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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mining company head funded controversial Lowy poll

Mark Johnson
Spotlight on two other foreign companies doing business in Fiji today.

The chairman of one of the companies given exploration rights to Udu Point is Mark Johnson, who funded the controversial Lowy Institute survey that claimed huge support for the illegal regime.

Bloggers will recall the Lowy Institute Tebutt Opinion poll was launched at the Pacific Leaders Forum in Auckland last year in a bid to push support for Frank Bainimarama.

Lowy claimed 85 per cent of Fiji citizens supported the unelected government of Bainimarama, opinion challenged by the pro-democracy movement, democracy advocates and this blog and others. (http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2011/09/narsey-gillard-govt-needs-to-ask.html).

Johnson, whose family had a business in Fiji, heads Dateline Resource Limited, which has announced a joint venture agreement with Australian company Conto Resources that will help finance an expanded exploration and drilling program at Udu Point through 2013.

In stories about the venture, he is painted as a son of Fiji returning home to fulfil a long held dream.

"My father was also born in Fiji so I've had an association (with the country) for some time. Because I knew Fiji, that was how the opportunity first occurred," he told The Australian.

"I've always felt happy operating in Fiji because I grew up there and went to school there. I'm happy dealing with the Fijians and landowners and understand how things work."

Dateline, also located in Australia, through its Fiji company Matai Holdings Fiji Limited, is the owner operator of the Udu Point project and has been exploring for copper and zinc deposits at its lease holdings since l996.

Under the terms of the agreement, Conto will contribute up to F$6.2 million to Dateline, money that will fund the ongoing exploration and drilling programme. If the exploration programme were successful, the companies would then merge with Dateline shareholders holding 50% shares in Conto.

Regime spin doctors, Qorvis, are also benefiting from its unholy alliance with the regime.

Sources say Qorvis' pay has been pumped up from $25K a  month to $150K a month because of the work it is having to do to help the regime save the duty free deal it has with the United States.

A hearing in Washington gave the regime three weeks to come up with submissions proving why it should be allowed to keep the privilege in the face of a petition by unions that it is abusing worker rights and is not entitled.


SEMI MEO said...

Oh..well….Royalties ,employment and ripple economic development for my compatriots in Namuka and villages and settlements on both side of Udu point.

Now…what do we want??..we’re weary when the Chinese wanna mine our resources…

NOW... we cry foul when a “Fijian” like Mark Johnson turn his heart and pocket towards home..well…”Fijian” because by virtue of being an off spring of a former Fiji Citizen and may be eligible under the Citizen Decree (?) to be dual Citizen of Aust and motherland Fiji!

... we hear in the “Drauni Salato Chronicle” that Zimbabwean and a Eastern European Mining Gurus are interested in the quality of our Crude oil and mineral water!

All we wanna now is what are all the “iTaukei”, “kaidia”, “kailoma”, “kairotuma”, “kai kilivatai” ‘kaielesi”, “kaisolo” Corporations and commercial entities doing since Independence??

Now that colonisation to control our resources is flooding in from Asia, Afrrica and Aust???

Phew!!..they come…we complain!!..they no come, we sit on our ass…opps.. bum!....me can’t get it..

Anonymous said...

make it while the SUN shines ,BANAO,looto,FEEL LIKE CRYING FOR MY BELOVED COUNTRY .. BUA given to chinese ,Udu given to Aussie,NADI given to Americans for cassino,SUVA given to PNG,KAIVITI have the SEA now so brothers swim or die,, BACHAO FROM THUGS

Bollywood Star said...

I thought that was Mark Manning until i read Mark Jonston lol.

Anonymous said...

another parasite sucking all the funds illegally from the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

GREED thats all i can say, Bai and AG the whole lot of them. They are starting to fill their pockets, because no one is standing up.Wishing Fiji a whole lot of luck..

Anonymous said...

Another frikin foreigner trying to rape the country.
This is exactly how East Timor has been swindled millions of dollars by mining (gas) companies.
These people gravitate to countries like Fiji where there is instability and poor governance so that they can easily rip off the natives by corrupting officials.
It's the poor natives who will eventually pay for all the mess they will leave behind; and not forgetting all the money they miss out on.
This is happening under Bainimarama's rule.
Therefore for the Province of Ba and others to totally support this government is like supporting someone who is putting nails on your coffin.
Its time to wake up Fijians.
Its time to stop being so naive.
Its time to fight back.
We must eliminate Bainimarama and dismantle the army for good.
We should ask America to help us do this job. It's not too late. We are being strangled in our own country.

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

How interesting indeed and how low of the Lowy Institute to involve itself in such a deception. I have to say, especially given that I personally emailed the Author of that story and challenged her findings in regards to the Regime's alleged level of support on that occasion, that I feel vindicated and ashamed to be an Australian, at the same time.

coupfourandahalf.com have a copy of that correspondence, or part of it on their files.

Choweing said...

Here to crook golden eggs.divide and rule and rip the benefit is the philosophy of white assess. Fijians watch out !!!.

Anonymous said...

This company has been working in Udu for a while and only 6 villagers employed there, to date.
Is this Bai's idea of creating employment opportunities.
Too much talk.

pat said...

As for the Mining Company head being the person that funded this controversial Lowy poll is new to me.

What is this Lowy Institute Survery?

What is their impact to FIJI and the rest of the WORLD?

Where do they get their Data of 85% of Fiji Citizens via-ing for Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

What does Fijians expect when Fijians in particular living in Fiji are not holding demonstrations etc to show the world they do not support the regime. The only means is through blog like 4.5 but this is not effective at all because most writers are idiots and spit out verbal diarrhoea rather than constructive and proactive actions. We have had people like RUM who promised to reveal the truth but he has not brought forward anything other than hide his own brutal actions against the people. A lot of people who comment against Semi Meo or Phylosophical do not understand exactly what they have been saying but people especially in Fiji realise it is hopeless...there is too much talk and no action and people in Fiji are happy to follow Frank if Frank delivers. Besides they have had false promises from past leaders like Rabuka and and LQ but nothing eventuated from it and whenever and Indian becomes the PM, land rights and loss of indigenous rights is the political propoganda of the day. The letter to the President by the political leaders, Union Leaders and the Chiefs are a step forward but this must be supported by the people. The problem is that people of Fiji are now suspicious of these leaders and their intentions because of the past events. The people have waited for a long time for someone or a messiah to step up and release Fiji from the iron hand of dictatorship but this has not eventuated and through time, Frank has won the support of the people. UNLESS SEVERE ACTION IS TAKEN NOW.....DONT BOTHER BECAUSE THE PEOPLE HAVE LOST HOPE AND ARE FLOWING TO THE TONE OF FRANKS PIPES not realising the economic impact it will have on the nation from years to come like what Rabuka had caused. Good luck and God Bless the people of Fiji

tattifala said...

This links in very aptly with that perceptive Indian saying : paisa fekh tamasi dekh.
Buying influence is a very old game in politics and business.
this article merely confirms that.

Anonymous said...

We the Fijians at home feel helpless. We've got no one to turn to...foreigners come in with little $$$ and hope to make big £££ from our resources before they enter big competitive markets of the corporate world.

Anonymous said...

Well said writer at 1.08 Bachao from Butako

Anonymous said...

So many oportunities in Australia why the F they go to FIJI as they are no one here and they dont have the capital to invest,so its easier to fool the Vitis

tattifala said...

Instead of "Clean up" it seems a lot of tatti happening under this military mob.
new evidence emerging all the time of the tatti being produced by the regime.

Kai Baulevu said...

My Tau Meo..Royalties,employment and economic growth for what???who cares about all that crap?Voreqe and his bandit of thieves at the military think that they can run the country so leave that side of the story to them....Secondly my Tau sa kua na kana loto o kemudou na noqu Tauvu mai Namuka....vinaka na ka ko a tea o tukamu me rawa kina nai lavo qori sa karua ga ni ukomu mo bula loto mai na royalty?
What do you think that we are???.... a bunch of village idiots????without questioning?without raising our views??weather Chinnese or Gurkhas we have the right to voice our concern...kua ni beci keimami tiko na kai Viti o iko Tau wakakau borthy....Who cares about what we were doing since independence???keimami sega ni mai daurairai me keimami raica rawa na cava sa yaco tuqo...but we will live and move with our own time and not one of the crap you mentioned will change the way we are.Keda nai taukei na bula vinaka taudua na bula ni da tu ga ena noda koro da kana da teitei vakalailaia ka kakua ni vakamuria na economy bulshit nei Tau Semi baleta na tubu ni dra,na stress,na stroke ena tara na nodra bula na kana bata ka moce tiko ena meteresi dakoba qai sega tiko ni saumi rawa nai dinau.Da kakua sara ni da via vakamurimuri ira na vosa tiko qo ni da vucesa ka meda teitei vakalevu...me kani cavai mai...da veirai toka la va koro da vei lomami ya ga na economy levu duadua ena noda bula.......Tau borthy kua ni veibeci tiko nomui vosavosa...

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Kai Baulevu. Dina sara.

Anonymous said...

So much continual negativity over just about any interest or investement that could improve the lives of many Fijians.

Do the NEGATIVE mob really think things would be so different under another government ?

Look what happened to countries like Spain and Greece whose economies at one time survived totally on tourism. The tourism dried up eventually and they had not bothered to invest elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Kai-Baulevu- Please refrain from speaking on behalf of all the iTaukei. I am a iTaukei and i don't agee with most of your outdated ethno nationalistic views. Read my lips...Stop including all the iTaukei's in your cheap biased views Ok. Just speak for yourself and am sure your narcistic self can wilfully accomodate that.
You are obviously not matured enough to be challenged in your views. When challenged you resort to spitting poison by verbally abusing anyone that does not take the same view or you take the condascending approach of an asshole.

Obviously, Mr Meo has left a psychological imprint on your emotional level. There is a huge difference here....Mr Meo contributes positively and for you...let other decide. Grow up sunshine and remember the adage...If you can give be man enuf to take.

Grow some balls ya freak.

Vunimaqo said...

Kai-Baulevu- Iko se gonelailai...lai vakatarausese se vakapikini mada kusa gonei!

Anonymous said...

We are all grateful to Mark Johnson for bringing investment to Fiji. We are not grateful to him for donating funds for an operation (Lowry) that is doing PR for an illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Where has Johnsona been all this time to now say that is associated with us? Well I never!!
Like the Chinese who is distributing his version of the Fijian Bible,I honestly believe he just another conman!!
He and the Chinese must think we are still in the Colonial era and that we are still stupid!!

mark manning said...


From the files of coup 4.5 :-
mark manning said...
I have just emailed Julia Gillard and asked her to reconsider withdrawing funding to the Lowy institute because of its ignorance to the realities on the ground in Fiji and its seemingly bias reporting !

I have also already received a reply directly from the institute, defending their position in relation to this poll.
Of course, I have challenged its bias and misleading representation of the reality on the ground and asked them to contact Usaia of the FDFM to get in touch with the realities in Fiji at the moment !

It might help if Fijians also email the Institute and inform them of the truth and ask them to retract that Poll.
September 9, 2011 9:14 PM

mark manning said...
I don't get why Jenny is supporting these reports.
I emailed her some time ago and she very kindly, promptly responded, but her views just don't seem to be in touch with the realities on the ground.
Perhaps some Fijians might like to enlighten her as to the realities and hards ships etc.
Please be polite and precise !
November 11, 2011 8:29 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: mark a manning
Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 7:48 PM
To: jennifer@optusnet.com.au
Cc: Director LWY; Kate Weston
Subject: Lowy institute Fiji Poll 2011

Dear Jenny
I've included in this email a couple of Fiji Social Networks which have reported your findings.
There seems to be disagreement amongst well informed, Educated Fijians as to its outcome though.
I don't know just who the people were that you interviewed, assuming you are the Author of the Article in question, but I want to point out to you that people will say whatever they think you want them to say for money, especially given the financial crisis in Fiji at the moment and others will say what the Regime wants them to say, in fear of retribution were they to say otherwise !
I believe that the survey is a gross misrepresentation of the facts and makes the Institute look foolish, at best !

Mark Manning



Uprising said...

Kai baulevu is absolutely doing fine,from my point of view,everyone is entitle to freedom of speech,just read what you want to read and leave,no need to tell kai baulevu what to do and what not to do,it's either your a dumb or dumber than Kai baulevu..

VuniSkoula said...

Yes, that Chinaman who conned his way into the VKB is trying to persuade us that the word "kalougata" has deeper spiritual meanings, inferring satanic linkages. What a lot of rubbish!! Kalougata means good luck in our language and we have no hang ups about it. It's a good word. So, take your Seventh Day Cultist inclinations and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!

Anonymous said...

FLP is surprised at the President’s attack on trade unionists in an address he gave to the Fiji Human Resources Institute’s 2012 Convention held at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort last week-end.

He said Fiji “needed to guard against the work of some unionists who tend to use the union movement as a veil to achieving ulterior and self-serving motives”.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was referring to Government concerns that the livelihood of thousands of Fiji workers could be jeopardized should Fiji be removed from the list of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) under which it enjoys duty free export quota into the US.

Fiji is currently being investigated by the US Trade Representative, following complaints by trade unions, for its violation of workers’ rights under several draconian decrees which have affected their right to collective bargaining and freedom of association in the public sector and selected key industries.

It has been given three weeks to respond to complaints lodged by the unions.

The President, in his speech, said trade unions needed to “address issues for the collective good of all workers and the nation as a whole, instead of working in the interests of a select few”.

We find the President’s criticism of trade unionists having “ulterior and self- serving motives” unfair and unwarranted. This regime has shown by its policies and actions that it is anti-worker and anti-poor.

Its anti-worker decrees have violated international conventions on trade unions and workers’ rights, in particular ILO Conventions 87 and 98. It has assaulted and harassed trade union officials and stopped them from holding legitimate union meetings.

Time and again, it has held back or denied the awarding of pay increases to poorly paid workers in the unorganized sector, knowing full well that low wage rates are the root cause of poverty in Fiji.

If anything, it is the regime that needs to be censored for its violation of workers’ rights. We do not wish to see Fiji being reduced to the same status as some Asian nations known for their abuse and gross exploitation of labour.

For Fiji the message is clear: if it wishes to benefit from trade concessions offered by the international community, it needs to abide by the rules and norms of the community.

Kai Baulevu said...

To annon about Kai Baulevu...never I represent other Fijians but thats me and my own opinion.....Mr Meo and some of you guys who have been brainwashed or something has gone into your heads by saying that Fijians should work hard like Indians they should utilised the land and all these bulshit economy shit house thing....People talked about Fijian people living in Bure's/villages and been lazy etc,etc..who really care..Look around you ,you idiot.....look at the hotels and tourists industry they are all imitating Fijian Bures and atifacts to attract tourists and yet we are branded otherwise...whats wrong with us drinking kava in the village and relax..originally we should be living like that..people now days are trying to turn the world upside down by comparing our way of living with the western way or modern (may be)way of living.I bet you must be one of those ugly fat creedy Fijian living your dreams in towns and cities overcrowding our hospitals with heart diesease.high blood press etc,etc and you are a burden to the economy abd trying to make ends meet like my Tau Semi Meo in Brisbane.Id rather be living in the village,no water bills/electricity/breathing fresh air etc,etc and mainly no stress or worried about the bills.I donot know my tau Semi Meo personally but I usually dont agree with him nona dau vosa beci taki keimami na kai Viti sega ni wili kina o iko.....ke o via vuli se toso o iko cakava ga yani ka ka kau ni saga meda veituitui yani baleta ena sega ni rawa vinakati me so me keimami gunu yaqona ka tiko ga i na koro ka moce..bula marau ka veilomani...cava kena leqa ya...sega sraga se va vei

Anonymous said...

At long last!! Vinaka Mark, I see you are FINALLY coming around to SEE where we are coming from!! Bless you!! Or is it "Kalouvinaka", like our local CHINESE conman is trying to IMPOSE on us.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that the Chinese conman THINKS that if he can con Her Majesty the Queen to Knight him, then he can, by extension, also con us!
Sorry Jim, ni hao ma!! Che, che, BUT no thank you!! No never seem to give up do??
Being a member of the local Chines community here in Suva, I am just ashamed of you and often wonder what our FIJIAN brothers and sisters must think of us after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Declare yourself Johnsona. What have you done for this country. What investments do you have here. How and when have you contributed the economy here. These are the things we are asking.

SEMI MEO said...

Spot on my Tau Kaibaulevu!!...now let’s turn the clock back to pre-Indentured Labour era...no..no...right back to pre Deed of cession...no...no....no...rigfht back to pre Charlie Savage day in Nairai...
Image we’re in that era you graved dearly, then regrettably I, Ratu Semi Kuboutawa Maisala invoke temporarily my cannibalistic chieftain warrior role...just for you...
First, my warriors will take you...no..no...drag you up the to “Ulunivanua Sala” in Namuka (hence, my name “koya Maisala”)...then they will marinate you and throw you in the “Lovo e Kubou tu”..ni sa Kubou na lovo...ya e tawa tu kina na bakola...hence...(Kuboutawa)
Fast forward to our post modern era...I have renounced, so as my elders, the cannibalistic chieftain warrior role and submit all at the foot of the cross!
You are probably the only Kai Bau alive who may not know that mountain “Sala!”
But not to worry...we will take you alone re. Revisit the journey across the ridge to the Vuda jetty, put you on a motor less “drua” with no modern navigational equipment, then point you to Lake Taqaniika in Central West Africa....
Purely because you alone of all the “i taukei” just do not want to submit to the divine plan of our ethnic line to cross the seas to a new land we now call home, Viti....only you!..just be careful your side of lake Taqaniika has piranha in the water and hungry cannibals on land.

It seems you do NOT belong to Fiji anymore and the modern Fiji does NOT belong to you anymore..time to leave my Tau...time to leave Tau...opps you're still "brainwashed" by the wannabe nationalist Idi Amin...ia, barewa ga i keri, veitalia o bese...

Coup 4.5 said...

Apenisa Naigulevu is of course quite right in pointing out "it is the American people,irrespective of party affiliation, who will be expected to eventually settle their national debt" (FT 31/10)
I wonder who will settle Fiji's national debts from its multiple coups?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

To vuniskoula...
I think you have overstep the mark buddy,the view of the that chinaman on the word Kalougata has nothing to do with the Seventh-day Adventist church. The church could have raised that concern ages ago if it think otherwise.,pls try and know the meaning of the word cult, it might open your eyes.
Kalougata tiko na bula.

Conflict of interest said...

If this is not a conflict of interest I don't know what is? It is a total disgrace to the Lowy institute and in particular Jenny Wayward Jones - an immediate apology to the people of Fiji who live under the repression and human rights abuse of this terrible bsinimarama dictatorship should be made by the Lowy Institute for publishing such junta supporting rubbish funded in this terrible way.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone fund a independent research and see what the result is rather then us talking about this research and who funded it. Maybe UN can come here and do this!

tattifala said...

The President made a pathetic plea to guard against self-serving trade unionists. The only mob we should against is the military mob running the country
without proper due process
without proper application of the rule of law
,without transparency
, without accountability
,without respect for human rights,
without the consent of the people
without shame
This is what the people of fiji should be warned to guard themselves against. But we can't expect the military puppet president to issue such a warning,can we?

Kai Baulevu said...

To my Tau Ratu Semi Kubouna lovo tawa tuki na na bokola Maisala Meo…….phew out of breath saraga …….turn the clock back or turn it underneath its all the same…never take your intelligent to the people in the village because all they want to see is what you ve achieved physically in life…even thou they have limited education my Tau but all they want to see if the Semi Meo whos been barking like a mad dog in this blog can also do it practically in your village in Namuka…….Honestly most of them will only believe what they can see in the real world……My Tau Ratu Semi Meo ke sega tiko na vale vinaka mai na Koro o iko o wili vata tu ga kei na dua na vusi kanakana da mai na Koro………….va vei na soli e soli tiko??? se o vakakawa wale tikoga???.Why you have to talk about cannibalism???? Fijian people like you who always talk about cannibalism era mostly are the ones that been condemning our chiefly and vanua structure….me vaka ga e vola toka e dua nai taukei ena blog qo “ke dua e vakaseuta tiko nai tikotiko vakavanua o kawa ni kaisi se o luve ni sala mai nomu koro”…vosa dina me tau vei ira na noda ko ra via vaka cacana tiko nai tikotiko vaka turaga kei na kawa I taukei….
You mentioned about the only Kai Bau who doesn’t know about that mountain my Tau ….we were hardlines cannibalism before but due to Christinity we have moved forward and we don’t show off those dead bones you are telling the bloggers now…sa laurai ga na nomu lecaika ka qai sese ka vagonegoneya na nomui vola………..again who cares????.........your wish my Tau if I donot belong to Fiji no one can take Fiji away from me…drau veitauri duruka ga kei Voreqe…….tara mada dua na kani Bau qori bai o bese na biuta…….You talk about sailing in the drua my tau…remember we were the best sailors and seaman during the missionaries era taking them all around Fiji and including Macuata because we love Fiji and also we love our traditional ties so everyone can live in peace…Bauans have done their part to Fiji what about Namuka….have you people done anything to Fiji?????.Da vosa tiko da vakasama tiko siosio...bareawa ga vei iko taura vinaka na duruka nei Voreqe....kemu yani

Anonymous said...

Guys please at the very least get your facts right. If you spent more time fact checking and less time whipping each other up into a frenzy over misinformation we made actually get a half decent debat going. The Lowy institute has a reputation for high quality polling all over the world and in Australia. They have done polls in china - a communist country with zero press freedom. Research institutes do polling regularly all over the world, funded by foundations, private sector, governments etc. The poll was not controversial, it was some of the results that people felt threatened by. Support for Bainamarama was 66% in the poll, not 85% - huge difference!! Read the poll and inform yourself via www.lowyinstitute.org I hope the Lowy institute does a 2013 Fiji poll. High quality polling is the only way we will understand how people actually feel in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Na cava o via tukuna tiko. E na dredre vei semi meo me veivosaki kei na dua na ululala. Taura ga nomu duruka vakacobara tale e nomu mua I muri.

Anonymous said...

Near Udu Point is where the Russians plan to build their naval base.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the Americans own Nadi? They built it.

The rest is going to China anyway.

tattifala said...

globalisation : capital moves to markets where labour is cheap and kept cheap by State suppression of trade unions and democratic accountability and transparency weak. a coup country is an ideal market environment for international capital to do business. now you know why some people have come to do business in Fiji. the "soft state" environment in Fiji suits them.

Mere said...

Why don't we contribute to C4.5 and ask it to do an independent poll of Fijians by a reputable polling firm like Gallup or Rasmussen? They can poll Fijians traveling abroad, who would not need to feel intimidated by this regime. See how many really supported the Charter. See how many supported the coup. See how many favour Sayed-Khaiyum, etc.?

SEMI MEO said...

Kai Baulevu..Ratu Tau...sobo...sa waqawaqa na nomu cudru, savu mai na weli, drodro vaka yauyau na luka, ka o sa lai ci tale mai gusumu....

Daru taura vakamalua...v.a.k.a.m.a.l.u.a.!

Me vaka o sega ni Kai Bau dina ka o rairai dua ga vei ira na kere cakacaka tu ga vei ira na Idia ena loga raisi mai Baulevu...sa rairai vinaka me sa tei yala toka mada e ke na veituki e na ulutaga qo..

..mmmm...sobo..qusi sara na luka..mai daru lai dua sara na bilo tu ena Nausori....cava?...o madua de o na veiwalitaki?...kua ni leqa o na sega ni cemuri i madarasi..."a'u la'o!

Anonymous said...

Lake Tanganyika is in East Africa.

Anonymous said...

If you're really a member of Fiji's local Chinese community, then at least try to learn a little basic Chinese. 'Thank you' in Chinese is 'xie xie', not 'che che'.

Anonymous said...

Who has been more self-serving and selfish than this president and the regime leaders?

Steve said...

Mark Manning's stalking of Jenny Hayward-Jones from the Lowy Institute is scary. One email is enough. If you want to take part in the debate then write a blog post and submit it to the Lowy Institute blog or write an article in a newspaper like everyone else and be brave enough to have your views crticised. Instead of whingeing and attacking this woman via email and through blog comments. It's embarrassing Mark and veering towards blatant sexism. They are an independent research institute. if you don't like their research, work hard to set up your own institute and raise funds to do your own independent polling in Fiji (and in other countries if you so chose). Instead of criticizing people because you don't agree with their views. I don't agree with the views of all Fiji researchers and analysts (in Fiji or in Australia or elsewhere) but at least they are brave enough to take part in public debates where they then have to deal with being hassled by the likes of Mark Manning! We need debate so have respect for free speech Mark Manning and stop your slandering.

Anonymous said...

Tui Wainunu in Tears:

Tears for the children
Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, November 01, 2012

BAUXITE mining remained an unfavourable topic at this week's Wainunu District meeting held at Daria Village in Bua.

In the meeting, Tui Wainunu Ratu Orisi Baleitavea pleaded with his leaders, village headmen and district reps to consider the plight of their future generation.

Tears flowed as traditional leaders pleaded with those at the meeting to put the needs of their children first, who might have to face the consequences of decisions made on bauxite mining.

Ratu Orisi said the district had 13 different streams that needed to be protected for future generations.

Waseroma Tobelili, head of yavusa Maururu from Nadua Village, shared his experience of the first bauxite mine at Dawara in Cakaudrove in the 1970s, how foreignersy came, made money and left without any trace of good fortune for the people of Dawara.

He urged those in the meeting to carefully consider the plight and the needs of of Wainunu's future generations.

Mr Tobelili said Wainunu was rich and blessed with naturural resources and animals that made the jungle their home.

"Au maka ni hauwai ahina a milioni se i lavo levu ena kauta mai a bauxite. A otaou kawa mai muri meto'ou nanumi ira.

"Sireli, o iho a gone i ke, mo tukuna mai vakadodonu a ca ni bauxite balea a omu hawa era na leka mai hina i muri (I don't care about the millions of dollars or the big money from bauxite.

"Our future generations is what we need to think of.

"Sireli, you are from here and you need to tell us issues of bauxite because your future generations will also be affected)."

XINFA employee Isireli Dagaga was also present at the district meeting to inform the traditional heads, district reps and village headmen about the good opportunities bauxite investment brought.

Philips said...


Anonymous said...

@anon 7.19
Do you seriously think that an org would be able to undertake independent research in Fiji? ILO ring a bell? We all know what those surveys will result in; a disgruntled populace that would rile the anger of the regime. How about citizens LIVING in Fiji do some research and survey and publish them online? After all we are not China yet where stifling censorship is the norm.

Anonymous said...

Kai-Baulevu & Uprising, I totally agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion under the freedom of speech umbrella. If you can understand that then you can also understand that one is at liberty to air THEIR OWN individual views instead of speaking on behalf of all iTaukeis....YOU are not the appointed spokeman for all iTaukeis.
Here is an example below from an earlier post:
"What do you think that we are???.... a bunch of village idiots????without questioning?without raising our views??weather Chinnese or Gurkhas we have the right to voice our concern...kua ni beci keimami tiko na kai Viti o iko Tau wakakau borthy....Who cares about what we were doing since independence???keimami sega ni mai daurairai me keimami raica rawa na cava sa yaco tuqo...but we will live and move with our own time and not one of the crap you mentioned will change the way we are.Keda nai taukei na bula vinaka taudua na bula ni da tu ga ena noda koro da kana da teitei vakalailaia ka kakua ni vakamuria".
This was what I meant earlier...just speak for yourself use 'I' and not "We". Your views from the outset is definitely subjective for me as a iTaukei as it does not entirely represent my thoughts & feelings on any given issues.

Kai Bau said...

To Anon about we and I ...dont read it if you are not part of it...First and foremost Iam not using the word i Taukei...taukei was recently introduced by the IG which I disagree with it and Im not using it.Secondly I was talking about Fijians in th e village before but now on behalf of the Fijians race all over Fiji and those living overseas Iam now speaking on their bahalf...what about that ..enough for you lol...lol..I use the word Fijian meaning VKB registered or Kai Viti...We I mean me and where I come from including those people who like my village theory.If you dont like my blog use it as your toilet paper or dont read it.Bugger of and take your point to the iTaukei...who?????

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo Tukai Kamlesh.....tovolei vosa ena point ni veitalanoa...dua na qase veilecayaki o iko..rairai dina ga o au..dua beka na luveni dau vavi madrai mai yasana ya o iko.....dua e tekivu na yacana na Ratu qai sese tu vakai iko .....Ratu da la..turaga veilecayaki o iko....sauma mada noqu taro sa tiko e dua na vale mai na Koro??o dau soli??? kua mada na mai vaka cekubu tiko eke ke o namu wavoki tiko...Au la i keri bareaw ga vei bui Kamlesh Tau

SEMI MEO said...

@November 1, 2012 12:56 PM..uh..thanks for the geography lesson..

Kai Baulevu se baci lai Kai Bau....e kuvai?..drau mateni tiko na tavoko ni vichi se punpun benisini...baleta sa vaka na soqo ena Adikeva na nomudrau vakamacala..qai mai waicala vaka na bilo ti bulagi...

Ratu Tau..keimami vakamamasu moni cici sara ka laki taro vei Tutu kei Bubu qai gole mai....kua ni guilecava na nomu i tavoi..baleta sa qai drodor ga mai na nomu luka...ia, luka se gese..barewa ga yani!

O Aiyuz me sa vaka sosomitaki sara vaka totolo...va evei na Turaga na Tui Kaba me sa noda Vuni Lawa mada...???

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo....rua ga na taro...sa dua na vale mai na koro? o dau soli se sega???? sa ra wilika ka ra dredre vaki iko lo tu qo na kilai iko baleta nomun dokadoka mo mai sakitaka tiko na yacamu Tau.E rua ga na taro o tarogi tiko kina o sega tiko ni sauma...na vakamacala o lai cakava tu ena Matavuvale...siosio lai tara vale i na Koro me rawa ni lai curu toka kina ke o lao i na koro...Na cava e lai caka i Brisbane ni kabasu tiko na taga o i kuri ga ni ogaoga i keri lol.lol au lasu bareawa tale yani.

Simi said...

The Lowy survey didn't showed 66 percent support for Bainimarama. That was under circumstances where he absolutely controlled all Fijian media, had no organised opposition, and could have his goons beat up any opponents.

After six months of a real election campaign by an organised opposition, waged fairly and free of intimidation, suppression, and media censorship, look for that 66 percent support to melt to just 6 percent.

That's why Frank will either postpone the election again to 2020 or else use this so-called constitutional dialogue to make himself President for Life, as Dakuwaqa so often warned us.

SEMI MEO said...

Ovela...kai Bau..levu..sa macala sara tu ga vakasigalevu na vovodea ni nomuni kila nai vakarau kei nai tovo vaka i Taukei..kena i balebale vei keimami ni sega ni Kai bau dina...rairai o vakabale kava tu ga ni ravisi e Bau street!

Sega ni macala, o kila dei vaki tu na nomu yacu vaka vanua?..se sa mai toka ga e vunimaqolevu mai Turaki...

O se vakataroga tiko ga na soli?...sa sega ni gauna ni soli qo!!...qo sa gauna vou ni bisinisi ni Mataqali, Yavusa kei na Yasana!!...o se vaka "choke"...opps...soli voli ga!!...na Viti vou sa toso sara ena gauna o moce kasou tu ena mama waka ni makita...

Sega na betena me keimamni vakaotia na neimami gauna me vaka macala taki vei iko na vei walewale ni veivakatorocaketaki, maketetaki kei na solesolevaki vaka bisinisi sa cak tiko meu sosomi ni "soli" o tagicake tiko mai qori...ke na vakamacalataki yani o na rawa ni manumanu ni soni me vaka ni matau tu ga vei iko na wiliwili vaka "Tini na niu-dua na i qali", tini na vore-dua na rara" ,"dua na drau na dalo- dua na duludulumata"..ke ka sara o na gole ena wili selavo...sa na rairai vereverea sara vei iko ke na wili na i levu na dalo, uvi kei na via tei ena solesole vaki mai nakoro, sava vakau me volitaki ki na vei makete e so...sega ni macala o sa kila li ni sa susugi na rewai mai noda,na lewe ni via kei na drauna sa ra kocova na kai Aferika...ia, sega o se vaqarasoli wavoki voli ga...

O vinakata na Viti vou se o garo soli vavoki vole..

O..na vale?...au kila ni o dou sa cemuri ki na rusa ni koro ni dou via lai siova na tara vale loma donu ni Koro...siosio...bau taro rawa qai tara na vale...

Au via tukuna ga niu lako i Nautosolo, Tawake se Nabubu, Namuka...se ina noqu koro ni vasu mai Kocoma, Qamea e tiko na vale meu curu kina...sega ni vaka i keri...curu toka ga i na busstop e Naitalasese!

De rairai o dro yavoki voli e valagi ka dredre tiko na veva....ke o qaqa dina mai Bau..ia, tukana mai na yacamuni...baleat keimami se bera vakadua ni sa bau raica e dua na kai Bau rerere..se sa kenai sevu beka o kemuni...dina sa Viti vou qo!

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi O lasu taki cei tiko Se qai lesu la mai qo dua na wekaqu mai Nautosolo e i talanoa la ni gunu yaqona kei na veika ko kilai tani kina na veiwekani kei na koro vaka viti......ke o nanuma ni o sega ni soli tiko me tara kina na vale va koro,soli ni vei vuke ni mate.soli ni tara vale ni lotu kei na vale ni talatala se koro ni vuli mai na koro...mai vei na toso iliu ??? rawa beka ni cakava na ka qori na bisinisi vakamataqali ko mai tatadra taki tiko qo??? ena bankrupt ga na bisinisi ni mataqali...nanuma ga de o vakanuinui tiko ena royalties tamata dau namu o iko....hahahahaha.Sega ni vinakati mo lai curu vale vei ira na wekamu me dua na nomu vale...kila na ka era na kaya mai na koro tamata teri yaga...o ira mai na koro ra sega ni via kila na ka o rawata ra via kila ga na cava o rawa ni cakava....o vosataki ira tiko mai na koro ni ra vucesa o mai tukuna tale ni o lai curu ena nodra vale na wekamu tamata veilecayaki o iko.....O ira mai nodakoro era vakataki keda ga na sa tu qo ena siti era well qualified ena enviroment era bula tiko kina..bisinisi ni demu o via suguraka tiko vei ira...tara ga mai nai lavo ena nomu taga solia se vukei ira kina me bau rawa toka nai voli ni suka ..na gunu yaqona kei na ka era cakava e sega kina no nomudrau baigani kei Voreqe.Drau butako ga vakalevu baleta drau na vutuniyau ena gauna qo ka ra dravudravua mai na koro ia ke laurai dina drau dravuadravua o kemudrau ka ra vutuyau mai na kro ena dina.Drau yavu tamata macawa.

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Can you create a blog site where you can discuss with those like you the issue of soli, bula vakavanua teitei tara valenilotu etc.

What you are saying is irrelevant here, why dont you take a hike and get a life.

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Can you create a blog site where you can discuss with those like you the issue of soli, bula vakavanua teitei tara valenilotu etc.

What you are saying is irrelevant here, why dont you take a hike and get a life.

SEMI MEO said...

Well...what do you know??...the 'Draunisalato Chronicle" may report that waters around Bau and Viwa may be rich in quality crude oil...

...mmmmm...Kai Baulevu may be right after all...and no wonder he smells of benzine everyday...what??...punpun wavoki tiko?...no wonder he sounds drunk each time he posts...lol...lol...

So Fiji is in a mineral boom..oh...we've also learned from the "Draunisalato Chronicle" of a Fiji entity with contracts to supply non narcotic hemp…mmm…..hemp replacing sugar can farms???????

Kai Baulevu said...

To Annon ask C4.5 to delete my post....you are wellcome my friend not to read my blog..whats bitting your bottom in telling me to go somewhere else.This blog was create for people like me to voice my opinion about Voreqes and his bandit of thieves.What about you create another blog and get loss from here.

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

Kerekere lai gunuva memu vuani kau

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi Meo keimami sa kila kece na yacamu mai nai vakatekivu kina i vakataotioti.Keimai sa kila ni o vakayaca vua dua na ulunivanua.Keimami sa kila ni o kawa ni turaga mai na Koro...ia e tiko na vale nei Ratu Semi Meo mai na Koro se warai...ke warai gonei noqu Tau o iko o vaka tikola e dua na koli qai yarayara qai kanakana da wavoki kodro va koli ni kai dia.Yalovinaka noqu Tau bau dua toka na lini tu lailai me gade yani na Koro o na qase o Semi Meo bau lai vakaruru toka na uluna..ka kua ni vakacuru vale wavoki.Ke sega kerei ira mai na koro mera tara dua na nomu vale vaka viti ke sega na sede ni vale kau se buloko......Nai vakasala la me qai tiko Tau..da kakua ni tu vakalialia tu nanumi Viti nanumi Bau wakakau...lol

islangalUS said...

oh! its so sad to read all comments, by the way,.. fiji will still be our homeland, no one can ever take it away, what we go through rite now is part of the journey and process for a future better fiji.... Heads up and more prayer is required, God Bless my homeland FIji.

Anonymous said...

Mark Johnson. "This company has been working in Udu for a while and only 6 villagers employed there, to date."

Thank you Mark - that is 6 more than before you invested - probably the coup is holding you back like many other foreign investors. Only regret is you funded Qorvis and the regime who are those holding back investment. Clearly you are a mixed up man.

Anonymous said...

Kai baulevu

O iko edua beka vei ira na tu mai palimedi ka toki yani I laqere yacova na gauna era qai cukivovo taki kemuni na sotia. Ea dua beka na gusuni dakai e a daramaki cake e nomu muaimuri ka sa lai vakavuna tiko na ca ni ulumu

SEMI MEO said...

Na Turaga Roko Tui Bau eda rawa ni kainaka ni Turaga dina ni Bau, tiko na yacadra, ka ni cavuti ga na yacadra eda na kila sara nai taukei ni yaca oya kei na kedra i rairai vakaturaga....

...ia o la na na luve ni yali sega na yacana viavia qaqa ni Bau qo, ie?..segai!...ira mada ga na koli kei na vusi ni Bau era vakayacadra.....ira ga na luveni manivusi dau vunivuni, kana lo, muri tu ga e rusa ni koro BALETA NI RA SEGA NI KAI BAU DINA!!.. kai ya, na qala??

Se va evei VUNIMAQO October 31, 2012 7:04 PM ??..me lai dara na vikini…lol

Mr. Johnson is a Fiji Citizen, though a handful of workers now engaged in the exploration and initial stages, please watch when the project stages develops and worker no increases hence income to the Village etc…etc…...

But us in Udu will not succumb to "Kai Bau" worthless advice to isolate ourselves in our villages while industry and commerce flourishes on our door steps…nur…no way!

Just tha we do not wish another indentured labour kinda scenario , probably this time from Philippines or China to provide semi-skilled and labour force for our new mining project.

Kai Bau said...

My Tau Semi Meo sa rauta mada na siosio.....Roko tui Bau ni cava qori????sega nomu vale mai na Koro....tovolea me liu na ka dodonu me liu qai muri na vosa boi dadad eke.Sa ra dredre vaki iko na wekamu ena levu ni drakamu ia e lala didid tiko na taga....kaya vei Voreqe drau via bau vosa tu ena gunu yaqona e cava drau volia na medra yaqona mai na Koro???.Drau yavu namu...drau yavu butabutako???Cava o sa bau cakava rawa i nomu Koro tau borthy......iko sega tale ni borthy walega Tau o nadra tui na vei borthy borthy kora tu wavokui qo.Lai Lotu na noa se sega?????Ko gona lotu osa lai toka kina qori a tekivu yani vei Rt Cakobau...Tavi nei Bau vei kemudou va o kemudou cava drau sa bau cakava kei Voreqe taura nona duruka.....barewa yani veitalia o bese.

Coup 4.5 said...

It is good to see Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi recognized once again for his "esteemed legal prowess" and as "a high chief" and for the "valuable insights" he can provide "into iTaukei affairs" ( Fiji Times 25 Oct).
He can no doubt provide valuable insights for the country as a whole and how democratic governance could be restored so that our place in the world community of democratic nations is regained as well.
For a while in the recent past Ratu Joni's immense value to "what is best in the national interest" was forgotten.
It's a good thing - for the nation - that the value of this most talented man of peace and integrity and humility is re-recognized.
Fiji and its people - all its people - will benefit from Ratu Joni's contribution.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

SEMI MEO said...

@November 5, 2012 7:28 AM..o vela..o cei sa ci'ci yavoki tiko ya mai gusuna, ie?

Ra gusugusu lotu ia,ke rau tu vata kei nona veitacini o lusifa..sega na kedrau duidui...basoga tu na yame qai mai savu tu na weli...

Io, keimami a lotu ena noa ka keimami tagicaki ira na vunivuni yavoki voli me ra bau tu mada vaka tagane!..

Ia..o sa via tobo tiko mai vaka malua...o kaya "drakamu".....mmmm....O sega ni kai Bau..ka rairai o sega ni kai Lau..de o kai Laubau...opps....Lobau..ka o dau taubale ka sisili mai Wainadoi!!

Unfortunately, many of our ex-Vatukoula miners have found work in PNG, West Australia...now we may have to spend millions to train and nurture miners...in the meantime production can not be stalled, so back to square one...with workers from Philippines, Chine as interim/temp workers..

Why didn’t we have a Mining or mineralogy school of some form since the early 1970’s?

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Meo ask you grandfather that quetion why asking the bloggers here...no one can answer your silly quetion.Blame the Chief and the privious leaders Borthy.....tara na vale i na koro qai vosa

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai Baulevu...I did ask my grandfather...and...he said a long lost son ran away to nausori, then ba kava, then baulevu...

..sobo Ta lailai...daru mai qai lesu i Namuka...

Heard of a German interest wanna know the quality of crude oil in Bligh waters..

I say, please quick..control the crude oil spillage on tailevu coast as baulevuan like my cyber mate here is very liberal with his "punpun"...kena ca da veitalanoa kei na mateni!

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi Meo ae sa qai dua qase saqamua o tukadaru......rairai kila leca beka o tukamu ko vaka luveni kina o Tukamu vei Bui Kamlesh....dou sa donu tiko la o au mai nai vaka tekivu Tau au sega niu kila ni o Kamlsh na Tamamu Lailai......sa sign ga ni kau kai dia qo mo vosa beci taki ira na wekada mai na Koro.Barewa i keri.Vakai vua taka nomu ceke Tau sa tit yarayara tu ke sega solia vei Rabuka keiTuraga ni ovisa Kisoko me rau yadua na vuana.Lol,lol

Anonymous said...

Kai-Baulevu & Semi Meo,

Vakacava mo sa drau veitauri ceke mada o kemudrau? Kai-Baulevu- Gonei drau sa veisau taka nomudrau pikini se warai? Gole sara i veikarasi ya me lai cara na bulimu o Meo. Levu ga na tavasa blerry boci dede.

Kai Baulevu said...

To boci dede Anon....lol bro why you have to be serious about our blogs.Time for playing ,time for work and theres time for jokes but I understand that the IG are depressing us all but we should be laughing and be happy.Why not its free.Boci dede vavakau o tukamu luveni ceke o iko.Kua ni o vosataki keirau kei Tau Semi Meo deo mate...o via mate se cava.....tabutabu sara qori boy

Anonymous said...

Kai Baulevu why are implying that Iam serious you ulu-kobo? Vosavosa ga ni boci e laurai vei iko. Kusa lai kikiso mada vata na kemui taba then come & mess with the big bois.Qusia rawa mai na nomu luka niko se bera ni yaco mai...you ruku-rai!

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi alias tui ni ruku rai Annon ......veisau yaca tiko vei iko...keu sa boci va vei i keri de ka sega ni dua na ka e tiko e loma qori sai mimi wale tu big bois....and your point MR big bo.... ci......na luka e bulia na Kalou me vakaraiataka mai e liu ni leqa tiko ,au ucu luka qai cava???....your point keu ucu luka?????.What the hell childish brain...tamani leqa na tamata qo vaka e veisagai na borthy..lol