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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Regime has 21 days to save U.S. duty free rights

Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony. pic Digital Journal
Fiji has been given three weeks to present submissions after a hearing in Washington DC on the duty free access scheme for 39 companies exporting products to America.

The American Federation of Labour-Congress of Industrial Organisations (AFL-CIO) hearing against Fiji for breach of labor rights and standards ended its preliminary hearings yesterday.

The hearing was the result of a petition by the Fiji Trades Union Congress supported by regional and international trade union movement in response to the regime's hardline decrees.

Regime delegation: 21 days deadline
Fiji's delegation to the Generalized System of Preferences was led by Acting Solicitor General Sharvada Sharma, who defended the Essential National Industries Decree as legislation aimed at 'ensuring the viability of specific industries that are vital to the Fijian economy'.

Sharma told the subcommittee which could ultimately decide to remove Fiji's duty free access to the U.S., the ENI decree was designed to 'protect jobs while safeguarding the fundamental rights of workers'.

He claimed the decree does not destroy the trade union movement, and cited worker-related reforms, including the implementation of what he said was a substantial income tax reduction for workers, a National Employment Centre, a soon-to-be-established National Minimum Wag, and a no-fault compensation scheme for injury at work.

Labour groups maintain the regime has undermined workers rights and those of Fiji citizens right across the board.

In an interview with Radio Australia, the United States trade union movement has said that suspending Fiji’s access to the US market is the last resort, at least not right away, and that they would prefer the interim government work with the authorities to improve workers rights.

Speaking to Radio Australia, American Federation of Labour-Congress of Industrial Organisations Trade Policy Specialist, Celeste Drake, said the trade union movement in the U.S. do not necessarily want Fiji to be punished with loss of preferential access to the US market because of its record on workers’ rights.

She said the onus is on the Fiji Govt saying that the massive job losses to Fijians will only occur “if the government has absolutely no intention of working with the US government to try and improve things for workers. So it’s really all in the Fijian government’s hands.”

FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony has also this week told media the regime cannot blame trade unions for the situation it's in saying, Frank Bainimarama was lobbied a number of times to improve workers' rights and conditions for citizens generally but chose to pursue ill-advised policies and protocols.

Anthony also gave some examples of the deteriorating conditions for workers in Fiji: “it would be safe to say that about 60% of the workers in the country actually live on the poverty line, or below the poverty line. This is something that has happened for the first time in the country.” He went on to say, “If we were to look at the decline in 'real' wages over the six years, a very conservative estimate would be a decline of 38%.”

Bainimarama was warned of the trade threat by the secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation,  Sharyn Burrow, last year who advised via letter:  "In the five years since you assumed power through extra-constitutional means, few steps have been taken to restore the right of Fiji Islanders to participate fully and freely in the governance of their own country. Rather than embracing the important role that civil society, human rights defenders, and trade unions play in good governance, your government has systematically repressed such groups. As international human rights, labor, and press organizations, we urge you to commit publicly to your international human rights obligations and take all necessary measures to protect human rights in Fiji”.


Anonymous said...

UWSDWF SAYS...I call on all people of Fiji to rally now and make a stand. Fiji stands to lose it's livelihood with the pressure exerted by the Union Movement. Frank needs to listen to our plight and this is the time to make a move. For too long Frank has been misled by people like Aiyaz Khaiyum and we the people of Fiji need to tell Frank directly what we believe. We have to mobilise and unite for the righteous cause of raising our country to unite and believe in our fundamental right to live, to speak freely, to compromise without fear.

We need signatures from people of all walks of life throughout Fiji to sign and I call on political leaders, community leaders, villagers and chiefs, church leaders and others to call on their people to sign a petition advising the Government of our disagreement with their management of the Government and in particular Aiyaz Khaiyum. This must be done in a peaceful manner and signing petitions to be taken up by various leaders is a peaceful means of telling Frank of our disagreement and concern.

Frank must be woken to the low life ways in which his Attorney General is working and dictating things in our beloved Country.

Anonymous said...

Frank won't get rid if Kaiyum because he's dug his grave so deep he can't get out.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up, Black T Shirts, Jerrico, Signatures ....?

Anonymous said...

The time to take a stand was during Operation Jericho back on 26 September. If you didn't stand up then, you never will. If you didn't stand up then, sit down now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama knows of your disagreement and concern with ASK. He just doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

UNSDWF says to Anon 10:29am...This is not the time to continue to make opinions but a time of action to make your voice and concern heard and in turn this should unite the people of Fiji to a common cause. There are a number of important matters coming up including the constitutional review and election in 2014 and Frank must be pressured to hear the voice and concerns of the people of Fiji. We need you to stand and not feel that all is useless and this is a start.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. This regime is forever badmouthing the Americans. It's forever spurning the Americans, snubbing them, thumbing their nose at them, 'Looking North', embracing the likes of Iran and North Korea, dismissing elections, threatening to expel the US ambassador, extorting US-owned companies, etc. Yet the Yankees keep buying our water and other products. They allow us to keep participating in peacekeeping operations. They let the IMF offer us loans. They keep trying to work with the regime. They keep giving us another chance. How far can we keep pushing them before they finally decide to jerk our chain?

Anonymous said...

This is going to fail big time. The US and Australia are opposing it behind the scenes. Only the unions want it. When it goes down, Felix is effed. he will have to be a lot more careful in fiji from now on. No way he will ever be elected. people are furious and some want to buturaki him. isa, what a stupid move. overplayed his hand and will get it bitten off. notice Mahen has said nothing. he knows how dumb this was and that it would blow up in Felix's face.

Anonymous said...

This is another outcome of being forcefully governed by a man who rides on his fears because he has to go to jail if he gives up power. His hands are heavily bloodied and he does not care how bad the situation in the country goes as long as he remains free from long term incarceration. CRW murders and other astrocities brought upon the people by this regime are too serious to be forgotten. To make it worse opportunists like Khaiyum and Co have fully capitalised on the fears that Bainimarama is carrying to make as money as they can.

SEMI MEO said...

..mmmmm...all of a sudden these socialist groups elevate themselves as pretend saviour and determinates of our future!!...when or who gave them this pedestal to sit on…oh, yep..we did..I am an unrepentant union and communist knocker….but, all considered these Unionist (though we do not support nor condone their aggressive and militant style) seems to be the only crusader of all things anti Fiji Government ,..,uh…anti Bainimarama/Aiyuz..

I mean…we could see and touch a Uraia and a Anthony..but..but..how about the other anti Bainimarama/Aiyuz club members of numerous entities worldwide who flood the social media with their propaganda?..some we know their names and passion for the tenets they advocate…but…but…for more than 2,000 days..they have with articulate precision unveil post and pre Coup corruptions..oh boy the information there are privy to grieves and frightens some of us…but…but….to what end to we ask???..the Rear Admiral is still smoking his Cuban Cigar and Aiyuz downing his red wine…

Oh..sorry back to the topic…no US will NOT cut us off just to appease some unions…Uncle Sam is bigger than that!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.42, my sentiments exactly. The regime actually abuse these Anglo dominated countries (US UK NZ OZ)with disdain and yet they reciprocate mildly giving them time to make amends. This is rewarding bad behaviour and only makes the problem subside temporarily if not at all. The regime creates some draconian decree without consideration of possible backlash as is the case with this saga. These guys in the regime are damn idiots.

Anonymous said...

As my "bubu" always say, "dui seva ga na Bua ko a tea",simply meaning, do to others what you want them to do to you. Time to go on your knees and start begging for mercy, kaisi Voreqe and Khaiyum. Bokola!

Kai Bau said...

This may be the right moment for us the workers to stand up and show some form of protest while America's watching.Lets organise some form of protest as the door to the world for our freedom is strating to open.Who knows it may be the golden chance we are all waiting for.Common my fellow Tailevuan hero Mr Vilisi Nadaku please you are the only one man left who can show some form of protest.Dr Mere Samisoni and our heroes the Fijian women use these opening to take our plight for the world to see that we donot like to be led by some idiot like Voreqe and his bunches of rear poking officers from Delainabua.

Anonymous said...


The Trade Unionists are no longer genuin who used to fight for their workers in the past.Today they only fill their pockets. They have created all sorts of scheme for their members like credit schemes, investment in properties and the like all of which are mismanaged by office holders.
I know of mismanagement in FTU and FTA the two teacher unions in the past. One of the secretaries of FTA
squandered millons of dollars and later went on to became a minister in Qarase government. He was never reported for prosecution by other union officials because all were in cohoots.Similarly with FTU.
The Baini government is doing the right thing in actions it has taken bring the unions to their senses and make them accountable to their members.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Government suddenly moving on Wages Council Order. Since 2007 this thing has not movedan inch. It is suddenly now going at the rate of knots.

Usamate reassures workers on WRO October 03, 2012 06:34:44

Fiji’s Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Jone Usamate has reassured the country of the implementation of the Wages Regulation Order(WRO) which is expected to come into effect at month end.
In a statement, Usamate confirmed that the 10 Wages Councils, headed by Deputy Chairpersons are currently going through the submissions on the proposed Wages Regulation Order.
He will make a decision based on the recommendations of the Wages Council.
Currently the Wages Councils as required under Section 54(3) of the Employment Relations Promulgation are looking through written objections received during the objection period against the proposed WRO. This is expected to be completed by the end of this week.
Usamate said that Government is fully committed to social justice for workers in ensuring fair wages that are also affordable to employers.
An 8 to 15 per cent increase has been proposed for the 10 employment sectors including, printing trades, wholesale & retail trades, hotel & catering trades, garment industry, sawmilling & logging industry, road transport, building & civil & electrical engineering trades, manufacturing industry, mining & quarrying industry and security services.

Anonymous said...

You fool do you think a petition will have any effect on people with guns protecting their livelihoods?? ULUKAU!

Anonymous said...

Shavada Sarma--the idiot goes begging to the US.This two penny lawyer with no bloody experience-represents the regime --what alaugh !!

Anonymous said...

no fault compensation system---bullshit.No compulsory insurance.Companies just go bankrupt---injured worker simply starves.compulsory my arse.Where is the money coming from--that is the question--you idiot.

Anonymous said...

If I loose my job and my family suffers, lord have mercy on Anthony,Urai and Singh and their families............They too will suffer more them me.......

I am willing to go to prison for life for the sake of my family....

Mark my word.........

Anonymous said...

Graham has deleted this posting on his site of my questioning him

Dear Graham

I see C4/5 had published a similar e-mail exchanges last year – looking back, were these also counterfeits, for I dont recall seeing any responses from you and Sharon-Smith on that occasion:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Frank Bainimarama
Date: Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 1:33 AM
To: Otto Limmput

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Sharon J
> Date: June 12, 2011 16:00:12 GMT+12:00
> To: Frank Bainimarama
> Seem he has done himself more harm than good, the comment below was posted on a blog site, and supported by a few others. I like the last sentence, i might use that in my next attack on Australia. ha ha
> I think Mara has had his time in the limelight. He is saying nothing new, same old crap as the SDL party, he is now the ‘Puppet’ to cronies such as Kaitani and Qarase. It is interesting to note that Australia and now New Zealand are supporting the very people who were involved in the 2000 coup, they are also supporting the extremists who want to return Fiji to the way it was, Fiji for Fijians and the rest sod off. And to top it all off the Australia government is paying the likes Frankel and Lal to stir up more hatred and race based politics. Something smell rotten here.
> Where is the voice of the Australian opposition, they need to be demanding answers on why under the nose of this government, they have allowed a fugitive to enter australia and proven coup supporters to all gather and pat themselves on the back whilst encouraging a violent return to democracy.
> Answers from the Australian Government please or is Rudd still sitting with the map of the world trying to find out where the hell FIJI is!
> On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Frank Bainimarama wrote:
> Exactly what I told Rokolui in my email to him last week…..that his complaints are those of the SDL and for which we removed Qarase and his party for.
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Jun 11, 2011, at 23:19, sharonsjohns@gmail.com wrote:
>> This is well worth the read. Opens up a lot of questions that the Aussies can’t answer! Link is below
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> Begin forwarded message:
>>> From: Graham Davis
>>> Date: June 11, 2011 9:48:00 PM GMT+12:00
>>> To: PS Info , Sharon J
>>> Hi Sharon,
>>> You’ll be interested in my latest Grubsheet posting. And thanks again, for helping Wooley.
>>> Cheers,
>>> GD
>>> http://www.grubsheet.com.au/?p=448
> —
> Sharon Smith Johns
> Permanent Secretary
> Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji
> Ph (+679) 3301806 | Mob (+679) 9905558 | Fax (+679) 3305139 | Web: http://www.fiji.gov.fj |
> GPO Box 2225, Government Buildings
> Suva, Fiji Island

Anonymous said...

As a bystander, a few things are clear:

1. Felix just woke up and is taking advantage of the removal of PER. His actions are very similar to his one time master that has killed the economy. That is hold the country to ransom and make use of the poor workers. No other country would allow its politicans or union leaders baclk when they go around bad mouthing the country. We should have kicked MPC a longf time ago.

2. People supporting the proposed action by USA are either not in Fiji or not affected by it. They woulds like the poor suffer so that they can enjoy the fruits of their pain and blood.

3. The ban is not goona affect the union members of Felix, Rajeshwar Singh or Dan Urai. It will mosly affect the private sector workers.

4. In terms of wage increase, I hope Fr Barr can do an analysis as to which Govt gave the lastest pay rise to the low income workers. I don't support the IG, but the facts are they gave the largest increase.

5. Felix flies first class at the expense of his workers. MPC said that he has not been ethical in his dealings and pocketed large amounts of money from FNPF and other dealings. Is he fighting for the workers of this country or his ownself so that he wins a seat in the next election. Mind you, he did not see anything wrong when he was a board member at FNPF of this same Govt.

6. When will the poor people learn that politicans will aleays use the poor for their ownself and their best defence is to look after themselves, work hard and educate their children. Felix and chaudary will not put bread, roti or tea on their table.

7. Lastly, the itaukei need to understand that people like MPC and Felix do not like them but will butter and jam them as long as they can fool them. These people do not like smart people around them. No wonder Tupeni Baba and Krishna dutt were kicked out. Felix like to boast about his expensive suits and hot stuff and his trips to Switzerland. His workers b oasr about the $2 grog they had lasat night under the mango tree.

Anonymous said...

a petitin of hundredsd of thousand of fijians is now needed.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, but... but... The US will not cut off the WTO in order just to appease some tinpot island dictator. Uncle Sam is bigger than that!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like this email from Shazza is substantially longer than one or two sentences. Must be another forgery, then, right? Strange how Davis and company didn't call that one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:06, and when will the senseless Bainimarama government be held to any accountability?

Anonymous said...

The WRO will suddenly be implemented... and then the regime will take it away again as soon as the US review is over.

Anonymous said...

Why are they begging the United States?
What's happened to his Look North Policy?
Why don't they just sell duty-free to China or India or Iran?
Why is Bainaimarama changing policy now?
Why is he scared now?

May be because his stupid ENI Decree is just as stupid as his "Look North Policy".

Bainimarama thinks he's smart, but in fact he is totally stupid.
Couldn't even balance the books before 2006 (as Army CEO), and now it's even worse.

And now Mr Sharma is representing Bainimarama.
Mr Sharma must be a roti-short-of-a-picnic.

If one looks at the "Essential Industries" the only thing that threatened their profitability or what made them lose money was the Coup of 2006" ( eg FSC and Air Pacific and FNPF etc)

These companies went downhill big time after the coup.

The workers have nothing to do with these deterioration.

If there is anyone to blame, Bainimarama should just blame himself for his own stupidity.

These companies suffered because of Bainimarama's direct interference in their governance.
(I think Fijians are very lucky that he didn't bankrupt Fijian Holdings after his stupid experiment with Sereana Qoro.)

It's not the Workers who are destroying the companies in Fiji but this arsehole himself Bainimarama.

The ENI Decree is oxymoronic.
USA should just tell these clowns to remove it within 21 days or else.

-Valataka na Dina.

(Why are we paying this moron $700,000 per year?)
He has made more Fijians poor since 2006, while he makes himself richer.
Does he really care about the rights of workers?
The answer is there in the previous sentence.

Anonymous said...

The illegal AG Khaiyum, needs to
established a new decree to disallow public servants, to run for
-parliament-and still maintained his/her job, with their former employer?
To continue hanging-on
to any positions, is a conflict of interest, and interfere with their
parliamentary national responsibility? Also,the serverance,
must be made permanent, in order, to keep these crooks from
double dipping and wrecking our
small economy?An example of this
conflict of interest and double
dipping,was Mahen Maichodo, who accended to PM of FIJI, yet remain
the general Secretary of the Fiji
Cane Farmers Union, this is the same with all the Union office bearers. we need to put a stop to
this double dipping,and we need to do it now before we go into the 2014 election!!!

Anonymous said...

Bystander @10:31, the main transgression committed by Anthony and MPC was their support of Bainimarama's coup government. That was their treason, not their criticisms of the regime's incredibly stupid, fascistic, and anti-labour policies. They have every reason to criticise the regime's policies. In fact, it's their duty to do so.

The Heckler said...

The regime has a no fault compensation system alright.

It's called corrupt kickbacks and immunity from prosecution.

Anonymous said...

If the United States can exclude large countries from the GSP for violation of intellectual property rights, it can certainly do the same to a small country run by a dictatorship that trammels human, civil and labour rights.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau, you say this might be the right time to stand up and show form of protest. Well, what do you think we were doing 26 September? I didn't see you saying anything in support of Operation Jericho. That was the time when all of us in the opposition should have gone all out.

If you and others wouldn't spend just one minute making noise in anonymity, what are the chances Fijians will sign their names to an anti-regime petition, much less demonstrate in the open?

Kai Bau said...

To Jericho Annon 9:46.Apreciate your courage about Jericho but if you read my post carefully and the name Ive mentioned like MR Nadaku,Dr Samisoni,etc,etc I believe that the courage shown by these people proved to us the workers of Fiji that they can lead and also can be trusted by us to organise and stand up against the IgBetter to support them rather than supporting some shadowy figures like Jericho....No need for you to boast about your participation because as my Tau Semi Meo usually said that we are all shawdowy fig hiding behind our pen.....But tau Meo can sit on both side of the fence and thats why his putting down his name and talk like someone from our grand mamas era...levu ga na liumuri kei na lasu

Anonymous said...

You're worried about double-dipping civil servants but you mention nothing about the PM and the AG themselves who are pulling down many multiple salaries?

Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

No worries guys, Felix and Dan will be paying the weekly wages of all workers who loose their jobs

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says....Coup 4.5 you might as well shut this site down. Just a bunch of clowns who have nothing better to do during the day trying to rally people while they seat comfortably in their homes and do NOTHING. Like I said before to DAQUWAWA...Pathetically Useless trying to rally a bunch of lazy arse itaukei who just want to seat down, drink kava and talk about themselves. If anything amounts to anything out of your struggles, it will be interesting to watch the number of useless bastards stepping forward to claim they were the once who did anything. Fijians were once a proud race and now...I'm out...ciao and hope you clowns achieve something in your own individual lives...especially KAI BAU who comes across as a no school qani bull stupid arse idiot. Read between the lines of what your tau Semi Meo is saying and you will learn something. Semi Meo no use taunting these fools they have only a bottle to look through and spewing venom from their arses. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo Ulukau,stop beating around the toilet bowl and admit you support Bainivuaka 100%.

Anonymous said...

To all the 15,000 people that will be affected.

Remember when FB took over in 2006 he said that many people said that they are willing to suffer for a while as good things are going to come their way.


E da sa loloma ga.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 5, 2012 12:56 PM

Why closing down this site?
The truth hurts mate. You can not voice your opinion freely like a human being in this country.

Stop generalisng and do something useful yourself.

We are still a proud race like any other race in the world because we are original owners of the land.
Are you are kailoma? or kai Idia.

Go back to where you come from.

Fijians will always remain Fijians and remain the owner of this land because in our hearts we know that this land was given to us by our God who created the heaven and earth.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..October 5, 2012 2:14 PM..of course, I admit together with 99% of Fijians who now leave in Fiji supports the path way to democracy and sanity we’re genuinely working on!!..we do not know which country you’re overstaying in and dark Internet cafe you blogging from....

Do we support the seditious acts of Dec 2006 by the Rear Admiral and his Military Council?, ..…good Lord....NO..NO…NO!!!

All we’re advocating is if we..WE..cyber patriots, including the nameless and faceless cyber thugs wish to send the Rear Admiral back to Delainabua or early retirement…goodness..then register a political party, start campaign and STOP this wishful slur for foreign invasion, or some Jericho assault or "deni ni toa" plan..

O vela…more than 2,000 days gone and counting…tick…tick…tick…..tell you what for starters….I challenge all you anonymous cyber thugs in this esteemd column for a debate at Sukuna Park on how NOT to be a coward!!..sure, I will come with my broom stick and a toilet bowl…loser seats on the throne…uh..bowl and photographed to be on the new 1 dollar note…any takers…???

V for Vendetta said...

Pathological, why are you leaving? Is the Army reassigning you?

Don't leave yet. We've still got some unfinished business.

Yes, the truth IS out there, and I hope you find it, because you are hopelessly lost at the present. Pointing to Semi Meo as a fount of wisdom shows just how pathetically misguided you are, mate.

Yes, Fijians were once a proud race, until dumbshits like you decided to seize power through acts of treason.

Maybe you're right that someday someone will be boasting during a grog session and exaggerating about his contributions to the cause of freedom in Fiji. But in that case you'd better just sit there in silent shame and embarrassment. Because if you reveal yourself as the traitor you are, you might taste the same justice you advocated for others.

Remember how you kept threatening folks, saying 'we know who you are'? Well, the same goes for us. We know your IP address and your web server. We just need a few more details, like your rank and unit.

So don't go, because we're not finished with you yet. Not by a long shot!

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau, I agree with you about Samisoni, Nadaku and Semi Meo, but I also have to agree with @9:46 AM. Jericho was the time to go all out.

The 'shadowy figures' behind Jericho were supposed to be you and me and all of us.

Dakuwaqa's approach was a good one. The commitment it required was pretty minimal.

If we couldn't be faithful in such a little thing, why should the Samisonis and Nadakus of this world put themselves on the line for us?

M-Minute came and M-Minute went. We can't get it back. Those of us who participated will look back on it with personal pride. Those who didn't have no business asking for our support.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, you need to get back to Fiji more often.

You say 99% of Fijians support the pathway to democracy? How do you know? Was it ever put to a vote?

Given some of the comments on this and other blogs, I doubt that half of Fijians even understand what democracy is.

Those who do certainly want Fiji to return to democracy, but most of us have no confidence that this regime will lead us there.

You seem to be one of the few who still puts his faith in Frank to lead us back to democracy. Kamlesh Kumar says it too, but unlike him, you actually believe it!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, why don't YOU register a political party and take on the regime? Never mind the fact that the regime will unleash every form of legal harassment against you. You don't mind if you lose your job, your house gets firebombed, and you go to prison on trumped up charges, right? After all, you're no coward, you're a cyber patriot!

We'll all look forward to supporting your party. I think you're an idiot, but I'd certainly vote for you before I'd support this traitorous regime. So, you can count on my vote.

Kai Bau said...

To no school qani bul stupid Phylosophical:The purpose of this site is for any bloggers to comments and make what ever comment they need to and its their money and time.Not yours mind you.My comments are not for you to read or judge.Do not get upset because people like you will only end up in St Giles for a head check or in CWM for heart problem.Just read the views of the people and laugh it away so you will live longer.You cannot compare my comments with my Tau Semi Meo because of our traditional connection which you do not know anything about and who cares.I wonder how you are treating your kids and wife by just the tone of your comments.But anyway send your grand father a very happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical, wasn't it just days ago you were chiding Dakuwaqa for leaving? And yet now here you are, leaving also.

We'll miss you, Dakuwaqa.

Actually, we did love having you as a guest as well, Phylo. Your postings did so much to build antagonism against the regime.

Enjoy your time overseas, because Fiji doesn't have a rock that's big enough for you to hide under.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:56pm...we can see why people like Phylosophical makes comments about persons who write to this site with the narrow minded racist extremist but dumb comments you make.

You ask, is Phylosophical Kai loma or Kai Dia and claim to be the landowner.

You forget a number of facts.
1. You are a mere human being, born bare ass and will die bare ass and here on this earth part time to enjoy what mother earth has to offer you. You own nothing on this earth and presume you do. The earth will swallow you up, slither through you and turn you into ashes and that will happen not to far in the distant future.
2. There are not many full bloodied itaukei in existance in Fiji today. Itaukei blood has been mingled with Tongan, Europeans, Samoans, Solomon Islands, Rotumans and a mixture of others so that makes everyone in Fiji a Kai Loma or HALF CASTE especially you. Go through your father and mothers history and you will find Chinese and Tongan in it. Perhaps a tad of Indian that you may deny like Leba Qarase whose grandfather is a Punjab.
3. Name one Fijian Chief who is not a kai looma. Even the Turaga from Naitasiri has Tongan and English running through his veins.

Stop your proud egoistical bullshit and read between the lines of what Phylosophical was saying. Dakuwaqa realised this and has fled this site knowing you guys are using this site to vent your frustrations and hide in your fear. Itaukei has lost its pride and that is why no one is man enough to stand in frong of Frank and face him without fear of even dying. You say you are proud, fight for your race and die for your race. If you LAMU crawl into your hole and hide

Anonymous said...

@12:27, one of your basic arguments seems to be that C4.5's readership is cowardly, and then you try to incite people to violence, but whenever a reader speaks in favour of taking action or criticises the regime, you cry foul. Don't you see the contradiction here?

Kavi said...

Anonymous 12:27 suggests reading between the lines of what Phylosophical was saying. That's like dissecting feces -- pointless unless you're into scatology or trying to understand the pathology of the man's disease.

Dakuwaqa would never have appointed as his spokesperson someone who thinks and sounds like Phylosophical. In fact, his strange style and manner of reasoning frankly leads me to think he is Phylosophical writing anonymously.

What is it about these coup supporters? They constantly deride C4.5 (mostly for printing the full range of opinion), yet they keep contributing to this site. They can't defend their thoughts against critical scrutiny, and so they quit C4.5 in sour grapes. No more than a few days pass, and then here they are back again. 

Shades of Graham Davis!

Ganesh said...

Kavi @ 1:38 makes a good point. How is it that Anonymous 12:27 sounds so much like Phylosophical, whose views are so, let us say charitably, 'unique'?

Anonymous 12:27 obviously knows nothing about Dakuwaqa. Dakuwaqa didn't 'flee' this site. What was there to flee? If Dak didn't like C4.5's 'frustration and fear', then why did he use C4.5 exclusively, and why didn't he just move to another site, or set up his own blog? Why leave the scene altogether, and not just C4.5?

Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh, that's not quite right. Obviously Dakuwaqa didn't 'flee C4.5' but it's not quite true that he only contributed to C4.5. I do recall where Dakuwaqa did comment on Croz Walsh's blog once or twice.

You might recall when Croz apparently couldn't rebut Dak's comment regarding Fiji's captive media, so Croz twice refused to publish it. It seems like it was then that Dak began using C4.5 exclusively, saying, with good reason, that the pro-regime blogs were 'intellectually dishonest'.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon October 5, 2012 9:44 PM..I crown you my campaign Manager to challenge the Rear Admiral…do not worry, I’ll look after you…

eh?...what?...you afraid of Aiyuz?..here take this tissue and clean your self..run to the river…may help…

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