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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Narsey: Where would Gandhi have stood on Fiji?

The following is part of an address made by Professor Wadan Narsey to students at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School on Mahatma Gandhi Day (October 2 which has now been made International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations), posing the question 'Where would Gandhi have stood on Fiji if he were alive today?'

Gandhi's great principles and beliefs
What was there about Mohandas Gandhi that led so many  great leaders to admire him so publicly?
The Head Boys from Ratu Sukuna Memorial School and MGM High School earlier spoke so eloquently about Gandhi, and the Principal of MGM in her speech referred to  Ratu Sukuna as an icon, after whom RSMS is so suitable named. 

I remind you that we in Fiji are in desperate need of icons like Ratu Sukuna, and students, as I describe the major challenges that Gandhi took on in his life in South Africa and India, I want you to think about the kinds of challenges he might have taken up, were he in Fiji today.

Beyond "non-violence" to "non-co-operation" with oppressors Gandhi is world famous for advocating "non-violence" in India's fight for independence from British colonial rule.  

But Gandhi believed that you had to go beyond nonviolence: there also had to be resistance against the oppressors and injustice, through "non-cooperation" and other peaceful means.

Gandhi believed that India could be freed from British colonial rule by simply not co-operating with unjust rulers, even if it meant suffering personally.

Gandhi believed that injustice persisted because victims co-operated: the day that all victims stopped co-operating with unjust rulers - that was the day that the unjust rulers would have to depart.

But note it is interesting that Gandhi believed that non-violent non-co-operation would be even more necessary after independence, because the "brown sahibs" (i.e. Indians themselves) might be worse economic exploiters of the common Indian people, more greedy and corrupt that the "British white sahibs" being expelled from India.

Gandhi became the leader of the Indian National Congress in 1921. Over the years he protested against excessive land taxes imposed by the British in India on the poorest of farmers; he called for boycott of British goods, British education, British titles and honours. He was often arrested by the British, charged for sedition, and often jailed, for years.

For Gandhi it also meant total uncompromising belief in TRUTH (which he saw as being the equivalent of God) even if it meant great personal cost to the individual. "Satyagraha" literally means "holding fast to the truth" regardless of consequences. 

Where a deep principle was involved, people must fight to defend it, even with violence if necessary.  Gandhi believed that to give up resisting injustice was cowardice of the highest order.

Gandhi believed that to close your eyes to the truth of injustice in front of you, meant that you collaborated with and supported the injustice.

Gandhi also opposed  the economic exploitation of people, where greedy individuals took more than their fair share of resources.  

Gandhi saw economic injustice and exploitation as one of the worst forms of violence because  it happened "out of sight" and was not obvious like plain physical robbery. 

He fought against poverty.
He fought for women's rights.
He popularized the plight of the untouchables.
He believed in economic self-reliance based on cottage industries.

He opposed politics based on religions; he was bitterly disappointed at the Hindu: Muslim conflicts and slaughter of millions that followed partition into India and Pakistan. 

In the end, soon after Indian Independence in 1948, he was assassinated for his beliefs - not by a Muslim, or a Christian, but by a Hindu extremist, who thought he was "too friendly" towards Muslims.

Critics of simplistic non-violence say that this strategy (like fasting to death that Gandhi also believed in) only works when the opponents are also rational and moral people, in an open society;  it will not work when the opponents are immoral and determined to be totally unfair.

Many freedom fighters in India (such as Subash Chandra Bose) thought that Gandhi's policy of non-violence delayed independence for India by twenty years.

Gandhi had himself admitted that his policy of non-violence against the white apartheid rule in South Africa was a total failure.

What is not well known or publicised is that Gandhi himself thought that when non-violent non-cooperation did not work, it was better to use violence, rather than give up resisting injustice.

For instance, he called on Indian soldiers to enlist in support of Britain in World War I.  He also called on Indian logistical support for the British in World War II (although  quite opposite to the views of Subhas Chandra Bose who advocated support for Japan).

Gandhi opposed Nehru's industrialisation program and supported protectionism and cottage industries.   There are Indian economists who believe that some of Gandhi's views on the economy set India back thirty years (same as the early decades of communism did to China).  India only started growing when it opened up to the world trade twenty years ago. 

Yet again, environmentalists who see the widespread destruction of nature and pollution in the western industrialised world, and more recently in China, India and Russia, believe that one day the world economy will have to return to principles of environmental sustainability as the most important development principle, and not just the growth of GDP and material wealth.

While Gandhi believed in the equality of all religions, there were many Indian leaders who wanted Muslims marginalized or ejected from India, many because of their selfish business interests.

While Gandhi fought against poverty and the rights of workers, he was opposed by many powerful industrialists who were close to the ruling Indian Congress Party who wanted to keep wages low, so that they could make higher profits and expand their businesses (what Father Barr might call crony capitalism).

In the end Gandhi felt betrayed by many of the Indian political leaders who were his friends, because of their selfish self-interest heading towards Indian independence.
While Gandhi sympathized with the "untouchables" (he called them Harijans- or the Children of God)  he opposed special seats in Parliament for them.

Gandhi was criticized very strongly by another great Indian leader for the untouchables, B.R. Ambedkar, after whom many universities are named in India today, for being paternalistic towards the untouchables, when all they wanted was equal rights to others.

While Gandhi fought hard for the equality and education of women, he was opposed by many conservative Indian and Muslim leaders who thought that the "woman's place was in the home". 

Many historians also note that Gandhi was quite authoritarian and even unfair towards the women in his life, like his wife Kasturbai who sacrificed much for him.  

He was also dictatorial and unfair to his son Hiralal who he prevented from going to study in England and also from marrying the girl of his choice.

So life for a saintly person like Mahatama Gandhi was not the ideal peaceful world that idealists might imagine - it was full of conflict of ideas and strategies, self-doubt and uncertainty, and yes, there were inconsistencies in his life as well.

Even Gandhi admitted that his life was a constant journey of seeking the truth, never knowing for certainty that you have actually found it.

What would Mahatama Gandhi have been supporting in Fiji today?

I believe:
Gandhi would be a strong supporter of democratically elected governments and opposed to military coups.
He might agree with certain measures such as ethnic equality of all races and a common name for all Fiji citizens; he would agree with the fight against corruption; he might even agree with the need to reform institutions like the Great Council of Chiefs.

But he would totally disagree with using a military coup and guns to force changes down people's throats. 

Gandhi believed in using peaceful rational arguments to change people's views- and not try to coerce them. He would be a passionate seeker of the truth: the truth behind our military coups, the truth behind our economy, our society, our religious organisations, our politicians.

He would disseminate his findings and his views to the people, without fear; without concern for media censorship, without fear of laws that might imprison him for seeking and speaking the truth.

He would support organisations such as the Women's Crisis Centre and its leading light, Shamima Ali, who also stands bravely for human rights of all citizens, including those of escaped prisoners, however much misery and fear they might cause us.

Please stand up, Ms Shamima Ali, so our students here can see what brave fighters look like.

Gandhiji would probably ask working men and boys to share equally in household work, so that working women and girls are treated fairly and also have time for their own personal development (as I explain in the books on Gender Issues in Incomes and Employment in Fiji, that I have given to all the senior economics students in this school).  In this day and age, Gandhiji would probably even cook for the family,  to the delight of his wife Kasturbai.

Gandhiji would support studies which seek the truth about the exploitation of vulnerable workers in Fiji, such as the books Just Wages in Fiji, funded by ECREA, which have been given to all MGM economics students.

Gandhi would support those who fight for just wages for our workers, like Father Kevin Barr here (who I disagree with on the legitimacy of the military coup in Fiji but produced the report for ECREA, on which his Wages Council work has been based).   Father Barr, please stand up for the students. 

On a contrary note, when the Methodist Church was recently being unfairly treated, Gandhiji would have called on the religious organisations of Fiji (the Catholics, the Hindus, the Muslims and Sikhs) to stand up for the rights of their sister religious organisation, even if he did not agree with their call for Fiji to be declared a Christian State.  Gandhiji would have been disappointed that these organizations missed that opportunity recently.  But there is hope yet for them, the Yash Ghai Commission is still meeting.

He would be pleased to see the strength of our environmental movements, and Forestry Department initiatives such as "plant a million trees" that is taking place in Fiji.

He would be pleased to see the thousands of children from the poorest of back-grounds, for whom their "caste" is of no concern any more, and who, through this MGM High School, have achieved the highest of goals in their lives.

The rest of Professor Narsey's address can be found on his website at http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/


Sheik Ahmmed said...

Wadern Narsey- Leave the running of the government with Saiyaz and Baini. You can go and live in India. We are Talibani's? We are not frightened of Jihad? We are now running the show in Fiji. Fiji belongs to muslims.

Anonymous said...

I thank the honorable Professor of his thoughts on the violence perpetrated between Suva Grammar School and Marist Brothers High School alot of questions has been raised as to WHY this brawl incident went on for one whole week, never in the History that a brawl between these two prominent Suva Schools went on for one whole week. Please allow me to set the record straight. The incident was all sorted out on Monday and those students from Grammar were taken to task, however some rotten apples decided to continue the violence with the stonning of the on Monday 1/10/2012 Nasese Bus load of Suva Grammar student majority being girls and Veiuto Children, the Grammar boys inside the bus did not retaliate as instructed by there principal techers, parents and ex-scholars, but some were very heart broken that they did not protect(self defence)there sisters in school. Those involve were taken to task. On Tuesday the Commissioner of Police a gave lengthy speech to both school to uphold the rule of law, that same day in the evening a form 5 student of Grammar staying in Tacirua got beaten up outside his house when 8 marist boy visited him by living in the same area, challenging him to a fight, he informed them they listen to there teachers, principal and also the Commissioner of Police, when he turned down the challenge to walk back inside the house he was hit on the back of his neck with a blunt object, felt unconcious on the ground and they kicked and punched him, luckily his mum saw the incident and came out, but he was blacked out on the ground. On Wednesday Suva Grammar's Assistant Principal's house got stonned and investigations are continuing. The real issue is with Marist as some rotten apples are still giving the school a bad name and should be taken to task. This is a spiritual battle between the school, because manifestation of what's actually going on in the country is not manifesting in our youths, its unfortunate that it revealed itself to our young leaders of tommorrow. Professor Narsey thank you for your article, but unfortunately the inclusion of the school brawl is beyong your understanding it's a spiritual battle and some people in Fiji will not understand it......what the Christians in these country should know that the Anti-Christ is now ruling Fiji with the spirit of lawlessness rowing to and fro.....we should spend more time praying of our beloved Fiji....GOD BLESS THE FREEEDOM FIGHTERS

SEMI MEO said...

This is a very sad day for Fiji when a very reputable, revered and trusted Fijian academic may have miss-led the young innocent minds of Fiji…our children and grand children.

Even if the occasion was the anniversary of MGM school event, still a choice of a better role model for the students to emulate other than former British Army Military officer “ Sergeant –Major Mohandas Gandhi.

No mention “Sergeant –Major Mohandas Gandhi” anti-Semitic life prompting the 109th Congress of the United States of American to “ condemned the bigotry and racist remarks of Mohandas Gandhi.

It has been widely reported “Sergeant –Major Mohandas Gandhi” was more than a stretch bearer in the Britain Army. He used his legal mind to assit change the law allowing South African Indians to carry Arms…organized benevolent packages from his Gujarat mates to replenish supply of British Soldier mercilessly killing the ‘Kaffir”…Zulu black South Africans.

No mention..” In fact, during one of the “Kaffir Wars” he volunteered to organize a brigade of Indians to put down a Zulu rising, and was decorated himself for valor under fire."

No mention behind the reason the Indian Government recently bought off “The Gandhi-Kallenbach archives”

How about “The Gandhi Nobody Knows” by Richard Grenier, Commentary, March 1983).

What about the writing of Sergeant –Major Mohandas Gandhi own grandsons?

Oh…walk the steets of Mumbai, Duban , New York, Jerusalem and ask who Mohandas Gandhi….they have their own respective views contrarary to the learned Proffesor's version..

Let’s not be reluctant to tell our children the truth…as the knowledge of the truth will set them free…

Now…let’s look for role models we could tell our children about…do not have to cross the Indian Ocean to find them..

SEMI MEO said...

..mmm..and shame to the Fiji Sun for not doing their home work before print!

Bollywood Star said...

If only Ghandi was alive today and lived in Fiji, then Fiji will be better off with this gundu illegal PM we have. Ghandhi would have been Fijis first Indian President and would rule with an iron fist of love to all the People of Fiji. May Ghandis memory lives forever to the all people of the world and Fiji as the savior of mordern day Theotracal Democracy. Long Live Ghandi down down gundu Illegal PM and Illegal AG Kaiyum!!! I heard ages ago they were planning to rename Fiji as Chindian Islands. I also hope that one day they will rename Fiji not as Chindians but as The Fijichindian Islands!

Anonymous said...

We respect Gandi but in fiji we need Subash bose.
We had enough of coup and army been used by top rank officers for their selfish agenda.
We have Jhina in fiji too ASK.
Time all fijian to be united and strike to pull the regime down.
Fiji problem is ASK .who have used the fijian army and police against the fijians.
Jhina way to divide and rule.
Frank should open his eyes now and kick this ASK out to save Fiji and Fijian jobs.
Lets Pray hard and write to Frank and MC to return to barrack and follow the legal 1997 Constitution .
Restore pride back in Fiji and Fijians on 10th October and give fijians freedom and democracy that was enjoyed under 1997 constitution.
God Bless.

Sheik Ahmmed said...

Gandhi vichaar has cost India PaKISTAN. Waden should move to India if he doesnot like what is happening in Fiji.

Mere said...

We should imitate Gandhi. 

Gandhi would have opposed the coup. He would never concede the legitimacy of this unelected government. 

Like Ro Teimumu, Gandhi would have defended the right of the Methodists to hold their annual meeting. He would have marched in support of human rights. He would have supported the right of the LGBT to march. He would have upheld the human rights of prisoners. He would have led Operation Jericho. He would have supported the right of Fijian workers to engage in collective bargaining, even if it embarrassed the regime internationally. And he would have envisioned a Fiji for all of its citizens.

Gandhi would have championed non-violence. He would not have been intimidated from speaking out or taking action, and he would have gone as far as was necessary to defend the rights of Fijians.

This regime would ignore him, laugh at him, scoff at him, disbar him, arrest him, beat him, sodomise him, convict him on trumped up charges, and perhaps even murder him. But in the end this regime would lose, Fiji would be free, and Gandhian precepts of non-violent activism for social justice would be validated once again.

Gandhi's message for Fijians today would be one of non-violent resistance, non-cooperation, and hope. 'When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it -- always'.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame these youths for being violent,the govt itself is promoting violence,a recent example is the beating up of criminals.

Kai Bau said...

I only wish if all my Indian brothers here to be all like Ghandi and Fiji will be a paradise........My Tau whats your point?what you really wnat to tell us.......Yes you are right there only the truth and nothing but the truth.....What about yuot rear admiral Voreqe any truth in him?Comparing him with Ghandi?...no match,no match his might be a sergent major but he never steal our rights ,our goverment and money from us.

Uraia Mataisevu said...

Vinaka vakalevu Prof Narsey.

Your discussions on Ghandi against events in Fiji is very relevant and we should all look at the Fiji scene from lessons learnt from this internationally recognised icon. Vinaka again Ptof......we always value your commentaries and i know are based on your love of thruth and your country, Fiji

Anonymous said...

Marist and Grammar students are brawling--and some one blames it on the Spirits--load of bullshit.Blame the teachers,blame the parents,blame the church--they are all so called "Christians". Make Fiji a Christian state--so everyone can behave like Marist students--thugs and bullies.The teachers should be whipped in public in Albert park.Dr NIL sharma ca be there to attend the injured !!

Anonymous said...

How the hell does Proff Narsey know what gandhi would have done now in Fiji--this is 2012 Fiji.Gandhi lived in 1930s 1940s India. And asking Shamima Ali to stand up-what nonsense.--how about Vijay Naidu ?---get him to stand up too and dozens like him who have been dumped or who have dumped her.Leave Gandhi where he belongs--do not insult him by transporting him to 2012 Fiji.Gandhi supporting Shamima Ali !!--utter rubbish.MGM---couldnt you find a better speaker??---eg Lekh Ram Vyashnoi !!!

Anonymous said...

Some Marist students are taking their cue from another arist pupil - the failed form four thug called Frank Bainimarama - he is their role model in Fiji - violence, vioence, violence

Anonymous said...

Let 10th october be the day to free Fiji from Regime.
lets sing the national anthem words. land of freedom hope and glory .
Lets practice what we have pride in out national anthem and Fiji.
Lets restore public holiday for Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna day back.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

In India ,Gandhi has a lot of respect but many also see him as a fool. If he had chased all Muslims out of India to Pakistan, India would be a very safe place. He chose not too creating a major problem for the future Indian generations. No man is perfect, Gandhi wasnt perfect either

Alifereti Uluisuva said...

Alifereti Uluisuva

Gandhi will bring nothing, because he is gone, why do we have to look back? look ahead and focus on whats ahead.
Forget about Ghandi and Ratu Sukuna, cos they've gone, they've had their time and now it's finished, this is OUR time to deal with what is their for our taking.
Together we can rid off the EVIL that's rearing it's ugly head in our nation and how do we achieve that? It is in the POWER OF PRAYER. you'se will be asking what sort of prayer and to whom do we pray?

It's easy,,, Pray a prayer of FORGIVENESS to JESUS CHRIST, ask the Lord to forgive all the coup perpertrators for they know not of what they are doing. Remember, Jesus Himself said this phrase when He was haning on the cross in Mt Calvary,2000 years ago.

I call upon the nation of Fiji, from all walks of life, Christians and Non- Cristian background,,,,,PRAY TO JESUS for He will surely deliver FIJI to us NOW, not soon, in the future or later but NOW.

The answer to this is Prayer, KEEP ON PRAYING, the answer to your prayers will surely come, there may be a DELAY but JESUS will never DENY your petitions in Prayer.

Have a Blessed Sunday

Anonymous said...

Gandhi would have been completely inefective in Fiji.It's different--we do not have an occupying force here.it's internal.And this army is not British.Dont talk about gandhi in Fiji now--or Hitler or Stalin or Mandela or Nehru.Talk about our bloody leaders--where are they--the living ones ?--

Anonymous said...

this is very blunt to say, MUSLIMS'
have spoiled future Indian generation just for few dollars , when I was young I heard that MUSLIM'S WILL go against just always seak in .....now I FIND IT IS VERY TRUE--BEIMAAN!!!!!!!!

Karoi said...

Anon @ 11:12 AM

Lekh Ram Vyashnoi !!! A better speaker than Prof. Narsey? You must be the bigest joke of 2012/13/ and 14. You must be a no school Vyashnoi's friend. Also If I am right you are also Kai Colo like Chooro Vyashnoi.

Jone said...

Sheik Ahmmed @ 1054 AM

Gandhi vichaar has not cost India Pakistan. It was Muhammad Ali Jinnah another Muslim traitor who was the the cause. Just like ANY MUSLIM in this world are untrustworthy. They day you trust a Muslim you will be done. I suggest that people read the history of India/ Pakistan divide. How Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked hard with Gandhi and in the end betrayed him. No wonder you Indians have no trust in Muslims or Taliban. Look at Koya in Fiji, he did the same. I can give you examples all day long. Wake up Kai Indias work with us Fijians and we together will kick the Taliban out of Fiji. We don't need them and will be much better off without them. We will start with putting Khaiyum on a dingy and send him off. Let's see how many of you are willing to join me.

Ganesh said...

We can never know for certain where Gandhi would have stood on Fiji.  So, in moments of spiritual turmoil, I ask myself instead 'What would Graham Davis do'?

Graham Davis is an award-winning journalist who is an Australian-Fijian dual national. He sometimes teaches journalistic ethics in Fiji. As a journalist, he has the responsibility to do his best to report fearlessly, objectively and factually. As an ethicist, he is a specialist on moral issues and ethical codes. So who better to look to as a source of moral and spiritual guidance for the New Fiji?

We know where Davis stands on Fiji. His every opinion is posted on his blog. It's then reprinted on the front page of the Fiji Sun. And Davis still contributes his opinions to C4.5.

Davis is the model for the New Fiji, not Gandhi. Gandhi was a proponent of nonviolence in pursuit of democracy. Davis is an apologist for an anti-democratic regime founded on and maintained by violence. 

Gandhi advocated noncooperation with oppressors. Davis advocates active collaboration with our oppressors or, at a minimum, complete passivity and apathy. 

Gandhi preached resistance to injustice. Davis preaches capitulation. 

Gandhi suffered hunger strikes, beatings, imprisonment, and  finally martyrdom for his country. Davis quaffs wine and fattens himself while receiving a Qorvis salary, travel, accommodation, and per diem from the regime, all the while holding a second passport in his back pocket so that he can flee in case he's ever asked to make a real sacrifice. 

Gandhi counseled humility and peace, while Davis is unceasingly arrogant and belligerent.

Gandhi welcomed debate. Davis tries to stifle it, even going so far as to work with MINFO in trying to drown out critical comments on his own website.

Davis epitomises the New Fiji. Its guiding philosophy is the strategy of the hyena -- nip at heels, claw at neck, suck the marrow from bones, and generally make a banquet out of your country's demise, all the while barking a mocking laugh.

That's why, in moments of spiritual turmoil, I ask myself 'What would Graham Davis do'...

and then I do quite the opposite.

After all, I still gotta live with myself!

Anonymous said...

Statistics now show that everyday someone attempts to commit suicide in Fiji.
What a nice place to live in!

Fiji Times
Suicide attempts can be reduced
Maciu Malo
Sunday, October 07, 2012
PSYCHOLOGIST Selina Kuruleca believes attempted suicide cases can be reduced if society takes an active role in addressing the issue.

Police recorded 13 cases of attempted suicide in the Western Division last month.

Ms Kuruleca said there were many available resources in hospitals, churches, and work places that people could turn to for assistance, like church leaders, councillors and parents.

"Everybody has a part to play and parents need to be vigilant and observe our children's behaviour," she said.

"Parents need to spend quality time with their children, know where they are, who they're with."

Ms Kuruleca said some organisations had employee assistance programs to deal with issues like these.

"It is sad to see the number of attempted suicide cases rising and we need to be actively involved to help prevent attempted cases," she said.

West police spokeswoman Naina Ragigia said one case involved a woman who was fed up of living.

She said most cases were results of domestic disputes.

"We advice the public to talk their problems over with a trusted family member, a police officer, a colleague from school or work, a religious friend or even their parents, to ease their burden of frustration," Ms Ragigia said.

"We are living in a world where we will encounter problems but it is how we overcome these obstacles that will prove to us our worthiness," she added.

Anonymous said...

Mr Karoi--Lekh Ram Vyashnoi is also a Proffessor--he has a degree from the University of Timbuktoo---dont you know that.So he would have been a better speaker than Narsey.Another great speaker would have been George Shiu Raj-he can even speak in the I taukeu lingo.Ted Young is another one -can speak on Gandee.Narsey does not know anything about Gandhi--that is why he wanted Shamima Ali to stand up.And poor Shamima cannot stand these days.-and no one can stand her--and only Narsey can understand her.Do you understand ,Mr Karoi ??

Anonymous said...

@Alifereti Uluisuva 3:34 PM

What a twisted form of logic you speak;

"Gandhi will bring nothing, because he is gone, why do we have to look back?"

You then go on to say pray to some mythical fairtytale hero from way before Gandhi and this will solve all your problems.

Anonymous said...

Dear SEMI MEO, Suffice to say you have a view and you are entitled to have an opinon on Ghandhi and quote many other people who have expressed an opinoin about Ghandhi. You and your like minded people in a democratic society represent a minorities view. The vast majority / silent majority believes in Ghandhi and his ideals. Therefore, views expressed by you is relevant but democratically invalid.

SEMI MEO said...

“Kai Bau”…viavia tamedre vaka lailai ka kaka na nomu viavia vakamacala mai oya…e va evei?...drau baci gunu siga tu mai na bogi ni siga Vakarauwai, sega na lotu ena noa..qai mai lai taubale mai vakacilavi siga ena wawa basi mai Naitalasese??...lol…barewa ga vei kemuni…tulou saka!

1.All we said was .. HOW dare!!.. the learned professor used an alleged killer of Black South African, hater of Jews and someone whom Indian “spend Millions of dollars to keep his poor image” , etc..etc..be promoted by my former NFP colleague and the Fiji Press to be a saint worth emulating by our innocent Fiji children!

2.All we said…there are better role models in the private and public sector living today in Fiji and Fijian Diaspora worth telling our children to choose from as role model..including their parents!!

3.Oh…and Australia has the second largest rate of suicide..the best economy in the world..the envy of may sovereign and the target of human trafficking…a benevolent Democracy…still….

Anon..October 7, 2012 8:59 PM. Ms Ragigia..must be partly congratulated…but why is she reluctant to promote the safety of trained Pastoral care of our Churches and religious organization??..or does she prefer to be politically correct according to some therapeutic accreditation barometer that...uh...do not recognaise ...biblical and religious counselling...

Kai Bau said...

To Alifereti Uluisuva How much longer we have to pray.So contradicting.First of all you said Gandhi will bring nothing, because he is gone, why do we have to look back?......If you cannot look back than how you come know Jesus?I believe that you can only know and believe in Jesus by looking back at what he has done and for you to follow.Prayer cannot be answered if the door of opportunity is there and you keep on praying blindly without doing anything concrete to go with your prayer.Ghandi was a man of principle who does not like to be intimidated by the British and also by protesting peacefully.Thats the whole point of Ghandhi comparing it to our situation .Wether he is a sergent major or muslim hater who cares about it we all have our weakness but the thing that we the iTaukei /Fijians should be learning from him is the courage of the man to go against a whole British authourities which you and I cannot do to save our land and goverment from Voreqe.He is not a great christian like you who boast about praying only but he followed Jesus principal by standing up and led the freedom of the Indian people.Sa levu ga na viavia lotu lasulasu vei keda na kai Viti da viavia vakaraitaka tiko ni da tamata lotu ka da sega ni da cakacaka taka na ka e tukuna nai Vola Tabu.Sa o mai ulubale taka na masu tukuna ga vaka dodonu ni o rerevaki ira na sotia.Qori na vosa me rogo mai gusuda na kai viti ni da rerevaki ira na sotia na masu kei na lotu e yawa ka mai da vuni taki keda tu kina.Sa ra lai tucake mai na Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi ,Dr Samisoni io o keda na kena tagane levu ga na via tukuna tiko na lotu sega na lasu ga sa laurai votu.

Anonymous said...

Person who knows Semi Meo the critic says to Semi

Visionary individuals have always had both admirers and detractors in good measure. The sheer force of their life’s work demands that we assess our position with respect to theirs. Consequently, in many instances what we make of these people is far more revelatory of ourselves than of the life being examined. In modern times, no person embodies this litmus test better than Mahatma Gandhi.

Your not much of a role model yourself Semi and I am sure there are numerous skeletons in your closet......shall we name a few...

Anonymous said...

Why commit suicide? Not a very healthy way to go.Could someone please give these people a Gun and
get them to shoot someone in the Army,police,navy or prison officers
now thats a better way to go? Shoot
the enemy and if you're lucky they,ll shot back,and they may take you out permanently or sent
you to the hospital to be cured?

Anonymous said...

Joker says...

Again and again prof Wadan, you are the only academic who speaks the truth. You have balls to shoot at the illegal regime.

Your views are supported by Fijians who have a balanced view of the world where all citizens should be eqaul before the law and accorded justice.

Many Fijians have unfortunately and sadly and cowardly CLOSED their eyes from the truth.

They have even jump ship and now sided with the illegal regime...hypocrites is the word.

All we are hoping that Frank and the military will have the balls to kick Aiyaz Khaiyum and his Muslim clowns out.

Rebuilding Fiji will be much more meaningful and will excel.

Fiji is a forgiving nation, anything can happen, Frank too needs to recognise that cultures and taukei instituitions have its place in Fiji. Juts like the Maori's have prominantly in their homeland NZ.

God bless us here in Fiji and prof Wadan you're a real gentleman and sincere.

God bless Fiji and may he free us Fiji from captivity of evil.

Frank you need to redeem and free yourself from evil.

God bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis-today's Sun is spot on.Do not exploit Gandhi politically.The Idiot principal at MGM should have stopped this political speech.And to use the students to applaud Shamima Ali--how low can you get,Narsey??Gandhi would support Shamima--ludicrous!!

Anonymous said...

In Fiji today--gandhi would have no followers.He would go on hunger strike and strve to death,==no one would care a damn.Do you get it,proff Nutsey ??

Anonymous said...

The illegal prime minister will receive a report in the next few days and he won't like it. For it will tell him his much-trumpeted casino - which was supposed to have commenced construction in August - is not going to happen.

It seems the native American partner (Larry Claunch) has not been able to raise the funds he promised. Calls to a Nadi number given by him were answered by an Indo-Fijian man who had never heard of Mr Claunch or his casino.

And calls to the number he gave for One Hundred Sands Ltd, the casino operator he claims to represent are answered by a recorded message that says the number is not in use. Attempts to contact Mr Claunch have been unsuccessful. For earlier story see Victor Lal's "Khaiyum-Bainimarama rolled out false casino dice

Kai Bau said...

The many faces of life in respect to each individual is what Prof Wadan Narsey had been reflecting upon.

Semi Meo and other negative Anon(s) and Anonymous(es), Mahatma Ghandhi has done so much to life than you can ever achieve in yours.

Maybe it's best that we invite you all negative armchair critics to come home and try and do the same; emulate the man in front of Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Sure sign of desperation by Wadan in trying to get some limelight especially when all his predictions about the economy have all been wrong. Go read more books Wadan and try not to be drunk it might make you see things clearly.

Anonymous said...

The cause of all this is that we have all turned away from from Jesus Christ and His teachings in varying degrees. Many have turned away from God; many are using obscene language in their everyday language; many are looking at others (even of the same gender) with lust instead of charity and pure love and many are ignoring the poor, the needy and hungry because of their gluttonous and greedy mentality and many have jealous and vengeful hearts when Jesus Christ teaches forgiveness.

The panacea for all ills, poverty, and even our dwindling economies is to look to Jesus Christ who suffered and died for all mankind, acknowledge Him with our "broken and contrite spirits", adopt His teachings, and live a true Christian life.

Vengeance is still His and not ours. But He leaves this part of his divine duty until the last resort when we deny and defy Him.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that some people believe that the world is hanging on to every word they utter? Wadan Narsey is one of them. If that is the quality of writing and analysis offered by Fiji professors, God help Fiji. These people would better spend their time writing on things they know something about. Ratu Sukuna a an icon, when he stood for chiefly privilege in all things Fijian? When he opposed democracy and equal rights for all? Would Gandhi have supported that? People like Wadan Narsey would better spend their time thinking than rushing into print. Spare us, please.

Go the oppositon said...

You can always relyy on Narsey and C4.5 to tell it the way it is otherwise Davis woudn't bother pillorising them.

Too bluddy obvious said...

Well what can you expect from a narcisstic propagandist ... the 'expose' other people's 'sin's but can't their own for the beam in the eye. I think we can ump the Fiji media in that category. Just weeks ago Vijay and Naraya were textolling the virtues of the Fiji media in light of 'self censorship' but fro, what I'e head none of the media have printed Narsey's original piece excvept for Sun/Davis who have predictably attacked WN.

Anonymous said...

After the death of great leaders cowards and irrational critiques wake up simply to seek attention by interpreting issues which can and may make sense but morally not correct. No one is perfect - some may even argue that god is not perfect as well depending on ones perspective on life. Ghandhi made a positive contribution to India and the rest of the world. He was different and yes controversial as well. It is like no one will speak bad about Nelson Mandela now (includingMr. MEO) but i can bet my bottom dollar that likes of Mr. MEO will be ready to express an opinion, most likely a negative one, a minute after passing away of great Nelson Mandela - sadly true and unfortunate. Mr. MEO i am not an expert on history but know enough to argue and invalidate your opinion about Ghandhi - is it worth giving you that attention? on second thought not really!!!

Anonymous said...

So, who are we to believe, the Wadan Narseys, who say that if Gandhi were in Fiji today he'd be leading a non-violent movement for social justice, or the Graham Davises, who seem to think Gandhi would be helping them hold the ankles while Qiliho rapes them in the ass with a gunbarrel?

Anonymous said...

The suicide rate in Fiji increased 400% after 2006.
A lot of these young people feel a sense of hopelessness growing up in Fiji.
Its a shame that you carelessly say "its ok " because Australia has a high rate of suicide.
In Fiji's case there is a direct correlation with the coup.
Amazing that a so called "church goer" like you has a careless view of these young people's lives.
I think even the Methodist Church is not interested anymore.
Because it is "politics". And they have vowed not to be involved with "politics".
What a Shame!

Second point is with regards to Mahatma Ghandi. Everyone makes mistakes including Mahatma.
But at the end of the day he made a great contribution to humanity.

Will humanity remember you Semi?

Will you be an instrument of hope to these young Fijians who are killing themselves?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wadan, you were not wrong in your predictions that Fiji is failing economically. The Regime is trying very hard to hide this fact from the public, but the truth will always surface, no matter how deep one tries to supress it.
Thank you for mentioning Ghandhi, Ghandhi fights the status quo of inferiority to a foreign power, similarly here in Fiji....... Bainimarama is a foreign imposing power who tries to control peoples values and belief. WE MUST STOP THESE GOONS from continuing. Your speech Mr Narsey should be siren warning people to wake up to the injustices dished out by this Power hungry Regime.

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi...bula sia koya na qaqa.. e warai na na gunu siga e totolo la na tonotono qarauna kua ni volekati au mai deu tonoki iko cala....lol.Na lotu ni cava mada o tukuna tiko mai qori....na lotu lasulasu gona sai ulubale tiko ni rere vei keda nai taukei ke laurai dina vinaka cake meda lotu Hindu vakataki Ghandi.
Tau Meo we all have our weakeness which has nothing to do with what Ghandi has done to his people.Thats the point that we as Kai Viti should learned from.The courage of the man to stand up against all odds and protest peacefully.Thats all we need in Fiji some one like maybe Vilisi Nadaku or the marama bale na Roko Tui Dreketi to take the lead because theyve proved themselves that they have the courage to protest agaisnt these IG bullies and I believe that if you talk the talk than you must also do the walk.
If you do not agree with Ghandi to be a role model than what about your rear admiral Voreqe?...(bai titi nomu weli Tau ni o rogoca na yaca ya)in addition you mention about their parents to be role models...what about Kean the murderer..those soldier who killed innocent civilians....are they also includede in the Tau Semi Meos role model of the year categories....well most of them are parents as well as your hero Voreqe .. if they falls in a good role model categories of yours than you better go and geta head check might be something has fallen off your brain (de ka ga bai o sonaua tiko).
Why mentioned about Australia?you are living in that country and yet you are critising it.Tau better stop going to church or your head will be full of crap in believe that the sun rises from the west and sets in the east.Sa leqa sarag......varau au losea mada dua na tanoa mo sa vagunuvi mada mo mai noqu tevoro....baleta na tevoro ga e vakabauta na lasu..
Sa so beka na Kai Bau Kai dia ra volavola toka qori e cake sa yacadra tale tikoga na Kai Bau...tau vacava meu sa Kai Namuka mada o au? na yacaqu ga... papitaiso taki au mada meu sa Kai Namuka ena C 4.5...lol

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi...bula sia koya na qaqa.. e warai na na gunu siga e totolo la na tonotono qarauna kua ni volekati au mai deu tonoki iko cala....lol.Na lotu ni cava mada o tukuna tiko mai qori....na lotu lasulasu gona sai ulubale tiko ni rere vei keda nai taukei ke laurai dina vinaka cake meda lotu Hindu vakataki Ghandi.
Tau Meo we all have our weakeness which has nothing to do with what Ghandi has done to his people.Thats the point that we as Kai Viti should learned from.The courage of the man to stand up against all odds and protest peacefully.Thats all we need in Fiji some one like maybe Vilisi Nadaku or the marama bale na Roko Tui Dreketi to take the lead because theyve proved themselves that they have the courage to protest agaisnt these IG bullies and I believe that if you talk the talk than you must also do the walk.
If you do not agree with Ghandi to be a role model than what about your rear admiral Voreqe?...(bai titi nomu weli Tau ni o rogoca na yaca ya)in addition you mention about their parents to be role models...what about Kean the murderer..those soldier who killed innocent civilians....are they also includede in the Tau Semi Meos role model of the year categories....well most of them are parents as well as your hero Voreqe .. if they falls in a good role model categories of yours than you better go and geta head check might be something has fallen off your brain (de ka ga bai o sonaua tiko).
Why mentioned about Australia?you are living in that country and yet you are critising it.Tau better stop going to church or your head will be full of crap in believe that the sun rises from the west and sets in the east.Sa leqa sarag......varau au losea mada dua na tanoa mo sa vagunuvi mada mo mai noqu tevoro....baleta na tevoro ga e vakabauta na lasu..
Sa so beka na Kai Bau Kai dia ra volavola toka qori e cake sa yacadra tale tikoga na Kai Bau...tau vacava meu sa Kai Namuka mada o au? na yacaqu ga... papitaiso taki au mada meu sa Kai Namuka ena C 4.5...lol

SEMI MEO said...

Oh..come on!..phew!!...a few who do NOT reality know the real Gandhi cry blasphemy upon us who care to KNOW about claims of his “ exemplary life” according to some commentators who..well....conveniently filter the truth about this mortal man, late Sergeant Major Mohandas Gandhi.

If you wanna know about the real humble cyber warrior Semi Meo , then speak to my close family members, former work mates, Church members etc.I have nothing to hide,not even my name unlike some some faceless and nameless freaks soiling the pages of this esteemed column….I am no coward..I may tell you the colour of my underwear if that will tickle you further to the saintly immortal status you claim to be…even the audacity to make a paper psychoanalysis and behavioural barometer to measure us with!. now use it on your lord Ghandi and YOU!!

Who is the real Ghandi…well, speak to his own son, grandson, search the records of the British Army he served killing black Zulus in Africa, his “friendship” with the Murderous dictator Hitler, the Muslims of India, the lower caste of India..as we said walk the streets of Mumbai,Karachi, Duban, Jerusalem, New York and ask the common folks..

Long story short..if you wish…keep Sergeant Major Mohandas Gandhi legacy you were blinded with..the rest of us would never promote a bigot who clapped when the gas chambers killed millions of Jews, decorated by the British Army for killing Zulu Black Africans..one is not decorated for valour by pushing pen and carrying stretcher..no..more often by the kills one makes….oh..and the world is told he can not even hurt, let alone kill a fly..Good Lord!..are we serious?

Go ahead keep his legacy..better still name your next son or grandson in Sergeant Major Mohandas Gandhi honour..

Why are afraid of the truth for…the knowledge of the truth sets us free..of course except for those who prefer to delve in the gray streets and dark dungeons of life.

...many of us in Fiji have parents, uncles, talatala, pundits, Haji, who are worthy roles models for our children!!...not an unrepentant bigot, racist killer etc..etc…etc…

V for Vendetta said...

Yes, 'vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord', but that doesn't mean we're not to pursue earthly justice.

Lord, let me be an instrument of Thy divine retribution.

Bainimarama knows best said...

Larry Claunch is a fraud. One Hundred Sands Inc. isn't anything. Anyone with any sense would have seen that immediately. No due diligence by ASK. This idiot keeps making our hardworking Commander look bad.

The Heckler said...

Graham Davis can't understand why Prof. Narsey related his speech to Mahatma Gandhi and asked what would Gandhi do. This was the Mahatma Gandhi Day address at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School, so what else would Davis expect the speech to be about?

When it's Graham Davis Day at Graham Davis Memorial High School, then Graham Davis can explain for us all again What Would Graham Davis Do.

Graham Davis Day -- you know, hehe, what's more commonly known as APRIL FOOLS DAY.

Anonymous said...

all these marist leaders ie frank, naivalurua, aiaasse, qiliho etc etc ,,,,,have no leadership qualities and have stolen their positions not earned them. They didnt get to leadership via elections but via violence and guns. The boys at flagstaff are just following the leaders!!! ni yavu ulukau no class!

Bollywood Star said...

Ghandi is dead, end of the line and Sukuna, Mara, Ganilau is dead end of the line.Mandela is next end of the line. Baini next stop end of the line. We dont need the visions of the past to get us to the future. Let the dust settle for goodness sake, Semi Mimi Meo and crew move on from your gundu ways and embrace the new day for all. Fiji needs new leaders with new visions not pupu visions of past leaders of other countries. Yes they were good but for there generations, not this generations. New leaders, new dimension, old leaders old mansions, if you got it go get it!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Hindu or Gundu of Fiji
appears to dislike the muslim illegal AG- Khaiyum? I like the AG and i think that he is quite smart
and appears to be a great Indian leader? Unlike Mahen Chodo and other indian leaders,who promised
the Indian poors the Moon&stars,
Khaiyum is a simple man,working hard with 5 or 6 ministries, under
his belts, and are doing his best to
get us through this trying time.He does not believe in discrimination,
that is why he want everyone to be
called Fijian? Changing the voting
system to common roll,and man to have as many wives as we like? No wonder the muslim were the original rulers in India in the
old days? They're just a bunch of smart dudes?
Thank you Mr AG you da man!!!!

Fiji Citizen E Viti said...

O Bollywood Star me lesu mada ga ki Idia me qarava ga na nona lasulasu e na i yaloyalo yavala...kei Semi Meoow me tiko ga mai Ositerelia ka galu mada

People of the Land said...

I am lost with words when people deliberately rubbished those that have gone before us especially those public figures, Ghandi, Mara, Sukuna, etc. These people have done their level best to their country and people and of course we are just humans. That is why we have people like all of us to learn from them and move on and strive to do better than these good people.

Sa e vei na veivakarokorokotaki vei keda na i taukei.

Just imagine what tone will be like in 10 years time.

Where is human decency and dignity?

Please leave the ones that gone before us in peace and let the living sort things out.We are more educated and well equipped with modern knowledge to better our lives and why rely on those that have gone?

Kalougata tiko na kawai taukei kei ira na noda turaga bale

Rev Davis said...

Professor Wadan Narsey is a genuine academic and prominent public figure in Fiji but who is this conman,Semi Meo?

The name Meo sounds like a bastardized Fiji version of the Chinese name,Mao.It might then be worthwhile to look into the archives of his family history because the Chinese hierarchy has a habit of "killing'their leaders off when sent into exile.One theory is that Chairman Mao did not die in China but was exiled to Fiji amidst other Chinese vegetable farmers.

Semi Meo then is highly likely to be Chairman Mao's revolutionary grandson who can be genetically identified by his habitual inkling to rebel at anything that is democratic in nature or form...meow!!!

Anonymous said...

The AG looks like 'Mr bean.....maybe brothers????

Bula Miau said...

Chairman Mao / Semi Meo is the leader of the Chinese Triad in Sydney and who also controls the Triad branch in Fiji

SEMI MEO said...

To faceless cyber thug the love child of Mao .. of October 11, 2012 3:13 PM...CONMAN "i keri"...lol...do not show your name yet my dear lady...keep incognito …shhh…..we’ve got your IP address..then we will get a loader and 32 wheeler to empty your closet …heeee..heeee….heeee….do not hide!.....blood pressure up..already??