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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fiji's intelligence chief revealed

COVER BLOWN: Biu Matavou as seen on a cover pic from his public Facebook.

While Fiji police are taking cover over the shameful treatment of the Naboro escapees, Coup Four and Half can today reveal the identity of the Fiji police force Director of Intelligence.

His name is Biu Matavou and he was recalled from the United Nations two years ago to take up the job.

It is a worldwide practice that heads and directors of Intelligence Units keep a low profile and go to all extent to remain unknown.

But not for this Director of Fiji Intelligence.

Not only does he maintain an active Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/biu.matavou, he also has the knack of turning up at public events where his cover has been blown.

Recently, while a team of intelligence officers were monitioring the Methodist Church of Fiji annual general meeting, their director arrived at the Centenary Chuch un-annouced. Not only did he expose himself, but he also exposed the indentity of his junior intelligence officers who were covering the meeting as under-cover officers.

In full sight of church delegates, Biu Matavou was seen getting briefed by his intel officers.

And on the day Laisenia Qarase was sentenced, Biu Matavou decided to personally attend the court case. Those who were present in the courtroom were surprised to see police officers making space on the public benches for the Intelligene Director to sit.

Last week Biu Matavou attended another ceremony. Though this was a private affair, thanks to the Fiji Police Forces’s Media Cell, his identity, and those of his field intelligence officers has also been exposed to the public.

Fiji police have meanwhile refused to answer any questions today about Epeli Qaraniqio being forced to have his right leg amputated after being recaptured by RFMF and police.

Assistant police commissioner Rusiate Tudravu told Fiji Village police will not be commenting until they have seen the 'medical report'.

As some bloggers have already noted, the escapees were being tended only by RFMF medics so there is no guarantee of transparent or independent medical reports.


Anonymous said...

So we all know who the head of Fiji's own FBI...is....and ur point is????????????????leon panneta was the head of the FBI in america for a long time...evryone knows who he is/was...big deal!...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.58 his equivalent would be the head of America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), sa sivia nomudou vuku calacala na Intelligence Unit ululala ni RFMF

Kai Bau said...

To anon Oct 23,2012 9:58pm Is he related to you?? or whats your problem? Thank you C4.5 for putting down the Camel riders name becasue we also got out intel under the coconut wireless and Fiji is a small place.Very soon someone going to post that Bius personal file here and will ask the anon above to go and tell his family.De bai dua na dau tuki tevali ni Lotu ga e noda o koya na bokola ko vodo Kameli toka qori vakataki Tudravu na yaca ni talatala ko sa sivia la na drakana.Tai sa kua so na qaciqacia de dua ena butuqaqi koya na dokadoka Tai.Sa kua ni o vunau o lasutaki cei tiko Tuidravu.

Anonymous said...

Vodo tu ga vaqori o koya nai liuliu ni toka lulu nodra na ovisa qo qai vakaraviravi i yasana dua na gasau nei koya na gusu bona ya o.... Aka tinikaono,.......da wale na yasani kameli ni boso ni Intel ni mataivalu ni Viti macawa ko viavia vuni taki koya wavoki tiko lol.Duka levu....tabutabu sili osa kune...hahahahaha

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon

The reason why it is a big deal is that although we may know who is in the FBI and ASIO etc - they work for democratic governments.

Matavuci works for a military dictatorship - a very big difference.

Anonymous said...

Sa totolo calacala dina e so ..Panetta nai liuliu ni CIA...but anyways ...so much for being the head of intel..i guess he must have got bored of not being recognised or publicly praised..thats why he decided to start making himself known..must be seekin attention...sava rawa mada na loma ni vale sa duka ka busi na kemudou boiboi..ena levu ni viavialevu kei na qaciqacia dou vakarau taka tiko na ovisa kei na mataivalu...sa kua so na viavia rerevaki kei na raravisa..dou yavu lamusona..kaukauwa wale na gusu ni toka e ligamu dou na dakai..dou wawa toka na ka dou vakarautaka ena sega ni guilecavi..ka na lako mai na siga na saumi kina na nomudou i valavala..Time for cleansing u ridicilous bunch of parasitic homophobic rats will come..and like u and ur actions ..we will have no mercy!

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo...where are you,well may be gone to work? what you think about this director of police peeping tom unit.Tokalulu hahahaha.Vinaka

Anonymous said...

It would have been better if C4/5 had quietly monitored what he was saying on his facebook about all the beatings and amputations etc instead of publishing this donkey's face riding a camel - he will now go quiet

Moli Dromodromo said...

What a twit this guy is...low grade just like the others

Bollywood Star said...

Qo na gunu yagona intelligence kanikani nei baini kei kaiyum, bainivuaka vodo kana loto regime, tukai semi meo beka sa vodo tiko qo.. blerry kani kani bau toro.. wait till you all get arrested.. sivia via fbi but Fijis Bureau of Idiots

Ron Kubu said...

Tobo tale o ratou na spy lol

Haroon Ali said...

No one can say that money laundering isn’t prevalent in Fiji says former high court judge Nazhat Shameem in her presentation to Police Officers at a workshop in Nadi today.
You are number one in this matter and followed by kutia nur bano and khaiyum.
you should be the last one to open your dirty mouth on this.

Anonymous said...

Fijian liumuri at its best.
fijians have to fight for its freedom forget about overseas force.

Facebook Fan said...

Shame Biu's page now saying 'unavailab;e'. C'mon Biu why back out - you were quite happy going public before.

Monkeys with guns said...

The Fiji military has become nothing more than monkeys with guns. The UN must take responsibility for using these trained monkeys which have turned feral from excessive jerking off pretending they are important?

Mesake said...

He is doing a great job by silencing people like Ki-Bau and others. He is due for promotion and a salary increase soon.

Anonymous said...

The Intelligent officer comes from Moce ,Lau, a qualified lawyer by proffesions,part Chinese,a Lomaivuna bred.Qo o ira na gone nei Teleni.koya qori....

Anonymous said...

About 30 bridges in urgent need for repair

Publish date/time: 24/10/2012 [08:05]

Print this page
Email this page

A report is currently being put together by the Fiji Roads Authority in relation to bridges around the country.

Manager Change Mike Rudge said when they conducted a survey of bridges in the country they found out that at least 25-30 bridges needed urgent repair works.

Rudge said the report which will be given to the board next week will outline which bridges these are, their conditions and the options they have for managing them.

Meanwhile, according to Rudge the two major bridges in Suva and Vatuwaqa cannot be repaired and they will remain closed till further notice.

People who usually travel through Fletcher Bridge in Vatuwaqa will still have to detour through Grantham Road while those traveling around Suva will need to use Usher Street as the Stinson Bridge remains closed.

mark manning said...

Police are supposed to be Law Enforcement Officers, not Law breakers.
Soldiers have a different role,unrelated to Law Enforcement.
The Fiji Police Intelligence Unit, just doesn't seem all that Intelligent at all.
Pay peanuts, you get monkeys and that's insulting the monkeys!

mark manning said...

Any of you guys in the know, should encourage the man who has lost his leg, to get a Civil action started, even if it can eventually be dealt with once Democracy is restored. It would be nice to see those responsible, lose their homes, their wives and children and their livelihoods because of their cruel and inhumane treatment of these men.
Someone should answer for the human rights abuses, so perhaps a submission to the human rights organisations would also be appropriate at this point in time, if only to get something on record which can be reopened at a later date.

kangaroo jack said...

so why is kahiyum going to brussels. never mind why australia doing...we know they've gone turncoats.

No comments on visa issues
Publish date/time: 24/10/2012 [08:09]

Print this page
Email this page The Australian High Commission will not make any comments on the evident softening of the travel sanction policy imposed on some members of the military, the government, government appointees and their families.

Serious concerns have been raised since 2006 that the travel sanction policy by the governments of Australia and NZ are not helping Fiji move forward.

In the past few months, things have changed.

Yesterday, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum transited through Australia to go to Brussels.

Fijivillage understands that Sayed-Khaiyum is expected to come back through Sydney.

A few months ago, permanent secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office Colonel Pio Tikoduadua was allowed to travel to Canberra.

Some family members of the senior officials have also been given visas to travel to Australia without any issues.

We asked the Australian High Commission on the softening of the travel sanction.

Their spokesperson has stressed that they will not comment on individual visa issues.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

@ haroon ali 24/10
Hey I am a Police officer attending the workshop . Its being run by trained personel who are very conversant with money laundering and human trafficing laws . The workshop has been very helpful and educational for us as officers to understand the law and apply it properly .
I dont know why people attack judge Shameem and others as these are people who are helping build and strenghten law enforcing agencies .

Shamima Ali said...

SHAMIMA ALI pleads to you all...

To All Commentators,


Thank you.

rabuka coup daddy said...

good to see the wanna be fijian mark manning is still with us

Tevita said...

Ki-Bau be careful from Epeli.

Anonymous said...

FBI is not an intelligence service and leon panetta is hardly any equivalent to anyone in fiji. The only time the head of an intellgence service wants his preseence to be known is to intimidate those present, especially when those parties know they are already under surveillance.

SEMI MEO said...

kangaroo jack@ Well, we think amongst other things.

1.Australia and NZ may just be skiting to Uncle Obama and Aunty Hillary…”look, we ARE healing Fiji’s relations with the Anglo Western world…so pat us on the back!!

2.The gradual lifting of the sanctions may inadvertently weaken the grounds for application/appeals for many pending and new protection visa applicants fleeing Fiji..now that Aiyuz may be siping Red wine with Mr. Carr at the Airport VIP lounge..

It seems the Rear Admiral and his Law man Aiyuz had an inkling all along that Aust, NZ and US would eventually after the Unions ,pro-democracy dusts settles they’ll “’BE BACK”!...NOT THAT ANY OF THE SUPER POWERS CONDONES SEDITIOUS ACTS…NO!…NEITHER DO WE!!

It is the reality… and that seems to be how the world turns on her political axis now days…

Anonymous said...

$130M for improvement of road infrastructure

Publish date/time: 24/10/2012 [13:09]

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The renewal and maintenance of Fiji’s roads and bridges will cost $130-$140 million a year over the next four to five years.

Fiji Roads Authority Change Manager Mike Rudge said the country is 10 years behind in infrastructure rehabilitation.

He said roads and bridges are the most pressing issues in our infrastructure development as it has been neglected for years.

The repair works are significant ranging from resealing 40 kilometers of roads targeted for this year, fixing of potholes and culverts and the improving of footpaths amongst other upgrades.

Meanwhile, Rudge said a roads and bridges inspection team is on the ground collating reliable and accurate data to help the Fiji Roads Authority better manage Fiji’s infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

'helping build and strenghten law enforcing agencie', this would the same police that can't be trusted to have a career poilicemanr in charge so have military appointee, the same police that were disarmed by the military as they were seen as a threat??

Anonymous said...

So now we know the head of Fiji's Intelligence Unit face and name. What are we going to do about it? As usual NOTHING but TALK about it. I am A-Political person so whoever is the head of intelligence I am OK. I have always wanted the intelligence unit to around But from Chaudhry took them out in 1999. So we need the intell around.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau says....
We are indebted to Indians who made this country and us move forward . Without them, we would still be eating human flesh and fighting amongst out tribes.
Indians are no doubt 1000 years ahed in civlilisation and we can only learn from them.

mark manning said...

The mind boggles, but it's my guess that America has put pressure on N.Z. and Australia in an attempt to halt china's increasing influence in the Region. It's a good strategic though uncomfortable move for those of us who think sanctions should remain and in fact be in increased. But that diplomacy at work.
Now we just need these stupid Soldiers to wake up and arrest Frank , Aiyaz and the others because no one else can do it,.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 8:20pm

"So we need the intell around."

To do WHAT exactly? Mahen was intelligent enough to know that its value was nil.

The only reason it exists today is to take tours of public gatherings and intimidate people. What a good job.

Mahesh Singh. said...

Ki Bau
Do you have any stragey or strategies to overthrow this military government.This government needs to go brother.

Anonymous said...

If u know the head of FIB you will understand that all that has been written above is the opposite of who he really is. Iko ko lasutaka tiko ni o kai Bau, e sega ni dua na nomu kaisi ka sega tale ga na kemu bokola, baleta o keimami na wili i Bau keimami kila nai vakarau. Lesu tale mada lai vuli se ka lai tei tavioka mada i Taro se cava!!! Chill tu mada, vinaka Netani Rika gusu kabasu.

Anonymous said...

Looks like his FB page has been taken down! So this guys do read C4.5 and take notice of what said here

Anonymous said...

Sound to me like these so called consultants are merely trying to
extract as much money from the IG
before election in 2014? Come on AG
catch these ripped-off artists and
kicked their ass! Make sure they don't come back to paradise in this

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1am

His FB is still up.....stop lying...something must be wrong with your computer or your head.

Anonymous said...


Mahen ingored intel and ignored his Minsiter of Defence and Home Affairs.



Suppose, if you can't beat them, join them.

Stay on the vote buying election trail.

Isa Sobolei said...

Mahesh Singh nobody is interested in taking out the PIG. Revenge is mine saith the Lord, so let it be.

With the route that Frank has chosen the military will continue to be a politicised institution until some true professional discipline military commander corrects the blunder that Frank commited.

Anonymous said...

This happens 100% in Fiji amongst sotia and minisita etc....

Me ra execute taki qai musu laivi na nodra soresore ka lili wavoki e Albert Part

South Korean media is reporting that a senior North Korean official was executed earlier this year for drinking alcohol during the mourning period for Kim Jong-il.

According to intelligence information obtained by South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper, North Korea's vice-minister of the army was

among several senior military officers killed by firing squad in January.

The paper says he was put in front of a firing squad after being caught drinking liquor during the mourning period for the country's late leader.

Other generals were also shot, accused of drinking and being involved in sex scandals.
It is being reported that 14 senior party, government, and military officials were also purged on the direct orders of new leader Kim Jong-un.

Anonymous said...

Accountability and the state of Fiji’s bridges

[posted 24 Oct 2012,1430]

The news that some 30 Fiji bridges need urgent repair works, raise serious questions about accountability considering that in 6 years the regime allocated $220 million on maintenance of roads and bridges.

The authorities are blaming past governments for failing to maintain the bridges. But between 2007 and 2012, national Budgets allocated $220m for maintenance alone. This does not include additional funds that were allocated for upgrading of existing roads and bridges or the construction of new ones.

It is also quite apart from the $7m a year being raised through the Road User Levy.

The taxpayer has a right to ask what has happened to these enormous funds outlaid for the purpose, in view of the pathetic state of our roads today – both urban and rural. And now we hear from the Fiji Roads Authority that close to 30 of our bridges need urgent repair works.

A week ago, two bridges in Suva – on Fletcher Road and the Stinson Parade - were closed to all traffic because they were considered too dangerous to continue in use.

The closure has created traffic jams and caused major inconvenience every day to thousands of motorists and the travelling public.

And now we are told, the bridges will remain closed indefinitely because “they cannot be repaired”.

No further explanations were made about what is being done to construct new bridges, or provide temporary relief, and how much this will cost the taxpayer.

One can also safely assume, based on the regime’s dismal record to date, that public tenders for the construction of new bridges, may well not be called. Instead, an announcement will be made in due course that the contract has been issued to so and so at some enormous cost to the taxpayer. So much for accountability and transparency under the current state of our governance!

The taxpayer will be required to fork out $20m to repair the 30 bridges around Fiji that need urgent repair works, according to Manager Change Mike Rudge of the Fiji Roads Authority.

One is compelled to ask: What happened to the $220 million allocated in the past six years for this purpose?

The Public Works Department is supposed to carry out routine inspections every year on the state of our bridges – reports are prepared and funds allocated accordingly.

If the current Fiji Roads Authority audit on the state of our bridges is correct, then the PWD has a lot to answer for:

• Were the funds used for the purpose they were allocated?

• Or were the funds allocated in the Budget but not actually released considering the desperate cash flow position of the State?

These are questions to which the taxpayer is not likely to get any answers.

Little wonder Transparency International gave Fiji zero out of 100 points in a survey about budget transparency in 2010, with the observation that it is “virtually impossible for Fiji citizens to hold its government accountable for its management of the public’s money”.

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau
Now you know who the head of Fii Police Intelligence is. He is a qualified lawyer. What else do you want? Do smething better Kai Bau for you and you children and your childrens chilren. This bog site is 6 years old, nothing happen, no support, only good for people with bad and dirty heart accepting low standards. @Kai Bau, have a clean heart and accept Jesus as your saviour you will feel the difference. Have a nice day @Kai Bau and God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, If the Australians have relaxed their visa policy at the behest of the Americans, then why are the Americans as strict as ever with their own visa policy? I never see the Americans giving the AG a transit visa.

Anonymous said...

“The media’s role is said to be to hold a mirror to the government and to society without fear or favour. But Pacific media practitioners and academics are doing a disservice to their professions and to media consumers at large as they continue blackening one other’s faces putting their narrow egotistic interests above the greater good...And in the process, only fuelling politicians’ proclivity to ride roughshod over themselves and the powerless public”

What is it that incites Pacific media owners, journalists, media academics and students to go ferociously for one another’s jugular every so often? The short history of journalism in the Pacific Islands is littered with numerous episodes of media proprietors, scribes and tertiary teachers lunging at one another’s throats, polarising the student community at an enormous cost to their study.
These confrontations always tend to begin with ideological differences, which is not a bad thing at all, given that the raison d’etre of journalism is to question the status quo in an informed and collegial manner, but the debate quickly degenerates into unabashed personality clashes.

Anonymous said...

part two

Before long, the quality of the discourse spirals out of control into petty name calling, questioning of credentials and antecedents, abusive comments—right down to racist remarks directed at all concerned.
In years past, such quarrels were restricted largely to the print medium and points and counterpoints were to a large extent reasoned and measured. But the popularity and accessibility of the online medium and the lack of editorial control, particularly on blog sites, reduces the level of debate to little more than the raucous, expletive filled exchanges in a bar brawl.
The latest episode in this continuing sordid saga involves Marc Edge, the current head of the University of the South Pacific’s Journalism Programme; David Robie, one of his predecessor;, Graham Davis, the twin hat wearing journalist cum consultant to the PR company rendering services to the Fiji government; and a bunch of journalism students hopelessly divided across the continuing unseemly stoush that is spreading to all sorts of Pacific centric websites—all at the cost of their study.
At the Pacific Islands News Association’s biennial meet earlier this year, questions about journalistic ethics were raised and inconclusively argued between Edge and Davis resulting in frothy debates on websites for several months following.
Then again at last month’s USP hosted media freedom symposium, what started out as a an extremely interesting debate about what style of journalism is best suited for the region’s realities, quickly deteriorated into another unseemly spat with the washing of copious amounts of dirty linen in the public domain.
Last month’s debate began around something that has been a subject of discussion among media academics in the region for some time now: whether journalism in the Pacific should be based on the ‘social responsibility’ or ‘deliberative’ model—which Robie favours—or whether the more libertarian ‘western style’—which Edge seems to prefer—suits it better. Associated with the former are what go by the labels ‘peace journalism’, ‘development journalism’, ‘guided’ and ‘collaborative’ journalism.
The discussions around this interesting debate would have been collegial and conducted in an atmosphere that would churn some great ideas one would think, but if one goes by the posts on a range of websites and blogs one can see that the discourse has moved away from this topic and degenerated into name calling, accusations and even unbecomingly petty racist remarks.
Parties slugging it out on these websites and blogs have cast aspersions on one another’s credibility, exhumed past skeletons going back decades, accused one another of impropriety, reproduced leaked work emails and correspondence, and have even called for people to pack up and leave, to say nothing of all sorts of veiled threats and counter threats.
Students have waded in to the controversy and added their own bit of venom to the arguments. In the process, the debate has veered light years away from where it began, resembling a street fight rather than an informed collegial discussion.
The no holds barred highly personal exchanges have exposed the poor regard these journalists and academics have for one another—which, reading through some of their vitriolic responses, is probably justified.
For instance, prolific Fijian affairs commentator Davis is hard put to defend his work as a consultant to an overseas public relations outfit engaged by the Fiji government while being a journalist at the same time. Small wonder then that his arguments in defence of juggling two hats and justifying the charade look like the proverbial fig leaf.

Anonymous said...

part three
Such obvious as daylight conflict of interest would scarcely, if ever, have gone unchallenged in the country where this commentator lives and works from. But apparently, as we have known all along, everything is fair game in the Pacific. This only goes to show the poor regard that these sparring individuals have for the people of the region.
Edge, on the other hand, has been accused of using western, developed world yardsticks to instruct and evaluate his students.
He has been criticised for insisting on punctuality and discipline, which according to his opponents are rather harsh given the “realities” in the Pacific islands region.
On an unrelated matter, his integrity has been questioned for not adequately explaining the arrangement about his involvement in an endorsement for a commercial entity in Suva.

In another raging controversy with Fiji journalists, which also gained currency during last month’s symposium, Edge insists that self-censorship is rampant in Fiji, which Fiji’s journalists rather unconvincingly refute.
Again, this is an important topic for wider discussion—but the fact that it quickly descends to the level of personal attacks and even abuse in the form of comments written anonymously, many times quite obviously the same person assuming multiple online identities, robs the region of healthy, informed debate.
In Samoa last month, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi gratuitously offered the services of his head spin doctor and former scribe Terry Tavita to his former employer, Samoa Observer publisher Savea Sano Malifa. Malifa publicly refused spewing out a range of reasons why he thought it was a bad idea, while going over Tavita’s employment foibles in great detail.
That a prime minister can even think of suggesting that his PR man should work for what is truly the nation’s truly independent newspaper speaks volumes for how poorly regional politicians think of the national and regional media.
And why wouldn’t they when regional media stalwarts, academics, journalists and media organisations continually indulge in ugly and very public stoushes as is now being played out in Fiji?
The media’s role is said to be to hold a mirror to the government and to society without fear or favour. But Pacific media practitioners and academics are doing a disservice to their professions and to media consumers at large as they continue blackening one other’s faces putting their narrow egotistic interests above the greater good, reflecting the rot in their lot. And in the process, only fuelling politicians’ proclivity to ride roughshod over themselves and the powerless public.

Ex Fiji Business and all about some of favourite coup apologists. Kaila!

Savusavuite said...

Dear Mr Kean, What are your plans for Savusavu relocation of the RoRo ferry ramp, extension of the airport and town sewerage scheme. These are the real constraints to Savusavu safety and tourism development. Previous Governments were all 'lip service' and did nothing.

Anonymous said...

Chief humping a camel.

Anonymous said...

There are more compelling issues Coup 4.5 should publish. Why this? It does not have any adverse effect on the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

@Amonymous 4:22 Part 1 to 3

And the point of this is, oh, you have just discovered the internet bloggs and also that the standard of journalism in the Pacific leaves a lot to be desired.

Boy, many of us could have told you this years ago.

Coup 4.5 said...

It is good to see Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi recognized once again for his "esteemed legal prowess" and as "a high chief" and for the "valuable insights" he can provide "into iTaukei affairs" ( Fiji Times 25 Oct).
He can no doubt provide valuable insights for the country as a whole and how democratic governance could be restored so that our place in the world community of democratic nations is regained as well.
For a while in the recent past Ratu Joni's immense value to "what is best in the national interest" was forgotten.
It's a good thing - for the nation - that the value of this most talented man of peace and integrity and humility is re-recognized.
Fiji and its people - all its people - will benefit from Ratu Joni's contribution.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

To Kai Bau - anon. Oct 24: 9.36pm:
The end of cannibalism was brought about not by our Indian brethrens, but by the accepting of Christianity in 1835 brought by the English missionaries. It seems that this person claiming to be a KAI BAU - maybe, maybe be a KAI BAULEVU and his name is CHANDRIKA PRASAD. Lesu mada ga i vuli tale au sa kerekere. Moce Jo, bula Niko Morgan.

Anonymous said...

I like how s/ Dakuwaqa put it earlier:

"'Media responsibility', as used by the regime and its supporters, is a euphemism for propagandising on behalf of the regime. If you're 'responsible', you print what the regime wants. If you're 'irresponsible', you print something that the regime doesn't want published, regardless of whether it is true.

"Media do need to be more responsible. In most free countries, that is achieved through libel laws, peer review, and high standards of journalistic ethics.

"In Fiji, those who want to follow events have little choice but to turn to blogs. Yes, blogs are notoriously poor sources of information, but they're more reliable than Fiji's newspapers. What does that tell you about the current health of Fiji's press?

"Indeed, were this the first Easter Sunday, I would expect that only bloggers would have reported the Resurrrection. The Fiji Sun would have printed the guards' version of events exclusively, whilst the Fiji Times would merely have made passing mention of the earthquake."

luminary said...

To: Isasobolei 11.18 am
Ni sa bula vinaka. Thanks for your posting but I must gently admonish you that it was Rabuka who carried out the first blunder and got away with it. Then Speight attempted to follow suit and undid all the patching up that Rambo had achieved. Recall that Frank appointed LQ after Mahend was deposed, although he knew of LQ's dubious history and nefarious ways. The Commonwealth tacitly supported R's two coups as it was against Indians. Now that we have had an anti Fijian coup by another Fijian Commander then all hell breaks loose! Rabuka was "rewarded" for his heroic deed by getting an invite to Buckingham palace for morning tea and scones with QE II herself, barefeet, sulu and all( see frontispiece photo In Prof Sharpam' biography of R}, and 25 years on being invited as a dignitary to lecture on Democracy, the very institution that he raped. That is why the elections in 2014 have to be thought out most thoroughly, for the results will be fraught with danger for the kaiviti. It woud be a tragedy if those born in 2014, when they are 25, find that fifty years after the fiest act of treason in Fij, they still are so broke that they have to sit on the bank of polluteda Nabukalou creek in full view of locals and tourists fishing for the elusive kaikai for a feed. That they have to hire expatriates, most of whom I daresay will be ex Fiji Indians or their offspring to run the affairs of their country. witness that R never apologised formally for executing the coups whilst he was in power but did so in a personal capacity after he was democratically rejected. The Kaiviti must regain their pride as a unique race, maintain their culture and traditions customs and preserve their culture, forever mate, long after R and F are dead and buried. The Kaidia endeavoured to aid and abett in this process but were punished in a vile manner. It is still not too late mate. Join hands and regain peace progress and prosperity or endure another quarter of a century in your own land, subservient to the kaivalagi and the kai chaina. F we are waiting for your announcement of the results of the court martial of the soldiiers who broke the law with impunity, so far,in meting out punishment akin to jungle law on the five escapees. Vinaka. Rerevaka na Kalou, ka doka na Tui.

Anonymous said...

Joker says....


Kai Bau said...

To Anon about qualified laywer October 25, 2012 1:05 PM
......and your your point is?.... well he his a qualifified laywer so what...what about you.....?Jesus my head wailei sa da oca mai na rogoci Jesus...Jesus is not a liar......Probably you believe in Amigo Jesus from mexico...lol.
6years or 100years all we care that the bastard riding the Camel been exposed and will ask C4.5 to reavealed you soon.look on the right of your screen,have you seen the facebook?so if you are a facebook useror twitter we will caugt you and the "nek min" you"ll be exposed here you idiot.Warning to Voreqes supporters all your names and identity are been with
C4.5 and will ask them to publish it here...lol..lol...sa qai rere ko Pita walega qo ona tobo luveni sese

Kai Bau said...

To Anon about qualified laywer October 25, 2012 1:05 PM
......and your your point is?.... well he his a qualifified laywer so what...what about you.....?Jesus my head wailei sa da oca mai na rogoci Jesus...Jesus is not a liar......Probably you believe in Amigo Jesus from mexico...lol.
6years or 100years all we care that the bastard riding the Camel been exposed and will ask C4.5 to reavealed you soon.look on the right of your screen,have you seen the facebook?so if you are a facebook useror twitter we will caugt you and the "nek min" you"ll be exposed here you idiot.Warning to Voreqes supporters all your names and identity are been with
C4.5 and will ask them to publish it here...lol..lol...sa qai rere ko Pita walega qo ona tobo luveni sese

Anonymous said...

@Kai Baulevu, don't talk about people you don't know!!!. Does it ever occur to you that people still need to feed their families in Fiji and have no other option but to work for the regime. Yes I know Biu and his family while they were here in the States and he is more of a man then you will ever be. Of course he doesn't care if he is seen in public, why should he?...does it ever occur to you that he couldn't care less about his job but need to feed his family?. Kua na vosa vakalialia ni o sega ni kila na tamata. Don't go throwing accusations as I couldn't careless about what you think but know one thing, I abhor what is going on in Fiji but I am realistic and smart enough to know that those that any amount of shouting through this blog will not change a thing...get off your behind and onto the streets of Suva and put your money where your mouth is and start a revolt!!! Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:08, stop trying to justify collaboration with traitors. And stop trying to incite others to do what you are too much of a coward to do yourself.

Anonymous said...

The soldiers who destroyed Qaraniqio's leg are just feeding their families, too. So were the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon. October 26, 2012 2.08p.m. This Kai Baulevu didn't know that Biu is a career civil servant and had served the democratically elected govt. before this. He gave up that lucrative pay in the UN, sacrifice the education of his children, to hear the call of our Viti Lomani. People like Kai Baulevu can only talk, just like what children say, LOOKING BUSY DOING NOTHING. Start a revolt in Suva me dromodromo na nona tarausese, he know very well that if he try to be like Rambo a bullet will reach where the sun don't shine. Kai-Bau(LEVU) vuli mada vakaukauwa me rawa ni o yaga vei Viti Lomani ka vakaukauwa sara mo rawa ni veisautaka e so na ka - not through vosa wale ga but the strength of your pen. Ca gone na "TATA GA ME LA" We cannot change what had happened but we can all help in our little ways to help re-build our Viti Lomani. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

About 1500 Department of Roads workers to be made redundant soon. 4 White guys contracted by the Roads Authority, their combined salaries total about $4.5 million. Atu Nayago made redundant. Govt printing staff about to be made redundant. All road works and printing to be outsourced. Guess who's getting a cut. Orders all from Aiyarse. Da yadra na kai Viti de da qai yadra mai e da sa dabe toka mai cakau..

Anonymous said...

Nope his Facebook is definitely unavailable

Kai Baulevu said...

Who is Kai Baulevu?????who cares about him weather he feeds his family or his dog who cares.Who know the bastard?Just like Voreqe who cares about them...alll I know that they are big time theives and I dont care who is he....What else do I have to know about them.....shouting on the blog or whatever ..bucker off from here and go to a web site that support the IG .....cant you read?????DUE TO HEAVY CENSORING BY THE IG...thats why we are here.....go back to where you come from you idiot

Anonymous said...

At Kai Bau(Levu) Ha!ha!ha! vaka mo sa cudru. Sa rawa solia sa sega rawa ni taura. Lialia, ulukau, vuli mada ga mo bau yaga , tamata bacika o iko. Sa qai rere ka cudru ko VITA!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an unitelligent move. If i was working at the UN i would start a new life in the states and forget about fijis corrupt regime. But then its difficult if one is in frank and right cherrys pockets. The children are dragged around in the process and have no voice what so ever. The head of intelligence in fiji needs a brain transplant and a kick up the backside. You r abusing your kids and family man and the intelligence invetigation required in fiji is within that unelected and corrupt regime thats ruining the country. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 29 October 6.45AM. I think Biu is an honest person but not a greedy and opportunist like you. You probably need a vibrator to vibrate your brain so that you can think

Anonymous said...

Here we go again @anon 29 Oct 6.45am, all you think about is money, Biu doesn't worry about money, he swims in it he can buy you. He still is a Fijian in his heart. If you are a father, what an irresponsible father you are. You think he was going to leave his children behind and come over to Fiji? Ululala, Ulukau. Me tukuni ga vei iko na ka e dau tukuna e dua na Turaga mai na Tebara o ST No. 1 - sa ca gona ni da vosa vua e dua e LALA NA NONA TAGA; QAI LALA NA NONA QAVEKAVEKA, QAI MAI LALA VAKALEVU SARA NA YALONA. Galu sara na drakamu - draka mawa. Qarauna ga ni ko sa taubale vaka fancy tiko between the village 6 to Sukuna Park. Bye Mandy!!!!

Ratzmann said...

@ kai Bau Levunakakece...o sa kila ga na nonai tutu kei na nona address qaivi koya sara mo lai kaya vakadodonu vua. Drau face to face mada me qai vakadavi iko ko Biu. Kua niko vosa tiko vakalialia niko boci qai tamata lamulamu..sa rauta vinaka me yacamu o Kai Bau Levunakakece..vakabibi ga na nomu sona...sa dri yani