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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sri Lankan chief registrar sent packing

Ganga Wakishta Arachchi with regime coterie in 2010.
One of the regime's star imports from Sri Lanka has had her contract terminated and is leaving the country in disgrace.

Going AWOL with a government vehicle
Ganga Wakishta Arachchi was apparently told on Saturday there is no longer any work for her in Fiji and she is believed to be flying out today.

Arachchi's unpopularity and abuse of office has been well-documented with Coupfourpointfive last month revealing 43 letters of complaints had been made about her and that she had been accused of calling i-taukei staffers 'monkeys'.

The Intelligentsiya blog also revealed last year that she was behind the sudden departure of three Sri Lankan magistrates and had used a government vehicle to take her family to Levuka for 'court inspection', but was effectively skiving off the job.

In our story last month, (43 complaints made against Fiji chief registrar Saturday, August 11), insiders revealed she had been suspended by the Public Service Commission over racist comments against i-Taukei staff members at the Court complex at government buildings in Suva.

Arachchi was accused of saying 'Fijians are like monkeys' on a number of occasions, including a cocktail party at USP, a morning tea break at the Holiday Inn and a dinner party hosted by a local car rental owner from whom judicial department exclusively hires rental cars.

Senior Court of Appeal staff had also been threatened with termination by Arachchi if they did not listen to her. 

An official complaint was lodged with the Human Rights Commission as well as with the office of the illegal Prime Minister’s office, who referred the matter to the Public Service Commission and Arachchi was suspended, pending investigations. 

One of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's star Sri Lankan imports, Arachchi had until then enjoyed the protection of the regime as the judiciary's reputation deteriorated. 

Arachchi arrived in Fiji in 2010 and her appointment, along with others from Sri Lanka, quickly became an issue of concern locally and internationally with the consensus the judiciary was now just a mere servant to the military dictatorship.

Last year,  the United Kingdom Law Society Chair, Nigel Dodds, carried out a secret mission to Fiji and concluded in a report released earlier this year that there is no rule of law in Fiji.

Insiders also told us Arachchi, who some say should've been investigated by FICAC, was unpopular on a personal level and that judicial officers went public with their complaints after anonymous letters to the illegal Chief Justice failed to bring action. 

The complaints were given to Arachchi who confronted judicial department staff at a meeting telling them: "If you want to complain about me don’t send anonymous letters – put your name to these letters, you cowards.”

Staff took up the challenge and wrote at least 43 letters and widely circulated them to Frank Bainimarama, the illegal attorney general, Public Service Commission and the Law Society.

Insiders say there was also a very public altercation between Arachchi and the President of the Court of Appeal, William Calanchini, in July after Arachchi tried to overrule him and was pushing for certain matters to be called ahead of those already listed for hearing.

Calanchini saw this as a direct interference of his position as President Court of Appeal and wrote a terse letter to the Chief Justice, sending copies to Bainimarama, Khaiyum and PSC, demanding support. 

We revealed last month in our story on Arachchi that it was widely tipped that she would be sent home despite her contract just being renewed for another three years and that Chief Magistrate, Usaia Ratuvili, would step in as Chief Registrar. We will bring confirmation on Ratuvili's appointment when we can.

Editor's Note: The regime has since named Mohammed Saneem as acting chief registrar.

COMING UP: Arachchi's departure not the end of the story.


Anonymous said...

The truth shall be exposed! There's no doubt about that. And so will other lies that have been so blatantly thrown about during these hard times!

Keep The Faith said...

ROFLMFAO. Another one bites the dust.

Ratuvili will be another regime stooge - he is closely related to RFMF lawyer Kiti Tuinaosara.

Anonymous said...

23 months to sep 2014 deadline regime is tearing itself apart. Look at the debt accumulation of nearly $4.5b over 6 years. This is likely to swell to $5.5b by the end of 2014. Can we afford another 23 months of this regime?

Anonymous said...

A dose of Gordon Ward would not go amiss.

Anonymous said...

ratuvuili is a grog swiping incompetent loser who will lick the regime's balls to stay in office.

Anonymous said...

certainly, gordon ward will definitely put some sense and fairness in this 'judicial' system. but i tell you Mr Ward would not be keen to come just.

Anonymous said...

Abnormal times normally attracts abnormal people.If the foundation is wrong there will be nothing credible to build upon. The foolish man build his house a upon the sand ... gues what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Joker says...

Now the real monkey women will return to her home country where she and many others alike worship idols and monkeys with many hands/faces/legs but cant talk.

Dod's report that ASK disputed is on the spot correct given the circus like courts we have here in Fiji...

This regime particularly Aiyaz and Naz Shameem and gates is making a fool to the judiciary system in Fiji.

Frank if you want some order and credible judiciary...first kick out this 3 clowns...

Anonymous said...

A dose of Graham Leung would also not go amiss.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has never seen such a disgraceful state of affairs in its judicial ranks as is happening now. People get hired and fired at will. This woman deserves the kick she got, but over all there must be an open and transparent process, so that those who have breached the laws of the land not only get fired but also punished. Take the example of Faizal Koya. He was alleged to be on the bribe, but he let go, just like that. That is not good enough. People should be named and shamed and punished so that confidence returns to the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has never seen such a disgraceful state of affairs in its judicial ranks as is happening now. People get hired and fired at will. This woman deserves the kick she got, but over all there must be an open and transparent process, so that those who have breached the laws of the land not only get fired but also punished. Take the example of Faizal Koya. He was alleged to be on the bribe, but he let go, just like that. That is not good enough. People should be named and shamed and punished so that confidence returns to the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Ward would just want to make a brief return to the bench to see Qiliho and the goons that burnt down his villa in Deuba. He is raring to see that day come.. Sega ni dua ena vuka bula ena i lakolako qo. Everyone will answer for his crime so no immunity in order to see that all those that had committed astrocities during the reign of this murderous regime are brought to justice. All that happened since December 2006 are well documented awaiting the return to normality.

Anonymous said...

hamendar nagin's flirting wify Aruna Preshard can replace Ganga Archchni---AP is also very dumb--the sacked ex magistrate-the post will suit her--it is for dumbos !!

mark manning said...

Kama's a bitch, so is she !
I hope she took her bag of peanuts with her.

Anonymous said...

So have catholic heads in catholic schools--even though they may be rogues,thieves and child abusers and wife beaters.They must be catholics and be able to recite hail mary and our father like parrots!What nonsense.I like the sanatan idea-the quality of education is what matters.-what if there are no catholics qualified.Fake catholics!What if a catholic head suddenly joins the hari rama churcH !!

Anonymous said...

Senior judiciary staff did the right thing - complain openly and put their names to these complaints. There are enough of them and anyone in the regime who doubts their authenticity is only burying his or head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

She would not have been given a golden handshake thenn, that's a good thing. Among this gvoernment there should be red faces for hiring her in the firt place.

Anonymous said...

Fiji court is like a circus now.
All ruling by judges /others been dictated by nazhat/ khaiyum.
what happen why didnt ficac charge koya for abuse of office.
I forgot koya partner was cj gate hahaha.
corruption at the highest level.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:45 PM

Unfortunately a sign of the times in Fiji where some of these religious cults are given too much power.

It makes me laugh that the emphasis always seems to be on corruption in the goverment wheras the moral corruption of our inocent children by certain churches is overlooked.

R.S.Bhondu said...

finally the bitch had enough of sucking and got a booted out by the illegal regime.Don't make any comment baby just piss off quietly.

Anonymous said...

Mohd been appointed acting chief register.
Muslim brother hood at highest level .
Fiji army sleeping and supporting the muslim state soon .
bai khaiyum state of fiji.

Anonymous said...

Mohd been appointed acting chief register.
Muslim brother hood at highest level .
Fiji army sleeping and supporting the muslim state soon .
bai khaiyum state of fiji.

Ringmaster said...


And I suppose you're of the ilk that worships a dead man whose remains are rotting somewhere in Israel as we speak?

Ringmaster said...


As opposed to worshiping a deceased man whose remains are rotting somewhere in Israel as we speak?

Anonymous said...

Readers-please note from the confirmation from Fijivillage that the sacked Chief Registrar was appointed on a three (3) contract from May 2011. That means till 2014 May. But why she was fired before the contract term?????
Bitch Kamlesh Kumar must know.

Chief Registrar’s contract ends

Publish date/time: 10/09/2012 [17:09]

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Chief Registrar, Irani Wakishta Arachchi is no longer in office.

Arachchi finished off over the weekend.

Permanent Secretary for Justice, Mere Vuniwaqa said in accordance with the terms of her contract, the relationship between the government and Arachchi has come to an end.

Vuniwaqa said the government thanks her for her service.

Deputy Registrar, Mohamed Saneem is the Acting Chief Registrar.

Arachchi was appointed for three years in the position effective from 9th May last year.

Anonymous said...

The most tney're saying is relationhip has come to an end!

Chief Registrar leaves

17:13 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Chief Registrar Irani Arachchi has left the country.

In a statement this afternoon Permanent Secretary for Justice Mere Vuniwaqa says the relationship between the Fiji government and Arachchi has come to an end.

No reason has been given for her departure.

Deputy registrar Mohammed Saneem will act in the position

Anonymous said...

Shame this is still happening two weeks out from the election.

Ringmaster said...

Anyone listen to the minister of labour proclaiming loud on FBC TV that since the Mediation Forum, there have not been any strikes? How can there be strikes when collective assembly was banned? When the so-called essential industries decree bans any form of dissent against the employer.

Even the most gullible would have seen through this crap!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

They would've looked really stupid if they had kept her on after slagging off i-taukei. Come on, isn;t this the government that has boasted it has brought fee to a new utopia, free of racism and the like? Yet, they are hiring people (and giving them top jobs), who are trashing Fiji citizens. Methinks Fran and Co have a long way to go to proving they've created the positive change they say they have.

Anonymous said...

We have jungle law when we have coup masters leading the judicial .
no rule of law with bs decree.
we have to follow the living constitution than we have rule of law and great judicial system. great judges and others

Anonymous said...

I am a taxpayer.Govt pats the salaries of Heads in Catholic schools.I object to the Catholic's demand that the heads of their schools be Catholics albeit nominal catholics who can recite Hail Mary etc.If Catholics want Catholic heads-they better pay 100% of their fees.You cannot have it both ways.Ask the infallible Pope--he will tell you !!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Our Prime Minister is a man of his words. From day one his motto has been not to entertain corruption, nepotism and racism in public service. He inherited a corrupt public service from racist Qarase and Rabuka governments. This lady had a poor public relations and such had to go. This shows the high standard of work performance required. People are now employed on the basis on qualification and experience but not race. Well done Baini, you deserve another five years in 2014. The terriorists, racists and failed politicians on this blog who use swear words, cyber bullying etc can go back to their ancestral land of South Africa. Modern Fiji is for everyone irrespective of race, colour, religion,etc.

Anonymous said...

Buinigone tevoro!! Take your bilikani and F away sara! Chiu

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:48 PM, you'd be surprised. The Kamlesh Kumars of this world seem to believe that sort of crap.

Anonymous said...

This disgraceful state of affairs in Fiji's judiciary is directly attributable to gross mismanagement by Attorney-General Sayed-Khaiyum and Chief Justice Gates. They should be fired, before they're arrested and hanged for treason.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:01
Wrong post. What's biting your sorry ass, numbnuts? What an imbecille.

Jone said...

Whats the big deal??? We are all monkeys. I am monkey, you are a monkey, she is a monkey.

People get a life and move on.


Anonymous said...

Anon@9.01PM. Would you oppose if a Catholic heads a Hindu-run school? Get a life you moron.

Keep The Faith said...


In accordance with the terms of her contract, the relationship between the Fiji Government and the Chief Registrar, Irani Arachchi, has come to an end.

We extend our best wishes to Mrs Arachchi and thank her for her service.

The deputy registrar, Mohammed Saneem, will assume the position of Acting Chief Registrar.

Anonymous said...

Now here's the shocking news, the acting chief registrar, Saneem, is closely related to Khaiyum. Check it out

Anonymous said...

@ KK....piss off loser. I feel sorry for you baiya. How you must be so envious of us Fijians, is clear to see. You can put whatever spin you want on it, but, till the day you're cremated, a Fijian you'll never be. Achaa.

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji demand their judicial independence from Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar--you are my hero.Plse come back to your beloved Fiji.We need you .we want you.We love you.We beseech you to plse come back.You can solve all our problems-plse bring your dear wife with you and also all your samdhis and sadus--they can all help.Plse do not disappoint us. Your country is calling-plse answer the call.

Coming to a Theatre Near You said...

In accordance with the terms of his contract, the relationship between the Fiji Government and His Excellency President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has come to an end.

We extend our best wishes to Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and thank him for his service.

By decision of the Cabinet, the His Excellency Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarma will assume the position of Acting President.

Anonymous said...

@ Jone September 11, 2012 8:40 AM

You have a free choice to make. So you are a real monkey, an animal that's why you do not have a human instict any more. By supporting a muderers regime who mudered our sons and friends you do not deserve to be a human being any more. You yourself have declared to the whole world that you are an animal..a monkey...in the jungle and convieneiently support the law of the jungle.

This is so unfair and undemocratic to your own children, your parents and your kawas and future geeneration.

I could not believe that a person like you Jone or whoever you are will dare mention this lowest and degrading filthy and stupid comparison.

Ke o via manumanu, manumanu ga yani ...you pathetic and sick animal.

That is why u always support this muderers regime.

I urge yiou again Jone to please reconsider your position and come back to reality....back to democracy and hating inequity. Right now you are enjoying the luxury under the Dictatorship.

The ball is on your court.

The choice is yours.

Disappointed Parent said...

In the first instance, I am happy that this racist Sri Lankan woman, disgraced Chief Registrar, Irani Wakishta Arachchi had been sacked ans sent packing to her homeland.

Unfortunately I am just disappointed that neither the hand of Commander Bainimarama's Government long enough to do something about her a long time ago nor those in the offices that could have done something sooner perceptive and efficient enough to do the same.

This woman during her tenure had been vctimising I Taukei staff at the Judicial Department either moving all over internally or posting them out of the Department in the process acheving her objective; remove I Taukei officers and promote inexperienced Indian officers.

Commander Bainimarama should not stop here because if he thinks seriously about the victimisation and the miseries suffered by I Taukei Officers at the hands of this Sri lankan "Monkety" woman, this is not an isolated case. The order has always come from her boss, Aiyas Sahed Khaiyum. HE HAD BEEN GIVING THE ORDERS TO THIS monkey.

Commander Bainimarama should order the full investigation of the Department, all its staff, promotions in the past 2 - 3 years and put things right.

In fact we had raised this matter with the PM and his office in 2010. It took nearly 2 years for the grievances to bear fruit. WHAT A GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:48 hit the nail on the head. Sure enough, here is 'Kamlesh Kumar' with his silly statement of support.

The PM is a man of his word, he says. Right, the same PM who promised a transitional, open, honest and transparent government. The guy who said no military would benefit from the coup. The one who said the PER would be lifted by the end of 2009. The guy who promised a government for the poor. The one who promised the world Fiji would have elections in 2009. The one who promised to defend Fiji's Constitution.

You can take Bainimarama's assurances to the bank. Just don't try to cash them.

Bainimarama didn't 'inherit' anything. He usurped it all.

Corruption, nepotism, and racism have been the hallmarks of Bainimarama's illegal tenure. He didn't 'inherit' his cash payout for alleged accrued leave or his multiple salaries. His favoured treatment of his brother-in-law and daughter are blatant cases of nepotism. He plays the race card constantly -- all empty rhetoric. He lifts no finger to integrate the RFMF and does nothing to promote diversity in the Cabinet and senior civil service.

If poor public relations is the standard, then Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Gates, Pryde, Smith-Johns, and several others should have been given the boot long ago.

Bainimarama doesn't deserve five more years, any more than he deserved the six he's already had. Nor will he settle for only five more years. He wants to be in power for life.

What he deserves is trial for treason. And if he is a Fiji citizen, then so does Kamlesh Kumar.

s/ Dakuwaqa

snuka said...

Qiliho and goons that burnt down Ward's villa in Deuba are all happy in UN missions overseas supported by the USA. And why not, if the USA can easily kill innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and in other countries its easy to see why they support dictators and arsonists.

Voceke Bocimarama said...

Kamlesh Kulina, not roaming the streets tonight? Get a life you asshole.

Anonymous said...

The surest way to make a monkey of this regime is simply to quote it.

Anonymous said...

Just 15 more days until Operation Jericho, a 60-second noise barrage in celebration of Fiji, to take place in downtown Suva on Wednesday, 26 September, at 7:00 PM precisely.

Together, Operation Jericho.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

Anonymous said...

Proff Silly Yukt Satendra Pratap None_Done says the commission is here to LISTEN to the people-really listen from their hearts.Yet-this Idiot Professor talks and talks and talks himself--see today's FT(11/9)--page 2. Sri Yukt thinks he is giving a speech in a wedding!!--full of garbage and cliches.--the mango chutney fame proff from --is it canberra or Tibuktoo !!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kamlesh Kumar, pleeeease come back to Fiji!
Naboro is calling you.

Anonymous said...

Snuka, the main supporters of the dictator and arsonists are not Americans but Fijians. Let's stop blaming America for our own shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Kemulasu Kumala,
How can you support a muderer ....this is beyond human understanding.

Modern Fiji will always belong to the First People of this beloved Island, the Indigenous Fijians. Like it or NOT... this is the formal equation in countries like Fiji, Mother India or Madarasi, China, Pakistan, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon etc.

One thing is for sure the Indian population is increasingly decreasing and according to Warden Narsey by 2020 only 18% of Fijis population will be be from Mother India.

So start thinking about your maigration paper ...NZ, and Australia will not take u in or you might end up in Nauru.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the newly appointed Saneem?

Anonymous said...

Hey someone mentioned about the Judge Ward's Villa that was torched by the solidiers in Pacific Harbour? Was RUM also master minded that torching along with Qiliho?
The villa is still left as it was,
not sold but it has been cared for
by a security firm.I think the judge is still hoping to return one
day to make sure that those responsible are jailed for life or hanged till death?????

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Saneem is a graduate in Law from University of the South Pacific and also holds a Professional Diploma in Legal Practice. He was the Deputy Registrar of the Legal High Court of Fiji from January this year.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chaudhry will be prevented from pacticising. End of future FLP leader........heee heeee. Chaudhry family time has come to end! Good bye RPC

Anonymous said...

looking at some of the comments , it obvious that I lot of contributors have a lot of angst against people they don't like .

there is obvious dislike for shameem in some of the comments . I know of someone who knows them well and I thought I correct some obvious misleading comments . She is a character of great standing . one of my friends attended a her workshop and described her as simply brillant . my information is that now she does a lot of work for external NGO's and has kept her engagement as professional with everyone including the regime . she holds not bitterness against people who sacked her . she has moved on . She is barely doing any work in Fiji now and as she being engaged by foreign agencies on Law and other spheres of work . that shows that she is being recognised for her work by others outside Fiji . So some of the attacks on her is simply not warranted . and my take on attacks on her is for sure someone hates smart and intelligent wowan.


Anonymous said...

Jonna, the 'angst' directed against Shaista Shameem isn't an expression of misogyny. It's an expression of revulsion against her facile defence of treason and oppression, her highly flexible conscience, and her deplorable tendency to call black 'white'.

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