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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Correspondence shows Smith-Johns and Davis working glove in hand

Smith Johns: Fronting regime's Fiji Independence celebrations
An email that clinches the modus operandi of  Aussie expats Sharon Smith-Johns, the regime mouthpiece, and Graham Davis, 'independent journalist'. The email has been printed as it was sent to us and because people are bound to ask, we can only say we have no reason at this stage to doubt its authenticity. It has come via a most reliable source. Bloggers will recall the controversial SDL submission was the regime's 'big story' recently and that Davis went all out to use it to try to discredit the country's biggest political party.

Graham Davis at Pina.pic David Robie.

From: sharonsjohns@gmail.com
Date: August 15, 2012 5:38:00 PM GMT+12:00
To: Graham Davis <grahamdavis@grubstreet.com.au>
Subject: SDL submission


Here is the link I promised you.


The speaker clearly says this is the SDL submission so you can really lay into them. He also comes across as a fuckwit and his partner looks like a shoe shine boy.

I showed it to the PM and I have not seen him laugh so much in ages. He believes this will really kill all credibility of the SDL and they are now dead.

I spoke to your colleagues at Qorvis and we believe we have got the right level of commentators on Grubsheet, we have pretty much shut down the dissenters, but let me know if you feel we need to get more debate going.

Let's meet up next week when you are over so we can have a few wines, that Shiraz you gave me last time was to die for.


Sharon Smith Johns

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji

Ph (+679) 3301806 | Mob (+679) 9905558 | Fax (+679) 3305139 | Web: www.fiji.gov.fj |

GPO Box 2225, Government Buildings

Suva, Fiji Island


Anonymous said...

How legit is this?

Anonymous said...

Oh no. See what they do to SDL.

SEMI MEO said...

Oh...both these "exparts" are now Fiji Citizens...as much rights as any of us Fiji Citizens!!

Thankfully, the PS infor’s taunt nor the reported out bursts of laughter by the Rear Admiral would carry any influence with the Constitution Commission in so far as SDL submission...

Qo na email la vei veiwedevi kei na gunu didivia….

But..really it may show that the Rear Admiral do not trusts any “local” to be his mouth piece…sa e vei o ira na kai Bau kei Viwa…..sa da qai vinakata qo me ra mai veiwalitaki keda o ira na vulagi….

..are we gonna keep isolating the Rear Admiral from amongst our midst..it is now the sixth year..if some have forgotten!

Ali Khan said...

What is wrong with the relationship? Good on downfall and end of SDL. SDL is a racist party which promotes ethonationalism over multiracialism. I am a muslim born in fiji. I have the same right as ki-bau. Ki-Bau's ancestors also migrated to this country like my ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Semi, did you say he was laughing from his rear?

Anonymous said...

ali khan who care if your a rubbish muslim, you indians, muslim and hindu brotherhood will all be sent back to wherever your grandfather came from,when bainimarama falls,your all so call rights and citizen of Fiji will be no more,you all will be toss around like a rubbish...

Keep The Faith said...

Yes well.... Shazza & Grubby Shorts mutually beneficial bond (oh and lets not forget her Maori Toy Boy) is about as well known In Suva just much as her love of red wine and cancer sticks - quite farcical really in spite of Grubby's constant whines that he is an 'independent' and 'award winning' journo.

Anonymous said...

Really pathetic if SSJ thinks they have shut down dissent. No one but the regime trolls goes on grubsheet anyway.

This is why they have paid trolls on Fiji Economic Forum on Facebook etc.

I hope Sharon and Grandma davis have their escape plans ready when the regime falls.

Sanata Maharaj said...

Ali Khan is right when he says"we have the same right as Ki-Bau. His and our ancestors migrated to this country."So why discriminatiion?

Santa Maharaj said...

@9.48PM. You son of multiple fathers, can you stop impersonating and write one of your own names before I start writing against your party and start writing your name. I have nothing to loose, you fuck shit loosers.

NEW FIJI said...

Sharon's Tits are pointing towards hers shoes, which explains why she is hiding it with a poster. Aiyaz has nice firm ones and PM has to wear wonder bra to keep his firm.

Graham Davis said...

This is a counterfeit email and I'm amazed that so-called journalists would publish it.

It is a total fabrication designed purely to smear.

I repeat: it is NOT true and a complete Nazi-style exercise in deception.

Please remove it as soon as possible.

The only time Sharon Smith Johns and I have had a drink, we had pinot noir, not shiraz.

The rest of the alleged email is similarly ridiculous. It DIDN'T happen, it DOESN'T exist.

You have been CONNED, you fools.

Anonymous said...

One only finds hidden truths here on Coup four and a half. It's Grubby's balderdash in the stinking Sun rag that's counterfeit. Counterfeit journalism, from the chief spin doctor who now proudly boasts Qorvis as his latest award winning client. Yes, the outfit that profits from making illegal dictators, like his Big chief war-war, look like Saints. An impossible task!
At least he admits to being a whino-buddy of Fraulein Goeballs. Don't know what the Maori Toy Boy must think of all this. He's sure to know Grubby's no real threat, just full of hot air and a screwed up mind with a distorted view of justice. Just like Shazza!

Anonymous said...

@Graham Davis
You are beginning to sound like Bainimarama in your stupid denials.
Only you and Fat Sharon are the counterfeits.

VutukiMeo said...

Put up a flag, Put down a lovo. Vavi o Shitza kei vuaka and co....Set.
Now did I hear something about Oct 28th. Ia kachia

Anonymous said...

Whatever, it's nothing new it's politics. It goes on everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo and Ali khan, it appears your testicles think better than your pea brains. You two suit each other.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Aiyaz still hasn't plugged the leak on his staff.

Anonymous said...

I think the PS should be talken to task for recieving gifts .........Qo gona na corruptions...

Anonymous said...

I think the PS should be talken to task for recieving gifts .........Qo gona na corruptions...

Anonymous said...

This is what Sharon will really say next week.

Pick up a Slag
Go down on your luvuh

Anonymous said...

Davis, do you deny that that is your email address? Do you deny that that is Smith-John's email address?

In fact, the email has the ring of truth to it, while you lost all credibility long ago.

Whether you're swilling pinot or shiraz, you're now a paid shill of the dictatorship. You are done as a journalist.

The Oracle said...

NOTHING NEW. We all know Sharon takes her direction from Graham Davis and Qorvis. Sharon's expertise is limited to marketing so she has to grapple with tolerating Graham's company over a wine to tap his Fiji Sun- acclaimed "award winning brains" on how to communicate. We've always speculated about Graham's income from the Bainimarama Govt. Now there's a "plausible" explanation as the guys on MythBusters would say.
We also know that Maika Bolatiki hides behind his lack of writing skills by putting his name to stuff that's penned by Qorvis, Davis and Sayed-Khaiyum.And where, in all of this is Bainimarama's "super-efficient expert in all matters", Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum? Has he secluded himself to write a response to the CCF submission to Yash Ghai's Commission? Or maybe he's busy writing the new Constitution himself?

Anonymous said...

United we stand divided we fall (UWSDWF) says...

Instead of writing your ill gaiined comments on this blog which does not make any sense or difference to our plight, we must start making things difficult for people like Graham Davis and Sharon Jones.

This is the time to step things up against the Military Dictatorship now the Labour Organisation is putting pressure on Fiji.

We have Graham Davis and Sharon Jones email and phone numbers.

I call on all you Freedom Fighters out there to email and call Graham Davis and Sharon Jones. Inundate them with emails and phone calls to their landline and mobile and express your thoughts. This is the time to put pressure on unwanted expatriates who think they know best what we the people of Fiji need.

I will be starting the emails and phone calls today.

If you make a phone call or send an email, let us tally the number we make.


Anonymous said...

Ke ka me rau vavi vata ka qai soli vei ira na koli me ra vakayagataka!

Meo, keimami tiko 'qo na kai Bau.... sa va'evei?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

It's a strange way the world works but the likes of Shazza and Davis, who I must say is older than I thought, will keep getting away with things because they're 'in power' with the regime. When the regime falls they'll be nobodies again but until then Davis esteemed peers in the Australian industry and the boffins in the diplomatic ranks will ignore his unethical and unprofessional MO. Likewise Smith-Johns who will probably scuttle back to Australia when the illegal government falls and will be allowed back by Immigration when she should in fact be declared persona non grata.

Anonymous said...

Coup apologist and Regime Sympathiser, Alex Elbourne is also trolling on Coup 4.5, copying comments here and posting them on Facebook forums. LOL...

Pinot Grits said...

Great comic timing from Davis with his predictable posting on 'so-called journalists' . Is it my imagination or is he looking shabby and rather aged? Must be all that shiraz.

Pinot Grits said...

Great comic timing from Davis with his predictable posting on 'so-called journalists' . Is it my imagination or is he looking shabby and rather aged? Must be all that shiraz.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..October 4, 2012 8:27 AM
na "Ali khan"..cava drau tukuna tiko mai qori, gonei??...drau veiteke kei Ali.

....are we surprised by “Anon’s” speaciality to deduce how a “soresore’ ticks or think??..we do not think so as this kinda breed of faceless and nameless cyber thugs love to mingle south of the boarder of life….

Anonymous said...

Shabby and aged is a description that might be better applied to 4.5.

Honestly. Why on earth would you guys undo all the good work you do with this crap? It damages the real stuff we need to get out there.

I get emails from Sharon in my job and they are all one or two lines. You can tell this has been doctored up. Nasty and unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me that Sharon Smith-Johns is now a Fijian citizen, too?

Hey, congratulations, Sharon!

Now, like your wine buddy, you can hang for treason!

Anonymous said...

Explain how you know this is doctored? Because it's more than one or two lines? Because it says shiraz instead of pinot noir?

This is totally her MO and Graham Davis' as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Graham Davis looks like a besotted old lech. Treason must not agree with him very well.

crazy! said...

Yeah, graham davis is so old and shabby that he has his own tv show in australia. www.thegreatdivideshow.com.au
Get real you fools. we can't fight this guy by being stupid. I agree. this should never have been published. He is not damaged. we are.

Sharon Shiraz Johns said...

Of Course I Love Shiraz it is just like me.


Just saying said...

If Frank loves Fiji why does he let non-fijians and people without credibility front campaigns like Independence Day. It makes a mockery of Fiji when people without form like Sharon are emerging as the faces of Fiji. Where are the beautiful and talented people of Fiji...this is something Miss Fiji could've promoted or even Ilewsa, fresh from his gold and London's Paralympics.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, you guys...all this treason stuff is BS. Do you realise how stupid this will seem to the average person in fiji? No you don't because obviosuly you don't live here.hate to say it but Davis is a hero to many people, thanks to the bloody fiji sun. People read his stuff at my work and talk about it. I try to get them to see reason but hate to say it again, they believe him not me.

Anonymous said...

Can Graham tell us all why everything else other people write is 'fabrication' but his tirades against C4.5, SDL and the democracy (all printed on the regime rag Fiji Sun) is pure journalism?

Sharon Johns said...

This email is fake for several reasons.
1. I didnt write it
2. I dont drink Shiraz
3. I dont use the work F***wit or shoe shine boy
4. It doesnt have my proper signature at the bottom of it and finally but most compelling
5. It was not 'forwarded' to anyone. It would have to be forwarded to someone so they could a) read it and b) reproduce it on 4.5.
Its rather simple people, if you are going to produce forgeries make sure you know what you are doing.. its all in the detail!!

saroni said...


U think Fijians are dumbasses to believe your defensive talk??. U and Sharon are one and the same..i.e same brainless mouth pieces.

We Kai VTs are much better than you. At least we're not desperate to find jobs in Fiji, unlike you. u freaking shit cant even find a decent job in your own country thats why you suck it up to PM to get a job there. Nut head!
Koya dau sales girl wavoki tu ga qori mai serene

Only the truth will set u free.

sa kua mada na con job tiko va qo..we in our 6th year now and nothing has change.

Anonymous said...

Davis was damaged some time ago but continues to operate as an 'independent journalist' because idiots like Anon who is defending him keep putting him on a pedestal because he has won award. Does an award or a tv show prove he has a moral compass? Anyone who knows them knows the email is their MO.

The Oracle said...

Sharon/Qorvis/Graham? Shouldn't the message to us "natives" be more precise? Perhaps: "Make our Fiji Day. Shit on the flag. Give us an excuse to put you in our lovo"?
So sad to have people with one leg leaning on Fiji, with the other firmly planted elsewhere, trying to instill patriotism in the face of treason. Dissent in Fiji will never wither and fade away - the Coconut Wireless is a "Fiji thing" that Sharon, Graham and Qorvis will never fully understand. It's more powerful than modern-day blogsites.

Anonymous said...

The great defensive tactic of old" Deny, deny, deny! LOL..Heck the Bainimarama regime lies so much, they don't even know what the truth looks like anymore. LOL...Graham Davis' denial only makes him look desperate. He needn't worry if this was all a lie. His effusive response just makes it look very believable now. LOL Toso tiko Viti...LOL

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Sharon has a Horse Face!

Anonymous said...

This is boring watching you guys flay around like demented idiots. Bainimarama wlll have his election, he will win and we will all be left behind. Why do I think this? Because you fools concentrate on bit players like Davis and SSJ and not on the main game. Anyway, the rest of Fiji is reading Davis not 4.5. If you don't believe this then you are more stupid than I thought. Nobody I spoke to today gives a shit. GO FOR THE MAIN MAN!!!!!OR LOSE THE WAR !!!!!


Graham...Read it and Weep Mother fucker!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crazy, Bozo the Clown also had his own show on the telly. And it had much greater viewership and redeeming social value.

How are 'we' damaged by printing an email string that is highly incriminating and embarrassing to Graham Davis and Sharon Smith-Johns?

I suspect the only 'fabrication' here is Crazy's email, which likely comes from a Qorvis employee.

Speaking of Qorvis employees, didn't Graham Davis say after his embarrassing tangle with Richard Pruett that he wasn't going to write to C4.5 any more? Yet here he seems to be again, telling us not to believe that that's his email from Sharon Smith-Johns.

Which Graham Davis are we supposed to believe?

Anonymous said...

Davis was damaged before, but this is a new low.

Anonymous said...

Richard Pruett was wrong. graham Davis was right. Word around foreign affairs is that the US state department is opposing the union's GSP action behind the scenes. So is Australia. qori.

Anonymous said...

@10:10, I guess it's a game of chicken!!!

Anonymous said...

@10:10 AM, even if the US State Department did oppose penalising Fiji over GSP, it wouldn't necessarily mean what you say. Recall that the US State Department and Australian DFAT were both ready to support Fiji's IMF loan bid, too. And that was during Pruett's time in Suva.

If anything, that would seem to prove Pruett's point that the US government has been trying to engage with the regime all along. For that matter, Canberra too, though in somewhat different ways.

Now, what about the fact Davis said he was giving up on C4.5, yet here he is yet again?

alex e said...

" Coup apologist and Regime Sympathiser, Alex Elbourne is also trolling on Coup 4.5, copying comments here and posting them on Facebook forums. LOL..."

Hahahahaha! Keep on hiding like a rat in the wall Anon.

Anonymous said...

Old fart graham Davies, you've been found out and damn you're one sly mothafucka.

Spruiker said...

People, let's not focus on Graham Davis' physical appearance. Old age and too much wine with bad company will do that to a person.

What's even uglier are the implications of this email chain, which does have an air of authenticity to it.

Note, for starters, that neither Davis nor Smith-Johns denies that these are their email addresses. Nor has either denied that this is how Davis came by the YouTube video.

As someone who knows Smith-Johns, I also have to agree that her email does sound like her 'voice'.

Whether what they drank together was shiraz or pinot noir is completely beside the point and frankly smacks of a desperate attempt at dissembling.

The content of these emails is positively damning. For anyone who had any doubt but that MINFO is packing Grubsheet Feejee and C4.5 with pro-treason postings, in an attempt to shout down all opposition, here is the smoking gun. 

Imagine, a so-called 'journalist' conspiring with the junta's MINFO permsec to drown out all dissenting comments on his own blog! That's pretty much antithetical to every tenet of professional journalism, and this from the guy hired by the regime to teach journalistic ethics! 

Davis can't stoop much lower than that. If the emails are genuine, then it needs to be said that Davis really is a scum-bum of the first order.

But let's suppose for a moment that the emails are not genuine. Does that exonerate Davis? Not really. After all, doesn't the fact that people would accord them so much credibility show Davis' lack of the same? 

Here is a former journalist who avers that an email attributed to him is a forgery, and yet he's not to be believed. What does that tell you about the man's reputation for probity and his journalistic ethics, or lack thereof?

What a sad, pathetic spectacle this man has become.

Anonymous said...

bainiass says...




Coup 4.5 said...

A missive by blogger Truncated Lounge.

Letter from Shazza to Grubbers.

Darling Grubbers,

How I miss you when you have to go back to Oz. How you must hate to leave the dictatorial control of Fiji and go back to the drudgery of media freedom in Australia. Your TV show the Divided Grub would be so much easier to produce here. Just imagine I could tell everyone who comes on the show what to say. Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

Anyway we have had an interesting week on foreign affairs. Ratu Isajoke Bobbingalong has been busy sucking up to the great democracies of the world. He met with his fellow minister in North Korea. He was going to get advice on the best way to cope with American sanctions as North Korea have a lot of experience in that area.

The Commodore has also asked him to inquire about nuclear weapons. We are playing our friends Iran and North Korea off against each other to get the best price for a nuke. Then we can really tell Julia Gizzard where to stick it. God why are all red headed Australian women such bitches?

I had to spin the North Korea visit and say they were giving us advice on agriculture but I am not sure that really stood up because they lose millions through starvation every year. Still as no one questions my statements it does not matter.

Grubby if you want to get close to me you need to become more like the Fiji Sun. They write everything I tell them to write and they do everything I say. I like that in a spineless journalist, understand.

part two to follow:

Coup 4.5 said...

Part Two

I have had a more relaxed week this week because the AG has been at Suva Private Hospital for the past 6 days. I have got so much done without him correcting everything I do. It was also great because the PM did everything I told him as the weasel AG was not whispering in his ear every five minutes.

The AG has got some Kidney problem and nearly died. Not helped because there are no doctors at Suva Private Hospital at the moment. That’s another thing North Korea is advising us on. How to get people to work for no money and just a bowl of rice a day. We will soon have a new policy in place and those hot shot doctors will be working harder than ever. How dare they go on strike and put the glorious weasel’s life at risk.

The AG went on the news on Friday night and he looked as a sick as a dog. But luckily there is some Bollywood company here making a film. They lent us one of their makeup artists and we managed to get the AG looking vaguely presentable.

Our mate Mad as a Hatter Madigan came through and he has struck off Chaudhry for 5 years. It’s really funny because all Chaudhry did was tell Justice Goundar he was fucking useless and in the AG’s pocket. It’s ironic we got Chaudhry disbarred for speaking the truth.

I got so cross with that Thicko at Investment Fiji. He read out the press release I give him about investment never being so good. He even managed to say it was at record levels without blushing. But then the stupid fuckwit said it would create 4,000 jobs. That was not in the release and you can’t create jobs out of thin air like numbers in press releases.

We are taking a bit of a gamble on the casino. (Do you get it that’s a good one do you see gamble Casino)

Claunch, the idiot, announced he had raised the money to build the casino and they were hard at work doing unseen things. Perhaps he thinks building a casino is like digging a tunnel and everything happens below ground. He has definitely got Alzheimer’s because he announced 2 months ago they had raised twice as much as they needed and now he announces they have raised the necessary funds.

That bitch Elenoa Baselala looked like she was going to ask a question at the press conference but I shut her down with one of my stares. You know the one that petrifies everyone and always gives you a little hard on.

Remember next week is Fiji day and I hope you can stay til Wednesday. We will be unveiling my new slogan.

Pick up a Gun

Put down a democrat

I am claiming the credit but I was inspired when saw Colonel Qiliho toying with his pistol, or at least I think it was his pistol

Anyway Grubby got to dash can’t wait to open some Pinot with you on Sunday night.

Hugs and Kisses


This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. Some of the people and events mentioned are real.

No journalist was harmed in the writing of this letter but I will make up for that next week.

I would also like to confirm that Grubbers and I are not an item, but he would like to be. I am strictly one for Fijians, sorry Itaukei.

British Boy said...

Sharon take your fucken blonde hair pussy back to your cave down under n let the fijians deal with their shit, u useless money grabbing Biattch.