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Friday, October 26, 2012

Khaiyum heckled in Brussels


The word Fiji conjures images of palm trees and golden beaches, but behind its tropical paradise veneer lies a repressive military dictatorship.
One of its key political players was heckled by a group of protesters during a high profile event in Brussels on Wednesday.
Fiji’s military dictatorship has eroded human rights and led a crackdown on trade unions since seizing power in 2006 (Photo/Alexandre Pra├ža)
The protest occurred as Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum prepared to chair the meeting of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Ministerial Trade Committee taking place in the European capital.
As well as being the country´s Attorney-General, Sayed-Khaiyum holds four key government portfolios: Justice; Electoral Reform; Anti-Corruption and Public Enterprises; and Industry, Investment, Tourism and Communications.
Activists have condemned the escalation of repression of labour and human rights activists in recent months which were endorsed by Sayed-Khaiyum.
Fijian human rights groups have reported that violent attacks on workers attempting to organise have reached “unprecedented levels”.
Last week, Fiji’s Trade Union Congress National Secretary, Felix Anthony, voiced concerns about the environment of intimidation that he and his colleagues have to operate in.
Anthony himself was beaten up by the police and spent eight days in jail “for no reason”.
With a population of over 800,000 people, Fiji has been led by a military junta since a 2006 coup d’etat.
In 2009, the government put several measures in to repress public gatherings, censor the media and crackdown on organised civil society groups.
In his position as Attorney-General, Sayed-Khaiyum was personally responsible for drafting and promulgating the majority of the new, repressive executive decrees.
Fiji’s extreme anti-union legislation has been severely criticised by the International Labour Organisation, prompting the UN body to send a mission to the island last month.
However, the group – which included a member of the International Court of Justice – were expelled from the island hours after its arrival.
This happened after the delegates objected to new rules imposed by the Prime Ministers´ office restricting their investigations and preventing them from speaking with union members.
Fijian authorities have denied any lack of transparency.
“We welcome such visits as long as they are conducted by an independent delegation with no predetermined outcomes and focused agenda,” the government said in an official statement.
The incident has caused the further deterioration of an already turbulent relationship between the country’s authorities and the international community.
Earlier this year, the United States decided to accept a petition to suspend Fiji´s trade preferences based on its violations of workers´ rights.
On similar terms, the Council of Europe extended trade sanctions against the country based on its continuing restrictions on human rights.
On Wednesday in Brussels, the Fijian dictatorship attempted to sweep some of this dirt aside by taking a leading role of the ACP event, attended by 79 countries.
“You are honouring the regime by allowing them to chair this meeting, which we find simply shameful,” said Jaap Wienen, Deputy Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation, to an ACP official that came to speak to the protesters gathered outside its headquarters in Brussels.
But Fijian authorities were quick to use the high profile event to its advantage.
“Being invited to chair the ACP meetings is another major achievement for Fiji. This further solidifies Fiji’s role as a key player in the international arena,” said Sayed-Khaiyum in a press statement.



mark manning said...

Aiyaz should be strung up by his balls.

Anonymous said...

what are you BA(Kai viti) personnel waiting for? shoot the muslim bastard and send his corpse to mecca...

tattifala said...

the ACP official that came to speak to the protesters should have been fired at with some black Bata flipflops to let him know no right thinking people can condone their spineless, gutless,unethical decision to get a coup maker to chair an ACP meeting. shame on the skunks

Uprising said...

Void & Null or just simply Rubbish meeting when they tolerate dictator, murderers,kidnappers and corruption nut head to chair the meeting of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Ministerial Trade Committee,What a waste of time,and money.This thugs are travelling free and getting paid by the expenses of ordinary citizens of African,Caribbean and Pacific.All committee of (ACP)should be investigated and sack immediately for professional conduct & mis-use of fund.This ACP committee still don't understand the word "COUP" or which part of the alphabetic they can't see?it simply means this thugs do not exist & illegal !! shame on you people.

Hang the treasonous pigs said...

Can someone remind me again who elected this khaiyum pig shyte? If the ACP (already somewhat irrelevant) support this Fiji junta dictaroship and its unelected taliban AG, then the ACP will go the way of the MSG - down the drain with no credibility whatsoever. Time to hang the treasonous pigs.

Mafi- USA said...

Just an arrogant asshole like the Dictator!! Their days are coming no matter how much they want to potray a positive picture about themselves. They are going down.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who chose him to be the chair.
ACP is out of touch with what this idiot is doing in his own country. He's a crminal who continuously has his corrupt finger in Fiji's judicial system.
Why do Fijians put up with this crap?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha escalation in violent actions against workers......hahahaha which planet are those workers and trade unionist living. Definitely not Fiji. Maybe in Australia where people die of violent robberies everyday or New Zealand. Tourists flood my Fiji and workers are happy. This article is a bit of comedy? Thank you C4.5 it gave me a damn good laugh.

Anonymous said...

how bout someone string u by the balls...sonalevu!

Anonymous said...

I Lov ask. He loves his moslem fj community. Put them in high jobs.

Vutuki Deepak said...

ACP is a group of monkey aid seeking countries. How the fuck can they give recognition to military dictatorship that opresses it's own citizens. Must be some under the table dealing going on to allow regime to chair this circus. Million dollar perks in Fijian tax payers money made ACP turn a blind eye on us.

Push Push said...

He should have been pelted with eggs, spat on, run over and yeah hung up by the balls the treasonous bastard.

Loyal Fijian said...

The ACP is made up of third world countries with fragile economies, all trying to break out of the poverty cycle and grab on to the coat tails of bigger and stronger economies. More people in Fiji are living in poverty now than ever before - just one of the ironies of Fiji chairing committee meeting.

tattifala said...

remember that other falla who was asia football boss who wanted to challenge septic bladder for fifa boss position but got disqualified because of corruption?
there are some pretty corrupt people sitting in high places - such as acp... that's why shit like this happens.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

C'mon Khaiyum. Fiji is hardly a 'key player in the international arena'. It's one of 260 countries at the ACP summit and it's certainly not a stand out from any of the other poverty ridden, politically unstable and coup munted countries looking for EU dollars.

Coup 4.5 said...

Another killer missive from Truncated Lounge!

Darling Grubby,
You have been very quiet this past week. I have not heard from you. Are you still sulking because I made you work last weekend writing the RFMF submission to the Constitution committee? I thought at the very least you would have rung me up to congratulate me on my winning an award at the PSC jamboree last week. I got the award for the most imaginative Aiyarse Licking.
You have also been quiet on Grubsheet and have not added anything new for over a week. I did not get Qorvis to take you on just so you can retire early. Well I did, but not this early. Come on get with the program and start earning your pay as deputy propagandist in chief.
What a couple of weeks we have been through. It seems as if everything is falling down around our ears. I don’t understand it myself. I have been putting out all these press releases about how much money the Bainimarama dictatorship is spending on new infrastructure developments but it seems as if none of that money has really been spent properly.

part two to follow:

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated continued:

Suva is nearly cut off from the rest of the country with 2 bridges closed. The traffic has been a nightmare and getting to work has been really slow. But I don’t mind because I am sitting pretty in my brand new 4 wheel drive.
It would not be so bad if it was just 2 bridges. But it turns out 30 bridges are in urgent need of repair. This new roads chap, Rudge has really been throwing his weight around. If he carries on like this he might end up as the foundations of one of his new bridges.
He said the road works carried out by Naim is very poor and their contract needs to be renegotiated. He obviously did not realize this contract was negotiated by Aunty Nur and they have complied with the most important part of the contract and paid lots of money to her company Aliz Pacific.

Anonymous said...

ACP is just another wannabe "developed" organisation which helps suppress the people of Fiji! They do not want to acknowledge the sufferings of the people of Fiji for some selfish agenda that they have! Khaiyum is just another MKugabe but the danger is that he has managed to convince these international bodies that he is a humane and kind gentleman.

Just pass him to the people of Fiji then you will see that he will die a pathetic death!

Such is the hatred that the people of Fiji have for this Son of a Pig!

t said...

the ACPee gang are like the MSGroupie- just go round all over the place to have meetings and a jolly good time even with dictators and corrupt scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

protests orchestrated by Felix and Dan, the blood sucking fat pigs

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement in Sydney, are on the brink of finding a silencer for this cunning being, who is out there in the ACP forum, and charing one of the meetings. We can see the whole damn institutions, the UN, the ACP and even Australia are giving in to Kutu Kabi Aiyarse. It seems they do not have an idea of how corrupt Kutu Kabi is in Fiji, and has his corrupt fingers in the Judicial system. Now Australia was contacted by FDFM Sydney, because in the news in Fiji (FBC)says Australia has allowed Kubu Kabi to travel to Australia, the response from Foreign Affairs, they do not know, Hello! If he comes through Sydney, FDFM will be waiting and take action. They say he has to attend to a personal matter - if it's medical, why don't he visit China, the Carribean, Korea etc.,
sa lesu na KOli ki na nona lua.
Kutu Kabi is making his point, he would be the next PM, sorry Bainimarama, you did not see this coming, he is promoting himself through lies and so forth. Thanks to all of your comments and please help Sydney FDFM protest, on Kutu Kabi's arrival into Sydney for his own personal matter, and the news says he will be in Sydney for a few days, and has been given a Visa in Fiji. Hello Immigration in the Australian Embassy in Fiji, are you scared of this Kutu Kabi.
God Bless the iTaukei Homeland Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Calling all Fiji People in Sydney and all States in Australia. Please talk to Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement in Sydney, or any chapters in Australia, and let's
give a go TOGETHER, when Aiyarse the Illegal Attorney General of Fiji comes to Sydney.
The Immigration of the Australian Embassy in Fiji, need not stoop that low, and it seems Bob Carr does not know, when his staff was contacted. He thinks he can do anything he likes, this Illegal AG of Fiji. Well it's time for some
thing drastic to happen to Kutu Kabi. Aiyarse, you will never be a PM of our iTaukei Homeland, Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vei keda na iTaukei kei Viti, sa gadreva tu na Kubu Kabi qori, me ra kacivi talega na Fijians. Ia mo
ni kila, ni sa vukei koya tiko o rau na Shameem Sisters, ena kena volai vakalawa na tikina oqori, da
vosa cake ki na Ghai Commission. Me tukuni vei Kutu Kabi oqo, me sereka taucoko na Decrees sa tokia kece ki na Public Order Act, sa na qai bau via dodonu na iVakarau ni Nona Bula, Kaisi o koya kei na nona Nana Lailai, Nur Bano. Koto qori na vale nivolavola ena Dominion House. Oqori na vale ni volavola e lako tiko mai kina na nodra Veisaumi ko Bainimarama kei Kutu Kabi kei na kena vo.

Sa tekivu yavala cake tiko mai na Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement e Serene, ena nodratou sa gadreva na ravuravu, vakabibi ni ratou qai tukuna tu mai na Foreign Affairs e Canberra, we don't know, oya ena kena soli na Visa nei ASK (Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum).

Sa kerei mo ni veitaratara yani ki na Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement e Serene, ni se bera tiko ni yaco mai o Kutu Kabi.

Vinaka vakalevu, ena noda kauwaitaka tiko na noda vanua lomani. Isa Noda Viti.

Anonymous said...

By reading all these comments fiji will never be a christian state.

Anonymous said...

at mark manning, problem is that khaiyum will enjoy being strung by his balls, especially when he is know for "chuni pio" with his boys.

Anonymous said...

The AG should been arrested by public citizens arrest and tried at the International Criminal Court for Human Rights Abuses and Crimes bloddy faggot

Anonymous said...

Had i been in Brussels when he visited i would have killed him with my bare hands. If you are reading this blogs you poofter AG be warned. One next overseas trip could be your last wether within the Pacific Asia Americas Africa nd Europe consider yourself a hunted criminal. We will hunt u down and bring u to justice which u have strayed from all in the name of making urself family and friends rich. BE WARNED YOUR RIDE IS COMING TO AN END OKAY!

Anonymous said...

The plan is for:Frank Binimarama to
be=President for life.
Kubuabola to be:Prime Minister for
the first 5 years.
Khaiyum to be:Chief Justice for the
first five years.
That's the plan but wo know, something could happen between now
and 2014?
Epeli Nailatikau:he could be installed as life appointment as
President of the new Great Council of Chiefs?
Untrusted Epeli Ganilau:Lifetime President of the Provincial council
Hey that's what i hear from the military council?

Anonymous said...

If Anonymous 7:58 is right, then it's more confirmation that our missing friend Dakuwaqa has been right these many months. The 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama -- coming to a theatre near you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:02 AM, the workers in Fiji are happy? Happy, why, because they're not out of work like most of their countrymen, even though they're in poverty too? Thanks for the laugh.

Sireli said...

Dakuwaqa clearly had superb analytical as well as writing skills, but dId he really prognosticate all of this, or did his analyses just make so much sense that the regime decided to follow his scenario? A self-fulfilling prophecy, maybe?