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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Military medics only allowed to see escapees

The first two escapees allowed to be seen by the public.
We've seen two but what about the other three?
Fiji authorities yesterday delivered Tevita Sugu and Josaia Usumaki to the Suva Magistrates Court but the other three escapees are reportedly under 'medical supervision.'

The injuries sustained by the runaway Naboro prisoners at the hands of the RFM were clearly evident when they emerged. One was using crutches and the other hobbling - both clearly needing help to get to and fro.

All five were supposed to appear in court on Monday but did  not because of their injuries. State prosecutors yesterday told the magistrate, Janaka Bandara, that Solomoni Qurai, Epeli Qaraniqio and Isoa Waqa were still unfit to attend court and needed more time to recover.

Coupfourpointfive has been told by reliable sources that no public doctors and nurses have been allowed to where the escape prisoners are being treated at Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
Military doctors and medics only have been allowed access and to look after them - with not even trainee doctors and nurses allowed in the ward raising questions about the true state of the well-being of the unseen prisoners, especially the last one to have been recaptured, Isoa Waqa.

Editor's Note: Sugu and Usumaki are accused of resisting arrest and intimidation and police maintain one of the other prisoners accused robbed the Bank South Pacific’s Samabula branch. State prosecutors want to move the case to the High Court but have yet to make full disclosures.


Seth said...

I have said before and I say again. These escapees were a danger to the general public and needed to be apprehended quickly. One of them is a convicted murderer as well so another murder wouldn't have mattered much to him. Military and police did a good job in apprehending them using reasonable force before another innocent member of the pulic got hurt by these escapees.

Anonymous said...

The same idiots that jump up n down promotg yellow ribbon are supportg their violent treatmet hypocrites soab they got bashed yo cos the cops n monkeys wanted their share of the loot no other reason y was navy seachg the island for days after their wrew caught lol

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to coup 4.5...why are you wasting the blog space on these escaped convicts. There is nothing political about their escapes and the beatings they received. This is nothing new. It happened during Qarase leadership, Rabuka and Mara. Escaped prisoners have always been brutally beaten when caught. During Qarase tenure, David Wise was beaten up, killed and thrown into the Rewa River. Political killings and beatings that may be worth a mention is the Nimacere matter but he is not mentioned here because he with the other rebel soldiers shot and murdered a Fijian Indian Police Officer and wounded two other army officers. You guys are wasting time with rubbish especially of escaped convicts like Seth said, who are murderers and violent robbers who wouldnt think twice of raping or beating you up severely if you tried to get in their way. It raises the question of whether you guys coup 4.5 are effective at all. Jericho, black t-shirt and all that other rubbish were useless. DAQUWAWA's attempts were all useless. Find something better to write or do. I dont even see DAQUWAWA's comments any more. He probably realises I am right after all..

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots for conveying the view that some great injustice has been caused here.

Would you have liked that your sons and daughter be exposed with criminals of this ilk being on the loose?

Ask yourself the simple question: Is Suva a safer place with these men behind bars?

The answer is obviously a resounding "Yes" so why dont you guys stop bleating about injustice and the use of excessive force - just to score political points.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa was one of the main reason Frank skipped his speech in NY.

In this new age, the power is not only on the barrel of the gun BUT in using social media to trump up fear to the regime.

Well done Dakuwaqa.

bainimagana levu said...

what a load of crap seth, the military or the sodomite battalion is only good at buturaki and lamusona like their illegal commander bainimagana when they on their own. no person would resist arrest when outnumbered by military sodomites. the injuries show that they were buturakied.... This is obviously a nako Fiji state where military acts like animals!!

Restore Justice said...

Hey Pathological at 2.15pm Snap out of your delirium and smell the carnage and sewage you living in.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

These criminals knew the severe consequences of the prision breakout beforehand. People have to accept the fact that we are under military regime. Rights are thus restricted. The military took over the country to clean up the mess. We should all support the government. Democracy will come in 2014.

Sheik Ahmmed said...

We need a strong leader in this country like Bainimara and thats why all of us should support Bainimara. Baini has supported (us) muslims very well likewise. We muslims have benefited from his regime so much. We should wholeheartdly support this regime.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the secret ward is the mortuary.

Anonymous said...

This is human rights abuse and crime against humanity by junta thugs.

The 3 in cwm are in ICU and are cabbage.

Like CRW murders dictator must stand trial.

Vutukibumu said...

WTF is military secrecy going on with prisoners in hospital. They cannot hide the truth!

Anonymous said...

A police report must be lodged for investigation and prosecution of fmf goons who have tortured and based these humans.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...Can someon WHO KNOWZ DAQUWAWA tell him Pacific Media are looking for him and he needs to email them. C'mon DAQUWAWA, crawl out of that hole and try something else that will work. Every anonymous idiot on this site is listening and waiting for your guidance. Just remember, a LEADER LEADS FROM THE FRONT AND IS READY TO TAKE THE FIRST BULLET FOR HIS MEN AND NOT FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND. coward

Anonymous said...

Under what right and decree does the regime have in keeping immediate family away from visiting the prisoners?

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says to Anon 7:55pm. A prisoner that escapes forfeits any rights and should be put in isolation for a period determined and does not have any visitation rights because of the risk of fleeing and causing more havoc and fear to you the public

Anonymous said...

I shall no use my office for personal gain.This is one of the code of ethics of the Police.Beyond this becomes a personal vendetta.

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot believe the attitude of those early post Seth and Co. Must be Military.

Sad the country we live in.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter, Pathological? You now miss Dakuwaqa?C4.5 doesn't yet have the right level of commentators? Haven't succeeded yet in shutting down the dissenters? Let me know if you feel we need to get more debate going. I'll do what I can to accommodate you.

I can't promise you that Dakuwaqa will return just to answer you, though. He's just not that into you.

Pretty heroic talk from an army private who's never seen combat, and whose primary assignment is to try to suppress the honest views of his own country's citizenry in order to prevent his commander from hanging for treason, as he deserves.

I guess that not only makes you a coward but a traitor as well.

Prisoners who escape forfeit any rights? Since we're all prisoners of you and the regime, does that mean we've forfeited all rights?

Just remember you said that, moron, because the day is coming when the table will be turned. Then I hope you get a taste of your own 'phylosophy'.

F said...

"First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."
- Martin Niemoller.

Goons - the above is one of the many reasons that the eyes of the nation and the international media are on the regime's treatment of these escapees.

They might have escaped from prison. But whatever their original crime, it pales in comparison to the regime's atrocities past, present and those yet to be committed.

Free and Fair Elections.
Tabu soro.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

You know, the more Phylosophical writes, the more I find myself in violent disagreement with everything he thinks and all that this regime is doing.

Kai Bau said...

I cannot understand why those idiots in Delai Nabua are so fond of bashing up innocent civilians and poking up mens rear with their gun.They did to Sam Speight and again to one of the prisoner.Is it a type of punishment or its the Fiji military way of showing the world their fantacy in doing exactly the same to their wives or probably amongst themselves.They did not realise that sodomy in the camp are one of the trade mark of the Fiji Military before womens were being recruited there.As the saying goes"what you do to others will be done back to you'....How many of thier sons and daughters will go through these trade mark as kids learned from their father.Sa kua so na dokadoka kemuni na yavu sotia ulukau moni mai veivakaloloma taki tu vaqori.Ke a dau caka vei kemuni ena gauna ni nimuni vuli mai Naikaciwa ni kua ni vakayacora vei ira na tani ni vakayagataka tiko ga na nomu ni gusu ni dakai vei kemuni baleta sa matau vei kemuni.

Anonymous said...

Kivei kemuni na Sotia
Na sotia dina o ira na tukada ka ra lako i Solomone , Bouganville ka ra lako ena live combat me ra veivana ena loma ni veikau ka vakasasa.
Sefa Sukainavalu e laki vueti nonai tokani ena gauna ni veivanavanai.

kemuni na sotia ena gauna qo, se bera ni ko ni sotava ya...ni sotia sona lelevu.
Vakatarai mada na vaka dakai e Viti me qai laurai na veimoku ni cakava tiko qori...

Anonymous said...

Sharvada Sharma---ok no fault compensation.It's there now--the Workmen Compo Act.Do injured workers get paid.Not all.Why?--the employer goes bust-no insurance--so the injured worker go to hell.You idiot Shavada--make insurance compulsory because the bloody govt cant pay.

Kai Bau said...

I was talking to a prisoner officer yesterday a and I was bit confused on the way he was talking about dishing out punishment to these poor prisoners.He believe that the bashing and thug like punishment dished out by the military was right.He reckons that those prisoners wasted their time and resorces by running away from prison.Our security officers ie Police,Solders/Navy and prison officers probably think that they are above the law or may be because of their education standard they tend to think that using barbaric method of punishment will solve any problem they come across.I wonder how many of then are abusing their wives and kids which also can land them to jail if they are caught and they will be exactly the same as the prisoners they are bashing.We must all remember that no one deserve to be in prison or it was not their choice to be in prison.No one ever dream to end up in prison when we were growing up and I believe that most of those prisoners were just like us but we were fortunate enoughh to be what we are today/ to be a good citizen and its unfortunate that those prisoners ended up on the wrong side of the law.By the way we are all human beings and no one deserve to be bashed and treated like animals by those pigs at Delainabua.Ni nanuma tiko na sotia ni veimoku tiko qori ena tara na nomuni matavuvale na veika ni cakava vei ratou na kai vesu kei ira na lewe i Viti.Na dra ni vaka turuma tiko ena vuku ni dakai ena turu vaka kina na nomuni dra.

Anonymous said...

Anon says to Kai Bau...Acava o iko kawa ca...Iko sa bau dua na tamata ulu lala dina. Bau tukia mada na nomu qavoka ena taqiri vaka na kava...kua mada niko vosa ena bona na ka o tukuna. Laki caiti ira mada na marama ni Bau era maga lelevu

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau@7:03am...You're darn right,
you soldiers,Navy,Police,prison
wardens, stop bashing our Fijian
boys? If you want to kick someone
ass, go grab hold of the two pricks
Felix&Urai and kicked their asses?
Now, these two assoles are the kind of
crooks, Fiji doesn't need,in this time of
Global economic slow down?They are trying to screw,
the Government including the Fiji workers,because of their personal
agendas. So instead of breaking
the bones of our Fijians boys,do
your frieken job, and take out these two crooks, maybe singh could
also be included in this?

Kai Bau said...

To annon macawa ululala 1;27pm Oct 5th.
Swearing and comments like yours as Ive said before only comes from the vuli vakavo up at Delai Nabua or someone with similar background.Na vosavosa ca sa lako tu mai qori me baleti ira na marama ni Bau sa bau toro sobu saraga me mai volai tu eke.
Please moderator coup 4.5 have the courtesy in respecting our fellow bloggers who are reading this wonderful anti IG web site only to be spoilt by some idiot who are using language as the macawa ululala above.Tamata qo rawa ni labata e dua na tamata na levu ni nomu cudru se ka ga baci dua vei ira nai lala boci tauri dakai mai na keba koli ni kai dia.Na dina ga ena mosi me vaka sa lako tu mai qori.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:14 PM, if someone deserves buturaki, it's you. So go back to your barracks, and don't blacken our doorstep again.

Anonymous said...

wahhhhaaaaa....military medics do not have the level of competency to treat those injuries sustained by the prisoners....they dont have the medica/ortho competency, thats why they were brought to cwmh in the first place...hahahahaha, kua mada na con mehn

Anonymous said...

i hope more get beaten and more severely. its great. when the criminals break into your house and steal and rape and murder. a beating isn't so bad. well done police. if we didn't beat them we'll end up like america or other country's when criminals go to jail they have roast chicken and there choice of tv viewing after they have beaten raped stolen murdered from innocent people... keep the beatings coming. well done.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anonymous 9:01, right, as opposed to Fiji, where criminals become Prime Minister or head of the Navy!

Anonymous said...

At Annon 2:05PM

You halfwit, don't comment when you can't write zap.

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