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Friday, October 19, 2012

Disquiet over missing files and secret investigations

Police moles say missing prosecution files are nothing new. 

The senior ranks are outraged the Suva Magistrates Court was forced to dismiss a case on Monday because a police file never made it to court.

The director of CID has been told investigate immediately but insiders say anyone who knows the way the Fiji police work today, will know that standards at all stations, and even CID HQ, is poor.

They say investigating officers are supposed to produce duplicate dockets but since 2011 Fiji's top brass have not provided stationery to the  stations and the poor officers have to fork out from their own pocket.

"A file alone might cost a officer $30 to compile and apart from that make his way to court on number of occasions by paying their own fare - as they are not provided a vehicle.

"If a particular officer does not have a file ready the Commissioner of Police has on a number of occasions had people locked up in cell for two days. 

"The police force is not providing any logistics support to officers but expects them to get documents on time to court houses - when everyone in the force is doing 12 hour shifts and getting very little pay. Certainly no overtime pay or allowance.
"At the moment officers are having to prepare and produce three to five files. Where can officers find at least $70 to do the job from their own pocket. This is a very serious matter and poor police officers are not speaking up because of fear of victimization from commissioner of Police."

Moles also say that while police officers are missing out on logistics support, Ioane Naivalurura has a unit of CID personnel reporting daily to suspended officers Henry Brown, Abdul Khan and Luke Navela as well as compiling files on military officers, including the illegal prime minister Frank Bainimarama.

They say these officers are meeting every Saturday at Luke Navela's house and reports drafted by them are being sent to Naivalurua.

Some of the nine officers who have been suspended are being investigated for taking bribes from the Chinese  drugs cartel after being busted by two fellow officers.

But aggrieved insiders say despite being suspended on half pay they are working again under the protection of Naivalurura to frame senior army officers over a drugs case they claim they've been following since 2007.


Anonymous said...

Gossiping like old women.

Tell us when you have a real story with evidence of something.

Bati ni Tanaoa ga.

SEMI MEO said...

We do not support any form of corruption at all nor any seditious acts of any form, but, this one eyed “mole” within the Fiji Police Force need to stop getting her eye wash from Nabukalou Creek…phew…chemist right there on Terry walk or better still, sanity herbs from the top of Joskes thumb.

Of course, with our limited knowledge of Police Intelligence work, it is appropriate to keep files if deem best for national security etc on any one and the rest of us!!..PM, market vendor, clean toilets, built ‘em or fill ‘em,you live in Muanikau or Muavuso, Veiquwawa or Veitalacagi, Delainabua or Delaimakotu etc..etc..that is Police work..DUR!!

Police stationary?..simple solution..let’s not pretend Government revenue is as cozy as the racist SDL days or elite pay days of the Mara Gov…if “Neighborhood watch group”, “PCYC” and other Police /Civil society could cooporate in other Police work..well..why not a “Stationary ,transport etc support Group” .... we may be eager to be a glorified hero after executing a "citizen arrest"..similarly, why not we go incognito and ask your local Police Post and even the ruthless Police "agents binod" if they need a hand…and of course a transparent mode of assistance is well within our national rebuilding process…

....then, our one eyed mole may then start to see the light in the other eye..may be!

All we're saying is only afew thugs lurck within the Force and Military, like any other Police Force in the world!...and ai'nt we ALL supposed to be Police of the Laws of the Land!

Anonymous said...

The police are quite right to be compiling dossiers on the criminal activities of Bainimarama and other senior RFMF. Senior officers are implicated in drug smuggling and prostitution involving the Chinese. A frame-up is in the offing, yes, but be sure you know who is the real victim and who the real perpetrator before crying foul.

The Fiji Police are being beggared while money is being lavished on the RFMF. This is completely opposite of what we should be doing. The RFMF is being blocked from any new peacekeeping operations, but the Fiji Police is not blocked. It can still be used by the UN and others in multinational police operations. We need to build the police and dismantle the RFMF.

The pre-Jericho loyalty investigations are continuing in the Police, RFMF, and the AG's office. Some will be purged. The AG's office is very hush-hush about it, but it's trying to plug leaks about the AG's celiac diet and health problems, Madigan's sexual deviancy, Graham Davis' collaboration, etc.

Someone is playing a double-game, to be sure. In fact, many are already trying to prepare against the day when it all catches up with them and they're the ones standing in the docket.

Anonymous said...

This just shows that Bainimarama is a totally pathetic leader.
He cannot even control the Police,which is an integral part of society.
This is not the way to treat Police.
Police need to be given the tools for the job like stationery , transport etc etc.
The lack of proper care of these Police officers leads to low morale etc and it's No wonder the files are missing.
Why go to work if the boss doesn't give you the tools for the job.
Well, the boss is pathetic anyway so what do we expect.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Semi, you're the one-eyed clown. This is a serious matter and this mole inside the police is giving the public a good account of what's actually happening.

Police stationary? Old man, it's stationery. Like someone said before, stick to cleaning toilets because clearly that's the only thing you're good at. As for your literacy skills, enrol in a night class, it's good for you.

One final point. You mentioned ...racist SDL days...geez old man, you flip flop so often you're becoming a jandal.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon.October 19, 2012 4:48 PM...lol...lol...lol...all of a sudden this faceless and nameless retired old lady school teacher ventures into this cyber world with a spelling text book..and her saliva coated false denture…. goodness!...who cares how we spell or cast a spell in this esteemed column…

Why should we bother even the slightest attempt to type right when we’re trying our best to communicate interpersonally with some so called frightened English language expert?

Sure, I’ll take night classes to improve on my literacy skill…only if you attend day class to drum a bit a courage and true patriotic zeal in your honourable carcase and bring back honour to your name..other wise..I remain a small brave poor speller; while you dear lady remain a faceless and nameless no body in Fiji’s rebuilding process…

Oh..never was an SDL supporter..I previously flirted that “I may vote SDL”…that makes you my dear lady a “one-eyed clown”..oppps, forgot your reading glasses?...gole sara Bui..sili sara mo vakacegu…vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@ semi meo

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..October 19, 2012 8:25 PM...'LAUSAMU" X 10 i keri!!...barewa

Anonymous said...

@ semi meo

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo tukai Kamlesh..the one eyed mole is bui Kamlesh ...remember the intermarriage ....me sema vinaka nanomudrau dra ni o tokoni ira tiko...kua ni dau lotu lasulasu Tau...au sa vosa mada vaka Namuka me kua ni kila o makubumu o Kamlesh...you and Bui Kamlesh will be the guinea pig to try out the reconcilation process of livinh in harmony.Vaele vinaka na ose ni dawara Tau ka vadre vaka vinaka na varaile ni na vodoka o Bui Kamlesh na ose ni dawara me kua ni lutu se takelo na yava ni ose ni dawara....lausamu,lauv....u,lauvako sa vo ga mo laudumu...qai lewa mai na vanua mo laudumu kina...sa dua na tagane domoni o iko tau...bareawa

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, clearly you're senile and your brain cells are disappearing at a rate similar to water when you flush those toilets you're scrubbing. Pretending to be knowledgeable is an admission of your stupidity. If your postings are full of errors, that tells a lot about who you are. Perhaps ask your grandson to proof read your postings as he could be intellectually superior than you. Shameful semi.

The Heckler said...

Aiyaz is a celiac sufferer? In other words, he needs a gluten-free diet?

Maybe Aiyaz wasn't opposed to Mere Samisoni; it was just her Hot Bread Kitchens he didn't like.

Here's an idea, maybe we should send him a cake as a Get Well present!

Ex Poci officer said...

Police officers are having a hard time,in compling their dockets for court due to no stationaries available this a facts,even used A4 papers are used again,can this goverment look into it,and one have to asked the CID personal or the Investigating officers......

avikash chandra said...

anonymous put your name down sonalevu

Kai Viti said...

@ Semi Meo u the man brother, me da boletaki Viti o keda na taukei laivi ira na ta kila na vosa va noda me ra vosa va papalagi. Kilai ga ya ni dua vei rua ke wara ni Kai dia e kai vanua tani mai levu tiko nona vosa ike

Anonymous said...

semi meo
dua na tamata vei ladeyaki o iko vaka na boto e kama na muna!!
lesu mai viti sivia na vosa!!!

tamata useless!

Kai Viti said...

@anon 12:22pm u r funy person and let me think where about in the world u stay?? Not in Fiji thats 4 sure hahaha wat a joke. Too much bark no biting

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated Lounge strikes again:

Darling Grubby,

To quote you my sweet. Fiji Day was “a triumphant day”. We pulled out all the stops and it was a resounding success in every sense.

We really reminded the people of Fiji who is in charge and at the same time managed to make them forget how we are ruining their lives.

For the whole week before Fiji Day the military were rehearsing. Soldiers and sailors were being bused around town so they could march in Albert Park. But best of all they fired their cannons every morning which served as a reminder to all the Suva residents who has the guns. I have always enjoyed a bit of military might and those big guns really get me going.

The day before Fiji Day all the Permanent Secretaries were sent out to visit schools. It was organized by that bastard Parmesh Chand and I don’t know why the PM agreed to it. I overheard that Parmesh saying “it was a toss up whether to send me to a school for the blind or the deaf. In the end he decided it was better to send me a deaf school because they would not be able to hear the crap I speak and they could always close their eyes if they found me too ugly.” I am going to make sure he gets it in the next reshuffle.

I went to the Gospel school for the deaf and I told them “All of us contribute towards our Fiji. Even when each of us have our own disability but we can still contribute to growing Fiji.” Then we played a little game of what was my disability and how do I contribute to growing Fiji. They got it straight away and said Shazzer's disabled because she can’t tell the truth. I told them to be like me and not to let their disabilities hold them back. They just need to find a job like me where my disability is a real plus.

Coup 4.5 said...

part two

Grubby you did a really good thing when you attacked Wadan Nasty. How dare he go to an Indian School and tell them Mahatma Gandhi did not like violence and would not have approved of a military coup. Who does he think he is? Of Course Gandhi would have approved of Bainimarama policy. Best of all he would probably have set up a partition and we could send all the Muslims to Rotuma. Think how much better it would be if the AG was on an island with only 1 plane a week.

Talking of the AG, he is worried about the Casino going ahead. He and Bainimarama have only got one payment so far and they need their next hand out from Larry Claunch. But Claunch cannot get the land because it is owned by Carpenters. So the AG did a deal with Daniel Whippy, the head of Carpenters. He would get FICAC to drop the charges against Whippy and Kapardia if Carpenters agrees to sell the land to 100 Sands. The charges were dropped this week and now we have to see if Daniel keeps his side of the bargain. He knows if he does not we will just bring back the charges.

The PM needs the casino cash because Mary has just bought another house, this time for $1.3m in Muanikau. It was owned by Solanki and he used to rent it out to the Head of the EU Mission. They are going to rent it out for $10k a month. They can keep an eye on it as it is just across the road from the guardhouse to their drive way. I bet they won’t have any trouble with their tenants.

The AG is still sick. He made one appearance on TV last week and has not been seen since. He was gutted not to be there for the Fiji Airways launch. As the Minister responsible he was really looking forward to getting all the credit. Some people are beginning to say that he has been locked up at QEB because of the US trade fiasco and the justice Marshall petition. There is also some talk of a dodgy property deal in Flagstaff. But I visited him at home and he was hooked up to some sort of machine for his kidneys. He should be up and around next week which I am looking forward to, NOT.

Just when Chaudhry thought it could not get any worse we have closed down his firm. I laughed so hard when I heard that. This will really hurt him. You and your mates need to get on to his Facebook page. He is still trying to be defiant and he is getting some support. Get your Qorvis Dark Arts team on to it and get some negative comments on his page but most importantly get him to shut up.

Grubby we had a good week after all the troubles of the last couple of weeks. What can we use in November to occupy the peoples mind and to boost Fiji for the Dictator. In September we had the high jumper, Iliesa Delana and the Gold medal. October we had Fiji Day. We need something to keep the momentum going and to give the people something to cheer about.

By the way it was a nice Pinot Noir they had at the Fiji Airways launch. I have to say Grubby after a couple of bottles you started to look quite tasty but luckily I can’t remember much about what happened. Did we you know…..?

Hugs and Kisses


This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. Some of the people and events mentioned are real.

A lot of pensioners have been robbed to pay for the Fiji Airways Launch. Thank you FNPF.

After the Pinot I can no longer confirm that Grubbers and I are not an item. Oh God I will never drink again.

SEMI MEO said...

Kai Viti...o tu mai vei?..sa dede sara, ni sa bula vinaka..au raica ni o baci viritaka e dua na mawi batinisiwa ena "blog" a dua ena yakavi ena noa...baci vavana wavoki tiko...lol..lol..qaqa tiko!!

No body of October 20, 2012 12:22 PM.."useless" ga o tukamu..ni guilecava me solia vei iko e dua na yacamu...ia, au sa solia me taura tu mada ga vakawawa na "mucunaikutari" me o sa na toka yaca taki toka kina...se va evei "kutari"??

Anonymous said...

C'mon, police. You've got an extensive file on JVB. Arrest him, for gosh sakes!