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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fiji escapee had leg amputated because of injuries inflicted by soldiers

The shameful truth at last - one of the Naboro prisoners has had his leg amputated as touted by bloggers on this forum weeks ago because of injuries inflicted by soldiers during his recapture.

Bloggers said the prisoner was being kept away from public eyes because he'd lost his leg during the messy recapture.

It was also suggested the last prisoner to be caught, Isoa Waqa, had died after being beaten - a report Fiji police rejected as rumours with the threat they would charge those spreading them. 

But today the Magistrates Court was told Epeli Qaraniqio has indeed had his right leg amputated for injuries 'allegedly' sustained during the recapture and cannot appear in court for another fortnight.

Qaraniqio was to have fronted more than a week ago with the other escapees but did not. Police again today failed to bring him to court with the  Director of Public Prosecutions lawyer, Lisiate Fotofili, telling Magistrate Janaka Bandara it will be two weeks before Qaraniqio can take the stand.

While presenting a medical report, Fotofili told the court the dressing on Qaraniqio’s leg was only removed on Friday. 

There has been no official report until now about the prisoner being forced to have his leg  amputated. Fiji media at the time ignored reports of an amputation, following instead the official line the escapees were still 'under medical treatment.'

Qaraniqio is said to be recovering at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital where he and the other escapees were taken after being beaten by soldiers. 

All of the prisoners were kept away from general medical staff and were seen and tended only by RFMF medics.

Fiji has been divided on the violence meted out by RFMF soldiers and police in the recapture of the escapees, after they managed to elude them for some time after their break out.

Many have insisted the escapees deserved being assaulted by soldiers because they're criminals.

We say today's official confirmation a prisoner had to have his leg amputated because of injuries sustained at the hands of soldiers is proof the regime and those carrying out its orders cannot be trusted to uphold the law and to protect citizens.


  1. this is the way prisioners should be treated. the military did a good job. these bastards deserved this, good job RFMF

  2. Oh my God...unashamedly, like many of you my fellow Fijians I silently wept when reading the story, which I accept as credible…..many of us, admittedly were trying to be academic in cyber talking about the reasonableness of the force used…I was one of them, though at no time did any of us condone any act of thuggery and infliction of unreasonable force…though we did say that it is conscience of he who inflicts the force that at that crucial time, unfortunately control the situation..

    As C4.5 aptly put, now…”the shameful truth at last”.. is out..and all of us…all of us should hang our head in shame!!
    What have these Coup culture created, or what kind of new postmodern Fijian psyche is lurking out there that confronts us all and especially our vulnerable children every day…what has happened to my Fiji…what has happened to my Fiji….oh my God…has the Coup culture handed us in a plate a licence to hate, maim and even, sadly, kill each other??

    May be in his honour, let’s temporarily hang the cyber boxing glove until for another day..

    Let's dig deep to assist all forms of rehabilitation for our son… and full force of the Fiji law and l parallel laws in the Good book seek out the perpetrator…that only God may help him or her!

  3. It is very sad that a leg has been amputated. A full investigation should be done and those responsible should be dealt with. Where is Amnesty International? Prisoners are human beings too. Only a reasonble force should have been used. My sympathies to the person concerned and his families.


  4. this is the way prisioners should be treated. the military did a good job. these bastards deserved this, good job RFMF

  5. @Anon 8:22

    You are certainly stupid, dumb and a sorry excuse of a human being.

    To call you an animal would be an injustice to the species.

    You are certainly the scum of the earth and you pollute the environment where you exist.

  6. These hooligans deserved it. Good work by police and military.

  7. Jungle law is the only way this regime knows how to do things. Fiji's new best friends Bob Carr and Murray McCully are associating with lawless and uncouth renegades exaclty as that picture shows them. hahaha.

  8. Good on you Semi. Truth and equity for all is essential in the New Fiji

  9. Is this what is called "reasonable force" ?---shame! shame ! shame !

  10. What an outrage and a sad indictment on us as people of this once proud land.

    The heinous crimes of the illegal & treasonous military is an abomination, a blight and a slur on our proud nation. The scalps that they notch at the behest of a psychotic despot will not be in vain! The long arm of the law will mete out justice as it is deserved.

    If they think this latest episide is going to warm the hearts of the people overseeing our US GSP 'plea's' or earn them brownie points for peacekeeping missions (that Australia is now in a position to directly infuence despite Rt Inoke's cocky sentiments), they need to guess again.

    Tickety Tock.

  11. Job well done. Keep it up. These prisoners have come about due to previous govts failure to look after ordinary I taukies.
    SDL and SVT looked after the rich only - both Indians and I taukies
    Blame the I taukies !

  12. Enough to keep tourists away from your islands - rich in bruitality

  13. The crazy word we live in...Naivalurua praises officers for nearly killing the escapees. Can someone pull us out of this nightmare we are in??

    Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Apisalome Coka

    Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has commended officers for the recapture of five escapees from Naboro Prison.

    Brigadier Naivalurua addressed the officers at his 3rd quarter parade at Suva’s foreshore this morning.

    “I would also like to pay a special mention to those of us who worked hard especially the recapture mission, I acknowledge your hard work this morning and thank you. You did a great job in the recapture of the unscrupulous people that terrorised Suva in the period of 7 days, so well done and keep up the good work.”

    Four of the inmates have been charged while the 5th is still admitted at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva.

  14. Outrage my ass! Gr8 Fiji Police , well done

  15. rPc will be further charged . See Wednesday papers. Attacking a judge in his sexuality .etc

  16. Its time to get rid of the army.

  17. These prisoners are the making as a result of the major failure of the I taukie govts of SdDL n SVT.
    These govts showed no concerns for ordinary Fijians.
    They were only interested in rich Fijians and Indians.
    Shame on the I taukie govts who failed to take care of ordinary fijians

  18. The army was used to capture the escapees !!---just as well we do not have an air force--otherwise fighter jets would have been used--and helicopters.-and it would have used "reasonable force ".

  19. This is absolutely dreadful. It couldn’t be merely reasonable force that resulted in the amputation of the escapee’s leg. It would be more closer to extreme brutal force. If the escapees werent strong they would have died too. We should try and change shoes sometimes and see how it feels to be on the other side of the extreme brutal treatment which resulted in the loss of limbs. These acts were condoned by the higher authority which is why the perpetrators had a free hand in exercising these inhumane treatment upon their fellow human with such impunity.

  20. To Anon about Kai Bau @October 22, 2012 4:46 PM.
    Yeah my resentment is all about Voreqe and the Military…period. I probably will forgive them but I reckon that all of them have to pay the price by serving their time @Naboro and that’s my own opinion and I don’t expect others to be the same. I have been offended by these IG greedy bastards in treating the Fijian Chiefs like hooligans and it will be the same for me if I’m given the chance I will treat Voreqe and his military the same.What do you mean ideas???About the Methodist Church? Yes it has been long overdue for someone to look into the idle lands lying idle around Fiji while we are preaching about love than sell some portion to the Indians to prove the talk. You quote to “slag the world but offer nothing”!!!!!Are you generalising your comments or who do you directing it to? If its me than put down your name so we can see who is polluting Fiji with waste????...I disagree with you here my friend by quoting” when those bringing the majority of income into the government want, better schools, better roads, bridges and health systems etc.”…..That is exactly the thinking of Fijian government and even now we tend to think upside down. Probably there’s too many accountants running the show in Fiji and all they think is money, money and more money. I did brought up some ideas about the Fijian street kids a few years back and all I was told is exactly what you are saying here.The government doesn’t realise that by improving the street kids welfare will be big contributor to the economy by employing less policemen and preventing the extension of our Prison institutions even our court sysyem. These Fijian street kids running the streets of Suva are our future criminals.Those comments are typical Fijian Government way of thinking by ignoring the social structure and trying to build the government economy!!!Short term or first aid treatment may I call it.Here in Fiji we talk about economy, economy ,economy all time without realising that poor social impact of the country will reflects in extensions of our prisons,employing of more policeman, extension of hospitals, employing more nurses and doctors and machine and the list kept on growing. All we are doing is spending our economy on buffeting the problem and not solving the problem which is an expensive exercise.
    You mentioning about co-operatives and machines…..you are contradicting yourself here mate…on one side you’ve mentioned about no government can subsidise our villages and now you talking exactly as I’ve said in my post. Our villages I think needs Fijians who are well educated and can prove themselves in leadership or in business. Until now I still cannot work out on how we can keep our traditions and cultures and also control the money side of things…. so please help us Fijians God for an answer.

  21. Ki-Bau

    PLease ensure that you are safe from the military and the police. I will be sad to see the military treating you like the prisoners. My advise if you dont like this military government go to Afica and be happy there.

  22. My sympathy goes to the parents of that young man and his family.No one deserved to be treated like this.To that particular animal or animals from the Fiji military you son of a coward and low down pig.You are not only doing that to a prisomer but to a human being.I dont know what else to say but my only wish if someone can put down the names of those thugs who did this animal act to the poor guy.This may prevent those animals up in the barrack from hurting people.Tovo ga ni tamata butobuto tawa lotu kawa ca na sotia se ovisa ko kitaka na mataqali vakaraua vaka oqo.Sa kua soti na qaciqacia qori e dua saraga na wekamuni ka gone i taukei ni qai cakava tu vua dua na i tovo lolovira.Va vei moni vakamatea ga yani mo ni cegu kina.Voreqe yalo vinaka vakavulici ira na manumanu qori mera tarova na vaka mavoa taka na tamata.Ka mada ne caka vei kemuni se vei tamamuni.Sa teri vosa rawa saraga.Isa ko Viti.Vinaka taciqu tau Semi Meo kakua sara ni bai vuki mo kata tale mai yasana dua.Nanumi Viti,nanumi Bau lol kana vinati vakalevu mo kua ni tagi.To you annon whos supporting the act cant say much but pity to the the womb that brought you into this world

  23. You will reap what you sow
    Coup culture inherited from 1987-Rabuka-all were signatories to the 1987 coups!!!

  24. "Allegedly". My bet is that the cretins-in-charge will somehow blame the FLP / SDL for his injury.

    Then FUCKAK will run around in circles, "investigating" its own arse and the regime will brush everything under the rug - on with the show.

  25. Naivalurua you know the force used on the escapeee was excessive force. If it was in Prison no doubt you would have listen to the complaints from prisoners and their families and sack the officers concerned. You cannot make appropriate decision based on facts. You hypocrite.

  26. All home invasion thugs who terrorize & rob hard working innocent people should get the same treatment when caught & sent to jail for a long time.

  27. If the prisoner decided to jump off a rock and break his leg while trying to run away or elude his pursuers who do you blame??? The prisoner decided to jump and hence broke his leg. The amputation resulted from that, it's not that the army and police decided to chop off his legs. The prisoners were the ones with the cane knifes not the police and army.

  28. This gross human right crime-

    Report to UN and international media.

    Amnesty international must investigate and report.

    Lodge police complaint and new govmust make sure court case prosecution of all goons who did this crime/.

  29. These people are terrorists. They escaped from prison with assistance from outside and inside and set about terrorising the residents of Suva. The Pm called on this guy to give himself up. He didn't and was caught in a taxi with his girlfriend. When he hobbles back to prison on his crutches minus a leg, he'll be sending a powerful message to anyone else planing the same thing. Qori.

  30. Judge,Jury and Executioner, the new RFMF!

  31. Kai Bau said...
    These I taukies in prison are my brothers and I hate to see these.
    We are indebted to Indians who have shown us I taukies that crime is unchristian, that cannabilsm is unhealthy and helped in stopping tribal wars. Orherwise, we I taukies would have been history and there was no chance that more of our relatives would come again and drift all the way from Africa.

  32. This should be the best deterrent for wanna be run aways. It will be ONLY ulu kaus that will try to do this again. When they were planing the getaway, I bet the consequences was not part of the discussion. If one has lost life or one has lost a leg, is the least of the citizen's issue. The main issue is how the citizens had to endure sleepless nights during this people's terrorizing game. I congratulate the Police and the Military personnel for job well done. If there are any future breakouts, I want the security forces to employ the same method to recapture the culprits.

  33. At anon Oct 23 7:38

    two wrongs don't make a right....a message of perpetual violence has been delivered! Is this what we want our children to carry forward with them as their legacy?

  34. Lets hope one day we see iPM & iAG going to court with a couple legs missing each.

  35. I am amazed, the kaicolo's didnt actually eat the prisoners.....they have evolved slightly.

  36. australia softning its stance now at least AG can visit down under

  37. The army and police did a great job...no complains and no problems...those of you who are barking try to escape from a prison in a foreigh nountry and you will be shot.
    So stop being sissies...the prisoner got what he deserved.
    A job well done

    Dharam Lingam

  38. Congratulations to ALL of you who support this 'treatment'. Stand up and applaud the NEW FIJI. Stand up and applaud the NEW LAW. Stand up and applaud the NEW JUSTICE. Stand up and applaud the NEW ACCEPTANCE. For you have just instilled in your children and their children that THIS IS THE WAY FORWARD! THAT THIS IS RIGHT! THAT THIS IS HOW THEY SHOULD TREAT THOSE WHO HAVE WRONGED THEM.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! .... and when you decide to finish applauding., sit down and offer a tissue for the tears of the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of all those who have been victims of your applauds. Look into their eyes and tell them to stop crying.

    R.I.P - S. Rabaka.

  39. Does anyone know of a story of a prominent sons of a lawyer who is a dentist had a fist fight with someone in the clubs?

  40. The PM has been behind two and a half of Fiji's coups. By the very reasoning of the regime supporters here, he should lose two and a half legs.

  41. Voreqe jumped on a pregnant woman's stomach, to try and extract information.
    So its not surprising that the military poofters in Delainabua call this reasonable force.
    The only solution is to get rid of the army.
    These people are unaccountable.

  42. Anon sodomite of October 22, 2012 9:24 PM…I beg we talk on the topic…the C.4.5 topic…NOT your favorite past time or may be permanent vocation?...may be…

    Kau Bau..isa Tau, au namuna sara ena dua na neirau veitalanoa kei dua na nodaru Marama Bale mai na nodaru yanuyanu turaga a sa qai vakacegu ga ena vica na vula sa oti…dau nodra cakacaka ni loloma na veisiko kina vale ni veivesu ni Marama kei na Turaga…sa dau lomani ira vakalevu na noda era qaravi tiko ena noda vale ni veivesu..daulaba, kucu, butako se cava ga…ka ra rokovi ira na noda Marama kei na Turaga ka na tiko mai loma…

    Totolo sara na noda vakalelewa…bau ka mada ga era sa kilai ka ra tusanaka e so na nodra cala, veilewaitaki ka ra sa laki qaravi sara ena noda vale ni veivesu…

    .ia, vakacava o keda na kena vo…qamuqamu i ravatu ni da sega ni vei vakaraitaka na noda cala se malumalumu,,,

    ..au sega ni vakabauta ni dua vei ira na luveda, marama se turaga, e tiko mai vale ni veivesu era vakamatavulo wavoki voli…

    ...segai…rairai, ni o keda ga na vakalelewa tiko qo..ia, ke a rairai wekadra voleka beka o Qaraniqio ke a rairai waqawaqa beka na nodra cudruvi ira na Ovisa ka ra veivesu….

    ..me ra lomani na luveda..kera mani daulaba sara...dina ni da sega sega sara ni duavata kei na nodra i vakarau..ia,me ra sa lomani ka vakavulici vaka tamata...sega ni mai musu musu ki na yavadra..ya...sa na qai lule ka kudru na weka kei na vanua!

  43. welcome to the land of the sea, sun, and brutality on its own citizens!!!!!!

  44. You reap what you sow period.

  45. To Fijian….Never in the history of mankind will that tactic works it will only harden the criminals. Just open your eyes a little bit further and see the breaking down of human society in Iraq and Afghan. You keep on killing them they keep on coming back. The tone of your letter seems to be coming from someone working in a disciplinary institution in Fiji and paid with our tax. Nothing is a waste of money because money you earned is ours the tax payers of this Country. The uniform you are wearing is for protecting the people not for hurting them. If you people think that you are wearing the wrong uniform than wear the prison uniform because we all know that those people in prisons were thugs mind you not all of them. My only conclusion for the people who are doing this is the lack of education and break down of leaderships. In addition sa yaco mai na dokadoka .qaciqacia kei na viavialevu.Within that uniform those individuals I hope are also good citizens with Families and relatives. And I hope that you won’t prefer for someone to break your fathers’ leg. Lucky is like when tossing a coin as it will come out either or. And it also applies to the prisoners.Probabaly they were the unlucky once while we are the lucky lots. So have some mercy and try to be always think like a human being rather than an animal because only animals hurt their own kind. And to top it all off is an act of a COWARD. If we send those military offices to Iraq the almost all their time will be hiding and it applies to you the Fijian military. Sa matau na vuni vakalevu vana vakalailai qai ni mai vakateratera tiko vei ira na sega ni vakadakai ni yavu tamata ravarava.

  46. @anon 9:10am yes u come to fiji and will eat you

  47. @anon 9:10am yes u come to fiji and will eat you

  48. This government is illegal period

  49. satava na kunea he has reap what he had sown

  50. Dharam Lingam, aren't you still living in the United States? So what are you talking about? These prisoners weren't trying to escape; they already HAD escaped, to the extent anyone can escape, when they're still living under a dictatorship in Fiji. Shoot a surrendered prisoner in your custody in the United States, and you'll face a very long prison sentence. You ought to be ashamed, defending these thugs who, AFTER ARRESTING HIM, beat this unarmed man so brutally that his leg had to be cut off.

    By the way, how is it you were allowed a visa to the United States? The Americans specifically ask you on your application whether you ever engaged in or supported torture, and you're nearly guaranteed to be refused a visa if you answer yes.

    Are you really in the US? That's hard for me to believe. What state are you in?

  51. You pricks who say that this is how prisoners should be treated -- what do you think YOU are, if not prisoners? Are you free? Did you elect this government? Are you safe from this government? Your turn may just be next.

  52. We still have judgment here; that we but teach
    Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return
    To plague the inventor: this even-handed justice
    Commends the ingredients of our poison'd chalice
    To our own lips.

  53. Police quiet on leg amputation of recaptured prisoner
    Publish date/time: 23/10/2012 [13:03]

    Print this page
    Email this page Police said they will not comment on the leg amputation of a recaptured prisoner, Epeli Qaraniqio until they see the medical report.

    When asked by Fijivillage, Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said nothing will be said for now as Qaraniqio is still in hospital.

    He said investigations into the recapture of the five prisoners late last month is still underway but he cannot say anything further.

    DPP lawyer Lisiate Fotofili has confirmed in the Suva Magistrates Court that Epeli Qaraniqio cannot attend court as his right leg has been amputated from an open wound.

    Fotofili has asked for a two week adjournment.

    The case will be called again before Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili on the 5th of next month.

    Qaraniqio is co-charged with Isoa Waqa and Solomoni Qurai in relation to the BSP and Wishbone robberies after the prison breakout.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan & Tokasa Rainima

  54. Semi Meo, thanks for having some remnant of a conscience after all, but it wasn't long ago that you were arguing some silly nonsense about this having been reasonable force so long as the soldiers deemed it 'reasonable'.

    The conscience of he who holds the gun should not be the final arbiter of justice. That is the role of law.

    I'm not hanging MY head in shame, because, unlike you, I've never supported this regime or any other coup mongers.

    Maybe you're right that we should hang up our cyber boxing gloves for a day, but not on a day when we discover that the army beat an unarmed prisoner so badly that his leg had to be removed. This is precisely the time to put on our boxing gloves. And it is the time to take note of those who have condoned such behaviour.

  55. Vutuki ira na DauveivutuOctober 23, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    they should just let go of this prisoner...he's paid his crime with a limb.

  56. Sodomite of October 23, 2012 10:44 AM....that's it!!..all us cyber mates have made a unanimous judgement on you…yep, all your wish on others shall be meted out to you 10 tens!!

    ..no..no…no..stop crying Sodomite..we were just joking…oh…just before dinner tonight..tell your family that you wanna confess your sodomite life…phew….sa lala na vale gona!

    ..now...we weep for you!

  57. Ganesh…bula Vinaka..am a bit flattered by your sentiments to my first post in this topic..

    ....fortunately though, I had just enough time to duck that cyber upper cut…phew!!…I like you!

    Correction: never did I assert that. “The conscience of he who holds the gun should… be the final arbiter of justice.

    I did however caution that unfortunately, the conscience of he who inflicts “force” intuitively quantifies the decree of “reasonable force”..of course the contributing variates would be the volatility, place and moment of the act...indeed, still no excuse to break a leg!

    Correction: I have never ever supported any form of seditious act and have continually condemn and abhor under my real name over the last 6 years.

    However, like the 99.9% of the people of Fiji, The Federal Govs of Australia, NZ, US etc…support all credible path way to return to sanity and democratic rule…do we support the seditious acts or the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution…Good heaven NO…NO…NO!!

    Ganesh..(hope this is your real name)…are you one of those who wish…wish…a supper power invade Fiji..and hang your Prime Minister and his AG Aiyuz by the nuts??

    Well…go for it and good luck...still, I like you…may be next time I’ll put on my lighter cyber gloves….

  58. I think he will want to make another breakin somewhere soon beware fiji

  59. My Tau Semi Meo...(alias Tukai Kam)....are you a born again christian or what happenned last Sunday at Church....Big change of heart by confessing for the first time that you donot like the regime but support the back to democracy pathway...I salute you and my tau I will now reveal my name to you and Identity.Iam the president of Fiji Epeli Nailatikau.I am honour to knight you with the Fiji Govermnet medal of honesty the "HMS no come back'vinaka my tau na nanumi Viti nanumi Bau.I have also taken off some of your family title Tukai Kamlesh but its an 'alias' at the moment and it will only vanish if you are true to the change of heart we have been reading by the new my tau Ratu Semi Meo.You are also promoted to the highest ranking chiefly tittle that only Kai Bau can do the RATU title from now on.Thats a token of appreciation for changing hearts and will be more to come watch the space.C4.5 can we dedicate a special birthday cake and well wishers to born again my tau Ratu Semi Meo please?Va vei na vinati my tau se vo?

  60. Yeah! So much for the Yellow Ribbon Programme run by this illegal regime! Isn't this programme about the respect that should be directed at prisoners to give them opportunities to learn from their mistakes and give them a chance to re-enter society?

    It is smart talk by Frank and Khaiyum and all the regime puppets when they launch this yellow ribbon project and that yellow ribbon project but we can now see that this is just one big act of pretending!

    This is maybe the right way to treat prisoners in some illegal and unchristian country but certainly not in Fiji which is a christian country!

    Frank and his illegal wannabbe's should read the bible. The lives of these men belong to God not to them!

  61. Congrats to the police and the military. The prisoners deserve what they got. At least for the guy with the amputated leg, he will always be reminded that crime never pays.A fijian lady who was seated close to the teller machine which was broken into by these thugs at samabula could have lost her life as they almost ploughed into her. She was extremely lucky to have escaped. Losing a leg is better than losing a life. Thumbs up for the police and the military. Sometime you got to be tough to make criminals realise how bad they are to society.

  62. why isnt anyone criticing the hard core criminals for being som much terror in the few days that they were out. The police and army did a good job in capturing them. Now anyone will think twice beforer escaping. Lucky they were not shot. In the US the armed squad would have shot them for the violent resistance.

  63. Poised for JusticeOctober 23, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    what plausible excuse will the regime come up with to cover its arse? Tudravu is already talking about waiting to see the medical certificates. Will these be written by RFMF quacks who've been the only ones allowed to monitor the escapees?

  64. @Anonymous 6:50
    These escapees were held down then beaten all over the body.
    One of them was tied down, then got his trouses pulled down, then they pulled down his underwear, then they shoved a gun up his arse.
    These are not soldiers. These are thugs.
    Once they've held them down there is no need to go on to the next 5 steps before the gun is shoved up the arse.
    For farks sakes.
    Do you want that done to your children if they commit a crime?

  65. Ki-Bau
    Big lasu lasu by saying you are Ratu Nailitikau. You are an idiot with baseless bloggs. The President is not like you. He is mature and will not lower his standard to come to your low level. You are a disgrace to us iTakuies. You are infact
    re-incarnation of Butadroka. You and Kamlesh are a nuisance on this blog. Change your racist ideologies to better things for us iTaukeis in fiji.

  66. @ Anon 8:05
    Why should we criticize the prisoners when they will be dealt with by the court. If found guilty the court will pass the appropriate penalty.

    The officers on the other hand are paid to do a job to uphold the law. Their action is guided by the law and as civil servants they are open to criticism.

  67. To Umesh volavola......thank you very much.I will heed your advise than keep it as my wiper.Thanks Umesh Volavola.

  68. Kemu maleka sara .....next time just stay in jail till you've done your time

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  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. To Umlesh Volavola pretending to be Anon about village people....village people are not idiots....nver,never say that because they are doing whats a village and the world can offer them.Same as you blockhead Im working and part of my condition from the company is free internet which is also part of my work condition you idiot.If you cant afford to pay for the internet than use the village people way of communicating coconut wireless sitting down doing nothing and grogging..how about that you blockhead.Son of a racists bastard,you pig

  72. kai bau,

    what work you cant even spell you big mouth KC.


    You lucky bastards.

  74. Kai Bau,

    Go and do some work you useless din-maro animal rapists.

  75. Kai Bau,

    Just got you e-mail address and location where you operating from.

    I will pass it to your mates at QEB

  76. To QEB Idiot anon October 23, 2012 11:57 PM...... well Im operatimg from QEB your information will come to me than I will put your name for another block head informer caught pants down...hahahaha you racists bastard son of a pig

  77. To Anon @Kai Bau...Feel sorry for womb you dropped from...probably a cross breed of a pig and a human

  78. Feel Sorry for these prisoners...they get what they asked.

  79. Live by the sword, die by the sword. It was true for the escaped convicts, and it will be true for the criminals running this regime.

  80. Go to the UN

    Then they can go and talk to muslim countries where they cut your hand of for stealing.

    Good system, bastards cant wave a cane knife anymore with out a fucking hand.

    These animals are so dumb, they would all have no hands left by now.

    You know you hand going to get cut off, dont steal.

    You know you going to get a buturaki, dont escape.

    This farker aint going to escape anymore with one leg.
    Next try, the bible and win a yellow ribbon.Aim high boy, PS for u maybe.

  81. To Anonymous who congratulated the RFMF: The man had a leg amputated from injuries inflicted on him by fellow human beings - armed and in uniform. I hope you get a taste yourself of the RFMF treatment. If you're RFMF I wonder, if the tables were turned, your own cowardice would be revealed.No human being is more superior to the other - we all bleed, and we all die. The only difference is in equality - some obviously being more equal than others.

  82. It's like the elephant in the room. Apart from the brief report on the amputation yesterday No one else has made a public statement concerning the amputation since it brings back the issue of "reasonable force" being used.

    Why is the government all of a sudden so quiet on it?

  83. to oracle

    indians were beaten for no reason during 1987 and 2000.almost every indian home has been robbed by these crooks.during 2000 when suva was destryed by these same thugs police just watched. so victims deserve to be beaten and robbed but it is not right when these thugs get what they deserve.get used to it because sooner or later people will arm themselves and it will far worse outcome then police beating.

  84. is Isoa alive or dead?

  85. J Nakarawa
    Hamilton NZ
    The news is finally out that one of the recently recaptured prisoners has had his leg amputated.
    This is nothing new; in fact prisoners have died in the past under similar circumstances but responsible Correction officers have been dealt with under the law. Some lost their jobs and some have even served time in prison. Such are the demands of a legal system that those entrusted with upholding the law do so within the law.
    They are liable for the exercise of that authority at all times. A letter from NZ,
    The Commissioner of Police has commended his men for the success of the recapture mission but he is painfully silent on any investigation to ascertain the exercise of authority which inflicted such horrendous injuries. It’s time to inform the public because the credibility of the whole legal system is on the line.

  86. People of the LandOctober 24, 2012 at 5:06 PM

    Dear All,
    What you are seeing and experiencing now was the result of those evil decisions made in the past by our leaders including our Chiefs, Pundits, and Church leaders and religious leaders. Viti will never be the same Viti that we once know. The Military is just fulfilling the desires and the lust for power by those few young military officers during their early engagement with the middle eastern countries which were perceived to be strong nations economically and culturally, except Israel. In their minds they have been thinking and contemplating for a military take over to fulfill their dreams but little did they know it was purely a power hunger exercise. They were sent for a mission in the name of democracy. We now have realized that all a long, we had been nurturing our own enemy and our children's enemy.

    Many of our fellow Indian brothers have also jump into the bandwagon and started to take advantage of the situation.

    I am again asking all to please we have not yet being defeated as many may have thought.

    The people of the land will always be a the absolute owner of this great land, Viti.

    Vei kemuni na noda turaga kei keumuni na noda qase ni lotu ni tudei tiko baleta ni da na sega ni rawa ni vakayavalati vakarawarawa.

    Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei.

  87. People of the land,

    Agree with you but I- Taukei (who are not in the army) are also in bed with military.

    In fact Indo-fijians are more vocal against this government then any other group. S Ali, F Anthony,NFP,V Lal, Narsey are the some names that come into my mind.

  88. To the Police and the wannabee Police (Army) - "DON'T BREAK THE LAW to UPHOLD THE LAW."
    Seriuosly....think about it.

  89. The guy lost his leg due to gangrene as a result of wounds sustained while trying to evade the authorities. If he had given himself up and receive medical care ASAP his leg will still be intact today.

  90. It's downright appalling to read some of the comments here by regime supporters who actually applaud the fact that this unarmed prisoner suffered an army beating so brutal that one of his legs had to be amputated.

    Even Bainimarama has said publically that his government does not condone such behaviour, although, of course, he's lying, as usual. If his government didn't condone it, it would arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

    The kind of damage that the New Fiji is doing to public morality may take generations to repair -- perhaps another generation for every 1-2 years these criminals remain in power.

  91. Fiji rights body condemns violence against inmates
    Posted 24 October 2012, 7:34 AEST

    A Fijian rights body is calling for greater transparency in the investigation of alleged violence against five inmates who escaped from Naboro Prison in September.
    Fiji's Coalition for Human Rights says more transparency is needed in the investigation.
    Fiji's Coalition for Human Rights says more transparency is needed in the investigation. (Credit: ABC)
    Audio: Rights group condemns violence against Fiji inmates

    Epeli Qaraniqio and four other inmates were allegedly subject to violent abuse by soldiers who recaptured them last month.

    The country's Magistrates Court on Tuesday heard Qaraniqio was forced to have his leg amputated because of the injuries he sustained.

    The Fiji NGO Coalition on Human Rights chairwoman, Shamima Ali, has told Pacific Beat the only way people are accessing information about the case is through the courts.

    "The problem here is, while there was a statement saying there will be an investigation carried out, there's no transparency," she said.

    "We don't know and we believe the public in Fiji needs to know what's happening because it has got serious implications for people and for the human rights situation in this country."


  92. I'd like to to hear those that support the actions of the police condone this if the victims were their sons or daughters. This just tells me that the Police are no more civilized then the victims themselves. Congrats all.

  93. sivia ga na vaka fancy kemuni na sotia ni kemuni va dakai tiko ni vei soli dagger mada ni vithai.lol

  94. Anonymous 10:45, we all know this army well enough to know that's a lie. Were the prisoners sodomised while trying to evade the authorities, too?

    Let the victim get medical treatment in a Western country where rights are respected, then he can tell what really happened without fear of more regime brutality.

  95. Anon 2.23

    I live in the US and prisoners are shot trying to escape or resisting arrest. Gade mada mai california qai mai raica na tamata era lauvana vei ira na ovisa e veisiga. Ni o sa via vacuka edua na ovisa eke, siga ya osa na mate kina.

  96. In the US, prisoners could get shot trying to escape or resisting arrest, if there's no other recourse. But Qaraniqio's case in Fiji is not of someone trying to escape; it is the case of someone who had already escped and was recaptured. He was unarmed, under arrest, and in army custody. The soldiers abused their powers and violated Qaraniqio's basic human rights. They beat him badly, sodomised him with a gunbarrel, and broke his leg, before turning him over to the police.

    Such acts in the US would get you court-martialed, sued, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for a long time. You would be very notorious and could be subject to reprisal by other inmates in prison.

    But such acts in today's Fiji are praised by the Commissioner of Police and could make you a PM, RFMF Commander, or head of the Navy.

  97. For the way those prisoners were treated was not RIGHT. We do not treat the prisoners that way. BUT they should have thought of the consequences of their ACTIONS. On a robbery sphere, that ain't right. I believe that both parties were WRONG in the way they acted. The police & the army should apologise in public to those prisoners same as those prisoners should also do the same Not only to the police & army but to the Public at general. We need to reconcile between those prisoners and police & army. Their sentence should be increased so that they don't escape again. I doubt it, that they ALL participated in those Robbery Sphere in SUVA. I believe that the Group that did the robbery ARE still at LARGE. We need to FORGIVE each other here and MOVE ON. Life continues with or without YOU. So FORGIVE but don't FORGET WHY IT HAPPENED? Things happen for a REASON.

  98. Ganesh
    Were you there or seen with your own eyes the useof a gun barrel to sodomise qaraniqio?

  99. That's the testimony leaking out about the mistreatment of the prisoners, despite the regime's efforts at suppressing the truth. And such sordid actions have ample precedent, do they not?

    The regime isn't refuting it. In fact, Bainimarama says the regime doesn't condone the mistreatment inflicted on the prisoners.

    Do you?

  100. And in today's daily the regime is linking his amputation to diabetics because his mother has diabetic. What a lie. http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2012/10/26/diabetes-linked-to-prisoner-amputation/

  101. In Fiji we are Lucky where the escapees come back ALIVE (Regardless of MINOR INJURIES). In the States as well as other DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, escapees are SHOT. PERIOD end to ALL this DRAMA of whether those ESCAPEES deserve WHAT THEY GOT.

  102. @Pat 11:11 PM

    Some wonderful logic and views you have;

    "Their sentence should be increased so that they don't escape again".

    Surely, the longer their sentence the greater their will to escape !

    "In the States as well as other DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, escapees are SHOT".

    Oh, it's that straightforward, are you sure ?

    But for someone who thinks all will be resolved by everyone appologising to everyone else for the wrongs they have done I'm not surprised.

  103. Don't know why some of you trying to make out FMF only reason these prisoners almost got killed. Fiji Police Force have been beating prisoners and any even innocent civilians up for years almost killing some of them long before Frank's clean up in 2006. Fiji Police force full of lamu sonas could not do anything during riots in 2000. You dreamers all trying to blame Frank for everything. Long live Voreqe and FMF.

  104. Qaraniqio should have gone back to the village to farm his mataqali land and earn a honest living instead of embarking on a life of crime. Crime does not pay and thats the bottom line.

  105. David wise was killed by police when he was caught. that was during SVT rule.

  106. They were escaped prisoners. Were they expecting to be treated like royalty. A job well done by the military. This should serve as a warning to all the criminals wanna he's.

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