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Monday, October 1, 2012

Huge anticipation over Naboro escapees court appearance

Isoa Waqa
The first of the Naboro escapees are expected to appear in the Magistrates Court in Suva this morning but which ones remain to be seen.

Police have been forced to issue a statement saying the escapees are all alive after talk one of them (named as Waqa Isoa) had died in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

Another, who had his leg broken, was said to have had it amputated.

Police spokesperson Rusiate Tudravu has told media it's all lies and “I want to assure the public that all the recaptured escapees are alive,” adding “If you want to know the truth, you have to contact the Police.” 

There is no excuse for the lies, but police only have themselves to blame for the 'confusion' over the situation with the escapees and their state of  health.

They and the media have deliberately downplayed the messy campaign to recapture the escapees and the brutal treatment meted out to them when they were caught.

Even yesterday, they were still insisting the beatings were allegations and defending the use of force saying members of the joint security forces operation were injured.

The regime's denials were propped up by the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, who said security forces deserved support. 

Editor's Note at 1pm: Neither Isoa Waqa nor the prisoner with a broken leg appeared in court today. In fact, there was no mention of Waqa in media stories today which referred only to four prisoners and naming them as Tevita Sugu, Solomoni Qurai, Epeli Qaraniqio and Josaia Usumaki - all of whom according to the police prosecutor were still under observation in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital. Fiji Village says the case will be recalled next Monday with Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili wanting to see an updated medical report by Friday.


Dinboy said...

lies and more lies to come. I am sure Khaiyum will be installing Fijis own internet flitter just like Iran and boot google out so that everyone can listent one men goverment. Sharia Law at work.. feel so sori for the prisoners.. shame on this goverment and its security forces who kills and torcher nothing has changed from day one of the coup till now.

Ilegal PM said...

PM: We don't condone this

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, October 01, 2012

PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has hit out on the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers when arresting criminals or suspects.

Referring to the assault on the five escapees from Naboro prison last month, Commodore Bainimarama said: "There has been some adverse publicity about the use of excessive force in the recapture of these five escapees. We cannot condone this and we don't. A small group of hardened criminals broke out of Naboro prison and proceeded to terrorise the community, causing significant trauma to honest Fijians who feared for their own and their family's safety.

"We are all outraged that this happened and are doing everything we can to investigate the circumstances. But these criminals were quickly recaptured before they were able to commit serious acts of violence on ordinary Fijians," he said.

He says men and women in uniform do their jobs in the most testing circumstances.

"They and those they serve deserve our support in their efforts to maintain law and order. They work tirelessly to protect Fijians and visitors to Fiji alike."

Speaking at the Divisional Crime Prevention carnival in Lautoka, on Saturday, he said the security forces' effort to recapture the criminals was a clear message that they would not tolerate any breakdown of law and order or any situation that put the health and safety of the people at risk.

Anonymous said...

Na ka oni na vakarau taka ena vakarau taki talega vei kemuni vakacava ke caka vua e dua na luvemuni ena sega beka ni mosi?Qori na levena edua ka vakaitavi taki koya ena qito lewe a vitu ni viti na matamuni cava oni na solia vua ke oni sota vei iko Bainimara qori sai karua ni nomu beitaki ena soli lewa mera moku .O na taura kece na kena i totogi ke sega eke waraka mai kea .

Anonymous said...


The escapees deserve every inch of the treatment metted out to them. Only iron cuts the iron and those who are blowing this issue up are just being idotic.

Anonymous said...

What the public didn't know is Isoa Waqa is a HIV person and the forces were extra careful in how they caught him especially when he resisted arrest and fought them back. Lako mada yani me lai vutuki mick Beddoes kei Shamimi Ali.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 you also need to keep an eye on those who have been accused of harbouring them. some have already gone up in front of the judge.

Anonymous said...

iO VUTUKI MADA mick kei shamima kaukauwa

Anonymous said...

I heard Waqa died and one had his leg amputated. Really sad.

Ex police officer. said...

They are human being created to the image and likeness of GOD and He alone will punish them who dont obey or follow his commandment.O cei o kemudou mo dou mai sauma vei ira na totogi ni vei moku dou cakava tiko.There is a system the court to punish them .Mo dou kila na dra e turu qori mi na tarogi kina.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to know the truth you should speak to the Police"

That is so funny!

Tudravu, you've been lying to us all this time and you expect us to believe you?
Caka tale tiko vei cei na ka qo!

-Valataka na Dina.

SEMI MEO said...

uh...and....Aunty Bessie was a KGB Agent, pure grade one crude oil sprouting along coast of Bligh waters in galloons, Hemp farms as big as Cane farms in North West Vitilevu,…and MCC now sells 3 legged chicken..and the tales goes on..and on…and on…

Of course, no one is minimising the alleged brutality of excessive force that is now rumour churned to be meted out above reasonableness.

Goodness…why can’t we all for once plant our feet down on truth and reality other than flying around and hanging like a flying fox…”beka”…sa beka kece ga na veitolanoa..sa lai vaka na veveka ni beka na noda veitalanoa ..vuka tu ga veka..veka..veka..veka…..

But if truth be told and confirms the amputation and death allegation..well..gona sa dua tale na veitalanoa….ya na cudru kei lomalagi kei vuravura sa na qai tau ena kena gauna dodonu!

Anonymous said...

Seth, you're one sick mothafucka. These prisoners are human beings and yes they broke the law, but that's no excuse to beat them senselessly. I bet you wouldn't say such shit if they're your relation. Shame on you idiot.

mark manning said...

"The jail you plan for me is the one you're gonna rot in." and "Everything you done to me, already been done to you."

Colour Purple, 1985 :-

Anonymous said...

Well we all said let's wait until we see them in court and what they look like. Looks like the government is hiding them and 'under observation' is ironic, isn't it. Anyway if anything drastic has happened to them they will not be able to hide it.

Anonymous said...

O ira ga na kawa ni tamata ravarava e ra dau cakava na i tovo loloviva va qo.

Ke sega na dakai ...vka ga na koli ni Kaidia ...kodro tiko qai sodra tiko.

Eso e ra a kawa ga mai ni tamata lamukamu qai baku.

E sega ni ura me damu ni kua!

E da sega ni vakabauta ni so na na kaiviti e rawa talega ni labati ira na kaivaiti ia era ovisa ka mataivalu.

Pls look through the record and find those officers who normally do this in the past..look at their children..wivesa etc.

They are now reaping for what their fathers did in the past.

Anonymous said...

Baini says "There has been some adverse publicity about the use of excessive force in the recapture of these five escapees. We cannot condone this and we don't."

It is obvious, dickhead, that u don't condone the adverse publicity. Never mind the use of excessive force.

Your day of reckoning is nigh, you cock sucking, arsewipe.

Kai Bau said...

To my Tau Semi Meo,Sitting on the fence is your trade mark.Whats wrong with your numb head.Sa dua na tamani mua muri dau soli vaka veitalia ko tu qori.....io veitalia ga o Bainimarama ni drau sa lasa tiko au talega vei kemuni...barewa ga vei iko......this idiot my tau Mr Meo is full of wishful thinking and sounds like an empty tin....Tau lai taura mada so na memu vuanikau me kua ni ca tiko na qavokavoka...

SEMI MEO said...

..lol…lol…lo.”.Kau Bau”..o vela, o bai tokalulu yavoki tu mai vei!!..ia, barewa tale yani keri….Ratu Tau…so vei keimami dau dredre ni dou balia toka na veikoba ena rara ni qito buka qo ka sa oti mai qo e 6 na yabaki..dpu sega ni qaqa mai lola…dou sega talega ni qaqa mai loli..o nomu kalou kei na kai nomu o Voreqe Bamarama kei na nomudou mataki o Aiyuz e rau dredre kubukubu taki kemudou toka e na veisiga..

Oh..long story short in iglish…some of us prefer to just “commentate” ..’cause, our live are NOT dictated by Bainimarama, Aiyuz, Qarase, Gillard or Obama, Key…..
Tau…sobo, Ratu Tau..o sa baci dro mai ba kava?..sa na baci dua tale na vakasasa keimami sa na cakava qo, ie!

Dau tukuna o ira na tukai keitou mai Namuka na qaqa..."waitui sara me la'i sava"...

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo kei Kai Bau...drau lako tu mada vaka vei tau,drau lai vei tauri kau ti i waitui..kusa,ena bau matata toka kina na nomudrau veitalanoa....oti mo drau qai kacivi Voreqe..me na qai lai dreta ruarua na nomudrau kau,ya sa bau maleka dina qai nomudou ref o Aiyaz..oti dou qai dre taucoko na nona kau!!!!!!!!!!vakadua...tatagi ga nai kedru ya.

Anonymous said...

O namuka e sega ni qaqa, o iratou na tukai kemudou era vakayaga na dakai vei keitou mai na nadogo.

Anonymous said...

Is very sad indeed to hear and read about what had happened to the five escapees. They all say "reasonable force" was used? ha! if that was so, then how come all five are in the colonial hospita fighting for their lives? This is just so pathetic! I agree what they did was wrong, but their duty (police&army) was to recapture the escapees, not recapture and beat them up till they drop! People who are supporting the police & army for what they did, well how about if it had happened to one of your own blood? would you feel happy for what they did or are gonna be angry? for me i do not realy know these escapees personally but for what the police and army done to them makes me weep. Its a violation of their human rights! and on top of that the police & army had taken the law to their own hands, so whats the use for al these laws we have?? for decoration or something?? Well all i can say to the five escapees is that "Let God to the Punishment for what these people had done" Even Jesus forgave the Thief that was crucified beside hime, so why cant we do the same! LET JUSTICE PREVAIL!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should take flowers to these escaped violent convicts in hospital and while we are in hospital hold their hands and give them a massage, spoon feed them if their jaws are broken. Come on you hyprocrites...they are like the Nimsy and all other violent criminals. You all speak out of your bums and we will laugh at the day you get robbed, assaulted, raped and call the police for help...

Anonymous said...

@11:34 AM, and we will laugh at the day you get robbed, assaulted, raped and call the police for help... only to find they're the ones doing the robbing, assaulting, and raping!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:17pm...Blame Rabuka for that. He started it all but allowing criminals to join the Military and Police Force. While your at it, why dont you rape Rabuka and ask him to rape you back than call the police so they can convoy you.

Observer said...

Observer says:

(i) Well it seems everyone is harping about what happened to the five escapees and how brute the force used to bring them in. I've yet to see someone comment on the victims of the five escapees and how they held a nation to ransom for a period of five days post their dramatic escape from the Naboro Medium Security Prison.

(ii) Dickie Bird told us that the five escapees are responsible for all violent robberies that occurred on the night of their escape. This allegation stands to be argued but the victims are 100 percent sure it was them because ,of the facial recognition once photos of the escapees was showed to them and CCTV footage from all the places that were hit that night.

(iii) The first victims were a couple at Muanikau, who were trying to get home from a dinner night out. They were attacked as they were trying to open their gate into their home. How devastating, these couple were completely innocent, yet the thugs (escapees) thought it fit to attack them just to obtain some quick cash or so dickie bird says.

(iv) The second target for the escapees was the Peninsula Hotel, where the staff clearly identified two of the attackers/robbers as Tevita Sugu and Isoa Waqa. The robbers failed to obtain any hard cash because of the bravery of one of the porters and drove away.

(v) The third target for the escapees was the Wishbone eatery at four miles in the Vinod Patel Plaza. Luckily for the public, the eatery was closed at the time because it was after opening hours and the robbers only managed to break window glasses and not some unfortunate person.

(vi) The fourth major target was of course the BSP Bank Samabula and as everyone knows by now from the press reports, it was like a "scene from the movies". Dickie Bird says the robbers were the very same escapees who escaped from Naboro. This allegation still has to be proven in court by our gallant Police officers, but frankly speaking if they are same and one group, then it is appalling the amount of trauma and stress that they have put on the public as a whole. The young innocent children from across the BSP Bank at Suva Primary School were traumatised by what they saw during that lunch time break. My niece, a student of the said school, recalled how they all ran to their classrooms because of what they witnessed and the screaming of bystanders immediately confronted by the robbers. My niece doesn't want to return to school for fear of what transpired that day. She says that many of the students wanted their parents to come and pick them up immediately and this can be confirmed by the school authorities.

So to conclude, we must not judge our law enforcement officers for the the way the escapees were arrested because the escapees knew very well what was coming to them. Lets not be hypocrites and stop the blame game.
As the Fijian saying goes..."o koya ga sa kabata na bai, e na kati koya na gata"...


Jone said...

Observer, our gallant police didn't arrest the escapees. They simply called in the RFMF, let the army arrest and beat the prisoners in their custody, and then afterwards took delivery of what was left of them. The police have taken no visible action to prosecute anyone for the abuse of these prisoners.

The escapees should face the full force of law for their criminal actions -- the law, I said, not a probing gunbarrel. Those who abused and sodomised the prisoners in their custody should also be brought to full account.

I can't help but think that the actions and impact of these escaped criminals are in many ways like those of this criminal regime. It is appalling the amount of trauma and stress that this regime has put on the public as a whole. It is also appalling to see the decline in public and official morality that this regime is spawning as it holds the country in its death grip, as evidenced by your remark 'the escapees knew very well what was coming to them', as though that were somehow a justification for the lawless actions of the army.

To many of us, the RFMF under Bainimarama is no less criminal than the escapees. So let me simply conclude by saying that the army and its supporters know very well what is coming to them.