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Monday, October 1, 2012

FTUC: regime only has itself to blame for the GSP trade hearings

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has responded to statements from the illegal leader, the Ministry of Information, Fiji Sun and the illegal Attorney General regarding the United States GSP Trade Hearings.

National secretary Felix Anthony says the statements appear to deliberately attempt to instil fear in people and to again play the blame  game, singling FTUC out for the predicament that the regime finds itself in. 

"The people of  Fiji will not be bamboozled with the overnight 'love' the regime and its supporters appear to have developed for workers in Fiji."

Anthony says over the past three years, the regime has systematically repressed trade union and workers’ rights.

"These rights are universal and are clearly stated in the Core ILO Conventions, which the regime has promised on numerous occasions to respect, the last being at the United Nations General Assembly. 

"The ILO reports of the Freedom of Association Committee and the  Committee on the Applications of Standards have clearly stated the violations and requested that the Regime  act upon the recommendations of the Committees.

"The regime has to date not acted on the reports. When  the ILO mission on invitation of the regime arrived in Fiji to assist the regime to comply with the Conventions, the regime was quick to expel the mission."

Anthony says Frank Bainimarama's attack on trade unionist is another excuse for the bad advice that he has taken from the illegal attorney general on the draconian Decrees. 

He says the FTUC is no longer convinced the regime’s promises to respect labour rights can be taken seriously. 

"It is time that the regime stop making empty promises and attempting to defend its actions by  blaming others who are not responsible for the violations. 

"Calling the FTUC’s  actions  as  “un-Fijian”  is  a  bad  joke.  We  ask,  is  it  Fijian  to  overthrow  an  elected Government, is it Fijian to violate citizens’ human rights, is it Fijian to violate workers’ rights, is it Fijian to intimidate the people of Fiji, is it Fijian to mislead people, Is it Fijian to disrespect indigenous institutions and traditions?"

Anthony says the FTUC is not  seeking the withdrawal of GSP on Fiji goods but rather a clear time frame, without undue delay, in which the labour rights will be restored and respected in Fiji. 

"If that is not done then the regime will have no one to blame but itself. Employers who benefit from this GSP with the US also have a responsibility to urge the regime to act responsibly rather than blame FTUC. The FTUC is not responsible for the labour rights violations which will be examined in the hearings in Washington."


Kamlesh Kumar said...

15000 jobs lost. How many families would be affected by this? Why now? Why not in 2006? At least we know the election will be held in 2014. Things can change after the election. Unionists think about poor people and their families.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh your comments very funny..why they delayed the salary increase impemented by the wages council.....another ploy by government.....stop being a fool...wake up and see wat this government is doing.....taking loans from every country and people praising about wat they do....they dont know loans have to be paid back.....

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar you can suck up to Frank and Aicici. Workers are going to have their day.

Anonymous said...

This regime shows the world that things are fine at home, while really there is torture, suppression, intimidation, and all sorts of bullying tactics.
Look at the comments by its rep at the latest UN General Assembly.
All white wash, and false hopes.
We have had enough of these show, the people need to see some real and genuine steps instead of these so called 'road map' taking us no where.

Jone said...

Felix only thinks of his pocket. If he had genuine apathy for labors, he would share his loot with the FSC workers. He underhandedly took a lot of money from FNPF and from sugars workers. Felix if you can't do anything good just make like a bird and fly away or make like a leaf and leave. You are an insult to human kind.

Radiolucas said...

@ Kamlesh

"Unionists think about poor people and their families."

Unionists are not doing this. The US Government is because ASK and Frank are breaching their responsibilities under the US Generalised System of Preferences.

If they cared to be responsible about ANYTHING that they did, the regime would think about what they did BEFORE they did it. Not blame everyone else for things that they created.

It is a joke.

Anonymous said...

M not a fan of the IG. M not a fan of the union leaders also. Felix was quick to jump to bed the IG in 2006 with D Urai and Rajeshwar Singh. They were rewarded with directorship to Boards. They made huge sums. They drive cars that cost more than 10 times a house owned by a wage earner in FSC.

The reason they are making noises now is because their own union workers will not be directly affected. But some poor fijian worker at FMF or at Fiji water factory. Do Felix care? No.

He opens his mouth now because he want votes. Our poor workers will vote for him cos they don't know what is right or wrong. I had wriiten earlier that the demise of the sugar industry is because of MPC and Felix. They have made FSC suffer financial losses which we fork out as taxes since Govt has to bail FSC.

Felix where was your moral and ethical value that you espouse now in 2006? You supported the IG. You made heaps in allowances.

mark manning said...



Anonymous said...

Kumar must have been one of Franks whore. No what Frank is right.

Anonymous said...

Where is the first Labour MP in Fiji--proff Silly Yukt Satendra Pratap None--Done ??----hiding in Meigunyah with his nephews and eating goat curry with his black label !!--only person missing is the other goat eater Krishna Dutt --Oh ! let's not forget the Kanjoos miser millionaire MP Chordhry.-never puts his hand in the pocket-biggest Kanjoos.--unlike Gopal Mistry !!

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh, why now? Why not in 2006?

Because since 2006 Fiji has been under the boot heel of an illegal, anti-democratic and anti-labour regime.

'At least we know the election will be held in 2014'. Yeah, right! The same way we knew elections would be held in 2009.

Are the unionists to blame for Fiji's current predicament or Fiji's rogue military? Washington will examine the issues and decide that question much more fairly than Suva.

And Kamlesh, I'll give you 10 to 1 odds that Washington will decide against you and your lying regime.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum

My fellow Fijians; don't be misled by opportunist Unionists like Felix, Daniel and Rajeshwar Singh. When we executed the coup in 2006, these were the first individuals who congratulated and joined our Government on form of advisors and advocates! Daniel was the first to comment that we should throw Chaudhary and Qarase in prison. Felix pleaded to be on FNPF Board so that he could look after his members and convince them that the coup was the answer to Fiji. They are now feeling left out by the Bainimarama Government after we discovered that they were there only for themselves and not our cause or the people of Fiji. We have embarked on this path to clean out the unions and if we lose preferential treatment by our trading partners like USA we will ride this wave and China, Cuba, Georgia, India, and other recent associations will continue to support us. 15000 workers is a small price to pay for our beloved country and for our future generations. These workers can turn to the soil and plant for survival. We need to become more confident of being less reliant on overseas bullies. I am working hard to get the Prime Minister to become the President of Fiji so that I can run the country and drive these evil union leaders out of office! I challenge Felix, Daniel and Rajeshwar to declare their remunerations like I did when I joined Bainimarama . Note that Fiji is a wonderful place to create wealth at the expense of illiterate Military officers and an ailing Commander and Prime Minister.

The breaking news today is that my fellow Muslim brother Aziz is now counting his last days in freedom,
he will be removed from the military and charged for
perverting the cause of justice. Aziz has always tried to remove me but I have convinced PM to remove and make an example of him. Note I am a Muslim and nothing comes in between PM and me!!! Pio will be next!!

I am looking forward to the day when I reinstate the GCC and get Ro Teimumu to serve me grog!!! I will be invited to open the Bose Levu Vakaturaga!

We also have managed through FICAC to get details of many deals of Health Minister Neil and will be laying charges and exiting him soon.

PSC PS Chand will soon be replaced by someone more competent. He has been corrupt and we have evidence of his deals! Highway Stabilizers, Malt House, etc. He has never supported me and I will make him pay the ultimate price!! He can spend time with his PM Qarase soon!!

I have also had discussions with Prime Minister and have been advised that Driti will be reinstated and Teleni will return to head Defence!

My fellow Fijians, be rest assured you are in good hands and I will make each and everyone rich by taxing the gujuratis !!! The gujis have been the benefactor of all coups and I will make them pay for their deeds!!

May Peace be upon All
AG - Peoples Choice

Anonymous said...

People a high powered telescopic riffle was found in Sabeto with the three guys who were charged by Police for assaulting the tourist who was air lifted to New Zealand and guess what the military Intel guys were involved and have taken the rifle with not a word in the news. This is very scary a lot is happening which people r not aware of, lets hope nothing big is brewing as there is lots of undercurrent now. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Felix well said mate.
Frank time for you to sack khaiyum and stop blaming the Union.
Take all this bs decree out .Khaiyum is leading you and fiji in wilderness.
Enough of this illegal AG dictating fijians.

Frank and Army open your eyes
Khaiyum is like Jhina .
who divided India and Parkistan.
Frank if you have heart for fiji .
pls restore back 1997 constitution and go back to the barrack and face the court for treason.
Fiji will become like Uganda .no jobs and money.
I hope you will do the right thing for fiji and its people.
Enough of the blame the game.
Time to follow the rule of law and the 1997 Constitution.
God Bless Fiji.

Dead man walking said...

What will the translators say when they have to turn the word "bamboozled" into the vernacular?

I sense from this that Felix is scared. He has lit a match and if it goes off, he may as well stay overseas. If anyone loses their jobs over this he is a dead man politically in Fiji.

Carlton said...

Baini, no man no cry. Can you sell those goods to China? You made so many trips there. Their top man was here recently.

Anonymous said...

Is Waqa dead???

Anonymous said...

We know the sins of the past of some of us but wer'e supposed to b moving ahead. We can get rid ofthe regime by presenting a united front. Every time an ati-Anthony story comes up, it aids the illegal BainiKhaiyum. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

At Dead man walking

"If anyone loses their jobs over this he is a dead man politically in Fiji."

Thousands have lost their jobs since December 2006. Kidanet is laying off 12 people today. Fiji Water laid off 100 people last December. KFC closed its operations in Fiji last year leaving 200 people unemployed. PBS closed its business earlier this year leavig 100 people unemployed. 70% of workers in this country earn below the poverty line today.

Not FTUC's making this problem. It is the Government's making.

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony is doing the right thing.

Baianimarama is a lying thief. He is now crying crocodile tears.

After he has tortured and murdered people and has caused an increase in young Fijian men committing suicide and an increase in malnutrition and poverty and now has the nerve to tell us he is doing us good.
What an arsehole!
Bainimarama needs to be brought to Justice for all his crimes.
He is nothing but bad-news for Fijians.

You have to wonder how come stupid Fijian soldiers are still supporting him

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Unionists have done enough damage to our country since the Alliance government. The result of their recklessness is the ailing sugar industry, not to mention, thousands who have lost their jobs because of the union leaders' refusal for compromise. The latest now is workers in the country may not get a pay increase because the FTUC called off all its members from the wages councils's recent meeting which would have confirmed a favourable rate for the workers. Alas, this did not eventuate because there was no quorum for the wages councils. If the government is sincere, it will continue and award the increases anyway. But, if it is to decide on technicality, then the workers lose out, yet again, all because of selfish FTUC!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news from US senate, Washington DC:

Hearing on Fiji's GSP status was temporarily interrupted when Medical Staff and cleaning ladies were called in to assist Sharvada Nand Sharma after he shitted in his pants and passed out after seeing the enormity of the US Senate. By the way who is this Sharvada Nand Sharma?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, did you ever go to school dickhead? A primary school kid writes better than you. Go back to primary and start learning asshole.

Anonymous said...

We're ALL dead politically in Fiji. We've lost our government. We've lost our vote. We've lost our rights. We've lost our Constitution. We've lost our institutions. We've lost our pride. We've lost our country.

Bainimarama and the Chinese have taken everything.

Politically, we are nothing.

The Heckler said...

Once Frank so upset Dakuwaqa,
That the shark brought a friend here from Tonga.
Together the pair
Gave Frank such a scare,
He doesn't dare go to the UNGA.

The Heckler said...

Thinking to make Dakuwaqa his dish,
Frank said "Now I'll fix you, you fish!"
But since the ILO came
He isn't the same
His swagger is now more a swish.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarma betrays Khaiyum. News breaking out of Suva confirms that Baini is the next President of Fiji after Nailatikau term expires on 12 October 2012. He has selected Taleni as Interin PM for two years to Sep 2014. Khaiyum is sit angry as he was promised the PM job. Now Baini knows all taukie ministers and Military Council hates this man who dominiated Fiji for last 6 years. Now he is weeping away In warwick hotel away from all the dealings in Delai Nabua where he is not welcome. No interviews from Kaiyum for two weeks now. No sign of him. Taleni has made it clear he wants him out as AG. Now the dog fight starts for who is going to replace ASK as AG?

The Heckler said...

Jericho isn't the reason
Why Frank isn't happy this season.
Its more just the fear
That this very next year
Might see him hanged for his treason.

Anonymous said...

Frank is scared of the workers of this country. The union is not at fault, the government is trying very, very hard to weaken the Unions because they fear the power of the Workers...
HARD LUCK Frank and Khaiyum!!
Keep it up FTUC!!!! If we lose our jobs now, no worries, at least we will not lose our beloved country to these thugs!! We are not like the 'no school' military and other security forces personnel. If we lose our jobs now, we can always managed like we've done for the past years, ulike those 'ulukau' soldiers who will find themselves in the streets if they lose their jobs.
Workers must make a UNITED STAND, don't let Bainimarama talk shit to us and try to 'vesumona' us into believing that FTUC is working against us. FTUC represent the workers while the Regime represent themselves ONLY.
Bainimarama is a wellknown liar, WE MUST NOT FORGET THAT, even the members of the International Communities knows that. My fellow workers!!! We must sacrifice for the sake of our future. Trade Unions RIGHTS must be protected or else we will be forever powerless and trampled upon by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Radiolucas said...

@ The Heckler 12:58

Well done!

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

saw aiasss at private hospital yesterday,,,,looked very sick and depressed....
watch the army make a traditional apology to GCC and all will be back to normal,,,,typical eh??

Carlton said...

Nice contributions comming in. Great, good quality. keep it up.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

The union between Frank and Khaiyum has been anunholy one but heighly profitable for both. I'm beginning to think the time has come for Frank to prise himself free from Khaiyum but he will have to prove to the 800,000 people of Fiji that he is genuine. Behind the scenes both camps have been fighting for the good name of their leader but as they said in the film The Highlander: there can only be one.

Anonymous said...

I hope the US puts sanctions against Fiji so employees and employers alike can open their eyes and see that the regime is corrupt.

The pain of losing their livelihood might actually get people off their backsides to fight for their democracy and freedom.

Kai Bau said...

The rumour about Voreqe taking over the president and Fatty Teleni the PM might be true.A blogger Kai Bau Dinadina mentioned that a Viwan Chief going around the Tikina Bau for them to back Voreqe in the election.As Ive mentioned earlier that the ex BLV lawyer MR Komaisavai and Voreqe were not in good terms but the above rumour could be true because these two gentlemen are both inthe Tailevu rugby union management and also people must remember that thse two are blood related and they come from the Vusaratu clan despite the president who from the Tui Kaba clan......VERE VAKABAU......again if the above annon blogger comments about the army seeking forgiveness from the BLV I reckon that all the signs are there and only time will tell.If someone can bring in the BLV together again it will be MR Komaisavai because of his chiefly connection to the 3 conferandacy and also because of his influence as their laywer.....big suspicion and also confusion amongst the i Taukei.....watch the vere vakabau guys...

Apisai Tora-Sabeto said...

What is wrong with Chinese immigrants and their presence overgrowing presence in Fiji? They are the best immigrants in the world. They work very hard. They commit the least crimes. The Chinese government is pouring billions to develop Fijian infrastructure. My plea is to chase indians out and replace them with Chinese. They are not bothered about politics.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau
When end game is here the matanigasau is the last option ,,,that's all in the strategy,,,,as long as no one goes to prison.
The abuse of traditions will keep on going on by these traitors....

Paparazzi said...

Does anyody know if any other news organisation has been cited for contempt since the media decree? None of the details of the Tai Nicholas has been given but the information about the apology and the donation to the PM's appeal speaks for itself. No wonder they got done.

Court finds Fiji Times guilty of contempt
Publish date/time: 02/10/2012 [10:05]

Fiji Times Limited has been has been found guilty of contempt of court by High Court Judge Justice William Calanchini.

Justice Calanchini has today ruled that he has found Fiji Times Limited, the publisher at the time Brian O’Flaherty and Editor Fred Wesley guilty of contempt scandalizing the court.

The story related to comments printed in the sports pages about the judiciary by Oceania Football Confederation secretary Tai Nicholas.

Justice Calanchini said to the extent that the affidavit sworn by Wesley purported to explain the system they have, it is apparent from the affidavits of two reporters that whatever system was in place at the time was either ineffective, unsupervised or not sufficiently monitored.

Wesley also said in his affidavit that although he was not at work on the day before the publication of the story, he stated that even if he had been at work, it was unlikely that he would have read the story.

In his judgement, Justice Calanchini said whatever the reason, the responsibility for the publication of the material must be borne by both the publisher and the editor.

Justice Calanchini also highlighted a further story in the Fiji Times on June 30th this year about the OFC president apologizing to the government and a photo right next to it showing the OFC making a $25,000 donation to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.

He said the apology as printed is coming from a person who was not a party to the proceedings and had no direct involvement in the proceedings.

He has now invited counsel as part of the mitigation hearing to address him on why he should not consider the material on June 30th as an aggravating factor of a grave nature.

The mitigating submission hearing date is yet to be set.

Fiji Times was represented by QC Julian Miles while Acting Solicitor General Sharvada Sharma represented the Attorney General.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Please enough on the chiefs and all this nonsense. They're not to blame its the wannabe chiefs politicians and the chiefs who have become politicians. And they use the GCC to satisfy their interests. That's why they cannot afford to let it go. All a bunch of free riders. What is wrong with ONE government - the democratic one that this blog site espouses???

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has admitted that 15000 jobs could be lost if we lose duty free entry for our goods to the USA. Instead of saying immediately that he’ll scrap the Decree governing worker’s rights, which is the root cause of the problems, he’s blaming trade unions. What he can’t admit is that the decree was a mistake. It was worked out by Khaiyum with his buddy who runs Air Pacific/Fiji Airways with the specific aim of crushing the airline’s unions. It’s the same old story: Khaiyum can never admit a mistake so Frank can’t make any change to avoid disaster. Frank’s steering the bus but he’ll drive it straight over the cliff if that’s what Khaiyum tells him to do. We only have to look at what happened to the sugar industry after Frank rejected EU aid to know what will happen and why. His attempt to say that he’s going to review the act to see it conforms to the 34 International Labour Organisation conventions that Fiji has ratified fools no-one. He’s made past promises which proved to be worthless. He’s got to admit the mistake immediately or watch 15000 jobs go. All it takes is the courage to say no to Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has admitted that 15000 jobs could be lost if we lose duty free entry for our goods to the USA. Instead of saying immediately that he’ll scrap the Decree governing worker’s rights, which is the root cause of the problems, he’s blaming trade unions. What he can’t admit is that the decree was a mistake. It was worked out by Khaiyum with his buddy who runs Air Pacific/Fiji Airways with the specific aim of crushing the airline’s unions. It’s the same old story: Khaiyum can never admit a mistake so Frank can’t make any change to avoid disaster. Frank’s steering the bus but he’ll drive it straight over the cliff if that’s what Khaiyum tells him to do. We only have to look at what happened to the sugar industry after Frank rejected EU aid to know what will happen and why. His attempt to say that he’s going to review the act to see it conforms to the 34 International Labour Organisation conventions that Fiji has ratified fools no-one. He’s made past promises which proved to be worthless. He’s got to admit the mistake immediately or watch 15000 jobs go. All it takes is the courage to say no to Khaiyum.

Ahmed said...

Apisai Tora @ 6:07 PM

Apisai your are back to your old mischief when you have one leg on banana peel and another in your grave. Just remember that Sid Koya is no longer in this world to save your arse.

Khuda Hafiz

Storm said...

This is just a way for the US Government to force Fiji to relinquish its new found friendship with China and rejoin the US including its allies. China is really threatening the US dominance of a lot of things and Fiji, being a very strategic location in the Pacific, is a great buddy of the gents in Beijing. US does not want that - so what do they do, they dangle the GSP carrot to get that Fijian rabbit to return to their fold

Fijiana said...

Former presidential contender and billionaire Ross Perot is worried that America is a sitting duck for an unnamed foreign invader. In an interview for his new autobiography, Perot said the nation's weak economy has left us open for a hostile takeover—and neither presidential candidate is the man to save the country.

Citing an impending fiscal cliff, Perot warned of disaster. "If we are that weak, just think of who wants to come here first and take us over," the former CEO of info-tech company Perot Systems told USA Today on Monday.

"The last thing I ever want to see is our country taken over because we're so financially weak, we can't do anything," Perot says.

When asked for his take on the presidential race, Perot added, "Nobody that's running really talks about it, about what we have to do and why we have to do it. They would prefer not to have it discussed."

However cryptic he may be, this is the first political reckoning by Perot in years, ever since he withdrew from the political landscape after the fall of his Reform Party in the 2000 election. The man who ran the most successful third-party campaigns in contemporary American politics also expressed optimism about the current tea party activism and its efforts to "wake up" both Washington and the electorate.

Still, he thinks that even the fresh voices in the populist, small-government tea party movement aren't focusing on the real doomsday issue: the deficit. Comparing the Washington establishment to a bunch of fiscal drunks, Perot is still waiting for America to undergo an intervention, before it finds itself owned by a new global power. "It's like the guy who's drinking—sooner or later, he's got to put a cork on the bottle, right?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:30, how to achieve such a democratic government? Not at gunpoint. Not by forcing the scrapping of the Constitution. Not by dismantling constitutional structures in unconstitutional ways. Not through treason.

Anonymous said...

Apisai is right when he says that the Chinese don't bother with politics. They also don't bother with the law.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum - (Peoples Choice AG)

My fellow Fijians, it is very encouraging to see the amount of contributors to this blog! No doubt the numbers are small and there is a sense of excitement when there are plans of disruption or anxiety in Fiji by this small insignificant group. Operation Jericho was really exciting; I infect asked my driver to hoot loudly for one minute on the particular day, guess what we were the only ones hooting!!! What amazing collaboration and cohesion this bloggers have. I want to remind you that I am the appointed AG by the President of Fiji, not by Prime Minister Bainimarama or anyone else. My appointment is legitimate and in terms of legislature more powerful than Bainimarama's or people's President Nailatikau.

I have heard many criticisms and curses in many forums and blogs, I believe firmly on the policy " sticks and stones" so good luck to those that are trying to hurt me!

Breaking news is that I am currently restructuring the Government Public Enterprises. No one seems to be forth coming to accept board positions despite our recent advertisement. As such I will assume Executive Authority (not that I am not in control) and sell off those assets that will not be a strategical Government asset. AFL and Post Fiji are on my list. We have recently sold off Rewa Dairy to Ajit, apologies to CJ Patel. Well I couldn't do the deal with Tappoos as they recently sent me a bill for my recent shopping spree!! Also Tappoos are now becoming intolerable with their ongoing demands to me!!! Ok they bailed me out but I have paid them back 10 fold!!

I also want to let the contributors to the Constitution Review Commission know that the exercise is merely a process to get international acceptance. Bainimarama's Government has accepted my constitution which will be the final document on the context of acceptance by the people of Fiji through the CRC process! Good luck to the contributors. Also this is a small manner of showing my appreciation to Ghai who got my degree and thesis grades!!!

Well bloggers happy blogging, nothing changes in our lives!! Bainimarama has assured me that for anyone to attempt to overthrow me or attempt to kill me, I can sacrifice the soldiers who are my human shield!! Laughable indeed! Fiji is really changing where the i-taukeis are hell bent to protect me from the new brand Fijians!!

Good luck to you bloggers!! This site is really my substitute to Valium!!

Peace upon all my fellow Fijians
Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum!!!
AG to all of you!!

Anonymous said...

ASK is already trying to distance himself from Bainimarama's treason, saying that he didn't participate in the 2006 coup. But the coup wasn't the regime's only act of treason. Everyday that ASK is serving in his many illegal capacities is another day he is acting treasonously.

No statute of limitations applies to treason. The customary punishment is death by hanging.

Anonymous said...

If Anonymous 12:57 is right, then again Dakuwaqa has been calling it absolutely correctly for the last many, many months. His '18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama' thesis would seem to be coming true, after all.

Anonymous said...

Trade unionists in western countries are paid 6 figures sums. In London UK recently they tried to derail the Olympics by threatening the government with transportation strikes. They frequently demands unrealistic sums from consistantly broke companies and governments.
Now politicians are no angels either with their pre-election promises and once in power a u-turn excuse with bullshit reasons. Now add the fact that democracy is a western imperialism invention that is said to be the only way. Now think about it, few hundred years ago slavery was acceptable and couple before that the British empire tried to colonise the world and make everybody speak English.
Infact the Americans were actually British settlers who defied the British empire government tax act which led to the revolution. In both Britain and US gay civil ceremony act were passed because it was their human right even though biologically it makes no sense, but because the west said its right the rest of the world should follow.
And recently in Britain there's another gay movement trying to redefine marriage to include same sex couples so therefore marriage as we know it to be between male and female is on the brink of extinction but hey it's the democracy way right.
So the questions is, just what exactly is democracy and is it really suitable for the whole world, is it suitable for Fiji??? If the British and Americans passed the same sex marriage as democracy then Fiji being a democracy is inclined to follow, what will our children call their parents then, will Dad and Mum still be democratic. Also the Aussies were convicts rejects of the British Empire who still mistreats their fellow Australian native(abo) and their trade unions influence their government policies. So do we follow everything the western democracy says and does.
To conclude, my fellow Fijian be very careful what you wish for. Is it better to forge our own Fiji style of government where we can take some western democracy values but not all of it instead instilled some of our own brand. Or do we go full west.
What the past 20+ years of coups, very soon 3 different constitutions has shown is that the full western democracy does not suite us, we have to develop our own brand through learning from our past mistakes and some good values and policy in the western style democracy.
I will hold my breath till 2014 and see what happens, those saying lets go back to 1997 constitution and restore previous government, hasn't the 2000 and 2006 coup shown that perhaps we need a change, and yes there's a legal way of doing it but why hasn't it been done already??? We've been independent since the 70s, politicians as usual have been making promises ever since.
We shall wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Aw shit! I hope I didn't give away a thousand dollars during Jericho to the AG's driver! If that was him, he WAS pretty loud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:10, you make some good points, but much of what you say is also pretty wide of the mark.

Democracy is a western imperialist invention? I don't think the ancient Greeks can be called imperialists. They lived in independent city-states and were the nemesis of the imperialist system of the day, which was that of the Medes.

Are you trying to suggest that slavery was a western imperialist invention, too?

The Wilberforce laws of the British Empire were perhaps the biggest factor leading to the demise of slavery in most of the world. I say 'most' because slavery still exists.

The debate about gay marriage is really about whether it should be a civil right. That's not the same as a human right. Many democratic societies do not embrace the concept of gay marriage. Acceptance of homosexual marriage is not a prerequisite of democracy.

In the New Fiji, the regime has decriminalised homosexual behaviour, by the way. I infer from your remarks that you think that's a bad thing.

The failure of Fiji's military to honour and uphold Fiji's constitutions is an indictment of our military, not our constitutions.

I suggest that democracy is not the problem. The real problem is rather the military's anti-democratic attitudes, which stem largely from the Fijian public's poor understanding and non-internalisation of democratic principles.

By all means, we should seek out what works best for Fiji. But before we throw out the baby with the bath water, I suggest we first give democracy an honest try.

Shiek Hussein said...

We are also great full to Baininmarama for listening so well to Khaiyum. With help of our brother Mohammed Tora will make Fiji a Muslim state. Our Taliban brothers will come to Fiji and train the military and will be the elite security guards for For Brother Khaiyum, Brother Mohammed Bainimarama and Brother Mohammed Tora. So clear the way and be ready for New Fiji.

Khuda Hafiz

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 3:10

Greece is part of the European union, most of the English words derived from the Greek language. British historian believe part of their heritage is from the Greeks hence the British empire adopted democracy but with abit of their own flavour, the knock on effects went on to the Americans who after the revolution adopted it as well but with their own version. They then went on to become a super power so if you think about it, the British empire tried to spread democracy all over the world and the American took over because both were birds of the same feather. The Australians same story.
Now look at the Chineese, Arabians, Russian formerly USSR and formerly the northerners, Africans, these nations and ethnic people have been in existence for thousands of years with their own style of government.

As for giving democracy an honest try, haven't we been doing that since independence, you're right the military attitude towards democracy is not good but then the 2000 coup wasn't the military, infact they helped restored democracy. So as much as the military is to be blamed the politicians, the chiefs, church ministers, head of businesses they all played their part.

The only difference is the military use guns and force but those others use manipulation. Democracy Fiji version is what we need or should try because we've been trying British version, Australian version and it hasn't helped. We forge our own Fiji pacific style then maybe the rest of the pacific could use ours as a foundation to their version.

I seriously think the time for copying everything the west does is up. We now have to start thinking on our own and coming up with our own ideas.