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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Raqeukai: Truth Commission before 2014

Coup renegades want to get off scott free - but should they?

Fiji Constitution Submission
Local Modernist Conservatism & Land Economist Academia - 12 October 2012
By Paula D Raqeukai

Proposed Submission by Paula D Raqeukai, commoner of the Vunisekoula family, tribesman of Nakadruma/Teiteiciva, a subject of the “Tui Vanua Levu - Vanua Kingdom”, in the District of Saqani, Cakaudrove Province on behalf of the Local Modernist Conservatism Academies and Fiji Islanders ( Both Kai Viti-“itaukei”, Indo-Fijians and Others) of the Republic of the Fiji Islands

9.0 The Question of Immunity

There should be no immunity provisions in the constitution; unless approved by an elected parliament. If you really believe that what you are doing is right, stick with it to the end. The fact that the current government is seeking immunity shows that it does not believe in its own legality. It created legal arguments for its actions in 2006 (e.g. doctrine of necessity) but now it seems that such arguments were not infallible. If a government does not believe in its own legitimacy, then the proper thing for it to do is to resign in the interest of the nation. If there is no legitimacy, no morality and no spirituality, the only thing driving it is self interest.

The current regime wants immunity on one hand while on the other it wants Fiji to be secular state rather than a Christian state. How irony is that? Given the fact that Christianity in our view is the only genuine faith that allows for forgiveness, reconciliation and true love as shown by its leader, the Lord Jesus Christ when he was crucified on the cross more than 2000 years ago so that man can leave forever just like Him when he comes back as He had promised (His Second Comings). Thus this question of immunity can be one of the frontline issues in the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), as this is our proposed before going to the poll in 2014.

However, if TRC is not an option (I hope not), then the current leaders should stand in the elections, get elected and file a motion for immunity in the new parliament. Rabuka’s immunity went through Parliament tests and so should any other coup maker. Every coup maker should be treated the same. We sincerely hope that the 2006 coup would be the last one for Fiji and we hope that a new beginning could sprout from the establishment of the proposed TRC below.

10.0 Establishment of a Commission of Truths & Reconciliation- A Way Forward to Ensure


We proposed that the best solution to Fiji’s current political problem is to establish a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) something similar to the one set-up in South Africa in the 1990s. This proposed TRC should take place first before Fiji goes to the poll in 2014.

We feel that without a genuine TRC there will be no long term peace solution for Fiji’s political problem. We will continue to have a cycle of coups in future. We need to end this “mind sickness” now and the time is here right now in front us, we do not know what the future hold’s Fiji only God knows that because He holds our future in His hands, but one thing is crystal clear to all of us and that is we must rebuild our beloved nation NOW! Our beloved country has been bleeding from this coup sickness for more than 20 years and every time we tried to stop the bleeding it continuously overflows not from the outside causes but from the causes within the inner part of the body and that is us every individual citizens of Fiji must be answerable to this problem.

Fiji being a Christian country despite the calls for a secular state should embrace the Christian principles of forgiveness, reconciliation and love to move the country forward.

Hence, we strongly believe that a TRC must take place first before the proposed poll in 2014. This TRC will eventually in our view lead to a formulation of a Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Legislation that would bring about a genuine solution to our political problem. This TRC could be a court like body that could allow for restorative justice that focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, as well as the involved community, instead of satisfying abstract legal principles or punishing the offender.

Victims to take active role in the process, while offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, “to repair the harm they’ve done - by apologizing, returning stolen money from the national treasury or community service.

Restorative justice in our view should not only involve both victim and offender but the whole citizens of Fiji including those that were never directly involved in such situation (the innocent ordinary citizens) and
should focuses on their personal needs. In addition, it provides help for the offender in order to avoid future offences. It is based on a theory of justice that considers crime and wrongdoing to be an offence against an individual or community, rather than the state.

Restorative justice that fosters dialogue between victim and offender and understanding and love shown by the ordinary citizens shows the highest rates of victim satisfaction and offender accountability.

In our view through this TRC the victims should be compensated either in monetary value or in kind to cushion off the great sufferings they endured under the offenders. On the other hand the offenders to go through counseling process to restore their loss psychology, physical, spiritual, social and economic ego and most importantly to embrace the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 Paula D Raqeukai's full submission


Anonymous said...

The Laws the Law. Religion is Religion.

If we continue to mix them there's too much ambiguity.

Anonymous said...

Thats true bro

Kamlesh Kumar said...

A great suggestion. I am for it.

mark manning said...

The Truth and Reconciliation commission only worked in South Africa, because there was no Constitution under which barbarous acts were perpetrated.
It has already been deemed unconstitutional in Fiji's case.
Watch Frank Bainimarama's Business Partner on "A Current Affair", channel nine in Sydney on Wednesday the 17th.

Anonymous said...

Two great books written in South Africa---"Things Fall Apart" and "Cry,The Beloved Country".---these are far better reading than Dr Proff Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done's short stories and mango chutney stories.

Anonymous said...

So if we follow the 'Christian' logic in this submission we would need to conduct a TRC for ANY crime that is commited in Fiji to be fair to all.

Perhaps the LTA needs to start a TRC department to deal with ALL traffic offenders before they are taken to court ?

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!!! One of the best piece of submission I've read so far. Thank you Paula Raqeukai, only a man of principle can think of such a great solution. I strongly agree with you that there should be no immunity given to anybody, just like those that took part in the events of 2000. They have served their time and why should we entertain the 2006 coup perpetrstors quest for immunity???? In fact the MILITARY is the ONLY Institution that vigorously pushed for and played a leading role in the prosecution of the 2000 Coup perpetrators.

The SDL Government did propose the establishment of a TRC. However, the military strongly rejected it due to the fact that it will expose their lies for the world to see. The 'CATCH' of the TRC proposal by SDL however, was for the perpetrators to admit their guilt to the victim and seek forgiveness. The commission will then decide on the next course of action. BUT, for political crimes only!!!! COMMON CRIMINALS ARE NOT TO BE COVERED UNDER THE TRC.

THESE EXCLUSION in the previous SDL TRC proposal left out Bainimarama and his RFMF goons who are alleged to have committed murder and other criminal activities during and after the 2000 coup. THUS, the total rejection of the SDL proposed TRC.

Paula D.R. is absolutely right in pointing out that if the present illegal Govt believes it is doing its business legally, then why the Immunity requirements??? What are they afraid of???? If it is really a necessity as they call it, and tried to justify it using the judiciary, then why the need for Immunity????

I suggest, let the people decide, either through a Referundum or through Parliament. But first, remove all the BullShit Decrees that are now suppressing the freedom of the people. There is a famous quote Bainimarama, "YOU CANNOT SUPPRESS THE WILL OF THE MASS", period.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.....re photo.....bau vaqakoro tu o chief No War.
Nek Minnit...vaqara immunity. Sona levu

Anonymous said...

All those soldiers shoving guns up peoples arse. It used to be just Ben Naliva but I heard all the soldiers are trained to do it.
They now practice on each other.
Is that the truth?
Vuaka must be a real pervert. He started all this.
You'd think that Graham Davis would speak out against this behaviour but he doesn't. And he is even friends with these people. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Really? The two chorros(MPC) have
suddenly changed their minds about
keeping the Fijians'GCC? Both bastards knows that their support base, has not only crumbled from MPC
embezzelements, of the three million dollars,meant for the poor Fiji Indo farmers funds.
But has depleted any trust left from the Indo-Fijian side.They both knew,that their only way back into
the political arena is to champion
the Fijian GCC? No one is going to vote them back in,as indians population numbers
has dwindled to a mere 28%? With the new one man one vote, no Indo or others will
ever be seen in the Fijian Parliament again!Unless they kissed
Fijian asses?
So here we go again, from every crooked macafaka,scrumaging for positions,
to see if the Fijian majority,will
allow them the right to play our game?
OMG,here they are the two predators team Chodo, trying to
foraging in new territory?

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.
Ali Baba paying himself $700,000 per year via Aunty Nur Bano.
Ontop of his 700K he gets millions in kickbacks.
This guy taking money that does not belong to him but belongs to the people of Fiji.
What a thief.
No wonder there's lots of poor people in Fiji.
How come Fijians can't see what this blockhead is doing to them?

Anonymous said...

Indians will always be screwed in Fiji even if Jesus was was the PM.
Best solution is to migrate and watch the Fijians fight amongst them - a recall of the Cakabau wars!
The common enemy is now Indians ? Once all gone, Fijians will die killing each other with tribal wars.

Anonymous said...

Bocimarama looks like an asshole in the photo. Sorry he is an asshole, and his bociguards are following this asshole.

O kitou qoii said...

hahahahaha@anon 12:55 drau qa dina sara no o kemudrau vitubuni ratou nanuma sara no ni ratou vakarerevaki, biu ra na dakai me da vakasavasava ka dina laurai mada o cei tagane hahaha. Dou vei tauri kau yavu tamata vakalusi cagi hahaha

JC said...

No immunity clause

All coup perpetrators shall be brought to trial.1987 and 2006.

Anonymous said...

Immunity or no election. I can promise you now that there will be no Constitution and No Election if there is no Immunity........

Do we ever think that the military will accept the No Immunity clause in the Constitution...

Remember No Immunity ... No Election and No Constitution.. Mark my WORD......

SEMI MEO said...

One of my favourite nephew alluded that our Saqani compatriot Paula's very passionate submission is graced with very “valuable insights of nationalist honesty and privilege”

My 2 cents opinon?...glad you askedt...(I leave the immunity bit for another time in this cuber boxing ring..)

I would like to ask my self..or may be best for many to ask a few pointed and pertinent questions..like


The variant question would then be asked by the “honorary Fijians like the Nauruan to Maoris to Hawaiians (according to the F.A Act definition of Fijian) and the rest of them who’re committed to live in a village…CAN I REALLY BE A “ I TAUKEI” with all Land and Natural resources perks, customary tenets, and linguistic synchronism of the dominate Fijian culture, consequently relegating my own?…or will we execute another Coup for minority/ethic recognition?

Where does the "i taukei" Christian responsibility, benevolence and goodwill, reciprocal fellowship in a Christian family context complements or in competition to my Citizenship of the human race, in our case Fiji Citizens?

Are we one people…United under God?….united under the Vanua?...under the Constitution (what ever the terms that may be)?..under the expectation of the UN and outside world??..or..united under the..uh...mango tree..

...just that we may borrow a few more legs from the faithful Octopus to prop us up in the various plot we cherishes and lay claim to…some times absolute and exclusive claims…

who are we?..may be let’s find out who we really are or wish to be..then the goal posts would be set to play ball…unless of course another blooming Coup fades the try line and shifts the goal post… where is that linesman Ghai?

Na Cudru Qori said...

Hahaaahhha @ 1.57p.m. Your Word is Your Bond? hahaha... Sa kua sa la since how worse could it get for us with the current state of affairs in the country -- no elections since 2005 and no Constitution.

There shall be NO IMMUNITY. End of story.

Anonymous said...

seems like some people with certain rights of the land are willing to trade their principles to gain their rights back...how pathetic is that. What is wrong is wrong. There is no 2 ways about it. It is your choice whether you want to fight for your rights or trade....

Anonymous said...

@ O Kitou qoi......vacava me ratou wasea mada mai na yaragi kei na ammo.....da qai play cowboys mada. Ra nanuma beka de o ira ga era kila na vakayagataka na yaragi lila ra boletaka tiko qori.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:57

Remember mate, the 2014 promised Election is the last straw for Bainimarama to give up Government to a Civilian Democratic Rule. The International community are just waiting for this last promise to materialise. They have given Fiji this last chance to redeem itself, or else!!!!

You may ask or else what??? Foreign powers have been studying Fiji for the last 6 or so years, they are now ready to intervene should Bainimarama once again renege on this promise. WAIT and SEE my friend. The notion, widely believed by members of the Fiji Military that foreign powers are afraid to inetrvene in Fiji's domestic interests is a lie. Foreign Powers have considered all options and are now ready.. mark my word on this.

They have all the counter measures ready to be implemented should the need arises. Bainimarama and his goons are so stupid that they cannot read between the lines. They are so stupid that they cannot foresee the dilemna they will create if they do not leave Government in the next year or so. They are blinded by power and hungry for money, everyone knows this except themselves!!!!!!!!! THE STUPID FOOLS!!!!!

Everyone knows that Bainimarama is a thug and a rebel, everyone except him and his Ulukau military. Look at the Photo on this page.... What can we see?????? Bainimarama in a foreign Uniform... not even a respect for the dress code of the Fiji Military!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

The current Fiji Military's Intelligence is so weak that they cannot tell 1 from 2. These no school thugs believed every Tom, Dick and Harry grapevine news they come across that they wasted their resources on issues so trivial which they believe is a major breakthrough. What a laughing Stock Military.

Please everyone!!!!! let us pray for our beloved FIJI!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your genuine submission.

You have hit the nail on the head or hitting the head of the serpent by the spear. Immunity is in main factor pushing the regime. They know that they are already dead. Semi Meo-I fully support your kaivata's sensible submission.


Is this correct Semi Meo of Saqani?

SEMI MEO said...

Anon October 17, 2012 2:36 PM...of course...of course..lutu ni niu i vuna...

... a very honest submission who dare to show his real name and face...how about the rest of us...and of course..as you correctly assert.."PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO REAP WHAT EVER THEY HAVE SOWED"..even for the nameless!

Alifereti Uluisuva said...


This is crazy,MrTequilas TRC and Bainimarama clan submissions are not acceptable,FIJI is and still is and WILL always remain and be a Sovereign Christian State.

Coup 4.5 said...

Four Nigerian farmers have taken Shell to a Dutch court accusing the oil giant of destroying their livelihoods in a case that could set a precedant for global environmental responsibility. Shell operates in over 90countries. ( source : Radio Netherlands Worldwide- Africa 16 October,2012).
The civil suit backed by lobby group Friends of the Earth alleges that oil spills by the Anglo-Dutch company made fishing and farming impossible. Millions of ordinary Nigerian people have been impacted as a result.
The scale of the pollution is enormous: twice as much oil has been spilled in Nigeria than was in the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Only in there (in Nigeria) it's never been cleaned up the Friends of the Earth Netherlands contend.
Should the case succeed it will vindicate the acclaimed Nigeria writer and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa .
Saro_Wiwa led a nonviolent campaign against environmental degradation of the land and waters of the Ogoniland by the operations of the multinational petroleum industry, especially the Royal Dutch shell company. He was also n outspoken critic of the Nigerian government which he viewed as reluctant to enforce environmental regulations on the foreign petroleum companies operating in the area. At the peak of his nonviolent campaign Saro-Wiwa was arrested, hastily tried by a special military tribunal and hanged in 1995 by the military government of General sani abacha. - all on charges widely viewed as politically motivated and completed unfounded. His execution provoked international outrage and resulted in Nigeria's suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations for over three years.(source: Wikipedia)
This current case before the Dutch court means Saro-Wiwa's death was not in vain. His nonviolent campaign continued after his political execution by a State colluding with powerful capitalist interests.
The long drawn effort to seek justice and to right a wrong is now on the verge of paying divident.
Rajend Naidu

Fijiana said...

A teacher was teaching her second grade class about the government, so for homework that one day, she told her her students to ask their parents what the government is.

When Little Johnny got home that day, he went up to his dad and ask his what the government was.

His dad thought for a while and answered, ''Look at it this way: I'm the president, your mom is Congress, your maid is the work force, you are the people and your baby brother is the future.''

''I still don't get it'' responded the Little Johnny.

''Why don't you sleep on it then? Maybe you'll understand it better,'' said the dad.

''Okay then...good night'' said Little Jonny went off to bed. In the middle of the night, Little Johnny was awakened by his baby brother's crying. He went to his baby brother's crib and found that his baby brother had taken a crap in his diaper. So Little Johnny went to his parent's room to get help. When he got to his parent's bedroom, he looked through the keyhole to check if his parents were asleep. Through the keyhole he saw his mom loudly snoring, but his dad wasn't there. So he went to the maid's room. When he looked through the maid's room keyhole, he saw his dad having sex with his maid. Little Johnny was surprised, but then he just realized something and thinks aloud, ''OH!! Now I understand the government! The President is screwing the work force, Congress is fast asleep, nobody cares about the people, and the future is full of crap!''

Anonymous said...

There he goes again, semi Meo supporting his good friend Bocimarama. Semi, give up cleaning toilets and return to Fiji and contest the election. Ummmmmmm no way, better stick to your daytime job old fella.

Psst Psst said...

Are they now eating their own to survive? Betcha there's more to this story than we've been told

5 RFMF personnel to face Board of Inquiry
Publish date/time: 17/10/2012 [15:20]

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Five military personnel are expected to face a Board of Inquiry after allegedly embezzling RFMF funds.

Chief of Staff Brigadier Mohammed Aziz said they arrested and detained the five in relation to embezzlement in the pay office last month.

He said the five were detained for three weeks and are now on open arrest which means that they have been allowed to move out of the detention centre but they have to report to any call for an inquiry or other matters.

Brigadier Aziz said a substantial amount is involved and the board will determine whether other people are involved.

He said the matter has also been referred to the police.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Ram Lajendra said...

Where is Khaiyum ?

A local reporter said...

Khaiyum is in Suva and attended a Water Authority function with the PM today. I was there and both of them looked very relaxed so reports of his demise have been grossly exaggerated. As usual.

A local reporter said...

Khaiyum is in Suva and attended a Water Authority function with the PM today. I was there and both of them looked very relaxed so reports of his demise have been grossly exaggerated. As usual.

SEMI MEO said...

To the jealous Bainimarama ex of October 17, 2012 4:50 PM..

My sisiter..I’ve never met nor shaken your Prime Minister hands..of course I’ve seen him side stepping a Davy Park, YMCA during his young Navy days in early 80’s..or dodging the "vuni senitoa" at Nairai lane in Raiwai in his younger hunting days....

..but…but never met the Rear Admiral…may be you could enlighten us all my dear…

..you one of his “kisi lusi “former gulfrend!!...good on you...yep

Kai Bau said...

Give them immunity but let them spend their immunity in Naboro.
The photo aboves shows some similarity with the one that came up last week about those prisoners escapees from Naboro.No diffrence... the prisoners robbed the bank at Samabula but those idiots robbed the and killed the democracy from Fiji.

Anonymous said...


v o m i t

c i

v e k a !!!!!!!!

V for Vendetta said...

Didn't Bainimarama and company give Speight 'immunity'?
So, here's another idea-- give them 'immunity' and then hang the whole lot of them upside down with piano wire from a scaffold in Albert Park.

That should help end coup culture!

Ganesh said...

I'm with Dakuwaqa. The 'constitutional dialogue' is unconstitutional.

The 1997 Constitution lives.

Repudiate the regime's illegal debts.


Form a T&R Commission.

Just say No to Immunity.


What part of 'No' do Fiji's traitors not understand?

Semi adores Bai... said...

Hahahaha stop lying semi Meo, you love Bai's rear because you always refer to him as Rear Admiral. He's now known as Commodore, so semi how was Bai's rear? Hahaha.

SEMI MEO said...

Faceless coward and ex Bainimara gulfrend of October 18, 2012 4:18 PM.

Stop cjecking everyone's rear...Good Lord!...eyes front!

Anonymous said...

Anon @1.57 says:

You can make all the comments you want, But Remember ........ No Immunity.......No Election.

You think that we will sit back and be punished for cleaning the mess of our previous governments. WRONG.

You may bring in the best of the foreign armies to Fiji...... , they are welcomed to come,.. May Lord have mercy on them because we will not.

Remember No Immunity, No Election and be and if you made the No Immunity submission...... OOOps ...

Anonymous said...

Fine. No immunity and no election, then. You weren't planning to have an election anyway, unless you could be sure you'd win it. And you wouldn't win a fair election, not now, not ever

So we lose our vote for a while longer, which you were going to deny us anyway, but you lose your life, when you're hanged for treason. I'll take that deal.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, but who is the fag in the middle?

Orisi said...

Why should we provide immunity to Frank and party. They have committed a serious crime and they should expect to be prosecuted. Be men and don't hide behind the power of guns like cowards.