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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fiji's paramount chiefs and key political parties petition President for a caretaker government

Ro Kepa Teimumu, Naiqama Lalabalavu and Sakiusa Makutu join forces with SDL, FLP, UPP, National Federation Party and the union, FICTU. See their letter below to Nailatikau

HE Ratu Epeli Nailatikau LVO, OBE,CSM,MSD,OStJ, jssc,psc
Republic of Fiji
Government House

Your Excellency

re: Proposed constitutional process and
Fiji’s return to democratic rule

We, the legitimate representatives of an overwhelming majority of the people of Fiji, write to you to express our anxiety at the manner in which the proposed constitutional process and the return to democratic rule via general elections is being driven by the current administration.

First and foremost, Sir, it is imperative to ensure the credibility and legitimacy of any roadmap that is adopted to return our nation to constitutional rule.The roadmap proposed by the interim Prime Minister does not meet this important requirement. Further, we are concerned that it has been unilaterally imposed on the people of Fiji without any consultation with the legitimate representatives of the people.

In our view, the legitimate way forward for the country is to abide by the decision of the Fiji Court of Appeal judgment of 9 April 2009. As advised in the judgment, a caretaker cabinet should be appointed with the specific mandate to oversee the process of holding general elections and restoring constitutional rule within a realistic time frame.  

The Constitution Making Process
Firstly, members of the Constitutional Commission were appointed by the regime without any consultation with key stakeholders. There are serious reservations about the independence of certain members of the Commission who are perceived by the people to be too close to the current administration.

Secondly, the restrictive environment in which the constitutional process is taking place, will not encourage free and open discussions on the subject. Draconian decrees that suspend and violate human rights especially the right to freedom of expression, assembly and association, remain in force as instruments of fear and intimidation. The local media is still operating under constraints that undermine its freedom to disseminate news fairly and in a balanced manner without fear of repercussions from the regime.

There are credible reports of a certain media organization being threatened by the interim Attorney General following its interviews of two prominent leaders of political parties. 

A State sponsored civic education programme on constitution making has begun but key stakeholders, such as, political parties, trade unions and other important civil society organisations have been excluded from participating and/or playing an active role in this exercise.

It is also a matter of grave concern that military officers and civil servants are assigned to head the civic education programme.

Moreover, threats by the RFMF warning people not to “mess with the Army” make a mockery of the initial assurances by the interim Prime Minister that people will be free to openly state their views on the proposed constitution.

The requirement that political parties and trade unions seek separate permits for each consultation/discussion meeting has now been relaxed  but political leaders and party activists are still being closely monitored and harassed by the security forces.

We re-iterate, no meaningful dialogue or consultations can take place in such a restrictive climate. In short the process is not inclusive or participatory and it lacks credibility and legitimacy.

Thirdly, the composition of the Constituent Assembly which according to the interim Prime Minister’s statement of March 9 will finally decide the constitution, has not been fully disclosed. There is widespread concern that it may be stacked to ensure a particular outcome. The Prime Minister has full control over appointments to the Assembly. This, in itself, undermines its independence and integrity.

We note with some concern a recent government announcement that chair persons of provincial councils will, from this year, be appointed by the Minister and not elected by members of the respective councils as had been the case in the past. There is little doubt, judging from past practice in such matters, that provincial councils will be invited to be members of the constituent assembly.  

Furthermore, why are appointments to the Constituent Assembly put back to December 2012, just days before it is to begin its deliberations? Why has there not been any consultation on the subject?

The Role of the Military
There is one significant omission from the interim Prime Minister’s list of essentials that must be written into any new constitution. We refer to the role of the military in any future governance of Fiji. We note the reluctance of the regime to permit free and full discussions on the role of the military.

Whether the constitution is re-written or not, the role of the military has to be thoroughly considered and finalized once and for all. The Army has been responsible for trashing our constitution thrice. Fiji has to ensure this does not happen again otherwise the nation could be treading the same path again and again in the future.

The Electoral System
The interim Prime Minister says the subject of an electoral system is non-negotiable. The regime’s position here is for proportional representation based on one man, one vote, one value. We disagree. This is a crucial issue in ensuring racial harmony and political stability in the future and must be put to open discussions so that a fully representative system which respects the rights of the minority communities can be found.

The significance of reserved seats for different ethnic communities that make up the nation cannot be brushed aside in a multi-ethnic and multicultural country like ours, more so, in light of our political history.

The Electoral Process

There is much that is questionable about the manner in which the electoral process is being implemented. The Attorney General’s office has taken charge of the voter registration process when it should be the responsibility of the Office of the Supervisor of Elections. In the interest of credibility, it is vital that the entire electoral process, including that of voter registration, be completely detached from the current administration.

The provisions of the Electoral Act and Regulations were arbitrarily amended by a Decree to assign this responsibility to the Attorney General’s office. The chair of the Constitutional Commission has also been critical of the interim regime assuming charge of the electoral process, saying that it undermines the integrity of the process as it is likely that some members of the current administration may be competing in the forthcoming elections.

The following appointments are essential to oversee the entire electoral process, independent of the regime and political parties: 

Electoral Commission
Boundaries Commission
Supervisor of Elections

In the absence of a Constitutional Offices Commission (1997 Constitution), these appointments should be made by the President  on the advice of a caretaker administration(see Para 24) after due consultations with key stakeholders.

The promulgation of Decrees 57 and 58 undermine the independence, integrity and credibility of the process. The provisions therein relating to the grant of immunity from prosecution to the perpetrators of the 2006, 2000 and 1987 coups and the absolute powers of appointment of the Constituent Assembly conferred on the interim Prime Minister, make a mockery of the entire constitutional process.

It is significant that the Chair and members of the Constitutional Commission have said that as much and we quote below from the media release issued by the Commission on 19 July 2012:

“Nonetheless there are a number of aspects of the Decrees about which we are concerned.

First, although the Constituent Assembly Decree lists some of the groups that will be represented in the CA (such as political parties, trade unions, women, the military, and civil society etc.), it gives the Prime Minister full control over the size and composition of the Constituent Assembly. There is no indication of how many members will be drawn from each sector or what other sectors might be included. There is also no provision giving the groups that are represented a say in who should represent them in the Assembly. The Prime Minister will also appoint the Speaker of the Assembly.

These arrangements effectively mean that the essential principles of democracy are ignored and the independence of the Assembly is negated. In the light of the fact that members of the present government may wish to compete in the forthcoming elections, it is particularly important that they should not control the process that will, among other things, set out the rules for the elections. This will undermine the credibility of those elections.

Secondly, the Decrees require a broad immunity provision for the 2006 and earlier coups to be entrenched in the new constitution. Among other things, the new constitution is to grant the same, broad immunity for actions up to the first meeting of a new Parliament to members of the government, administration and security forces as was granted by decree in 2010. This type of prospective immunity is most unusual, perhaps unique, and, we believe, undesirable. The only exception is that the new constitution is not required to give immunity for common crimes (such as murder and assault) committed after the date of issue of these Decrees.

The Commission recognizes that immunity has been given in the past and that the immunity required in the new constitution is similar to those immunities and it also understands that the issue of immunity must be considered in the process of transitioning to democracy. However, we are concerned that the people of Fiji have not been consulted in any way on this important matter.

We believe that a better approach would be for the question of immunity to be part of the constitution-making process. If immunity was part of the process, it could be discussed through submissions to the Commission and debate in the Constituent Assembly. Then a solution could be reached that citizens believe would promote the transition to democracy and contribute to a sustained democracy as envisaged in the Preamble to the Decrees.

Thirdly, although the temporary suspension of the requirement of permits for meetings is an important step forward, we are concerned that the current atmosphere in Fiji is not conducive to an open process in which Fijians can debate their future properly. Controls over the media and the wide reaching powers of the security forces in this regard are particularly worrying, as is the fact that generally people have no redress for actions taken against them by the state because the right of access to the courts has been removed.

An important part of the process for the constitution making should be the bringing together of all the people of Fiji to discuss freely, and agree on, the future of their country. It should be an occasion for national reconciliation, acknowledging the violation of human rights and other abuses of power, and to commit the nation to a vision of Fiji based on democracy and respect for human rights, and a determination to overcome the divisions of the past. This task requires the full participation of the people in the process, and the freedom of their representatives in the Constituent Assembly to negotiate a settlement that enjoys wide support in the nation.”

These comments must not be taken lightly. Indeed, they make a highly cogent case for not proceeding with the constitution making exercise as fashioned by Decrees 57 and 58 to which Your Excellency, most regrettably, gave his assent. The Commission clearly recognizes that the process is being controlled by the interim administration to protect their own interest. In the event we urge Your Excellency to consider the alternative which we outline hereunder:

The Legitimate Way Forward
In our view, the only legitimate course of action that should be followed to return to the rule of law and constitutional rule, is to revert to the Fiji Court of Appeal judgment of 9 April 2009 (Qarase vs Bainimarama-Civil Appeal No ABU 0077 of 2008s).

The Appeals Court had found that the dismissal of the SDL government and the dissolution of Parliament were unlawful and in breach of the Fiji Constitution; and that the 1997 Constitution was still in force and had not been abrogated. It further held that the appointments of the Army Commander, as Prime Minister, and that of his ministers were not validly made.

In acknowledgement of the realities of the situation, however, namely, that a defacto government had been in office for the past two years, (in paragraph 156 of the judgment)their Lordships held that:

“The only appropriate course at the present time is for elections to be held that enable Fiji to get a fresh start.

Taking cognizance of the principle of necessity… for the purposes of these proceedings, it is advisable for the President to appoint a distinguished person independent of the parties in litigation as caretaker prime minister to advice dissolution of Parliament and direct the issuance of writs for an election under s60 of the Fiji Constitution. This is to enable Fiji to be restored to constitutional rule in accordance with the Constitution.”

Your Excellency, we hold that the course of action advised in the judgment should be followed. A caretaker administration should be appointed with the specific mandate to oversee the process of holding general elections and restoring constitutional rule, within a realistic time frame. This should be no longer than 12 months as we deem it is possible to hold credible elections within that period.

We, respectfully, propose that Your Excellency give serious   consideration to act on the advice rendered in the Fiji Court of Appeal decision to appoint a caretaker Prime Minister – a distinguished person, independent of the political parties and the regime and one in whom our people can repose confidence - to advice dissolution of Parliament and direct the issuance of writs for an election under Section 60 of the Fiji Constitution.

The caretaker administration should then assume full responsibility for the constitutional and electoral process. 

A President’s Political Dialogue Forum (PPDF) can be established following the appointment of the caretaker administration. The mission of the PPDF would be to assist the caretaker government in obtaining   consensus on the roadmap for the restoration of constitutional government via free, fair and credible general elections.

Our feedback from the people is that there is overwhelming support for the 1997 Constitution to be retained. Any changes to it can be discussed and agreed to in the PPDF. The constitutional Commission can be tasked to write a draft national charter using the 1997 Constitution as the base (reference) document. There is no need to rewrite the entire constitution as the 1997 Constitution was promulgated after wide consultations with the people.

Your Excellency, Fiji no longer has the luxury of time on its side. Conditions have deteriorated considerably in the past five years and our people are being held to ransom while those in authority abuse the power that they have usurped.

The President’s mandate to the interim administration given in January 2007, remains unfulfilled. There has been constant rhetoric from the regime that it will spend the first three years (2009 to 2012) on “reforms” such as rebuilding the economy and fixing up the infrastructure. To date, there is little to show for it. The economy continues to be in recession and much of our infrastructure has deteriorated considerably, both in the urban and rural areas. 

State finances are more precarious now than they were in 2006; the national debt crisis has deepened with State borrowings having risen sharply in the past three years. We are now borrowing new money to repay old debts.

Poverty levels have escalated with at least 40% of the population living in absolute poverty according to credible sources - indicative of the hardship facing our people. Business confidence is so low that private investment levels sank to a worrying 2% of the GDP last year.

FNPF’s decision to cut pension rates down to 8.7% from the current rates ranging from 25% to 15%, will cause severe hardship to many of the nation’s elderly. It is a worry even for future pensioners considering that some 60% of Fiji’s workers receive wages that are below the poverty line. In a country where there is no social security net, the majority of Fiji’s senior citizens will no longer be able to retire in dignity and on a livable pension. 

Key sectors of the economy are deeply troubled. The sugar industry is in a highly critical state with sugar production virtually halved, down from 330,000 tonnes in 2006 to 165,000 tonnes in 2011. The Fiji Sugar Corporation is insolvent, surviving on borrowed funds and government grants.

The Corporation registered a loss of $37m for the 2011 financial year, its total borrowings stand at $218m and it faced debt repayment commitments of $113m for the year ending 31 May 2012 which it was unable to meet, according to the 2011 report of the independent auditors of FSC.

Air Pacific is similarly placed with heavy financial losses -$92million  sustained in the 2010 financial year, reduced to a $3.6m ‘book’loss last year. But the actual loss is believed to be much higher. Recent announcement of a$11m profit last financial year is viewed with a great deal of scepticism by financial experts in the absence of published audited accounts of the airline. 

Other troubled public entities are: FNPF, PAFCO, Hardwood Corporation, Telecom Fiji, Post Fiji and Tropik Woods. 

Official corruption is rife and there is no accountability or transparency in government’s dealings. Government accounts and the Auditor General’s reports have not been published for public scrutiny since 2008. It is significant that Transparency International gave Fiji zero out of 100 points in a survey about budget transparency in 2010, saying it is “virtually impossible for Fiji citizens to hold its government accountable for its management of the public’s money”.

The Asian Development Bank in its latest economic survey, Outlook 2012 released in April has warned that unless the debt to GDP ratio is reduced significantly, there would be little scope for further fiscal expansion and the provision of public services would be adversely affected. It also warned that Fiji’s medium term macro-economic outlook was “weak and foreshadows greater poverty challenges”.

Your Excellency, urgent action is needed to stabilize State finances, revitalize the economy, restore investor confidence, and deal with the worsening social issues of poverty, unemployment, housing, health care and rising crime levels.

The current administration has been unable to demonstrate that it has either the competence or the acumen to deal with these issues. The past five years have illustrated this quite graphically. It has failed on various counts with dire consequences for our people and the future of Fiji as a viable State.

The following developments also cause a great deal of anxiety about Fiji’s future: massive outmigration of skilled people who do not see a future here influx of foreign nationals with questionable intent. There are reports linking them with drugs, prostitution and gambling rackets etc high rate of unemployment among youths the dismantling of democratic entities and traditional indigenous Fijian institutions serious violations of human rights – as cited in independent reports (Amnesty International, UN Human Rights Council, US State DepartmentReport on Human Rights, ILO Report on Trade Union rights – ILO Case No. 2723) promulgation of draconian decrees which curtail or completely deprive the workers of their rights to organize and bargain collectively – a gross violation of ILO Conventions 87 and 98 which have been ratified by Fiji interference with the independence and integrity of the judiciary is respect for the rule of law as clearly demonstrated by the promulgation of various draconian decrees that debase human rights and compromise the rule of law, including interference with due judicial processes

The entire nation is held to ransom by a small group of individuals who have usurped lawful authority for their own benefit. These same individuals continue to use the Military and the Police to remain in power.

Failure to come up with a credible roadmap to restore democratic rule in the past six years has resulted in our isolation from the international community. We have been suspended from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum, while hundreds of millions of dollars of much needed development aid has been withheld by the European Union.

This is the stark reality about our Fiji today. Ordinary people are getting restive as they find it difficult to meet even the basic needs of their families - to put food on the table and to provide for other essentials. The rising rate of malnutrition among our children, increasing incidence of diseases such as TB, substance abuse and suicides are all indicative of the worsening poverty situation in our country.

Your Excellency, we call on you as the Head of State with executive authority to take action now to halt this rapid decline of our nation. This can be done through steps we have proposed in this petition. We entreat you, respectfully, to act with due urgency in the interests of Fiji and her people.


Vutuki Deepak Chauan said...

El Presidente is a toothless tiger!

Anonymous said...

The response by the regime would give some measurement to what we are hoping will not eventuate - longer wing time

Anonymous said...

The chiefs are getting very good advise and if they abided by the virtues as listed in this letter to the president, there would never be a coup in Fiji.
A bit late now, some a feeling a pinch as they have lost income!!!

tattifala said...

what's the point in appealing to "His Excellency" to do the right thing by the people of fiji when he is a puppet of the regime, appointed by the military regime acting for the regime?

Listening Post said...

People have been asking him and waiting for him to do the right thing for ages and he hasn't done. Will he now listen to the people?

Anonymous said...

What would be good to hear also is what these petitioners would actually do to improve all those areas that they say have declined so badly.

If they have the answers dont keep them hidden, try helping the nation immediately for the sake of its people.

Fiji Bitter said...

Good sentiments pressing home what has already been voiced but it may have been just as easy to take around a crate of wine.

Just Saying said...

The petition will probably fizzle but the working relationship between the big powers of Fiji should endure. If they're smart.

Anonymous said...

Qarese and Chaudhary committed the same offence when they were in power.During their time life for an average person was just as bad if not worse.

Let us not forget Chaudhary and the tea lady incident, house renovation, employing his misfit son and preferential treatment of cane farmers.

Qarese is also guilty for instructing NLTB not to renew leasses, agriculture scam, employing expatriates in place of well qualified locals of indofijian origin.

Under one person one vote system there is no need to protect any minority and it is up to them to elect the best person for the job, even if it means 100% I-Taukei in the parliment.

We should also not forget Anthony and Urai were in bed with present govt and made thousands from FNPF.What workers rights are they fighting for? It seems their fight is to fill their pocket and not for the poor and needy.

Anonymous said...

The so called President will use it as toilet paper. He has no balls.

mark manning said...

Fiji's population are looking for voices from the wilderness, of course there is no guarantee that they will be heard.
It's on record now and the ball is in this lame duck Presidents lap to do what he will.
The next move is for the population, to give credibility to these voices, by marching en masse in protest through the streets of Suva, if there are any bridges left to cross that is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks must go to the political parties and the chiefs for taking the initiative and putting it on the line. Nailatikau must now step up.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

The people have spoken - there is no other way to interpret the coming together of the chiefs and the parties.

Gigi said...

Bullshit chiefs. These were the guys who supported the 1987 coups. The chiefs were put to the test and failed. They are no longer relevant in Fiji. You were artificially created. You were a parasite to the people. You were prepared to abuse the people. So, you have been done away with. And so Fiji is a better place for it. Lako, laki gunu home brew ena ruku ni vunimaqo.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical returns and says.....AND NOW IT HAS BEGUN......THE FIRST STEP FORWARD...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Gigi you are not telling us anything we don't know. Consider this: six years down the track and life under a dictatorship whose wheels are oiled by illegal and draconian decrees, many of us have come to an understanding of who and what is the worser evil. So raising the sins of those who misread the situation or who wilfully swapped saliva with the regime is fast losing its charm as a way to stop people unifying against the regime.

Anonymous said...

These former members of the Great Council Of Thieves are broke.

BobbyT said...

nailatikau will not act on this proposal. he doesnt have the integrity or the balls to save fiji. he is where he always wanted to be - soli cici to bainimagana so that he can get free easy life. another incompetent RFMF product.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the chiefs,politicians and unionists. These people are vampires.Rerevaki

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 things that the President can do after receiving this petition:-

(i) He can remove himself from the rut that he is presently in and do the right thing in dismissing this illegal regime or:

(ii) He can confirm what many people of Fiji have seen him as - a gutless, scared, lamusona and good for nothing President who would just let things run as they are because it could cost him his salary and financial benefits from this wannabe government.

Which shall it be Mr President? Hero or Lamusona?

Anonymous said...

Gigi or should I say Cici, judging from your posting, you're an Indian who used a few Fijian words at the end to disguise yourself. The GCC will be reinstated after your hero Aiyarse and his puppet Voceke will relax in Naboro. Get a life as you're one jealous and warped individual.

Anonymous said...

So I read the following in this petition and worry for the people of Fiji........

"Poverty levels have escalated with at least 40% of the population living in absolute poverty according to credible sources - indicative of the hardship facing our people".

So I then watch the news on the TV and the first three reports are;

a) Fiji Fashion Week hailed as an outstanding sucess by it organisers, exhibitors and attendees.

b) A Christian fellowship has raised some $700,000.00 to help build another school as they realise the importance of education for the young.

c) A village Methodist congregation have raised some $60,000.00 to build a church in it's own village to save having to walk 1.5Km to the nearest church.

Then I wonder, should I worry....

Anonymous said...

This President is a creation of the military--the jolly president is a puppet--a collaborator-he is enjoying his time together with his wife.He plays the trumpet while Rome burns.The petition went to him because who else can it go to---it is there for the world to see and read.But the president--someday a child will shout that he is not wearing any clothes--he is naked.

Anonymous said...

How can we believe this dumb chiefs. Naiqama Lalabalavu with soldiers in Labasa took over the camp to support George Speight. That is what we mean that chiefs influenced soldiers and the army to take over in 1987 and 2000. Teimumu kepa was there supporting George Speight in parliament in 2000 and the DVD is still with Fiji TV camera man. Sakiusa Makutu is just a dumd no school who never even reached class 8. What because they don't get senate or parliament pay they are trying to sing the democracy tune. Get real and f&$k off. This are facts that one can easily get from court records and teimumu footage will soon be on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Proff Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done is in the Commission--he is a known supporter of the coup.He is a collaborator.He gets invited to ASK's parties and whenever ASK is asked by the business community to open a toilet block here or a toilet paper factory there.

Anonymous said...

Not a single person who has signed
the letter can throw the first stone.

Mark Manning, we need someone to lead us, when you and Suli coming to Fiji to get us going?

Anonymous said...

The petition presents an out for Frank.

Anonymous said...

The President simply MUST act on this petition or he is on the way OUT!!

Dabea said...

Chiefs are a fossil from the past. You have had your day in the sun. You guys failed badly. You do not have a role to play in future Fiji. You are now obsolete. With your demise, the Fijian rank and file become free from your heavy yoke. At last, the darkness has been lifted and the common Fijian person can see blue skies for once. At last he begins to realise that the Fijian system was a prison and the chiefs were the mean jailers. The harsh reality is that there is no role for you now mister and missus chiefs. I am sorry, but you have to earn your keep now, just like everyone else. Sadly, you have to plant your own tavioka. So, get your mataiva and start sweating for your dinner for a change. Stop riding on the backs of gullible people. What makes you think your colleague Nailatikau will want to jeopodise his free lunches? You existed in the early evolution of Fijians. Your illusion has been exposed now. You are finished that's why you are fossilised.

Bainimarama and family are thieves said...

Tsk tsk, People have selective memories. Bainimarama started putting his snout in the trough as soon as he had the chance, filling his pockets and overpaying himself with so-called entitled leave then going on to take his cut of business deals while his little piglets trotted into good jobs thanks to Daddy having the guns and army behind him. Khaiyum and his family have got their nose in the trough, too, big time but hey let's make out the chiefs are the thieves. Wailei, do you think we're morons?

Dabea is Dumb said...

Sorry Dabea nicely woven but it's still bullshit. Fiji worse off now than ever before only now we have dictators and killers in charge and there's no escape thanks to Khaiyum the corrup and greedy warden who is running the big scam.

Anonymous said...

''We, the legitimate representatives of an overwhelming majority of the people of Fiji,''

I see 9 signatures on this petition whilst Fiji has a population of 800,000 people.

Anonymous said...

Its now or never....think deeply, it is indirectly a warning....be careful.... The mother of all battles... IS about to begin....never underestimate the loyalty of the people to their chiefs....Remember this warning when it happens...

Boney arse goose said...

@ gigi
Are you an indian and a muslim? Now that's what we call a parasite you boney arse pig!! Go and tell your bullshit directly to a Chief and see how long you last you racist taliban goose.

Anonymous said...

The author of this petition MUST be commended for such a great effort.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are dictators who are never elected. They are also murderers who got their positions through tribal wars, killings, murders and deceptives actions always resulting in deaths. Those that are chiefs nw inherited their dictator undemocratic murderous positions from their murderous ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Great letter .
The real test for the President to take action.
Follow the court ruling and get back Fiji under the real constitution and rule of law.
President have nothing to loose now Frank will get rid of him in dec 2012 .So act now and get fijian support if not than you are another looser.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Why has the PM refused to release the Audit reports on government accounts? I think this allegation is not right. the reports are with public accounts committee so whats the fuss about from this fuckall parties?

Anonymous said...

The chiefs are still hoping they can rule the ordinary I taukies. Forget it!
They have been bludgers on people. About time they shed some sweat and earned money for themselves.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:43
The chiefs have their answer or solution to the problem.
It's written there in the letter. How come you didn't pick it.
They said the solution is to go back to the original 1997 Constitution and bring in a caretaker government, because this present illegal government has lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you chiefs for the petition. We need to continue to tell the people of Fiji and the whole world of the mess the illegal regime has made of our country. Keep up the fight!Let the illegal minds criticise.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:36 Most of that money has come from fijian relatives overseas.

Anonymous said...

'Sarka Kuto' Nandan has been telling people that qhtever happens he will trumpet himself as the real architect of the constitution. He will suck up to anyone to get what he wnts, such as brown nosing USP VC to give his wife a job, when she is useless and dumb. The man has no shame. The moment it is all over, he will decamp to canberra to boast.

Anonymous said...

Why is Rt Joni Madraiwiwi's signature not in this letter?
Doesn't he believe in democracy anymore or is he another person fooled by Bai.
That has become a very long list including Shameem, Chaudry, Felix, USP academics; Petero and Barr etc.
A very long list of people who should have known better.
All chasing fool's gold.
Madraiwiwi has joined them.

Fijiwala said...

Having read this petition, I wonder if it is written the paper it is written on. This is just an excise in futility.

The more this ex-politicians make noise the longer it will take for the election. Why don't they just retire and go and sit under the coconut tree and enjoy their grog.

I think NFP would be better off staying away from ChoorDhry and Qarase, if they want any respect from the general population. They are the oldest party in Fiji and as such they would be expected to be setting example rather than following the herd of goats.

Raman Singh, Pramod Rai, and Attar gave been a major failure. They should do the right thing with respect. RESIGN. Let real leaders take over.

Kai Baulevu said...

Nothing else will work for us in Fiji...get rid of the source of this evil and that is the military nothing else work for Fiji.....its not the chief.its not the politicians becasue those idiots at the military boot camp are old enough to make their own decisions.....How can it be done you stupid Kai Bau??????thats exactly what the people going to ask......The change have to come withing the army itself...we need someone there to stand up against Voreqes evil leadership and resolve our woes.No one else will change the coup culture the army started it and the should also end it....weather we write letters.protest etc,etc no amount of pressure will move the idiots up there because of the guns they are holding and we will also need guns to remove them...end of the story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Say if the president does act on this letter and appoint those signatories to run a caretaker government I am more than 100% sure that they will not be able to make one common decision amongst themselves for the good of all the citizens of Fiji. If you closely look at the names of this individuals they have miserably failed their people at some point in time right from 1987. They can't even see each other eye to eye, I do not know how they formulated and signed a common letter? (recent squabble between Mr. Chaudhary and Mr. Anthony).

Anonymous said...

The President does not have the guts to sack this illegal regime because he is a puppet president. He is part of the regime and has no power. A true coward.

Vuni-Dakua said...

Yes, I think a helicopter view of it all, its good that Bai and Alyass burn off the ethno-centricism, corruption, tribalistic stagnacy that exists in Fiji. It has to be cut away like cancer, burnt back to completeley eradicate the poison. Then build a better Fiji based on equality and rule of law.

SEMI MEO said...

With all due respect...the submission warms…” Your Excellency, Fiji no longer has the luxury of time on its side”

Question: Why now??...now, as in all probable sovereign to assist ‘enforce” the Fiji Court of Appeal judgment of 9 April 2009 are now having honky dory time with the Interim Regime in Airport VIP Lounge and pat on the back for what seem to be an International acceptance ot the pathway to imminent elections in 2014.

Why now??..when the present President have only 50 or so days left in his Excellency's time on the big white house on the hill?..uh…what would stop the interim Government terminating His excellenc's appointment forthwith citing health reasons or deviously cooking up probable collusion with his close relatives authors of the revered letter?

We are saying…let’s make all sincere efforts to stick to this process to return to sanity and democratic rule in 2014..of course, it is not a prefect process, nor do we envisage a perfect document after the Assembly's deliberations

As if we ever had a perfect document since the Deed of cession…..no…we will never have a perfect Document…we could only work towards agreeing on one to the very best we all could…uh…until…those who follow us vary and repeal to suit the time…

Now..Focus is the name of the game…Focus on present effort to agree on a piece of document to determine where the goal posts be in the 2014 election and lets play ball!!

Anonymous said...

To those opposing Chiefly leadership for the country open yr eyes and look at the commoner who thought it was his place to be leader... never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd be in "shackles" today!

Anonymous said...

a must read


Anonymous said...



People of the Land said...

I just could not understand why so many people continue to hate our Chiefs. To all those people who only make up not even 1% of the population should be ashamed of yourselves.

Leave our Chiefs alone please.

The indigenous system of governance will not disappear like many may have assumed but it will be reinforced as we have witnessed today. This is a normal social process witnessed in many countries.

Let me remind all the anti Taukei out there including some of our own that it was through our chiefs that our country was protected and spared from the various external forces in the early years of nationhood.

Me da dau kakua ni guilecava na nodra buno kei na dina o ira e ra a tara na vanua oqo.

E sa va tu qo na level ni dokadoka kei na viavialevu.

One thing that came out very clearly during the constitution submission process -THERE WILL BE NO IMMUNITY...FULL STOP.

Our chiefs did not force any one to commit treason ..Why blaming our Chiefs.

Rabuka and Bainimarama had the Guns but our Chiefs only have wisdom and good advise.

End of the day the Chiefs will still be Chiefs but Rabuka has already disaapeared and Bainimarama will be the next. Our political process is just like a round soft ball game ...the home base will always put aside for the Chiefs.

Vei kemuni the tokona na Coup se Criminals, Ke oni tagane ni dau taura vakatagane na ka oni cakava.

kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei

Anonymous said...

Why defend the chiefs??? They were the culprits and if they had balls they should have ordered Rabuka back to barracks, speight to some island, then this whole coup would not have happened. They were blinded with greed and had no credibility. Everyone knows what they have done in the past and when they were needed in time of crises they colobarated with the thugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to those who've signed and taken the step to working towards on this important issue.

Ogo said...

Take all the chiefs, and all the unionists, put them in a canoe and tow them out to sea...about a 100 km outside Fiji waters and set them adrift.

Soqe vaka batina said...

Na kawa i taukei e rawa ni bula ka toso ki lieu vatiki koya ga. Na veika vakaturaga e bobulataki keda sobu. Sa vinaka me biulaivi yani. Ni sa lau caqetaki tani na vakaturagataki, ena rawa ni sereki kina na kawai taukei mai nona solegi ena dua na gauna balavu sara. Ni sa kaulavi tani na veivakaturagataki, sa qai kunei na rarama vei keda yadudua. Sa da yacova yani na vanua talei ni tu galala. Na gauna me da ciqoma kina na vakasama ya "dui takena". Ni sa seavu vakadua na bobulataki.

Anonymous said...

Finally my fellow fijians see that a coup is bad. Hope they had done the same in 87 and 2000.

Why the letter to the president now? Do they fear they will lose the elections?

Is MPC fit to goveren? He has a criminal case in the court. He also joined the IG after 2006.

Daniel urai and felix also joined FB. When the made enough $, they now are holding the country to ransom. For what? For votes.

Ratu naiqama, does he have the moral values to rule its people? No. He has changed his partner so many times and the last I heard was that he father a child of a child who was 16.

There is no place for thieves/chiefs in the new Fiji Constitution said...

There is no place for thieves/chiefs in the new Fiji Constitution.

Some of these chiefs signing the petition are pedophiles, highly corrupt, owning thousands to the now defunct forner NATIONAL BANK OF FIJI, FDB, have lost their gaint share of lease money/parliamentary salary, and Solomoni Naivalu/Kepa/Naiqama were key players in the 2000 georgie speight coup.

What the fuk are they talking about now?

Their brand of racists democracy where they can mint money from public funds – the bastards, their days are long gone.

There is no place for thieves/chiefs in the new Fiji Constitution.

Anonymous said...

There is no place for thieves/chiefs in the new Fiji Constitution

mark manning said...

Technically, the President could appoint a new Neutral Caretaker Government and endorse a new Commander of the Military as proposed by the Caretaker Government. Game over red rover for Frank and Co.

Korupt Khaiyum Klan said...

Bainimarama's only hope of survival is to drag khaiyum and his korupt klan to the barracks. It is time for these indo Fijians to not only pay rent on the Fiji land (with interest) but compensation to Fijians for supporting the coup. Fools should have listened. Now they can pay their dues.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:39PM...your assumption that
the crimes committed by Chaudhry and Qarase were similar is not only
assinine but totally stupid...Chaudhry tricked you Indo
world-wide, to donate to a fund meant to help the Fiji Indo poor.He
manipulate the State Government in Haryana-India, to donate over 2 million Dollars for the same bullshit,then
he bank all the money, away in an
Australian Bank account and did the
same In a New Zealand Bank Account
as well, for his family?
You accused Qarase for telling NLTB not to renew any Indo-Fijian Agriculutural Leases?
Listen up assole,Indo Farmer owes over two Billion dollars,in "BACK-RENT" on their lease,meaning that every frieken
indo with native land leases, owes
from 29 to 25 years back-rent to the Fijian land owners. Why do we want to renew your frieken lease???
Don't blame Qarase,just use your middle fingure and shove it up where the sun don't shine!!!What of
the Agriculture scam? What scam?This was a legitimate program passed by Parliament,was run by a
moron and he's tried&jailed for his
mistakes!How about hiring expatriates instead of locals?Do your frieken research,thats the way
Overseas Government Grants are given to Governments-with condition
to do exactly as the donor wants the money to be used? That is why
we have so much Aussie Judges,Police Commissioners etc,etc
in our system?Grants are not that
good, as it's a form of blackmail by Foreign Governments, to keep you
under their thump?
Two different people,two different values,two different educational level,and you
can't compare an orange to an apple.Qarase is way too smart then
Hey Kai Bau,
Shut the frieken front door!!!Hand
me my M-203!!!

Anonymous said...

Soqe sega na Batimu (SORESORE LEVU)
O iko vaka e dua na tamata dau lose yaqona sega nomu vanua, qele se koro. Vakaloloma nomu bula. Me cava me qai sosomi taka na veivakaturaga taki keina na bula ka matata tu kina nai tuvatuva?
Laurai vei iko ni o tamata butabutako, koco tutu sega nomu qele!
Luveni kawa ca bolola o iko. Ka ga qori dou vinakata mo dou dabe mai cake dou qaravi. Ke dou cata na veivakaturaga taki na cava dou cakava tiko kina na veiqaravi vakaturaga?? DOU SONA LEVU!

tattifala said...

sensible men and women do not put their expectations on an unrealistic plane.to expect "Your Excellency" to do anything to stop the downward spiral the country is going through as a consequence of 6 years of forceline military rule is to put one's expectations on such a plane.
the man's only about himself and his self-aggrandizement. that's why he has taken up the puppet position as President of the country. the real power is with the gang with the guns. they are the ones calling the shot in the country.it's a shame the international community can't see that as well.

Anonymous said...

There is no place for thieving mongoose racist cowards in the new constitution.

Anonymous said...

If only these self serving so called peoples saviours and fighters of democracy had come together in 2000,we would never had a coup in 2006.Is this letter a ploy to get unto the corridors of power?Is this another gimmick to get into power and fool the voters.Please let the current process go through its stages exactky the way Rabuka did in 1991.There are other ways to voice your opinions rather than writhing to the President.Put in a joint submission and lets see if you guys are serious about democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

Kivei soqe vaka batina, nomu i vosavosa e vakaraitaka ni ko iko e dua na i taukei veilecayaki nomu bula ka lala nomu qavokavoka ka ko bau siova tu e dua na ulutaga ko sega sara ga ni bau rawa ni vosa kina. Na cava o bau kila tu baleta na kawa i taukei, kaisi! Eratou na madua na tukamu ratou sa yago qele na rogoca na i tautau ni nomu vosa. Liaci iko ka vulica mo dau vakalaiseni taka na tebe ni gusumu ka rokova na nomu vanua kei na kena i vakarau eda kilai tani kina na kawa i taukei. Ke o bese ia me sa dua ga vei iko na sari qai danisi vakataki la na kai Korea ya...mangang style!

Semi Meo

Anonymous said...

Development and construction of Waila City will start mid-next year.

Minister for Local Government Samuela Saumatua says so far the project is progressing well.

Saumatua told FBC News there are a few other issues and technicalities that need to be done before actual works begin.

“It takes time. It takes time to develop the land it takes time to solidify the land and then it takes time to start building, so it will take time. I don’t see visible progress until about the middle of next year.”

The Waila City Project will take at least ten years to fully construct.



Vutuki Meo said...

@Meo. Your head is well and truly buried in the sand. How stupid can you be. So you trust this guy to produce an election. You must be joking. Even Rabuka, who knows Vuaka better than you, doesn't think there will be an election.
Do you really think that this man will quietly give in to democracy and the rule of law? You must be joking!

Anonymous said...

I believe all the Chiefs and the political parties knew/know the President will NOT ACT! He doesn't have the balls. This is a PR excercise to prove to the WORLD that Frank controls government House!

I say, a policeman with guts should orchestrate a mass arrest of all the key people starting from President, all Ministers ,all military appointees etc ~ should be done all at the same time! Arrest them and have them taken away to an island awaiting trial! That's our only way out!

Anonymous said...

A strong coalition - should the NGOs brought on board?

Anonymous said...

All of the signatories in this letter to the President were given a chance to lead Fiji....What happened??? NOTHING!!!.. They took Fiji to the Abyss.....

Anonymous said...

Excellent plan - bring on that brave police officer asap. Fiji's future is at stake

Kai Baulevu said...

Kill the military and will kill the Coup culture in our beloved Fiji....simple isnt it?.....its not the chief..its not the labour .....its the military and nobody else......These people thinkthat they are above the law......no amount of constitution protection will stop the coup culture.......its the military so bugger off withe military we dont need them..waste of money and lots of headache......

People of the Land said...

@ anonymous October 28, 2012 9:07 PM

E warai ni dua e force taki kemuni mo ni nodra bobula na noda turaga.

Kevaka o sa via kailoma , kaloma ga yani.

The Chiefly system is an integral part of our i taukei identity.

Na kena vakararamataki na vanua o Viti e muria mai na i tutuvaka turaga. Na sala ni rarama era a caramaka na noda turaga.

The word bobula means ...bokola bula. I think you need to go back to school and try to learn some basic Fijian.

I also understand where you coming from....Treason is a pretty scary thing.

If you are a soldier take it like a man soldier.

One thing about systems that were culturally constructed, it becomes part of the people psyche and ingrained into their way of life for generations. Your intention to destroy this like Kkyhum's thesis will not be possible.

Kalougata tiko na vanua Viti.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.00am, 29 OCt, 2012

Vinaka vakalevu na wekaqu, mera kila walega ga wekada itaukei ka sara mai vakacalai tu ena vei tukutuku ni vei vakacalai e vuqa, ka sivia, era kauta tiko mai vei keda o ira na ulu qali oqo, ena qai rawa nida vakayadrati kina o keda na taukena dina na vanua. Na veilomani e noda iyau talei na itaukei, qo nai solisoli e solia vei keda na Kalou ena iotioti ni gauna eda bula tiko kina oqo, ia sa mai vakasabusabu taki mai vei ira e sega ni tiki ni nodra bula na veilomani. Me liumada vei keda na itaukei, qai rawa vei ira na wekada tale eso.

Dakuwaqa said...

Yes we have had 3 coups the last one worked to relieve fiji of "CROOKS" that were riping off the country !! YES! this petition has some merit written by the author, however all the signatures should now! get together under a White flag come to Fifi and approach the President -No? you won't do that will you? all you do is hide behind a Pen coupled with Big Words that write like verbal diarrhoea!! Nine faceless men hiding behind a "PEN" Go on face the President a man who fought for the Fijian people and made a man for himself "YES" He will listen to you face to face -or are you all afraid? "If you are then leave him alone and sit there with your Pens untill 2014 then all Fijians will have the right to have their say --WITH THE VOTE OF THE "pen"

SEMI MEO said...

My ex-lover of October 29, 2012 11:00 AM...

Look my dear lady...keep hiding in that dark internet cafe…be warned though that your incognito cowardly style and lurking under the table sniffing methane and all else may cause you a lot of problem….a lot of problem…. with possible psychological and physical marks…

..your curse reverts x 10 times your way….and YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT!!..as you planted that V----- seed, remember...let us now after the elections..

Anonymous said...

The SBS documentary VLAST (POWER) provides a good reminder on how very real Lord Acton's insightful dictum - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely - is in today's world .
The documentary captures the phenomenon is Putin's Russia but parallels can be drawn from happenings closer to home in the Pacific.
It essentially reveals how people in power cynically use the justice system to put away people perceived to be a threat to their power and vested interest.
The theme has an all too familiar ring .
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

What have we as a community done to each of our constitutions since independence?
What does that say about us?
Can Prof.Ghai enlighten us?
rajend naidu


A fine balance
Dawn Gibson
THE transformation of Fiji's constitution over the years has brought about a more nation-building approach, says Fiji Constitutional Review Commission (FCRC)chairman Professor Yash Ghai.


Anonymous said...

Judging from the comments here, the thought of a strong coalition and what they can do and their call to the President to act is a worry. All is not what the regime thinks it is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji Roads Authority manager, Mike Rudge, has confirmed that a lot of past spending on roads by the Bainikhaiyum regime has been wasted. Roads have been tar-sealed without first checking that the drainage was in place to prevent the first sheet of water to pour over the road from ripping the seal apart. What we now need is the full truth about the Naim road contract. Bainimarama and Khaiyum both travelled to Malaysia to agree on this deal but it seems to have been a complete failure. How much is owed for this shoddy work? And what is the relationship between this and the Waila City scam, which seems to be lining the pockets of Tikoitoga?

Anonymous said...

From 2006 I have been reading all this negatives and it is just not iching Frank by an inch so why waste our time in this fucken headache webste,We know the chiefs have lied to us so many times in so many ways and just to why should we turn back now,no no no no the past must not return because it will just do us no good,there are so many allegations coming around but they are just plain lie to ofset this cause which will never ever eventuate,no ones going to get beaten again by the army and I dont want to go back to those chiefs having sex freely with our very own kids during meetings that had been staged than no no no Frank gotta kill then all

Anonymous said...

only if these chiefs humble themselves and come forward and assist, only than, the door of the white house will open. Vinaka na veiliutaki, kalougata viti

Timoci said...

I wish the real Dakuwaqa would come back to advise us.

I appreciate this latest attempt at a unified approach, but these same people should have rallied behind Operation Jericho. Anything they try to do now will look pretty toothless -- just another thoughtful and reasonable petition to someone who's only a figurehead anyway.

Following the pleas of this petition would obviously be in Fiji's interest, but nothing will come of them. The only reason why is because Frank doesn't see it as in his best interests, and Frank doesn't care about anything else.

Nailatikau is about to yield the presidency to Frank. If he or Naivalurua doesn't surprise us all by doing the right thing before that, then game over -- All hail King Voreqe!

People of the Land said...

Vei kemuni kece na i taukei o ni volavola tiko oqo.

Na viavalevu kei na dokadoka e dau nodra i tovo ga na tamata e ra sega ni vakavulici mai nodra vale se era luveni sala se era tamata gogo mai nodra vanua.

E so nai vakavuvuli vou ka sega ni vaka itaukei e sa laurai tiko ena blog oqo.

Why can't we discuss issues and not to personalize your hatred for our own people especially our chiefs.

A point taken -Why continue to accept traditional welcome when you told our Chiefs to go and drink home brew under the mango tree.

Frank can not do this because one of his soldiers will shoot him and he knows this.

But through the advise of Khaihum they have to start dismantling the Taukei institutions. This too was not possible as they found out because this is a very sensitive issue which can spark anything anytime.

A cava na kena dredre meda cakacaka vata eda dau vei sorosorovi.

Na yalo ca e vaka na buka ka usori yani e na dua na kau bula.

Anonymous 2012 2:56 PM

Yes, you will have headache all along guy because you trying to destroy what God had given to the itaukei of this land , our Chiefs and our Christian God.

My advise for you is to migrate to China or India NOT Australia or New Zealand because the Maori and Aboriginals will not be able to accommodate those kind of attitudes.

For too long the Itaukei have been very accommodating and loving people. Very soon you will see the dark side of the kai viti

Anonymous said...

Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) on Saturday began a five-day exercise taking them on foot across three provinces.
Major Patrick Sloane, second-in-command of the exercise, said they would march through the jungles of Naitasiri, Tailevu North and Ra province.
They would end up at Navitilevu Bay.
“This is our annual Red Diamond exercise and we are on the height of our infantry concept where we carry everything on our backs,” Major Sloane said.
The battalion was at Naqali Depot in Naitasiri yesterday.
The soldiers were in full infantry gear.
Major Sloane said the exercise was part of their training.
“We will walk right through for five days to gain and instill basic infantry skills. We will continue through to Tailevu on our way to Navitilevu Bay in Ra where the training will end.
“The first day of our training, the soldiers were given small exercises which started in Naqali.”
Members of the Republic of Fiji military Forces rugby and netball teams for the Sukuna Bowl tournament were were also taking part as part of their team building.
Female soldiers and members of the netball team returned to camp after reaching Naqali yesterday while the rugby team will be part of the exercise for three days.

Kai Baulevu said...

Soqe vakatina.....luveni kawa ca o iko....cava beka na nomui tutu vakavanua????kanakana da....sega ni ra coup na turaga na sotia ni veicara

Puk ni Danga said...

Well I must tell to a puff like rajen gandu of australia is to just shut your ass and give support to those who have done immense amount of work on this petition and are continuing the struggle to get fiji back into parliamentary democracy. These people command respect. Rajen gandu another person is prof ghai and his team. prof ghai is a old person still doing his best to bring the rule of law back but KOSA like you seems not to understand his effort. why are you hiding in aust barchood puff,can you do what prof ghai and the signatories on the petition has done,surely no because you are a lamu sona even afraid to read blog's when the wife is around sala BADHIYA.

People of the Land said...

People's integrity is questionable when they turn a blind eyes on crimes committed by Not the regime, but by individuals who form the regime. Also there are people who are so blinded by their unwillingness to see the truth. To them money and pride is more important then their integrity. These are men with no principle and are morally bankrupt and can even sell their wives to gain a dime. This is not human. Welcome to animal kingdom.

These are simple questions like, "Was the military coup in any modern society acceptable?

Is it right to claim your leave up to 18 years back and get about $28,000.00 without proper approval knowing too well that this is the first instance to happen in Fiji?
Also he knows too well that all appropriate machinery have conveniently dismantled?

Back pay for soldiers almost more than teachers and more then nurses.

Force retirement of civil servants and cause the deaths of many of our hard working civil servants and the deaths continues to date.

Working in partnership with Socialist China and state that is well known for corruption and other crimes.

Approved loan to Air pacific knowing that the air line will be on the verge of bankrupt and will be swallowed up soon by the big global boys.

The death of our sons under the soldiers and death squad.

The Charter for change was forced upon people and he lied to the world that it was accepted by the majority. Employing people like Kisoko and Raturala as agents of deception to fool the rural people.

and many others.

Are we really human beings and able to differentiate good from bad or are our hearts are full of hatred and darkness that stops us from seeing the reality of life.

I came to a conclusion that there are so many evil worshipers in this country.

God help Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Semesa Roko,Naitasiri said...

people of the land

E sega talega ni vakarau vakai Taukei na blog tiko qai vakayagataka tiko edua na yaca lasulasu. Na blog na cakacaka ni tamata lamulamu dau kakase vaka na buinigone.Na cava na kena dredre vei iko ke dua na ka o sega ni taleitaka ena matanitu tu vakatagane ka vaka edua na i taukei dina ka tukuna vei ratou.

Anonymous said...

Petition is spot on about the Constituent Assembly.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Semesa Roko, lako sara drau lai vetalanoa vata kei Avisai mai Kadavu.
Tarogi koya sa cava caka vei koya gauna a via lai vosa kina vei Voreqe.
O koya a tu vakatagane.
Tarogi Vilisi Nadaku se cava caka vei koya.
O koya a tu vakatagane.
Tarogi Sam Speight cava caka vei koya.
O koya a tu vakatagane.
Kevaka sega ni vinaka na blog i ke, lako lai dua nomudrau blog kei Semi Meo.
If people want to remain anonymous, what the fark is that to you?

Anonymous said...

@ Semesa Roko,
Sa vaka e mosi mai gonei.
Na dina e dau dredre toka na taqeya.

Lai moce no school!

vinaka People of Land, you have hit the nail on the head.Good on you.

Tukuna vei ira na dau masi polo ni matanitu vakataki Semesa me biuta laivi na dakai.....segai vakasarala e dua na koli vakalokubui ena levu ni nona rere.

O gauna ga ga ena qai ceburaki kemuni kei nomu boso no school.

Na Turaga Qara ni Valu e a nakiti na nona biu e val ni veivesu baleta ni turga dina ka dei toka na nona nanuma ira na nodra tamata. Ia o iko Semesa Roko au vakabauta ni o sega ni kai Naitasiri..ke o qai mai Naitasiri e dodonu mo bau vakaraitaka eso nai tovo ni veidokai.

E sega talega ni yacamu o Semesa Roko.

Anonymous said...

When the soldiers get to Navitilevu Bay, they should just keep on marching.

Anonymous said...

Naiqama Lalabalavu planned and instructed soldiers in Vanua Levu to take over the Vaturekuka Camp. That's why he served a sentence for it. I was one of the soldiers who was instructed and served time in prison for it. These chiefs are bastards who used us and dumped us. Dua na siga au na sauma vei iko Naiqama.

Anonymous said...

Just checking here to see if anything has happened or are we still in the same coconut boat as before..... Looks like same as before.

Guys lets direct our energy into our personal life and not waste our time discussing these matters as people of Fiji know nothing will ever change.

The army can come and rape your mother or sister and still they won't do anything. It's in our DNA not to stir the pot and AG/PM know this and have taken advantage. Everyone agree with me?

Anonymous said...

This petition is signed by the wrong people and hence will hold no water. How can MPC, Felix and Dan Urai be taken seriously. They are not credible. MPC has a case in court where he is alleged to broke laws of keeping money offshore. Some say this money was not for him in the first place.

Then we have micky mouse. He signed the letter but what has he done. He exploits his poor workers and owes NBF money. Thois means as tax payers, we gave him free money. No wonder he is becoming more round.

As for Rt Naiqama. He fathered a child to a child who was 16 year.

Anonymous said...

Rajen chaudary has taken his fight to facebook. I thought the man (opps kid) knew where and how to fight. Guess its like the unionist/politican teachings of the father.

He is now spewing bible verses to entice fijian support and votes. Has also changed his name to Rueben until elections.

ex Navy said...

Ko ira ga na sotia ululala ko ra vosavosa ca tiko eke ka ra vosa beci taki ira tiko na turaga.Ni yavu vuli vakavo....sa ni bau kalougata ni ni ciqomi kemuni na matanitu moni bau dua toka kina na ka.Sa voli tiko na madrai ni galu ni yavu tamata vucesa kanakana da kei na benu.Ni yavu boi levu bau saki taki tu i vei nai sau ni vinati kena na maqe ni taura tu qori.....ni yavu ulukau

Anonymous said...

Vutuki meo

O Meo kei semesa rau sega ni lamusona vaka I iko caiti bumu.

Anonymous said...

God bless the Gone Marama Bale Ro Teimumu Kepa and others for speaking up for our rights. I fear that this may be the last great appeal to reason before Fiji plunges into the abyss.

rajend naidu said...

@Puk ni Danga
Oct 29 5.39PM
Why you hiding behind "Puk ni Danga"?
Are you a lamu sona yourself?
You make that pretty obvious by hurling abuse under cover of a pseudonym.
Be a man
Put down your name.

pat said...

Bula All

As for the signatories, I am astounded that a great chief like Ratu Matuku (Na Ka Levu) can associate himself with the other so called Chief's like FAILED Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu (1st cousin) & ASHAMED Tui Cakau , Ratu Naiqama.

Can the other signatories be scratched and why don't this people get a petition of at least 400,000 people to confirm their "the silent majority" LIST.

I can assure you that a hand full of people will sign like 4,000 to 5,000 that is the "Silent Minority"

I challenge this unionists' and chiefs' to get the signed petition of 400,000 since that is half of Fiji's population.

People of the Land said...

I must affirm again that our traditional leaders will remain as firm foundation for the modern Fiji.

People that usurped authority like what had happened in many countries will not last but will be displaced in a n unexpected way.

What ever you sow you shall also reap.

Me da nui dei tiko ga na kawai Taukei vua na noda Kalou bula ni okoya e ra a yalayala vua na noda qase me vanua lotu vakarisito o Viti.

Vei kemuni Semesa au nuitaka ni o na liaca mai muri na qaqa ni nomu vosa.

Kalougata tiko o Viti kei kemuni na no da dui turaga bale.

Anonymous said...

With this petition the regime now has additional toilet paper to use.

And just in the nick of time!

They were running out of copies of the Constitution.

People of the Land said...

@ Pat,
The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples has specifically high lighted that traditional governance like Matanitus, Vanuas, Yavusa,i tokatoka etc and the GCC even though created by Sir Author Gordon it was derived from the Fijian traditional governance.

You must be one of the vulagis or foreigners to our traditional systems of governance and that is why it is very difficult for you Pat understand the indigenous of this people of this country. We understand where you come from because in the indigenous world system our land, qoliqoli and etc also belong to our future generation.

People like have been trying very hard to dilute the sanctity of the vanua and its spiritual relationships with all the vanuas in Fiji.

I am sorry Pat the likes, we the First Nation of this Country will survive as in the past and will raise the Flag of Victory for our Chiefs, people and our Children when the dust settles.

Our sons and daughters in the army will just know when to do what they supposed to do.

Kalougata tiko na Kawa i Taukei kei ira na noda Turaga.

pat said...

@ People of the Land

I am a Rewan men (Vasu Kadavu) so I ain't a Vulagi as stated by yourself. And yes the system as brought by Sir Arthur Gordon was from the Scotish Feudalism. As for the Fijian (indigenous (i-taukei)) system was from BAU and not i-taukei. I come from a proud "Mataisau" clan and I don't recognize any of this so called CHIEF's because they are not around to HELP the common PEOPLE. As for LUTUNASOBASOBA claiming to be the first fijian here is Full of Crap.
Since we are here to hear people comment on this joint submission by SDL, FLP, NFP, UPP & FICTU with FTUC. Why didn't this parties WORK together prior to 2006 elections?

Once again I challenge you on submitting at least a quarter of Fiji's population 200,000 to sign this partition to CLAIM the "SILENT MAJORITY" .

Anonymous said...

For the record, it is good that the chiefs have raised our concerns. But for whatever it is worth, Nailatikau can do sweet bugger all as he is on Frank's pay roll!!!!!!
He needs to survive people!! He badly needs his horse betting money, the duty free drinks, the perks, you name it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, in the meantime the chiefs and people of Ba Province have chosen to suck up to Frank1!!
We, the true kai vitis are just so undivided that it bloody sickening!!
After what all he has done, people are still sucking up to him.

Pat of Rewa (RB) said...

Na dina Pat e dau mosimosi toka se vakacava.

Gonei e rawa vakacava mo tukuna ni qai mai Rewa o qai butuki ira sobu na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi.

O sa via vola tale e dua na i vola ni kawa bula vou.

In this day and age, it is the meta narratives that counts. I am sorry you can not rewrite the history of this country because you can not even speak the language of the indigenous people of this country.

To make it simple, Pat try to go and take the sit of the matani vanua or the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi.

O na boka saraga a bajimu ni na ramusu e yadremu na wau ni bati mai Burebasaga.
That shows peoples loyalty to their Vnauas and Chiefs and people.

You are one of the .1% of the Kai Viti that claims to be the majority. Mai vei silent majority.

My suggestion Pat. Please go back to school and learn some basic Fijian and its history. OH the Baun History and the Baun language.

Long live the Chiefs!

pat said...

Right now with Unemployment (Very high compared to our GDP)on the UP, it would be advisable to HOLD on to a Job besides campaigning AGAINST the current REGIME. Why BITE the HAND that FEEDS YOU? So if the president doesn't react I know where he is coming from. He needs the money to support his high tastes, so WHAT we are only HUMAN.
Make mistakes NOW and THEN because WE are NOT PERFECT. But learn from your MISTAKES.


2014 is the YEAR I look forward to because I WILL VOTE AGAIN. And if you (Politicians) are SMART, you would do the RIGHT THING AND BLEND IN. OR Else come good weather, You will NEVER GET A SEAT IN PARLIAMENT.

Anonymous said...

Ni kitaka na kakase ena kena levu na qai qo sa na qai ga. Ni yavu tamata lamusona ni veiwaraki toka me dua e lai tekivuna edua na vakacaca me yavalati kina na matanitu, ena sega ni rawa ni o ira na lewenivanua ka ra dau colata na cakacaka butobuto qo sa rai na matadra. sa oti na gauna ni veivakasini

O ratou na turaga ratou saini tiko qo kei ratou na dau ni politiki kei rau na mai na union eratou volavola tiko ya ni sa mamaca mai na tobu. E baleti ratou ga nai vola ya.

Anonymous said...

People of the land

Tovolea mo raica na Ie vakapolitiki e tiko ena lewe ni vola qo. Ratou mai vakayagataki na turaga marama qo mai vei ratou na vusi qase lawakica ratou saini tiko ya.
Keimami na tu I nakoro sa keimami raica na yaga ni matanitu qo. Sa keimami sega tale ni rogoca na SA KAU CAKE me vaka era dau cakava tu e liu na I vakailesilesi kei ira na mata.

O jodori, badose, urai kei anthony eratou sega ni taukei ka ratou sa rui siosio ena nodratou lai vakayagataki ratou na turaga qo me rawa kina na lomadratou.

Au sa laiva vei iko na wekaqu mo qai vakadeuca toka vakamalua.

Anonymous said...

Some people will call their mother whatever teat gives them milk.

Anonymous said...

At least, the pettition is a form of co-operation among our people,It
clearly spell out to those coup maker that this maybe the start of
physical opposition to their rule?
Bainimarama, should be very worried- indeed? Chiefs and communitie leaders are begining to
come together? They are begining to
talk among each others;they are begining to work together;think together;decide together;look at each other to determined what's good for our nation? This should scare the villain, that stole our way
of life? This should put fears in
the evildoer, that raped our rights to live like a human beign;Finally we have the true leaders of the nation, coming together to speak as one people!
We've been waiting for so long for this move to happen?

Anonymous said...

We need to play into the illegal regimes game. They use force to exert their authority on the people of Fiji so let us also use force to remove them. First eliminate the head of the snake with a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Anon I am soryy to say that this petition is only for this chiefs and they have done it in person while the real people of Fiji are with Frank.We cannot go back to past now its too muddy, we will not go back,now only this three chiefs are left behind while the rest are on board

People of the Land said...

Dear Pat,
I will always stand on my firm belief that the underground movement initiated through Kyhum's thesis for the sate to start dismantling the indigenous institutions which are protected under the UN Declaration since 2007 on the Rights of the Indigenous People 2007 will NOT succeed. I hope Roko Ului, Pita Driti and others especially Chiefs that were easily swayed by FB and Khayum and Comp and also the Hoteliers, Business people and MPC and his gang will learn from their mistake.

Viti will remain and will always be a special place for the First Nation of this country.


Ki vei keda ga na kawai taukei - sa rui sivia na vakawelewele kei na vucesa vakauasivi vei kemuni ka levu tu na nomuni i yau bula ka qai sega ni rawa ni o ni cakacaka taka.

E oso ga o Suva, Lautoka, Nadi, Labasa etc ka so era sa laki tavitaviraki tu i Serene, Bisibeni, etc.

Ke eda kaya tiko ni noda vanua oqo --Proove taka e na cakacaka kaukauwa kei na gugumatua vakauasivi ena teitei.

E dua ese qai cavu yaqona ga oqo ka rawata kina e $80,000.00.
What was FAB, MOA, GCC, Provincial Council doing all these years....to maintain the status quo.

We need a grand plan of action especially where Semi Meo comes from. Good fertile and virgin land.

Kalogata tiko na kawa iTaukei

Kai Baulevu said...

Pat luveni kaisi kawa ca.......kua ni vakelia mai na sui mate nei bumu......ke o iko dua na sotia ...ka ga me tukuni vei iko ni o tamata dokadoka luveni sese vaka taki tamamu ko vaka vulici iko tu vaka ca .....sa kua so na viavia gusu sika tiko ke sa o turaga ni Rewa io ke vinakata se sega e nomu marama na Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi...veitalia na ka e cakava se kena i rogorogo ena sega ni taqusi rawa nai tutu ni dua na bokola vakataki iko kei na nona turaga.

Luminary said...

ToAnon29Oct11.38 pm.
Tacina they were given a chance democratically but removed before their work coud be finished by the dakai! If YOU feel they led us to the abyss, others may not concur. You see the beauty of democracy is that they could have been voted out by thee and others of your ilk if you can muster a majority. FVB is taking us to the moon without an oxygen tank. Also to the ciwa signatures on the petition to REN you can add mine and those of the quarter million plus folks who departed en mass; an exodus to safer,fairer, and secure pastures (not necessarily greener)like the Israelites exodus from Egypt to escape the tyranny and oppression of the Pharoh RATUS.A form of self imposed exile. Fiji is the poorer for that. Sa dravuadravua sara kitou vata na nitou Vanuaa.Ka kuni vosa katakata, maravu na yalomu tacina.The nine do rep the people just as in parliament after 2014 elections less than a hundred people will rep us 800000-mate they all wont fit e loma ni nitou Bure ni matanitu.Thats what REPRESENTATIOM MEANS TUKAI. Like Rambo, FBM was akso misled. Lets all pray that he will realise the error of his ways and seek contrition. Loloma.

Anonymous said...

Pat, politicians are not working if they're simply going along with this criminal regime.

And anyone who counsels collaboration with Bainimarama is a traitor who deserves to share his coming fate.

Kai Baulevu said...

Qo ko ira na yavu sotia bavulu dokadoka kora sa via mai vakayagataka tiko eso na thesis se i tukuni lasulasu nei Voreqe kei Kaiyum me ra bau kilai tu kina ni ra vuli......ke ni vuli ke ni sega ni coup baleta sega ni vakavulici vei ira a sotia mera tokona na coup taki ni dua na matanitu....qaciqacia ga kei na lecaika sa kune.Sau ni maqe ko taura toka qori ni sa bau mai via sakitaka tiko......kemuni na sotia nai murimuri ni cakacaka ni dua na tamata sa sega ni raica rawa e dua tale na job qai lai sotia.Tiko ga o kemuni tiko sara na wekada sa ra suka i na Koro....Sa bau solia na matanitu nai sau ni madrai ni mai viavia levu tale ni yavu ulukau.

Anonymous said...

Isa, na mataivalu au a lewena e na dua na gauna!! Keimami dau vei rokorokovi, kei mami dau kauwaitaki kemuni na lewe ni vanua, kemami dau cola galugalu tu ga na nemami itavi!
Kemami dau raqa taka na neimami i sulu vaka mataivalu ka vaka civillian talega. Ka ni vakamadua ni sa mai vaka tu oqo na i rairai ni mataivalu.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the GOOD work Ro Buna!! We are with you all the way!!
I am reminded of that song 'IN THE SUMMERTIME WHEN THE WEATHER IS GOOD"!!

rajend naidu said...

I wish to report a missing person.
Name : Puk ni Danga aka Lamu sona
Real name : not revealed
Address : unknown
Last seen : 29 Oct 5.39PM writing abusive nonsense .
Anyone with any information on this coward will be rewarded handsomely.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:56, what proof do you have that the people are with Frank? Even he knows they are not. If he believed that, he would have held an election.

The only ones with Frank are the ignorant and the treasonous. Which category are you?

Anonymous said...

The chiefs who signed the petition are the biggest hypocrites/bastards of their lives.

They have almost gone broke with very little lease money going to them now, and they are crying to find a way to make more money.

These were the bastards who initiated and supported all previous coups and used their people to make money for their own selves.

Magaitinamu kece na ratu kei marama

Anonymous said...

What is the next move then? Can 4.5 tell us where we go to from here.

Anonymous said...

Pat - Patrick Daurewa drau vei dulu mada kei tamamu o Petero na alcoholic levu.

Tovolea mada mo rawata na nomu vuli iko saga tiko oqori mai USP qai mai vunau vei keimami. Gone lailai mimi moce.

O iko o sega ni kilai mai nomu koro o Nukutubu. Io dina o iko o kemudou na Mataisau. Nomudou i tavi mo dou tara na waqa nei Roko Tui Dreketi. Oya mo kila tiko, luve ni kaisi.

Spawn of Dakuwaqa said...

The petition has fallen on deaf ears, just as you knew it would. Now, do something, damn it!

Stop petitioning this illegal government for our rights. Lead us in taking them back!

Anonymous said...

Tobo tale tu o Pat...nida se boci kua ni mai tasika noda weli..qo sa qai vakamadua...kua nio laurai vakaca mai Nasali se mai Wainibokasi, wavoki tikogai Namadi...

pat said...

@ Anonymous 10.06am

O tamaqu sa sega ni Gunu tale. O koya sa buita na "Yaqona ni Vavalagi"

USP sa Oti

Ocei beka o iko. Na tara ni waqa na neimami tavi baleta na qele da tara tiko.

Since you know who I am. WHO the HELL are YOU.

This blog is for people to raise issues concerning the Present/Past & near future Governments. So what is your POINT here. A personal vendetta against a blog commentator only means your Inferior complex. Identify yourself? Who are you and Where you come from?

Anonymous said...

Oh oh Bai is getting twitchy! Watch that trigger happy hand of his, people.

PM questions Commission’s impartiality
Publish date/time: 01/11/2012 [17:01]

Print this page
Email this page Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has today instructed the government to alter the terms of the Constitution Commission Decree which now requires the commission to publish the names and salaries of all its staff and consultants.

Questions have also been raised on the commission’s impartiality after the government discovered that Bau chief Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was part of a delegation that made a submission to the commission in direct contravention of the non-negotiable principles while he was a paid consultant of the commission.

Commodore Bainimarama said the commission is in breach of provisions in the decree that stipulate that its staff and consultants must observe the non-negotiable principles and be politically neutral.

He said one of these principles is a secular state in line with democracies like the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Commodore Bainimarama said Ratu Joni was party to a submission by a delegation calling for the declaration of a Christian state in Fiji.

He also said Ratu Joni was a paid consultant to the commission from the beginning of October yet that had only become public knowledge last week.

The Prime Minister said he saw Ratu Joni’s contract for the first time which states that he started work with the commission on October 1st and his contract expired yesterday.

He is extremely disappointed to discover this and to find that Ratu Joni was being paid a daily rate as a consultant when he filed in with the delegation to argue the fundamental principles on October 12th.

Commodore Bainimarama said following this incident, it leaves open the perception, at the very least, that the commission has compromised its impartiality.

We have contacted the commission about these matters.

It is yet to respond.

No school Qa ni Bulu said...

@ Anonymous November 1, 2012 12:38 AM

E kuvai Rau?

E vaka e mosi na dina.

Sa lau na gasau ni dakai e na nomu mona me rawa ni vakararamataka na nomu yalowai kei na butoboto baleta ni ko tawa vuli qai tawa cili tale.

Na veivosaki ena blog e sega ni rauti kemuni na tamata ulu lala baleta na sign ga ni ulu lala na vosavosa ca.

E sa lala gona na mona baleta ni a sega na vuli.

Anonymous said...

The 'non-negotiable' principles of this regime are in direct contravention of the terms under which Ghai's commission was formed, when it was asked to give Fiji a democratic constitution. What about THAT?

Anonymous said...

vakaloloma nida veiba tiko vaka oqo nai Itaukei-above comments..na veivakatorocaketaki yaco tu qo e Viti, esa bau totoka dina na kena totolo ....qai qo sana qai ga

Anonymous said...

E dua beka e taura tiko nai tukutuku ni matabose vakaturaga qo na coup 4.5. Na vakatutu kece era caka tiko qo ena yaco evei. E dau tukuna ga efua na qase mai neitou " E sa na kau kaba e colo".

Anonymous said...

Patrick Daurewa,

Au talega e dua na kai Rewa. Au cibitaka na noqu vanua, au na taqomaka ka valataka na Roko Tui Dreketi.

Teri vakataki iko mai viavialevu tiko nomu vosa eke me vosataka na Roko Tui Dreketi.

Qarauna tiko na nomu vosa. Ke o via vosa e na politiki io vosa ga kina kua ni vosataka na vanua.

Nanumatiko ni o iko o lewe dua ga vata kei nomu vuvale. Keimami lewe levu na kai Rewa keimami tu oqo ka tokona na Roko Tui Dreketi.

Anonymous said...

Sa sogo mai e rua na wavu e lomai Suva na veivakatorocaketaki cava?..sa vakarau sogo tale qori e vica vata tale? Boci kua na lasu tiko...

Mere said...

The Commission has compromised its partiality? For once, Bainimarama is saying something that's true. This Commission has been skewed in favour of the regime since its inception. Just look at its composition. Also, no self-respecting constitutionalist would have accepted this assignment from a despotic military-led regime until the regime proved it was operating in good faith, which it has never done. An impartial commission would have halted its proceedings until the regime abandoned its policy of intimidation and withdrawn its unacceptable decrees negating the legitimacy of this whole exercise. An impartial commission would not be talking about an immunity clause as 'realistic' when it is opposed by nearly everyone but the criminals, like Bainimarama, who crave it.

Mere said...

Would Bainimarama have us to believe that none of those giving pro-regime submissions was on the regime payroll at the time?

Anonymous said...

Na wavu erau sogo qori erau se tara se bera ni sucu o tamamu. Sa dodonu ga me sogo ka caka edua na ka vou.

Anonymous said...

Mere, I wish YOU were on the Commission. The others are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Sa totoka dina na veiqaravi ni matanitu qo. E ra sa sikovi ka vakatorocaketaki o ira era se sega sara ga ni bau vukei ena 20 na yabaki sa oti.

Kalougata tiko na veiliutaki Bainimarama.

Era sa mai vakayagataki tu na marama bale kei na turaga bale ni noda vanua mai vei ira na dauni polotiki me rawa kina na nodra i le.

O ira na noda turaga me ra sa tiko mada ga vakadua ka raica na nodra vanua me vinaka.

Me ra vakatubura eso na rai ka vakavinakataka na nodra vanua.

Na cava tale era se vinakata. Keimami sa marau na lewe ni vanua ena nona veiliutaki o Bainimarama.

Only a few chiefs in this petition. Are they representing the 3 confederacies? A big no to that question.

We hear everyday Chiefs with wealth giving their support to our beloved PM.

So, for losers such as this vulagi and group of chiefs with their petition, you take that paper and divide it amongst yourself after an hour in the toilet.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Na Turaga dau veicai o Tuicakau vata kei koya na marama e lasa vata e dua na tagane vakawati kei alcholic makutu kei ratou na i lala con men ratou sign tiko ya eratou lialia tiko. E sega ni dua e via rogoci ratou yavu macawa.

Anonymous said...

Anony 3/11
Mere who?

Ratzmann said...

@ Pat...wananvu na vosa tiko vakadodonu. Era sa kilai iko kei na nomu address ia era se rere wavoki tikoga. Sa vakaraitaki ga ni levu ga na draka kei nai cici. O ira na kai rewa era vosa tiko eke era na qai mai na gauna nei butadroka..gauna ni campaign era kaya ni na tiki taki Buta..gauna ni veidigidigi era tiki taki na marama bale...levu ga ni lawakica, veivakaisini kei na bavulu. Ni bau veisau mada me rai na matamuni ni ko ira ga na saini tu qori ira na veivakaisini tiko..o keda eda warai sara ni tu ena nodra i vola ni nanumi..o tiki rawa la o vaka sara e dua na binibini da fresh ni kai rewa..boi vaka na mana...drau bula

Vakataumai said...

@ Patzman aka Pat....o au noqu veidigidigi kece au sega ni namaka e dua na ka mai na party au digitaka..kevaka era teri basika mai noqu yasayasa au teri kauwaitake. E tu e so tale na ka era oso oso kina. Kevaka era teri qai mai sa koya tiko ya..teri dua na leqa.
Oiko e vaka o vinakata me ra mai meimei tiko vei iko baleta ni o tiki taki ira....gonei sa vo ga me ra mai taqari taki iko. Vukivuki ni gone bothy tiko vei iko tamana.

Anonymous said...


Na cava ga o veidigidigi kina? Vinaka cake mo a lai tei tavioka.

Vakataumai said...

Tei tavioka neimami qito na tagane Pat. Baci waraka tu qori me spoonfeed taki iko o Voreqe. Kua soti na bula vakararavi.

Spawn of Dakuwaqa said...

This petition has fallen on deaf ears.

Isn't it time we armed and organised?

Mere said...

Mere who, exactly!

Note that SDL, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party, the United Peoples Party, chiefs and civil society have all united to call for a caretaker government and to reject immunity for treason. Ghai cannot plausibly ignore this. No bullshit 'non-negotiable' of the regime contravenes the idea of relinquishing the reins of government to an independent, caretaker government. In fact, the logic of the situation demands it.

And immunity will just have to stay off the table, at least until this arrogant regime does something worthy enough to deserve reconsideration of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Spawn of Dakuwaqa

Dont worry Roko Lui will lead the Tongan army to invade Fiji and you guys can veitaurikau while you wait for the invasion

Anonymous said...

A honest person and chief of Rewa Tevita Korodrau to be Prime Minister in the caretaker government.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Tevita Korodrau Turaga na Tui Nabuli for PM.

Ratzmann said...

@ Vakataumai...setiseti..o dau tei tavioka tu mai vei...tamata no farm. O iko o dau samaka tu ga na rumu nei house captain mai RKS.O dau kenai karua tu o Mobarn. O sa tobo mai tagane no farm..lol..

Vakataumai said...

Ratzman yalowai vosa ga ena tamata o kila. Vuli vakaukauwa me dua na cakacaka me kua na cavu tavioka veiraiyaki o cakava tiko qori.

Anonymous said...

Ratzman is Pat Daurewa, if you google he's name he's all over the net hihi

Anonymous said...

Well done for the letter to president. But somehow I don't have any confidence at all in this man, comments were right above , he is a puppet, covering his own arse, so the thing to do is follow the Burmese people when they continue to protest against the military regime, march on FIJI......this is the time, the govt is illegal. How they have gone this far is just ridiculous, people of Fiji, kua an lamu ....march on!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anunimosi Nov 6 6:08pm...hahahahahaha...donu caaaaaa saraga o iko. Vakataumai..vakabauta koya mudrau..donu caaaaa saraga. E toka la mai Namadi...dua la nai kolo mai keri..qai cake lai kaya vua ni sa rui mamaca qai vovodea nona vakasama.