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Monday, October 29, 2012

Disquiet over companies and Khaiyum accessing Fiji citizens info

Suva based Pacific Technologies working with India's Yalamanchili
Why has the illegal government of Fiji allowed two companies, one of them foreign, to access the private information of citizens?

And why is an IT crew from India working secretly in the illegal attorney's office?

Pacific Technologies and Yalamanchili Software Exports Limited are currently taking the personal details of citizens including dates of birth, marriage details, dates of deaths, residential address and passport information - details usually only held confidentially by government.

Yalamanchili is based in India and according to the website of its associate company, Pacific Technologies, specializes in providing Card Based solutions (Debit, Credit, Pre-Paid Cards), Customer Delivery Channels (ATM, KIOSK, Point of Sale, Internet, Phones), E-Commerce Payment Interface Systems and Enterprise Application Integration. 

Insiders say government departments were told by the offices of both the illegal prime minister and illegal attorney general to release all Fiji data and information to Pacific Technologies and Yalamanchili Software.

A team of six to eight Indian nationals have also been working in Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's office secretly, apparently on giving him access to all government departments and important information.

A source says the long time objective of the Indian crew is to take over the government IT department and the team is currently collecting information and making proper design work for handover and takeover.
There has already been a backlash. Sources say the take over of ITC has already begun and that its deputy has been reassigned to another department after objecting to what was happening. The manager, Eliki Salusalu, is however staying on because he is following the directive.

"Apparently, there have been lot of complaints against the government IT department, including the way the $20 million funds given by Chinese have been used for their so called e-gov project. 

"The money was given with the condition that all projects should be given to Singaporean and Chinese recommended IT companies. But the intended work has not been completed and e-gov project is a complete failure.

"$20 million was a soft loan and has to be paid by the govt. But the IT companies have charged the Chinese directly and it is well over $20 million so far."

An IT specialist believes it is not only the bio data of every citizen that is being handed over to the two companies and Khaiyum, but the new EVR information.

"The information could be easily used for what we call in IT terms 'people profiling'. Usually, this is done in every country, but in a secret manner by intelligence agencies. Usually, too, government's keep a close tab on the process. But in Fiji's case it seems that all the info is connected to AG/PM's office where they could manipulate it all. 

"The best example would be that they can trap a person who only has access to certain information. It can then be claimed the person committed a fraudulent act. 

"On the other hand they can also use the information to access land titles and manipulate it in such a way to transfer ownerships etc.

"In summary, they can do anything when they set up a database with all information and then have direct access to it. This is not done in this way in any other country so why is it being done in Fiji?" 


Fijiana said...

Ba chiefs make presentation to support govt
Publish date/time: 29/10/2012 [17:02]

Chiefs from the province of Ba have made a traditional presentation to the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to show their support to the current government and the reforms being implemented.

The Adi Salusalu Committee chairman Apisalome Ulusova spoke on behalf of the 21 chiefs who had gathered to show their support to the Prime Minister in Lautoka.

Ulusova said the chiefs have decided that it is time to show their support to the government as they know that the 13 provinces in Fiji have shown their support to Commodore Bainimarama.

Ulusova highlighted that the Prime Minister grew up in the Ba province and was also educated there.

The Tui Vuda Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia was also present at the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

"This is not done in this way in any other country..."

No it's much worse. In fact, in the US, babies are given Social Security Numbers and that is entered into a database.
The emails, phone calls, faxes are routinely intercepted by Echelon bases in Pine Gap, Australia and in New Zealand. Not a peep from C4.5. Where's the righteous indignation?

Anonymous said...

Obviously,this is a way to decimate
the VKB,the land ownership etc,etc.
Also a way to get info, of Fijians
names living abroads, so that they
can manipulate the electronic voting system in 2014. also,they're going to revived dead peoples names,
so they can electronically elect themselves- and who would know any
different, but the machine and dead
peoples' spirits, that they're disturbing!
I won't be surprise if
the IT people from India, will meet
an accidental death, after they've
accomplished the AG plan? How else
will he able to keep his secret,
unless these IT people
disappeared from the face of the earth?

Vutuki Meo said...

Like I've said before, while Fijians sleep, their land will be taken from them.
How long will you Fijians sleep?
When will you decide that enough is enough and it's time to eliminate Frank.

mark manning said...

Because they own your arses!
Now, what are you going to do to stop them?

Anonymous said...

where are we heading now that this regime control and frame people and put them in jail.
we fijian need to fight now before its too late.
we need to get back our freedom and democracy.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

The Indians are coming.. The Indians are coming... either you stand and fight or run for your life... Isa na noqu Viti Lomani... Bless you all..

Anonymous said...



Bada Bing said...

aaahh! while the stupid military are spying on citizens kaiyum has his telescope up their ass lol!

Anonymous said...

This guy Eliki Salusalu is worse than his elder brother and so corrupt. Does not know what he is doing.

Bada Bong said...

To those Fijians in the intelligence can you please spy on the kaiyums bank accounts oversea & local, check how many millions they have made since 20006. Check all their properties listed on other peoples name. This infos will be vital when hunting them down.

And stop spying on us poor peasants on C4.5, we pose no threat to the regime. Although Frank and Kaiyum are in power they still have to abide by the rules. You have to keep an eye on both side's of the coin. No one is greater then the institution.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:27 because in Fiji this has been forced upon us illegally, whereas in the other countries they have requested it.

Anonymous said...


Fight where? In the computer yes but out in the street no. You will be sodomized if you try.

Anonymous said...

Blame everything on the AG. Pathetic.

Some people will see things as empty even if it is overflowing.

The most stupid comments are by one Rajesh Singh whose lies are well known.

Kai Baulevu said...

hey guys whats stopping us from taking that bastard out Kaiyum????its those soldiers holding the guns.So no pointing fingers or acussations.....just get rid of our toy soldiers and every thing will be ok....kill the military and we will kill the coup culture no two ways about it......

Anonymous said...

Man those Ba people are dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

I see from one of the blogs that the mulatto from Hawaii, aka James Anthony, is again sending his malodorous emails to all and sundry about the constitutional process in Fiji. The fool does not realise that he is history, gone and forgotten. You are a fraudulent meglomaniac. Let the people of Fiji decide their future without you angling for a job there.

Anonymous said...

It's called progress, much of the world has moved on from the use of paper.

Why have someone sorting through and trying to crossreference reams of paper records when it can be done at the press of a button.

Only those with something to hide should be wary, but surely there are none of those in Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:02
What is "overflowing" in Fiji?
Is it prosperity?
Now more poor people than ever before in the history of Fiji.
Ask Father Barr.

Overflowing health?
Now more sick people and more malnoutrition. And a Ministry of Health that is so sick. Have you been to the CWM Hospital lately?
No medication, no linen, demoralised workforce.
Is that a picture of health to you?

Overflowing Justice?
Yeahhh right!

Overflowing integrity?
No, only overflowing Corruption. Corrupt soldiers. Corrupt police.
More corruption than ever before.
Why is Bai getting paid via Nur Bano rather than ministry of Finance?
Even the Bridges repaired by the Chinese have revealed corruption, lol.

You point the finger at Rajesh but 3 of your own fingers are pointing back at you showing how overwhelmingly stupid and blind you are.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

My fear is that the Indian IT techs are working in the AG's office for the purpose of using the personal information the regime has gathered from cell phone registrations and other sources for the purpose of data mining, in order to put together a system for pervasive, invasive surveillance of Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Kai Baulevu

I know someone who knows how to make a suicide vest. You can wear it and go up to the camp and detonate it there. You will be a matyr and when roko lui becomes president and suli daunitutu PM we will pettion them to make a statue of you replacing ratu sukunas in govt bldg. Your statue will show a man with a soresore big as a watermelon

Anonymous said...

Stop this negative reporting and get down to some serious voter education process through this forum.It seems that the authors of this blog are hell bent on bringing instability into this Nation.Go to the grass roots and see for yourselves the developments that are going on.Negative reporting will not help the course

Anonymous said...

In the hands of a despotic government like Bainimarama's, data mining technologies could be used in ways that are quite lethal. Forget 'die Gedanken sind frei'. Under this regime, it will instead be 'Information macht frei'.

The Heckler said...

It's overflowing in Fiji, alright.

Time we emptied the septic tank.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Sodomite of October 30, 2012 1:22 AM…to all my Cyber comrades..let it be know that this lover of the backside is a former in patient of a mental institution..while incarcerated he plied steadfastly in his Sodomite vocation…sadly, his children has disowned him, his parents forgot his name…probably his friend, family and his wife may be very careful with their respective backsides when this sodomite’s presence….so he now call himself SODOMITE!!...until his demise he will expressly from now on cloth himself with all sodomy…and no one can do anything about it..well, of course only he could…

All we’re saying is that Fiji will can not be rebuild by those lurking around in attempt to smell the backsides of life…Goodness!!..should Aiyuz be found guilty of transnational cyber thuggery as alleged..then there must be enough will within Cabinet, Military Council and the ranks to tap on the shoulder…no one is above the Law…no Law..even those who pretend to be are not immortal!!.

.or..is the Attorney General so powerful as some make him out to be?...is he?...we do not think so….

Anonymous said...

@11:09, like many people, you seem to believe that only 'bad guys' need fear national IDs or other ID technology, but privacy advocates and libertarians on both ends of the political spectrum are alarmed about how this technology could be abused by governments.

Over the past century, democide by governments against their own citizens -- as in today's Syria -- led to more killings than did war. What is to prevent the regime from bending its data mining to the same malevolent purposes?

Anonymous said...

The petition by Ro Teimumu and the leaders of all of Fiji's main political parties shows how to bring stability to Fiji. It deserves the widest possible reporting.

I don't see how reporting such things is negative or shows an intent to bring instability to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, in the US, babies are given Social Security Numbers and that is entered into a database." This is only half true. They only get Social Security Numbers if their parents apply for them, which parents typically do because the SSN is also a taxpayer ID number, and children need such a number in order to qualify for tax exemptions.

The Oracle said...

Just want to say I liked the old C4.5 layout better. Was easy enough to get what you wanted without havin to surf through so much clutter.

Anonymous said...

Developments and dinau. Kana nikua and raida mataka.

Koce sa soma na dinau?

E vida na developments sa kauta mai nailavu e soma na dinau?

Kai Viti vakrau soma na sona e Kai China.... valeta ni sega ni rawa soma na dinau.

A Men.

Anonymous said...

Check out PPL on a computer firm..something "Software technolgy" at Sports City...a professional hacker authorised by Frank..there are 3 in Fiji. Kaiviti are too busy to realise the rot because the ones running the show have no idea of the real happennings....

Anonymous said...

2014 General Election Vote Reging!!!! Fiji Citizens, don't be surprised to see the result

Anonymous said...

If this action by AG to work with IT specialist for ulterior motive is a sign of desperation and criminal in nature. The Electoral Process is suspicious and falls in between malcious and panic because no one is going to elect them and by controlling the IT it is easy to manipulate information.

Ugaagar Singh said...

Thakur Ranjeet Singh ought to learn some manners and behave. This relates to an indecent last Saturday[27/10/2012] at Watakare Trust Stadium in light of Dewali Celeberation. Amongst invited guest was Hon Winston Peters. TRS was the master of ceremonies were he deliberately sidelined Mr Peters to say few words on that auspicious occasion. TRS and other Indian stooges were seen like bakewa's crawling behind non hindi speaking Indian MP Rajendra Prasad.The same Rajendra Prasad who gave non factual letter to one choor mp from fiji currently hiding here.Coming back on the issue,actions of this so called thakur chamar singh clearly demonstrates racialism which is totally against the fundamental principals of Hinduism.
Thakur Ranjit Chamaar Singh will be severely dealt with his unprofessional conduct. He is a failed journalist anyway. Mr Peters please accept sincere apologies

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi Meo kua soti ni kawai.....tau sa veisau na yacaqu baleta so na tamata ulukau ko ra tu qo ra vosa tu vakalialia....sa toso ga baka lailai liu ko au na yacana Bau.....levu

fred said...

The Indian IT company is for information on citizens what aunty Nur's company is for payments to Khaiyum and his green goons: An attempt to keep the evil intentions of Khaiyum under wraps.

Anonymous said...

Ugagar Singh - thank you for the usual information about this daichod Thakur ke maya chodo singh. this bastard recently lied about his grandfather story on facebook and had to apologise publically. This maichod admitted about his lies and now wants to masipolo in NZ.

Seafish said...

@ anon October 30, 2012 2:08 PM

i agree with you , there is too much credit with the Chinese. that is soft loan not aid. if we cannot pay it[the Fijian government], we might just do what you suggested prostitute our ass/pussy to the Chinese to fucked us in order to pay for our debt that has run into billions . get fucked by the Malaysian for the waila $1billion loan also. get fucked again with the Indian government for the nearly 100 million dollar loan by fsc , get fucked by the hong Kong for the bond that ministry of finance and RBF[RESERVE ] sold to this guys . then any left over , then fnpf will fucked them for the loan that is made to them like air pacific loan, natadola resort loan, tokatoka resort loan, momi bay loan ,etc.

Ki-Bau said...

The Indus are coming. Fijians run for cover. We are gone.

Apisai Tora. said...

Why Indians? Arent we supposed to repatriate them to the slumps of INdia.My motto hasnt changed. Fiji is only for fijians.

VuniDovu said...

Look at the Ba Chiefs sucking up to Bai the despot. Is there any more evidence required for their uselessness? Chiefs are the biggest agents of corruption and should be totally eradicated from Fijian society. They have been a millstone around the neck of common Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Not only the Indian ITC people are helping out these ILLEGAL goons!!!!
Courtesy of the Chinese, the military now has a special unit headed by Debrah Wise [sister of Margaret Wise the reporter]. The Unit's role is to listen in to conversations via our mobile phones!!
Even if your mobile phone is turned off at a meeting, they can still listen in. It is apparently called the 'SLEEPER PROGRAMME'.
What you need to do is to either leave your mobile in the car or another distant room OR better still remove the battery altogether at meetings.

SEAFISH said...

@ anon October 30, 2012 2:08 PM i agree with you , there is too much credit with the Chinese. that is soft loan not aid. if we cannot pay it[the Fijian government], we might just do what you suggested prostitute ourselves to the Chinese in order to pay for our debt that has run into billions . get !@#$%^ by the Malaysian for the waila $1billion loan also. get done again with the Indian government for the nearly 100 million dollar loan by fsc , get !@#$%^ by the hong Kong for the bond that ministry of finance and RBF[RESERVE ] sold to this guys . then any left over , then fnpf will !@#$%^ them for the loan that is made to them like air pacific loan, natadola resort loan, tokatoka resort loan, momi bay loan ,etc.

Anonymous said...

All talk and no show

Mosese Cakobau said...

Let me tell you another smart move of bainimarama and khaiyum:

The 14million dollars they tell the public that the govt will pay WAF to write of those people's bills who have valid reasons for their outstanding bills: well WAF will write it off as bad debts -> the 14million will be taken out from the govt coffers [tax payers' money] -> then it will be divided and go in the key players' pockets with bainimarama and khaiyum having the largest piece of the cake.

Dont believe me? wait and see, you wont even guess what happened...

Anonymous said...

@Anonoymous October 30, 2012 1:18 PM

Oh boy, you sound like some poor demented indavidual that lives in cotton wool because you are not man enough or mature enough to live in the real world.

You get a phone, electric, water, internet or bank account you give your personal data to a guy behind a desk. You buy a house the titles are recorded. You go to the hospital your records are recorded. Do you complain or worry, NO. Do you regret giving the info you have to NO.

So this information is floating around in numerous places where it could be abused possibly, do you worry NO.

But because you seem to think that the GOVERNMENT may look at this information you react like a prat !

It's all out there already or did you not realise, because it's YOU who has already given it out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CIA in the making and Fiji Army intellegence defunct now as this Indian guys can heck any computer anywhere fron Suva

pat said...

What is this about? Don't we have the FRCA to do that for US. Everyone who has a bank account needs a TIN registration and FRCA has it. So why are we assuming that AG wants our details? He has the FRCA already. I have NOTHING to HIDE. So why Should I be bothered by ICT working with an Indian Company compiling Data on us. my tin number is 04-14568-0-6

Anonymous said...

Whatever! They can bring in as many
IT people from India and or China to change and manipulate, as much
land titles as they want? When every thing is said and done, and the Government of the people is return to the electors,
thats when we the people will;investigates,jailed,and returned everything back to normality?
Just don't elect me to be Prime Minister, cause i'll make
sure to disappoint a lots of military,police,Navy & jail personnel?
But i will give them all,a chance (which they didn't gave us when they raped our democratic institution)
to seek political asylum abroad, along with their immediate family?They will not be allowed to return to Fiji for at least 5 Generation?
I'm really not concern about their
current activities,they can do anything, as much as they like,but remember,when
all is said and done,it is-US- the people, who will make the final decision & determination!!!
Any change found to be non-credible
will certailly be reversed,certain
people will definitely be arrested,
tried and hanged,jailed or banned
from living in Paradise?

The Heckler said...

Yes, Seafish. That's the problem with borrowing from the Chinese -- half an hour later, you feel like you're broke again!

Anonymous said...

Anon oct 31 @ 8.23 am.

In your dreams. You sound like someone who frequently masturbates and dreams of the pretty face arounf the corner.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:47, you make my point. All of this information is already out there. This regime has already taken away nearly every right you have, but you act like Alfred E. Neuman. Your philosophy is 'What, me worry?'

Anonymous said...

Sa so na Tui vutulaki ra tu oqo ena yasana o Ba

tattifala said...

evidence of clean government after 6 years of "clean up"?!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Its time to question Frank Bainimarama now and his military council as to who is in power and calling the shots...

Frank, Rt Epeli Nailatikau, Govt CEO's & military council ?


Aiyaz Khaiyum, Nur bano Ali, Nazhaat Shammeem Khan & group of thugs ?

Long live Fiji.

Anonymous said...

One of your bloggers has called the people including the chiefs of Ba as "dumb asses".
By inference/insinuation this person must be some smart ass himself for no one can denigrate another as a dumb ass unless he himself is a smart ass.
Well dear mr smart ass I am a kai Ba and because you have called all of us the Ba people there are 47509 of us according to the vkb as dumb ass I would to give you my dumb ass comment.
We dont claim to be anything! We mind our own business mobilizing ourselves in the salusalu festival to raise funds to provide education as well as other assistance as we have always done in the past for the people of Ba.
We believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ and in his words which exhorts us to be humble and submissive to all authorities as all authority ,including government, are from and established by God.
Government has a role to play so do we.
Our role is to compliment the work of government in community fund raising and projects.
Our Christian duty includes praying for our leaders according to(1Tim 2:2) and to be at peace with all men (Rom 12:18).
Thats what we are doing.If we are fools and dumb asses for doing that as you say we are we are then the bible is correct we are fools for Christ.
As fools and dumb asses we dare not and cannot judge or criticize others particularly those who are wiser and smarter.

CagiNiVeisau said...

The chiefly system screws the Fijian and he is so stupid he thinks its a lie. Raica mada ira na Tui mai na yasana ko Ba? Sa qeyavu na veiliutaki vakaturaga. Yadra mai na moce ragone!! Kakua ni rai tiko vei ira na Tui liutaki keda. Na veiliutaki vakavanua ena kauti keda ga ki na rusa!! Sa oti na gauna ya!! Sa qima!!!

Anonymous said...

Isa, just where are we [ the real FIJIANS] heading to?
First there was this photo in the papers recently where the Tui Tavua, Tui Vitogo and other Tuis sitting on the ground paying homage to the ILLEGAL PM, and syaing they are supporting him all the way. What a sad picture. These Tuis paying homage to a TAUVANU [commoner].
Then we have a CHINESE conman and bullshit artist telling us that it should be "Kalouvinaka" and not "Kalougata"!!
How can people stoop so low? How can people be so gullible? Do they have any conscience?
To add salt to injury, the so-called expert, Cagimaivei [Illegal PM's office] has the audacity to publicly say that Rt Sukuna, Rt Mara, Rt Sir George, Rt Penaia and Rt Edward Tuivanuavou hoodwinked us and did not deliver!!!!
To you Cagimaivei, you idiot, I say SA RAUTA na vosa tiko vakalialia!! Sa rauta na keli sui tiko! E na sega walega ni muri iko, kaisi, e na muria na nomu kawa na KALOUCA!!

Anonymous said...

To you 'Dina' I say this:
Has it not dawned on you YET as to who is leading this country?
Nailatikau, the Military Council and what have you are all toothless tigers and furthermore, HAVE NO BALLS!!
Al Qaeda is now calling the shots!!

Anonymous said...

To you "Dina" I say this also:
Nailatikau is to busy promoting his condoms, his horse betting, his drinking at the Defence and UI Clubs and all the rest of it, The Government CEOs can do sweet bugger all and the Military Council have their own in fighting to sort out!!
Their in fighting caused Mason Smith to leave as they were ALL currying favours and jostling for appointments to lucrative and well paid jobs like Commissioners etc etc. They were and still are stabbing each other in the back!!
They have LOST the plot and the co-hes ion.

People of the Land said...

Does not surprise me at all about the move by the few and lower rank Western Chiefs to show support tothis murderess Regime.

History is repeating itself even from as far the Colo rebellion, Avolosi and and Navosa, the Western United Front and the move to establish the forth Confederacy. These were actually not prominent Chiefs because na Turaga na Ka Levu, Chiefs from Ra, Nadi, Tavua who were prominent and have standards were not part of the delegation.

Another thing too-Fijians are not stupid ...they know very well when to show their support like in the old Alliance government, SVT and SDL. This is their game and I am surprice the Vore can not figure this out as a Fijian himself. He is desperate for public support.

Dictators are like this and this is their nature.Look at Syria, Libya before the fall of Qaddafi.

On the same note, Vuda is not a prominent vanua among the Western Vanuas and also Fiji as compared to other prominent Vanuas.

Yes, we know the support is just a cosmetic approach for election purposes.

Vakamadua kemudou na lewe vica ga na Tui lalai no rank in Fiji.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

People of the land

One of those chiefs you labelled as tui lalai is my chief. He has his own people and land and how dare you call them tui lalai. There is no big chief or small chief all chiefs are equal.

It seems that chiefs who support the govt are small and those who dont are big. Mo qarauna na vosa o tauca vei ira na turaga baleta o iratou kece na turaga o vakatokai ratou qori me tui lalai eratou taukeni qele levu ka vakatamata.
Au sa kerei iko vakabibi na wekaqu mo kakua ni vosabeca edua na turaga se dua e duidui na na nona rai mai vei iko.

Anonymous said...

AG is working hard to establish businesses on his own. Current target venture is hardware business. Lookout if you are in this business in Fiji.

He is in talk with business in Europe. He will clear the path for them to open here without any roadblocks. Watch out for some interesting decrees coming out soon.

Anonymous said...

People of the land

O sa mai vosabeci taki iratou na neitou turaga ni ratou lower rank se Tui Lalai, baleta na cava, ni ratou tokona na matanitu.

Ke ratou Tui lalai se lower rank vei iko ia e ratou turaga levu vei keimami na nodratou tamata. E ka tabu sara vei meu na vosabeca na nomudou turaga baleta e a vakavulici au o tamaqu ena vakarokoroko.

Kai Bau said...

To Anon about all chiefs are equal.....Fijians Chiefs are not equal some chiefs are submissive to others...where did you get your bulshit theory from....Trace your roots back.Mostly Ba Chiefs are of no existence during the deed of cession so people of the land is correct they are small chiefs.If your father teaches you to respect other chiefs than I doubt he will also teach you not to co operate with someone who breaks the law and a killer of democracy whom your chiefs are supporting.Thats the point from people of the land.Its not whos who but its the supports given by your small chiefs to the big thief Voreqe.So the conclusion those small chiefs are thieves as well because they are supporting a big thief.

Anonymous said...

Io o vutuki tamamu sara mada!Kua ni via tokona nai vakarau ni boci
oni sa kauta mai vei ira na dosi?Ca gona qori na lai kana kari jiko
vei ira na dosi.Ena 2000 na tui Ba
e dau dramica jiko na sona nei Chaudhry,qai tara vua o Chodo e dua
dua na Vale mei va vinavinaka vei
vutulaki ena nona tovoi taka jiko
na sona i Chodo.Kua na viavia,na
nomu tui na tui ni drami sona kari?
Qo sa oti o Chodo,vukitale o nomu tui, sa qa lai dramica tale na sona
nei voreqe.O nomu Tui me sana veisau na yacana me Tui ni drami sona?

Anonymous said...

A cava ga eda via laki veitokoni tu vei ira na dau laba, lasualasu,....o sega ni rawa ni raica na veimoku e a caka vei ira na CRW soldiers, vei ra na kaivesu...Rabaka, etc.

Ni yavu mataboko.

E sega ni rawa ni o raica rawa ya.

E ra biu vakatikitiki na civil servants Taukei,biuti luvena, tuakana kei tacina ena i tutu lelevu eso kara sega tu madaga ni qualify kina. Au sa druka ena levu ni lialia kei na yalowai

O ira ga na Turaga macawa ga era na dau support taki ira na tamata macawa.

Sa rui sivia na waraka tiko na i lavo ni lisi.

Nomuni qele e sa na vakarau taura kece na matanitu kevaka o ni vakawelewele ka mataboko e na nomuni yalowai.

Anonymous said...

Laiva me tauri na nodra qele, levu na tabetabe, yavu Tui lalai...Kusa Khaiyum kei Bai taura kece mada nodra qele...Kua na tokona na daubutako me ra bula na nomuni kawa...mera kila na muri kemuni tiko mai ni ka ca na kovea na matanitu, kovea nai tutu, ke sega oni na vakamumuri wavoki tu ga...eso na gauna me sa kailavaki mada yani ni sa gauna ME RAI mada na matamuni....paikaraikkk..

Anonymous said...

hahaha sivia ga na masi polo lol

Anonymous said...

Sure, those chiefs who support Voreqe are small. Anyone who supports Voreqe becomes a smaller person.

Anonymous said...

Ka I Baulevu

Mo kila tiko ni tagi na na toa mai nomu koro e sega ni rogo vei keitou. Vosa tiko vakalialia vakaraitaka tiko na nomu ulukau.

Na nomudou marama sa overstay tu mai merika dou lai kauti koya mai sa lai veisau diaper tu me rawa na bula.

Anonymous said...

Ka I Baulevu

Mo kila tiko ni tagi na na toa mai nomu koro e sega ni rogo vei keitou. Vosa tiko vakalialia vakaraitaka tiko na nomu ulukau.

Na nomudou marama sa overstay tu mai merika dou lai kauti koya mai sa lai veisau diaper tu me rawa na bula.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this site is people are not making relevant comments on the issue at hand. Guys like kaibaulevu is an example, spewing out trash and irrelevant comments.
Stick to the issue and cut out the character assasination.

Anonymous said...

Na kemuni wiliwili na dau kakase va buinigone o ni life member tiko ena 4.5 e sa rawa mo ni form taka edua na revolutionary army mo ni valuta na matanitu.

Na kena ca ni o ni sa rui tamata lamusona levu ga na vosa. Tautsuvata ga edua na dakaibitu

Kai Baulevu said...

Ke overstay se veisau diaper e bunoca tiko na nona bula mai na kana loto butako ca na dodonu ni lewe ni vanua.Sega ni nomu leqa ke lai overstay se veisau diaper o koya na noqu marama...sega kina no nomu baigani baleta ni o sega ni vakani koya....vakavulici iko mo kua ni dau raici ira sobu na cakacaka se dua na tamata...keu tomi benu se koti co e va vei ya?? au veisaumi ena vatu o iko o veisaumi enai lavo???..luveni sese eda veisaumi kece ga enai lavo...ya na ka e lai caka se mai caka.....tamata dau kakase

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu for prime minister in the caretaker govt.

Anonymous said...

Caretaker govt

PM- Roko Ului
Home Affairs- suli daunitutu
Finance- Tevita Korodrau
AG- Rajend jodori
Lands- loruama tawawili
Fijian affairs- lekh ram vayeshnoi
Foreign affairs,- mark manning
Labour- urai

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Kua ra na vosa tiko vakalialia duluki nomu taitai. Ke au kilai koko e rawa sara no mo ma visou e nomu vale.

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Kua ra na vosa tiko vakalialia duluki nomu taitai. Ke au kilai koko e rawa sara no mo ma visou e nomu vale.

SEMI MEO said...

Dau kila tani o iratou na noqu Turaga Tauvu ena vosa vaka vavalagi ta mai Okosivote kei na matua vosa vaka i taukei..

Ia, o la na gunugunu yaqona wavoki voli ga na maketi mai Korovou qo..sa mai viavia dokadoka toka...

Oh..the 14 Fijian and Tongan Chiefs who sold us to Queen Victoria WERE NOT given any collective mandate by all Fijian Chiefs !! end of story!

kai Baulevu said...

Ki vei Anon duluki nomu taitai.....gusu mara vai nomu taitai...sa laurai ga na levu ni butobuto ena vosavosa ni qanbul...biuta mai na yacamu me qai macala o cei e ma visou.....

Anonymous said...

Na setup ni caretaker govt qo sa rui wararasa. Sa na qai bula o Viti.

Kai Baulevu said...

My Tau Semi Meo remember Macuata was represented by the Katonivere Taukei Bolatagane...o iko na cava mo mai vosa balei koya ena gauna qo....sega ni vaka nai vosavosa nim dua na kai Namuka qori Tau....Macuata taucoko kilai ga kina na Tui Macuata ka kena kawa o Katonivere sa ratou bula tiko nikua......sa sika tiko mai na nomu weli ona madua noqu Tau ke op via gole i yasana qori.Nanuma tiko na veiwekani ni vanua o Macuata kei Bau,,,qarauna na gusumu deu na qai deuci iko mai tuba..siosio mo yalana de na qai o madua my Tau

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5.29 Nov 02

kaukauwa tiko na gusumu gonei baleti ni toka e yasamu na iyaragi,vakacava mo buita mada na nomu iyaragi 'qori, tokara mai na nomu isulu ni mataivalu, gole mai ki tauni, ka vakaraitaka na nomu tamata kaukauwa ena dua bolebole, qai macala o cei a lamusona dina! vakacacani kemudou mai delai na bua ni sega ni dua na gauna mo ni sotava kina na gasau bula mai vei ira na batikadi....keimami sa bau goleva oti na buturara ni valu...ka sa keimami lesu mai e noda, me mai vukei o ira na noda era sa vakasaurara taki tu e dai. Me tubu na ITA (I-Taukei Army).

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.25 nov 2

E vavei gonei au tabaka edua na bulukau. Koya sara ga na mataqali kodro vaqori au tukuna tiko.
Dou veitauri kau ga na taukei army dou lade I wai. Me yacamu dou na mataivalu ni c4.5

Anonymous said...

Anon nov 2 @10.25

Buturara ni valu cava o sa lesu mai kina lasulasu. Ke o via vukei ira na lewenivanua mo vukei ira ena veivakatorocaketaki kei na vuli me rawa kina na toso I liu.
Na via vala na cakacaka ni ulukau. Me mai ka ni cava na taukei army sonasona qori. Mera baci mai mate wale ga eso na gone ni dui vuni na vakavuna. Vosa tiko vakasama ululala.

kai Baulevu said...

To annon @5.29 Nov 02
about revolutionary army....vosavosa gani dua na bavulu tauri dakai qo..dokadoka sa sivia.Na vosavosa ca rau sa vaka saraga drau tamata kaukauwa baleta ni drau vuni toka qai vosa taki ira na lewe ni blog qo.Qaciqaci taka na nomu tamata ravarava vuli vaka vo.Sa bau o veisaumi rawa toka yalo malumu ga baleta ni cala tiko na ka ni cakava.Ni sa butakoca mada na matanitu qai mai ia toka o kona borthy qo na vosavosa ca...luveni kalavo ni waluvu o iko.Bau raici iko mada ena iloilo o na raica ni dua na tama ni maqe kana vinati toka ena i sau sa o bau mai saki taka toka ..viavia levu koli ni vakataka o iko.

Anonymous said...

Thank god i have not registered in the EVR.........as yet... omg and they have every person's fingerprint and eye print ...........records, everyone who registered.......

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

O sa tukuni iko tiko ga mai ena veika o vola tiko mai. O iko gae o vuli vakavo, sega nomu vale mai nakoro sega nomu I teitei sega ni soli etc.
Kakua ni vakalewai semi meo ni drau sega ni tautauvata vakalailai. Na tamata tukutukuni koya e sega sara ga ni dua na ka e tiko vua. Rogoca tiko ya you raving lunatic.

kytivi said...

Hello...haven’t you heard of the saying in the Yasana of Ba ...Sega ni dua e Tui everyone address each other as Haule! unless you referring to the tui ni cemuri vuaka! Wild dogs!!

Kai Baulevu said...

To Anon...oi sega noqu vale sega,sega noqui teitei,au vuli vaka vo vakataki tukamu....qai cava?Au tamata dravudravua?......cava tale????va vei i keri?????O Meo e tu na gusuna se sa nona gusu ni vosavosa o iko......Ya gona na ca ni biu yaca levu ga na tata lala na taga

Anonymous said...

@ Anon October 31st 4:44pm

You have quoted the Bible correctly but the word of God never said anything about respecting an illegal government. You must stand firm when it comes to choosing between what is right and what is wrong. Even Satan disguises himself as an 'angel of Light' and you have hero-worshipped his servant when you surrendered and apologized to this illegal government that murders, steals, torture and abuse the people of God. Do the right things and stand against the devil as Jesus did in Mathew and Luke chapter 4.

Anonymous said...

@ Kyviti....konpucho?

Meow said...

If so than Tui Ba ???????koli ni Ba may be hahahahah

Simi said...

The treasonous tyrant Bainimarama has put his fascist accomplice ASK in charge of Fiji's elections.

ASK has brought his former professor in from abroad to head the 'constitutional dialogue' process Bainimarama is forcing, unbidden, on Fiji.

ASK is overseeing Fiji's switch to an electronic ballot system.

And ASK has secretly hired a bunch of IT specialists from India to work with him on an undisclosed project.

What, me worry?

kytivi said...

Na vosa va cava ya? konpucho?...foreign language in this country...can’t find it in the Fijian dictionary!

Na Qase said...

@ Kai Bau......

Lequ weka, kua so ni kauwai taki ira na sotia qori, ra gusulevu,dokadoka qai qaciqacia. Sa kila tu o vuravura na nodra tamata sonalevu. E katuvu na veivanavanai qai liutaka tu na dro na nodra i liuliu, lai vuin toka mai na Naval base mai Walu vaka e dua na kutu ni tana. Gauna me sa ra vakarau kabati lesu tale na keba, qiriti koya o Col JBaleidrokadroka qai vakasuka tale o koya. O ya na roka ni mataivalu ni Viti e kila tu o vuravura. Nodra cakacaka na lai parade susu yago tiko i Sinai kei Iraq, sega ni dua na ka yaga ra solia.

Na kedra i sa u sa vuni tu. Gole mada na nodratou website na RFMF, kena gallery sa i taba wale ga ni veibuli, sa ra rusa tiko mai vaka na lago. Na lago e sega ni dua na kedra yaga, e ra tu ga na vanua duka, karua tiko ni lala sotia ni Viti.

Unknown said...

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