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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fiji Airways new brand revealed

Air Pacific's David Pflieger says branding of the Airbus A330 will be true to Fiji. Photo / Supplied
The new look.

By Grant Bradley of the New Zealand Herald

Air Pacific - to be renamed Fiji Airways - last night unveiled its new-look planes due to enter service from next year.

The airline chose Fiji's national day to release details of the Airbus A330 aircraft, the first new planes it has bought.

The planes and livery are part of a transformation for the airline which reported an operating profit of $11.5 million for the year to March 31, compared with an operating loss of $2.6 million for the previous financial year.

Full re-branding for the airline is due to be finished by the end of next year, by which time the "new" Fiji Airways brand - last seen in 1951 - will roll out across ticket offices, check-in counters, airport lounges and uniforms.

Dave Pflieger, Air Pacific's managing director and chief executive, said the aim was to create a brand "distinctive, unique, and true to Fiji".

The arrival of the planes was the third phase of a three-year transformation of the airline following restructuring which had resulted in the workforce being cut from around 1000 to 900 and a new route network.

Initial funding for the aircraft came from the Fijian National Provident Fund and the bulk of the cost would be met from international aircraft financiers.

Pflieger, who has headed the airline for the past two and a half years, said Air Pacific had never been able to fit out aircraft to its specifications.

"The planes from the inside and out are all part of the revitalisation of the airline - I view it as the capstone of our efforts which are about 30 months through."

The A330 planes were up to 45 per cent more efficient than the Boeing 747s they were replacing which is crucial with fuel prices that appear to be high for the foreseeable future, he said.

Air Pacific and subsidiary Pacific Sun fly over 300 flights per week. It operates B747 and B737 aircraft from Fiji to 15 cities in 10 countries.

Meanwhile Air Pacific was one of the companies offering a written submission to help the regime in its fight to keep the U.S. duty free privileges at the Washington DC hearing. Other documents raised at then hearing are below.

Comments from Air Pacific_Fiji

Comments from Government of Fiji

Comments from AFL-CIO

Comments from FM Foods

Comments from Bumblebee Foods


Anonymous said...

Since we're rebranding, let's not stop with just changing the livery.

Let's also change the government!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Fiji Airways. What's negative here C4.5?

SEMI MEO said...

Was it 1951 we last saw the “Fiji Airways brand?..I though I jumped onto a Fiji Airways prop plane from Taveuni to Suva in late 1960’s??

But congratulations to our national Air carrier for regaining our autonomous name over the skies of the world!!

Logically simple..you go to Fiji..you fly Fiji!..be very easy to remember the brand name for potential visitors to our beautiful shores and would no doubt increase the present 37,000 per month visitors from Australia alone..we the Fijian Diaspora maintains the the “ring” Fiji is more exotic then…mmm..bali, greek islands, alaska..all sound like dinner menu to many of us..but,…FIJI..uh…overwhelms one with near tangible aura of the tranquillity Fiji offers…

Oh..yawn..let’s not be too concerned with the Unions attempt to sabotage our economy and derail our attempts to get back to sanity and democratic rule…an amicable and diplomatic resolve will be soon reached by our delegation and Uncle Sam..

..uh…have you registered a political party to campaign against Bainimarama and the military council party (?)..many of us have…check the RG.RC office.

Anonymous said...

Notice no submission by FIJI Water, even though it's the biggest American-owned company in Fiji. I guess that with his greedy extortion play, Aiyaz burned the regime's bridges on that one nearly two years. Truly funny how what goes around comes around.

Seth said...


What exiting times for Fiji's nationl airline and for Fiji as a whole. A new look Fiji will be presented to the world through our national Airline AIR FIJI. Time to put our hands together to promote a corrupt and ethinic DIVIDE free Fiji where every one has an equal opportunity to flurish and shine and be proud to be callED a FIJIAN. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.

Anonymous said...

This company is YET ANOTHER victim of FIJI,s past needless racism that almost destroyed the company.
No one in AIR PACIFIC can deny that people were not given jobs such as stewardess or pilots because of their race. There were even people who were suitable to manage the Airline such as NAREND KUMAR ( who is a bigboy in Qantas/Jetstar now ) but was denied even if it meant losses or mismagement or even higher wages to someone as long as he was NOT of a particular race!
Like Narend- there is a huge success story who were denied pilots job who are now flying with the worlds greatest airline EMIRATES!
I sincerely hope a new approach to match the NEW FIJI with equality for all citizens will take this airline forward.
Those staff with inferiority complex who cannot compete with other races should be sacked to ensure that the new FIJI AIRWAYS takes a correct path

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design...well done Air Pacific. Great new branding and sells Fiji rather than boring Air Pacific

Anonymous said...

Shit will always be shit. AP or FA. Both stink.

Thakur Ranjit Singh said...

Reddy v Reddy
Bitter family trust deed dispute lands at door of Constitution Review Commission
Full Submission

Y P Reddy stands accused of illegal transfer of shares

Jai Ram Reddy caught in the middle

Yash Ghai asked to pencil in submission- regime accused of protecting YP Reddy

I will never support the crooks,chaudhry was right.


Kamlesh Kumar-Mission Bay NZ said...

All the best to our Airline. In the past we were exploited by Qantas. Qantas has had struggled for several years.

Anonymous said...

So FNPF is prepared o give this huge amount of money in loan to Air Pacific or Air Pathetic as many are referring to it these days, and cut pensioners benefits unilaterally by as much as 50% in some cases!

Goes to show that FNPF is effectively propping up this illegal Dictatorship while it acts illegally against the people who contributed to this fund.

We shall wait for justice when the time is right!

Anonymous said...

Dave "conman" Flinger needs to stop lying to the public. You have never mentioned once in your comparison of the A330 - the one aircraft you dumbly cancelled B787. Yet you contiinue to make the comparison of the A330 with the B747. The A300 has two engines yet the B747 four! The MTOW for A330 is 233,000kgs the B747-400 396,900kgs. The A330 carries 253 passengers but the B747 416. Get a life and stop fooling the public, tic, toc, tic, toc, time is running out.

Anonymous said...

How about fuel consumption comparison between Airbus and Boeing planes that were ordered.

Dumb reporters...stay relevant

Why compare to Jumbo's which were already for the scrap heap.

Why are we buying planes from EU when they have cut our sugar subsidy.

Anonymous said...

Same shit, different day.

Anonymous said...

$11.5mil profit? Right? Was that from the $200mil LOAN from the people's hard-earned retirement cash (FNPF)? What a SICK joke!

Anonymous said...

Since Fiji is buddying up with Iran and Korea, the Americans should kick them out of the Duty Free Concessions.
What the hell do they think this is?

As for Fiji Airways, why dont they write "The way the world should be" on it.
or may be "Come fly HIGH with Fiji Airways".
High malnutrition
High suicide
High paedophilia. High rape.
High unemployment
High corruption

Anonymous said...

low life idiot airline ever in the whole world..

Warlord said...

How much has this unnecessary and expensive exercise that Pflieger has fleeced off the FNPF to fund this without the peoples approval? Does this exercise means it will make the airline profitable in its bottom-line? Judgeing from the past 6 years, massive losses will be the mark of this expensive rebranding exercise!!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye beautiful rainbow color....welcome depressive color

Ranadi said...

Good stuff> keep it up!

Na bu kalou said...

Are we really making changes for the benefit of the people of Fiji or are we simply applying cosmetic changes at the behest of foreigners who wish to leave behind a "legacy" justifying their work in Fiji? Has Air Pacific advised how much the change in branding will cost the airline (and the working people of Fiji through the FNPF loan)? Someone's making a millionaire's package with the re-branding that will be needed!!!
We also see the close of Nabukalou Creek bridge on the wharf side and what appears to be a re-opening of Usher Street to re-enable traffic flow towards the wharf (after just over two decades?) Is this all a ruse with the ulimate aim being to seal off the portion of Stinson Parade to Usher Street, to enable purchase of the Telecom building (Ganilau House) for transformation into a Casino? The aim would of course be to restrict public access to the Telecom building from the area covering Nabukalou Creek to the junction near the Handicraft Centre. And if they "suddenly" found that they would have to do away completely with the Nabukalou bridge - wouldn't that be convenient? Entry to the Casino could be accessed without hindrance from the sea side without the locals setting foot anywhere near the "RESTRICTED/NO THOROUGHFARE FOR LOCALS" Casino!
If it's only the bridge that needs repairing, then why remove the "island" near the Handicraft Centre? Ultimately, the ideal would have to be the complete purchase and closure of buildings on the Metropole side of Usher Street, all the way to the street between Telecom and the Post Office, thus enabling the contruction of a mini city within which the Casino would be the centre-piece. Access of course would only be to foreigners and those who might be considered a step above Fiji's Constitutional provision of equal citizenry. And we already know that some of us are currently more equal than others. Does Div Damodar know something that we don't and that's why he's chosen to build in the Sports City area? Was the renaming of the Aquatic Centre the carrot he needed?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Fiji Airways !

It's good to see positive progress, it's never easy and there will always be those that will moan.

Well done.

Bollywood Star said...

Looks fancy and new, why not? but the service and food will remain the same with budget food and overtired workers like they have with air pathetic even the first class seats looks like hydrclient chairs they used in the nursing home. PATHETIC!!!!! Oh Semi Meo you sound like the grandson of Mao from China and Idi Armin, oh dear meee lol

Anonymous said...

Semi shut the hell up because you don't have anything constructive to say. What have you got against the unions Ulukau? Stick to cleaning shit old fella.

Bollywood Star said...

I bet Sitiveni Raturada will still be the radio man on the plane with his pathetic ad for the airline. Isa na Air Pacific na waqa vuka muria tu na sa ni agilosi dear me... patheitc words and now ia na fiji airs emuria tu na sala ni dina.. sa vinaka ga o bai kei kayum.. mai yaso!

Kai Bau said...

Design yes looks awesome.....It looks Fijian I mean iTaukei like thing and Im glad theres no Indian like design on the plane and it shows the people wether we call ourselves FIJIAN or kai Viti deep inside the mind of everyone in our lovely paradise,,,, Fiji will be reserved for the iTaukei.Yes Tau Semi Meos comments about reneming the Airline could go either way as he stated the positive side of the issue but the negative part of the brand people will always remember that the word Fiji will always be associated with coup.Very soon will see Voreqes and Tau Semi Meos pic at the tail end of the aircraft holding hands like civil union couple..

Anonymous said...

Is it only me who thinks the launch function should not have been pitched againts the Government House Fiji Day reception. After all that was the national day celebration as opposed to a failing airline's attempt to re-present the same old shit wrapped in new tilet paper.

The logo is too much and too much paint on the aircraft body. As a Brisbane friend commented a cici for an airline logo.

Also is anyone doing the math of changing from an all Boeing fleet to one Airbus aircraft in terms of crew training, engineering requirements, maintenanace not to mention paying the debt (after borrowing for the deposit) from our hard earned FNPF.

Come on Fiji, stop being dragged into the cheap fanfare and look at the hard facts for goodness sake.

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo....I feel like vomitting and also feel like going to the toilet when ever I read your comments.The issue here my Tau its all about the cotents of your letter which as always be... sitting on the fence.I agree wih some of the points but mostly its full of shit.When most of us disagree with the way the IG handle our union you seems to keep on supporting them not realising that we are sufferring from the IG ignorance of our union matters.You ve gone past your years of productivity and no one will employ you because of your age and importantly your qualification.I still can vividly remembered your comments in the Solivakamas era when you always go against Voreqe and his IG.Cava sa yaco qo mai na saqata ki na tokona.....o iko my tau sa nomui tutu vinaka ga mo sa tevoro baleta na tevoro ga ena vakabauata na lasu....ke o tevoro sa na oti kece ga na da ena vei saqata ni o na kania baleta ni o tevoro kanakana da......lol

Anonymous said...

Think of Fiji as a jetliner. A small gang of thugs has commandeered the flight and set it on an ominous new flight path. A man stands in the aisle with a boxcutter in front of the cockpit. He's slit one man's throat and threatens to so the same to anyone else who tries to resist. 

Now think of Fiji as the same jetliner but new livery...

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau- The design definately reflects AFRICA background and you are correct not an inch of Indian design (or even european).
Fortunately the word FIJI is on the fuselage or else the aircraft parked in Europe or even Airbus factory staff would probably think the aircfact was bught by Burkina Faso or uganda or some Mother AFRICA country!

Anonymous said...

I hope the service will change...Coming back to Fiji after studying in New Zealand...we came across a grumpiest flight attended we have ever met...My European wife who was excited to be in the Air Pacific plane asked the grumpy flight attended...if she could borrow a pen to fill the immigration paper....this is the answer she got....Make sure you give it back to me.... I know where you are sitting...I was still asleep and did not hear her as this woman would have a sacarstic telling off she has never heard before...I know there are other excellent worker...but it always takes one rotten potato to make the whole sack stink

mark manning said...

Great planes, a shame they were purchased with the sweat of retirees money!
Now let's see if the Regime has the finances and capacity to train it's staff to International Standards.
There is no point in having an expensive fleet if the staff are under paid, over worked and under trained or under appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Sources from US have confirmed that Pflieger of Air Pacific was paid US2million per aircraft by EADS (Airbus parent company) when he cancelled the Boeing order and without due diligence switched to Airbus. EADS is renowned for this type of MO (www.fcpablog.com EADS execs knew about payments). When they can't beat the competition (Boeing) they bribe airline officials. FICAC should investigate PFLIEGER for corruption, fraud, misleading the Board and Minister of Finance (PM) and illegal money transfer and "doctoring" his resume. He has no executive experience in airline management and surrounds himself with high priced expatriate consultants who don't quickly bail out when they realize they serve a boss who is has no idea of running an airline that is about to go belly up.

Fijian people have not learnt anything, white man comes in everyone is mesmerized by his American accent although all he says is bull whilst Air Pacific bleeds to death from all the unnecessary changes. The logo is nice but too crowded on the tail. However, these are cosmetic changes but the airline is basically kaput! Go home yankee.


Anonymous said...

Pensioners suffer to fund these new aircrafts is not right. Some Pensioners are now scraping to put bread on the table because of some almost mallicious decision by some by the stroke of a pen to fund these aircrafts. Im Angry and hurt that these pensioners who have contributed so much to Fiji have to suffer like this. It is wrong why i ask.Now Lets see if this will work the whole new image etc. If it fails dont you dare say atleast you've tried (FNPF/AIR PACIFIC) but if you succeed then by right do everything to restore what you took away from those pensioners. Your profit must not be shared with your employees (Air Pacific) but returned to the pensioners who had to suffer to put you where you want to be. Have a safe flight and and improve your customer service. Some of your cabin crews are so rude very discriminative and racist. A flight to Hong kong and a muslim guy had to use the aile to do his prayers then a crew has a cheek (i taukei christain) to just push her way right through him when she could have used the other aile ooh and rudely in fijian saying ''what the hell is he doing blah blah''...HAVE RESPECT AND UNDERSTAND RELIGION AIR PACIFIC THE INFERIORITY OF SOME OF YOUR CREWS IS WHAT WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR IMAGE.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau needs to pull his pants down for Semi Meo. Meo must have squashed his self centred ego.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon...October 16, 2012 7:05 PM..ka ga da kaya..eda kena dau..se va evei...

..so are you saying that the nameless have no ego?

...mmm..no wonder...no wonder...

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with air pacific colours?? Better looking than this plane now boring and dull

Anonymous said...

Nice Colours?!

Anybody got any updates on who's financing the buying of the planes?

As far as I can tell; FNPF is partially financing the deposit of FJD200m.

The full bill for the planes is FJD1.2 billion. My dua na sede question is: who is financing the $1 billion portion?

Hopefully this little joy ride of logo launches & the works is not a 'cover up' for the 'oh by the way, we could not find any financier' - but nice logo e, vacava?

Just going through the Financial Year End Mar 2012 Annual Report for Air Pac (AP), we see the following.

Note 25 sheds some light on the Air Bus purchase plan. Each plane would cost USD200.8m...roughly a total of USD600.24m, or FJD1.2 billion.

Money borrowed from FNPF is to cater for the approximately FJD190m deposit. From the accounts there is still $54m in deposit to be paid. And for the rest of the balance for the planes AP says “The company is still negotiating the balance of the finance of the three aircraft each with a list price of US$200.8 million”. In other words they went shopping for planes without any financial backing in place...except for the FNPF to fund the deposit! Even our bus companies have better buying plans than our dear AP!!

It looks like nearly all of the cost of buying of the planes would be from borrowed funds.....bulk of it externally.....

For fun, I wanted to see how a
$FJD1 billion external loan would impact AP’s financial standing.

Setting the loan term at 20 years with 5% interest p.a, my calculator comes up with a monthly repayment amount of $10.6 million, or if only one payment in a year that would be $129.5 million.

For the FYE Mar 2012, (from their cash flows) AP generated extra cash of $47.8 million.
For AP to be able to afford to buy the planes it would need to be generating extra monies in excess of $129.5 million-assuming the loan terms is at or better than 20yrs & interest @ 5%p.a. This is to fund the loans and a bit more - to cater for surprises. Given the impact of the GFC and the current Euro Crisis....anything can happen if they do find a willing financier. Note, this is not factoring in repayment for the FNPF borrowing.

If loan terms are more drastic than that, then AP would have to generate even more or the shareholders would need to or be prepared give in more cash cause right now on its own, AP’s financial position could not afford to take on such a debt.

Even if AP were to buy say 1 plane at USD200.8m, with 20 yr term & int of 5%p.a, AP would need to have at least FJD32 million in extra cash every year. Even with the FYE Mar 2012 results, the extra cash from operations ($47m) does not give enough ‘cash’ breathing room to move around given the fluctuating oil prices and the slowing global economy -which could impact the numbers of tourists coming into Fiji.

The financials as it is, does not give enough support for AP to buy brand new planes, which begs the question, as to how did the Board (with a Chartered Accountant as Chair) gave approval for AP to go down this shopping path. As running a rough assessment shows that AP cannot generate enough cash to afford to take on a debt of this magnitude ($1b)...leaving the FNPF dinau on the side for the time being.

It would have been better if AP would have strategized to first bulk up their cash balances to fund a good portion of the planes before going shopping OR, as has been the case for AP how about the option of leasing the planes?

It’s all about choosing to live within your means....maybe Dave & his crew know better than us mere locals.

Unknown said...

Some people doesn’t like the logo but for me it looks okay because it the company used a simple font for that. If ever they want to change their font they should browse some logo design in Perth. A lot of people are complaining so I guess they need to recreate that logo.

Anonymous said...

I give Air Pathetic 5 years before they shut down for good.

This may be irrelevant but, How the heck is Dave Pfileger the Chairman of the Fiji Tourism board? that corrupt bastard just came to Fiji!? What the heck, no wonder most pilots and engineers are leaving Fiji for PNG.