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Monday, September 3, 2012

Samoa's PM keeps Forum honest on the issue of Fiji

OUT ON A LIMB: Tuilaepa (far right) at the forum.
It seems the illegal leader's bete noir from Samoa has bested him again.

In a story by journalist Tupuola Terry Tavita, it is revealed the regime leader Frank Bainimarama could very well have made it back to the Pacific ACP leaders table if it wasn’t for a strong stand by Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, at the Pacific African-Caribbean-Pacific (PACP) meeting, on the sidelines of the Pacific leaders’ forum in Rarotonga.

NIUE SUPPORT: Toke Talagi.
A paper endorsed earlier this year by Pacific Island trade ministers was tabled in the meeting with a recommendation to allow Fiji representation at all PACP levels, including the political level.

The recommendation for Fiji participation was supported by the leaders of Tuvalu, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea who spoke on the matter.

But it was Tuilaepa who reminded fellow leaders that the Forum had already made a decision on Fiji, pointing to its suspension in 2009.

“In Tonga in 2007, we sat at this Forum and listened to Colonel Bainimarama tell us that he was going to hold elections the following year. I was one of those leaders who foolishly believed him.

“The Forum had had made a decision on Fiji in regards to its strong position on the democracy, good governance and the rule of  law. The Forum has to maintain the integrity of its decision.

“May I also remind you that this is a Pacific Islands Forum gathering and not an ACP affair.”

The Tavita story says Tuilaepa’s position was strongly supported by Niue premier, Toke Talagi, who has also been a critic of Bainimarama.

As a compromise, Tuilaepa suggested a separate PACP meeting in Brussels to discuss the issue further. 

The Forum leaders agreed, but opted instead to hold the meeting in Port Moresby later this year instead of Brussels. 

Tuilaepa also reminded the leaders of their obligation to make political decisions and not pass it on to officials. He pointed to a meeting in Nukualofa and a particular recommendation on Fiji where he said just six trade ministers turned up. The rest were represented by senior public servants.

“Technical officials are responsible for carrying out the wishes of the ministers. They are not a part of the political decision-making. That’s entirely the exclusive of political leaders.”

Fiji's main political parties also approached the Forum directly this year about the regime and its continuing efforts to manipulate laws and processes to suit itself to remain in power.

The parties presented a submission to the Forum, telling leaders the situation in the country remains desperate and critical despite the belief of some the country was on the path to democracy and constitutional rule.

SDL, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party stressed they were against immunity for those who took part in the 2006 coup and called for the support of forum leaders for the adoption of the 2009 Court of Appeal decision that recommended the appointment of a caretaker prime minister and government.

The regime's illegally appointed attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has tried to play down the significance of the parties' submission claiming the majority of Fiji's population is satisfied with the illegal government.

"The Bainimarama government has put in place very firm and committed step forward to ensuring that we have true democracy in Fiji and we have elections conducted in a manner no longer has normally the fraud and various inconsistencies that existed under the previous systems."

The Forum Communique on Fiji:
55. Leaders noted the Forum’s ongoing work to encourage and support Fiji’s return to parliamentary democracy in accordance with the Biketawa Declaration and reiterated the Forum’s intention to remain engaged with Fiji. Leaders welcomed the successful visit of the Forum Minister Contact Group (MCG) to Fiji on 1 May 2012 and noted the Group’s report to Forum Leaders with its assessment of the situation in Fiji.
56. Leaders noted progress made in 2012 towards elections in September 2014, including the registration of voters and the establishment of the Constitutional Commission, and the assurances given to the MCG that there would be freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom for the media. Leaders reaffirmed their long standing offer to support Fiji’s early return to parliamentary democracy, including through the provision of appropriate assistance, consistent with the Forum’s underlying principles and values of respect for democracy, good governance and the rule of law.
57. Leaders also noted the deliberations of PACP Leaders with respect to the involvement of Fiji in purely PACP related activities and the intention of PACP Leaders to consider the matter further at a special meeting of PACP Leaders to be hosted by Papua New Guinea in the near future.


Anonymous said...

What a sight, these dignitaries sitting on a matching set of cheap white deck chairs (obviously made in China).

The biggest eye sore is Samoan PM, trying to fitting in the deck chair and I think his aids had pry him out of it.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka tuilaepa

Anonymous said...

Ian Simpson Taveuni

Foreign policy is least of our problems.

We are in the process of determining how our government is going to function into the future.

Isn't the utilization of our tax dollars and the efficient use and delivery of services to the people our priority.

It is generally agreed that Democracy is the best system to do this.
The question is, which type of democratic system is best

In this, I believe our media in Fiji has absolutely failed. Our Universities have failed.
Discussion and debate should have been driven by these entities in our Society, but they have been mute.

Is it spite, or just a pure lack of any motivation to inform and educate our communities.

Is it a failure of citizenship or do they not subscribe to democracy?

Bohut Bhat said...

If as Aiyaz says the Fijian people are happy with the Illegal government, then why is he and Bainimarama walking around with 50 bodyguards.
Even when people did not like Prime Minister Qarase, he did not have a single bodyguard.

Anonymous said...

Ian Simpson, it isn't spite or lack of motivation that keeps Fiji's media and academia from doing their duty. They've been cowed by the regime. You should already know that.

Anonymous said...

What is Ian Simpson trying to say!!? Such abstract comments are of no practical use.

Anonymous said...

It is most bewildering that any democratic country would support a military dictatorship such as one we have in Fiji. By supporting the illegal government those leaders are giving legitimacy to the illegal regime (the only one in the Pacific) . By doing so they are in fact hurting the ordinary citizens who have been marginalised and deprived of amongst other things their basic human rights and economic well being. Those leaders are being swayed by propaganda and glib of the regime.

Anonymous said...

The leaders of the democracies are not the least bit persuaded by the regime's propaganda. They see the regime for what it is.

They're disgusted by how the regime and similar governments treat their citizens, but their first duty is to their own citizens. They need to be able to work with whoever is in power in Suva.

That's why all of them have sought to engage with Bainimarama, in various ways, since the beginning. The problem is that Bainimarama never reciprocated much, and even when he did, he never acted in good faith.

On that, Fijians can empathise completely.

Anonymous said...

10 out of 10 for Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi. He was lied to by Vorege in 2007 and he clearly knows Voreqe for the liar he is.

mark manning said...

It's inspiring and wonderful to see men of Faith come to the fore in regards to Democracy and the Rule of Law in Fiji and the Pacific, subsequently.
It would have been foolish indeed to have relented to Frank and his illegal Regime.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Indeed. If some of the others had their way Beastly Bai would've been part of the proceedings again when he fails to understand the meaning of democracy. Anybody who believes the regime PR are wearing blinkers. Week after week they are coming up with ways to kill off its political competition. I think some of these Pacific leaders like the idea of playing mediator so-called Pacific sTYLE but they don't really know the monster that is BhaiKhaiyum.

snuka said...

Right on Ian Simpson Taveuni, the Fiji media and academia are only good in "fine weather!" They lack fortitude and courage and do not want the responsibility that goes with their "profession" under a democratic system.

Anonymous said...

dina says...

Ian Simpson sounds like broken record supporting illlegalities...

Samoa PM - you the man...good on you.

One bad example are our Melanesian Spearhead Group - no wonder they saher the same issues - coup after coup and political interference everytime a newly elected party wins elections..

Leaders in our Pacific need to exert more wisdom and vision about the future..

Anonymous said...


Samoa PM Tuilaepa - You're dead right. Good on you man.

Its hard when you are telling the truth cause it hurts..


Anonymous said...

Yes let's be honest. There has been change in the last six years but it has NOT been with the mandate of the people and neither has it been to the benefit of the people. This regime and its supporters have divided the country by playing race against race to justify the coup cos they all love playing God and filling their pockets. Be under no ilusion ... Bainimarama was just another big headed wannabe-be-hero who wanted to be a legend and used the army to get him there. He likes the power too much so is not gonna let go - why when he's lapped up the spoils of war while allowing others greedy like him to dine at the banquet all paid for by the people of Fiji. Some of our people remain sleepy so our hope is in the four political parties and those who see through the bullshit and manipulation. One good thing has come out of the Constititution process --- no one wants to give this lot immunity!

Anonymous said...

Fiji is Mahend Chor-dhry'd "beloved nation"(Fiji Sun-3Sept).Why is his 3 million not deposited in his beloved nation.Why is it deposited in beloved Australia.??His sdo called ancestral ties are Rohtak,India.How many crore rupees was collecetd in Rohtak and what part did his ancestral ties(relatives) play in this.Can Harbhajan Lal please stand up !!

Bolo said...

Voreqe is a liar!! lied about 2009 election and so many things. This tinpot dictator is not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Group its really Papua & New Guinea , Solomons and Vanuatu who really have something to say of value to the South Pacific all the rest are basically the mouth piece for Australia & NZ. Include Fiji and what you have are 4 countries who have if their peoples wanted to get into Australia or NZ for even a vist are required to prove they not crooks first by showing their Bank Statements etc, etc.Yet the ones who are subservant to NZ & Australia they can come & go as they please! Fiji doesn't need the Forum and the Samoan PM can't understand that-the Pacific way of resolving issues is now thrown outn the door cause we want to do things the Whitemans way, no tradition no culture and last of all blood ties to any of the South Pacific countries. The days of the Forum are numbered!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up to Samoan PM. He seems to be the only one that is aware of the mood of the people in Fiji. Bai cannot be trusted in what he says. He has been proven to be a serial liar and one who has no sense of dignity. He lies on simple things like that rugby player who played in the world games and returned to the army after the games. He can sell whatever little degree of dignity he has for such a petty matter as that. Lied about 2009 elections. Lied about the postings of army officers in government service positions etc. He should not be allowed into the forum as he will be a misfit. He has no integrity that should qualify him as a member of the forum. Best be left in the company of street dogs.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a liar .Frank and khaiyum are great liars.
i dont trust any words comes of this regime.
I feel strongly they wont be election in 2014 bec regime are scared to end up in court and prison.
So if they want to tell forum fijians supporting them . why not call the election now under 1997 constitution.
The forum leaders need to pressure the regime to follow the court ruling and 1997 constitution as advised by the fijian political party leaders.
go bless

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:57 has just insulted every non-Melanesian country in the Pacific. So much for the Pacific Way.

If the Melanesian countries are the only ones with anything of value to say, then let the regime lobby Fiji's Melanesian neighbours to leave the PIF and look to the MSG alone to address their problems.

Ha, ha. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...


Ganesh said...

According to Graham Davis, wasn't Hillary Clinton supposed to be going to the Pacific Islands Forum in Rarotonga with the message that Canberra and Wellington needed to readmit Fiji? What happened to that? 'Anyone in Foreign Affairs who deals with the US' was supposed to 'know' this to be coming. And yet, Washington's policy of balancing sanctions with engagement looks unchanged.

How could Davis and his foreign affairs 'experts' be so wrong?

These are the same people who also said that nobody in Suva expects Operation Jericho to amount to anything. Hmmm, not what I'm hearing, but we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.09am. The only clown in this story is you. Geez dumbass just read what you had to write. Is that all you can come up with? You're just as dumb as the people who are blindly following the blind bainimagana.

Your hero is living on borrowed time and he will eventually face justice, along with his key figures in his inner circle. Perhaps you should read into how Voceke is pushing for immunity, and ask yourself, why? Again, ask yourself, why is Voceke earning hundreds of thousands when there's so much poverty in Fiji. Why is their salaries paid out by a private company owned by Aiyarse's ugly Aunty? Should salaries be controlled by the ministry of finance?

I suggest you start compiling these things because I bet you'll be the first one to celebrate when your hero Voceke falls.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.57. And the pacific way is not to overthrow a democratically elected government. Perhaps you're pushing for the MSG to break away from the Forum. Go ahead and see where that ends up hahaha. Get some help you frigging idiot.

Anonymous said...

Mr MAHEN Chaudhry said that his motto in life was ‘Take things as they come but stand by your principles’.

The man is honest!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr MAHEN Chaudhry said that his motto in life was ‘Take things as they come but stand by your principles’.

The man is honest!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ C4.5. Please be careful of the kind of stories you run on this site. You must know Grandma Davies and the regime attack dogs, strting with Frankie and Aiarse at the top read this and the comments everyday.

This kind of story is likely to cause Frankie's head to explode and Aiarse's blood preassure to rise several points resulting in more nutty decrees.

have some sympathy will ya - otherwise you might be charged for willful injusry to the regime's top brass, and we wouldn't want that to happen.

In future kindly keep the events and the realities of the wider world out of their bubble, or you might damage their fragile egos beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Is Tuilaepa about to give birth? How many months pregnant? Is the father of the kid Aussie or Kiwi.....wahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Let's have the election in 2014 under the costitution 1997.No imunity for these thugs.Lets go Fijians, let us bring back our indigenous rights.IT'S our land, it's our home.

Anonymous said...

Really! Look people Queen Hilary has got it right, by saying that the Pacific, is Big Enough for every body?
So why don't we all just calm down
and for god sake, listen to Queen
Hilary,she's the most experience
foreign Minister in the forum?
Why continue to punish the population of Fiji by keeping the
military Government out? You all know that you can take this to another level? Hey Tuilaepa you were one of the signatory of the
Biketewa Accord, why don't you ask
John Key and Julia Gillard why didn't they activate the accord, and
sent their military over to Fiji, as per the letter of the accord?It's time to stop your junk-yard dog attacks on Bainimarama,and time to directly question the two
BIG Boy&Gal in our organization and
get them to put-up or shut-up? It's happening in Fiji, but it could happen anywhere in one of our South-Pacifican Nation? The Security we established as member
state of the South Pacific Forum,must be acted upon or what's the sense in creating it?We activate the accord in the Solomn
Island-why not Fiji?

Anonymous said...

How about The FART party ??--Fiji Against Rogues & Thugs

Graham Davis Supporter said...

Ganesh, did Hilary Clinton come out with a written statement at the Forum saying that Graham Davis was wrong or that US policy towards Fiji remains unchanged? No, she certainly did not. That PROVES that Graham was right and US policy HAS changed somehow. This should put this issue beyond dispute.

Anonymous said...

FART party??, you do mean Frank's Ass Rapping Team.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumar.
why dont you go and fight a election in fiji than talk.
You are a hot air person but a pussy.no guts.
if you have guts come and meet me anytime in auckland.

Jone said...

Rajesh @ 7:38 PM

I see who is "pussy" with no guts. We are waiting to see you in Fiji. If you are ONLY half the the man you think you are, you will come to Fiji and fight the election. We want to see your con-man arse here.

Dina kei na Dodonu said...

It is funny how things have actually worked out during the last forum meeting. The regime has been harping about that Fiji does not need the Forum if I remembered correctly. No Fiji needs this forum because this Pacific Forum is the only legitimate channel to the UN.

Now this regime (not the people of Fiji because they do not represent the people in this country) has been trying all sorts of tricks and influence these smaller nations like Tuvalu, Kiribati Nauru and MSG to side with the regime. But the funny thing is that WHO WILL DARE COME AGAINST THE MIGHT OF AUSTRALIA AND NZ with backing of the US. China knows this and deliberately chose to remain silent. It is the sign of things to come guys.

Na dina ena sega ni rawa ni tabonaki.

E na qai kaburaki main dela ni vale.

Kemuni kece i taukei o ni totaki ira tiko na dau laba, na dau vakamate tamata kei ira era vakavuna na bula dredre e viti, au kerea mo ni raica na veika e yaco tiko vakayalomatua.

E da sega ni dau totaka na laba kei na butako lelevu e da sa raica tu ni kua.

E dua na i vosavosa e ra dau tukuna na qase - e sega ni ura me damu ni kua ....e dau kana toka vakamalua... vei ra na watimuni, luvemuni kei na nomu bula saraga o iko osa na vakakila tiko mai.

Na dra ni tamata era dau labati e era dau kaci tiko mai ena dela ni qele...calling for natural justice.

Sa noqu macu mo ni rai vakayalomatua sara e na vo ni gauna sa vo qo.

Anonymous said...

@ Jone.

Ulukau lako i tei tavioka i nomu koro ...no school.

Sa rauti iko ya.

I support Rajesh and Dina kei na dodonu.

Good on you mate.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:09pm...Good question, why
activate the Biketewa Accord in
the Solomon Islands situation and
not here in Fiji? Was our nation Fiji- getting too politically,
economically, and socially powerful, in the pacific region? Was the military coup induced by Australia
& New Zealand, in an attempt to suppress Fiji's economic&Political thrust, as the third power in the pacific region?
The hesitancy of both Australia & NewZealand to affirm their responsibilities to
the signatory of the Biketewa Accord is a clear indication of
corruptible&double-cross dealing,
by the two South-Pacific powers.We
may have to do just this,without their accolade and consent?
I say toossed out the Biketewa security Accord, it's not working
to secure our member states and
the paper belongs in the trash bin!

Anonymous said...

Biketawa was not invoked for the reason that the Government of Fiji did not request help, and Fiji's standing army was under the command and apparent control of the coupists. The regional powers did not want to send their armed forces hot into a potentially hostile environment.

Now, looking back, maybe they should have.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is rite in their thoughts but until we have a fairly elected democratic government and leader only god knows where our fiji is goung:-)

Anonymous said...

Australia nd NZ have their own hone issues to deal with. The army govt in fiji is untrustworthy given all the moslem peiple supporting. They kill each other in the midl
E '

Anonymous said...

Hello, the Biketewa Accord was established exactly for the purpose
of our Island States security!
Australia,New Zealand and Fiji have
continously involved in sending their military to defend other nations.
The problem in Fiji is happening right outside their doors,it would be to their benefit
and advantages to send in their troops, to put down the coup, at all cost!

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