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Monday, October 15, 2012

FDFM president tells coup apologist to wake up to the 'rotting bones that is Fiji'

Fighting on for Fiji: FDFM rally.
By Suliasi Daunitutu, president of the Australian FDFM

Suliasi Daunitutu at right.
Reading Graham Davis’s recent piece on Fiji Day celebrations makes me wonder how long he has lived in Fiji, how much of the people's feelings he is in touch with and how familiar he is with or even how he could conclude that the new design on the Fiji Airways tail is the collective sysmbolism of Fiji’s happy people.

I must admit, I didn’t know that Graham Davis was now living most of his life in Fiji, and I wonder if I’m correct in thinking that the regime pays him to put a angelic white lime coating on the cemetery filled with rotting bones that is really Fiji.

A handful we might be, but democracy advocates around the world are the only voices allowed to speak for the grassroots people. 

If Graham thinks that attending formal functions at Government House or witnessing the launching of the national airline’s new look is the true indication of feelings throughout Fiji, than I would like to disagree with him. In fact, those functions cannot be more detached from the realism of actual spirits or feelings of individuals, families, groups or the nation.

In the six years since the illegal takeover of government, the regime have not been able to live up to its promise of freeing the country of corruption. 

Instead, they have damaged Fiji’s economy, abused human rights and used the military to intimidate the populace into delivering a picture of normalcy and “everything is OK” to the international community.

At the same time, creating imilar offences themselves, some on big scales. That cannot be put down to “what we have to do to bring change”.

No one can tell me that the international community is irrelevant to Fiji’s growth. So it is paramount that Fiji satisfies their requirements for an engagement and subsequent association.

What the regime has been doing is searching for countries who would somehow agree with their illegal position, approve of their road map to democracy or ultimately LEGITIMISE their existence.

That is the oxygen the illegal regime is longing for, and Graham Davis is trying to convince the people who read his grubsheet that they have attained that.

No, they haven’t Graham. And a parade, a formal function at Government House or the new design on the tail of Fiji Airways, nor the one name/identity will provide that for Bainimarama. 

An election or a return to true democracy through the ballot boxes will. It has to be a return free of flaws, conspiracies, intimidation or involvement of the military. Only then, will legitimacy be obtained.

The Sydney celebration of Fiji Day could be, if not, bigger than Fiji’s own celebration.  They are not there because they support Bainimarama, but because they are celebrating an important part of our history. 

They are also there to help our young upcoming sportsman/women be recognised, fashion designers and music groups be exposed to Australia and most importantly, to meet up with friends and families from Fiji. 

To describe the celebration as an indication of Bainimarama’s success is impish and in my view a bad attempt, a very bad attempt to convince anyone, except those who have benefitted from the coup, like Graham Davis himself.

To conclude here, as the FDFM president I am inviting Graham Davis to the AGM to hear a counter argument to his/Bainimarama’s stance, and to also convince us with true evidence of growth in all sectors of Fiji’s operating machinery. I can tell him now, that I can provide him with evidence of an argument he will find hard to respond to.


Anonymous said...

its 6 years and we still complain about the past govt now have to close bridges for good ,no medical supplies and no money

Anonymous said...

Sa bau dua na da o rawata Suli. O Grahan sa lai BBC, ABC qai mai vosa. O iko o borthy wavoki tu ga ena engineer ni mataivalu ni Viti. Vakaluveni yarayara ka dau vesu mona wavoki tu ga ena gauna ni cakacaka. Tukuni mada mai vei keimami na cava o sa bau rawata? Tamata a bula tu ga ena Dole se unemployment benefit ni Australia. Sa rauta mada! Borthy!

Paula said...

Why on earth give this sewer rat Davis so much attention? We all know that what he does is regime propaganda and has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with journalism. The more we take note of the crap he produces the happier he is.

Anonymous said...

O iko na ulukau mo totaki Davis tiko.kO sega tiko ga ni taura rawa nai vadi nei Bainimarama. E vakava era bula vinaka kece vakailavo o ira na wekamu ? Era sega ni vakaloloma me vakataki ira na lewei Viti tale eso. O bainimarama na daulaba,e taqomaki koya tiko me kua ni vesu, ni na tini e Naboro 4 life.

Anonymous said...

why doesnt suli concentrate on uniting democracy groups- more constructive.

Anonymous said...

UDIT--the ex master of the High Court was one of the rudest ,most uncouth man on the bench--ask any lawyer or law clerk.He loved his grog and would drink mit all night with hangers on---like Arun of Ltk high court..Udit was ajunglee--no manners.No wonder he got booted.

Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what Suli is talking about..people like th first to comment...is really speaking with a old fijian mentality...look to the past failure of someone to brand him or her a failure...even if that person is very successful now....dude wake up and welcome to the real world...you have clearly indicated the type of mentality that is hovering over the army...

Anonymous said...

Every military personal and Police officers who had benefitted from this coup will be questioned and meted with punishment accordingly when the time comes.It is a short lived glory and an everlasting pain for all those who have benefitted or are benefiting from theillegasl regime. There will be difficult times ahead before things will get to normal.There will be some sacrifices to free the country from the thugs and goons. Just be patient some thing bis is about to explode on the face of the culprits.

Anonymous said...

Suli is president of an organisation that has the committee members as only members.
In total 10.

Graham Davis said...

Suli, this really is the most pathetic grandstanding. Are you going to send me a ticket to come to Adelaide? No, I thought not. You want me to fund my way to travel thousands of kilometres for an arm wrestle with a handful of dissidents so removed from the reality in Fiji that they meet in South Australia. Baleta na cava?

Yes, your previous correspondent is right. The more you attack me, the more it benefits my own cause and the more it detracts from your own. The more oxygen you give me, the more important I am seen to be with even your own supporters. Vinaka vakalevu for all the free publicity.

Now, if you'd all like to come to Fiji, you'd see how positive everything is and how much better it is for everyone. But, no, Adelaide is much better for your conference than Suva. Why? Because Suli says so. Have a great time! Fiji is powering ahead without you. South Australia? You couldn't be more irrelevant if you tried.

SEMI MEO said...

Well, I do know what my Tau Suli and his tavale Davies are on about…..but I was honoured to attend three “Fiji events” last weekend.

The Fiji Bati game on Friday night at St Mary, Penrith, the fabulous Fiji day Celebrations in Lidcombe, Sydney last Saturday and the Fiji cheering squad in Skills Park, Gold Coast.

I must highly complement the organisers of the Fiji Day Celebrations in Sydney. A true Fiji Multicultural event. Stalls galore of goat curry, palusami, bila etc, Fijian fashion and music and ruthless rugby sevens, parking and crowd control at its best, the atmosphere tranquil as if one is soaking the sun and fellowship at a hibiscus, Sugar or Babasiga Festival.

The rugby games in Penrith and Gold Coast were no difference as the patriotic deafening cheers of the Fijian supporters…from former Cabinet Ministers in nearly all Governments since Ratu Mara, former military/police/prison officers, civil servants, visitors from Fiji and ….uh…the rest of us.

Not one of us present in Penrith, Lidcombe or Goldcoast ever mentioned or even have time for blooming politics….of course we are all realist to be intuitively abreast with the circus back home and our attempt to return to democratic governance ..but lets savour the best of moments we could enjoy as members of the Fijian family….for once..let’s…smell the rosi…buy some vakalolo, music CD, Fiji brand attire…time for other things will come…don’t you worry about that!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Graham Davis has got you guys spooked.

Seriously. I can't believe all the stuff you are writing about him. He's just ONE person. What about the other 900,000?

All this BS getting stuck into someone who is tearing strips off the lot of you is totally pointless.

Get with the strength or stay in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Its endgame now.

Democracy means end of dictator who is most insecure cos he hold illegal pm and comm of army.

Resign from comm post and come and stand in the election then see the 800000 people power.

The 2006 coup was done to save the FMF goons from treason and corruption.

These are crooks and must be investiagted to stand trial.

Soon despot will find himself with his own goons junping ship.

The people have real power.

Who elected these goons junta????

Anonymous said...

I also don't understand why all this fuss about Davis. Is it because people are taking notice of what he says? All this guy does is give his opinion on things. He doesn't run the country. Lay off him and move onto the real issues here. When he starts gloating about us making him even more famous, it's time to cut him loose. Please 4.5, can you just ignore him? Taking a comment off Grubsheet and turning it into a story like you have with this posting is pretty desperate.

Anonymous said...

Graham, you mentioned something about your 'cause'. What is your cause Ulukau?

Anonymous said...

graham can you deny you are gay living with HIV you asshole?

Anonymous said...

Kudos Suli. You're the voice for the silent majority in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, tonoka na matanidemu, ha! ha! sa daba na viavia vosa vavuku...cici vakutu ha! ha! .lol.lol.lol

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it C4.5. You have really have pissed graham Davis off with this article. Are you afraid?

Anonymous said...

GD don't you have something original to say? You thank us for free publicity! Hey that's what we said to you right here on C4.5 after you wrote about C4.5 in Fiji Sun and you went quite after realizing what you did.

We want a fight with you, now go and write this in Fiji Sun? I dare you.

Yes name withheld as I work for the government (illegal). Have to feed the family. C4.5 is where I redeem myself.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has HIV that's why he ran away from Sydney. Now spreading it in Fiji. That's why he looks like an old hag!

Stop this madness said...

Graham Davis is a "gay living with HIV". Are you guys mad? Do you know how stupid you look and the damage you are doing to our cause?

This is the kind of bullshit which is highly damaging, not for Davis but the Democracy and Freedom Movement.

Davis has three grown-up sons like his father before him. Challenge his views, for God's sake, but this is just plain CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

Very desperate stuff here with accusations of HIV.....hahahahaha. Very desperate of anti Graham Davies people.......hahahaha. It shows that there is nothing constructive to say. It is you and Suli who have HIV in your level of arguments..... No values there and very desperate.....hohoho hohoho .

Vutuki Graham said...

I don't trust GAY's let alone HIV's. Graham Davies has lost dignity and credibility.

Anonymous said...

isn't the gay thing just a way of getting at Graham?? no one's taking it seriously

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..October 16, 2012 7:52 AM...may be this faceless cyber thug wanna attend the FDFM AGM instead of being comitted to her self appointed role of backside inspector...dau tukuna ga e dua nai Talatala ni vunau e Briz ena vica na vula sa oti..."ya, sa boi dada"

All we're saying is lets come out off hiding for goodness sake!!..Fiji will never...never be rebuild by so called nameless and faceless cyber thugs...qori boica sara a nomu qaqalo...ena ga a caucau ni uluiqalau??

Anonymous said...

Suli is right.
Graham Davis is so far removed from reality, he is Delusional.

It's not even Positive Thinking.
Ever since Bainimarama took over in 2006, things went spiralling downwards.
The Economy spiralled down so badly that now more than Half of Fiji's population live in poverty

To add to these woes, the country is now in debt to its eyeballs to the Chinese.
Remember, these "poor" Fijians have to pay this debt in the future.

The corruption brought in by the ulukau Bainimarama is second to none.
What is sad is the new lot of school kids entering school next year were born during Bainimarama's reign.
These kids, will be a generation who have grown up with corruption.
Its amazing how much these kids by age 5 to 7 years can pick up and understand. Some of these kids can read. They are probably already being corrupted by reading GD's grubsheet. How sad!

What will Fiji look like when these kids brought up in the "corruption era" become teenagers?

The reality is Graham, there is more than doubling of poverty in Fiji ( not that this matters to you because you are being paid by the Illegal govt)
There is doubling of Malnutrition admitted to hospitals.
There is increased suicide. Latest statistics show 1 attempted suicide in Fiji everyday. That is the ones reported to the Police.

Is that a sign of things are going well in Fiji?

You are a very sad case Graham.

I could go on and on.
Patients at the hospitals now have to buy their own linen and some medicine. They are already poor for goodness sake!
But you don't know that because you are living in lala land and you go overseas for any serious illness.
I haven't even touched on the corrupt Judiciary. That's a whole can of worms.
Wake up GD and smell the stench.
Stop burying your head in the sand.
It's too late when you are on your deathbed.
Now is the time you can do good for this country.

Remember, Bainimarama made the country worse.
Therefore, it is only logical then that to make the country better he has to be removed. (This sounds like Class 1 maths! How basic can we get.I feel like I'm trying to explain things to a moron)

For you to keep saying that to improve things you need to have Bainimarama is an oxymoron.
Even a 6year old child can tell you that!
I hope you are not that Dumb!

- Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Valataka na Dina 10:37 AM

So some of the reality from your view is that Fiji has over half its population living in poverty and there are 5-7 year olds being corrupted by reading Grubsheet.

Good to know they have unrestricted internet access at that age !

Sounds like the questions you should be raising are about parental control, guidance, responsibility and values, not blaming a government for everything.

Here's an idea, instead of some spending so many of their spare hours a week at church how about them spending that quality time instead with their children and also planting !

Jone said...

"Calamity Davis" - wince whenever you read that, do you, Graham? Dakuwaqa and others made mincemeat of you on this site, man, until you vowed to leave C4.5. Yet, here you are again, 'like a dog who returns to his vomit', as Dakuwaqa put it.

Now that Dak has left, you now think it's safe to venture back into these waters? Maybe so, but you look pathetic doing so, especially since last I checked you still had your own blog.

Coup 4.5 said...

Four Nigerian farmers have taken Shell to a Dutch court accusing the oil giant of destroying their livelihoods in a case that could set a precedant for global environmental responsibility. Shell operates in over 90 countries. ( Radio Netherlands Worldwide- Africa 16 October).
The civil suit backed by lobby group Friends of the Earth alleges that oil spills by the Anglo-Dutch company made fishing and farming in the plaintiffs' Niger Delta villages impossible. Millions of ordinary Nigerian people have been adversely impacted by the oil pollution.
The scale of the pollution is enormous: twice as much oil has been spilled in Nigeria than was in the Gulf of Mexico. Only there (in Nigeria) it's never been cleaned up the Friends of the Earth Netherlands contend.
Should the case succeed the acclaimed Nigerian author and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa would be vindicated. Saro-Wiwa led a nonviolent campaign against environmental degradation of the land and waters of Ogoniland by the operations of the multinational petroleum industry,especially the Royal Dutch Shell company. He was also an outspoken critic of the Nigerian government which he viewed as reluctant to enforce environmental regulations on the foreign petroleum companies operating in the area. At the peak of his nonviolent campaign Saro-Wiwa was arrested,hastily tried by a special military tribunal and hanged in 1995 by the military government of General Sani Abacha, all on charges widely viewed as politically motivated and completely unfounded. His execution provoked international outrage and resulted in Nigeria's suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations for over three years ( from Wikipedia).
This case will mean Saro-Wiwa's death was not in vain. The campaign to seek justice did not die with Saro-Wiwa's execution by the Nigerian military state.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see him go to prison for life...,.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:37
I'm sure you are more intelligent than what you show here.

You talk about lack of parental control, guidance etc etc.
You know most of these parents used to have Employment. They used to be able to access FNPF so that they could send their kids to school.

But something happened in 2006 and Fiji went into a death spiral

Thanks to this stupid government it changed the rules of FNPF to cover up their incompetancy.
In the process they managed to wreck thousands of lives.

So now thousands of kids cannot get a good education.

Do you wonder what the repercussions of that will be for the future of these people?
or the future of this country?
Do you know what Empathy is?

Parents not earning money. Do you wonder then why these kids have to steal food in order to survive?
This is a basic need in life.
The government is supposed to be there for the people. Not for a few faggat cats and corrupt businessmen.

Bainimarama is an arsehole and has no idea what the term Financial Competancy means.
His idea of success is to pay himself $700,000 a year and then try cover his tracks by not using the Ministry of Finance.
He obviously knows that what he is doing is wrong.
In fact he knows that he is a Thief.

And I'm amazed that an intelligent person like you support him.

The parents have enough stress as it is trying to put food on the table while being unemployed.
They don't need your condescending thoughtless advice.

I'm pointing the finger at that Thief that steals $700,000 from them every year and pompous thoughtless people like you.

-Valataka na Dina.

Kai Bau said...

Keep it up Tau Semi Meo...sa o mavoa ga na laulau tono nomu sega ni dabe dei ena dua na vanua.Sa rairai rauti iko na dakai ko ratou taura tu na mataivalu ena yaloyalo e cake ko rua tu na gusuna...dua me kacabote e cake ka dua me kacabote e ra.....mo rawa ni tiko kina vakadua.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..October 17, 2012 12:48 PM..Kai Bau..i'e...o baci dramataka oti la na kacakaca bote ni dakai basoga qori..oti, e cici eqeeqe mai mo nai bacani keimami na vuku...kua sara qori boy!!

kai Bau said...

Without my Tau Semi Meo on this blog it will be a dull and boring discussion.We need some clown like my Tau Semi Meo to share his "o o o bawa" or "a i tukuni's" comments and most importantly to laugh it out and flush it quickly down the toilet.lol

Kai Bau said...

To Borthy Annon 15 OCT 8.26pm.Sega ni bothy o Suli o iko o borthy ka nodrai i liuliu na borthy.Cava na betena vei keimami na ka e rawata e dua eke?Ke vaka luveni ni tagane e cava na kena leqa ya,Tamata gusugusu vaka yalewa o iko mo mai gusu kabasu taki Suli eke.Qo bai dua saraga na sotia mata vakasese mai Delai Nabua mo mai kaburaka tu eke e dua na tukutuku baleta e dua nomui tokani.Ke tauri dole se cava e sega ni butakoci me vakataki iko enai lavo o veisaumi taka tiko qori na neimami tax na lewe ni vanua o Viti.Kua mada na dokadoka baleta ni vosavosa ga ni tamata ulu lala o cakava tu qo.

Anonymous said...

Sa Dina mai vosa tiko o Daunitutu e boidada tiko madaga.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Kai Bau..kua ga na "kurekure i dawa"...dau tukuna o ira na marama ni ca'au...ni nomudou me'e a turaga ni Bau...

Dina sara...qo na rara ni veibuturaki...ia, mera gagala mai kina o ira na lewe ni noda vuvale..o Tau Suli kei rau dau veivana ena rara ni qito qo...ia,koya ya ga kei au...so na gauna mavoa o koya...so na gauna bera na noqu leve...ia, keirau tiko ga..oti mai dua yani na bilo Fiji water..au rivarivabitaka ga niu na laki vakasasa taki keu gadi ki na nodra Koniveredi e Sauca Ositerelia....gona, sa dua tale na veitalanoa!

Kai Bau said...

Tau Meo...vinaka madaga me vuce tu na yadremu se kaca na matamu mei vakananaumi ni coup nei Voreqe.Ra wele na coup dua e davo ena C4.5...lol