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Friday, September 21, 2012

Regime blame game fooling no one

ILO CHIEF: Juan Somavia
Goobledygook from the regime over its decision to send the ILO delegation packing.

It claims the three member team led by Sierra Leone judge, Abdul Koroma, was not 'ejected, expelled, deported or forced to depart Fiji in any way'.

In a statement released yesterday that rattles on rather obliquely about 'terms of references', the regime insists it has a 'policy of openness and transparency to outside scrutiny by organizations such as the ILO and it welcomes such visits as long as they are conducted by an independent delegation with no predetermined outcomes and a focused agenda'.

It then proceeds to invite the delegation back, pretty much on its own terms.

The regime was clearly playing a rather dangerous game which has backfired, and is now spin doctoring to make out once again it has been misjudged.

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has called it right.

The national secretary, Felix Anthony, says: "If the regime as the AG claims is doing the right thing and respecting workers’ rights, it should have no difficulty in defending its position at the US Trade Hearings or at ILO. One asks, why is the AG talking about loss of jobs as a result of the US Trade Hearings if he is confident of the regime doing the right thing?

"Clearly the AG is convinced that his “cock and bull” story on labour rights is not going to be palatable to the international community. The AG has demonstrated his lack of understanding and knowledge on International Labour Rights Issues and is taking his brief from the authors of the ENI Decree which breaks every rule in the book on labour rights.

"Today we have in Fiji more workers unemployed and underemployed than ever in our history. Today we have more people living in poverty than we ever had before. An indictment on the current regime. These are some of the real issues that the AG should be addressing instead of name calling and blaming others."

The director-general of the ILO, Juan Somavia, has also denounced the regime's action saying it  will fuel international solidarity with FTUC and the Fijian Teachers Association, and highlight the critical situation of freedom of association in Fiji.

And in a rare occasion, the Australian government has shown open support for FTUC, following a call from the Australian union, ACTU, to tackle the regime about aborting the ILO mission.

A statement under the heading 'Australia expresses concern over ILO team’s departure from Fiji', from the Department of Foreign Affairs an Trade is brief but clear.

The Australian Government has today expressed concern to the interim Fiji Government over the departure this morning of an International Labour Organisation (ILO) team from Fiji following a dispute over the terms of reference for the ILO’s fact finding mission.

Australia’s acting High Commissioner to Suva has met with Fiji Government officials in relation to the ILO mission and to reinforce concerns generally about labour and human rights in Fiji.

The ILO’s mission to Fiji was seen by the international community as a step toward improving and upholding workers’ rights.

It is regrettable that the ILO’s mission has not proceeded.

The Australian Government calls on the Fiji Government to work with the ILO to agree to terms of reference so that the organisation can return to do its job.

The ILO mission was being undertaken in response to complaints made by Fiji trade unions and on the basis of agreed terms of reference with the Fiji authorities.


Radiolucas said...

Has anyone else heard about Mahen's application to the Court to say that the Court is no longer fit to hear the application due to the fact that the AG is interfering in its judicial independence... AND the Court granted them leave to do so.

Anonymous said...

Lega Aid Lautoka is taking out the probate of Suresh chand,driver of sabeto--page 36 fiji sun today.Can legal aid justify this--what is the asset of the estate.--taxpayers are being ripped off. Sack Sunil sarma.

Anonymous said...

This is a letter from that arsehole in the Youth Party,,,YAGONIQAURI

Political vision

THERE is a lot of misunderstanding on some political parties, and other organisations on the 1997 constitution.

May we clarify here that the 1997 constitution was abrogated in 2000.

At that time there was no president, therefore the Army Commander (Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama), was the head of the nation.

This is why he signed the Muanikau Accord so the prisoners in parliament should be released.

In April 2009 it was the president that approved the abrogation that was done in 2000.

May we open our minds and heart to accept that the 1997 constitution will not come back.

We want all political parties to know that this Bainimarama government is the interim government that will take us to the next election.

The honourable prime minister has said already that after the election he would then hand over to the new PM.

The composition of the constituent assembly is the prerogative of the government to decide.

What is wanted in the constituent assembly are people with clean hearts and those who have already seen and believe in the way the Peoples Charter is taking us to and not people with their own agendas that will bring contentions into the assembly.

Contentions will drive the spirit of the lord away and decisions made will be all wrong.

This is a critical time in the history of Fiji and may we come together as one people and one nation in support of the interim government for the good work that it is doing in creating the best constitution for all Fijians and to elect the best-elected government for all Fijians.


Anonymous said...

Can someone get a list of all water rate payers who have been cleared of all their outstanding water bills in the latest $14m giveaway? It would be interesting to know who they are. Do not be surprised if you find some of KYUMS friends in it and also those who have lost their jobs since Dec 2006

Fijiana said...

Felix Anthony is all mouth no action. Only if can pocket some money then only he will take action. I wish It was James Anthony (no relation of Felix) that was here in Fiji. He was a real Labor Leader unlike Mahen ChoorDhry, Felix Anthony and others. Those days are only a history when we had REAL UNION LEADERS. What a sad thing!!!

snuka said...

More than $200million will be received by the Fiji government from China to upgrade 70km of the Nabouwalu Dreketi roads. The PWD charged $1million per/km, which is $70 million. so where is the remaining $130 million going?? Khaiyum and bainimarama are still shitting out of their mouths and robbing the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Felix for speaking forthrightly about the cock and bull story from iarse. If the ILO were not expelled why did the delegation leave so soon claiming they were told to leave by the regime. Its was a huge slip up by the regime who are trying to cover up this incident with the "cock and bull" BS. Disappointing is the response from Australian govt who said the regime should work with the ILO to agree to TOR so that the ILO could return. If Australia cannot attack the regime they should just keep quiet instead of pandering to the regime in all their misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

No the court has not granted any such thing. Rajen and Mahen ChoodRy are reaching out for the last straw.

Jone said...

Chaudhry’s lawyer expected to file permanent stay application
Publish date/time: 21/09/2012 [15:07]

The lawyer of former Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry is expected to file a permanent stay application on proceedings next month.

In the pretrial matter this morning, Chaudhry’s lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry told Judge Justice Paul Madigan that the application will be based on a petition by former President of the Court of Appeal Justice William Marshall.

Chaudhry faces three charges related to violation of tax laws.

The case has been adjourned till October 19th for mention.

Keep The Faith said...

WTH is this semantics exercise from Aiyaz in aid of? The dire ramifications of that juvenile knee-jerk reaction is obviously sinking in particularly the effects on Budget 2013.

Not even the 200 million from the knights in Red will save you there chump.

Git that paper QORVIS.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

This is the last testament of Dakuwaqa.

I've spoken my piece. I've made my points in defence of Fiji.I've pledged never to run for office. I'll now demonstrate my sincerity by returning to the obscurity of The Deep, where I plan to remain until I next resurface in a Free Fiji.

I'm no longer needed. Fiji's destiny is now for the taking by the Fijian people, where it belongs. The Fijian people will either seize that destiny with both hands or let it slip loosely through their fingers. Either we'll rule ourselves as free men and women or abjectly surrender our country's future to the whims of a capricious, petty, ill-educated, cowardly and despotic traitor.

For better or worse, the success or failure of Operation Jericho will register Fiji's decision.

Operation Jericho is my last bequest to the people of Fiji. Jericho is our two-minute commitment designed to change Fiji through collective, nonviolent action. I hope you share that commitment.

If so, spend the first minute in prayer and/or quiet reflection.

If you believe in God, whatever your personal faith, take one minute to confess to Him your fear and lack of faithfulness, which helped to bring Fiji to such a sorry state. Open your heart to Him. Leave to Him the battle. Expect a miracle. Promise to give Him the glory. Trust Him.

If you don't believe in God, then I ask that you take one minute to reflect on the meaning you want to impute to your life and the depth of your commitment to truth and humanity. Be true to yourself and to Fiji.

The second minute of Operation Jericho is M-Minute. This second minute will loudly prove the integrity of the individual commitments we made quietly in the first.

M-Minute is a noise barrage, a tactic used successfully by other democracy movements. M-Minute is precisely 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 September.

We ask every Fiji-loving man, woman, and child to join us anywhere in Downtown Suva for M-Minute. With our watches synchronised to the BBC, at the strike of M-Minute precisely, we will sound off without hesitation as loudly as possibly for just 60 seconds, pausing only momentarily to hear the echoes of other patriots.

M-Minute is not a protest. M-Minute is a nonviolent celebration of Fiji.

What the regime thinks of M-Minute matters little, as it is powerless to stop us. Patriotic elements within the RFMF and police have by now taken notice and had sufficient time to plan accordingly.

All others who love and care for Fiji, some to Suva prepared to make a jotful noise, with faith in God's providence and in the capacity of our fellow men to stand up for what is right, in defence of conscience, country, and our common humanity, even if for just 60 fleeting seconds.

Hillary said...

What the spineless ILO will do is come back, accept Khaiyum's terms and certify Fiji to be a workers' paradise. The 967 staff of all UN agencies will celebrate the great contribution to the development of Fiji and Khaiyum will give himself and his goons a pay rise.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

Undertsand that, having fallen amongst a band of thieves, the nation of Fiji now lies robbed, beaten and prostate beside the Road to Jericho. Those we've looked to for succour -- our officials, the vanua and the lotu, our Pacific friends and our Western allies -- cross to the other side of the road to hurry past Fiji in its pitiful condition.

Will we do the same? Or will we be like the Good Samaritan, acting in courage, mercy and compassion to lift, heal, and restore Fiji to dignity?

Let each of us search his own heart and conscience before answering, paying no heed to the choices others may make, but preparing to give an accounting for our own choices. Each of us is a moral actor. In the coming reckoning, we'll be judged as individuals for what we did or didn't do.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once eloquently remarked: 'Cowardice asks the question "Is it safe?" Expediency asks the question "Is it politic?" But conscience asks the question "Is it right?" And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.'

That time is M-Minute. Resolve that when M-Minute comes, you'll be ready. Spend one minute first in quiet prayer and reflection, of heart and conscience, to fix your courage to the sticking place. Then prepare to join us for M-Minute. It will be one minute and one minute only. Do not expect another.

If we remain silent, we'll ever more be haunted by the knowledge we shirked our patriotic duty and moral responsibility to Fiji. Peering ahead, we can already see our future, and Fiji's, to be a dolorous descent into a valley of perdition, where more coups and absolute dictatorship lurk amidst shadows choked with the reek of injustice, corruption, poverty, violence and despair.

If, instead, we seize the opportunity of M-Minute to clamour in support of Fiji, it will mark a moment of national and personal pride, and even glory, when we and the nation turned to begin our winding ascent along a hopeful new path of passion, atonement, reconciliation and salvation.

Together, Operation Jericho, Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

mark manning said...

Frank and Co. remind me of a cage full of mice running on one of those tread mills. going around in cycles and ending where they began, going nowhere basically.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Aiyaz is an idiot wanna bee, Frank is worse off ulukau by listening to one like Aiyaz,,,,,

Tiko tok.....shit everywhere..

Clean up campaign, weed in corruption more like it....bunch of hackers...

Anonymous said...

ftuc ,other union and political party should go on national strike.
enough of talk action time.
regime will fall.
hurray ilo and union.

Fayzal Ali said...

The Chinese representative visiting Fiji praised the PM Voreqe for his fine leadership and bringing economic prosperity to all fijians. Fiji Village News. 21/9

Justice Marchall on this blog said Qarase government bankrupted the country.

Namosi villagers want all races in fiji to be called fijians.

Major achievements of this government.
1. Major foreign investments in Bauxite and iron productions in Bua, Namosi and Ba.
2. Hydro construction in Nadarivatu.
3. Major infrastructural work in road, water and electrification.
4. salvaging of sugar industry which was destroyed by Qarase and Rabuka govenments.
5. Import Substitution, growing of Potatoes, Onions, Sheep, etc.
6. Cleaning up corruption in public service which was rampant during Qarase and Rabuka governments.
He has achieved this with the help of military and the muslim brotherhoods.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The People's Republic of China understands how life in Fiji is improving, and investing in programs to grow the Fijian economy said the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Commodore Bainimarama said that China is a good friend of Fiji and both nations share the view that relations between states must be mutually respectful and based on equality, and China has long upheld that principle in practice.

While welcoming the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the Peoples Republic of China, Wu Bangguo today, Bainimarama highlighted that when he went to China in June, great interest was shown in Fiji by the Chinese Government and potential investors.

He said that, that interest is now turning into action with the signing off of three agreements.

The first agreement, Fiji's Nabouwalu Dreketi road upgrading project sees more than $200million being received by Fiji.

Fiji and China have also signed agreements on Economic and Technical Cooperation and a Framework Agreement on the Provision of Concessional loan.

Bainimarama said that by developing cordial and mutually respectful relations with many nations, Fiji becomes stronger and less reliant on a handful of partners.

During the welcome ceremony this morning at the Sheraton Fiji, through an interpreter Bangguo said they appreciate the traditional cultural greeting but more importantly the friendly sentiment of the Prime Minister and the Fijian people towards the Chinese people.

Bagguo added that he sees the whole country is prosperous and thriving under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Bainimarama said that Wu Bangguo's visit to Fiji marks the growing significance of Fiji's relationship with China as a partner in Fiji's growth and prosperity

Anonymous said...

AG think he can dictate ILO and USA forget it qori.
Time for you to go down with your puppet .
Enough of your bs decree and we want you guys to go away from fiji.
Enough of fooling the fijians,
We need our work and money to support our family.
FTUC is doing a fine job.
keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Urai is the cock and Felix is the bull because he is full of bull shit
an opportunist bastard, who licked the ag and bainis arse at one time

Anonymous said...

Marshall's revelations add to the need to have a Truth & Reconciliation Commission in a Free Fiji review all court cases since the coup to vacate any tainted by regime interference.

Dakuwaqa was a major proponent of this, so sorry to see him take his leave. We should all throw our enthusiastic support behind Jericho.

Remember the study showing that so much AUSAID returns to Australia in the form of fees to Aussie experts and contractors? Somebody should look at what percentage of Chinese "aid" just recycles back to China, since they mostly use their own workers and own material, rather than build capacity in the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Faisal Ali and kamlesh kumari, you assholes must be too far up Aiyarsehole's ass all you see is shit.

Anonymous said...

Where has Dakuwaqa gone?

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.44 I have been thinking and asking the same thing. Daquwaqa is missing in action please find your way home.

Anonymous said...

Right. You ILO are invited back anytime you're willing to come away with only the messages the regime wants you to take away with you.

Bainimarama knows best said...

Good ridence to Dakuwaqa.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about Jerico everywhere I turn. We need to find a way to shut down this Jerico thing.

Anonymous said...

How many Fijians have cars to blow horns for Jerico?

Anonymous said...

@Faizal Ali
Which roads, whose water and what electricity has the regime upgraded? Is it from their own pockets? From Nadi airport all the way down to Suva, all we can see are huge potholes, dirty landscapes and not to mention the high cost of electricity that citizens have to pay? For those currently living in the Suva urban area, there is a $900 council fee paid every year to SCC, yet the drains stink, public facilities and ammenities disgusting and the state of the vendors in the markets is shameful. Yet we see loans after loans fronm the Chinese and Indian govts that our future generations will have to pay for and are already paying for by this corrupt regime. Telecommunications will soon be in the hands of the Chinese so Fiji is well on its way to a surveillance state by outsiders. So my question to you Faizal is whose money is the regime using and which sectors are benefiting from these loans? And how the hell are we going to be able to pay all this back because they are certainly not going to be given our lands!!

Anonymous said...

Hello,we're in a dictator country?
Be prepared to be abused,or kicked in the assole! If you decide to make the trip, don't be surprise
if the Government sent you back
where you come from? And whether you like it or not, we don't want
your bullshit? If you don't have
anything that would help our people
just cut the crap, and get the frieken hell away from us?

Anonymous said...

@anon above, the sooner you realise that you are in a dictator country and follow it with some action the better!

Anonymous said...

Anon@6.12. Judging from your posting you must've been abused so much your asshole has an 'h' missing. Hahahaha you're a joke assole.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same regime that invited “the international community to engage with us, visit our country to see the situation for themselves and to provide practical support and assistance to enable us to implement the reforms”? When anyone calls their bluff and comes to visit to see for themselves, the regime stops them from meeting with their key contacts and then kicks them out. 

Nobody is fooled. This is a cowardly regime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:11, some do, and some don't. But everyone has had weeks to prepare just to find a way into Downtown Suva on Wednesday, 26 September, and to make some noise for just sixty seconds. Honking a car horn is only one of a thousand ways to be heard during M-Minute.

For all of eternity, we may be reflecting on whether we did or didn't do our duty during M-Minute. Will it be with a sense of pride or of shame? Each individual will need to account for himself.

Anonymous said...

First off, before coming to Fiji, why don't you investigate the Union leaders
for their parts in the regime immediately after the coup in 2006?
Second, get your facts straight of the union leaders
involvement with the coup in 2006?
FTUC current officials needs to be suspended as
they do not have confidence of it's memberships?

Vutuki Thakur said...