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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chaudhry hearing over office closure adjourned

Farce in the courtroom over the appeal and bid for a stay of proceedings by Rajendra Chaudhry after the decision to shut him down this week.

According to Chaudhry supporters, Paul Madigan and acting chief registrar Mohammed Saneem were laughed at by a packed court house after the pair were tripped up several times as they fumbled their way through trying to justify the decision.

Sources say the hearing revealed a number of inconsistencies including:

1) The exparte hearing happened on October the 11th but the order was actually signed off earlier -  9/10/2012.
2) The order was drafted on the Independent Legal Services Commission letter head and signed by Paul Madigan but was sealed by Mohammed Saneem and came from the chief registrar's office.
3) Rajendra Chaudhry challenged the legality of the process leading to Saneem looking taken aback and turning to Madigan to save him
4) Saneem's response: "In that case I can reseal the order again and send it properly" triggered howls of laughter 

6) Saneem tried to justify the process saying it had been "due to the urgency of the matter" causing more laughter after Chaudhry responded with "Who's urgency and what for?"
7) During the defending process, Madigan dug a deeper hole when he said Chaudhry had said in an interview with FBC TV that his practice is continuing to which Chaudhry asked "how can you bring in something from what you heard on TV and not presented to you by the prosecution?" 
8) There was apparently more laughter after he told Madigan that he should rely on the evidence and documents before him. 
9) Even more laughter after Chaudhry said he wanted to apply to recuse Madigan from the hearing to which Madigan apparently went red and muttered something like "Can't I watch TV?" and "I didn't form any conclusion etc etc"

Sources say the interchanges between Madigan and Chaudhry reached a comical farce that then went and along the lines of "Why are you laughing Mr. Chaudhry?" and "I am not laughing" followed by "What is it on your face then?"

Those in court said it came to a point that the hearing couldn't continue with Madigan deciding to adjourn the hearing until next Friday and asked RPC to submit all his arguments in writing.

Read Rajendra Chaudhry's submission to the Constitution Commission


Anonymous said...

MAD-GUN is a nut .and Saneem is an Idiot-nincompoop!!= calls himself a lawyer---should be sweeping Suva's streets.

Ratu Vore said...

What a circus.

Anonymous said...

Both Mad-Gun and Saneem made fools of themselves.These people should be booted and kicked once democracy returns--they are collaborators making bucks and playing with the freedom and livelihood of citizens.They do not have any principles.Mad-Gun takes communion in the Anglican Church.The Taliban Saneem prays to Allah on his mat 5 times a day like a parrot.

Anonymous said...

If all Chaudary has to go on are arguments about dates and the sealing of orders then he clearly doesn’t have much of an appeal.

Appeals are done on substantive grounds.

ILSC Orders are sealed by the High Court. That is the correct process because all Legal Practitioners are registered and entered on the roll of the High Court of Fiji in an Order sealed by the Chief Registrar.

That comment by Chaudary on the TV regarding the continuation of the firm is contempt, and the Court is entitled to take notice of that.

In a contempt, the Court can act on its own Motion to see that its orders are respected.

Anonymous said...

The regime is slowly crumbling!

Anonymous said...

And too see no one in Fiji is challenging such idiots is of concern. Are we all dumber then these idiots? Come on Fiji we can do better. Or do we leave it to Mara? By the way where the fark is he?

Mukesh said...

Forget about Mara, the "lamu sona" hiding in sheep skin. Great work both Chaudary's (snr, jnr) only true sons of Fiji. I am proud that you two kept head high when natives are dying in shame. The cowards will rise again during good days.

Radiolucas said...

Soon, the regime will just make all the court hearings closed sessions so they stop embarrassing themselves, and their judges.

How mortifying it all must be for these judges - they were presumably trained for much higher and more honorable things than this joke.

Anonymous said...

As I had said earlier, people who do not understand the norms and practice of legal professions will shout hooray to RAjend. Iam not a supporter of Rajend or the regime but the reality is that he is a bush lawyer who does not know the simple things. If not for Udit Narayan, rajend would be lost in court.

One clear example is signing own affidavit. This is the basic of basic errors by Rajend.

This is not a union meeting where senior MpC tels oFf the illiterate workers or farmers. Its a court for god's sake.

Anonymous said...

Saneem still is an amateur in front of Rajen. How did they make him a registrar if he gets bullied by Rajen. But it was good see hear about Rajen challenging the decision.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when idiots like Khaiyum are running the show.
Murgi chor Court.
Congratulations to Wainiqolo and the boys for a fantastic win at the Sevens in Australia.
Despite the arseholes, like bainimarama, running the country , you guys showed some dignity and courage.

Congrats to Fiji 7s team! said...

"He has all the makings of a good politician

Posts: 9088
10/14/12 16:08:34

He knows how to play the atmospherics.

Who cares about the legalisms in this Kangaroo court?

The whole thing is illegal to begin with.

No one has any respect for Voreqe or Khaiyum. They are simply idiots with guns.

The slate will have to wiped clean of all decrees and illegal pseudo politicians wearing uniforms with fake medals before it can begin to rebuild."

Anonymous said...

circus in the court room hahaha
madigan go back to hong kong liar.

Anonymous said...

The submission document from Rajendra Chaudry is well worth reading although some 40 odd pages.

There's a bit of waffle but it's generally constructive with viable reasoning to many of his ideas.

Fijiwala said...

Investigation starts into incident in dying minutes of IDC final
Publish date/time: 15/10/2012 [13:14]

Police have launched an investigation into the incident at Govind Park during the dying minutes of the Courts IDC final last night.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan said the incident was uncalled for and he has directed a full investigation be carried out as some people wanted to take the law into their own hands.

ACP Narayan said almost 70 officers had to try and contain the situation as there were reports that stones and bottles were thrown into the ground.

He said police investigations will cover everything that happened last night because ACP Narayan stressed that they will not tolerate any acts of hooliganism from a few unruly spectators who think they can get away with breaching the provisions of the law.

Ba players protested the goal by Suva’s Waisake Navunigasau in the dying minutes of the final extra spell saying that the assistant referee had raised his flag for an offside play.

However, referee Andrew Achari awarded the goal.

The Ba players immediately went to the touch judge to continue their protests while some fans ran onto the field.

Ba players also refused to take the field following the incident.

The game was stopped for about 25 minutes before the police escorted the match officials and Suva players off the field.

According to video footage and our commentators, it was a clear goal.

The rules also clearly state that the referee’s decision is final.

Suva coach Gurjeet Singh said the Ba players and spectators should have accepted the referee’s decision and shown good sportsmanship.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Singh said they are now eagerly awaiting the Fiji Football Association’s decision as the winner of the 2012 Courts IDC is yet to be declared.

We contacted Ba soccer coach Yogendra Dutt on the team’s decision not to take the field after the goal.

Dutt said they had a meeting last night and he has referred all queries to Ba Soccer president Rishi Kumar.

Kumar is yet to comment.

Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel has announced that the Board of Control will meet in relation to the issue this week however the time is yet to be confirmed.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar has referred all queries to Patel as he said Patel is handling the matter.

Stay with us as we will have developments later today.

Coup 4.5 said...

Multinational corporation expliotation

Have yous seen the latest ABC Four Corners documentary
> Taxing Times for Timor? It's a must see for developing
> island country people and their leaders. (USP should
> consider a public screening of the documentary so that a
> cross-section of Pacific island students and future leaders
> can draw lessons from it).
> The documentary exposes how big international multinational
> oil and gas corporations have been shortchanging the
> Timorese people by not returning to them their just due from
> the exploitation of their oil and natural gas resources.And
> what's due to the Timorese people is no joking matter. It
> "involves billions of dollars and the promise of investments
> and jobs from energy processing".
> In colonial times this kind of appropriation of the wealth
> and resources of the periphery to the metropolititan centre
> often went unchallenged. But the East Timorese government
> has shown that times have changed. It is "fighting back" to
> get what is rightfully due them using both
> international and local expertise. And that is as should be.
> Why should the Timorese people continue to lanquish in
> poverty and struggle to make ends meet when they are the
> rightful owners of such immense natural resources and
> wealth?
> Multinationals are about making money - big money - for
> themselves. It is the duty of a responsible national
> government, especially in a small developing nation, to make
> sure that money making is not done at the expense of its
> people and its resources and their future.
> The East Timorese government has meet this duty is a most
> admirable manner.
> We can draw valuable lessons from their experience.
> sincerely,
> Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.47. Your constant rants about Udit being the secret in Rajens corner are crap. Udit has enough to do at Howards. He is Rajens mate but doesn't work for him. It is you that is a bush lawyer and regime fan boy. Fact is Aicici could not get Rajen out of the way so this is what it has come to. Rajen will always be more of a lawyer than you jealous little failed upstarts. Just ask Savenaca Kamikamica.

Anonymous said...

"Its a court for god's sake." Very well said ANony 12.37pm.

Now try saying that to those that sacked the entire Fiji judiciary by abrogating the 1997 Constitution, after THE COURT OF APPEAL ruled against the junta for its illegal takeover of a duly elected government of the people, by the people... and gave 24 hours to Justice Gorgon Ward, then President of Fiji Court of Appeal, 24 hours to get out of Fiji, before proceeding to RAZE his retirement home at Pacific Harbour to the ground!

O what extremely short and selective memories some people have.

You can't build a house (includ. legal/justice system on shifting sand. lolzzz..

Anonymous said...

@Rajend 4:16 PM

You are right in what you say and it should be the responsibility of the countries government to ensure they are not screwed by the multinationals when it comes to land and sea resources.

To ensure this is the case these small countries (like Fiji) need 'experts' to guide them to help make the decisions for the good of the citizens.

But while you have a culture in Fiji where many think a govermental position should be awarded due to sex, ethnicity, religion etc we will always be screwed by the big boys.

And if the government does recognise it does not have the skills inhouse and brings in outside 'experts' the same culture will moan.

Anonymous said...

Don't be defensive mate (annon 4.24pm).

Firstly I have heard some people state that Udit has said it himself. Secondly, if Rajend was such a smart lawyer, why doesn't he know the basic stuff of signing your own client's affidavit.

Anonymous said...

RPC never witnessed any affidavit by a client.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.41. Wrong on 2 counts. RPC was in Australia when the said affadavit was signd by him. It was Maraiwai that signed it. an affadivit prepared subsequent was different from the first one but again not signed by RPC. I know Udit and RPC both. Never heard anything bad about RPC from Udit but RPC does give him great credit as a great mentor/friend and being very switched on from his time as a master of the high court. RPC has developed into a great lawyer. Besides look at Raza with his 11 counts receiving a 10 thousand dollar fine and Nagin with 7 counts receiving a 5 thousdand dollar fine. No loss of certificate and no legal ethics training. The sentence meted out to RPC stinks of bias and is Khaiyums doing.

Anonymous said...

What compensation did Gordon Ward get from the Government for his razed house?

Anonymous said...

Regretably it is the foreign investors who are getting skrewed not vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I think the Americans on Turtle Island have a lot to answer for in this devastating military coup disaster. own up?

Anonymous said...

Rajend Chodry is a bull shit lawyer.He should learn to respect the court and the bench.He is reaping what he sowed. The MP Chodory will also pay for fooling the poor and underprevilged in fiji. God save our country from these thugs.The wanna bees.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Chaudhry may be a BS lawyer or whatnot, but he's doing a good job of letting this kangaroo court make itself look foolish. And, oh, by the way, good attorneys always raise procedural issues before they raise substantive arguments, just as RPC is doing.

David said...

It seemed that any court reporter would have had difficulty documenting such a proceeding if there were apparent laughter. Even miami court reporters may think the proceeding's a joke.