

Anonymous said...

To Jone,

Do you remember that Rajesh when booted out he visited the SDL founder in Jail.

After that Qaranivalu was reported to have written to Qarase and SDL to listen to Rajesh or SDL party will sink.

Where is Rajesh's Minister and party as Qaranivalu predicted SDL will not survive if they are not held accountable?

Now the Party appears to have got Chaudhry to lead as Coalition Leader for SDL/Labour.

They could not work together for 6 years and breached all constitutional provisions, but now handing over to Chaudhry to be the mouth piece for them also!

Is MPC a better person to lead SDL Coalition or is it Ro Kepa .... or Jale Baba ... or ???

Anonymous said...

The Military should name it "Vekaveka Unity Party"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32, thanks for asking whether Operation Jericho has a Facebook page. It does not, due to lingering concerns about technical and operational security. I'm examining web-based networking alternatives.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Many good comments here. I even find myself in rare agreement with Phylosophical, when, in his inimitable way, he challenges us to follow through with Operation Jericho.

I especially enjoyed The Oracle's glimpse of the National Disunity Party's future political platform.

My hat's off to Anonymous 5:03, who raises a point usually overlooked in secular debates on the Middle East. Holy Scripture states: 'In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.' (Joel 3:1-2) Even as the regime cozies up to Iran's Ahmadinejad, we should bear in mind that the Holy Bible promises that the nations of the world will be judged on the basis of their relationship with Israel.

We can even distill some value from Kamlesh Kumar's remarks. He does seem to be right when he says that Bainimarama wants unity to be the theme of his campaign. Very well, let the NUP run as a misnomer, with 'unity' as its theme. The opposition can easily trump the NUP's slogans about unity by simply adding the words 'with freedom and justice' to its own. Fijian voters can decide which version of 'unity' they prefer -- a sham 'unity' that is coerced and perpetuates injustice, or true unity manifested in a grand alliance united against treason. No one will doubt which ticket promises a chance for real unity and which offers only more empty rhetoric and heartbreak.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

how about "Franks United Ass Kissing Party" or "Bainimagana's Cici-maga Party" or even the "Fiji Un-elected Peoples Party"

Warlord said...

They should call it the NWP....National Wankers Party!!!

Anonymous said...

National Unity Party??.... but at the end of the day where is the unity... there is a clear division between the races in Fiji and now Khaiyum is trying to steal Fijian land under the misconception of a united people. Theft is theft no matter how you rename it but Prof Ghai supports the theory in Khaiyums thesis, but now Ghai is finding out for himself what the people think about the land. Yes Prof Ghai is just as guilty.

NEW FIJI said...

This new PM's party should be called AHAP...."already having a party"

Anonymous said...

How about Sonalevu party. He's tamata sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

Some of you bloggers are so, so childish the way you carrying on, probably all overstayers there in NZ or Australia, or US or whatever, no qare farters!!! Get a life dou yavu lamusona and come and plant some dalo and tavioka on your overgrown land.

Anonymous said...

New parties will emerge - PM
Publish date/time: 06/09/2012 [15:11]

Print this page
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Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said new political parties that have not relied on race as their main driving force to get votes will definitely emerge before the 2014 elections.

Commodore Bainimarama said Fiji needs parties that address real issues affecting people on a daily basis.

When recently questioned by Legend FM News on whether he is aware of any new party, Commodore Bainimarama said people have to wait and see.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Commodore Bainimarama said parties like SDL, Labour and United People’s Party have nothing new to offer as they are used to the politics of the past from where they come from.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Story by: Vijay Narayan