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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fiji unionists warned to watch their back

The trade unionists who spearheaded the campaign to get the United States to look at removing Fiji from the list of countries who enjoy preferential duty free privileges, are being warned to expect the regime to retaliate.

The illegal government has been given three weeks to present written submissions to the United States Trade Representative Office following a hearing in Washington DC on Tuesday.

The regime has already argued the breaches cited in the AFL-CIO petiton are unfounded and is understood to be pushing for the U.S. to resolve the matter informally, pointing again to its supposed reforms, including the 2014 elections, and pending legislation on a new minimum wage.

The Frank Bainimarama government is said to be reeling from the union campaign to get the U.S. to punish it for the way it has allowed Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to systematically strip workers and unions of their rights via decrees.

Regime moles say trade unionists Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai should be watching their backs over the illegal government's current predicament despite them saying they shouldn't be blamed for something Bainimarama and Khaiyum brought on themselves.

It's being suggested Khaiyum will find some way to use the Crimes Decree to implicate Anthony and Urai for 'sabotaging the economy and putting national security at risk.' 

The union leaders have already been targets and the attacks on them are documented in the AFL-CIO petition.

The FTUC-led campaign has clearly put the illegal government on the back foot because there is a very real chance the U.S. could decide to rule in favour of the union petition, although some observers wonder if America has the mettle to follow through considering the situation with China.

Fiji is one of four countries who had to this week defend their trading privileges; two countries that have already lost preferential rights this year are Burma and Belarus.

In an interview with Radio Australia's Pacific Beat, Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for the general system of preferences, William Jackson, who chaired the hearing, hints that the case is clear cut.

"When we are satisfied that the government has addressed those concerns the country can be readmitted to the GSP program. 

"In most cases such as this the government does eventually take measures that address the key concerns.

"But if there is no progress toward that end that was when we would consider withdrawing or suspending the benefits of the country."

Jackson told Pacific Beat the Tuesday hearing was very 'business like' and there was 'no tension in the room', but regime moles say activity at the Government House and other information suggests the regime is in a real frenzy.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama must be shitting in his pants.
I bet he has constant diarrhea now.
The guy must be so confused that he has fallen back to the only thing he knows : that is to threaten physical violence.

I think Felix and Daniel should tell the US Rep of the threat of physical violence against them.

I bet Bainimarama is already telling his boys that if they lose then his boys should probe these two with their gun barrels. The Fiji Army is now well-known for anal probing.Their latest victims are still comatosed at The CWM Hospital in Suva.

-Valataka na Dina.

Kai Bau said...

Where is the look North policy the regime and its supporters usually boast about.No man is an island and I believe that Voreqe had overstepped the mark this time around.
These thugs have been finding their way around around since they stole our goverment back in 2006 but why they have backed down now?People should now realised that God works in a misterious ways and since theelection is just around the corner and most of the people tend to be swayed by the regime bait of development around Fiji.Any takers from Tau Semi Meo about the situation now rather than blaming Felix and Urai?remember thse two were iniatially supporting Voreqes at the begining and their turn will come.Its not only them its also including all the IG supporters like you Tau.Kua ga ni bai oti qo o to tale mai yasana qo...liumuri qori se vere vaka Bau...io sa tukuni kemudou tikoga mai Namuka na vanua dou lako yani kina.

Razak UDean said...

Why Khaiyum hiding in west? Nur bano can you explain.

Anonymous said...

Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has been suspended from practicing in Fiji.

The suspension was handed down by the Independent Legal Services Commission this morning.

Chaudhry has been suspended until March 2017.

However – he is allowed to remain in practice for the next 21 days in order to hand over current cases.

Another lawyer Kini Maraiwai has also been suspended from practicing until March 2016.

Both have also been publicly reprimanded and are to pay $1,000 each to the Commission as costs.

The pair were found guilty of misconduct following a hearing in August.

SEMI MEO said...

Before we wish one and all a blessed weekend...lest we forget the probably x factor in this trade threat…yep…Fiji Water…indeed, as you all would agree..Fiji Water is now more than some tantalising H20 from the cool aqua wells of Vitilevu North West…of course, has become the “official” quencher of thirst from Hollywood.. to the Ghetto.. to the Whitehouse.. ….the Fiji Water overseas stakeholders may just provide evidences of their own staff high morale, generous work conditions and job satisfaction……

Non..no..no..I am not suggesting our representative will arrive with bales of Fiji water….may be the Union bosses are for once justifying there pay by fighting for the 20% (?) of Fiji work force who are their paid members??

All we are saying is lets not pre-empt anything but..well...pray for the best out come..for our country and work force.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Khaiyum.

The only thing he will establish beyond any doubt in pursuing that line of action against Urai and Anthony is the very thing they are saying at the USTR i.e that Unions are being discriminated against by the Fiji Government.

This is probably the dumbest Attorney General Fiji has ever had in her history. Having single handedly destroyed the sugar grants from the EU, he now applies his incompetence to destroying Fiji's manufacturing sector.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama's personality is such that when ever he loses an argument or someone betters him, he loses control and throws a hissy fit.
I can just imagine at present, that he and Aiyaz are like a couple of wild cats, clawing at anyone who comes near them while backing their arses back into the corners of the room.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Frank's office.
but didn't frank and aiyaz say they don't need the Americans because they have the "look north" policy that works so well?

Anonymous said...

no good looking for scapegoats. their big plan was done by themselves for themselves.

Anonymous said...

U.S. has chance to put the regime back on the right track and i hope it will remember that people don't complain for nothing. get thinking frank.

Carlton said...

USA could have sorted this a long time ago through UN by banning Fijian troops from peacekeeping. They did not see it fit to do so. Maybe due to the fear that Fijian troops would have been offered jobs in Tibet by China. USA's foreign policy is too complex. By the way, they can't contain Syria so to say.

Anonymous said...

Sa tu na da!.

I thought Frank was saying that the UN facility in NY should be transferred to China.

Ni da tamata ulukau kakua ga na bau viavia siova na ka o sega ni kila.

The regime has been promoting China and Asian nations and especially the two evil countries like North Korea and Iran.



All the best brains in Fiji would prefer to be spectators and only lurking from the side as none in their right mind would like to be identified with the regime.

seth said...

If Bainimarama is shifting in his pants the only reason will be that he would be anxious about the adverse effect it will have on the people of Fiji if the the prefential duty free privileges is taken away by U.S. government.
all because of some disgruntled unionsts. If they really have to fight for the rights of workers in Fiji they should stop this nonsence of encouraging trade bans by other countries but rather engage in dialouge with the present Fijian government. They should not flex their muscles by visiting other countries and putting the present government to ranson. Remember every country has the sovernity to deal with its own problems without being pushed and shoved by other countries.
Fiji is very much a developing country and all solutions to its problems must be home grown.

Anonymous said...

Kai Lau

What do you get when you cross a Strongarm,a magic rabbit and a blockhead???

Frank Bunny-marama

Sa malo e

Just saying said...

Perhaps North Korea could step in and help out since its Fiji's latest friend. Seems to me it's all a bit like Facebook ....more friends and hype than you actually have.

Anonymous said...

frank if you have any heart for fiji .sack khaiyum and bring back the 1997 constitution.
fijian will forgive you frank but no khaiyum for his bs decree.
khaiyum is using the army and police to destroy fijian economy and culture.
wake up fijians before this taliban put fiji in shit and run away.
we never can trust khaiyum and his cronies.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Just saying 5:59 PM

Great anology !

Simi said...

Seth, put a sock in it. This regime never has an honest dialogue with anybody, and Bainimarama doesn't give a hoot about how others aree affected. He's just concerned with losing power and having to stand trial for his crimes.

Rajesh is right that if Bainimarama sacks Khaiyum, that would be such a popular move that he might even be able to avoid hanging for his crimes. But life imprisonment would seem to be the only alternative. He's now in too deep.

Immunity is off the table. Non-negotiable.

These regime threats against union leaders won't exactly endear the Fijian government to the Americans weighing whether to impose the sanctions. The FIJI Water episode, with the expulsion of David Roth and the near-confiscation of FW's operation by the AG, also won't do anything to commend Fiji to the Americans' good graces.

This regime is a disaster for Fijian workers. First the blow to tourism. Then its forfeiture of the EU sugar money. Next the Essential Services Decree. And now this.

Fr. Barr, you had a major hand in this by lending an appearance of legitimacy to this gang of thugs. I hope you're seeking absolution.

Anonymous said...

Urai and Anthony are just thugs from the past anyway. Who are they to cry wolf?

mark manning said...

The Union Reps. should be watching their rears given Fiji's soldiers reputation of sticking rifle barrels where the sun don't shine.

Jone said...

Rajesh @ 6:48 PM

Wake up BIG BOY and smell the coffee!!! 1997 Constitution is dead and gone. There no way in hell 1997 constitution coming back. It was illegal under UN convention.

Now having said that, I agree that Khaiyum is a big liability for Bainimarama. He needs to go to Rotuma in exile. He is doing no favors to Frank.

How come Rajesh you choose to hide out in Auckland corner shop instead of here in Fiji? Be a man if that is what you are, be in Fiji and make all the noise.

Anonymous said...

Betcha the Yankees have already rung Bananarana and told him to put a sock in it - u touch a hair on Felix and Daniel and Rajesh that's it, kiss Fiji Water and the other 38 companies good bye.

But maybe Bananarama is too stoopid and prefers the life of a thug.

Ah the whole world is watching the ACTU will ring Julia and Bob and the AFL-CIO will ring Barak if thr Commodore touches Felix, Daniel or Rajesh.

Anonymous said...

Regime have to blame it AG Khaiyum for his bs decree on Union .
Time the MC and Frank wake up before this Taliban will destroy Fiji economy and Tourism .
We cant loose USA market and EU deals.
Time for Khaiyum to go to prison.
Enough of destroying our fiji and fijian culture .
Khaiyum is dividing the fijian against fijian and milking money.
Khaiyum is Jhina of Fiji.
Dont blame the Union.
Who sent ILO/Overseas Trade Union out from Fiji -ASK.
Pls stop been used by Khaiyum.
God Bless Fiji.

V for Vendetta said...

Rotuma won't be far enough for ASK.
No immunity for traitors.
Exile is not enough, life in prison is not enough.
ASK, we will hunt you down.

Anonymous said...

PNG allows Fiji goods for free

08:04 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Papua New Guinea has allowed Fiji to export goods to their country without having to pay duty under the MSG Trade Agreement.

This means that all but three items on PNG’s negative list have been removed.

As such – Fiji will now only pay for duty in exporting Mackeral, Salt and Sugar to PNG.

PNG’s High Commissioner to Fiji Peter Eafeare says this achievement is a huge milestone for his country.

“It augurs well for the future of both countries – it provides a stronger platform in the exchange of businesses allowing further facilitation of trade.”

Fiji is the only country that provides duty free to all goods originating from MSG countries under the trade agreement.

Trade Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this agreement will also benefit other MSG countries.

“It is a win win situation for all Melanesian countries and a step closer towards consolidating the Melanesian Group into a formidable trade and regional block.”

Fiji’s annual exports to PNG are approximately $7.6million….the majority of which will now enter PNG duty free.

Anonymous said...

@ Jone said...why arent you being a man and standing up for Fiji instead of telling everyone else to come to Fiji and make noise....boci

Anonymous said...

Well, if Fiji is exporting goods
worth $7.6 million dollars to PMG,
what else are we exporting to other
MSG countries?
PNG is the largest Island nation in
the world, and considering it's large population,we should be able
to increase our export, without much problem?