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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bainimarama children single out 2000 coup

Dictator's children make submission to Constitution
As they say: out of the mouths of babes.

The six children of Fiji's illegal prime minister have made their submission to the Constitution Commission and surprise, surprise they endorse the politics of their father.

Dictator's children: submission to Constitution
According to Fiji Village Voreqe Bainimarama’s daughters and son pitch for the one man one vote and an 'antidiscrimination act'.

RubyAnn Sorovaki, Litiana Loabuka, Frances Lutunatabua, Ateca Whippy, Bernadette Bainimarama and Ratu Meli Bainimarama also want the removal of the electoral system to allow for what they said were changes from time to time depending on the needs and the will of the people.

Reporter Vijaya Narayan writes the Bainimarama siblings also said there should be an end to the coup culture, behaviour and mentality.

"They also said that the perpetrators of the 2000 coup were also working under the guise of the vanua and misleading people that the land and freedom of the itaukei would be taken away.

"The siblings said the rebels in 2000 were wrong and the military spoke out and said that this was wrong.

"They said there should be a clear separation between the state and religion.

"The Bainimarama siblings said Fiji should not be declared a Christian state."

Not unexpectedly Bainimarama's children don't want a return of the Great Council of Chiefs, which was abolished by the regime earlier this year.

They said all the citizens of Fiji should be called Fijians and there should be full recognition that the indigenous people are the itaukei.

The siblings said none of the institutions should be permitted to have names that denote racial affiliations and they also propose that racial categorization should be eliminated from all government records and registers.

They also propose a national minimum wage for all workers and programs to be implemented to empower people to do things themselves rather than the old culture of reliance and handouts.

They said the civil servants need to have continual performance reviews as they are there to serve the people of this country.

The Bainimarama clan also called for the introduction of a new tax for health services where every worker gets a minimal amount deducted for health care saying the threshold should be based on earnings.

Editor's Note: The Commission is at the end of taking submissions and we'll be running several that have been sent into us later today and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bainimarama children.... We support you all the way. We army children agree with you. None of these people understand what we went through with our fathers in the year 2000. They trying to blame them when they don't know what transpired.

SEMI MEO said...

We’re not surprised at all by the Constitution Commission affirming that submissions from the friendly North were generally objective, honest and…..well…the way the world should be??

May be my Tauvus from Bau and Viwa could learn from a page or 2 from the integrity and credibility of the Friendly norths submissions…se va evei?

Thanks to Aiyuz for probably vetting my tauvu Rear Admirals children submission…of course, very academic…these Bainimarama kids would have said differently if they had spent a bit more time at the volleyball Court in Nairai Park , Raiwai with the Raiwains and the Raiwaqans before submission to Ghai & Co.

But…but..what we could not believe is the Commission’s failure to visit the Global Fijian Diaspora to invite and receive their respective submissions…phew!!..as I mentioned earlier, I was fortunate to attended 3 “Fijian functions” last weekend here in Aust…not hundred..but thousands of Fijians of every ethnic groups mingled in the 3 venues in Sydney and Gold Coast.

Of course…of course…written submissions were invited…but…but…would’nt the Rear Admiral’s Government extend the courtesy to the Fijian Diaspora..given they are the no 1 generator of Fiji’s foreign paisa for 8 years…8 years !!....pre and post Coup!

Who's gonna pay..gald you asked…hello, Australia and NZ has been reported to have given to the costs of this process..and no doubt they would given more dollars specifically for this worthy exercise involving many of their dual citizens and residents….even some Aust Businessmen has voiced their initial offer to pay for the costs.

May be conduct the hearings at the Embassies, Counsel office….

..."yawn"..…may just get some of by Cyber mates out off the wood works…eh..and cyber thugs from under the bele ni sulu i ra…what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Let’s praise the effort made by them than to condemn. After all what they are asking for is what any sensible, well educated and believer in multiracialism would want. Whilst the government is illegal most of the work done by this government is highly commendable starting with removal of highly corrupt ministers and bunch of old bolshie good for nothing people who calls themselves GCC. Despite the fear of these old highly corrupt ministers entering the system again the regime has at least uphold the need of liberalization and is working towards it to be reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Tell your thieving S.O.B Vuakamarama to return all the money that he's stealing from the citizens of Fiji. All you kids have a father qho is uneducated and will fwwl the force of people power when he loses the election. Shame on you for endorsing the illegal activities your asshole of a father is doing.

kanaloto issues said...

Baa baa haa haa @ the charade by kanaloto issues.

Ni ra sa qase mai sa ra vakayalo... eratou sa kila vinaka toka qori na tamani cala levu e a vakayacora o tamadratou.... me vakatale ga kina na ka kece e sa volai oti tu e noda lawa cecere na 1997 Constitution. First things first is address the wrongs committed by their father & gang then only can Fiji build her future on a STRONG FOUNDATION, taking aboard all submissions. Ia me liu mada na yani na prosecution of all those who have committed treason.

There shall be NO IMMUNITY for aiders and abettors of TREASON..

Hence, this charade is simply viewed as the mediocre submission of the vested interest issues of Fiji's dictator. lols.

Seth said...


They have presented some thought provoking submissions like:

Separation of State and religion
Country not to be declared a christian state
One man one vote
And the the most important one in my view is politicians misleading the itaukies that their land and other resources plus freedom will be taken away.
Time these false fears are eliminated from the minds of itaukies and every citizen is made to feel a part of Fiji and their contribution is duly recognised.

Anonymous said...

so what is wrong with that...everybody has a right to their own opinion

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Well educated??......All their positions in the workforce have been through nepotism i.e. - Litiana as CEO of Sports! Meli is a drunk and what leader of a country son is seen out and constantly getting into fights, usually getting his head or teeth bashed in. They should be ashamed of their father and should not go around town holding their heads up as if they have achieved something great for our country. Hang it in shame! The day will come soon....

Anonymous said...

A load of crap, your father illegally took over an elected government, you all deserve to go to prison for life

Anonymous said...

A load of crap, your father illegally took over an elected government, you all deserve to go to prison for life

Go Fiji Go! said...

@ 10.35a.m

Why didn't you clutching-at-straw brats and your traumatized parents go through counselling, psychologists and treatment by psychiatrists???

What do you know that transpired in 2000 that we don't know???

Why are you sickos still keeping it a BIG SECRET twelve years on???

Why didn't you seek redress through the justice system???

Why didn't you lobby for changes you wanted to see through your parliamentarians???

Why didn't your parents resign from the army and form their pressure groups to lobby for change???

Or form a political party instead of using tax funds to lobby against the incumbent government in 2005???

Why didn't they seek legitimate avenues that have been tried in other countries to bring changes you considered 'necessary'.

All that could have been achieved in the last 6 years WITHIN THE 1997 CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK!!!

No... instead it was much easier to get together with like-minded, evil, LOSERS and TOSSERS to plot, plan and scheme their way into overthrowing the government and the country's Constitution.

Sa matailelevu ka vakasisili na vavaku ni nomudou lasu. Vakaloloma dina..

Anonymous said...

It's the same everywhere. Offsprings of dictators lend their full support to their dictator fathers as they are also beneficiaries of the spoils of ill gotten gains and will endeavour to continue in this state of utopia. Libya is the latest example. However it will always come to an end.

Coup 4.5 said...

editor, censorship is a dangerous thing. with the shooting of the 14 year schoolgirl the pakistan taliban remind us just how dangerous censorship is. it is essentially an intolerance of a different view. the schoolgirl malama yosoufzai has been a vocal advocate for the right to education for girls
> in her rural SWAT province (sbs news 10/10). the taliban who are totally against female education - because they reckon it is against the islamic religion (or more
correctly their perverse version of it) - decided in their "wisdom" to censor her with two bullets, one to
> the head and one to her neck". assasination is an extreme form of censorship. censorship goes against the grain of democratic living. in a democracy we can hold different views but we can still live side by side in peace.
> > we must guard this democratic way of living against censorship by the State or by political or religious ayatollahs.

Dredd said...

There is so many bull excuses why there should be no more coups.
The only way we can stop coups taking place is the perpetrators to go to jail, full stop.
Otherwise they will still conduct coups and change our Constitution and get immunity to save themselves.
When Speight was sentenced to life for treason , everyone in Fiji knew the consequences of treason.
If we give immunity, there can be a coup every time as the coup makers will change the Constitution and get immunity by themselves.
So, lets ask Bainimarama to be a good example to face the court and get life in prison regardless of Constitution making.
He will tell Fiji that this is what they get when they make a coup.
I will be ready to face court if I am in his place.
I can guarantee Fiji that no one will make coups again.

have put this in the letters to the editor, Fiji times

Anonymous said...

They know that this specific submission will make it into cyber space and the outside world. So, it is imperative that it is properly publicised in Fiji. When other mediums get hold of it, their message of reform is confirmed through the minds of their children.
I find that, to be the mentallity of people who are serious about themselves and what they want. Even the children cannot speak for themselves.
It also shows their desperation to be recognised as a legitamate government. Many of the submissions, as Prof. Ghai said, were pretty accurate and have legitimate points for consideration - like the Northern Division submissions which got the Commission"s attention as "good"
I didn't see any submissions from academics, business houses, NGOs or even Yasanas. This is a serious historial event and should be followed and scrutinised intensively as Fiji's future will be governed by its final approved and stamped collection of ideas. It seems, the world has been audience only, to inner sanctum of Bainimara's thinking faculty and his regime will make sure we don't see different as far as the way forward for Fiji.
I would like to see the submission of the judiciary or law firms, the Police Force, the Yasana of Ba, FRU, or even the village of Nanuku in the interior of Nadi/Ba.
The oppression of Fiji applies to every part of its living and breathing being in its entirity, even the way you think.

Suliasi Daunitutu

Keep The Faith said...

Bainimarama's runts have some nerve thinking they are entitled to recommend stuff and have an opinion on 'coups' and all things 'legal'.

Lap it up while you can kiddies. Daddy-Oh is headed for the slammer and that is a promise.

To see what the real dark mistress of all things illegal, Nazhat Shameem, has been plotting with the illegal and treasonous military regime, check it out @:


Anonymous said...

Well tell your father to follow the law and no more coup.
time for him to face justice soon like a real man.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vakaloloma nomudou bula dou yavu kana loto,,,,,,,jealousy against chiefs is clear,,,,,,if you abolish GCC pls dont allow traditional ceremonies for chiefs to be done for you dou yavu kawa ca kana loto ,,,,,HYPOCRITES!!!

Anonymous said...

Well they have to put in a submission ... how would it look if they didn't since Bainimarama is encouraging one and all to participate in the process. sadly, it's jut another attempt by them to legitimise themselves which will never happen. you can't legitimise treason.

Jone said...

Rajesh @ 4:31 PM

Rajesh all I have to say to you is "GO EAT SHIT", since you have no balls to come to Fiji and take a stand.

Radiolucas said...

I must say I did enjoy watching Meli mouthing off and getting knocked on his feet for his trouble. What a pack of uneducated idiots.

My bet is that Aiyaz wrote their submission for them.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah, everybody agrees that we should end the coup culture, even Frank Bainimarama,all his allies and critics.

The only way to do it is to get rid of the army and the guns.

Lets do this and we will be all happy.

Anonymous said...

These treasonous kana lotos and cronies have made enuf LOOT in the last SIX YEARS to fund their collective retirements twice over.

So why can't they leave while the going is good? Just take their ill-gotten wealth and go live in another country. No one will miss them at all. Why can't they do that?

Shiu Dass said...

Life sentence for coup makers: Sabha
very correct and I fully support your views,but it has to start from you Diwan Chand Maharaj. Wait for 2014 election and start counting your days.There is a very strong case pending against you which you very conveniently got away with under Rabuka' Prime Minister ship. DIWAN CHAND MAHARAJ Naboro is waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

The kids are blinded by the monies gifts, vehicles given to themby their father that they could not afford all their fucking lives. And yes thats from the BUTAKO Bainimaram continues to do daily form the treasury in Fiji to supply the KOCOKOCO and GREED of his wife and children. SHAMR. VAKAMADUA. Thats why the submission so that they continue to KANABUTA and bleed the countries taxes. Do you children have any conscience? Do you go to any church on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

The 1997 Constitution upholds the Laws of Fiji.
In that Law there is a section against Coups (or Treason).
This Law did not stop Shameem and Bainimarama from committing a Coup in 2006.

No Law will stop people who want to do Coups.

The Constitution is only as strong if we all RESPECT it.
In this situation Bainimarama and the Fiji Army had no respect for the Constitution.

It is silly for us to expect that there will be no more coups just by writing it in the Constitution.
This numbskull Bainimarama has already shown that to us.
For his children to come up with this submission again is stupid.
It just shows their lack of logic.

The Law against Coups was already there but Bai broke it.
The right thing to do is to make him face Court and pay for his crimes.
Only then can Coups stop.

This is why I am a strong advocate of getting USA involved so that their soldiers can come and take the guns off these people and make them face the Laws of the country.

Otherwise in 10 years time we'll be writing another Constitution.

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

Frank's kids are a product of their environment.
Shit, poor bastards!

Anonymous said...

Sa yawa qai macawa na vaka raitaki vukivuki nodra na turaga ni valu macawa ra nanuma mera dokai se taleitaki warai gonei e liu beka qo sa levu nodra drama qai ra moce boko.

Anonymous said...

Dou Lako mada Dou lai sili , vakasisila o kemudou , o Dou na tagi yaso kei Ira na nomudou kawa , kana buta, koco2 , mata ni ta kunea.... Bunch of losers o kemudou na vuvale nei voceke bainimarama

vosavakadua said...

Go Bainimarama kids. Show the world what u made of. Laiva ira na vakalelewa me ra vosa tu ga..e sega ni tini dua na vanua. We all support u !..qori e ca na yalodra..mata nidedra sara.
Toso tiko VT

Anonymous said...

vosa vakadua, tamata ulukau, vuli vakavo, bavulu, ululala
taura ga na qalai bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Mary bainimarama , kalavo ni taba 4 , mata ni ta kunea , Mai vale e mino

Anonymous said...

You bastards will pay for your fathers sins

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to join the trail of hate on this thread I have to abstain. Whether they are Frank's offspring or not each citizen has the right to make a submission. Let's not fall in the trap of bad mouthing just for the sake of bad mouthing and bullying. Such behaviour makes our conduct the same as the regime and its supporters.

Anonymous said...

WHATEVER!!!! (Yawns)

O kitou qoii said...

hahahahaha au sa raica rawa tu qo na gauna e ratou sa na vesu kina na matavuvale nei Bainimaqala kei iratou na vuaka mai Delainabua kei na Ag caitimana tamata dau qaravi matakau qori...the world is watching it will be a celebration day for Fiji people seeing this greedy bastards pay for their sins

Alifereti Uluisuva said...

Bainimaram's kids does not want anymore coup---hahahahaha --they just do not want anybody to do coup against their father.
They should tell the people that all ex coup leadres should be prosecuted and hanged till death and that includes their father too.
That is the truth about it and evrybody in this world knows the truth.
The most coward person will always talk with the help of a gun and one day that same gun will go is his body---hahahah

O kitou qoii said...

@Alifereti Uluisuva drau ka dina sara no qori ratou mai via vosa vakalasulasu na luvei Bainivuaka, laurai vakamalua nodratou millioni sa bulu oti tu e Delainabua. Dou na moku kece o tamamudou kei na nomudou matavuvale kece.. yavu tamata lasulasu kawa ca

vosavakadua said...

Uwiiiii!!! Levu ga na vosa na blog qo..sega na action..o ratou gone na gone ya ratou sa toso tiko,O kemudou?? Ni veitauri ga na qalamuni.

vosavakadua said...

@anonymous 4.47am
It takes one to know another...drau a kalavo vata beka eh??? Tamata macawa!!yalo ca

Anonymous said...

who gives a rats A#$@ about Bai's childrens opinion.

Anonymous said...

Vosa vakadua...iko na tamata ulukau.... Vuli

Anonymous said...

haha yeah who gives a sh!t what his bloody Gilbertese offspring think...yes, they are half Gilbertese...mata va sona via via turaga tiko mai vei...kawa bakola!!! they all paying for it now, all getting whats coming for them. isnt it funny how the kids are all starting to get involved in army extra curricular activities i.e. - netball, rugby etc...they are all a bunch of dick heads! mata ta kunea dina

Bainimarama knows best said...

With these children, the dynastic succession of King Voreqe I should be secure. All hail the ruling family of Fiji!

Voreqe said...

@anon 10:57am Lasutaka

Anonymous said...

na va tawa yaga taki kecega na nomudou bula na kawa nei setani oops kawa nei bainimarama.lol

Anonymous said...

Common grow up and refrain from cursing the children as they are innocent. All the leaders children, wives and families benefitted when they were in power, I do not have to name them. This happens everywhere in the world!!!

Anonymous said...

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.mao tse Tung: power comes from the barrel of the dakai.constitution review is a farce and exercise in futility. disgruntled soldiers with year ten mentality will just shred it at tne next coup. what a charade! is this episode number four of the Goon show with five to come?

Anonymous said...

Yes they go to church.....the Freemason church. Na dra dou gunuva tiko qori ena qai vakasasa taki kemudou mai. Gunu dra sara tiko vakalevu baleta mai Eli e sega bau a dra se a wai. Kena levu se vala rawa qo, niko na boka a bajimu. Ko dro ki vei, omu siga sa roro tiko mai.

Anonymous said...

Meli was the biggest boci while at MBHS, Dad's little boy, cant wait 4 the day Fiji returns to democracy, he'll he tortured.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with you people talking nonsense..ITS ALL IN GODS PLAN..WHAT WE GOING THROUGH....Da masu vakalevu o Bsnimarama e sau ni noda masu,keimani sega ni lako mai na vuva,le vaka politiki keimami sarava na ka kece qo sa tuvatuva ga ni Kalou....We are praying for this government no matter what GOD will favour his own people..E duidui na vanua e vosa kina vei keda na Kalou e sala kecega ni vakalougatakaki...E tamata yalo vinaka o Banimarama down to ear.th,we never see any PM like him,sega ni vakadredretaki koya....Ya Viti na sauni noda masu.!!!Iam not on anybodies side iam with God..I BASED ALL MY COMMENTS IN THE WORD OF GOD....Iam inviting you all who view and comment on this page..On behalf of the Banimaramas family they are all forgive all what you have sAID...We leave to God....God bless us all...