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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ITUC tackles ACP over Fiji invite

ITUC ACTION: Protests in Brussels in support of Fiji cause.

Ongoing pressure from the International Trade Union Confederation on global groups supporting the Fiji regime.

The ITUC has written to the African, Carribbean Pacific Group of States, to record its disappointment about picking Fiji to chair its Ministerial Trade Committee.

In its letter to the ACP secretary general Dr Mohamed Chambas, the head of the ITUC, Sharan Burrow, says  the decision to allow Fiji to chair yesterday's meeting of the ACP Ministerial Trade Committee was unacceptable.  

"This decision sends absolutely the wrong message and  likely serves to lend unwarranted legitimacy to a military regime that is under increasing scrutiny for its reprehensible behaviour."

Fiji sent the instigator of the repressive illegal labour decrees, the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to chair the meeting. 

Burrow told Chamas the decrees have been sharply criticized by the supervisory bodies of the International Labour Organization, including the Committee of Experts  and the Committee on Freedom of Association.

"The ILO last year also submitted comments to the 42nd Pacific Islands Forum, expressing its alarm on the deterioration of labour rights in Fiji. And, at the 15th Asia and the Pacific and Arab Regional meeting of the International Labour Organization, held in Kyoto on 4-7 December 2011, a tripartite resolution was passed “strongly condemn[ing] the action of the Fiji government” as regards the trade union situation in Fiji."

Burrow says the ILO also sent a contact mission to Fiji to verify the complaints only to be presentrf 'new and unacceptable terms of reference that differed from those agreed prior to the mission.'  When the team objected, the mission was told to leave immediately. 

"The decision by Fiji’s Prime Minister to expel the ILO mission is disgraceful and shows complete contempt for the international institutions to which it belongs.

"It is also remarkable the government of Fiji is chairing a trade meeting, when its own trade relations with the United States and the European Union are questioned."

Burrow says international efforts against Fiji is gathering momentum with the United States this year accepting a petition to suspend Fiji’s trade preference under the Generalized System of Preferences based.  

"Further,  the Council of the European Union in September 2012  extended  measures  taken  against  Fiji  under the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, finding that there had been a “series of regressive developments” including continuing restrictions on human rights.

"The ACP cannot remain a credible institution if it is to allow members that come to power through a military coup and which flout the international system chair its meetings.  

"At the very least, the ACP Secretariat should issue an  unequivocal statement rejecting Fiji’s crackdown on workers’ rights and deeply regretting the recent expulsion of the ILO contacts mission."


Anonymous said...

Another of these international bodies that has continued to lend credibility to the illegal regime without any regard for the people of Fiji and how they have been unfairly treated by this illegal dictatorship.

How can we the people of Fiji get our govenrment back when we are continually undermined by these international organisations such as ACP and the EEC?

Please have some feelings for the difficulties that the people continue to experience because of Frank and Khaiyum's actions in robbing this country of its elected leadership and its coffers.

tattifala said...

what arseness is this?getting a military regime to chair a primier international democratic forum?

Anonymous said...

Regime should be kicked out and workers right is paramount.
Time for action from the trade union to go on general strike than regime will fall.
democracy and freedom will be restored once the regime falls.
peoples power.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Nine fat, elderly Europeans carrying cards written by the same person and that's a demonstration?

Anonymous said...

When G8 and G12 leaders meet these people protest. Thats all they do protest karua ga ni dakai bitu levu ga na rorogo. Khayum will still chair the meeting, come back, spend a few days in Sydney and back to fiji. Sa na oti na protest ra dui lesu tale end of story, me dua ga na ka me caka tiko, se vavei.

Anonymous said...

This is simply case of big brother bully younger and power hungers undermine fundamental rights of poor workers.
Hippocratic behavior by some to dwell away basic human rights.Please President OBAMA help.

Vutuki Biumaitotoya said...

ACP has lost it's credibility allowing Fiji regime to dictate to them. WTF is wrobg with these effin monkey nations..

Anonymous said...

Easy to chair those meetings. Its call "lobbying". Just pay the right bribes to the guys who do the voting. Qorvis is doing a good job "lobbying".

The only problem is that its our tax dollars going towards paying those bribes so that the bosso's can pretend to be statemen whilst back home the brdges can't be fixed because there's no money to do it and the economy is stuck in a deep rut with debts and no growth and 70% of the employees in the country earning below the poverty line and typhoid running rampant in the villages and infrastructure built by dodgy contractors which are already falling apart less then 3 yars after "completion".

Anonymous said...

How can obama help when he cant even fix the syrian crisis which is more deadly. The fiji situation is a pussycat when you compare with other countries. Also the US has no interest in fiji cos theres no oil here

Monster Mash said...

Nine more than anywhere else and under the umbrella of a very major and well respected union. What's more legal which is more than what we're getting in Fiji today or have been getting in the last six years.

Poised for Justice said...

Blogger above could be right about the lobbying and dollars/favours passing hands. Chambas should know better. He is a former civil war mediator for Liberia and another African state and also served on the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group. In his own country he was also a Minister of Education but these experiences often get lost in the game of politics.

Anonymous said...

Whether there are 9 or 9000 or 1 protesting something like the unfair treatment of workers, it shows that there is still light at the end of the tunnel and that the spirit has not been broken!

Anonymous said...

Dr Chambas comes from a country where that sort of corruption is rife. Ghana.


Four of Ghana's ruling elite charged with corruption
Tue Feb 7, 2012 6:07am GMT Print | Single Page[-] Text [+] ACCRA (Reuters)

Four members of Ghana's political elite were charged with corruption on Monday, threatening to further tarnish the ruling party's reputation in election year following the departure of two senior ministers last month.

Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a prominent supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was charged with crimes including corrupting public officials over a multi-million dollar payment that a government inquiry alleged he had claimed illegally.

A source close to the presidency told Reuters the resignation of Education Minister Betty Mould Iddrisu last month was linked to the decision to pay 51 million cedis to Woyome over a construction deal he said was wrongly terminated. Iddrisu had been among the ministers who had authorised the payment, the source said.

The court in the capital Accra also charged chief attorney Samuel Nerquaye-Tetteh, his wife and the finance ministry's legal director with aiding and abetting a crime.

The three men, all of whom pleaded not guilty, were remanded in custody. The chief attorney's wife, who also denies the charges, was granted bail.

President John Atta Mills' critics say he remains soft on corruption, but he has touted his record against corruption ahead of a presidential election in December and ordered the investigation into payments to Woyome. That found the businessman had made false claims, leading to the court case.

A week before Iddrisu's resignation as education minister, Mills sacked Justice Minister and Attorney General Martin Amidu for accusing some cabinet ministers of "gargantuan crimes against the state" without backing up his claims with evidence.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chambas comes from a counry whose Judiciary is renowned for its corruption.

Corruption In Judiciary
By Shirley Asiedu-Addo - Daily Graphic

28th May 2012

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) says the perception of corruption in the Judiciary has brought the image of that arm of government into disrepute, for which reason the bar has declared war on the canker in the justice delivery system.

The association said while it was morally reprehensible for some judges to receive bribes to manipulate the course of justice, it was equally unacceptable for members of the bar to indulge in any acts of corruption.

In late August this year, two Judges were dismissed by the Judicial Council for taking bribes from parties in two separate cases which were before their courts.

The two — Ms Linda Aklamanu, of the Juvenile Court in Accra, and Mr Pius Etse Kugblenu, in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region — were said to have demanded bribes from litigants in two separate cases which were heard by their courts.

They were dismissed on August 30, 2011 after a fact-finding committee constituted by the Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, had found them guilty.

Anonymous said...

Well done, our FDFM movements overseas need to do more of this.

Mere said...

"Commission chairperson Professor Yash Ghai says some people feel issues related to the provisions of immunity should be debated.

“'Most people were realistic. Any regime anywhere in the world will not give away powers unless they have an assurance for immunity. People are concerned that it is not for public debate or consultation. They said there should be a process of truth and reconciliation and that process can also deal with immunity.' In view of widespread requests there is a need to consider the issue 'very seriously.”'

Mr. Ghai, some people do feel that the issue of immunity needs to be debated, but they are misguided. On immunity, there can be no debate. On the one hand, the regime says immunity is one of its many non-negotiables. On the other hand, many of us in the opposition agree with our colleague Dakuwaqa that on the issue of immunity, we should Just Say No. No immunity for treason, full stop. This is non-negotiable.

With reasonable men we should reason. With humane men we should plead. But to tyrants we should give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.

Why should the regime insist on immunity? This amounts to an admission of criminality on the part of the regime; otherwise, immunity would not be necessary.

Have a thought to the victims of this regime, which includes all of the people of Fiji, whether they realise it or not. Simple justice demands that no immunity be dictated by criminals for inclusion in the new constitution being forced on the people of Fiji by those same criminals.

We have already seen from past immunity provisions that to pardon one offense is to encourage the commission of many. As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same things but expecting different results.

Every democratic government in the world yields up its power without the expectation of immunity for crimes committed while in power. That is the essence of accountability in the democratic system.

Are you not charged with giving Fiji a democratic constitution? No constitution is democratic if it is imposed without the consent of the governed. Impose immunity on this constituion, and impose this constitution on the Fijian, and both will be repudiated by the Fijian at the first opportunity.

Don't kid yourself, Mr. Ghai. You cannot give Fiji the democracy it demands and deserves whilst appeasing this criminal regime at the same time.

It's high time you got realistic.

Anonymous said...

More signs that our valiant struggle is lost.

Head of the G77, president of the UN general assembly, chairman of ACP.

What next? dear me.

tattifala said...

birds of a feather flock together. don't get fooled. some sitting in such high faluting forums are fairly shitty people themselves. so it's no surprise they should get a coup man to be chair. many precedants yaar. remember that other smoothy con artist who was sitting on all kinds of regional and world soccer boci?

pat said...

On Fiji Democracy, What is democracy? Who invented democracy? & Why is it good?

So in the Pacific, which country is democratically elected without outside influence? I ask those questions because we are tired of hearing those words from the MEDIA on What is and Why it is? So I beg to differ on the issue of democracy. Is it good in the Pacific? Is communism better in the Pacific? Is a Communist government better or Dictatorship better in FIJI?

I am astounded as to what people overseas expect our Country (Fiji) are to do. Why are they commenting when we in FIJI are the one's who need to setup Fiji's Government. They are OK overseas so why bother.

I hope that those comments made by Mr. Rabuka of no election (2014) in NZ was WRONG. I can't wait for that election in 2014 and hope that the new constitution is fair for ALL Fiji Citizens regardless of RACE, CULTURE, RELIGION or SEX.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Thousands of invitations may be made to Fiji but they will never legitimise this unelected and illegal government. And no matter how much some hero worhsippers want to elevate Khaiyum, those who know the truth know that he was a fair to middling lawyer with big ambitions before Frank Bainimarama gave him his break. Both have committed treason now matter how much they try to go straight or how many thousands of miles they travel for an international photo opportunity. The natural law of order will eventually be reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka ACP for allowing Fiji to Chair an International meeting. Big tick for the Fiji Govt. se vacava Semi Meo

Jim said...

Pat@11.27am You were making sense there for a while before you resorted to claiming only those living in Fiji are entitled to be part of the debate. You will never win that argument. It's unwinnable because you can't deny those of us who've been driven out or chosen to live outside of Fiji our right to speak.

Anonymous said...

Pat, why are you asking so many basic questions about democracy and then railing against the media for trying to explain what democracy is? Whay are you asking whether communism and/ or dictatorship would be better, but then you say you can,t wait for the elction?

I hate to say it, but you are a very confused and ignorant person. Please try to educate yourself on the nature and value of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Mere, you make a good case. Just Say No to Immunity.

Anonymous said...

Just as well Gaddafi and Osama bin Lade are not alive!!-----or else ACP would have asked them to chair their meetings.--trues up !!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Mere is right. Only dictators and despots try to 'negotiate' their way out of power. Amin did it. Mubarak did it. Gaddafi did it. Bainimarama's doing it. Khaiyum's doing it. Message to Messrs Ghai and Co: Do the crime do the time.

The Heckler said...

Ghana's legal system may be corrupt, but its corruption can't compete with Fiji's. We're the world champs!

Think of it. In Ghana, judges are dismissed for corruption.

In Fiji, they're dismissed for honesty.

Anonymous said...

Pricilla dabeca dua na madrai katakata nei mere

Simi said...

In an interview with the PM reported by Fiji Village, Bainimarama claimed that the military will ensure true democracy is in place before the 2014 elections. What a crock of sh*t, and no one challenges it?

Will the Commodore please explain how Fiji is to achieve 'true democracy' before we even hold any elections? Is this the same kind of 'true democracy' the communist dictatorships used to boast about?

Is this the kind of 'true democracy' where the Commodore makes himself President and becomes dictator for life?

Anonymous said...

First of all comments by Mere and Priscilla are spot on. It couldn't be any closer to the truth. I sit back in comfort knowing that there are many sane people still around. However it is unfortunate that we are being suppressed by some insane people. These same people are globe trotting and spending taxpayers as if it was their given birthright to do so. On the other side of the coin are those that condone this illegal regime such as what the ACP are doing. This is the very thing that is giving life and legitimacy to the regime and consequently the people of Fiji suffer from a prolonged rule by the regime.

Anonymous said...

Am I imagining things or is Fiji getting more attention under this government than they did under the SDL? What is going on? Fiji seems to be popping up everywhere in world forums.

BTW, heard on the grapevine that ASK is coming back through Sydney. Anyone know anything about this? Have the Australians lost it?

Coup 4.5 said...

On the anniversary of the death of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi international human rights groups have called for an investigation into his killing and for the people who carried out the summary execution to be brought to justice (Aljazeera NewsHour 21/10).
As a human rights defender - even of low lives who have spent a good part of their low lives committing all kinds of atrocities against their fellow human beings - I am all for the call.
But such calls must be consistent and not selective.
There should not be exemptions .
Democracy means being governed by the rule of law - including international law - and when there is a departure from the rule of law then there is a departure and we must not shy away from stating it to be so - no matter who the transgressors are or where the transgression has taken place.
rajend naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

Some of the debate taking place on some of the other forums. Picked up from a Luvei Viti post.

luvei-viti-thinktank-at-vuw[] [Na Dina 'Fiji Truth'.] "The Vanua is what Fijian hold sacred..."~says Mr Suliasi Daunitutu

Fiji Truth [Na Dina] fijitruthcom@gmail.com via googlegroups.com
Oct 21 (5 days ago)

to luvei-viti-thi.
It is interesting to the gauge from the various discussion goin on in social sites the 'spin' Bainimarama & his co-horts have put Fiji people into. It is not only the Fijians are talking but the whole of Fiji and those that have vested interest. Rabuka has also been named in these conversation as seen in the excerpts below. These are the architects of where Fiji is at today from after 25 years of being in Coup Coup land. Who will elad the Fiji people out of the Coup Darkness? Certainly not Rabuka nor Bainimarama as he seem to claim to be doing. Neither of these two military men have enough academic wits about them to really figure out where Fiji should be now and in the future.

This then leads us to the next question, who are then the academics working in overdrive mode for these coup maniacs? Shall we then blame them for mapping out where Fiji is heading? Should we also say these are the very ones telling these coup makers who to rid off as the case is for these Fijians and their Chiefs? As Fijians we want to know the answers and this makes it the more reason that all those assisting in making these coup culture possible in Fiji should and MUST STAND TRIAL!

'Na Dina' Fiji Truth will Prevail in the end.
Fiji Truth Commission Movement.

by Suliasi Daunitutu

Tau Talemaikanacea,

If Rabuka meant what you assumed or anything else, the same applies for the Church and the Vanua itself.

The Vanua is what Fijian hold sacred, they (Fijian people) belong to the Vanua and its security is paramount to them. Its significance can be heard in the veiqaraqaravi vakavanua.

The first thing that is mentioned in the veiqaraqaravi, is the Vanua, before you mention the “I cavuti” eg. Vakatutaraga ki Caumatalevu (vanua) vua na turaga na Tui Macuata (I cavuti)

The Church is also very important to the Vanua, when the missionaries came to our shores, they linked themselves to the Vanua, which made the Church accepted which subsequently Christianised our nation.

The old saying that Ratu Cakobau has accepted the “I sulu ni Lotu” the whole of Fiji has become a Christian Nation. So, that is how the Church is linked to the Fijians.

When the first Fijian Constabulary was formed, the Church had already made its presence in Fijian society.

That’s where my argument is, Church, Vanua are pillars of Fijian Society, Military I am not quite sure how it is made a fundamental part of our existence.

What I do know, it has been the cause of heartaches, misery, misfortune and corruption in our society – and there is evidence to prove that.
Reply by UKoroi
Mr.Talemaikanacea! If that is supposed to be like that in Fiji then that is defeating the purpose of the Military as a whole!.What and Why are they there at the first place? What we should ask is WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE MILITARY IN A COUNTRY?? Is it to take part in politics and also look after the well being of the people?? Is it to to look after the country as a whole??Is it to take part in those in the day to day running of the country??Is it to take part in the traditional obligations of each provincial matters??

Coup 4.5 said...

I am neither a political person nor study politics as I am just a bystander..and what I can make out is that it is not their duty to interfear in the day to day running of the country. The collecting of monies and taking part in the Provinces / Confederacies obligations is supposed to be handled by those people that are elected by each Provinces and Confederacies. We all have loop holes in all Governments in the world today but WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF A MILITARY IN A COUNTRY?? Amendments can be made but it will be only structured and put back in total control if we have democracy and people are being allowed to have their say!

Reply by jokerr
Bro Isireli,
All over the world, the role of the milirary is clear throughout.
Fiji's situation is different because the military misuse their role inorder to enjoy political power of controlling everything they want.
Fiji's case is so sad because the people do not have the strength to oppose the mighty bully tactics of the military regime. This is sickening.
You see, all the weapons in Fiji are there in the hands of the cowardly soldiers. Fiji's citizens do not have a legal right to own a weapon to defend themselves against any threats. Our laws do not allow this and this is a drawback to our political development.
A Nation's people can unite in force to confront and fight back defending their rights if they believe that their political rights is being taken illegally.It has happened in Egypt, Irag, Yemen, Uganda, Chile, Cambodia, Lybia, etc etc. Now it is happening in Syria.
Unlike other countries, the freedom to own a weapon is put into law so almost everybody owns a gun there. Some Middle East Islamic countries do not need laws, the weapons are freely sold in the black market.
Imagine if we have 250,000 AK45 available in the hands of ordinary Fijians now, you can only guess where the cowards in the barcks will run to once the operation explodes all at once ! Even if the people are not trained to combat skills, only 4000 coward soldiers will dig their graves up the " New Nabua Cemetery ".
So the scenario if we had similar laws in place ( legal ownership of weapons) long time ago, there would be no bullshit coups in the past up to this very day!
This is the very reason why our " Fiji Military Cowards " will always bully the Nation anytime they like because they know the people have no weapons to test and challenge their cowardly military strength.
Maybe it is about time that we introduce weapon ownership in Fiji, I would support that now and into the future.
It's tough, we have no option but to keep the balance checked at all times.

Reply by jokerr
Kemudrau na wekaqu,
Our only hope now is , HOPE for the 2014 General Election when Fijian voters unite as one to elect a Democratic Govt. We hope that it will bail us out from Autocratic Leadership we have been suffering from in the recent past years.
Now we can only forecast and predit the outcome of the 2014 general election in one of the following ;
a) If a new Party wins but does not conform to the guidelines set forth by the Military ... they can be deposed by another military coup. Or
b) Vote rigging through Electoral fraud so as to allow a Military sponsored Party to win.
c) A Party wins fairly and forms a new Govt with the Military all returning to the Barracks without any interference.
d) Military comes up with a lame excuse that because National Security is of top priority, they have decided to post-pone the 2014 general election to 2022.
To prevent rioting, political unrests, hostile protesting and chaos, the military believes that a ' Postponement ' is warranted in the National interest....Period !!... Hallelujah !!

Posted By Fiji Truth [Na Dina] to Na Dina 'Fiji Truth'. at 10/21/2012 02:07:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Why should we the Fiji people living overseas be told not to comment on the Fiji situation just because we do not live in the country anymore. We are concerned because we families in Fiji who are suffering as a result of the economic downturn and becauase of the fact that we contribute so much to the economy in terms of foreign remittance which has become a major foreign exchange earner surpassing sugar and almost on par with tourism earnings. It is the money we send that this unelected regime is mismanaging in itys run of the country. So we have every right to comment..

Kavilash said...

Joker, you forget e) None of the above. The regime will write a new constitution giving the presidency expanded powers, and Bainimarama will have the Cabinet name him Fiji's new President. His new powers will enable him to neutralise all opposition and become President for Life -- the scenario Dakuwaqa memorably warned of and aptly called 'The 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama'.

V for Vendetta said...

If you really want to see Fiji popping up in all of the world's newspapers, it's easy -- just hang the traitors now ruling this criminal regime. That's the best way for us to gain the world's attention.

Moses Volavola said...

Where is Ki-Bau? No comments from him lately.Is he alright or been detained at QEB. Missing his etho-nationalist sentiments.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Very sad article. Another military propoganda.

Diabetes linked to prisoner amputation

October 26, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


Police are waiting for the medical report that could link the cause of amputation of recaptured prisoner, Epeli Qaraniqio’s right foot.
But Assistant Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu told the Fiji Sun yesterday their investigation had established that Qaraniqio was diabetic.
“We are continuing our investigation and we have established that he is a diabetic patient. We have also spoken to his mother who is also diabetic,” ACP Tudravu said.
Qaraniqio’s foot was amputated at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva after his recapture in a joint operation by police, soldiers and prison wardens.
He broke out of the Naboro Corrections Centre with four accomplices last month. That led to a nationwide and week-long search in Veisari, Bilo and Uduya Point outside Lami. They were captured on Draunibota Island.
DPP lawyer Lisiate Fotofili, meanwhile, told the Suva Magistrates Court on Tuesday that Qaraniqio could not attend court because his amputated leg had an open wound.
He is expected to appear in court on November 5.

pat said...

I think I need to reiterate on what I said earlier. Like when I mentioned that people overseas shouldn’t make comments on politics in Fiji. They have every right to make comments on our politics but where were they when “Qarase’s Interim Government” took over “Chaudhry’s Government (when they were released from their Hostage Crisis).
Qarase was Vote buying the people in Fiji in 2001 elections. He had the people eating off his hand when the 2001 election came. (The Agriculture SCAM, only the government officials were to answer for the scam rather then the government minister or cabinet since they were the one’s that endorsed those officials).
We in Fiji need to check whether DEMOCRACY is GOOD for US or NOT. I think that communism is better for us whereby the people are ALL equal as CUBA, CHINA etc. I think we don’t need DEMOCRACY it is not in our nature as a Native of this land to have everyone talking and WHO is listening?
People need to reconcile first then we can go about changing our government status from DEMOCRACY to COMMUNISM or so forth. We need RABUKA to apologise to the Indo Fijian people of his mistakes in 1987 (And declare who were the faces/names behind the 1987 coup). Mr Speight needs to apologise to Mr. Chaudhry and his party of what he did and who were the faces behind the coup of 2000. Mr. Qarase needs to apologise to Mr. Chaudhry and his party for not returning the government back last quarter of 2000. Mr. Bainimarama needs to apologise to Mr. Qarase for taking his government illegally. Mr. BAINIMARAMA needs to ASSURE the PEOPLE that the 2014 ELECTION WILL COME whether SUN, RAIN or HAILSTORM do pounder us.

Anonymous said...

Come on Sydney folks, contact the FDFM movement and make ASK's Sydney stopover a monumental pain the arse. Get the union folks not to service his Air Pac connection long enough for the crew to be out of hours and then he has to suffer in transit because no visa to come landside. If he does come out, let him have it, rotten eggs and flour bombs, the whole lot. Follow him to his hotel and harass the hell out of his short arse.

Anonymous said...

Felix and his union buddies can make all the noise now but its puff of hot air. The country will move forward, aust will soon recognise Fiji as those who want to cry and protest can do so till the cows come home.

mark manning said...

I don't know when aiyaz is arriving in sydney, but I doubt he'll be allowed to leave the plane!
I'd love to get close and personal with this arse-hole. sorry, that's insulting arse-holes because they have a purpose and are appreciated, whereas he has none and is not appreciated.

Anonymous said...

the prisoner has every right to sue this govt for the assault and the amputation of his leg--resonable force my arse !!----army used to recapture 5 cowering escapees.---govt should have called for overseas help---maybe fighter planes from China !!

Anonymous said...

Yes, those who want to protest the regime can do so till the cows come home -- just not in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Pat, who the hell would want to be like Cuba or China? You are a real kook!

Radiolucas said...

@ Pat

"We in Fiji need to check whether DEMOCRACY is GOOD for US or NOT."


"I think that communism is better for us whereby the people are ALL equal as CUBA, CHINA etc."

But some people are more equal than others right? The more equal being the party members, their children and those who pay enough to bribe them?

And what about their abject poverty? Cuba was ruined, China is only paradise for the upper class party officials that can afford it - for the rest? Rice and hard work.

What a wonderful picture you paint for our future.

Maybe you should move to China first, come back in 50 years and tell us how great it was.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news

When khayum was chosen to chair the acp meeting and visa approved by Australia all the anti regime bloggers shitted in their pants.

Anonymous said...

So what has Fiji achieved by chairing the ACP meeting ?

Anybody have any answers ?

By the way where is the Casino ? Haven't they started building it yet ?

And where's the cement factory ?

Anonymous said...

Anti regime bloggers are full of it. No wonder they hit in thier pants. Shit overload lol!

Like RPC and MpC clan

tattifala said...

ahj ke taja kabar
latest news : in the lance armstrong doping scandal it has come to light that officials in UCI received bribe of $125000 from lance to cover up.
former italiam pm silvia berluscconi get's four year jail sentence for corruption.
these examples are presented as a confirmation that there are crooked people sitting in high places.

Anonymous said...

Yeah where is the casino Cheif Warwar wore the Red Indian head dress for ?

Didn't the 100 sands guy say he was laying the foundations two months ago ? There's nothing but paragrass over there.

Where's the400 million casino ?

Where's the billion dollar Waila City ?

What happen to the billion dollar Ethanol ?

Aren't we supposed to have a cement factory in Veisari ? It was being buit three years ago. Where is it ?

Sam Vunivesi, Fiji Water said...

To all bloggers,

a. Firstly, what can you do except yarn about it on c4.5. The government doesn't care nor does it want to care about your cries. All your can do is cry, yet there is no concrete action from you so call activists, no marches or protests. As we can clearly see, the protesters are union members from another country, displaying protest placards for a country they can't even see on the world map. These workers are just doing what they have been told by their union leaders because if they don't, the unions won't support them and they'd be kicked out.

Secondly, we talk about democracy yet even in the unions there is no democracy. In Fiji, the union leaders have been in power since forever. Have we ever seen a new union leader in Fiji? No, because the current leaders ensure that it is them not others who should be at the helm. Names like Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai (a native of Wallis and Futuna, not Fijian mind you), Attar Singh, and others, have been in power for ages. I for one would like to see a change in the trade union leadership in Fiji, also, I'd like the electoral process for unions be done by an independent body other than one which is union related nor associated, this is to ensure that other union candidates get a fair chance during their annual general elections. Also, to ensure that the current union leaders cadre do not mysteriously get re elected as in the past years. If we go one step more, the current leadership should openly step down and allow for new leaders and a new breathe of life for the trade union movement in Fiji.

b. The so called successful mission to the US by Anthony and Urai is but a dream. To say that they have achieved a milestone in pulling off an economic coup-ed-tat shows that they really are living in an imaginative world or utopia. They don't understand that the US needs Fiji not the other way around. I'm sure the US government must be laughing at Anthony and Urai right now and saying, well lets let them have their say but make sure we throw their petition in the bin because we're going to lose more if we act on it. Fiji plays a pivotal role in the political, strategical and economic situation in the South Pacific, pissing them off won't do us any good to us, hahahaha. Also, lets think about their workers, we might be hurting the families that depend on this agreement and thus portray us as the aggressors and nullifying US foreign policy in helping small island developing states.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka sam vunivesi, spot on. Na blog caka tiko qo e sega na betena.

Kavi said...

Anonymous 10:09 over-estimates the importance of Fiji to the United States. Saying that the United States needs Fiji more than the other way around is simply ludicrous. The United States is our biggest customer and the last prop holding up our sugar industry. So many of our jobs depend on the United States, one way or the other. A lot of Fijians have moved to the United States, but most Americans don't even know where Fiji is and couldn't care less.

But Anonymous 10:09 is right when he says the regime doesn't care about our cries, and when he points out the opposition's lack of concrete action.

Operation Jericho is a prime example. Our friend Dakuwaqa's Operation Jericho was brilliant in conception and could have been a game changing event. In a sense, in fact, it succeeded even before it began, by proving Bainimarama for the lamusona he is. But the failure of the opposition to mobilise behind it was a major missed opportunity. And Dakuwaqa's leadership now has mysteriously disappeared.

Another example is Fiji's labour unions. They grouse but call no strikes. If they'd strike, their sister unions abroad would support them. So, why don't they strike? Is it because they fear the strike attempts will show how ineffectual they are? It's a case of use it or lose it. How is the ILO or anybody else supposed to take these guys' grievances seriously if they take no strike actions?

Now, Anonymous 10:09 seems to want to take the selection of Fiji's trade union leaders away from the trade unions, which makes no sense to me. Anthony and Urai should be ashamed of themselves for having supported this illegal coup government, but now that they're speaking out, they deserve some credit.

Still, they're just gumming the words until they start showing some real teeth through collective action.

Mad Dog said...

Hey Kavi?Kave or whatever your name is:

Did you even read the comment, are you from Mars or Jupiter? Get real, Sam's analytical comment was spot on. Fiji doesn't need the US. Its people like you that that need the US, applying for green cards and living off handouts because you can't "teitei" here in Fiji.

You mentioned that many Fijian jobs rely on the US and that he US is the last prop holding up our sugar industry, also that the US is biggest customer for what??? Please entertain us by listing it down specifically by numbers as to how we the country of Fiji need the US.

Do that, lets dance, balls in your court!!!!!!!

Jone said...

Mad Dog, it sounds to me like you're the one who isn't reading. If you did, you'd already know that the United States has been amongst Fiji's principal trading partners for many years, and this trade has been highly favourable to Fiji. Fiji has a large negative current account balance overall, but with the United States it enjoys a large current account surplus.

You ask what the Americans buy from us. Who do you think buys FIJI Water, smart ass?

Fiji’s total exports bill to the US stands at around one hundred million dollar every year. The main products imported to the United States from Fiji include bottled water, tuna, and sugar.

Yes, sugar. Who do you think bought out Lyle & Tate's sugar refining business?

Tourism from the United States contributes significantly to the Fijian economy.

Assistance in 2012 included an $800,000 grant through a U.S.-based consortium to support the drafting of a new constitution.

Fiji has enjoyed duty free access to US markets under the GSP system since 1976.

Thirty nine companies and the livelihoods of 15,000-75,000 Fijian workers now depends on the outcome of the hearing in the US regarding the FTUC's petition.

If we lose these jobs, it will be because of the arrogance and ignorance of this regime and its supporters like you.

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog, time for YOU to dance. Looks like the balls' in your FACE!