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Friday, September 7, 2012

Suspended police officer: 'Take the rank and shove it up your ass'

Abdul Khan
A senior Fiji police officer has been suspended after a nasty exchange of words with a fellow senior officer.

SP Abdul Khan, the deputy director of Operations has been indicted for uttering the words “take the rank and shove it up your ass” to SSP Ravi Narayan, the Chief of Staff.

Eye-witnesses at the Police HQ say SSP Ravi Narayan summoned SP Abdul Khan to his office to question him about a text message that was sent to the Force.

Ravi Narayan
A woman had complained SP Khan was rude to her at Albert Park during an incident during the Hibiscus Festival.

In normal routine work, Narayan should have referred the complaint to Khan’s boss, the Director Operations SSP, Rusiate Tudravu, or the Chief Operating Officer, SSP Henry Brown.

But insiders say it wasn’t Narayans’ duty to seek an explanation from Khan.

The discussion between the two heated up with Narayan threatening to suspend Khan.

It's then that Khan took off his rank insignia and put it on Narayan's s table, telling him “take the rank and shove it up your ass”.

Eye witnesses say it was an unprecedented scenario - a junior officer with the guts to talk back and react like l Khan did to Narayan.

Two hours later after the incident, Khan received a letter informing him that he was being suspended pending an inquiry, and possible indictment.
The letter to Khan apparently states that he cannot enter any Police premises.

The Commissioner of Police was to have been briefed on this incident on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

It goes to show that police officers themselves have no respect for the institution as it has lost its dignity after the coup. This kind of attitude by Khan is unheard of in the force. Leaving the force in such an abrupt manner is no big deal for officers like Mr Khan because they can see that the force is more of a circus than anything else.

Anonymous said...

big salute to khan ---man with guts
-suck it up Ravi Narayan

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceburg. Disaffection is spreading through the ranks of both the police and the military. Jericho approaches.

Anonymous said...

Our police and soldiers have lost respect for their officers, and who can blame them? They're also struggling with self-esteem issues because of their misgivings about aiding and abetting treason against our own country. If they're not mutinying during Operation Jericho, then they very well might after they hear the noise barrage and realise how unpopular this regime really is. Then it will be like the People Power revolution in the Philippines. The people will rally to the side of the mutiny and force Bainimarama to flee to North Korea, if we don't catch him first.

Anonymous said...

He should have said"take the and shove it up your ass and your boss's ass" that is quite like it..

Anonymous said...

Ravi is a dog .go arrest the army boss who did the coup than talk Ravi .no guts lamulamu .

Anonymous said...

Police officers in fiji are gut less pussy.no guts to uphold the law and order in front of the army coup stars.
Ravi just another actor.prove fiji public ravi that you can arrest you army stars bai and khaiyum and others.if not just shut the f up.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kolina Kumar - the people of Fiji will never accept Khaiyum's new legal order rubbhish. If you are willing to accept the reverse order of eating and shitting, perhaps a long term practice of the reverse order might bring some movement in support. Please try this new move for next 24 months as clearly last 6 years fromm 2007 has been a waste.

Ex Police officer. said...

Qo dua vei ira na ovisa dau masi polo ena gauna nei Teleni and Savua levu ga na vosa ai sega na cakacaka sa qai vinaka qori me tukuni va vinaka vua,vinaka Khan you said it right......

Anonymous said...

This is only one example of the regime imploding. There are hundreds of unreported cases. Even the temporary hire EVR clerks are up in arms because of the shoddy administration.

Khan had the guts to speak out, there are more officers and civil servants keeping it all bottled up. Remember the senior prisons officer?

The only reason the regime's top dogs don't go crazy is because they are tii stupid to realise how bad the situation is. What we are seeing and hearing in public isonly the tip of the iceberg.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Abdul Khan, you are not in Taliban. You are in Fiji and have to obey the laws of the country. Are you trying to get refugee status by building a case against the state?(Like Rajesh Singh, Vasyenohi and the others.)

Anonymous said...

good work abdul

Anonymous said...

Is this SP Abdul Khan the same police dog who was seen escorting Prime Minister Qarase to prison


Anonymous said...

Khan the tiger ,in and out ,i personally experienced this same type of treatment once .People like Ravi is a kiss ass guy,brown nosing asses that shits good and well on his achievemnets.

Good job Khan,stay strong just as the tiger in and out...hats off..

Keep The Faith said...

And let's not forget to add the meltdown from within the ranks of the regime's propaganda machine ie Ministry of (Mis)Information, where the racist red-head has spread demoralization and disaffection completely within her empire.

Keep clinging to Dan Gavidi's skirt/sulu Shazza -- it will get you everywhere. Not.

Anonymous said...

I salute SP Abdul Khan, though I'm still baffled why the Police Force is still employing Ravi Narayan, he is one of the most corupt Police Officers around.
Abdul khan should have added, "why don't you go and suck the Boss's cork as you used to do during Teletubby's time??" I only hope there are many more Abdul Khan around.

Anonymous said...

Internal loyalty investigations underway in the Attorney-General's office and Fiji Police. Nervousness over approach of Jericho. Dilemma as to whether Frank should give the troops another pep talk, because the regime also doesn't want to give the impression that it's concerned over what it hopes will be a non-event.

Anonymous said...

Jake says...

Good on you Officver Khan............u havb guts unlike many police and all army suckers..

Anonymous said...

This is the same Ravi from Nadi Police Station in 1987. Tamata dau tabetabe vei OC Tanikorolevu. The Joint Ops team saw right through and used him to the max......blerry kulina.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Abdul Khan your behaviour is despicable. You should respect your seniors. May be time to have some grog at QEB.

Anonymous said...

@Kamlesh Kukumar,
Come mada to QEB and we'll mix you a bag of whipass. I promise you, you'll leave a violated and despicable born again homo.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumari sick man , fear god ashhole

Anonymous said...

Utter the same words to a Fijian police officer and see what happens

mark manning said...

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys !

Anonymous said...

Remember KHAN just graduate last year from FBI Academy. AFP wants you to work with them. More than $120000/yr. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

Both Indian masipolo Officer's are of the same calibre !!!Promotion that comes from tabetabe like SSP Mahesh Mishra(Director Traffic)....

Anonymous said...

Fiji police is only good for handling traffic and as tourist police. Ravi if u trying to act smart, try looking at your more senior officers corruption in the force, otherwise shut up...the woman who complained ..was it your whore ?

kamlesh said...

Say no to Jericho. Ben can you invite these guys at QEB for grog.

Anonymous said...

haha! ni veitauri na ovisa kei na sotia lol

Jone said...

Operation Jericho is already complicating the regime's decision making. That means Jericho is already a success. Let's mobilise all of Fiji for 26 September. Everyone tell someone. Prepare to make a joyful noise!

Anonymous said...

Sunil Sharma--Illeagal Aid Commission Head--two prrobate ads in the Fiji Sun today--one a farmer.One a retired nurse==paid for by the taxpayers of Fiji. Why,you Idiot ?--while real deserving people are turned awy from legal aid.Is the AG listening ?? Shame on Corrupt Sunil Sharma !!

Anonymous said...

Kalesh Kumari..you dont have any right to attack Abdul Khan on a racial basis.I know this guy and he is a hard worker and an asset to the police force.
Heated arguements do happen when people work together.People should just suck it up and move on.There was no need for a suspension.Ravi,you know you are a masi polo so get the fuck out ofr there and go back to Navua.

Anonymous said...

Hey,all these treasonous thugs knows what they got themselves into
when they decide to stay-on and help out the illegal Bainimarama administration? No one should be surprised at what
took place here?
I would imagined that once we elect a democratic Government in 2014,one
of the PM first tasks would be to
setup special commissions to investigate,terminate & hires new
members of the disciplinary forces?
Khan possibly knew that the treasnous thugs run, in the disciplinary forces appears to be
coming to an end? So why not, take a kick at the cat?Who cares and who gives a damn?What you gonna do
about it? As far as Khan is concerns, that Everyone that offered to help out the illegal
Bai Government, are in the same treasonous slow boat to China?

Anonymous said...

This guy has had a gutful from his superiors.Almost 90% of Police Force, Prison staff and Army personnel are sick of the hieracry and need changes to the way they are operating but too afraid to do anyhting for fesr of repressal and victimozation by seniors, The day is coming when there will be huge revolts within these organisations for big changes.. keep up the good work guys...

Anonymous said...

Is a fighting between hindu and muslim. They thing is India Police Force. Tapetape

Anonymous said...

The woman who complained is Ravi wife young half sister.

Dina kei na dodonu said...

The latest news that the Indian Government will again be sending their technical expects on sugar to Fiji is a great concern to me as a sugar cane farmer. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Is it true that their last team came and do the exact opposite. Some one must be making the cut somewhere.
Can some one please get more information on this?.

There are people in the inner circle that are directly benefited from this kind of deal.

Can some one investigate three properties that was purchased for the Bainimarama siblings. One of them received all furniture from China.

The former residence of the Governor of Reserve Bank has also being considered by the illegal PM.

Do the the top 12 have overseas account probably in China or Malaysia.

Aunty Bano, their personnel finance Manager has cleverly cover all tracks for the regime top 12 and my advise for those few honest people in the regime to pls pull out immediately for the sake of your family and your future.

The illegal AG is currently very nervous and knows that the Taukei will be following him when time is right and throw him and his brother into an open lovo in front of the government house.

Anonymous said...

Officer Khan....

Yeap, Ravi and I same boat, we lick and masi polo to get to where we at now.

But I can assure you, many others in Police and army doing same thing.

We all masi Ioane and Franks ball to get ahead and be promoted.

We insiders all know that even Sgaron too lifts her skirt and wag her tail to keep her job - she sucks well too.

I will reveal many more suckers in the regime....watch Naaz Shameem,Nur Bano Ali how she is making her monies from poor tax payers too.

I will submitt secret report to all to know what's happening in the inner circle of the regime..

Too many ORGY....

Anonymous said...

Voreqe should just skip this year's UN General Assembly meeting. This year's theme is Rule of Law. What positive contribution could he possibly make on that subject? The only reason for him to go now is to miss Jericho on 26 September, after which he might not want to come back.

Anonymous said...

tukuna boy set tu ya

joe blac k said...

all the class graduates getting upset

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma--answer me --grandfather Ram Garib was told to pay $115 for his medical report.What nonsense. He is not working--bad injuries in a motor vrhicle accident.He cannot even feed himself.Where the hell is he going to find $115 !! is this how your Govt is helping the poor and the down trodden ?? Shame on you.The curse of the poor and injured will be upon you ,your children and your children's children.

Anonymous said...

The police force lost its credibility in 1987 and 2000 coups -ask Savua -how he pretended to bring order after the burning in Suva-the rest is history!!!

Anonymous said...

'Once we elect a democratic government in 2014'. Are you people still that foolish? These guys aren't going to give up power and allow a return to democracy. They've already proven that time and again.

Anonymous said...

What's with the blackout? Virus in the system I hear!

Anonymous said...

We have same thing here in camp. Officers have gone to the dogs. Ranks are very desgruntled ..much talk. Bring back Teleni to restore descipline right away or Jerico maybe last straw on camel's back.

Anonymous said...

Hey,what is happening to the AG he's
not talking too much lately, and haven't heard anything said about him? He's no longer in the medias,
does anyone have any ideas of whats' happening with this crooked
asseole? I wonder if Bai has finally, wised up to his smart ass game? Bai maybe time to smarten up
few of your useless crews and kick
their ass?

SHEHAR said...

Abdul Groggy Katu Khan is hiding behind his master gauri Khaiyum. Raviya, go for this maichood Kat2.Don't bow down in front of this CHOR.
18 Padamlala St

Anonymous said...

What a laugh. This proves Charlie Chaplin was right when he once said, "All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman, and a pretty girl."

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Are these the same ulukau cops who are supposed to be 'the Sword of Wrath' that supposedly will try to stop us, come Jericho? Yeah, the same guys who take forever to respond to a crime scene and yet will supposedly be everywhere in Suva at the same time when M-Minute strikes? 

In fact, it seems to me that most of the police are probably sympathetic to our cause and will only listen and look on with smiles.

Better yet if they actually joined forces with patriotic soldiers and took advantage of Jericho to arrest the coup conspirators.

Anonymous said...

"Police Spokeswoman and Manager Public Relation,Ms NAISORO is flirting with a Snr Police Officer.DNIB knows better.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 1:15pm...The police have been the in between guys in all the coups with their hands tied. When the 87 coup happened and Rabuka was the military dictator, he put one of his relatives Lewaicei as PM and other Vanualevu relatives into high positions within the police. Since the 87 coup, some police officers who had tried to apply the rule of law against law breaking militay officers were subjected to abuse and were beaten up. When the 2000 coup happened, many of them were held hostages by rebels in Police Stations including Korovou and Labasa. Many of them were brutalised by the rebels and subjected to degrading treatment. Two of them were shot dead by rebels. Apart from the rebels they have had to deal with the military when Frank took over and witnessed a large number of brutal attacks against the rebels but were unable to do anything for obvious reasons. They have been through stress which the soldiers will call post traumatic syndrome from some of their experiences. They know the law but cannot apply the law due to the military dictatorship. Many agree with what Frank is doing because of what was witnessed in 87 and 2000 but many do not agree with the means. They are however caught up in the middle of a rut that is now starting to disintegrate and to set the record straight, not because of Operation Jericho which I am watching to see whether it really will happen with a big bang and Davis will have to write about it in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Rank does not just confer power and privilege. It imposes responsibility. That's what's missing from Fiji's security forces today.

Anonymous said...

The AG has been quiet lately because he's too busy with turmoil in the judicary, preparations for deregistering existing parties and launching a new 'unity' party, rigging the elections, conducting internal loyalty checks, trying to figure out how to shut down Operation Jericho, and contingency plans for an escape flight to Abu Dhabi. He's got a lot on his plate right now.

Mere said...

Phylosophical, you're right about the cops being caught in the middle. But what about you? Are YOU caught in the middle? Can't YOU decide whether to support Fiji or the dictator? 

If you still plan to just watch and wait, then who is the Good Samaritan who will stand up for Fiji? With that kind of attitude, your grandchildren will be waiting, too. 

Jericho isn't a referendum on Dakuwaqa or the opposition. It's a test of our individual commitments to Fiji. It's a test of our commitment to the moral decision that we earlier chose to make in our minute of silent prayer or reflection. 

When your Maker asks why you simply passed by the man lying beside the Road to Jericho, will you dare tell Him that you were just watching and waiting?

Make no mistake -- the regime is powerless to stop Operation Jericho. It could call out Fiji's entire army and police force, and yet Jericho would still go forward, leaving the regime looking impotent and ridiculous. So, fear of The Man simply isn't a valid excuse not to stand up for Fiji this time. Jericho requires positive action on our part but no real sacrifice.

You mention Graham Davis. He's now a propaganda shill for the regime. He'll spin Jericho as a flop if it succeeds at anything less than the overthrow and arrest of Bainimarama. That's already a given.

In fact, Jericho is only Fiji's simple, first step on the journey back to national dignity. It's designed to complicate regime planning, create a planning timeline for patriotic elements, and hint at new possibilities. But, more than anything, it gives Fijians the chance, finally, to be heard without the sanction or distortion of the regime or its stooges... and to hear each other and understand that we are not alone. 

Not all of us are willing for Fiji to be road-kill. For us, the time for being a bystander is over. For us, it's time to start being a loyal Fijian and Good Samaritan.

I call on you, and on all Fijians, to join us in Operation Jericho. Together, prepare to make a joyful noise.

Anonymous said...

Those who suppor the regime pls refer to comments below.

Anonymous said...
Fiji has done real well these past six years!

Government by treason. No vote. No liberties. No economic growth. Growing poverty. Collapsing sugar industry. More corruption. No more PKOs. Devalued dollar. Suspended from PIF. Vanishing pensions. More suicides. Suspended from Commonwealth. Lower life expectancy. Casinos. Greater debt. Less transparency. Organised crime. Etc.

Yeah, real well!

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Mere...Barvo Bravo well spoken Mere...but alas
does a good samaritan simply holler and shout for a minute on a given day to be considered a good samaritan.

Will it call out Fiji's entire army of 2000 soldiers or police officers. And what do you propose they do. Kill Frank and kill one another. Will that give you personal satisfaction to say that you have done God's will. Ah the mere will of a human being to believe such violence will give your maker satisfaction.

National dignity you say...I dont quite think banging the drums and hollering for one minute than running to hide is dignified.

Ahhh the loyal Fijian. What are you really loyal too. Were you not taught Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua, Noqu Matanitu. Your loyalty as proclaimed in the embelm of the Fiji flag is to God first cultured by the traditions of your vanua and shaped by the Government of the day.

Why I disagree with your means, I dont believe it will have any impact at all.

I believed in the Church Leaders, the Chiefs and the manipulative Fijian politicians in 87 and 2000 who led us to believe the Indians were causing the problems faced by our people today. You cant honestly believe Frank caused all that. You know what, he actually was quite proud when the coup happened in 1987. The brutality of these past coups as I have said before continues to haunt us.

Why cant we reconcile our differences. Why not extend the olive branch to Frank. Why not extend the olive branch to other races. Why not rebuild a Fiji with respect for each other where all races will have national pride.

This is where we step up to teach the younger generation of hope because really, our sins in 87 and 2000 has stopped us short of being led to the promised land. We will continue to suffer until we get it right and the moment is your makers to give when we have learnt to reconcile and forgive.

Anonymous said...

The SDL, the FLP, the UPP, the churches and temples, the chiefs, the NGOs, people of conscience -- are you mobilising for Jericho or just sitting still? If Jericho comes and goes in silence, then it will be the final nail in the coffin of all democratic opposition in Fiji. If you blokes in Fiji don't even care enough about your own country to devote just one minute to her, then why should anyone else care?

Mere said...

Phylosophical, much of what you say makes sense but also doesn't really apply here.

I agree with you that Fiji requires more than noisemaking from Good Samaritans. But this is a start. Sixty seconds of vocal support is more than you're willing to give Fiji? Where's the loyalty in that?

I don't believe we honor Fiji or our God by remaining passive in the face of injustice.

Nobody is suggesting that Fijians hide after M-Minute. On the other hand, if people feel so intimidated by the bullying tactics of this regime that they're even afraid to vocally celebrate Fiji for just 60 seconds, then they can exercise as much discretion as they feel is necessary.

I don't believe Frank caused 1987, but, like you, I believe he supported it. I believe he not only was behind the events of 2000, but he masterminded them.

I cannot reconcile with active traitors. No reconciliation without justice. No immunity. If they apologise and pay for their crimes, then we'll see.

If you don't support treason, then of course we can reconcile our differences.

I bear no enmity towards Rabuka -- can you say the same? -- because he apologises and shows contrition for his crimes and mistakes. I also bear no enmity against Speight. He was Bainimarama's patsy and has already served several years for Bainimatama's crimes.

I offer an olive branch to Frank. I agree with Dakuwaqa, when he says that Bainimarama should be shown clemency if he turns himself in before Operation Jericho. Yeah, I know -- fat chance.

What about Frank? When will he offer an olive branch? He can begin by releasing those he has unjustly imprisoned, like Qarase and Mac Patel.

Who is advocating violence at this point? Jericho is designed to be non-violent.

I have no grudge against other races. All deserve respect, and all are needed to rebuild Fiji. Frank should recruit kai idia into the RFMF or, better yet, disband it.

We will never get it right and enter into the Promised Land led by bumbling, greedy, unjust, and traitorous usurpers. We will never free the younger generation of the coup mentality by condoning coups and pardoning coupmakers.

Merciful God will allow such injustice for a time, but His justice cannot be stayed forever.

One way or another, Operation Jericho will be a turning point.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Mere.........
Another misled individual..........

No grudge against other races - yet you call Fijian Indians kai dia.

You bear no enmity towards Rabuka obviously because he was on our side. He apologised and showed contrition yet marched into the QEB barracks in his Idi Amin uniform with his medals pinned on his chest at the height of the CRW attack on the QEB. He was lucky the loyal soldiers did not shoot him knowing he was behind the coup.

Frank masterminding the 2006 coup. Come on...we have seen him in action and he is having difficulties putting a sentence together. You honestly cant believe he is capable of masterminding the coup. He knew about it of course. You may ask what about the evidence Rokoului Mara and others have put forward through 4.5...if you were around in 87 and 2000, the same sort of evidence was circulated blaming Ratu Mara for being the mastermind behind the coup. Same military propoganda being used by people like Rokoului to save his own skin.
Where is he today. Where is the documents and evidence he should have brought with him to expose Frank. The bastard is only trying to save himself. He was always proud of his Tongan heritage so he should remain there in Tonga.

Dont be a fool Mere.

Speight - He is in jail and would have been freed by LQ.

Greedy, unjust traitorous usurper...Oh Frank is only traitorous because he is an itaukei and has subjugated the itaukei....Is that why you call him a traitor.

Greedy - ahhhhh you think LQ is not guilty...He knows what he has done wrong and he will have time to think about it in jail. Makrava should be there with him.

I wish you well in your operation Jericho...like the black t-shirt arm band and other useless attempts.

You should not name yourself Mere on this blog because you make a patriotic passionate true freedom fighter, mother and grandmother like Mrs Mere Samisoni look bad with people thinking you might be her.

Try something different like - Ulutakala

Mere said...

So, Phylosophical, according to you, the term 'kai idia' is now a pejorative? That strikes me as a very racist thing to say. Is it now bad to be a kai idia? Why is 'kai idia' tabu but 'Fijian Indian' is okay?

Rabuka may have been on YOUR side, but he wasn't on mine. Unlike you, apparently, I did not support his coups in 1987.

Frank masterminded the 2000 coup. Repeat, 2000. He called Ligairi out of retirement. Had Ligairi present the Parliament takeover to the CRW soldiers as a 'training' exercise. Released to them weapons and ammo from QEB. Saw to it that they continued to get paid. Betrayed them when the coup appeared headed for failure. The documentation is all there in the Board of Inquiry report.

Trouble putting a sentence together doesn't stop Frank from commiting treason or you from supporting it. Frank's leadership of the 2006 coup is beyond dispute. We now know that he launched the coup just to avoid being sacked and then arrested for the CRW murders.

If you want Roko Ului back in Fiji, the solution is simple enough -- arrest Frank for treason, as he deserves. Mara will return to Fiji to give state's evidence. Mara can then sit for his own trial.

No, I don't call Frank a traitor because he's an iTaukei. What a foolish and racist notion! I call him a traitor because he commited treason.

Yes, I THINK Qarase is not guilty, but I KNOW he was unjustly tried and imprisoned.

Now you denigrate the name 'Mere'? Isa, whose name will you denigrate next? 

Speaking of changing names, you should reconsider using the name 'Phylosophical'. You may be a lot of things, but you're certainly no Socrates.

Anonymous said...

Man i like this guy . hahaa.
we need man like these .
soldiers and policeman, civil servants and their poor pay, they need to man up and tell the illegal government to shove it . !

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Mere Mere...So sure and so misled..you poor thing.

Let me enlighten you. You like the many itaukei or kai Viti on this blog continue to use the term kai Idia or kai loma or kai tani against those who are not of the ethnic Fijian race. It is obvious you and the many other so called itaukei still continue to hold racist views against all other races in Fiji who consider themselves Fijians. You do not acknowledge the contibution the Fijian Indians and other races have given to the country and you blame all other races for where Fiji is today other than yourselves. You do not reflect on the events following the 87 or 2000coup to accept the itaukei's mere stupidity in being misled by manipulative cronies like Rabuka and George Speight.

You accuse Frank of being the mastermind behind the 2000 coup and you speak so confidently of your ill accusations against him but there are no evidence to substantiate those facts you speak off.

Not sure if your sooo thick like the many others who believe the proporganda that Frank was behind the coup but it just does not add up when one reflects on the events, the rebels, the take over, the negotiations and the loyalist standing behind Frank to regain control.

Cant you see the Military themselves were split ever since Frank was brought in from the Navy to command the Military. The first action that led to revolt by the likes of Tarakinikini. He was the commander of the CRW set up by Rabuka and only these two were able to give the CRW any orders.

Ahhh the elonquent Tarakinikini with his BS attempt to negotiate a truce with the rebels. Where did they lead too. The whole Military itself was divided with people like Tarakimikini. Seruvakula, Buardomo, Roko Ului. Everyone of these people and others are key suspects in the 2000 coup.

The TV footage of the loyalist soldier manning the check point at Muanikau when the rebels attacked the checkpoint and attempted to wrestle the AK47 from the loyalist soldier with the soldier showing restraint and discipline not shooting the rebel.

The breakdown of the Tarakinikini negotiations and all other BS attempts to make themselves look good and not to long after, fleeing. Seruvakula, Tarakinikini, Buadromo they all fled. It is obvious these guys are blaming Frank for the coup but they are the same guys like I said before in 1987 and 2000 put out coconut wireless propoganda with unsubstantiated coconut wireless facts to blame Frank.

If it was not for Frank and the loyalist Soliders fighting back the rebels, I pity where you would be today. The orgies, black sabath, looting, killing and vile sadistic behavious by the rebels in Parliament was disturbing.

None of you mention these events in this blog but make a feeble attempt to blame it all on Frank. He saved Fiji by taking on the rebels and if he had not stood up tall, gathered the loyal soldiers, got rid of the Tarakinikini's etc...Fiji would not have returned swiftly to democracy as it did by 2003. Frank of course was still naive and there were still many hanging around still manipulating and pulling strings and this got LQ in as PM.

Come on Mere...do not search these blogs to gain your facts like I said to Heckler, a grain of salt thrown over the shoulder and the few remaining has half truths.

Stop clutching at the old ideals but work hard to save our true culture and tradition which has been eroded by blind faith.

Ayarsekulina said...

Typical kaiida style.I wonder why the Brits left them behind when they left.

The Heckler said...

Ha, ha, Anonymous 7:44, I think you're right about Mere being misled.

Under this regime, we ALL are!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:44, aka 'Phylosophical', don't speak unless you can improve on the silence. Otherwise, you're just another example of why Aldous Huxley wrote: 'Finding bad reasons for what one believes for other bad reasons -- that's philosophy'. 

Mere said...

Anonymous 7:44, or should I say 'Phylosophical', the first business of one who truly practices philosophy is to get rid of the self-conceit you obviously have in abundance, for it is impossible for anyone to begin to learn that which he thinks he already knows.

My use of the term 'kai Idia' is not 'against' anyone. How is my use of the term more racist than the term you use, which is 'Fijian Indian'? Aren't you the one who asked in another column 'what's in a name, anyway'? And aren't you the one who said 'kai Viti should be the name applied to the itaukei different from other races'? 'Kai Idia' is racist, but 'kai Viti' is not? Far from making sense, your 'logic' doesn't even hold up on the basis of internal consistency.

I don't harbour any ill will against other races in Fiji who consider themselves Fijian. Your assumption is a racist generalisation and a slur against all ethnic Fijians.

First you claimed that I was once a Rabuka supporter, like yourself. Now you drag Tarakinikini into this. I never supported Rabuka, and I am not Tarakinikini. As usual you set up and knock down your pathetic straw men. Next time, try instead to hold your own against a woman. 

Plenty of documentary and circumstantial evidence is already out there regarding Bainimarama's role in orchestrating the 2000 coup, and not on this blog only. It's frankly pathetic how you and other coup apologists can't bring yourselves to look at the evidence. 

If Bainimarama is as innocent as you say, then why don't you urge that he simply cooperate with the Board of Inquiry?

You ask, were it not for Bainimarama, where would I be today? If it were not for Bainimarama, 2000 might never have occurred in the first place. We cannot know, but it seems likely to me that without Bainimarama, Fiji today would be a freer, kinder, more reputable and prosperous place than it is today.

You're right about one thing, though. Blind faith is eroding the vanua. But that blind faith is the stock that you and a few others put in the likes of this lying, traitorous, corrupt and low-brow thug who is actively dismantling our institutions for his own selfish aims. 

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical speaks;
@heckler - you been misled the moment you were born and you dont realise it.

@anon 11:23am...if you understand that statement you will realise what I am talking about..........

@Mere - There is a lauan saying Mere that goes' Ko vuli ga ko tawa sukulu' That is all I have to say to you.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, your last approach is the best. Better for you to be quiet and look stupid rather than to write again and prove it.

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