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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Police finally produce 'unseen' Naboro prisoner

Isoa Waqa at front right.
Fiji police have fronted with the last of the Naboro escapees, Isoa Waqa.

He has until now been kept out of public sight at Colonial War Memorial after a severe beating sparking fears he had died.

Waqa appeared briefly in court in Suva yesterday with three of his fellow escapees but the case has been deferred until February with prosecutors saying they need more time.

The prisoner who had his foot amputated, Epeli Qaraniqio,   is expected to appear next week.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu, is meanwhile putting it about that Qaraniqio may have been to blame himself for the amputation.

He says they're waiting for the medical report but has let it drop that Qaraniqio is diabetic.

“We are continuing our investigation and we have established that he is a diabetic patient. We have also spoken to his mother who is also diabetic."

Qaraniqio’s foot was amputated at CMW where military medics only have had access to prisoners. 

RFMF and police treatment of the Naboro escapees has been widely condemned but controversial. It has also revived interests in other escapees who've died in custody, including David Wise (killed while on the run in 2001), Josefa Baleiloa and Josua Ralulu.

Police have said they are investigating the Naboro recapture  but many already doubt the report will be transparent.

Baileloa's burial. pic Fiji Times
Investigations were supposedly done for Wise, Ralulu and Baleiloa but it's understood their families never got the findings or satisfaction from the powers that be about the use of excessive force.

Baileloa for example was killed after a beating by 10 officers who used timber and stones. Witnesses said the beating continued after he was unconscious.

From the archives: a blog from Loyal Fijian on the death of Josefa Ralulu


Who is the Real Criminal? Rest in Peace Josua!

Josua Ralulu, the "notorious  criminal" is dead.
Should we be happy that one of the most "notorious criminals" whose name was taken alongside Alifereti Nimacere and David Wise as the most danegrous criminals of the 80's and 90's is dead ? Or in his death should we look at ourselves and ask how a young man became a criminal and wasted the best years of his life behind bars?
There can be no rejoicing or whoops of "He paid the price for what he did" or "He got what he gave".  
Josua Ralulu's story is a tragedy of immense proportions but sadly not one confined to him.
What happened to Josua Ralulu happens to hundreds of young Fijian men and women everyday.
Our jails are filled with Josua Ralulu's.
Young men who are often sent to jail for minor offences like trespassing or drinking in the local park. Once these men are fed into the system, the hungry beast that is our criminal system chews them up and spits out hardened criminals.
There is no way back once you have been "inside". When you come out you are an ex-con. Your friends are ex-cons and you have no job prospects or academic qualifications.
Many do not dare to go back to their villages in shame and so begins a vicious cycle of the criminal.
But, criminals are not born, they are made.
Lets look at Josua.
Josua Ralulu, according to his brother, was happy cutting sugar cane with his friends. And one day someone plied him with alcohol and offered him some money to "do a job".
This someone would turn out to be none other than the wife of Bob Amos, a lady by the name of Prakash Wati. Sound familiar. Yes, we have all heard similar stories havent we? Criminals are made, not born remember! Especially in Fiji. But more on that later.
Anyway, in all likelihood Josua didn't know what he was getting himself into. A simple village boy he jumped at the chance to go for a ride to Suva. He was given more alcohol than he could handle and he was tricked into killing Bob Amos.
Who is the real criminal here?
Is it Josua?
It is the Prakash Wati's of this world!
Rest in Peace Josua, You were wronged. Your grandson will always remember a man who loved him. He will remember you fondly.


mark manning said...

Is such behaviour, a result of Fijians cannibalistic and depraved past, or because of recent deployments to war torn Countries in the Middle East?
How does one justify, with a straight face, torture, murder and other Human Rights abuses?
Has the desire for financial recompense in return for Military involvement overseas, come back to bite Fijian Society on the rear end?
Have the military Deployments been worth the results?
Is there now and has there been for along long time, an undercurrent of Evil which has permeated throughout a vast majority of Fijian Society, or has it always been there, just lying dormant until an opportunity arises for some to initiate against the defenceless, their barbaric practises and behaviour.
Make no mistake, Satan sits idly by just waiting in the wings to unleash his Evil because he knows that there are many who would be only too happy to do his bidding, seemingly with no fear of the consequences from their Maker.

Anonymous said...

Rusiate Tudravu is outright lying.
Amputations in Diabetes happens because of gangrene.
It takes at least 5 days of wounds in a contaminated environment without any medical intervention before gangrene causes enough trouble to cause amputation.
For gangrene to travel inside the tissues and get to the knee takes even more days.

We know that these prisioners were beaten and then immediately taken to hospital.
Therefore the reason behind the amputation is not Diabetes.
Sa rui levu veikemudou na lasu.
Dou sega ni madua Tudravu ni o lotu tiko qai mai lasutaki keimami tiko.
Iko vunau tiko vei cei.

Anonymous said...

MR Cici,

Most welcome for your comments but I am a Christian who is always in Church, how can I lie and four your information the bANIMARAMA, Kum government only employ Christians who tell the truth. Look at the composition of the civil service its 83% christains including the security forces so how can we lie. Look at the money making organizations Tappoo, Punja, Motibhai all are employing the non believers even bringing shri lank ans to boost profit, we should stick with the mu-slims so we can have our arse wholes fixed so we talk talk through it loll.

Anonymous said...

MR Cici,

Most welcome for your comments but I am a Christian who is always in Church, how can I lie and four your information the bANIMARAMA, Kum government only employ Christians who tell the truth. Look at the composition of the civil service its 83% christains including the security forces so how can we lie. Look at the money making organizations Tappoo, Punja, Motibhai all are employing the non believers even bringing shri lank ans to boost profit, we should stick with the mu-slims so we can have our arse wholes fixed so we talk talk through it loll.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe how stupid these criminals planned their escape? They knew that the police and Military people will be out to hunt them down,
they've got a pretty good idea what will happen to them if they got caught?
Military and Police forces have been known to have hurts and killed
escapes? Why were they staying pretty close to these killers?Did they wanted to be caught and test
out these killer instinct? Why didn't they escape to the interior
of Vitilevu or smuggled a Boat and
moved to Vanualevu? Why didn't they
rob the military camp and armed
themselves? If you know that they
are going to kill you,why didn't
you kill the bastards first? I'm
telling you guys, you really deserved what you got? If i was
there as a police member,I would
have gun you bastard down and get it over with?

mark manning said...

Thank God the criminals caught the criminals, now everything will be okay in Fiji!

Ratu Vore said...

A few years ago the current Commissioner of Police launched the infamous yellow ribbon project for the rehabilitation of prisoners. So much so that about a dozen correction officers lost their jobs for minor assaults on prisoners during his term.

This time around five prisoners suffered extensive injuries, with one losing a leg, at the hands of his officers using reasonable force. The officers were in fact commended for their gallant action.

Under normal circumstances such injuries suffered at the hands of arresting officers warrants an investigation. The onus is on the Commissioner to satisfy himself that the action of his men was reasonable if not illegal. He needs to allay the suspicion and the fears of the public on the integrity of our justice system.

For the police Operations Officer to blatantly declare that “having one of his leg amputated does not mean an investigation should be carried out to those who were involved in his recapture” is abrasive evasive and discourteous to the relatives of the victims.

The yellow ribbon in correction terminology appears to have metamorphosed into red ribbon in police discourse.

Anonymous said...

If he was a diabetic, as claimed by the criminal police, get the records from prison and show the public that. Besides, amputation is only an excuse to cover their crime of bearing this prisoner. Shame on you police and army, how can you assholes sleep at night?

Mad Manning said...

Mark Manning, talking about depravity, torture, murder, death in custody, and other Human Rights abuses, look no further than you own ancestors' treatment of aborigines, not just in the past, but today, right now.

clean you own damn backyard first you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Fark off Mark Manning.

Australian police have gunned down 15 australian citizens these past 10 years. They were having phsycotic or mental breakdown in public place and gunned down without due process. ( not even in prison yet)

Trigger happy police all to happy to gun down individuals going through extreme mental stress.

We in Fiji still live by customery law. Why dont you go screaming on the rara, or any other anti social behaviuor according to Fijian custom and see what you get.

The escaped prisoners were all iTaukei, who can make no excuse about custom. They knew what what they were going to get, and they got it.


so just fark off all you bleeding heart foreigners, this is Fiji.
When in Fiji, do as a Fijian.

Thank you heros of the Army, Police and Corrections service, good work.

Thank you.

Dodgy Police said...

There is a difference between thuggery and nationalism kai colo

Anonymous said...

Mark manning just another typical foreigner trying to insult our intellect with his sweet words...go preach to your government and your people...u worry bout the 'speck' in our eye..when theres a big log in yours!...so go preach ur word somewhere else..u waste of australian air..ur just another hypocrite ...u destroy the aborigines and still do to this day!...go wash tht mouth of urs mate coz it stinks of shit!

Coup 4.5 said...

We have been led to believe by some writers that big time corruption was a phenomenon of decadent Western capitalist countries and by contrast communist China was sqeaky clean .But the New York Times article ' Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader' ( Sat 27/10) tells quite a different story.
I urge the readers of your good paper to read the article and see what they think for themselves.
The link to the article is
rajend naidu

The Heckler said...

Next they'll be telling us he ate too much cake and ice cream in prison.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, keep it up, until the 'heroes' of the army finally end their depravity.

pat said...

I just heard that the reason for "Escapee's" amputation was because of Diabetes.

Is that possible?

I ain't a doctor but those culprits should answer to the LAW for their brutality towards the prisoners and the Prisoners should be taken to TASK for their ACTIONs ALSO.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na vosavosa - sega ni caka rawa tiko e dua na ka. Matai ga na vakawaqa mata ni masese, batinitoro vitu na kaloko na nomuni i tovo. Kevaka o rawa ni cakava e dua na ka vakaraitaka mai - kua ga ni levu tiko na nomuni vosa.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I don't think it was just diabetes, because when we asked Qaraniqio this question directly, he replied 'Diabetes, my foot!'

Anonymous said...

Isa Rusi Tudravu, e a dua tani na nomu i vukivuki kei na nomu rai e na Tiseba 2006!! Tou a tiko vata e na SB e na gauna oya.
Qo o sa dua na ka na nomu 'ABOUT TURN".
Qarauni koya Voreqe. E a noqu Turaga ni Ovisa o koya e na SB. Qori na tamata liumuri. Au kilai koya vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Rusiate Tudravu...i know this guy. Sweet mouth vesumona type. All SBs traits.