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Friday, October 5, 2012

FLP leader's lawyer son suspended

The son of the leader of the Fiji Labour Party could be getting a start in politics sooner rather than later after being suspended today from practising law for the next five years.

Rajendra Chaudhry and fellow Suva lawyer, Kini Maraiwai, were both suspended after being found guilty recently by the Independent Legal Services Commission of breaching protocol. 

Chaudhry was found guilty of one count of professional misconduct and one count of unsatisfactory professional conduct: Maraiwai of two counts of unsatisfactory professional conduct and one count of professional misconduct.

Justice Paul Madigan ruled Chaudhry be suspended until March the 1st in 2017, that he also be publicly reprimanded and pay costs of $1,000.

Madigan also ruled Chaudhry only be recertified by the Chief Registrar after proving he has  undertaken five hours of training in legal ethics by an acceptable institution or a tutor.

He has however allowed Chaudhry to practice until october the 26th but ordered he is not allowed to reappear in court, or accept any new instructions from existing or new clients.

Kini Maraiwai's four year suspension was immediate with immediate with Madigan also ordering he be publicly reprimanded and also pay costs $1,000.

Madigan also rueld that like Chaudhry, Maraiwai only be recertified by the Chief Registrar on of having undertaken five hours of training in legal ethics.

Both Chaudhry and Maraiwa's charges relate to the Indian national, Muskan Balaggan, who was convicted of drug smuggling and whom Chaudhry was accused of having sex with.

Sources say Rajendra Chaudhry is being groomed to take over from his father, Mahendra Chaudhry, who is alo facing charges relating to breaches of the Exchange Control Act. 

Chaudhry Jnr was apparently annointed successor at a recent delegates meeting which FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony and supporters say voting was stitched up by the two Chaudhry's. 

Following a statement denouncing FLP, Anthony and FTUC have since left FLP saying the party no longer represents workers and is caught up in a “quagmire of deceit, dishonesty and hypocrisy.”


  1. It is very sad that a young man's career has come to halt because of politics.

  2. Marshall is right.Mad-Gun fires ASK's bullets !!The Anglican fires Taliban bullets !!-

  3. The junta set up the legal board to disbar and suspend lawyers that are opponents of the court.

    Chaudi must appeal up to Supreme Court and make media statment of the junta jungle law in fiji.

  4. sad day rpc and km .well time to move on guys.
    why didnt they suspend khaiyum for treason.
    hahaha fiji court and judges becoming a joke.
    rpc will get more involve in flp and trash the regime now.
    bad move khaiyum.

  5. What you do to others will be done back to you...full stop...these are the very people who supported the IG before and now they are getting it back.More to come.
    Wish him luck.
    The truth and only th truth will prevail

  6. This shows the junta courts are kangaroo courts

    Chaudhary Senir will also go gail.

    No point fighting court case.

    Fight the junta by people power.

  7. FIVE YEARS!!..GOOD HEAVENS!!...did he commit murder or concocted plans to Coup the Solicitor General job??...or ..what??

    What is the depth of the ethical misdemeanour of the revered profession that young Chaudry have been alleged to blatantly breached?.... even if he were found guilty..bu..but…FIVE years to drag someone through a redemption path is in itself slur to the very justice intended to be achieved!

    But….would it not be redemptive that should young Chaudry wins the next election and in a coalition of parties become Attorney General. (.well GB was able to take that honour with out the wig.)…that would be fun…don’t you think??....

    ..unless of course deregistered lawyers of 4 years or more are not permitted to contest the 2014 elections or hold an official role in a Political Party…..that would be ..well not funny at all…don’t you think?

  8. Its clear that the shadow Chief Justice (ASK)obviously makes the ruling...the Fiji Judges are just puppets....

  9. It is all political, government is putting Jnr so that he could not represent Senior in Court. People of Fiji are not illeterate to undersand cheap politics government is playing

  10. RPC and Khaiyum should go on a public debate.
    We want to see who is the hero or zero.
    RPC will be haunting khaiyum now.
    Flp will use RPC to get more press release on the regime now.
    let the fun begin now.

  11. Poised for JusticeOctober 5, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Regime dispensing long sentences to knock off the competition for its sham 2014 elections. Chaudhry Jnr will land on his feet and take them on.

  12. Guys don't jump too high and keep reading this blog for another very prominent lawyer[this time nfp]is facing court challenge. don't forget to read Monday episode.

  13. Rajend chaudary made such a basic error that all lawyers know. You ont sign your own clients affidavid. Also, you don't tell off a judge. He did both.

    Another case of him taking at least $10k of a clent and not coming to court has also been given to ILC. The client lost the case.

    I must say he is a brave lawyer but he is also has his nose between his ....

  14. Just another bogus legal decision by the regime, going after its political opponents under the colour of law. This will also serve to intimidate anyone who dares to criticise the regime.

    If held, the elections will be meaningless. Dakuwaqa called it. His '18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama' scenario is very much still unfolding.

  15. Junta appointed judge Madican is former FICAC employee who takes orders from illegal AG.

    This is sham judgement.

    Every man knows that this to kill opponents.

    Can suspend/sack/jail men cant break will to fight for justice.

    The fight will now get stronger.

    Despots dont last.

    dictator must stand trial with junta.


  16. He also helped his father draw up false affidavit for the Fiji High Court regarding the source of his crook father's $2million from India - submission which persuaded Justice Goundar to drop money laundering charges recently

  17. this move is just to make the MPC case weaker. HOW?

    RPC representing his father has more aggression in his fight against the state,, and they know it. now choudhary will have to find another lawyer, other than RPC all can be bought by the regime fighting MPC case.

    So now MPC will lose and will be sent to jail.

  18. Judge Mad-Gun !!---how will you take your communion in the Anglican church next sunday ??--you are firing Taliban/Al Qaeda bullets !!--take your own bread and a bottle of wine to church !!

  19. His father has broken the law. He lied so many times to the SDL and even Doc Tupeni Baba. This time he will go to prison unlike some 30 years ago when he escaped for killing some one. God's delays are not his denials.

  20. I feel for RPC but again people need to be smart on how to counter this regime. They are fighting for their life because 90% do not agree to immunity.

  21. Irrespective of who represents MPC, he will be at Naboro soon. He has admitted himself that he has kept the money in Aust. I can't say that he obtained the money through fraud but he keeping the money out of Fiji is against the law and he knows it as the minister of finance.

    Let's not forget that poor people spend time for petty crimes. Why shouldn't the rich guys. You can call me names buy people like Doc Sahu khan, Mac Patel and LQ would have got away with any crime. Now they have to pay.

  22. kaidia vaka loga ni tapiOctober 5, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    kai bau ka kua ni levu na nomu vosa sega na kemu vei tapioka,bau no qele no vei tapioka

  23. Madigan is a khaiyum wanking tool sucking up to keep his job. both he and khaiyum need to undertake training in legal ethics??

  24. oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!

    It's interesting that both Chaudhry and Anthony were both over here in Sydney together, fighting for a return to Democracy for Fiji.

    And the Regime has an effective way of silencing its critics, no matter who they, what post they hold and at any cost.

  25. Anyway, he only became lawyer by using part of the $2million to pay his study fees in Australia and lived up the life of Riley in a house also bought from that million - I am surprised he is not charged with the father for aiding and abetting money laundering

    In their global hunt for Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s original sources of all investment deposits into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the investigating officers were told to take note of two postal addresses, 35 Haig Street, Bexley NSW 2207, and 49 Bryson St, Toongabbie, NSW 2146.

    They were particularly interested in the second address, to which Chaudhry had switched his postal address to in October 2001. It belonged to his son and now a practising Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, who claimed that his father was a victim of his political foes over the tax saga raging in the country.

    The investigators were alerted to the Toongabbie address in Sydney because it was that address which the Commonwealth Bank of Australia had given as Chaudhry’s postal address relating to his call management account in Sydney, Australia.
    The bank statements revealed all the deposits and withdrawals from October 5, 2001 to January 1, 2004. The address read: Mr M P Chaudhry, 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie NSW 2146.

    Further documentary evidence was a statement to the same address from Perpetual Investment Management Ltd, which revealed that Chaudhry senior had, on September 17, 2002, bought 500,000.00 units of shares at $1 per unit price, and totalling $500,000.

    The summary of his transactions for Perpetual Income Series for the period 1 July 2002 to 31 December 2002 was sent to Mahendra Chaudhry c/o Rajendra Chaudhry, 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie, NSW 2146.

    The statement was sent out to Chaudhry senior on the above address on 20 May 2004, two days after, on May 18, 2004, he had written to the FIRCA’s Income Matching Unit claiming that, “In so far as interest from moneys held in accounts abroad are concerned, please be advised that these have not been brought to Fiji but remain reinvested in the accounts there”.

  26. Feel sorry for all his clients will loose their deposit sorry no refunds fro arrogant daddy's boy ,screwed twice once in parliament in2000 again now wonder which one is more painfull shud get Ben pada rat to appeal for him,

  27. Feel sorry for all his clients will loose their deposit sorry no refunds fro arrogant daddy's boy ,screwed twice once in parliament in2000 again now wonder which one is more painfull shud get Ben pada rat to appeal for him,

  28. Another one bites the dust. If only Rajen would have kept his pecker in his pocket, he would not have had to see this day. His ex-wife in USA has a lot of story to tell.

    The father had gone to Raki Raki and paid this poor girl Muskaan Balagganwas and taken advantage of and misled. This is morally, ethically and legally wrong. What if this was Mahen ChoorDhry's daughter and in a foreign country and someone there did this to her? Would either of the ChoorDhry's condone this? I am sure naught.

    Muskaan Balaggan is someone's daughter, someone's sister and someone's friend. This was wrong for Rajen and Mahen to do this to her. I strongly feel that the punishment is not harsh enough. If I was to hear the case, I sure would have disbarred Rajen for life.

    It is time for the authorities to investigate Mahen for interfering with a victim of rape and coercing her to make false statement. Mahendra Choodhry should be hung by his balls.








  30. Suits you right Chaudary Junior..You think you are above the law..you liitle chicken SH..!!Like father like son indeed..Sometimes you need to draw a line between a Lawyer and Judge..He knows it very well and may be he needs to taste the medicine of his Father,MPC..Be professional and sometimes try to humble yourself...you arrogant little fool...Ha!ha! 5 years huh!!lol

  31. Ok can someone why Chaudhry got 5 yrs for showing discourtesy to inJustice Gay Goundar? Apparently Gay Goundar asked RPC to approach him under the bench and he refused.

    Seriously guys this illegal regime rule is out of control. Sad part is seeing all this and no one is say a word on how unfair this all is. Hope RPC has the guts and energy to put up a good fight.

  32. Time for operation Jericho to go online to fight this illegal regime!

  33. Jone you dumbo.
    1997 Constitution is alive go ask CJ Gate.
    Jone you are fool like your boss ASK.
    We cant make noise in fiji because the media is all controlled by the regime.
    We have to fight from Overseas like Subash Boss did and won the battle for India.
    So jone go bow down to the taliban Khaiyum
    Shame on you Jone for been jone and fijian.madua.

  34. Epeli @ 1:05 AM, isn't it the case that ASK tried to suborn her testimony and get her to perjure herself by swearing to a false statement, in an attempt to smear Rajen for political purposes? By your same reasoning, shouldn't ASK hang by HIS balls?

  35. can he appeal in international court???

  36. Priscilla Queen of the DesertOctober 6, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    Fiji is at a time when it needs to unite and move ahead and we have to decide who can work with us to achieve that. Can we really afford to throw people away just like that. Just as we are challenging Frank to show he truly cares for Fiji by doing the right thing, we must challenge ourselves to work together for the better good.

  37. We must get one thing in our heads - these two Chaudhrys - in their intense dislike of Qarase conspired with Frank to carry out the coup and Mahend even became Finance Minister - they made sure many Indo-Fijians were driven out of Fiji who opposed them - have no sympathy for these people - it was coming to Rajend - he should go back to Sydney and drive taxi there - good riddance. I dont support Frank or the coup but do take pervert pleasure in seeing these thugs getting their own medicine from Frank-Khaiyum-Madigan

  38. Cheap political shot by Aiyaz through his yes man, Madigan. What a farce.


  39. Khan appointed new AFL Chairperson
    Publish date/time: 06/10/2012 [08:40]

    Director Airports Fiji limited Faiz Khan has been appointed the new Acting chairperson for AFL as Adrian Sofield exited this role effective from 28th of last month.

    Sofield has chosen to exit this role to return to his architectural business in Nadi.

    Attorney-General and Minister for Public Enterprises Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the AFL team is thankful to Sofield for his services and wishes him all the best as he returns to private practice.

  40. Another Khan or Ali appointment. Are there ONLY Muslim qualified people to to take up posts in Fiji? People think and I would like to hear some feedback.

  41. To kaidia vaka loga ni tapi loga ni tapi ni waci.....better to be a cane farmer or live on the goverment benefit no sweat.

  42. At least he can survive on 3 million saved in Australia.

  43. Jokers..

    Can Madigan ask Gates, Shameem, Shaista (waging her naughty tail in Auckland - side step from mess), Aiyaz Khaiyum, fernando can first attaend a legal ethics training before telling others.

    The above mentioned are raping the judiciary system in Fiji.

    Shaisata Shameem (blondee/brown) drug addict who said that the 2006 is LEGAL and supported the illegal takeover is seen sniffing around auckland.

    Maybe Jon Key should spy on all these people who aided and abetted with the Illegal regime leaving in NZ instead of KIM DOTCOM...John Prasad, Shaista Shameem, John Prasad, Thakur Rangeet Singh. Its a worthy exercise i bet...

    Paul, the Fiji courts is a circus court anyway where animal farm rules apply.....not a worthy avenue for justice.

  44. RPC as a lawyer should have known better than to give assurity and accomodate a female client in his house. Whilst living in his house, he was seen evrywhr in MHCC, Restaurants, his parents house everywhr with this drugist. And they seemed very comfortable together, noting from body language. It may not have been rape but consensual. However, after Muskaan alleged him for rape, RPC used Karishma, one of his staff whom he is living with in Sigatoka now to persuade Muskaan to withdraw and in return promised Muskaan no sentencing and trip back to Aust. She agreed but told RPC to give $10,0000 for surety which her uncle in Rakiraki provided. That's when MPC went from suva to meet Muskaan, Uncle and Karsihma in the Lautoka Gurudwara and sealed the deal after which Muskaan withdrew. After Muskaan was sentenced for giving false info bcos of the withdrwal, RPC promised her not to worry but that he was gonna get her out and started sending her food and visiting her evry Sat to prison. He was even sending her recharge cards which she used to call overseas and him, all for free. Check with prison authorities. MPC and RPC coerced Muskaan to withdraw and paid Muskaan $10,000 which was used by her uncle in rakiraki for her surety. This is coming up next, for you MPC.
    RPC, you did wrong by having sex with your client in the same house that your 6 year old son and now the woman who has become your ex-wife was living in.
    Your womanising has brought you to this, so stop blaming the AG or the Regime for this.

  45. Santa @11:48

    Hey Santa how much was the loot from Girmit Center? Do you still some left over? I hear you are on workman's compensation. Man sucking it up from everywhere.

  46. There is something drastically wrong with the Judiciary in Fiji. I hope the international community is not blind to this and will takke all necessary measures to take the illegal regime to task.

  47. @rajend chaudry

    bro, its not the end of the road. try to appeal it . if cant move to aust or nz , and try enter the bar and practice certficate there. oh go to a commonwealth country like sigapore , malaysia , you can still p[ractice law there. you can even take this time to enhance your law paper like doing a master in law or even doctor in law . its not an end of the road .

    ratu rakuita vakalalabure was disbarred , today he is in cook islands . dr sabu dean sahu khan was disbarred , he is now in nz . there is always another part to life . believe in god and believe in yourself my friend

  48. An European will normally make a fair decision. They will not be bought by any one.

  49. How come this junior lawyer Faiz Khan geta appointed everywhere ??===another Taliban--that is the qualification

  50. Faiz and natasha are brother and sister .
    They are feroz kids of rakiraki and great friend of Khaiyums.
    Faiz takes khaiyum for fishing trip in ra.
    So now all muslims ruling fiji board and fijian army are protecting them .

    1. It shows how ulukau Baini is, allowing Taliban running Fiji.

  51. Khaiyum have his mullah priest in field 40 lautoka to do all his black magic.
    shame on you .

  52. Remeber Rajend was hostage for 56 days at gun point.

    This junta thugs are not dealing with a coward.

    Now the no holds barred fight will begain.

    The people will win at the end.

  53. Remeber Rajend was hostage for 56 days at gun point.

    This junta thugs are not dealing with a coward.

    Now the no holds barred fight will begain.

    The people will win at the end.

  54. Aiyarse Khaiyum should be suspended too...from a tree.

  55. Anon @ 1.44 pm - interesting you know so much about RPC and MPC. Fact of the matter is that Balaggan has said it was Khaiyum who made her lodge a false complaint. She has not shied away from this even after being charged and sentenced to 2 years jail. Why would she do this? Perhaps the woman has more dignity than you. I saw RPC and family just last week in Suva and they looked pretty much a family. But lets focus not on personal family details but the sentence against a smart, brave and young gentleman. God bless him and his family.

  56. I am not a fan of Jr Chaudry , but at this point of time the only person can take head on this baini.kuuim regime is Jr no one else has gut..good on you chaudry you and your dad helped stand up baini and party now time to bring them down...

  57. Anon @ 7:55 PM

    A smart, brave and young gentleman. IS that what you think Rajen ChoodDhry is? That statement of yours is a contradiction with in itself. A woman abuser can't be called "a smart, brave and young gentleman". Are you saying that he is smart to abuse women? Brave to abuse women? He abuses women gently?

  58. Bainimarama knows bestOctober 7, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    With Qarase, Chaudhry Jr., and soon MPC all out of the way, the way will be clear for Commander to become our king Voreqe I. This will be the birth of a great dynasty that will rule Fiji for a thousand years. All that is left to do now is to change the Constitution and then to kill Aiyaz. No one left to oppose us then.

  59. @7.55.....
    Wat family?????Does he even know what a family is? He was in the west whole of last week doing a probono murder trial in Ltka with some other woman by his side....Get your facts right anon7.55.
    He is womaniser and an abuser. I knw this bcos i am victim of his abuse which occured in 2010. I was his client for a divorce matter and he started txtng me and calling me in the middle of the nites. he started flirting and eventually wanted to bed me. He even went to the extent of buying me gifts and lied to me that he was separated. We started dating whilst I was still his client until I found out that whilst he was dating me, he was still living with his wife and son and he was also fkng this Karishma girl. When I dumped him, he didn't take it well and was very abusive on the phone and via sms which I have saved as eveidence.
    This is the RPC I know....a womaniser and a very convincing lier.

  60. say all you want. the truth will always free rpc.

  61. Anon 2:25, I don't know -- or even very much care -- whether what you say is true. I'm not a Chaudhry supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to ask, if it IS true, then why didn't you testify to this to the ILSC? Obviously you're not shy about putting your personal life out there for the world to see. So why are you litigating this on C4.5 instead of with the ILSC -- so that Rajen doesn't have the chance to tell HIS part of the story? 

    If Rajen did these things, then he should have a case to answer. But that should be before an independent ethics panel by his peers, not in a kangaroo court controlled by traitorous political opponents or on a blog site.

  62. Tau Semi Meo Nobody can answer some of your qurries and assumptions....kua mada na viavia ovisa vakalecaleca tiko.Lai tarogi koya na cava na vuna baleta e ka rairai ca ni dua na kai dia e vakadavora e dua na kawa ni qaqa vaqori mai Namuka.
    Kenai karua ka kua mada na viavia dau rairai tiko mo via parofisaitaka tiko na ka sebera ni yaco vua .........de lakolako dua na na mata lotu ni qaravi tevoro o tekivuna mai Aussie.O daquwawa ga na tevoro sa vo ka waraki iko tiko kena vo ni tevoro era sa dro ena rarama ni lotu keitou kauta yani..

  63. Anonymous @7.55.

    To convince your bloggers you should print the evidence you have in your possession.
    This may open more scrutiney for the Chaudhry Family.
    Good Luck.

  64. @2.25pm well said. Are you that Reporter lady? I recall my wife served these two ladies with the same top on and it happen to be his wife and mistress by coincidence.

    RPC, please RIP. Your time is up. Like Osama Bin Laden, he should be shot but given a sugar cane field funeral.

  65. Anon @ 2.25 - you seem to know a lot about the guy.Too smart for your own good I think. Or is it sheer jealousy?

  66. @ Nadi
    Rajend is a sound lawyer which khaiyum is unable to digest..Khaiyum should get a life and stay out of others...His suspension is political...Fijians dont need to be a rocket scientists to figure that out, but let me assure you that Rajend will have the last laugh....
    I have been a client of RC and he has NEVER misbehaved, and you who has accused him of lying and womanizing whilst he was your counsel need to get help...RC has been a public figure so you should have used some of your grey matter and found out what his marital status was before you decided to get banged by him....Remember it takes two to tango...Rajend we love you and praying for you, your appeal will be a success...Keep your chin up!!!

  67. kaidia vaka loga ni tapi said...
    kai bau ka kua ni levu na nomu vosa sega na kemu vei tapioka,bau no qele no vei tapioka
    October 5, 2012 9:39 PM


  68. RBF says economy is doing well. So why can’t wages be raised ?

    If the economy is doing so well then it follows that wages should also be doing well, but thats not so because 70% of workers in this country continue to earn below the poverty line

    Economy doing well: RBF

    13:03 Mon Oct 08, 2012

    Taken from/By: FBC News
    Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

    The latest forecast of 2.7 percent economic growth this year is being reviewed as the government finalizes the 2013 budget.

    However – Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Inia Naiyaga says all economic indicators are moving in line with expectations.

    “Real sector growth has been broad-based with some sectors exhibiting lower growth than forecasted and some others exceeding forecast. Investment is picking up and consumption is strong.”

    He adds – the banking sector is performing well.

    “The satisfactory performance of the banking system is characterized by strong levels of capital, adequate liquidity – indeed liquidity levels have been at all time highs in recent years, higher profitability and revived lending trends which in the recent years were assessed to be on slow growth.”

    Fiji’s foreign reserves remain under the $1.6 billion mark and the central bank says the financial system remains sound

  69. RPC and wife only have a marriage of convenience because of the child. This is agreed upon by both parties after the wife's child custody application was thrown out by the magistrate bcos she filed living under the same roof. He is living in the same house with another woman, the same woman from sigatoka who coerced the drugist to withdraw, on RPC's request. However, this is their personal choice, even though it is unethical for the wife, child and mistress to live in the same house. eeeewwwwww.......
    But as always, RPC doesn't think so there is anything wrong in doing so....arrogant Chaudhry's.

  70. @Nadi.
    So you thought you would take out some divorce revenge on your husband by getting RPC to bang you. Well you wouldnt be the first divorcee to get into such a situation. Seems like you are bitter that he did not leave his wife for you. Like someone said, you should have done your research. People get propositioned every day. It is your duty to cover your bases. Hell truly hath now fury like a woman scorned.

  71. @2.25
    I was also his client in that year and RC NEVER misbehaved with me, he has a repetition and a status where girls like you spoil it. when you dint complain that time then why are you doing it now, you are not a kid you could have spoken up bt NO cz you needed a lawyer to fight your case FOC.and his a public figure everybody knows that his married and has a son. They are a happy family together.RPC is a real HERO of this nation. wish u all the best and we are praying for you..

  72. @ anon 2:55 I went thru a similar situation with rpc. I also know for a fact that what you say about karishma is true.

  73. Read judgement n make own mind. How silly can a oawyer get,. Fiji Police should reinestigate rape allegation.

  74. I agree its RPC's personal business who he sleeps with. However, he broke the most basic of rules which every lawyer knows, don't sign your own client's affidavit. Now was RPC arrogant or just did not understand this basic stuff? I hade to think the latert.

    I must say he fights his case with lot of vigor. To a lay man, its great. But in the arena of the court, its not like a speach you give as a politican or an unionist. You are suppose to follow norms/rules. Rajend lacked this. He compensated his legal knowledge with showmanship. Nothing wrong with that RPC has a few other case coming to ILC. He took money if you have a different goal.

    RPC would be lost if he did not get his briefings and advice from Howards lawyers And former high court master. In fact, RPC would not know the difference between right and wrong if it waas not for Him.

    RPC was a pal at Messey Uni and he broke all rules there. MPC saved his arse so many times. He stole from the dairy shop. He stole from his father's acccount and what more.

    RPC is more shit than bull. His courage to speak is because of the backing of his unionist father. Felix has toned him down.

    He will have lots of time to visit his father in jail soon.

  75. @ anon 10.35 & 5.35
    I thnk you both are uneducated filthy garbage dumped by your husbands first and now accussing someone else. when he approached, you both had the rite to say NO why you guys let it happen at the first place?? he will fite through this and win for sure. stop wasting your time and others.. "BITCHES".RC our prayers are with you..

  76. @anon 10.49. You seem like another jealous no profile lawyer rearing his green eyed head. RPC is a courageous young lawyer and one of only a handful to challenge FB and ASK. That's why Madigan shafted him. His uni days were a long time ago. Try to live in the present and stick to the issue of his suspension. RPC and his dad will be just fine.

  77. fact of today fiji is ran by AG and very soon the tlibans will take over us. RPC shud be given stay as lot of peoples hopes are from him. These people are taking it as political. Politics aside dont spoil someones career.


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